Lincoln County leader. (Toledo, Lincoln County, Or.) 1893-1987, January 07, 1897, Image 7

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    'Resume of Events in the
. Gathered In All the Town of
Our NihboriiiB Stte Improve
ment Noted in All Industries Oregon.
The John Day flouring mill, having
nound op all the wheat in sight, is
iuow idle.
Marion oounty's assessment lor 1890
hit already cost $7,000, and the end
is not yet, says the Statesman.
A colony of Illinois people will
leave that state in Maroh or April, to
settle in the southern part ol Yamhill
county and the southern part of Polk
Fred Kemper, of Pendleton, who won
, oayose at a raffle the other day, gave
the beast back to its original owner and
.u.iKft him for takins the cavuae off
j liva.vw - w .
ihia hands.
Engineer Dillman, of the Astoria
railway, says that there are 400 men
it work near Rainier and the Clats-
kaiiie, and that two big dredgers are
being ran night and day.
Henry Bnoobolz. a prominent citizen
of Tamarack, Uamtilla county, is burn
ing chaicoal. It takes five days to
burn a pit, and he has to watch it
,1a; and night, and camps by the pit.
The Wallowa stage was wrecked
lift week by an accident on Wallowa
bill. There were three passengers that
day, but they got out to walk just be
fore the stage started down the bill, so
that nobody was injured.
G, W. McKinney, of Brownsville,
last week butchered a bog that dressed
622 ponndB, from wbioh he rendered
ISO pounds of lard, and the Browns
rille Times asks if any Willamette
farmer can beat the record.
Mrs. James Crosby, of Monmouth,
Or., has a family Bible,' printed in
Edinburgh, Scotland, that has been i
banded down in the family for several
generations; crossed the ocean to
America, and now lies on the center
table of Mrs. Crosby. It is prized very
highly, and is still in a state of good ;
The body of a white man washed
ashore on the beaoh about half a mile
srath of the mouth of Banter's creek,
inCnrry county recently. The coro
ner's jury was unable to identify the
body, and found a verdict of death by
drowning. The body was that of a
man about six feet tall, with very
mall hands and feet, and weighing
about 180 pounds.
During the storm in November, Otto
Kohler shipped 8,500 sheep from The
Dalles to Columbus, Neb., and arrived
there in due time, losing only four
sheep on the trip. Mr. Kohler writes
back that he is feeding bis sheep at
the farm of Nie Blazer, an nncle of
John Blazer, of The Dalles, near Co
lumbus, where he gets shelled corn for
twelve cents a bushel, and other feed
at corresponding low prices.
tt tuning-ton.
Jabez Cowles, an old citizen of Clark
connty, died at his home near Wood
land last week.
The Ellensburg city council has
made a reduction in the salaries of city
officials that will amount to 30.
The Spokane street car company's
receipts during the year have averaged
$30 a day more than last year, says the
opoKane Chronicle.
A farmer of Cow City lost 1,000
bushels of potatoes by the November
freeze, and a Toledo man lost 1,000
bushels. There seems to have been
henry lou all over Lewis county.
Blackleg is making its appearance
imong the cattle in Kittitas county.
Mr. Otis Hyer, stockman and farmer,
Jys that three of bis neighbors have
lost from six to ten head of cattle, each
nsed by this disease.
The state treasurer baa issued a call
'or state warrant on the general fond,
limbered 13,491 to 1S.T35 inclusive,
mounting in the aggregate to 21,
51.49. Interest on these warrant
will ceate after January 7.
The Washinstcn State Historical So-
c,y st Tacoma has filed article cf in
corporation. Their purpose is the col
lection and preservation in substantial
win oi objtcu of traditional and bit
toricl interest to the state. Their
main headqaaters will be in Tacoma.
Alfred Snyder, 70 y-an of age. and
le of Seattle's pioneer residents,
a'ed the other night at Port Blakely.
where he went oa tim ago to act
tallyman at the big mill. Mr.
sojder has alwiy. ton held in high
J"ea by the older residents who
ew him wen, and hia death it row. fa
Harry Paxlin, a fcrakeman on tie O.
N, wis taken to toe borp.ul it
Walla W1U lan week, rsffenng from
scalp woxcd indicted ly a cockling-Pu-
He was standing tr-d tot draw
"ead when the cxrt canv together in
jco a manner ti to iz.t.-m tat pia in
' ita great f.orae. To pin
Jrock hia a glancing blow on tt
and Vsaded tea feet bigger.
"d " struck kirn so. rarely it pro-tab!
oslo" tar, km4 kja, tnttantiy.
Bto.mer. n,,tlr Brt ,,,,.
Apply for tlrarmiu I'Hpnnt.
Washington, Jun. I. For the first
time since the present struggle in Cuba
began this government has given per
mission to customs officials to clear for
Cuba a vessel loaded, according ti
manifest, with munitions of war, pro
sumably for the insurgent army.
Yesterday the secretary of the treas
ury reoeived a telegram from the owo
ers of the Dauntles4 at Jacksonville
stating that they would apply to tin
oollector of customs at Jacksonville
for a clearance to a Cuban port with i.
cargo of arms, but the oaths require-!
by the statutes would not be taken.
The question was asked whether undei
these circumstances papers would b?
issued. Later a telegram was receive'
from the oolleotor at Jacksonville stat
ing an application to clear the Dauut
less for Neuvius, Cuba, with a cargi
of arms, had been made, and asking
This morning the secretary replied
substantially as follows:
"If the master of the vessel and thr
owners, shippers and consigners of the
cargo comply fully with the laws and
regulations concerning the manifest
and take the oaths renrrir von ttirv
grant a clearance to Neuvitas, Cuba".
Oaths must be taken and subscribed in
writing, as required by section 4I&7.
4198 and 4200 of the revised statutes."
The port named as the destination
is on the northern coast of Cuba and
is occupied by Spanish forces. Treas
ury offioials therefore are of the opinion
that the oaths required will not be
Late this afternoon the collector of
customs at Jacksonville wired the sec
retary of the treasury that the steamer
Commodore had applied for clearance
papers upon practically the same state
ment of facts as in the case of the
Dauntless. In response the secretary
wired permission to issue papers to the
Commodore in substantially the same
terms as were named in the former
case. Up to the bour of closing the
department no information bad been
received as to the movements of either
vessel, or whether the conditions im
posed bad been accepted.
The Long Service of a PenDtrlta&ia
Philadelphia, Jan. 1. Joseph Strode,
of Mifflin county, is the oldest poet
master in the United States; that is to
say, the oldest in continccua service,
for he has held the position of postmas
ter at Strode's Mills since IS 45, despite
changes of adminisrrati'.ni, political
upheavals, the war and the silver agi
tation. Strode's Mills is a pretty little vil
lage in the central portion of the state,
surrounded by rich farming lands and
valuable ore and sand mine.
Joseph Strode is in bis 2d jai, and
it is believed he will hold the ;:b until
he is too old to fill it. He is the pride
and joy of the postof&ce depameot in
Washington, which placed his p'.rtar
in the government display tt the
world's fair.
The Strodts are an old noble family.
Tbey came from England in ii and
settled in the valley of Virginia. In
179 Joseph Strode, the prei.t rxet
master's grandfather, came to PenLiyi
vania and settled in the vidcitr of
what is now Strode's Mill.
The oldest postmsfter is a KyV
lican and has never mitseJ votiig i.-:e
be was allowed to.
He has never teen ill, and U po
tessed of all bis faculties. Hi wu ap
pointed during the adm:o;jtriU'.a rf
President Pcii-
A Vilit ISufc I- 14.
St. Louis, Jan. 14 sji-:Ut.v ti
Post-DijpaKh fr .ro M Ii-.
says: Word couei frcs Sj'..y. a
small f.wn near 1l-.-v.-3.. t-us r.:-n
looted the tiLk at titpl- U.s:it.
The tank was inor.rji-.rated :2
m itb cipiui cf t r..Wi- I'- "i?--
were aiioct -i- S. S:va is
president and L. A. Sher2 a.h:er.
lAstaiU cf the r.biery i i-i
: tain, became tie v.-n iu cv te
grapbia er.x,i.tctica. It it rr-xri ti
robbers entered the bar. 'V
the safe wi'a dyn if cr-fi
away an as'.cit cf eiii txzsiuifi at
from Vj.Wi V' VWi-
Kill-4 mm l inm Mmm.
' Saa. Int. Ji I iiv
I StxvA d Iwi-ty J- Er-.-sT, ci
J Lccirrille, y., reonveri Lii:rruTi-JS
that Eichard fcrxis, a vex-A yr
cxer facta L-.iijT-.J. w at lit i--"3
cf Eiciarf Lai, -
and went to toe Laii. ''
tis TArrv wsi ari. critrri i jrwi
man, J'-'in i-WS?. v. ft a ia ail
repel th itsaci. At ts.Jt th 'j5-.era
ovsjA in ai-i f Z-,iT-
JaiL Err-iJ w -'-
ii Laxii
Saa Fraiinaso,
Wood, a ecntoc a V-i--i J"-"
-o, who recently :iir.j; a licTnt
IJ-HCO froes XM vm'
Csx.r ciUi-.tjirt- ss -
taas4 w.r.t :i 3f
Biit. aaf hf f-m-.Cv rra-.-ref
Hi tx rwitsr arjital. Li a ti-
fcis reject r fi- '"-sl
th crxarxiiit an-iti rn .n
tzsAZ ia ts jec-yjJ-T J
f aui h taai-ry.
"Iranian PotMll, Hr, .t II.. Mrtlrl
l.ftk ARylutu.
Medical Lake, Wah., Dec. 31 At
i o clock tins morning this tov
shaken i.v u i , ,
w, . bvnfan. ih. v "'''".""'"j 'lci
of an Hr,hn J." X" wi""
were verv 1 r , , , t,t"11'1""4
wind7r.l V, ,W' Jfl. n4 their
ZTlTJ.l ?LUhlj: ""
W ri W!is
KBiierllv k V .
' ii, iraon
that one of the tMllera at the hospital
for the insane had exploded. There
were four boilers in use, g'-nerally for
steam and heating purposes, all in-
closed in a brick house at the rear of
wjo no puai, tint immediately adjoin-
w,t'h If? ,he,wb01,!"h'"1"pMed
; uniiij oeinoi.rn
it, tnrowing fragments in every direc-
tion. A large section of it was driven
backward against the head of one of
the other boilers, driving the latter
from its foundation and partly into the
rear wall of the house.
fritz Iheilman, the night fireman,
was standing near the boiler at the
.u-.Luvub ins ezpioRiou, ana was
blown out into the yard along with the
flying bricks, pieces of boiler, timbers,
etc., and so badly scalded and internal-
ly iRjw? that hii life sir-A ;
lie says everything was in proper shape
with the boilers, and he cannot acxunt
for the explosion. The boiler-house
will have to be entirely rebuilt and the
remaining boilers reset on their founda
(Vf,man Throw Herlf lndftr
llu-bjud'a Locomotive.
New Haven, Conn., Dec. .51. Ella
Eager, whose body, torn and dismem
bered, was found on the road of the
Shore Line in this city, committed sui
cide by throwing herself under the
wheels of the locomotive which her
husband, Engineer Fred Ejger, was
running. The couple bad quarreled
two weeks before and bad separated.
The wife grew moody over her miifor
tune, and the neighbors say that she
often remarked that she wished she
At 6 o'clock in the evening she put
on her things and went out. She went
to tie station and her faoiband saw her
there jnat as he bad come on for duty,
ready to make bis run to .Vew London.
He did not appear anxi'.-us to see his
wife, and it is supposed that Mrs.
Eager. noticing hU iadifferen, be-
Toe woman w'.ied away from the
depot and followed a route al'.xg the
raiircad traok. Hrr tit-and s train
started at f,:'l. At that hour sne
was a few biiidred yards from the
depot. The train case or with in
creaiirg speed asd aobered rapid mo
mentum wnen it case to, Etger.
To carry CTit her resolve w the work
cf an instant.
After being killed her boiy was car
ried aloi.g tor I.CX yar'is waen it waa
acght in a frog cf the and
thrown to cl siie. Tie htsoasd sped
away on bis ecguvt, htt.e Ui.r.x:.-;g cf
wiat the matinvery c-ir bis ft nad
aaierl'. frUwwr is J(iJ4, Clst
t 1 J'tla tA t rtyln J.
Sa Digo. CaL, Lee 11. Ax-eri-iMia
throtg-ct Mexitr. are wjv.hmg
w-.i3 jrtat livreait tie cvo-veavetji of
the tz'Jy.r.Mf in ti oate cf Carlos
A. Mier. an Asterican tit-zee ax4
cf Csa.iin:lain, vu-A :i
'iverrert He is fce.:xa -rjf.-a,
C.tyof XexiW. eiargtd w:ta th asir-
ier of a lUiiSin er.g:ieT t4 Eis-
ario 2jia, at h-vrr. oc Oavcer i.
ci:ers at Oi-t"ec ail is h.i '.-vs
hai 5UV..V. v. ir-ig a sirover .iarg
iji.z,n lis. aii ecrxciiiai i..t rs:a
ai yjm.M- c
I IZy iirtCCTT of th
ai-i '--tt, nJ&itA siier g-iaH, to
tzzz-ta of a wivie sooj-
tj .n,rj is tii rute of 'ivwrero sion
ccly ii away w-ta i -ui, iat w o
fcsii ti g-.'recmnt t of a larg
43,-.ui-u ji-!a'i je"-7- of ut bum
f-.rwtrii V. ti g-.Tenxat ssai-swc-b
f jr-i tit -j all ail is ti -?aAtA vi-jra of
eotaijes ia jiiiit aff Ti.
Will SLer 1 MMrt., rc II lfj.e x
ay ri oti of oCa Xtji
4, iu ;erirjii wxri wi J J'.r3ii
o th Cijitr- iwert fc-6-uiirooi ait
tut Gwluil feyt fjiii -aot
OTUiZiMi-JX- Tj i-naatrs wee ktiurt
uut jr-jn.Ji 1 a-fii Ji a ii? iwbv
ur M st 'rrts 5unMra i-AB. v. St
flejl! C til SB.
aua-aw w vjsniini vtr'.y iy
Y t y frnr wtr seiHrjUBt Ti
fiara i-jn-Vii. aart sua rsiwf a
w -.ulf i u ra tiiig r. a.-rj si
x-iiMaJt v, tiuj si tvry v.oi iMin.
si zteaiers if i v.n wl. i
tr.ioa oa TT't-r-i f sj. t.wijuy.
Ti triwusrf w- tv.rj f er ia ti wiy
i-jo sa 5rw T ar l r in ty ojf jer-
p a Itiirv "Mul
,lllr lftt In I'eriiilt
I ntf ffirntit;,.
CoiiMantiiiupln. Deo. SO. Thn Kus- I
Mluti u t. . I, . .... U..a I t.
' rul,"""' ""K represenumo, of Ureal
,,r""'"' ''""'" ""'J. r-nj .'! ,
A""rl". ul with the sul-
tan, AlMul, .., of many suoh
"iterviewH wlthli. the p year, on tin,
' ' ''"n, t '"D"'iltii"" ;
b.j .ii i n in me i urkinn umpire
The I'.UMian diplomat bKn by
warning the sultan ami the Turkish
government that if the revenues oefled
for payment of the Turkish debt were
touched, European control of the
finances of the empire would become
inevitable M. de Nell-loff, the Ku- ;
nan ariiMjiiaor, lurther inrormed me
sultan that the czar guaranteed bin per-
sonal safety and engaged himself to
maitain the sultan's supremacy in the of severe ueusures being neces-
sary upon the part of the powers. The
sultan, however, remained obdurate,
retailing to consent to any measure of
control, financial or otherwise, by the
The Kussian ambassador said the
rmdition of the Turkish empire placed
ihe throne and the caliphate in iinml-
.-v. --". Thr'i AMnl HarnM
remarked impressively:
"I maybe the lnat--jf the caliphs.
but I will never bcorne a second k he
due," in addition to them; warnings, M. da
Nelidoff sent a note to theTurkUh gov.
eminent and to the palace. The ut
most significance is attached to it in
diplomatic circles. lie pointed out in
pre'iiM! terms the neoemiity for the sul
tan following the advice of the powers
n'1 '-'ting in complete agreement with
their pUns for improving the situ-
tion, warning them once more that
the sultan's refusal to do so involves
the rnoitt disagreeable consequence.
The ambassadors of the powers will
meet again to discuss the situation,
and will reaitaeroble in future twiue a
week until they complete their recom
mendations to the sultan and bis ad
visers. The envovs acting together
will henceforth maintain the strictest
secrecy regarding their deliberations
"a Ui con taken or Cntemnateo
a?d mt the envoys
ot V" of the decisions reached,
These latest steps upon the part of
b V Vv
bT. P'" pr"found imureaaion
" Kl"' D'1 io tb is-
nce of an amnesty decree the A r-
mI,!4n pn"ners lo Asia Minw and
this city and vicinity are being released
daily in batches of fifteen.
flrala and Caiitrfeltrs mrm Vremytli
San Francisco, Dec. 20. According
to the lateal advux from the Orient
Li Ka Chuck, soperintendent of the
Cinvn rJice, on Notero; it, seized
a large namtAT of eouoterfeit coin.
The cnief coiner, Tse hang, and others,
were arretted. An imperial decree
from Pexing ciommanded toe immediate
decap.ution of ta three named offend
ers, and enjoins the vicerroy to deal
with toe others as be thinks neceaaary
t-r. .i'..:.? to Law, as a warning to toe
pei-.-plt. Ite Calais who effected the
seizure were all promoted in raok.
The C'jLton rvxi'.-j fr.tvA in an
other cseaiorial tae cap'tore of two no
torious y.itvi jsnks. In effecting u
etsre oiie m:l:ury oftoer IrAt hi life.
A decree was ii:td on the IVta cf
K-.Tenher asihoir.z:r.g tae execstio-n of
i-.e ca-iive and orderir-jr th cfruls
vAtxrisA in t-v eajtar to be jtoovjt-
ed ja riJi tzA tiat t.oe r&arur of ft
riiliury ofltr wao tad lo aU life
referred to u-e tVrd rrxsTLA lt
frmttit id isjtv.zwjv fco&ovs.
!ie York, Deis. V. rie-reral Lfe
ii.-.7io vxijiie Lav aued Coro
ser Tiu:..i to cuxe a tafA'npi tnveai!
jir.t as to u tavae cf tc deatii cf
Dv4 fcjxeey, aazjger of feco s
hail, iV en-.rd rVvVt.y la i-t
-.Ct ia tis e;ty ia SoTemher
Ti Viy is to i li-.aTTrS ia oirer
v. 4vraii wi(r rx.a rvx ia
a C&fcz' ex'z& tsor.szat vjetyutj
a i 1j'5, fc-e-.y aarr..-.g suf
fer I a ae-rere it 170! .v.o.or.t aom
weeau r .v V. i J -iea ta.
! CUM ftr
&a Iyrg-.. Lw t-V. Ti Jtcn-tiera
'Ja-iforao Jfoni--ui 'iaa Cooivray
irerj t lare ivjrf at If ores aii
sa K i jwvry of ti ra.. Ti
taivul of rock juoa;J w lf,,Vt
fjut. jrxt iA iijrt jc-woer m
xt All, ti frtyjttta of y.vlmt
wiorta wer f -aoert ia t-is! at
eat j-riiS S ti i.-J wen erjUAOtert
ecicrji w-. wivta erjsi'iert a
a St. (riww
Crvnuti, H. Ti ara-sr
yuaer 'tirjmx, of U.lbV V.c f jjiu
hhji, u lissrfenr veme, ct ura
turj, visji ri 00. a i 'Jiz ca to
tfi-r of y -.Teal vw aai SjM W
trana ia s ic, i ia J. js.i
afve l?ry-!n of ii-.snsnat !-
ansa msa w iraTt.
I-jaiy. It- ti Ti Viica-jt
j j 4-1 as sineaiiui, ir i
VU -jmk turf S tt te-ii frtioa Su
-anw v sv fust Ti exvti Jrw
13 f aa ta artrns r;e
Siewfleamt wjsi jjoi law saaw
617 --1 Su aaa-ary v-
'. Ilowlilng,
iiitpkhiB a .
Itevlew (if
Ti. wi1(,Ht .....rl,,,. m M-ttlil down
Into otiu or a Holiday cihiiriuilf r. anil
.entiment which fre,,ei,tlv dominate
p. largely bourl.h. MoNt of
)lt Umnxn 1MVH nraoinii oonvinoe.l tlmt
Very H... tl, prion for May K.t.
,,,, H00 it l a aaf .!., for a . 1 p.
.. .
and whon it lrk l.olow Unit flgnro
It la a puri:linn for ,') to la ailvamm.
Tim iualilllty of the bulls to main
tain thn advantage with thn news gen
erally In their favor has inmlo trailers
rather skeptical as to thn proapimt of a
niHterliil advance before thn clone of
tM(, yeil.( HU,i o,HT 1H, ,,,, Km..ral
taking of profits by small holdura,
while a few of thn large ones have
either boon out of thn market entirely
or are trading in small lines. The
market ia without loaders on either
side, and the trade Is drifting with the
idea that them can be no permanent
good in thn tnutket until after thn
holidays. Thn Argentina situation it
Hl much of v. pu..ln as over. Huppllna
in this country srn decreasing, anil thn
flour tarda Is irregular.
The NorthweHtern mills report a
large Western demand, and l'lllnoury
Rnrir.nnr.M thut IViey wtll trtrid Oil Nil
average of 40,000 barrels per day for
some time.
The niHrket Is in a position where
buying is mora exeiitinl to steady
prices than an sluii'lance of bull imws.
The trada has tired of toe combined
rehanh of the reports about small re
ceipts, the probabla scarcity of auppllna,
the dependence of Kuropean countries
upon America, and the continued talk
sOout wheat going fill. Homething
new is mavmtj f stimulate trade.
The situation Is all right, but mora
speculation Is necessary. Tba sh'rit
interest, although the largest In sixty
days, is easily scared, and an advance
of a few cents drives most of them in.
The bulls on the whole have also grown
m 're tlrnid, and a decline of n shake
out thowi who buy whenever the mar
ket geU strong. At present there ia
little in the market except a scalp.
I'0KH.ASf, Or., Jan. 1,
Fr;a I'ortland, Halem, 'laJcalta
and liyton, 14 WJ; liiUm iiouiy ao I
White Lily, 1-1.40: graham, .i.76 ;
jrllne, 12 l) per lrrel.
Whkst Walla Walia. MWln; Val
ley, r4' Wjc per bonhel.
Oath Cloice wtiite.Krtper bush
el : i boice gray, 'M'n Vy-,
Hr 'limotny, iert.n; r:Pve,
tHMya '.; oat, HMtmU; l,at, -1 04
10 per f,r.
Eaacar fee1 larley, !?!.') pr yo;
M ri.urrc rr fcf an. IIS.'); snorts,
urMhui. .:..
Hcrtau l-ancv ereaomry is at
O; (aiK.-y dairy, .V; fair to gwi,
l'oitoM. Oregon l!'irinks, V)'t
7'e: OarnetCf ife ;0HVKj Karly 1,
fi'n'Mt fer k ; Calrria river lior
oar.ks, t per eo'.i; , Tm2
fi tj-.uXaX lor Merced, 2J5J (or i-ivy
iovs V per a k.
foci-Tar Chx.keos. rosxeJ. IZ.'i'
bToi.ers, II-v4i!'; . Vi.Vis
tote7s. live, doc, iX&iJt
per (Vze.
iov Oresrvn, 22; per dozeo.
Uimi-Oreyo,lli 'i'ni.i ktutrti
ca, 12c per rrivi.
7aj r"r..e, per yntA, 1tr.?.;
Ji'j. 2 a.d jr.', J 'i'x'..
"fit a, Va-xrv. iae, yrtul; VakU
sara Oreym, 4-? 00.
ilo- .'e eroo. Ve.
isa 'ro, U srr, I2.7S; eon,
12 v'2.2V; O'wwd ceef, 4 ', fv
M cr7' jr', het w.ov,
e-ae, 2.; Cimum u.'iVsr,'
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