Lincoln County leader. (Toledo, Lincoln County, Or.) 1893-1987, December 31, 1896, Image 8

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i. V. STKWABT.Kdltor snd Proprietor. .
Published every Thursday at Toledo, Llnco'n
County, Oregon.
Subscription Rates:
One year, - - - $1.50
Six months, - - - .75
Three months, - .50
Entered at the postottioe at Toledo, Oregon, as
second-class mail matter.
Advertising rates made known on application
Business losals will be inserted in these eoi
umin at live cents per line per week, and will
be run until ordered discontinued.
Every postmaster In Lincoln county Is authorli
ed to act at agent lor the Leader.
Official County Paper.
Remember Gowell sells and buys
Miss Effie Crosno is visiting
friends at Elk City.
Flour and feed will be sold at a
low price at the store of Peter Tel
lefson, Yaquina.
If you don't get what you want
it is because you don't ask for it at
For the best groceries and fresh
fruit call at Peter Tellefson's, Ya
quina City.
Harry Denlinger received a new
typewriter from bis father as
a Christmas present.
Ladies! If you want a bargain
in Shoes try O'Brien's special sales
he is selling a $3.50 shoe for $2.25.
Prescription No. 1 is not a patent
medicine, but a scientific com
pound lately discovered, which acts
as a specific in nasal catarrh.
Prof. Bethers school at Elk City
is having a holiday, and the Pro
fessor and his wife are enjoying
the holidays in this place.
The state board of equalization
raised the valuation of live stock in
Lincoln county 15 per cent, and of
town and city lots 5 per cent.
Blood is life and upon the purity
and vitality of the blood depends
the health of the whole system.
Special bargains at Gowell's.
County Surveyor Derrick was in
town today.
Wm. Wilson, of Philomath, was
in Toledo this week.
Success in buying is prosperity
for all Gowell succeeds.
We wish our readers a happy
and prosperous New Year.
Ben Jones made a trip to Otter
Rock the first of the week.
Don't be fooled get prices at Gow
ell's before purchasing. ''
W. F. D. Mercer, Wells-Fargo's
route agent, was in Toiedo today.
1897 is here and Gowell is yet
"in it"' with the largest stock' of
groceries in Lincoln county.
Try the new remedy for catarrh
prescription No. 1. Price 75 cts.
a bottle, at Krogstad's drug , store.
Miss Cora Gregson arrived from
Philomath Christmas eve, . and
spent the holidays with her parents
in this city.
Stop that catarrh in your head
before it reacuco your throat, by
using Prescription No. 1.
at Krogstad's drug store.
The Steamer Richardson took a
load of dancers from Newport, Ya
quina and Toledo to Elk City this
afternoon, for the dance theie to
night. We are prepared to do all kinds
of blacksmith and wagon work,
horse-shoeing, and all kinds of
repairing. Give us a call.
Ross & Rick, Toledo.
A positive cure is attained in all
cases of catarrh by using Prescrip
tion No. 1. Try it and be con
vinced. For sale at Krogstad's
drug store.
John A. Wanamaker wants to be
The Masque Ball.
The masque ball given at the
court house last Friday night under
the auspices of the Woodmen lodge
of this place, was the great event
of the season, and was a success in
every way. A large crowd was in
attendance, several dancers coming
from Newport, Yaquina, Elk City,
Pioneer, Chitwood and Siletz.
There were many handsome and
beautiful characters represented, as
well as many odd and grotesque
ones. The prize of $2.50 for the
best sustained lady character was
awarded to Mrs. Sada Davis, who
represented the character of the
"new woman." Fred Ross in the
character of a Chinaman won the
prize for best male character, and
received a" box of good cigars.
There were several other characters
worthy of especial mention, among
them being Renus Arnold and Mrs.
Eunice Akin in the character of
Josiah Allen and wile, Mrs. Parker
and Miss Norma Watkins, of Ya
quina, as Two little Girls in Blue,
For satei while Stoney Wells made a first-
class negro swell, and in the char
acter ot Mark Hanna Ben Jones
made an excellent appearance.
Elmo Davis played the part of
Simple Simon in good style. Sev
eral other characters were well rep
resented. The following is a list
of the maskers and characters rep
resented: LADY MASKERS.
Mrs. Effie Rich, night; Miss
nrnn t att? rrrr . .rr
it is too late to get an Abstract of Tit!
etoa ::
land after you have bought it and found out that th
judgements and tax liens against it. The nroper
do is to have the K
luituw, wow; jrvu a la Ui J. lUt before U
your money. A business man now davs hpv u
wiaic wiiuvui uiai uuiaiuiug evidence Of B trnrJi
gOOg fly
We warrant our work to be absolutely correct. Address '
Crosno & Peairs.
Estate k ail kkk.
y "WI
Farm Lands, Tide Lands, Coal Lands Tn
irroperiy in single .Lots or Weeks
Abstrct of Title to any property in Lincoln (
furnished on demand.
Toledo -
it Senator
u ' .
Jol Superln
JW after t
pi, June, Ai
x Yates,
Lrt con'"!
f Jones.--
yt. aio"
j. Peterson
ah month.
Christmas Tree.
Christmas was ushered in last
Thursday eve, by the usual Christ
mas tree at the court house in this
place. The house had been hand-
Anna Chambers, school girl; Miss somely decorated by the committee
Maude Vincent, love; Mrs. Jennie appointed for that purpose, and two
Arnold, morning glory; Miss Lulu handsome young fir trees were
Burt, ancient belle; Miss Cora i loaded with presents. The exer
Mays, nothing; Mrs. Estherbrook, Icises consisted first of a short
flower girl; Miss Anna Vaughn, ; program rendered by the school,
frost; Mrs. A. T. Peterson, sun-
Johnie Ramsdell,
Clara Crawford,
Iva Crawford,
Ernest Dixon,
Clyde Van Orden,
Harold Lathrop,
Warren Deyoe,
Clarence Ramsdell,
Lesley Crawford,
Parris Parks,
Neither absent nor tardy wd
u. o. senator trom Pennsylvania. flower: Ivv McMurrav. English up for the nuroose of defravino- the
Well, if John wants it, the only; belle: Miss Hird Bain tur exnense of laving- a sidewalk tn tfc
woman; Miss Mamie Raines, red school house. This collection
carnation; Sada Davis, new woman; amounted to $10.35. Thenfollow-
oenaior loioert barter, joint Miss Janie Megginson, America; ed the usual distribution of nuts
senator for Benton and Lincoln Mrs. Horning, the old woman: ' and candy to every child creseiit.
question is, is how much is he will
ing to pay?
after which a collection was taken : rance9 wmpson, OraDeyoe.fti
ueyoe, iiessie Van Ordeti, Euji
Powers and Dorsey Simpson
George Bethers,
nrnrllln ti-i V 1,1 i I
,.v mc ucai U1UUU pun-
Bessie After this the
presents were dis-
experience proves Hood's Sar- counties, is reported to be ouite Miss M Mark
seriously ill, and hopes for his re- Stakely, night; Mrs. Anna Parker tributed from the trees.
covery ate not strong. and Norma Watkins, Two little seemed to be well remembered, and
I Lee Wade and L. M. Starr went , Girls in Blue; Lola Vincent, fire the evening was a very enjoyable
, to utter Kock today, near which lassie; Mrs. L,ee Wade and C. L. one to all present. Amonsr the
Do you know that if you neglect
catarrh in the head it will bring on
other troubles that often terminate j place the former has taken up a , Tillotson, twin sailor girls; Eva other gifts on the tree was a purse
fatally. Stop it now and be cured , homestead. Thev will start the 1 Dick, sister charitv: Mrs. C. T.. of monev made un bv kmH-tieand
lrom that disagreeable disease, by
using Prescription No, i. For sale
at Krogstad's drug store.
How often consumption has been
tTaced to its starting point catarrh,
and how many people are now
suffering with nasal catarrh, and
how many can be cured by using
Prescription No. i.
it at the drug store
Krogstad's drug store.
Preaching or Invoice service at
ii o'clock a. m., immediately after
Sunday School. Everybody is in
vited to be present. Class or ex
perience meeting from 12 o'clock
m. to 12:30 o'clock. At7o'clock
p. m. song and privilege service.
Come all. w. H. Myers.
Otto Krogstad's brother-in-law,
John Ofstedahl, wife and three
clildren, accompanied by Miss
Sophia Myhre, sister of P. S. Myhre
of this place, arrived on the 24th
inst. from Park River, North Dakota
Mr. Ofstadahl has taken up tem
porary quarters with Mr. Krogstad,
but will soon build and engage in
some business enterprise. They are
all highly pleased with our mild
climate and pleasant weather.
J. W. Roots, of Clackamas, was
in town Wednesday. Mr. Roots
has but recently returned from an
extended trip to Siletz river, where
he and his son have large property
interests. Mr. Roots came back by
team and states that the roads over
the Coast mountains would be in
fair condition were it not for the
first two feet of the surface, which
is a little soft and his mules had
some difficulty in keeping their
bodies from dragging in the mud.
Oregon City Enterprise.
erection of a house thereon. j Gowell, negro waiter; Misses G. ( people of Toledo, and presented to
The express office at Pioneer i and Minnie Gorman, ribbon girls; Mrs. Burns, whose family have
will be discontinued, the agent, J. ! Mrs Eumce Akin, Aunt Samantha been sick so long,
H. McNeil having removed from Allen; KuthL.aither.liUy of the
that place. This will be quite an j valle'! Mrs. Hattie Gaither, folly;
incon enience to the Pioneer peo- j Mrs Merriwether, ballet dancer;
pie. Mlss -kssie Mackay and Mrs. J. J.
Prescription No. 1 is not a cure-
Inquire about ; all remedy. It is a scientific com-
rDr sale at Dound for the cure of oatnrrti rli
which it does. You will say so ' Rader, nbbon girl,
yourself if you have catarrh and try! gentlemen maskers.
it. For sale at Krogstad's drug ' , Guy Bl,ford' Zulu kllight: J- J
store. - I rurmdKe. Oregonian; W. E. Rich,
T tt fw;i a r -i Jclow"; Mr. White, razzle dazzle;
J. ti. McNeil and familv arrived t?,j u t . .. . .
r tv 1 , Fred McMurray, Arab an kuiehf
from Pioneer last night with a car r, ri u KU1Sni.
. . . ... , , . ,R. Chambers, farmer Jones: Stonev
containing their goods and house-1 W(lllc t. .,' ., J ' lonev
hold effects. He will occupy one Ch rT 1 wT'
side of Fish's store building with VTV
his goods for a time. We welcome rJ,0"eS' M"k ana:
them back to our city. Fred RoiS, Clnnaman; E. Gaither,
n n a ;.. , English sailor ;Chas. Miller, Buffalo
nlTr-, i i1111"'. f BiU: Re-Arnold, Josiah Allen;
.T , V yj'"'""' 'clPl 1 J. L,. Gowell, logger. Dr.
v.. uiuiiiu iiuui in., rv. xiauersnam.
School Report.
Following is the report of school
Gaither, forget-me-nots; Mrs. Starr; ! 111 mstnct No- l Elk c,ty. Oregon,
deception; Mrs. Casteel, ghost; : for the term endin& December 24,
Kva Rader, queen of hearts; Ola ! 18961 -
wnoie number clays taught, 56.
fcsuble .
Notice, of Sheriff's Sale of
Property under Execution
an exeoution and order of sale Imuw
the Circuit Court of the State of Oreronl
Countr of Lincoln, dulv attested under
Bcnl of eaid court and bearing dalethe Jtta
01 j'eceraDer low, on a aecree 01 toretisr.'
ana sale rendered and entered In the mif.
in a suit wherein A. U. Kpexarth u plati:
and Herbert Twombley and MartheTwoul
were aeiennantK, in tavoroieata piuotiii
against said defendants. Herbert Twci:
and Martha Twomblev. for the lum ol "
Hundred and Twcntv-seven Dollsnindll
ty-flve cents, with interest thereon t the w
01 ten percent per annum trom me Ainu?
July lfc'Jtf. and for I'J'i attorneys' feel, till
the further sum of 17 costs, and further m
upon this writ. Thesald execution litem:
rected and commands me to sell all of the i
lowing described real oronert? to tttW! "1
decree and execution, towit: The imitbttf J
of the southwest of section 8:1, low nihil
south, ranKe 11, west, containing 40 itrti :
Lincoln county, State of Oregon. Now, ltm
lore, in compliance with said execuuonim
der of sale. I, as such sheriff, will on
Saturday, the ajrd day of January, itff.
At th hniir nf tn n'plnclr In the forenWB'
suid day. at the front door of the Court M
In the City of Toledo, Lincoln county, 0r:
nttVir fur aula mil aoll at nnhlil AUetlOTi tOW
nignest Ditiaer tor u..ifuiacoiii,tnBui--
T..m1 ii , f
curouea, nrst montn, 27;
average daily attendance. 26.
NumRPfpiirnllo j - allot the right, title, interest and iiteof
lumoer enrolled, Second month, 36; said defendants in and to the said sboni
averao-p dam' gtln,nn. 1 "crioea real propeny, wua im v i" ' r
ra P ' ""-"auK.Mt y. subject to redemotion, to satiiiy ine
Nnmber "enrolledr second month,
36; average daily attendance, 33.
Following gives the number days
each pupil was present and the
general average:
surveyor general of Oregon, for use
of settlers residing upon unsurveyed
lands in this state. The sum of
$13,000 has been allotted the state
of Oregon from the annual appropri
ation for surveying government
lands for the fiscal year ending
June 30, 1897. These blanks can
be had upon application to' the
.register. ' - "
Sheriff Landis and wife returned
from their bridal trip to Portland
and Astoria last Monday evening,
and have been receiving the con
gratulations of friends bince then.
They will not go to housekeeping
for the present, but will board with
Mr. and Mrs. Kubler, who have
moved to town into the Horning
nouse, recently vacated by
wether, new
Frances Simpson,
Ora Deyoe,
Daisy Devoe.
Me"i-!l,iiy Hartlev.
coon; Wm. Woods.
Gen. Weyler; Robt. Collins, Span-; Myrtle Hartley,
sir; Eir DK,vis' Simpie , h
H I ut T " Tr gid: Bessie Va oVden,
H. Lutz, Topsy; F. Chambers. 1 iu. t?,-
1 "u"-'"-i i'.uuifflan, ciown.
Several names were missed at
the door, owing to the rush at the
door, consequently they are
included in the above lists.
Days pres. (Jen. At.
Sunday School.
There will be Sunday School in
the old school house next Sunday,
January 3, 1897, at 10 o'clock a. ml
A cordial invitation is given for
every lover of society and Christian
worker to be present.
7 Trj ' d n 1
Mr 1 easily ana prompt-
Mr. ly o the uVer and bowels. Cure
sick headache.
Sada Dixon,
Audrey Ramsdell,? ;
Aurelia Ramsdell,
Eugene Powers," m,
Jimmie Parks,
Arthur Allen,
Edmund Hartley,
Walter Casteel,- .
Chas. Van Orden;
Bevley Freer.
Dorsey Simpson,
Willie Simpson,
Ross Deyoe,
Fiank Hartley,
Willie Parks,
Joseph Parks,
Ira Wade,
- 56 93
56 87
56 1 93
47 84
45 71
48 76
55 72
56 81
40 . i 93
54 90
. ' 32 7
39 70
56- -95
53 90
50 88
56 71
- 55 87
56 85
53 73
56 83
. 54 71
55 . 83
55 85
53. . i '54
49 60
55 96
Rllliiftnt tn rAflftmnHnn. tn HHtlllfv I
cuton and the amounts thereon aitbontu I
cd, together with the costs and aecruiufWI
uated December Ztth, lrao. . ,,.
aarifiTnl I lnnnltl t'nllTltT. OH!- I
By I. U. Boss, W I
Notice of Sheriff's Sale of U
Property nnder Execution.
an eTecution nd order of sale IwuedMlfl
the Circuit court of the State of OreoD, f I
County of Lincoln, dulv attested nudert""
of said court and tearing date Vyx1'
IH95, on a decree of foreclosure ni"'t"Z,
edand entered in the said courtiuaiuit j1
in Sol King and Minnie Lee were pll"ES
Nettie J. Bakei and R. F. Baker "." ia
j . 1 a i.i-.iit. aoTilnlt
nun., 111 iavor 01 Baia Pl'uu'j iiik fcl
the sum of Thirteen Hundred nnd Seenl
and 66-100 DoIlarB, with inteieat thereon i I
rateof ten percent per annum, and 0d 1
sum of seven dollars cost, and further
this writ. The aforesaid execution
of sale is to me directed and coromanM"
sell all of the following-described real pres
to satlm? said decree and execotion, '
Baker s Place, containing eight n1 rjj
acres: also HlncVs Nnmherlf). 6.?, Ii ''" 4
12, all In Baker's 1st addition Slo.ltM
Newport? also Lota So.-tA " "'V
no. i; andlxts lio..i, 0. P. 7, 0 ,kt
14; and Lota No. S, , L ,:-, Bfl.ft
No. IS, and Lots No. 1,1 M-Mi'd'
Block No. 16, in Buford.s Ad W'lW0"'?
andria. Now, therefore, in compllf" V
aaid execution and order , of iali "
sheriff will on , t ; . , 1 !
. . .. . .... I.M-arV
' iiuiuiv. im - ir our ui .
t the hlnr of 10 o'ctoclr, in the foren
day, at the front door of the Court House is
City of Toledo, Lincoln county, OrefJn,iU
tor sale and sell at public auction w
est bidder, for U. 8. gold coin cash in ""
of the right, title, interest and estate ol uk.
Atkletn Amrtm I n .nH In lh uld alXITt Z
real property, with the appurtenance ,
to redemption, to satisfy the " "Tit, I
Inn imniinl. nn. thaw. miR.iv"
gether with costs and accruing costs.
Dated December !M, low. iivnlR
J. C. Vail
. Until...
iter "S'
ice of til'
liice of thi
l,.tble: r.
Ire ot t!