Lincoln County leader. (Toledo, Lincoln County, Or.) 1893-1987, December 24, 1896, Image 3

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c5ame of Events in the
1 Northwest.
OF STEADY GROWTH Served ,turi of
Leadville, Col,,.. Dm. 18.-While
the board of coninihsioners ol this
(Lake) county wore iu special sessiou
tonight they were arrested by the sher
iff on a mandate from the state supreme
oourt, commanding that they be
u.UUgi,, uoiuiu mat court to
uioinseivea ol ooutomnt.
l'"iiwrii Trl,..l l,T the llllnnl.
I'eutral luilroad Company.
Chicago, Dee. 17.-The Illinois Cen
tral railroad officials have before them
the applications nf k nnn .i., j
l'imnipi from tlie For I'o.t Now rn
Lvhil.ition in Herlin.
There are now on exhibition in ono of
tiie iuuscums of tlie German ilt :i 1
specimens of a pigmy rare who were
that road who desire ! recently brought f rem one of the movin
company's stock. These aoDlicatiom ' lt's "' 1'riiisli l'.uiniah, on the banks of
have felt ttip sharp tooth nv.d claws of
the vicious eat, that tips tlie scales at
fifty pounds.
are conitne in a tha rUt. .,f ,.
" ---- .u,u urinccu
ioO and 800 a month, and inborn -
, lu All th. Iowi ol
. fcKlni? State lunprove-
nur ,
. .....a m A 11 Industrie! Orocoii.
kibeep inspector of Benton ooun-
r . fotw nnahliv Hhnnn
jyi (here are j v"
'iiit oounty.
L-in.nt men in Heppner say that
L .ni build a telephone line from
if they oau arrange for a satis
.forr bonus.
friie legal complications that have so
lilbin quartz mill in Coos oonnty,
L finnl v been aatisiacioruy adjust-
nnd the miners or mo ouiiubuu
i distriot will now have free use
me mm.
ntondent Morrison, of the
esteren Union constrnotion depart-
,ctl bar finished receiving ana stor
i.tFlavel 2,000 poles for the main
fcrapb line between Astoria and
titiand. It required two acres on
la lo itaok this material.
While leveling off the grounds about
I home on his Blind Slough ranch,
Chtiop, Martin impo iound Durried
d feet in the earth an Indian stone
lemon, shaped like a Bhip's marlin
lite, having a hole bored through the
utile, wmon naa evidently neon
udebyt stone implement, Bays the
Some very old residents claim that
river was np where the Grant I
lepot now stands in 1862. The
ver bed has deepened and widened
rr much since then, and there ia
rj little probability that it will ever
Irerflow its left bank again. The
inter of '63 made gullies and gulohea
there all was level before.
Fully 100 men are bard at work
pong the Alderbrook water front out-
og wood for their winter's use, says
it Aitorion. During the recent
teabet hundreds of cords of wood, and
bout 2,000 shingle bolts from the
lowliti river were thrown upon the
Itich. It was an interesting sight to
fee these men cntting huge logs into
love-wood lengths, and rolling them
ip the beaoh to their homes. They used
large instrument like a pair of ice
cap with which to drag the logs
Fisher and William Logan, brother?.
ere canght out in the cold snap of last
oath in Crook county, while driving
little. They left their cattle and tried
m reach the cabin that was their des
tination, but, thinking they could not
hi It, they built a fire under a rim-
lock and remained there all night. It
ru me oddest night, and others who
dm Mlt Ban if J
plow zero. The men made them
plves as oomfortahla an thpv
f oej had no blankets, and while sit
ing around the fire both fell asleep,
fu airer awhile young Logan was
awakened by his olothea cntohina nn
j-- w nnaiUj U(l US 1UUUU UlUt
m ol bis feet were frozen. They
pw discovered when dnvlicrhi; nnmn
pit they were in sight of the cabin.
Thereare said to be fnllv KOO oases of
Nwlei reported and unreported in
Tne Northern Paoiflo Bailwav Com-
W paid f9,008.O taxes luto the
oonnty treasury lust week.
P ths office of Indian Agent Erwin, at
ort Simooe, ono night last week, but
'""I to get away with anything of
The Dnltprl Sftno .
Mnwa iDvouua VUbLOf
hai been taken to Quartermaster
"hot to be nut on the A vvAno.? fnr ram
ri'L" her huI1- A 5'000 contract
"Men let, and extensive repairs are
foe made.
Work will be resnmnil ot r.nmea.
ibingle mill, in Cowlitz oounty, as
u the water recedes sufficiently to
it ot it Attorney Fisk will have
y of the plant. It is the inten-
n0 Of thn nrm l -i. -.1
-lil. -"""yaujr iu pay Uli Ull
np 1OOiUIO.
Oandamna aneil mit nnn,nl v..
. . vu iu uwuiuvi lyuu
Jf i UOUrjlSUU UUUUli liU
i,, ' 'P60'! levy to pay certain road
Pt 1nashed last Satutday at
dHi ?Maa- The effect of the de
oii thought to be to invalidate the
u , r,.tTams iaanert under the law ol
aucl 7, 1890.
PohMiStlmatea that t0 onild th8 tele
up' 'lne Irom Eastern Washington
rW sound points it will take 16.
rW. 1,884 miles of No. 10 bard
tad Hr pPer wi. 15,000 oross-arms
Uteri tu and 82,000 Plu8ud inhU
ud , e8tlmated cost of material
m' it $72,000.
J1? "bington Mining Company
Ih,7r. ln("Porated for $1,000,000.
sjin-7 dt'ided Into a million.
BHid. . 8 par ,alne 1,1 II eaob. The
IvnT.. ' the fi" i months are J. """"'BOfflery, of New York;
for several thousand dollars against the frUg desire on ,haPi"'t of the working
oounty was recently obtained and u f tbe road. t0 be in ful1 harmony
auirmeu Dy the supreme court, which m "eputive flepartment.
iucIOUpuu oraered the commissioners
to levy a tax of 4 mills to satisfy it.
As there was nearly enough money in
the oounty treasury to pay the judg
ment, the commissioners levied but 1
mill, and. not liking the attorney for
tbe claimant, did not notify biin of the
laoi. wnon ne saw hv thn nmioi
The Illinois Central employs 23.000
men. The stock of the company waa
quoted tonight in the neighborhood
of 93. The stock is not divided iuto
oommon and preferred. That whioh
Sturtevaut Fish reoently purchased ia
the same as the Btock offered to the
employes. More than one-fourth of the
nort that tha fn a in. u.j t i employes of theoouiDanvnrennw stnhU
levied, he advised the supreme court of ! lde"' 8nd,!t 4" thonght oue-bttlt wiU
the matter, whioh caused the action I enrolled- . u
taken tonight. It is said by the county ! ,u U the !nnces' ot the Plan of making
attorney that the board will be able TP 769 ,finanoially ihterested
topurg.,itselfof the contempt with-
out going to Denver in nhrl nf ' con,P3r h token an important step
sheriff. i ln tne dlreotion of solving the strike
! problem and teaching the laborins
Young ftten
Said to He
the Suuud.
Enlisting; on
Seattle, D90. 18. A speoial to the
Post-Intelligencer from Port Angeles
TheCuabn junta hnsa representative
in this oity who haa succeeded in
recruiting 250 young men for the Cu
ban army. They are prepared to leave
for the East on reoeivins transnorta-
classes the value of ecouomv
Large manufacturing concerns and
othor corporate interests arc nr?c?i"
the Illinois Central for information as
to how the scheme has worked, and if
it can be applied to other industries.
the Ilia waddy liiver. not far from Its
month. These iliiniimtiv-' lumiaii l.e
iiifis are iliiTerent from Miy heretofore
seen in Ivuiepe. Tlie.v are physically
ami menially normal perfectly formed
nml hiiel!ii;eiit human beings. They
'HU like little statues earveit ly a mas
ter's hand, and, since their pretty faces
Bis Butchery it Too Slow and Humane
far the Fickle Spanlnli.
Madrid, Deo. 17. It ia said that
tion, whioh has been promised by the muon alBSasfaction "It in govern
iunta. It iaanthoritativBlQtutort that ment circles with Genoral Weyler.
they will be joined several other com- ! The government organs say he should
paniea forming on the Bound. The
plan is for tbem to go to St. Lonis,
where they will be supplied with arms
and six months' nroviainna. Thair
rlHnt.inn frnm that mint a uw I 14 1 rumored that General Marin
seoret. but they are nromised trans- I wiU be. appointed to succeed Weyler.
portation to Cuba. In the event of tbe
success of the insurgents, those who en- j
list are to receive a tract of land, the
amount of which ia to depend upon ita I
value, but to be not lesa than eighty
have remained in Pinar del Rio to
prosecute the war, rather than go to
Havana to receive an unmerited ovation.
General Marin went to Cuba with
Martinez Campos when the latter waa
appointed captain-general of the
island. He acted as captain-general
when Campos was in the field against
the insurgents, and, when Campos was
recalled as the result of the dissatisfac
tion of the Spanish government with
his campaign, Marin took his place dur
ing tbe interim between the departure
of Campos and the arrival of Weyler.
With the advent of Wejler, Marin was
appointed governor of Porto Rico.
General Marin is about 60 years of age.
A IffiiC
aores. Tbia land is to be supplied by
tbe confiscation of Spanish plantations.
Agricultural implements are also prom
ised for working tbe land.
To Petrify Human Ilodlel.
Chioago, Deo. 18. Charles D. and
Frank Boydston, of this city, think
they have discovered a method of turn
ing human bodies to stone and preserv
ing them forever. In the basement
I of their establishment there is the body
1 of a young woman who died July 18
I last. This body sinoe it was treated
by them has turned to stone, or to a sub-
stance resembling it, and appears to
be imperishable. In an upper room ol
the establishment is another body of a
woman who died August 22, wbioh
appears also to have become petrified.
The brothers have been experiment
ing for years, but the disoovery of a
process of petriflcaiton was in some
respects an accident. Eight or ten
months ago they began to treat bodies
with a preparation which haa petrify
ing properites with such encouraging
resulta that they kept up their experi
ments. Veteran to Have 1'reference,
Washington, Deo, 18. Senator
Mitchell of Oreogn, today introduced
a bill to amend section 1764 of the re
vised statutes. That section as passed
in 1865, provided that persons honor
ably disoahrged from the military or
naval service by reason of disability
resulting form wouuda or eicknesa in
curred iu the line of duty shall be
preferred for appointment to civil
ofliota, provided they ura found pos
sess business capacity newsiry for a
proper discharge of the duties.
Tbe amendment gives tho preference
to all honorably dHohargert persons
from tbe military or naval service
without regard to reason for such dis
charge, provided they have served 80
days or more iu the war of the reblelion
or Hny Indian war. Mitchell support
ed his bill with a brief speech on bis
motion. It was referred to the commit
tee on civil service retreuohmert.
Sternberg's Iluudimen Withdrew.
Tacoma, Duo. 18 City Treasurer
Sternberg today wrote a letter to his o.lfini? them to withdraw
as his sureties, because he was com- He is also directed to take proper stops
celled to pay out $120,000 on hand, j to see that this demand is carried out.
under a decree of court. This waa fol- I
lowed by the withdrawal of all the . o... ......
bondsmen, which was seated ar the Bridgeport. Cal.. Doc. 17.-Chum
council's Jpedal sess.on tonight. Tbe 1 sing, a Chinese, who ran amuck in
counc reduced the treasurer's bond to the town of Lundy last October and
tlO 000. and akirmishod an uigui. Kineu m. ..
Leties but could not find them. Un- fl)0nd guilty of murder in the first de
sureties, dui " . , d will be utenoed to be
.I,. fM of the bond, and au pay out banged
are always smiling nt the people whom
they see, it Is easy to understand why
they have delighted all visitors to the
The girl, Futmah, Is 10 years old.
2,".:!." Inches high and weighs S.So
pounds. Siuauii, the boy, is hardly 14
years old, about two inches shorter
and weighs about half a pound less
than bis sister. They were presented
to the Herlin Anthropological Society
last month by Professor Vlrehow and
n roused an altogether uncommon Inter
est on the part of the scientists. It Is
said that Professor Virchow will soon
publish a monograph abont them. Ac
companying the little people are their
parents Momig Song, the father, and
Mnsclilna, the mother as well as their
brother, Julal-en, who is 11 years old
and of normal size. AH three are of the
truly Indo-Chinese type.
Wind rolled His Tooth.
One of the queerest pranks of the
wind durlns the cyclone the other
night happened at tho corner of Sixth
and .leflersoi; streets. John (ia.zollo,
the night engineer at tho City Hall,
has been suffering from toothache for
some time, and has been telling his
friends that he intended to have the
acher jerked out as soon as he could
screw his courage up to the point. Ou
the night in question his tooth ached
so badly that be could hardly hear the
wind blow. He was desperate. Itor
rowing a gum overcoat from one of
the policemen about the police station,
he started Just as u funnel-shaped
cloud was scudding along. He reached
the corner of Sixth and Jefferson
streets and was about to turn the cor
ner, when a gust of wind struck him
and lifted hlni off bis feet. Ho might
have been carried over to the court
house yard and drowned in the foun
tain but for his presence of inliid in
grabbing the Iron railing that runs
around the steps leading down into the
basement. He clung there for a mo
ment with the wind right 111. bis face.
He turned his head, and as he did so
there was a sudden Jerk that dislodged
his hat and fairly unraveled bis neck
tie. Then there was a lull, and when
he crept back into tlie station-house
he made the startling discovery that
the aching tooth was gone. The wind
had pulled it. He tells the story him
self, and If it is not true Mr. (
has grossly deceived mo. Louisville
To See Them Is to Covet Them,
Major Worden
San Franoisoo, Deo. 17. "Seekers
after homes will divert their thougbtB
from Oklahoma and Indian territory,"
said Major Charles E. Worden, agout
of the United States at Klamath, Or.,
"and rush to Klamath as soon as the
Indians have been allotted their lands
in severalty. When this has been
done, abbout 1,85,000 acres of as fer
tilo and beautiful country as any in
the world will become part of the pub
lio domain and subject to homestead
Since June, 1894, Major Worden has
been in Oregon establishing farms,
ereoting schools and parceling out
lands for the Indiana to hold under tbe
government's co-operative system de
vised for the red man. He is now on
bis way to Washington, but will ro
niaih iu San Francisco for a few days
in consultation with members of the
Klamath boundary commisaion now in
the city.
Woodmau't Hurry-Up Resolution.
Washington, Dec. 17. Representa
tive Woodman, of Illinois, today in
troduced a joint resolution directing
the president to intervene iu Cuban
affairs. The resolution, after reait
ing Maceo's assassination and Spanish
cruelties iu Cuba, says the president
having failed to carry out the wishes
of the people, the honor of the United
States ia at stake, and history gives no
precedent on which to base a hope that
the Spaniards will consent to compli
ance with civilized warfare.
The president is directed to express
severe condemnation of Spanish meth
ods of warfare, especially the murder
of Maceo; recognize the independence
of Cuba and demand of Spain the with
drawal of all troops from Cuban soil.
money without hindraueo frcm war
rant holders.
Will " "w ch,,f'
IU Mayor uett ana
Cham Sing quarreled with
other Chinese who did not belong to
bis sooiety, and, arming himself with
an ax, oommenced an indiscriminate
slaughter ot Cbinfse population of
Lundy. First he attacked Ah Foolf,
who lived in the same house with him,
and left him for dead. Then be nearly
beheaded Ah Fook's wife as she waa
trying to escape. The man reoovered,
but the woman died. Then he chopped
another woman to pieces, ana nuisnea
10- ,
gue, nd John L. Retollaok, ot
Warke and T. E. Jefferson,
CRnVina n Wl
Chief Of PollueU.wtr.urue ' " ' ffl "
words tonight in the mavor t office,
which came near leading to blow
The mayor afterward demanded the
rTeh,.gatLof the chief.. u h.chb3f
L'lT f with the mayor, snd up with the murder of Charley T.i,
the chief will probably be renmJ at ( The IndUna ata wbo took paris
once. The controversy grew cot or an beoanM ne thought that he bad
Older of the mayor for the ohiuf to ciose ,w1,owea , pouto hug seems to hsvt
the dsnoe ball, wbioh order wi no. M oourage of bis oonvioiions.
obejed by tbe chief.
Tr. eing Wildcats.
A Los Angeled correspondent of the
Chicago Tribune furnishes a lively de
scription of a wildcat bunt, as he says
the sport Is followed 111 southern Cali
fornia. A company of people, men and
women, with a pack of eager dogs, have
chased a cat till It has taken refuge in
ti sycamore tree. One after another
the hunters come up, on horseback, of
course, while the dogs sit in n circle
about tlie tree, making iniksle. Now and
then one of the younger dogs makes
n frantic nttempt to climb the tree. The
cat, meantime, Is sixty feet perhaps
above the ground, crouching on n big
limb, his cyi-s green anil yel
low, his ears twitching, and his short
tail moving back and forth.
"Now, ladles and gentlemen," says
the huntsman, 'form yourselves In a
circle about tlu tree and give the dogs
full play, and don't shoot. The lioiinil.i
have worked for the cat, and they' de
serve it. Again, it Is the most humane
way of looking at It; the dogs will kill
the cat sooner than a bullet "
With this little hpoei h delivered for
the benefit of the exc';able tenderfoots
in the hunt, the ho!"es are arranged in
a big circle about the sycamore, and a
young mail who wishes to leard the
lion in his den crawls slowly up.
As he draws nearer, the cat looks
around In desperation. The tnil
twitches more nervously. Glancing
down at the opeii-niouthed dogs, then nt
the approaching human enemy, the xior
animal is evidently considering the
chances. Nearer the climber conic,
until man and cat ga.c Into each other's
eyes scarce three feet apart.
I-nr a moment the pusot hesitates;
then, turning quickly, he Hteadics him
self, and with u mighty spring Is In the
air. Down he goes fifty feet, bounce
among the bush, a mass of springs,
steel and rubber, and Is away. He has
landed just beyond the circle, anil a
horse has dashed aside to let lilin puss.
followed by the pack ln full cry. They
go like a Hash of light, a roaring, crash
Ing sound. A scream, and puss Is again
visible, perched upon the limb of nnoth
er big syi-iimore.
The same thing Is repeated ngnln and
again, till the women repent, and cries
of "Let him go!" "Poor puss!" are heard
above the baying of the dogs that an'
growing fairly mad with unappeased
Again the young man faces the cat
this time fully sixty feet from the
ground. Surely If ever nn animal had
won Its liberty this one has. lint the
game Is up. The dogs are spreading,
and as out Into the air the cat leu iu
magnificent form they collect.
Down he comes like a gigantic flying
squirrel, with legs spread fur opart, the
soft, cushion-like pads ready for a re
bound. Like a flash he cuts the nlr,
strikes the ground nt the writer's feet,
and la enveloped lu a whirlwind of fero
cious hounds.
The agony of the cat Is over In a sec
ond, but tbe dogs fight, wnr and strug
gle until each has vented his rage upon
the Inanimate skin that Is now borne
aloft as a trophy. Not a few of the dogs
Keeping a Weathercock.
Old Hurtle was a perfect example of
the type which sees only the poorest
and meanest sides of life and society,
mid one of his friends, a blacksmith
with ti quaint humor, thus accounts. In
a conversation with the squire of the
English village lu which both men
lived, for ltartle's Idiosyncrasies:
"It's my belief, squire," said Samson,
that there old chap Itartle have
a-swallowed the east wind, and it
haven't agreed with tin."
"Swallowed the east wind?" said the
squire. "Why so, Samson V"
Why, how else could he go on as bo
do? From morning to night, from one
week's end to another. It's nothing .
grumble, fidget and growl.
"First it's the dreadful accidents, tbe
fires anil the murders; then ll's the fe
ver mid riots lu Ireland; the paupers,
the jails and the strikes. Everything's
going wrong, and there's no good news
Why bless 'e, he come Into my forge
the other morning, and what's he do
but begin foragln 'about n lining my
tools and putting them to rights 'mak
ing 'em tidy,' he says and upsetting
things to that degree that every bit of
lire went out of the coals nml put me
all of a cold sweat.
He off, Itartle!' I says at last. 'Get
away out Into the sunshine there, and
take a good drink of that, and see if It
can't clear all them cobwebs out of
your brains.' And with that, squire.
away he goes out of the place like a
mad .March hare!"
"Well done, Samson!" said the squire;
"well done! If he would but take your
advice, That wretched old croaker
would be a different man In a month.
Now he is nothing but n nuisance to
himself nml nil bis neighbors. Good
night, Samson. How's the wind?"
'West, sir west to everybody In tho
place but old 1 la rile. Hut he keeps his
own weathercock, he do, and It's notb
In" but east-by-northeast and dlriy
weather. It's n pity such people was
ever born."
Where Do Old Plnnos Ui?
WTrit becomes of the l.ld pianos?
They seem to disappear from the world
almost as mysteriously ns plus. Per
haps, considering Ihelr size, the fact
that the streets lire not blocked with
enst-off pin una H more curious than
hat the face of the enrth falls to be
overlaid with pins. An experienced
dealer says he has known of but three
that were cut up for firewood. Yet
they often sell for little more than so
much pine would bring. It Is the cus
tom of most bouses to take old Instru
ments and allow something for them.
The deduction In counted as utmost
(lend loss, but It brings trade. Thn
old Instruments are refitted nml pol
ished up, however, mid sold ngnln In
many Instances becoming the property
of hoarding-house keepers. Hoarding
bouses lire the chief refuge of second
hand pianos. Then tbey are sold by
small dealers to country people nil over
the land. Men that go into that branch
of the trade can get pianos pretty
cheap, for the first-class houses some
times get so overloaded with them that
they are almost willing to pay to have
them carried n way. Huston Traveler.
The Hoot of All Bin.
The sin which Is going to condemn
the world Is the root of all sin; It Is tho
willful refusal of God's prlceli-ss gift.
A life of outward sin is the result of an
Impenitent soul. Tho disease of sin
has laid fast hold of mankind, and
while mun Is not blnmuble for the dis
ease being lu his heart God accounts It
the sin of sins If he refuses the solo
remedy for bis recovery. "M r. Moody'a
Illble Class," in the Ladles' Home Journal.