Lincoln County leader. (Toledo, Lincoln County, Or.) 1893-1987, July 12, 1894, Image 4

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1. F. STKWABT,Mltorgd Proprlttor.
MiMiried every Thurs.Uv a; Toledo
County, Oregon.
Subscription Rates:
uneyear, - - .!
Sis months, - - - .
mite uiuuiiis, - . ,50
AdvtrtHnv rates known en Brii.iiontiorj j
U'.siiitss lr'a'. 111 1 inrtcd In rr.ii n,,.
uinnm.t five rent .cr line tr v.eek, un-1 v. Ill
Every rostrmitcrlnl.infoln nonmvU uiithoriz
e 1 Id set u uijei.t tor the LeaIli'i.
Entered at Hie r-"i'illicc in Toledo, Oremi, an
htLond-clnf.!i iniiil mutter.
Official County
Mrs. M. E. Peairs is vi.-iting
Mrs. liagley, of Salem, is visiting
her daughter, Mrs. Collamore.
Mrs. Bert Van Cleve is visiting
her aunt, Mrs. C. G. Copeland.
M. E. Peairs and L. K. Brooks
left last Monday for a trip to Table
Mrs. J. L. Akin, of Philomath,
another relapse last night, and her
life is now despaired of.
Mrs. W. L. Davis visited with
hti paiuula the flisi of the week,
returning this morning.
Haying is the order of the day,
and the "Armstrong" mower is
busily at work in this vicinity.
U. V. Wilson and family, came
over from Corvallis last week and
will spend the summer on their
Toledo Lodge Xu. 108, I. O. O
F. will hold a public installation of
officers on the evening on the
evening of July 20, 1894.
Geo. Fouls and fu;.iily, of Yam
hill county, were visiting Mrs.
Fouls' parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Snow, last week, returning 011
The Siletz Indian boys who went
to the Grand Rottdc to celebrate
report that they had a "nika bias
close time; copa Grand Ronde."
They beat the Grand Rondo- boys
. in every contest, and raked in not
a few of their shekels.
Master Harry Pearse came over
from Corvallis last Friday to visit
his grandmother, Mrs. Dr. Pearse,
of this place, reluming on Monday,
he remembered his Grandma with
a fine basket of lucious cherries.
An old fashioned barnnti.sing was
had at the farm of Mr. Huffman,
011 the old Taylor place, on Thurs
day of last week. A crowd of
neighbors gatheted in and put a
good sized barn well 011 the road
to completion in one day.
A new tune card went into effect
on the O. P. yesterday. The east
bound passenger passes Toledo at
7:34 a. in., and the west bound at
4:48 p. 111. The freight goes cast
on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sat
urdays tuul west oil Mondays, Wed
nesdays, :-.n 1 Fridays.
Vauitta has an expert boat
builder, who is attracting attention
from the rowing clubs of the state.
His name is West, and he but re
cently arrived there, lie built for
and shipped to the Willamette
Rowing club, of Portland, a row
boat built on the model of a canoe,
which ,H acknowleged to be the
handsomest row boat ever floated
011 the Willamette at Portia:: !. It
is i; feet long ami weighs les-i than
150 pounds. The ribs are of oak,
and the planking of spruce. Mr.
West is now at woik 011 another
for the same club.
There, we've went and got our
loot in it again. The C.uvallis In
former, with that great actor and
journalist Beit lV'.uii-.l) Van Cleve
at the head, has taken exceptions
to something the Li;.di:u said
last week, and jumped onto us with
the lorcc ot a cyclone. It is not
much use for a little country paper
like the I.i;.yii;k to try to eke out
a miserable existence when a great
big, .strong, influential daily like
the Corvallis Informer publiished
every evening, Sundays excepted,
by Van Cleve cc Simpson with it:;
four 3-column pages, and its 71
inches of leaded small pica rc;ii'in;;
matter, becomes o.Teuded and starts
In to lay it out. Still, we will send
this issue out in fear and trembling
Dil l maybe that great actor and
journalist, Bert Peanut) Van Cleve
will not deign to notice us anymore
and we can manage to scrape along.
Ta ta, B. P(eanut), hop picking
will be along in n few weeks. X:ep
a stiff upper lip.
SheriJ Land is went to
yesterday to attend the s
vention of sheriffs.
Mrs. C. B. Crosno left last Mon
day for a few days visit with rela
tives in and near Corvallis.
Regular services at the St. John's
- Episcopal church
next Sabbath
morning ana evening
by Rev.
! Booth.
All are invited.
Richard Leise, of the upper Alsea
tii u.a.jc jiuvi on uomesrea".
before County Clerk Jones
morning. Henry Loysea a:. l V..
Deickhoff were his witnesses.
Newport Lodge, No. 85, I. O.
O. F., will give a public hi stahati.jii
of officers at their hall in Newport
tonight. They will also give a
dance after the installation.
Henry Wulf, O. O. Krogstr.'
Wesley Davis and Joe Strong 1..'
for a trip to the mouth of the Si!e'
last Friday. The weather has bee
nice for a pleasant trip, and if th.v
people can't find the mouth of t!:
Siletz it is no use for anyone 1
look for it.
Capt. Babbage took a crowd of
three link boys down to Yaquina
last night on the Clarc-mont. Co:r -ing
back up the fog was r.o t' ;':
that it could almost be bit off i-.
chunks, and navigation was a little
difficult, but fortunately there vr-cr
five pilots, three steersman and ..: :
ablebodied seaman 011 board, the
trip was made successfully mil the
crowd arrived in safety.
It looks as though Dolph will j
not have a walkovpr to n ro-t-Wl inn
'after nil. Tlinrn n,v 1 ,.tW
martyrs in the state of Oregon vhc '
would like to be sacrificed for their'
country's got.:!. The Kugeue J- tn-1
nal, Secretary of Stale Kin .-aid's !
paper, is authority for the t'.at.-;
ir.eiit th::t there are now four r-nr:-1
didales in the field working in-
uiiMiiousiy lor me ouice. ir:;.
are Senator Dolph, Congressman
Heitiiann, Hon. Chas. W. Fulton,
of Astoria and Hon. T. II. Tongue,
of Ilillsboro.
The abolishment oflhc Australian
ballot law in Oregon is being ad
vocated by some few of the state
papers, claiming that this 'ysleiu
is slow and cumbersome. These
objections, in our way of thinking,
are among the redeeming features
of the law. The old way was too
easily done, and any piece of work
quickly and easily done is us
ually considered one of little im
portance. The American people
many of them attach loo little
importance to the ballot. Ten
minutes spent by each voter in
preparing his ballot is that much
time loaned to the nation's good
and will pay big interest to both
borrower mi l k ndtr. The votei
who bemoans the toss of ten min
utes spent in preparing his ballot
ought not to be allowed the right
of suffrage. Medford Mail.
Bay Lodge, No. 116, I. O. O. F.
ofYaquina, held a public installa
tion of its officers for the ensuing
term, last night. The lodge room
was lustfully decorated for the oc
casion and was nicely filled w ith
invited guests. The installation
ceremonies were conducted by tilt
District Deputy Ernest Burrows,
and was well and impiessivcly per
foiuied. After the ceremonies of
installing were concluded the as
sembled people were entertained
with some good vocal music, some
excellent music by the Ladies'
Gold Cornet Baud. This band,
while not composed of many pieces,
is still made up from the best musi
cians in the world. Gilmore 's
hand is second class alongside of
them. They rendered three vc
difficult pieces vhat we do not he. '
l.uc to ::'. l ever weie,
can be beaten for tone, tongue ;
touch. The evening cone.'.',
with an ekganl lunch prepare ' .
the ladies of the ledge. The e ei.
was a most euU-t iainiug a:-.: en
joyable, and fully dor.'i'.n- :;.it.
that the Yaqv.iii.i people are goo.
and sociable entertainers. The i 1
tailed olivets weie 11. M. Br: n!
X. G.; L. O Ihien, V. G.
Burrows, secrelatv; J. N
rrulmto Cotut.
In the matter of the c.-t:ue of
Thos. Russell, deceased: Nv.v at
this day comes M. M. Davis and
petitions this court that the wiil c:
Thos. Russell may be admitted to
probate, and that he he appointed
executor ol the last will and testa
ment of Thos, Russell: It is crde:
c.l by the couit that Friday, the
13th clay of July, 1S94, be ;et Lr;
taking proof of said will. I
CcrvaH 0 it n Items. j Tl;e I'ai-fion Mill. !
Gitii Items.
At last we have rlentv of sun.
shir.e aud Hue weather generally,
The much anticipated, never
to-he-forgotten, much appreciated
Fourth, the nSth anniversary
American Independence, and the
second time that Drift creek ever
celebrated, hence its first anniver
' ,,V.e-.Uvrrd the
ta::es its way, ' but we are about
far west t,-, we, or anyone else, can
:t, on t
o then
i; continent. Ten years
were no permanent set
tlors L.-.t, i.(.w there are twenty-
1: ;;ht voters, about t.velve or
teen bachelors, old an 1 young, and
' eleven far-i'.ie---, a
lal population
of hf
leu in
ten years
and 1
more. No
f'.r fitch a vg;
a few shoit y;
don:a;n will all
Ti:e program for the fourth was
'America," by choir
j pra'er- b' '5- J- Wilhoit, Sr,
Dec, "Our Magr.a Charta
Jerry tanks.
P.eaoiitg cf Declaration of Indepen-
t:'w, by Chas. Gordon.
':;', "Red, White and Blue," by
::. Harry lJenhnger,
;-0;:;;, "o
1- e
mgled Banner, " by
Recitation by Delinan Neal.
ialcg'te, "The American F'lacr."
t;ree lj0'S
by thr
P.e-., "The Ride of Jennie McNeal"
by Mi:;5 Belle Butler.
"Woman's Rights," by Mrs.
Jiiiwhaw., "Oh Where Have You Been
Little Birds," by F.lga and Lile
Rci iin, "How Sockery set the
! 1 f;i " hv Tprrv Ttnnt-;
, j j j .
Sorg, "Battle Cry of Freedom,"
by the choir.
Rec, "A Georgia Volunteer," by
Miss Ora Watkins.
Dialogue, "Value of Principle," by
two boys.
Rec., "Kach Little Thing," by
Lillie Brown.
Rec., "Little Jim," by Willie
Rec., "God Bless the Little Stock
ings," by Lile Holbrook.
Rec, "Whipping the Boy," by
Willie Iliushaw.
Reading, "Jvmancipation of Man,"
by Jerry Banks.
Ree., "The City Choir," by Willie
Dialogue, "Examining the Boys,"
by two boys.
Dialogue, ' Haw vs. Hum," by
eight men and boys.
Song, "God be With You," by
We didn't have any barbecue,
greased pig, greased pole, baby
show nor Indian feather dance, but
the program was well rendered.
The musical part was helped great
ly by Mr. Thomas Arnold, a music
teacher, of Linn county, and cur
literary program was made complete
by the oration made by Mr. Harry
Denlinger, a rising young lawyer,
of Toledo, his speech was much
appreciated and he has our thanks
for his effort to make our celebra
tion a success, in which he so well
succeeded. We are also much in
debted to Mr. Fa tit, for furnishing
lemonade to all. The people very
much appreciated this unexpected
mipri.c. Thanks are also due
Mr. Geo. Hinshaw, for furnishing
lar.-.s and soup, we nil nppicoiated
:-r.t. '.'-i-c-i.'.lly Johnny Fly tin.
' . - 1; s i e heieby tendc' j.'.; ! y .','..
1. .-, to
.; in a--y -, to ma'
. ! ' nuioti a M-ec;
to l e loiuvtubcie-'. I
U in
Mrs. Martha Swank and : a
Mai . ice. left for their home in
T,i ::t co'.mty Thursday the 5th.
Vo Tl-o.nas Arnold and family
he same day for the sane
.'o';;' ty .
.. Neal an. I family left yes
t. i '.. y t'iitv.iday. lor ihe-r home in
t'e Vi'lloy. W. D. Griffith ac
eoti.paiiied tlivtu.
Our visitors en the Fourth were
!r.'iuger, Mr.
h ow n and Miss Hatti; Burns, r,;
o! V '. do. All are cordially invit
i el t ' attend another celebration on
i July 4th 181; 5', at the same plae.
i The ball at Mr. John Watkins'
in the evening of the l'ourth, was
v. '.'. attetided nn 1 much cnioved bv
nn prcr cut.
j Fenr.oyer's pardon rail:
- i kc'en st"t hi motion, aad
;as again
enron? a
' katcn l''ree convicts liberated on
of lnes'Jay last was W. C. Burleigh,
v,as convicted in this county
j for tke crime of attempted rape up-
- cn tte Fcrs of his ten-year-old
, step-grand-danhtcr, 0:1 May 2
btar of Etl;pire:!ast. and was:.tutenced by Juf!
,-3uauucK io i;ve years m tiie cen
The reason assigned in the pro?s
dispatch for the pardon was, "that
me prosecuting attorney cud not ers have gone into that country to
think the prisoner committed thesPy out the land. We have heard
crime." jof a number cf 'secret' expeditions
. , L.Cj...,
!J, u I.gIlanl0ver ai3 rcy'' - er
cwucuie ai u:e u:ai convinced
twelve fair and impartial men be -
vcn-1 a rpasnna!.'- ,!r.,.f,t ti,-r .r,V
'"-''defendant commi'tted the l-rible
Le : crime of rape upen the person of a
j child of the tender age often years,
The prosecuting attorney, S. W. .Said he: " The best land has been
Condon, heard the testimony before So!jbTe 1 b" lhi Indians who, of
the grand jury, and with his knowl- ,rsf;' haA ,!hfHCrs; sfho;v' The-V
... took tneir allotment of 160 acres
edge and by his advice a true bill each man, woman and child-and
was returned. The county was put left only the hills and the poorest
to the heavy expense of a trial and ' ot" l',e bottom lands for the white
a cenvictiou was made If Mr itrasl1, 'I''s latter land is covered
Condon caused the grand iurv toLwith 3 of and s,ma?1
return a true bill, and prosecuted
to a conviction a man whom he
knew or believed to be lnnncpn p
deserves to be placed in the cell
that Burleigh has just vacated.
We cannot believe until we have
further proof, that Mr. Condon
would so stultify himself. He stat
ed to several parties after the trial
that was thoroughly convinced of
Burleigh's guilt, and the sentence
indicates that no doubt as to his
guilt existed in Judge Shattuck's
There never has been, to our
knowledge, a petition circulate 1 in
in this co'.t-ity asking for the nar-
don of the man Burleigh. The gen
eral belief is that he is guilty of the
crime charged agaiitst him. He
was given a fair and impartial trial
and was convicted by an honest.
intelligent and unbiased jury.
It is enough to make a decent
man s blood boil to think that a
fieud can commit the heinous crime
of rape upon the person of a ten
year-old girl left in his care, and
when convicted and sentenced be
given a full pardon in less than two
Elk City Items.
Sea trout have made their ap
Haying is in full blast and a very
good yield.
Crop;; all look well except pota
toes. C. L. Hartley informs us his
potatoes are blighting quite bad.
Campers are making their apper-
auce. 1,1k City and the sulphur
springs, on Col. F. J. Tarker's
place, are becoming quite popular.
Mrs. Bennett and children, of
Portland, are visiting her sister,
Mrs. R. A. Abbey.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Millsap, of
McMiunvillc, are visiting their
relatives here.
J. K. Dixon has returned from
Portland, where he has been as
juror in the United States court.
L. W. Deyoe has purchased the
store building of li. M. Mays and
will repair it and put in a stock of
general merchandise.
We had a match game of base
ball tetweeu the married and
single men. The boys got twoy
with the gctne by only one score.
R. l- Simpson went on a strike
yesterday, but went back to work
this morning, satisfied he could do
more killing weeds with a horse
and cultivator than with the 'toe
We have reek qr.anL's 0:1 a':
sides of us now. F. C. Hcf;'-u.:u
has a line prospect now on Dr.
Carter's place, two mih.s ' .Voni
town. He lias now four ledges in
sight v ith thirty-one feet of solid
reek hi the four with but very
l-.ttle waste rock between theui.
Pioneer quarry i.-. running night
and day.
Frank Woods, of Albany, has
couituence.l work on his quarry, on
Barney Mott ison's place at Pioneer.
Lincoln county will soon be able
to supply the Pacific coast with
building s-A'tie.
Dated July 11.
Cra .vfo: .1 & Paxton, of Albany,
have their phoUiprah tent erected
nest t'.oov to the O. P. depot here.
A sist . r of Mrs. A. T. Peterson
is vi-sliiiij with her,
Nice weather for campers,
Tiie Siletz Rci-ip. j
The Albany Herald of the io'.hj
inst. pubMslxi a stale cent from j
some per.-:on concerning the Si!-:'.-,
reservation lands that is so full cf ,
errors that we believe it should be
corrected. Tue article reads as
"Since the government allotted
the Indians of the Siletz agency
their lands in severalilv and pt:r-
cha-:ed the remainder of the reserve
to be sold to actual settlers at Si .50
.tr acre upon a year s residence by
the applicant, dozens of home-seek -
e.piece,( but as the government has;
- ! not formally thrown these lan Is;
, epeu to seuietnent. no claims nave
1 Decn officially taken. A gentleman '
who but'.y returned from a!
Sareful pcctioii of the country,;
port, in fact his account was filled
with a ting cf ill-concealed disgust.
hack. The Indians, with an eye
on a aog s
! to business, have taken all the open
iiue lands, ine hiwFshes are op
posed to anything like clearing;
land, so they leave that for Lo! the
poor white man. About four-fifths
of the land left by the Indians is
not worth 50 cent1: an acre, let
alone $1.50. If the government
expects to get Ike purchase price,
3185,000, out of the laud remain
ing at $1.50 per acre, with which
to reimburse the Indians, it will be
a long tim-i in paying Mr. Indian
a r ... .....
.-1 lev,- claims inav oe naa, it is
likely, that might be redeemed from
trees and urnsn and coverted into
farms, but thev are very few, and
ine iac; mar tnere is uttle it any
desirable land left for white settlers.
will retard the settlement of that
The person quoted by the Herald
is mistaken as the conditions of the
applicant's requirements. He must
.make a three year's residence, in
stead of one, and must pay 50 cents
per acre at the time of entry and
51 per acre additional at time of
making proof. We thiuk that he
is again mistaken when he states
that "dozens of homeseekers have
gone iton that country to spy out
the land." Some may havestarted
for that purpose, but when they
came in contact with Agent Gaither
and the Indian police they conclud
ed not to "spy out the land."
This will probably account for the
Herald's informant's ill-concealed
disgust. Again he is wrong as to
allotments. The Indians only get
80 acres of land each, instead of
160. The poor fellow's wail of
only hill land and the poorest bot
tom land being left for the whites
is comical. Again the land only
costs the government $143,600 in
stead of $185,000 as is misinformed
The fact of the matter is that the
Indians very sensibly selected for
their allotments in a great many
instances the lands which they
had improved, and in evey in
stance they aimed to get the best
land. If the Herald's informant
thinks that he is going to get to
sail in and settle upon some 160
acres that the Indians have im
proved, he is mistaken. But there
are thousands of acres of as good
land as there is iu Oregon that will
be cpen for settlement. This land
will be in its wild state, but the
strong arm of the sturdy home
steader will improve them and
make them as good as the lan.'.s
allotted the Indians.
If the llerahl's informrat will
wait until the reservation is legally
opened we can show him laud un
allotted 011 the .Siletz that will make
him ashamed of the misstatements1
he has made.
Mirny;, Hwcitiv
The following; is the school re-
jport ot district No. 10, Lincoln
j county, Oregon, for the month of j
I June, 1S94: ;
I Number of days taught, 20;'
i number of days, joS;
. number of ihiys aVsence, 112;,
,ber of tiaies tardy, i-.; number el'
I boys enrolle.l, i-; number of girls!
j enrolled, 15; total enrolled, 28; 1
I average daily attendance, 2 1 . The !
I following are the names of those
absen' nor tardv durinsr TrmnM,. AT ... n: -r ...
0 ,
... .uisuit, llatlie ,
AUison, Ante kvnistou
Kyuiston, Willie
Willie Kyniston.
Harmon aud
Kvxicv Alf-xaxdek.
ItWiil Pav VGU io sso
.2. -Si. cr'u2-i!K.''l 9
Wari'antecl True to
I Jane
and Irect jrests
Home Grown and Healthy Trees
Mi ipiis
Farm Lands, Title Lands, Coal Lands, Town
Property in single Lots or Blocks
Abstret of Title to any property in 'Lincoln Comity
furnished on demand.
Dealers in
Clothing, Boots and
Groceries, and all offered at the Lowest
Casli Prices.
When in Town call and see us and we will trv
and pleaso ycu.
Crenri1 t'i Merchandise.
Flour and Teed, fctaplc and Fancy Groceries ' :
Dry Goods, Clothing, Gents' Furnishing Goods, Hats,
Caps, Rubber and Oil Clothinc.
Cigars and Tobacco, Fruits and Confectionery.
Yfifimna City, Oregon.
For one half I will make all bees
wax delivered atChilw.iod, Lincoln
county, into comb foundation.
Hives and necessary supplies for
sale. Jah. McDonald.
For Sale.
Four goorl new sewing machines,
a goo.! small safe, chandelier, aud
other small tcols f;or.i the oel: cf
the late J. Wm. Will, for tale at
very low prices. For particulars
enquire of
John- Win, Corvallis, Ore.
Kt:.u 1 s..iiKTiuxii..iis.
The fon.-v.i'.ig are the real
transfers in Lincoln county
our last report:
United States to A M Wat
sou; sv ,.' of ue '4 an 1
lot 2, sec 4, f.vp II,' THMC2
II. 0
Jas New lands and wife Hen
rietta Bollen; ne of e
and n y, of nw 'y of se
sec 5-12-11; except five
acres; consideration
Jay W Plain .v.i.l wifc t- t t:
t.V.e 1
since :
r-lain; i interest in 6, A
acres adjourning town Vf
Ale:t.'.;iJria; cousiderati r.i 10.00
Adra inis trti t or '3li o tic e.
in !hriiia
.i'Urt ol I inc.!
' n'Koii.
'"it;-. St.:
m2ij" iy.V .THAT 7I.K
Comitv t ,
dr.....,., . t....... . . " 11 V ' i.ii.
w-V. U''V'U'T 11 in
11. S!V
HI' 't ..
men; n,yrH,itMiroi i it ArVllt
IVlUOUCtf at l k !.. I .
ort-u! :
A.lml,l,tr.tot ol th Mtat,VL M n'
ME before Buying.
and Free Frora Disease
NO &L CO.,
& e;hosh
1 t
Shoos, Hats and Staple
Sealed bids for furnishing wood
for the county will be received at
the county clerk's office up to the
6th day of August, 1894, as follows:
cords good vine maple or crab
apple and 4 cords good fir wood
cut from green tree. All wood to
be delivered at the court house, 011
or before October 6, 1894.
B. F. Jones, i
County Clerk.
A Bargain 260 acres of the
best land in Lincoln county; situa-
1 .u uu i:!e .Aisea bav 3 miles above
W al
P'-'-m two miles of water
i.'io acres c-lunV tii-ln imiil.
1 .-.'km hou.-'c, bara and orchard, good
"tuck range; 50 tons of hav can be
:cuion thepluce. Address,
u. F. Joxks, Toledo, Or.
Our Groat Otter.
In oiioihcr 0 Uiv p'ltuctt'
r.--.f..uri.fciaU.iubW krraugemeut with
in "ecii fctn-tt Kr,.c l'rc.-'. a j.picr so well
1' 11, ! y ri'inu.ui.m ut lcn-t, ihiu ny ipsfi.'il
':.iti.:i villi grc wcttU tCi!11, 'Ecaricl
cry. VhKc .ne ol the fin m.t ol !
it j,.c, ,M ,1 .,U,I R-.on(, 0I ,l8 humor,,,!.
':rvf.Tit1.,1,iritj.. tl, ...nj n,ci
tris lli.Tary excellence. The best writers oi
Ai .tn.'.i au.i Knr.i cmtrlliutc t'. lt!T.iliiiiii.,
lit'.lci.. vut re.i.Urs will liiid the Ka-e l'res a
I'Ctlact c.;,iiCllla ol the Wt current litera
ture. Whi'ii thcKrenteuKtafprn'lm'tiotilfCuD
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