Lincoln County leader. (Toledo, Lincoln County, Or.) 1893-1987, March 18, 1897, Image 1

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Another VoIumeBegun.,
: V The'tate Tax Question.
i wv Joint Senator
Couifty Judge ' -'
Sheriff - ' - 5 t
Treasurer - -. f
' School Superintendent '
i, j Surveyor. - ' - '- ,
Asaesgor ' . - - - . -
Coroner - ' -
. Tbl. Cartel1
E.'R. Lake
J. OStearns
. B.V. Jonea
. J. Ii Hyde
S.ft. Irvin
Z.m Derrick
Hurley Lutz
T. M. Coombs
Chas. Williams
E. A. Godwia
County Commissioners Court meets on'Wed-
neBday after. the first Monday in February,
1 April, June, August, October and December.
i Hon. J. C. Fullerton, .......Judge
tv. is. lates rroa. Attorney
LCourt convenes on th Monday in July and
Linn jnonuay in .mnuory oi eacn year.
p; Jones, Mayor
V. Stewart. ...... Recorder
. ,. Arnold, ..:....,. .'.........Marshal
; jL Oowell,..'.,..J...?.
AL. Tlllotson, ,....: ...... (.
r. M stn rr. ; .' . 1 Aldermen
tester naugu M. .
A. T. Peterson ... 7j.. J .
Council jheets on the first Monday evening In
each mouth.
"5. i J'us,tlce of fhoH'ence , J.A.Hall
Constable - .' J.C.Altree
I Justace ef the Peace Geo. F. Sylvester
I Coimtable, :. W. H, Crutchfleld
- . VA01T1V4
; ' .iwticeTif the Peace , J. 8. Booth
' Constable- V. L. Watkins
i f.lustice of the Peace A. P.. Clark
s J Constable, . . : .' Alex Burkhalter
fi Jusiii oi the Peace. , .Chas. Henderson
' Constable..... i Z. S. Derrick
f' .Justice nf the Peace 1.8. Huntington
ft f ('unstable;. ...' N; E.Edwards
'I : Juptfre of the IVace Sam'l Hill
Constable , Joseph Gourley
r Juitiw4 the Peace...., N. .1. Goodman
, tmiaftle......;.i. W. a. Vldlto
i ' ' LOHSTI5U.
J , Justice of the Peace '. ...L. A. leek
constable W. PTaylor
Justice of the Peace Win. Wakefield
f Countable... ...jv -.John Early
, ' Justine u! the Peace. Chns. Read
I Cuustaliln... M. Uerton
5 1 -." ROSS.
J Justice of the Peace' W.H. Cook
Constablo Geo. E. Croxford
i. at Toledo on the first and second Sabbath
i eacn montn, morning and evening; services
cueizoiwirara nnti inurin .ftuoath oi each
wnth. liev. W H. MYERS. Pastor.
T. crtl'RCH Protestant EjiUcoplil.)
invioe servi w uiu iuiru puinuiv oi every
month, at II a. m. All are invited to attend,
riev. Chns. Uooth, Misslonarj'. , Residence,
'ltcctorf." 'sTewP'rt. Or. '
I O. O. E. Toledo Lndirfl, No.
"very Saturday evening at thei
vtowtl. .
' EWING, See'y.
1(18. Meet
their hall In this
T O. 0. F. Bay Ixidge No. 116, of Yaqnina City,
meets every Wednesday evening. Visiting
"brothers are always welcome.
S. A. PRUITT, N. G. .
E. J. BURROWS, Secretary. .
T (). O. F. Newport Lodge No. 8H, meets every
Satnrdlivevenlnir. viKitfnff lirttthors nr iir.r.
i ' dlally invited to attend, L. O. OLSSO.X, X. G.
f W-OLIVER, Secretary.
f, o. O. F. Elk Lodge No. 1:14, meets every
a S.ltunlauevnnliitf (n ta Ktill at VII fiv
siting brothers uiways welcome.
' P. A. MILLER, K. G,
M. E. Mays, Secy.
Perfect Fitting,
Latest Styles
, 4,000,000 women wear
Warner's Corsets
4,000,000 living witnesses
- to their superior
170 i ;tvle
I IH'TSt-CoVnfort
i. Xi. Sr General Excellence
.Vth this issue the I,9ader has
fouqded-out another year of exist
tenctf aDd starts in on its fifth" ye'ar
of Jrlals and tribulations. .It haS
survived against four years of jharct
knocks, and hard times, and .daM
ing that time it has done-' jts full I for the people to be ' compelled. 1o ''
shaVe ' toward helping along ,'tHe
town and county.l The' I,bader'
never aspired to be anythkig.bat a
The Best French Corset 1: the
. Market.
a large line of - .
The Latest Styles in SHOES.
Meri's Ererct Calf
Lace ardCorigress
Harid-seWed, Raz
; or Toe arid Tip, ;
Priced $4.00
Mer'sBest French
Laii tfais, inpie
Sole, Scotcl edge,
Har)d seWed; Best
lrtle Market.
Price, $4.50
. I I.4A, 51. Newport Lodire No. 85, reirnlar
a ' convocation on Saturdav on or before each
.inn tnoo.i. Visitini? brothers are cordirdly
welcomed. A. H. HAMPTON, M. W.
- -Jft.. v-v til rV a
1 : ' to
Men's Fine Calf Lace and
Congress, Genuine Hand
Welt, Bon Ton toe and
tips. The very latest.
Price, $4.00
Vaqnina Pay Council No. 7JS National Union,
,. meets on second andfourth Friday nlghtaof
..the month. Traveling iriendu are welcome.
a. i:. Pi:AIKS, See. U. F. JONKS, Pres.
TIO GOOD LODGE No. 70, Itetiekah Deirree,
, 1 M' ' (I. F., meets in the Odd Fellowshall in
fc thin eity on Tuesday evening of each week.
. 4 ANSErrE KROC.STAD.iSeeretary.
tl A. R. Abe Lineoln Post No. (18, meets in
" "o Wood Templars Hall on the (Iriit and
" tnirrj Satunlays of each month.
' ' '. H- K- STURDtVANT, Post Com.
I ,T. P. FISH, Adjutant.
t . O. V. V. Vecrn Star Lodge No. 78,
1 ." meets in the Odd Fellows' hall, Yanuina,
; on first and third Saturday evenings in each
. . ruouih. Waiting brothers are always welcome.
-. ' ; It. K. LL'tiUEK, M. W.
; . "H. t."TR AVIS, Recorder.
' '. .1 t'ampSo. 219, Toledo, Oregon, meets on
!De and lnir(l Thursdays in each month in
, the Odd Fellows' balL Visiting neighbors are
always welcome. .
' K. A. AHNOLl), . GEO. BETHERfl, '
,'. 1 Conaul. . , Clerk.
'' ' ''.'.' . ,
Cyringa (Irove, Woodmen circle, meeta on the
3 '2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month at
,7:30 o clock p Kt
Mrs.jKNNIE Abmold, W. O.
ara. Eukici Akin, Clerk.
' !' torptt, No. 49, auxiliary to the O. A. R.
V Meets or, the 2nd and 4th Thursdays in each
. monthlft the I. O. O. F. hall, at 2 o'clock p. ra.
' Mr. r i' ' Eliza Ew,no. Preaident.
Wanted-An Idea
of tome Mm Dial
4 um ot iwVis-toTaon;w'ifi3.,eon"
MEN'S Fine Calf, Lace
and Congress, Genuine
Hand Welt, Harvard Toe
and Tip.
. PRICE, $3.50 and $4.
Mail and Egress Orders Promptly, Filled.
Hvp, , local
countyfield ..without fear or favor,'has' reason, to believe that it'
has succeeded. reasonably wejl. . It
Lio uTwajia cuucdvuicu io be free,
unprejudiced and unbiased in - all
matters. While ever aiming to be
independent it has not been imbecile
enough1 to' be void of all opinion, in
important matters,- from the,- fear
thasit would lose support of some'
kind. While voicing ,a ' vigorous
opinion on all matters it has never
reproached nor maligned a man for
holding a different belief. ' Of
course in . the pursuance 6f .this
course it has necessarily madejfcome
enemies, but its enemies are ad&ng
the truckling cuckoos .that never
have, an opinion of their own un$l
somebqdy makes up their ; mind
for them, and this class of people k
can afford to have arrayed against
During the past year, in spite bf
the hard times, the. Leader's" sub
scription list has shown a gratifying
increase, nearly one hundred new
subscribers being added thereto.
This, we deem, to be exceedingly
gratifying in the face of the bard
times and general business' depres
sion. And the Leader has made
a rule to never - force itself upon
any man. It has never been mailed
to-any man's address unless he.' or
some one for him, ordered it. It
is simply an outrage to mail a man
a copy of a paper without his order
and then ask him to pay for it.
And the Leader has been run on
a business basis. It has . never
asked support for charity's sake,
but purely on a business basis.
And not one public or charitable
enterprise has been started here
since March 8, 1893, but what the
Leader has helped through its
columns and financially besides.,
In starting out on its fifth year it
expects to pursue exactly the same
course in the future as in the past.
It hopes and expects Jo be a factoi
in the upbuilding of Lincolu county
and all parts thereof.
covering thei11??6 already indicated' that they, do
-. 'Theimatte'rof the nnvtripnt i"iFtrx
stateaxes is being-much discussed .i.-'
throughduUhe state.; ''The general
opinion' prevails among the counties. J
,wai n vuiu uc a - rauK-mjesnce,
asVell as an,u'u warranted burden.' J-
- t
pile tfp 1110116 in the state , treasury
thai cannot be 'expended for '..two'' j.'
ears. . Among the counties that
npf intend" tq pay their. state taxes
are uenton, Multnomah,, Clatsop
Wnd Clackamas. ; The state " taxes
of Multuomah amount to about
large sum of money to tie up. w- :.
Judge 'Nortbnp,' . of that '.. couuty, '-r v' V
'States that if here, is 'any- way' to ",' v0'
avoid it that the money will hot. be';'v, ; ;
paid to the state,, but i will be' apy3' '
plied on-outstanding warrants;'! Jn j
Behton county several" heo'vy-'tx-,
payers have indicated that .unless ' -. ; -A
the; county authorities ".ho'ldl up the . '
state taxes hat fbey w.ill refijise ,'b.
pay them, but will pay their courtly,!
school and other taxes' 'tjie"s.i&e'''i u-j-S.
betore. 1 '.v .. '' ,
" .What'nijse will be pursuecj h) 1
the official of.niil- rnnntv ic i.niini '.
indicated. '-, Treasurer Hyde's'' ovnV '-' -V $
iui.iiim.iuii 13 iu pay iuc money ;jjui
on warrants and let the state takes
Efo. ' ,' . ' ' ' v.-.'..s.f
' !''.
Cliltwood Screenings.'
' -
All the indications and all the
expressions of senators on the sub
ject indicate that Hon. H. W.
Corbett will not be seated as sena
tor to succeed Mitchell. While it
is admitted that the Oregon case is
different from the others it is con
sidered only to be more aggravated.
On top of the cheering news that
thug Corbett had been knocked out
came the intelligence that the other
Corbett would in all probability be
knocked out of his senatorial aspi
rations. Hard lines on the Corbett
family. , "... ,'
In the death bf Ex-Senator Dolph
Yaquina Bay lost a true and Valued
friend,. ' " ." " )
Woodmen Lecture. ; .. - ,
".'' y ,
""""""" ,
- Mr. C. J. McHenry, state organ
izer bf the Woodmen of the World,
will lecture in Toledo next Monday
night in' the interest of . that order.
All are invitee! to come out and
hear .the gentleman give the strong
. v
As the gentle mist i. ' falling; , td-k 'i,. 1
day I will .attempt -to' screen' the! Z'. ,i fj-
Chitwooti screenings,' as it is rather ';,'
too' wet fof the chaff to -fly i Al . '' '' I ' V
thousrh we are havinir a r-nntinim. '. .
O . - . -"O w L4u- . r,. - ,
Hon of chilly, damp weatlier-.there '';'.''.. . "'I
is one cheering thought, that it' n ' ''''X
keeping back the bloom- buds' on V-!: v ' ;
the trim trees from burstiu 'into '. '; '.:'
bloom until danger of frost , is '.over;,
and I believe will thus insure us- ah '
good, crop of fruit. But bad as the:; '
weather has been nearly everyone- v
in this.neck,o',the wood l'ave their .
oats sown in gjo'od shape, '.'
the UuuKPOd literary societv-is ' i
still running in, full blast. -The ' ' ' V :
young folks have lately- organized1' " ''', "a
a club, I believe f it is called ; the : '".'
CUitwood Reading Circle. . TheyiVv?;
have elected a president,' secretary, r '?-Vi
librarian and treasurer, and anyone
having a food moral standing canii '!' V' ''I
become a member by the payment:
of ten cents per aniium. The. ob. l '':' ''' ': f
ject is totlrnish good jading mat 1
ter to its members, each member is ' :ti
to. furnish what they woul ' be . t v ' '' ' I
wuung to lend and tnus form , a i..'; ;
library. '.'' , J '. :. , ' - ;'' ;
We saw a good citizen of Little''-: , ' ,
Elk precinct the early part of this,'-,. ,
week whoseeraed to be considerably i .v.
excited over . the news that Mr. ! ' )''
"unuii uaa sirucK some very , rich
quartz, in his mine, on' his home
stead. He claims will, pay
$400 or $500 per ton. v We hope
the report ,s true. V;1.,," ,v" ,. ,
M. T.'. Whitney; the ; ChitwAria
postmaster, has begun work on his v'
rock quarry. Last Monday a Jinan v.
by the name of Murapower came ,;,
up from Clackamas to prospect' the
quarry, lie thinks if it proves- to
be as represented he will put up the '
macninery necessary tor taking out
stone. He is an old. quarryman'
iusf worked in' a miarfv tar in nr .v1 ',' ' ,'u
years in. Clackamas county, and is ' ',.!
not only a quarryman, but algood , :P. :
stone cutter.-:'; ?'' j; .-'....j i''-.,'' V
- Elder T;; II. .Starbuck;.'of Portr'-: '
land, preached., at the Cbitwobd " V y
school house last Saturday and sin -' V.'
tne evening ot the same day. He ..
preached at the house ' of J.; . T.' '.
Chitwood.; file, left an appointment. ' ''.
to preach at our school house next 'V-'i'
Saturday at ii o'clock a. m.j 'dur- . '
ing the week he will hold meetings V .' v "
at Elk City;. He is of the Seventh -
Day yAdventist detiomjnation-.- .. , ' '
J.'E. Wilsori has been1 grafting,''"- 'V
up about Bryant's the last week or " ( -two.;
He cuts off the tops of large '. ,
apple and pear trees' and grafts ' "
other vatjeties into them.'1, They" '
iny uc is up io int jou. .- i aetc are ' . f
lois ot old orchards in this." county , . - t
that ought to"be treated in this way. . A '.
3 'Ohangk Blossom
' ;r''
. .,4..-
- Hi .
' i V-2' " '
. '! 'jV f
points of the Woodmen. , '. .
' '" '-
w-m a n i urn.