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The iadek should be
read by every tax-payer of
Remetr,rcr that this paper
is the only one in Lincoln
or Ben ton county that has
the courage to stand, for
the common people.
Lincoln County. It will
.i r..j.-i
cost you but $r.5j a 3ear.
fit m r
Toledo, Liticolri County, Oregon, Thursday, April, 19 1894.
Number 7.
joint Senator
Bounty Judge
Clerk ...
Bheriff -Treasurer
Assessor- .
Commissioners J
C. Tt. Crosno
D. P. Mue
B. F. Jones
George Lamlis
Henry l)euHuger
Chas. llooth
Jos. Gideon
- T. K. Parker
Jtis. Russell
J. O. Stearns
M. L. Trapp
ustlee of the Peaee
J. A. Hall
A. E. Altree
hn hpld under the auspices of the
Methodtst Episcopal church as follows: First
n J 1 .... A,, mnntl. fit fit.. Blltliinl hoMOA
BUiiuay 111 mwii" pv
Jm . m .ndf n m. Second and Fourth hun-
itava at Toledo, at 11 a. m. and 7 p. m. Third
gundav at Mill Four school house, at 8 p. m.
ill are cordially Invited to attend.
. .o A. L. HAWLEY, Pastor,
s Address, Toledo, Oregon.
iT.' JOHN'S CHURCH Protestent Episcopal.)
r Divine service the
nnth Ht. It ft. m. Al
ne imru ounuay ui every
All are invited to attend.
Jev. Chas. Booth, Missionary. Residence,
Reotory," Newport, Or,
r n n v Toledo LodKe. No. 108. Meet
JWevery Friday evening at their hall in this
ijNoa Arnold, Seo'y.
J. S. Gaither, N.t).
O. G. T.-Meete every Thursday evening,
X 7;HU O'CIOCK. m irrnuy u unit, wis lonu,
X. k Hawley, C. T R. E. Collins, Secretary.
FA.'and I. U. Toledo Union, No: 156. Meets
everv Saturday evening, Ko'elock, in Grady's
knll in this town. All members requested to
Jttna;-7T, T. Reader, president; j. j. lurntuge,
eoretai y.
inn v Hav Tjirlee No. 11(1. of Yaanina City,
I meets every Saturday evening. Visiting
Brothers are always welcome.
. BtjUhows, Secretary. J. N. Stark, N. G,
T "O; O. F. Newport Lodge No. 8!), meets every
JL Saturday evening, vi
dially invited to attend,
visiting brothers are cor-
N. G.
1 I. L. Smith, secretary.
AF. St A. M. Newport Lodge No. 8f, regular
convocation on Saturday on or before each
iijU'moon. Visiting brothers are cordially
leloomed. Jab. U. uunsell, . m.
' jAg. Robertson, Secy.
n A. R. Phil Sheridan Post No. 24, meets
It every second and fourth Thursday evening.
, .V Geo. Sylvester, Com.
i Rt, A- 15SNSELI., AOJl.
Corvollis, Oregon
ipt. ll, VINCENT, Prop.
;Everytliirig ....
I I "' First-class.
i hargea
Justice of the Peace
f jf loledo, Oregon,
j Aads, Mortgages, and all kinds of legal papers
! ozeouted with correctness. Careful attention
iveu w an DusiuesH euirusiea o my care.
t -
Residence, Stanford, Oregon,
Business in any court in Lincoln
Ppunty promptly and carefully at;
tepded to.
Coledo, Lincoln County, Oregon.
Collections, Conveyancing,
1 ana court Practice
j Generally,
!fors by permission to Ex-Oov. J. S. Pillsbury,
V. 8. Senator W. D. Washburn, Gen. John P.
Kea. Ex-Commander-in-chief O. A. K.. Min-
toeaDOlls. Minn.. Hon. Martin P. Morris and J.
Jt Darlington, Esq.,' Washlugton, D. C, Schuy
ler Duryea, Chief Clerk Patent office, Fairfax
(County, Va., and Rev. Chas. Booth, Newport,
, jregou.
The WeHoot Hi.
Oregon Pacific Railroad.
E. W. HADLEY, Receiver.
Line-Quick Dispatch-Low Freight
treen Willamette Vallay point! end
r 1...
aves San Francisco November 6th, 14th and
UavesVaqulna November 9th, 19th and 28th,
nd about every ten days thereafter.
This Company reservea the right to change!
mug Hales without notice.
allr service between Portland and Salem and
L pper n Ulamette river points.
1 VPIv U.B.Vofjle,
Prices Dul lLN wSlns
Dry Goods, Notions, Men's and
Boy V Clothing, Boots and
Shoes, Hats and Caps,
Selling at Hard
Ao-ent for Brownsville Woolen
IVtills Groods.
and Fits Grnaranteed. '
Farm Lauds, Tide Lands, CoaJ Lands, Ttyvvn
Property in single Lots or Blocks
Abstrct of Title to any property in Lincoln County
The place to get your
And all kinds ol
Ii at the
CfiTPriceand ork Satisfactory
Times Prices.
Measures taken
is and
on demand.
The Alsea House
Waldport, Lincoln
4i. i
Headauarters for politicians, tour-
" ists. hunters and the nublic. '
Pnmfnrr rlpanlinpeQ cinrl conrl rrrnb
at low rates, our motto.
' - e o
Feed stable and saddle ponies,
Wm, R. Wakefield, Prop,
Toledo Meat Market,
Fresh and Cured Meats
Toledo, - - Oregon.
Will practice in Justice, County
and Circuit Courts of
Lincoln County.
Solicit correspondence,
full" greed.
No charges unless
Farms for Sale.
I have several farms, both cultl
vatea ana uncultivated, tor sale in
tracts ot 40 acres and upwards
These lands are adapted to fruit,
vegetable and sheep culture. Will
be sold very cheap and on reason
able terms. Anyone desiring to
purchase such lands will do well to
call on or address
X M. J. Allphin,
Little Elk, Oregon.
Notary Public.
Toledo, - Oregon.
Administratrix Notice.
In the County Court of Lineolii County, State
ot uregon.
dersitnied h-is been appointed "by the coun
ty court of Lincoln County, Oregon, adminis
tratrix of the estaU'Of L. M. Harmcn, deceased,
late of Lincoln county, Oregon. All persons
having claims against said estate are hereby
notilied to present mem amy venneq
ta " m-s at my rasidenca on Pepof
slough, near Toledo, Orogon.-within six months
from the date t.ereoi : ana an persons inucntea
to said estate are untitled to settle the same im-
I' mediately.
Hated at Toledo, Oregon, this 2, day ot .March
WW. ' -
51. C. HAKMON,
Administratrix of the Estate of L. M. Harmon,
Notice is hereby given that the
approved plat of survey of township
il south, range. io west, has been
received from the Surveyor Gener
al of Oregon and on v !
April. 25, 1894,
at 9 o'clock a.' m. of said day said
plat will' be filed in this office and
1 the land therein embraced will be
subject to entry oil and after that
Peti;r Paquet, Receiver.
To Exchange
For land or lots on tidewater.
One house and lot, and 1 barn
40x80 feet in size, located, in
Klamath Falls, Klamath county.
A good place for a liveryman.
L. Thomas.
Corvallis, Oregon.
Call lor Bids to Erect a Bridge across UUn siotigb
at Alsea.
"VOTK'K Is rs-t!by (tlven tiiat the County
i-i (.'lerkof-Ui c ut I'ounty, tJreKnn; nn re
ceive eetued (il.'M
diagram b, iniu
and coiifttrurJ.';i
such plans. Y.x r'1
specifications and strain
Is fi.) the building, erection
4f such bridge, jw'oording to
Mrt.lcir therefor shall bo re-
ih his bid ten tier cent of
1 id which shall be forfeit
1 ense the award is mnde to
, fusoH -r neglects for tho
vtersnch award has been
quired to dennm!
tne amount of ;
ed to the county i
him and he failf . '
made, and heliis refcived due notilication
period 01 twod
thereof, to emfi .'..locoiuiftfi amt nienis noun
in the bum.ot rinu'- o the amount of his bid, to
the satisfaction of mM Coliul Court.
All bids to be r .: wived on or before the hour
of 120'clock on Friday May.Jth 18!1. Hight re
served to roject PTiy or all bids.
I. I. .iu.m',", i.ouniy i iera.
i'.v M. K. PKAIHS, Deputy.
By order of the ( imuty Court, Toledo, Oregon
April 6, 1VM,
A liai'ii'ain 260 acres of the
best land 111 Lincoln county: situa-
ted on the Alsea bay 3 miles above
Waldport; has two miles of water
front, 130'acres choice tide land,
good house, barn and orchard, good
ffiSdS;, canbe
B. F. Jones, Toledo, Or.
Type Writer.
tf.Awm Duy tne udelij t j rK nitri'KK
02U with 78 charaotertt. and for the HIS-
CLE CA8E ODELL. warranted 4o do
better work than any machine made. '
T nn,kinA. ul..,llAU..Ur. anaarl
ease of operation, wean Ion per without cost oi
repairs than anv other machine. Haft no Ink
ribbon to bothe the operator.- It in neat, nub-
stantial, nlckle-ptated, perfeot, and adapted to
an Kinaeoi lype writing, ijine a priniinff press,
It produces sharp, clean, legible manuscripts,
Two or ten copies can be made at one writing,
Any intelligent person can become an operator
111 wo anys. ne oner fi.uuu iu anv oireraiui
who can equal the work of the DtiLliLE UAHK
Reliable AgentB and Salesmen wanted. Spec
ial inducements to Dealers.
For Pamphlet giving Iiuorsements, etc, ad
Odell TvBe Writer Co.
868-864-Dearborn St. CHICAGO, ILL
The Leadkr will giye five dollars
in gold to the boy or eirl under
sixteen years ofage who contributes
. 1 1. . 1 : . 1. 1 ; .
us tue uest article upon lue suujcli
of "Decoration Day."
The writer must be under sixteen
years of age and must compose and
write the article or essay unaided
by any other person in any par
ticular. The essay must contain
not less than 600 words and not
more than 1,000. It must be writ
ten on one side of the paper only,
and signed by some fictitious name
Enclosed with the .same must be a
sealed envelope bearing the ficti
tious name on the outside and the
writers true name and address on
the inside. The essay must reach
this office by May 15, 1894, and
the writer or his or her family must
be an annual subscriber to the
Leader and must reside in Lincoln
county. The meri'.s of the contrl
butions will be decided by judges
who will be named later on. The
contributions are to be the proper'
ty of the Leader, to be published
or not as we see fit.
Get on your thiti'ting caps boys
andgirls and get ve dollars.
The prohibition! is have placed a
full county ticket in the field in
Linn county.
Faying -'Taxes Will it be tho Hoggs Again?
The people of the state'of Oregon The signs of the times as far as
are now in the throes of taxpayiug. ; O. P. matters are concerned, indi
Taxes are due and in a few counties j cate that the Hoggs are again liable
delinquent. In cU.iu touiuies the
titue for taxes to become delinquent
has beeii extended for a short time
but in no cases later than the first
of June. The taxpayiug time of
Oregon comes in the wrong part of
the year. At no other time is cash
so scarce and so hard to t,et as it is
from February to May, r J une.
There are no farm products to sell,
growing crops are not far enough
advanced to warrant any loans on
them, an no works of any material
size is ever started that early. ! The
result is that every taxpayer is
"put to it" to raise the money to
pay his taxes. This suould ' and
can be remedied by the next legis
lature. The sentiment tor this re
form is well advanced over the
state and it is very probable that
relief will come, ; The late re'publv
can state convention recognized the
need of this reform and adopted a
resolution upon the subject, au fol
lows: ' '"That it the pnse of
this convention that the coming
session of the legislature should
pass an act providing for the pay
ment ot, all taxes at two different
times oue-iialfin the spring and
the other half 111 the fall, but op
tional with the taxpayer to pay all
in the spring in one payment if he
so desires)'' Such' statutory ' pro
visions would wbrk ' no possible
hardship upon auy state or county
institutions and would greatly re
lieve the burden upon the taxyapers.
If this mattet can be taken up jn a
uon-partjsau manner this much
needed change can be brought
Grandma Matthews, of the New
port News, went off on the wrong
foot as usual last .week about the
assessor's blanks. Now granny,
you say the Post printed the blanks.
We will make yon a present ' of a
new hat if you can provtj they were
printed there by any legitimate
means of evidence. A great many
tilings you cton t Know, ana me
trouble is you are too prejudiced or
thickheaded' to learii. . Do you
know that there' is in the freight
office at Toledo a large box of
assessor's blanks for Thos. E.
Parker from J3cn. C. Irwin r. Cm
of Portland? ' Do you know that
the blanks now in use are Irwin &
Co.'s form of blanks, but they were
not printed in Portland,, neither
were they printe.l in Toledo nor
elsewhere in Lincoln county, al
though Van Cleve collected the pay
for tHem? Don't you know that
the Leader told the. exact truth
wheti it said that Parker ignored
the job offices of Lincoln county,
and that Judge Blue is responsible
for Van Cleve getting the work
done outside? Don't you know
that you don't know anything
about it and that you are some
thing of a liar yourself?
Every four years ihe mails on
each railway loute are weighed for
a period of one month and upon the
average weight thus found the con
tracts for carryjng are made for the
ensuing four years. This is the
year for the mails .to t)e weighed
and the time selected is from the
16th of April to the 16th May.
The weighing is done by weighers
appointed by the Postal depart'
The democrats of Benton county
have placed the following ticket in
nomination: Representative, A,
F. Hershnerj county judge, J. A
Cauthorn; county clerk, Ira Hunter j
sheriff, D. A. Osborn; recorder,
Virgil Watters; treasurer, Wm.
Buchanan; commissioner, Arthur
Johnson; assessor, Asa Alexander;
school superintendent, E. L. Bryan;
surveyor, A.J. Locke; coroner, W.
J. Fitzpa trick,
At the republican state conven
tion last week the following nomi
nations were made: W. P. Lord,
governor; H. R. Kjncaid, secretary'
of state; Phil. Metschan, treasurer;
C. M. Idleman, attorncy-geneial;
G. W. Irwin, school superintendent;
C. K. Wolverton, supreme' judge;
W. H. Leeds, state printer.
11 i e 1
John I). Daly was nominated for
joint representative for Lincoln and
Benton counties.
to own and control the Oregon jra
cific railroad and connecting steam
er lines. That they have been at
work earnestly to bring this about
goes without saying, At one time
it looked as though they were to be
doomed to disappointment. That
was at the time pf the December
sale. ' Had the sale been confirmed
the deal would have been up and
the Hoggs left out. But the Hoggs
were schemers, They were not
disheartened, and with the aid of
the employes they prevailed upon
the court and succeeded 'in getting
t,he confirmation of the sale defeat
ed and' a new receiver appointed
Now there is to be another sale on
or before the 211J. day of :June, and
if rumor and indications amount to
ativthinir. it is safe to say that the
Hoggs will be on hand ready to bid
It will require a deposit of $200,000
to bid at the sale and they have al
ready a fair proportion of this
Btnounl slened oil' on the "option
papers" which they hold.
Just what to expect of the June
sale is hard to - determine, The
outside observer would be inclined
to decidj that the Hoggs have the
whip hand and will turn the tables
on the Blairs in exactly the sanie
manner in which the Blairs tried to
do them in December last.
It will be remembered that time
Blairs' attorneys stated when the
sale was up for confirmation that if
that sale was not confirmed they
would never again touch the road
111 any manner. Maiy Dase tne
the opinjon on this statement that
the Blairs will lidt bid at the coin
ing sale. We are inclined to be
lieve that the Blairs are not going
to cooly sacrifice' the millions of
dollars they have invested in this
foad after fighting over it so long
and hard, and we predict that if
the pfcliminary steps io the sale are
properly taken that when the Hoggs
get ready to bid they will find a
Competitor at the sale with money
enough to make it interesting, to
.1. 1 1. l
auy me leant.
A remarkable case of surgery
lias bei.n reported from Albany.
J. A. Xumming' had a valuable
mare that was with foal from a
valuable horse. The mare had the
misfortune to break her leg in such
a manner as to preclude the possi
bility of her recovery about a month
before foaling time. It was de
sired to save the colt if possible,
and, as the fatf! of the mare was
practically decided, chances were
taken and an operation was pel-
formed, which, so far as known
now, is the first on record for a like
case. The Caesarian section was
performed by Dr. E. L. Irvin, Dr.
H. E. Beers and Mr. D. O. Wood
wortn. i he lite ot the mare was
sacrificed for the colt, whjch was
saved, though respiration failed to
appear for fully five minutes after
being taken from her mother, and
was only produced by attificial
means. The colt, a fine looking
animal is alive and doing well,
triumph of skjllful surgery.
We see no good reason why the
counties should be compelled to
pay the state levy before
the levy county pur
poses is paid; It would rather
seem good policy to first pay the
county levy and thus turn the
money loose among the people,
than to drain the county of money
to put in banks and loaned out to
the people at a high rate of interest,
thus compelling them to pay in
terest on their own money. To say
the least, the state ought not to get
more than its pro rata of the money
as it is paid in, and, besides, should
suffer a pro rata loss with the county
of the taxes assessed and not col
lectable. This would simply be
justice to all. We call special at
tention to this subject now, when
the legislative tickets are being
made up. Arlington Record.
A prominent Hogg man near this
place declares that the Hoggs will
own the O. P. and that they will
have the Willamette Valley back
on the route again before the last
of June.
Waldport Items.
Fine weather in this vicinity this
week, plenty of gardening going
Dancing seems to be all the rage
here of late, have had on an average'
of three a week for the last month.
Its evident there are lots of idle
people here or they wouldn't dance
quite so' much,
The tug Robarts, of Siuslaw,
came in on the lith with a load of.
flour for X. H, Diven & Son. She'
also brought several passengers.'
By the tales they tell the weather
was quite rough and most of theiu
fed the fishes rather freely, to their
great disgust,
BORN. On the nth to the wife
of Walter Hosford, a sou. '
Walt, seems to be 'qtiite jubilant
over 'tiie affair. Also his neigh-'
bora as they all seem quite auxious'
to see the new arrival and shake'
hands wih its good natured papa. 1
We are informed that school will
soon open in town agajn with Miss-
Buoy as teacher. We hope there
will be a good long term, for it is'
uauiy lictucu tit picaciU, uiiu i.Vi'li.
also .'keep the youngsters out of
mischief and off the streets, " ' '
Mr, 'Hawley has moved away
from town, for the summer, ' tc
Wm. Talley's place, down at?
Ocean View, where- -hq intends
putting hi'souie garden. '
the Schooner Mayflower sailed
or. the 13th from here vith i3o';ood
ftet of 'spruce lumber on board.1
Sue goes to a place called Moss;
Landing, on Monterey Bay, about1
nuiety miles so'trth ot San . Francis
co. The tug Robarts towed hef
out and then proceeded to Siuslaw:
The dance up the river at Mr.'
Hubbard's, on Friday night, was
quite an enjoyable affair. Several
of the Waldport boys were in at-'
tendance. ' "' ' '
We are again pleased to see our
genial shoemaker, Mr. Gideon, at
home and ready to take orders for
work. Charlie s&ys trade is very
poor thiji spring, and it undoubtedly
is so. If you had a jeweler shop
and aciljties for cleaning clocks in
conn'ectibn with your shoeshopl
We believe it would greatly swelj
your financial resources Charlie,
Better try jt.
Mr. Silas Howell is erectine a
new picket fence around'his hotel!
It will be quite an improvement to
looks of his property,
Miss Nona' Reynolds has gone to
Tidewater to attend school,
Messrs. Titus and Tullic have
been fishing for flounders this wek.'
They are shipping them out to the
valley, where they say they find a
ready sale for them. Hope they
may have good success in this new,
enterprise and continue in the bus;
The Willamette Valley. '
This steamer has been tied up at
the dock in San Francisco, held by
attachments issued to the sheriff,
since .early in last December. Iq,
the San Francisco state court last'
Saturday a decision was . rendered
which relieved the vessel of her
principal load of indebtedness.
This decision is to the effect that
attachments issued out of state,
courts on marine vessels are void.
The steamer is now in the hands,
of the U. 0. marshal and is libeled,
for $1 1 ,ooo for supplies furnished.
There are also claims aggregating
$34,000 for coal bills and receiver's,
certificates, in process of adjust?
ment in the cjreuit court at Corvalr
The Southern Pacific Railroad
company exhibits two locomotives
at the Midwinter Fair. One of
them the C. P. Huntington, wa9
brought around the Horn in 1863,
It weighs about 13,000 pounds and
cost $10,603.49; the other, No.
1999, is a compound engine weigh
ing 141,000 pounds, besides which
the Huntington looks like a baby,
yet it cost but a trifle more than
the latter. -
It is said that Governor Pennoytr
will deliver several campaign
speeches throughout the state.
Politics will now hold full sway
over all other subjects until after
the June election.
1 r