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Remember that tbis paper
is the only one in Lincoln
or Benton county that has
the courage to stand for
the common people.
V, 'J:
The lvEADER should be
read by every tax-payer of
Lincoln County; It. will i
cost you but $1.50 a year. J
UU4 uiJ
Volume II.
Toledo, Lincoln County, Oregon, Thursday, April, 5 1S94.
Number 5.
Joint Senator
Founty Judge
Heboid Superintendent
Commissioners! "
C. B. Crosno
D. P. nine
II. F. .tones
George Laud is
Henry Denlinger
Chus. Kooth
Jos. oideon
- T.E. l'arker
Jhs. liussell
J. O. Steams
M. L. 'frapp
Justice of the Peace
J. A. Hall
A. E. Altree
i" will be held under the auspices of the
. Methodist Episcopal church as follows: First
Strii'lr.y hi eHch month at Elk City school house
at 11 a. in. and 7 p. m. Second and Fourth Sun
rtnys at Toledo, at 11 a. m. and 7 p. m. Third
Sunday at Mill Four school house, at 8 p. m.
All aic" cordially invited to attend.
A. I,. HAWI.KY, Pastor,
Address, Toledo, Oregon.
jT. JOHN'S (IIl'ltCH I'rotestent Episcopal.
lnvine service the third Sunday of every
nonth, at 11 a. m. All are invited to attend.
Rev. Chas. llootti, Missionary. Residence,
"'Keetory," Newport, Or.
0. O. E Toledo Lodge, No. 10ft, Meet
every Friday eveniiiK at their hall in this
Renos Arnold, Seo'y. J. S. Gaitheh, X.O.
1o. G. T. Meets every Thursday evening.
::) o'clock, in Gradv's hall, thii town,
A. L. Haw ley, C. T K. li. Collins, Secretary.
1,1 A. and I. I!, Toledo Union. Xo. 15fi. Meets
I- every Saturdny evenintr.So'eloek, in Grady's
iall hi this town. All members requested to
-ibiuiu. 1 . i. ftcuoi, i icsivicui ,0.0. x uiuiugvi
pcrptat v.
r o. O. llav Lodire Xo. llii. of Yamina Citv
I- meets every Saturday evening. Visiting
irothers are always welcome.
C. uuituowH, secretary,
J. X. HTAKK, X. G.
EO. Or F. Newport Lode Xo. Bit, meets
Saturday eveninK- visitfng brothers ai
are cor-
Sirtiiv invited toauena,
J. L. Smith, Secretary.
Cykus Dixon,
X. G.
A E. fc A. M. Newport Lodge Xo. H.t, regular
iV convocation on Saturday on or before each
mil moon. Visiting brothers are cordially
Welcomed. . .U. H. Kussem,, W. M.
,)ah. KoBkitTfos, Secy.
A. R. 1'hil Sheridan Post No. 24, meets
every second ami fourth Thursday evening.
It: A. JIKNSEM., Adjt.
Dr. H. VINCENT, Prop.
Charges Reasonable
Justice of the Peace
loltilo, Oregon,
deeds. Mortgages, and all kinds of legal papers
executed with correctness. Careful attention
given to all business entrusted to my care.
Attorney-at-La w,
Residence, Stanford, Oregon.
Business in any court in Lincoln
County promptly aild carefully at
tendecl to.
Toledo, Lincoln County, Oregon.
Collections, Con t'eyniiclng,
ftHt Coart Practice
Generally. .
Refers hv nermlRRlnn tn Rt.flnT .1 R. IMIlsKiirv
t.-. 8. Senator W. D. Washburn, Gen. John t.
Kea. tl. A. H. Mln.
neapnlis, Minn., Hon.Ma,rtin F. Morris and J.
.1. Darlington, Ksu.., Washington, 1). C, Schnv
ler Uuryea, Chief Clerk l'atent oillce, Fairfax
uounty,.va., and Kev. t-has. Booth, Newport
Oregon Pacific Railroad.
E. W. IlAbLEV, Receiver.
)lrecl I.iuB'-Quick Dispatch Low Freight
.. Hates.
totwecn Willamette Vallay points and Sbd
r rancisco.
I .vin es San Francisco November .Mb, 14th and
8rd, WW.
U-avea Yaqulna Xovemlier 9th, 19th and 28th
A-.d about every ten ilftyi thereafter.
Companv reer-es the right to change
. nil. ug dates w ithout notice.
irvi"otrt!fween Pnrtlrind and Halcm ini
J.'pper Willamette river poinn.
N-.S Corvallls, Oregon
. - aciue, -
Dry Goods, Notions, Men's and
Boy's ClotMng, Boots and
Shoes, Hats and Caps,
All of which we are
Selling at Hard
Argent for I3roYiisville vvooleii
Mills Goods. Measures taken
and Fits GriaraiiteecL
C. B, CROSNO fe CO.,
M Agents, anil LMm, .
Farm Lands, Title Lands, Coal Lands, Town
Property in single Lots or
Abstrct of Title to any property in Lincoln County
furnished on demand.
The place to got you.'
JU ..,
And all kinds of
Is at th!
tfF Price and Work Satisfactory
Times Prices.
Tlie'Alsea House
Walilport, Lincoln County,
Headquarters for politicians, tour
ists, hunters and the public. .
Comfort, cleanliness and good grub
at low rates, our motto.
Feed stable and saddle ponies.
Wm. R. Wakefield, Prop.
FBorqirrox of
Toledo Meat Market,
i Fresh and Cured Meats
Toledo, - - Oregon.
Will practice in Justice, County
and Circuit Courts of
biricolr County.
Bolleit correspond ince. So ct-args un!
,..llu ...
Farms for Sale.
I have several farms, both culti
vated and uncultivated, lor sal- in
tracts ol 40 acres and upwards.
These lands are adapted to fruit,
vegetable and shetf .culture. Will
be sold very cheap and oti reason
able terms. Anyone desiring to
purchase such lands w ill do well to
call on or address
M. J. Allphin,
, tf. Little Elk, Oregon.
NOTICE IS HEREBY tilVES, that the patner--i.
ship existing between tins. H. itescnke and
Thos. Pavev was dissolved on February 17, Ml.
All accounts due the tirni are pavntile to Thus.
Pavev, and alUndebtedness of the lirm Is pay
able by him.
fit's. II. Kesciike.
All persons having cluiins against the estate
of V. K. Metffxin!oii.dcccaod. are hereby noti
tied to present the same, properly verincd. to
Loiran, at theSilcu Agency, within thirty
davs r or Such claims w ill be forever deuat red.
Pated this lh day of March, 1K1.
Siletz Agency, Oregon.
Xottve for Publication.
Land Office at Orecon City. Oregon.
. 1
tiou to make iiual proot in support 01 l.isi'laim
and that said proof will be made before the
County Clerk of Lincoln County, at Toledo,
Oregon, on April tub, .l'l. vix:
Janifs L. Mini, H. K. No. 7,211,
for the east U of uorlhwet l4, northeast '4 of
southwest 4 and lot 1, section :tl,Town l;t south
Kuge 11 west.
- lie names the fcllowing witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultivation
of, said land, viz: John W. Crooks, Louis Cap-
sci, uiuiam iicimsanu Aioen Keyuoius, an 01
Waldport, Oregon,
liUMi.KT A. .Mii.i.hK, uegtsiur.
Notice fox' Publication.
' Land 'lice at Oro'ii Citv, Oregon,
l'ebruarv l 1SM.
"VOTICK is hi .i-'iiy riven that the following
named set: ler Kos lilod notice of his inten
tion to make tir.;:l )r.oi in support of his claim,
and that said proof will be made before the
County Clerk t f l.imdn County, at Toledo,
Oregon, on Apiil lS.p), viz:
LouU l.ipKel, II. V.. No. 7,'J:cJ,
frir the southwe st of northeast ' ,. southeast
4 of northwest l.; and lot J, section uu.iown bt
smith, range 11 west,
lie names the .I'llowinir wilnessos to nrovo
his residence upon and cultivation of, said
lnnd. vbc John V, brooks, JamesS. Allen, Al
bert S. Heynoids aiut Um. uuun, uil ul V.';.!i
port, Oregon.
KOUKKT A. MILLKIt, lteglster.
Notice for Publication.
Lind OBipg dt Oregon City, Oregidi,
February 1.',, 1N4.
VOTICK Is hereby given that the followlng
named pettier nas tiled notice of his inten
tion t make tinnl proof in tmpiort of his claim,
and that said proof will be tnadu before the
Countv Clerk of Lincoln County, at Toledo,
Oregon, on April nth IS-.H. viz:
John W. brook-, II. V. No. 7,'.':ll,
for the orthVi-st l.i of Miutbetist northeast
'M'ff i.. .ivf't 1 ,, l'id liis.i und 4, section Hi,
Town l.stulh, range 11 wo;t.
lie names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon ami cuttlvalion
of, said land, Jamus L. Alton. Wm. Helms. Al
bert Reynolds, and Iiuis Capscl, all of Wald
port, Oregon.
jitM-i-.n 1 'Ti'.Mit.i.i'.ic itcgister.
Notice i:: hereby given that
approved p'ni. of survey of township
it gbliTIi ,"!:', 'is-o.: 10 west, nas beer.
received from the Surveyor Gener
al of Oregon and on
Awm, 25, 1894,
at 9 o'clock a. ni. of said clay said
plat will he led in this office and
the land tr vciii embraced will be
subject to c"'.yy on and after that
Rohki. j A, Register
Phtei; : vnt KT, Receiver.
Adicainife'uti'lx Notice.'
n the County Cr.i.rt of l.lnt-oln County, Btate
of Oregon.
igued. ha- i eon appointed by the coun
ty conrt of I. hiciiln County, Oregon, adminis
tratrix of the e::)Uo of L. M. Ilarmrn, deceased,
late-of Lincoln cunty, Oregon. All crsoii
having claims a:.v.ins.t said estate are hereby
uoiineo. 10 pr-seui inein uuiy venueu
.u! at .iv rudenc'3 on Itenot
slough, near To'. 00, Oregon, within six mouths
from the dale. 1. frvuf i-and all persons indebted
to said estate art; untitled to settle the same im
uateu at ioio ;o, trcgon, inis -a, nay 01 Jiorcn
Administratrix of the Estate bf L. M. Harmon,
aeceaseu. .
Democratic County Conten
The County Convention of the Democratic
party of Lincoln county, Oregon, is hereby
called to meet 111 a delegate convention In the
Court house in Toledo, Oregon, on Thursday,
April l, 1894, at 2 o'clock p. in., to nominate
candidates for the various county offices- to be
voted for on June 4, iMM, end toelect delegates
to the State convention, and for such other
business as may properly come before the con
vention. The Convention shall be composed of 41 dele-
vates. apportioned as follows:
Heaver ('reek... t Newport 0
lllglilk 4 Nashville -2
Drift Creek i Tldewltter, 2
Elk City 3 Yahats 2
Lobster 1! Yauulna J
Little Elk 3 Toledo C
Lower Alsea 8
Prlmarl" ATM he held In the various ore-
(-nets on Saturday, April 7, 18i4, at 1 o'clock p.
B. F. JONES, Chairman.
J. 8. GAITIIKH, Secretary.
Five Dollars Given Away.
The Leader will give five dollars
i'i oM to th? bny or pirl une'er
sixteen yeai s ol agt who onli lbutcs
us the best article upon the subject
of "Decoration Day."-
' The writer must be under sixteen
years of age and must compose and
write the article or essay unaided
by any other person in any par
ticular. The esvay must contain
not less than 600 words and not
more than 1 ,000. It must be writ
ten on one si'ie of the paper only,
and signed by some fictitious mime.
Enclosed with tlu same must be a
sealed envelope bearing the ficti
tious name on th outside and the
writers true name and address on
the inside. Tht essay must reach
this office by M-.y 15, 1894, and
the wri : r or his or her family must
be an annual subscriber to the
Lkadi'.'' and tnu- t reside 111 Lincoln
county. The merits of the contri
butions will le d -cided by judges
who will be nnnii.d later on. The
coiiUiinilions are to be the r.c- er.
ty of the LKADE1- , to be fiiMlshtd
or hot as we see f t. . r,.
1 Get on your tl inkin-js boys
an -.I Ms mid fi? fiv") - lint.
A Stupiit Law.
The present state law making
taxes delinquent April 1st is a
stupid one, an 'I it is high time" it
waschunged. December ist would
be Unbent dale, when money is
always more plentiful. If a person
ever had any money it is then.
The crops have been garnered and
the payment for same has been re"
ceived, All kinds of obligations
generally are squared up by this
- : x-. or U-c
emiy t.pHiig liioiims me aaveise is
true. These are borrowing months.
The cash assets of nearly - everyone
has dwindled down to nothing and
money is tight. It is the worse
time of the year foi such a heavy
draw as taxes. The next session
of the legislature should amend
this law. And in this connection
they should at the same time pro
vide that assessors be appointed by
the county courts This is too im
portant a matter to be left to chance.
There is no other county office
which requires such peculiar char
acteristics on the part of the in
cumbent as county assessor. A
good assessor is never popular he
is too inquisitive, too prying. A
convention may put Up .ft. brainy
iii'an and a popular, but he may
make a very poor assessor. The
county court, recognizing who
would be most valuable for this
duty, and w ishing to make the best
'administration possible, would
make a better choice than any con
vention. Dallas Chronicle.
The London Timber Trade Jour
nal says:' "T''e .Dock company
are now using a of sawft
Oregon pine, brought over by the
sailing ship, "Starbuck," another
of the neglected fleet lying useless
against the quay-side waiting for
something to 'turn up,' The plunk
in question is four feet wide and
sixteen ftet long, without a single
knot, and is to form the top of the
new board room table at the Dock
office, and is certainly one of the
finest pieces of Oregon pine in the
ducks.' These j-n;ions yield any
quantity of such dimensions, and
will, by and by, play a more im
portant part in our supply, when
means are fo'u'id. rtf reducing the
freight charges."
C. P. Huntington, the Southern
Pacific magnate, is quoted as say
ing, "that if the government does
not accept the present bill before
congress',' postponing' the time of
payment of the Central Pacific debt,
or extend the time of payment of
bonds to a reasonable fitulod,'" the
probability is that the first mort
gage bond holders will take the
road. If, on the other hand," he
said, "reasonab'e tinle is given to
to meet the obligations, and for the
proposed new issue of bonds to be
made, the government will receive
every dollar clue instdeof sixty days
after the bonds are issued."
This leads one to wonder who is
running this country, anyway.
A bold sclien'e for obtaining
mechanical power for industrial
purposes has lately attracted attcn
tion in England. It contemplates
the construction of a dam ij miles
Icr.s; 'ro r,. l!i5-? nh'r.ster'-' .cwt of
Ireland aciuss iSortti Channel to
the extremity of Cantire, Scotland,
and putting in several gates and
water wheels, to be worked by the
tides. Owing to the greater depth
of the ocean than the Irish ea, and
to tlie treer course affor 'ed west
and north 0 Ireland, tlie tide comes
up from the South Atlantic by that
route, and flows southward through
the passage just mentioned long
before it can gej tip the,re on the
east side of the gr'eu fcir2 ..The
estimated cost of the undertaking
is $10,000,000, and the time named
as necessary lor construction is
three years..
A new route of travej has been
located from Salem to Newport,
starting at Falls City, going by way
of Sutter's eawmill to tire divide ol
the Coast range,' through a newly
settled country on Rock creek.
Subscr.iptiops have bettn made of
money ana work enough to -insure
its completion. .There is a good
deal of hard, etc., but the
new route will be enough shorter
to justify it. Oregonian.
The United States civil service
commission announces that the
supply of male stenopraphers and
typewriters for the department ser
vice at Washington is not equal to
the demand, and there are requisi
tions now which can not be filled
for want of eligible persons. Ap
pointments to these places are usu
ally at salaries of $1,000 per year or
less. There will be an examina
tion in Portland on April 23rd, at
which persons dc-'ri" to co'tipe to
suvii pu.3i1.iuus may be examined.
Those who desire to take the ex
amination should write to the civil
service commission, Washington,
D. C. , and obtain application blanks
and pamphlets of instructions. . The
clerk copyists examination will
have to be taken as a basis, and
there will be practical tests in. sten
ography and typewriting. ' If these
positions were open to women there
would be no trouble about filling
Under the head of "Promising
New Fruits," in the report of Hon.
J. M. Rusk, secretary of agricul
ture, "" tSo-j. appears a description
ofthelling cherry, originated by
Seth Lewelling, of Milwaukie, ac
companied bv a very handsome
colored plate which does full justice
to this cherry in every respect ex
cept as to size. The description
says that tlie Biug is the largest
cherry ever received at that office.
In quality it is classed as very good,
and is also pronounced tin excellent
hipper; season, first hdlf of July
in Oregon. For comparison with
the Ring an illustration is given on
the same page of the Napoleon, a
popular old. vfirsety of European
origin, widely grown in California
and Oregon under the name of
'Royal Ann." This is a fine pic
ture of the Royal Ann, but in size
not equal to many, cherries of that
kind seen here. In the same ar
ticle appear descriptions of the
'Matilda," "Quaker," "Vesta"
seedling cherries, originated by C.
E. Ilosklns, of Newburg. Oregon
is likely to maintain its Mupremacy
over all other states in the matter
of big aiid fine cherries.
A petition was filed in. the circuit
court this weelc' by tyollfs' JlNasU,
attorney for William Laird Law, of
Oaklaildj California, showing that
petitioners is the owuer and .holder
of receiver's certificates of the Ore
gon Pacific, issued by Ti Ei Hogg,
to the extent of $26,000, which
certificates are a part of the total
amount of $150,000 issued for the
purchase of the steamship Willa
mette Valley. These certificates
were made' a first lien upon the
vessel and are over due and entire
ly unpaid. Said petitioner is also
the holder of other certificates ag
gregating jti2,ooo. The petition
further stales that three separate
actiong brought by A. W. Swinner-
ton, and one brought by Sanford
Bennett are How pending ill the
supreme court of San Francisco
county, California, against the Ore
gon Pacific railroad company 1 Said
Swinnerton as assignee of a number
of local creditors of said company,
has caused the Willamette Valley
to be attached to satisfy their claims.
If these parties succeed in their ac
tion, the tloamcr wiii be sold with
out reference to the tights of p'oti
tio'ner, who is desirous of foreclos
ing his lien on the vessel, and its
order to enforce it, it is necessary
for him to be allowed to interplead,
and asks that Charles Clark, the
present receiver, be permitted to
inplead in these several actions.
Upon reading pet- tion Judge Fuller
ton granted the oder as prayed tor,
allowing petition -r to bcin pro
ceedings for the purpose of fore
closing his lieu.
An exchange, says: "A com
mittee representing the mining in
terest of southwestern Oregon, was
in San Francisco recently, and
there learned that Goodall, Perkins
& Co. intend to ta':e steps in further
developing the coal industry of
Coos county. They intend pur
chasing a diamon I drill, and will
bore down in hopes of getting bet
ter coal. They say if there is any
steam coal in Coo t county they are
going to get it." Messrs. Goodall.
Perkins & Co. should come Up in
Lincoln county and open up some
of the fine coal fields here that lay
next to the surfacc-i
Little Elk Precinct.
Weather fine and news scarce;
everbody busy and all things move
Our school commenced todaj
with Eli Gaither teacher.
-Elder Parker, of the U. B. church
preached at the Chitwood school
house yesterday. Come again Eld
er. A little daughter of H. N. Foster
Ml into the river a few days ago;
She sufiered no damage except
cold bath.
Mr. Johu Hyde and C. C. Mc Bride
wiH reperesentour precinct in the
republican convention next Wed
nesday, so the precinct will be well'
Mr. Swope and family are coming
back on their homestead on Simpsor
creek, after a sojern in turtland for
for a few months.
C. H. Walker, from near your
place, will move to Chitwood some
time this week, where he expects'.,
to make his future home. There is'
room for more whether democrats;
republicans,- populists or prohis.
TilC political pGt LCgitlH sirrv"-''
some around the edges, a.nd it bids'
fair to be a lively campaign. It it)
to be hoped that we will keep cool
and elect the best men regardless',
of party.
' BORN-On March 28, to the fam-'
ily of A"i L.' Chitwood, h son.
I If atiywone want's fo know who
wrote this tell him
i April and 1894. I Did.'
Glen Items. -
April fool.
v - " ' -S.
J. Wilhoit has gone to Browns
ville on business, to be gone a shortf
Lee Watkins, notwithstandingi
the severity of his wound, is able - -to
be out on crutches;
School will begin at the Meadow'
creek school house April 9th, with
Miss Butler, of Toledo, as teacher.'
The republican primary passed'
off in a quiet matter, it has been
suggested that we compliment theni
on their large attendance', there
being three present aiid two of'
these are5" delegates, I wonder how v
they managed the election f
We have long boasted of out' j
peaceable neighborhood, but since
the land has been surveyed there,
has been considerable strife over':
some of the claims. . As much laud
as there, is here it seems to us un-.
necessary to quarrel over a small
portion of it. In proof of the abun-,
dance of it we will cite you to thet
fact that there was not room to
spread it out so hi the beginning" it
was piled up on edge.
A storm of wrath swept over
Drift creelt A few clay's sincej conse
quence, fences were torn down,'
trees have fallen on cultivate
ground and general damage doWn
to tempters. Look out for a cy-
clonel Get in your cyclone cellars!
Mr. John Cromer 13 nuilditig a
new house.
We think that the chap that in-.
serted tlie marriage notice in the.
Leader -should apologize to the .
officiating gentleman for inserting ,
n 4iawttlry prefix to his name.
Some grain has been sown and
some gardens planted, but the bad.
weather has stopped that for a
time. t
More iinon, '
Sticks. ,
.. . -
Over iii.Morrow county the can-,
didates JLave a novel way of an--nounciii
themselves, as shown by
a reading of the Gazette. One man
who whuts to be county treasurer
should be defeated on this announce-;
ment! , .'.'Being afflicted ..with the
office itch,, a.nd desiring to finger,
in the county funds, I hereby an--nounce
, nj-self," etCi One man
comts out at the "earnest solicita
tion" 4.of, his friends, another
"through the solicitation'' of his
friends, still another "through the.
earnest Solicitation" of his friends,'
and yet another' "at the request of"
his fHends.
Whatcom county, Washington d
hnft flJlOiy 1 debt pt! $211 ,ooo, ant'
It m-t .it, fi..i,t of $m,ooo,
I. IlM