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Remember that this paper
is the only one in Lincoln
or Benton county that has
the courage to stand for
the common people.
The l.KADBH should be
,; read by very tax-payer of
:! Lincoln County, Zt will
I cost you but $1.50 a year.
: .
' oinl Sena!tr
"'mm? JiuU'C
'.erk ' --neriiT
i reaT.rer
"hm.l Siiorinten(lent
: ineyor
Commissioners j
- V. B. Cros:
1. 1. Ulue
- . II. F. Jones
Ueori:e Laudis
Henry ,enlini:er
( has. Htmih
.!(!!. Ciiileon
- T. K. I'Arker
J. 0. 5 I earns
M. L. frapp
1 lsiire of the Peaee
J. A. Hall
A. i:. Altree
i wilt be UeUi under the ausi'es of the
' ethodit KplHiopal church as follows: First
- inday in each month at Elk City schiol house
". 11 a. nt. ami p. in. Second nnu tnurth Sun
Uys at Toledo, at H a in. and 7 p. m. Third
- utday at Mill Four st-hool house, at 3 p. m.
v 11 are cordially invited to attend.
A. L. HAW'LKY, Pastor,
, AddTesS, Toledo, Oregon.
oT. JOHN S CUI KCH fProtostent Kpiscnpal.
In vine ?enice the third Sunday of everv
oath, at 11 a. 111. All are invited "to attend,
'lav. Chas. I tooth. Missionary. Kcsidence,
tei'tory," Newport, Or.
I O. O. F. Toledo Lodire. No. Meet
I -every Friday evening at their hall in this
:esos Au.vold, Sec'y. J. S. Oaitheie, N.G
' o. T. Mee's everv Thiirwlnv cvpninir
X r,:iOo'cuHk, in (iradv's hall, this town
A.. L. Hawley, C. T K. E. Collins, Secretary.
Iji A. and T, P. Toledo Fnion, Xo. ri. Meets
everv S4turday evening, Ko'clock, in tirady'n
hall in this town. All members reuuested to
iittend. T T Hpeder, President; J.J. Turnide,
tO. O. F.
-Ray Lode No. lit, of Yaquina Cftv,
..orv J-'.if.trr'.v cvcMjr. YtHtu.'.
ftrothers are always welcome.
l. bi'kkowp, Secretary." j. X. Stahk, X.
O. O. F. Newport Lodi?e No. S.i. meets everv
Saturday evening. viitfng brothers arc cor-
iiaiiy invited to attend, CYltt's itixos,
1. 1..
. Bmith, Secretary.
X. 0.
AF. & A. M. Newport Lodge No. 8 regular
convocation en Saturday on or before each
full inimn, Visiting brothers are cordially
Welcomed. Jah. H. Hi'shell, W . M, '
Jab. ltomriiTsoN, Secy.
I A. It. Phil Sheridan Post No. 24, meets
T every second and fourth Thursday evening.
R. A. llKNfKLL, Adjt.
Corvallis, Oregon
Di. H. VINCENT, Prop.
Charges Reasonable.
Justice of the Peace,
Toledo, Oregon,
peeds. Mnrltrftees, an1 nil kind of lerl papers
executed with rorrwtiiem. Careful attention
given to all business entrusted to my care.
C. SllEPAltl),
Residence, Stanford, Oregon.
Business in any court in Lincoln
County promptly and carefully at
tended to.
Toledo, Lincoln County, Oregon.
ColtcrtioHH, Conveyancinq,
and Court Pratt Ice
Kefers l.y )rmiS!iion to Ex-nv. J. . rilldnirv
1 . !. Senator W. I). Washburn, (ien. John P
Kea, Ki i'ominaniier in-i'hief (1. A. H., Min
licniM, . Minn.. Hon. Martin V. Morris and J.
1. liarllnirton. Esq., Wnahlwrton. !.('.. Xchiir
lerlmrvea, chief t'terlc Tatent orllre. Fairfax
c ounty. Va., and liev. chas. Booth, Newiwrl.
Hi WsW Enk
Oregon Pacific Railroad.
K. W. IIADLEY, Receiver.
Luie-gulck l'ipai -b-
I ow Freight
I ttweeti WiUnraette Vallay pointi and Han
l-eave- 911 KramMiteo Novemiier -Sth, 11th aiid
.:rd. lvii.
l.uve Y,tihia November !'th. l'.Mh anfl a-th.
1 -.:
Mid al ia! every ten days thereafter.
Thl 1 omtmny reerve the right to change
siling dati without lodii.
: i'y Mni, ltivcen Portland and Salem and I
I pjier 11 liiatnene river jm,ihis.
z- -wtg(g-- Hr
Dry Goods, Motions, Men' and
Boy's Clothing;, Boots and
Bkoes, Hats and Caps, '
Selling at Hard Times Prices.
-Argent for Brownsville AVpolen
Mills Qoods. Measuiw tnkei
and Fits Griiaranteed.
C. B. CROSNO &; CO.,
Full Estate Agsits d Umim,.
Farm Lauds, Tide Lands, Coal Lands, Town
Property in single Lots or lilocks
Abstrct of Title to any property in Lincoln County
furnished on demand.
The place to get your
An1 all kinilnof
fFPrice and Work Satisfactory
Toledo, Lincoln County, Oregon, Thursday,
V 5Vlfi
11 VP
M I a I
OF -
The Alsea House
If ahlport, Liarofit Couttt,
) reton.
Ileatltiuarters for politicians, tour
ists, hunters and the public.
Comfort, cleanliness and good grub
at low rates, our motto.
Eeed stable and saddle ponies,
Wm. R. Wakkkikld, Prop.
Toledo Meat Market,
lK.U,s IN'
Fresh and Cured Meats
T ledo, - - Oregon.
Will practice in Justice, County
and Circuit Courts of
Lincoln Coiirity.
hollclt corre3oridence,
fullT greed.
No cbargea nuIcm
Farms for Sale.
I have several farms, both culti
vated and uncultivated, for sale in
tracts ot 40 acrs and tipv ard.
These lands are adapted tofuiit,
vegetable and sheep culture. Will
be sold very cheap and oil reason
able terms. Anyone desiring to
purchase such lands will do well to
! call on or address
M. J. Al.M'HIX,
Little Elk, Oregon.
I Ail iTs,n navii;r ,'Uams ukrainft the estate
! of K. Mecgiiwn.doivaod. are htroltv noli -
i tied to present the time, proivriy verii'ie.i. to
! 1.. 1.. l.o(.-au. at the siletj: Ageii-r, within thirtv
days, or sueh c aiins will i lorcrer deoarred.
1'iiU'd this Mh day of Maivh.
Silotz Aeetu'v, treon.
Satire for Publication .
l and C'tlii'e at Oregon citv Oroson.
K, lniarv 1 i'il.
' '0VICK is herel'V siven that the ioi:.iti
named st-ttu-r has tiled notue of hi
tm 10 liirtke linal wot in (uiiutrl of his c'.Him
mien- .
mid thm mini yrvoi will be u j1o ivioro ihi i
I'outity fiork of I lucoln fount, at Toledo, '
Oregon, on April '.:h. ist. viy. : '
JauifM I,. Allen. II. X. No. T.-'ll.
for the eaM a of uorthutit l4, norilioHt x t o(
vutrtw-o, l4 "and lot 1, sel'ito-i ;.l, l.w n l:J south
Khukv II west.
He imino the fellow in witnesses to trivo ;
in, Miiu mini, i , jiim t . iiik)ki, i .on is ( 11-
1. illiant : IKlmsamlAllwit, all o";
aUlj'ort. Oivn.'i;
K- l:i"i;T A. Mil I KK. l;, i:i-..T.
Notice for Publication.
I.Aml iMIiee jit Oregon city. Orotton,
VOTICK Is howliy Riven thit tlu- followinsi-j
namca senior nns men iiotict, ot tiis tntv
lion to mako linal ir,oi tfti:ii'iHlrt ot' li is Hai
.tmed scttu-r has iiiei noii ,.f his intm.
loi'ore tho
tin,, nini 'I'mi Filial' mnuv
ou illy viler!, of Ijneoln I'onntv, at ToleOo,
orogoii. on '.Ms;ii. vir: . '
fortii. s,.i,ii4,.t f, o( northeast ',. southeast
south. miii.e ii .-!.
iinii v. nil inmowiot m ioii',r 10 orove
his rrsiilrmv upon ami cultivation of, sai.t
ihiio. vi: .lonii o . ornoKS, . Allen. .11
l,ert s. l;eynolis ami Win. Helms, allot' WiiUl.
foil, ore,', n.
KOHKliT A. MIl.l.Klt, Hi'Kister.
Notice for Publication.
I anil Olliee at Oregon citv. Oregon, '
Vehruai v !.", 1M1.
N OTIt K la hereliv (riven that the ioIIom Iiik
liamctl settler nas tiled notieo of his inten
tion to make tinal proof in support ot his claim,
ami that saiil proof will be liuolo before the
County CUtU of Lincoln County, at 1'oleilo,
i'iii,i o : ,!..:
John . li.ooWs. II. y- a. :.s:ti.
for the iiorihivosl of southeast t, northeiist
01 sonti.wiwt i, anit lots a Mutt 1, loci ion ;:u,
Town 1:! south, runire 11 west.
He the folloivini; ivitnesscs to prove
his continuous resii'eniv upon am! cultivation
of, sniil Iiiui1,".Ihiiics ; . Allen. Ui.i. Helms, Al
lien iieynoiits. niui i mils capscl, nil of Haul
port, Oregon.
KOIIIiliT A. MII.I.i:!!, lteglstor.
Notice for Publication.
Mnjt Otllee at Oregon city, urcgoh.l
i'ol'iuiirv 1st. isiU. I
VOTICK U hcichv given 'that the following
" liair.cil settler has lileil nolico of his infoo.
flon lo r. ake llnr.l nioof in support of hiscliilui,
anil that sniil proi i ill l e mailc Imfore the
i oiiniy t lerk ot t inc ai roiitity.nt loleilo, Ore
Ron, on March "Jil., :
Klcancr lifi v.l, , U K. No. J.OSO,
for the south '.. . i , . mcst 1 , section 1L and
ft.iuthenst 1 . of m i;ji,'. : ' , of section 11, lown
11 south, range M v c ..
Ilo iniincs tho-fol-i ii in;- vitnesscs to prove
it is con 1 1 n nous mi er.iv i pon unit cultiiitJoii
of sniil liinil, vin; ... : ;i.Tish, Alou.o linii
ilen.ileo. A. i-irH A. ,i. Ilaclcr, all of Tolo
Uo, Oregon. llnl liliT A. M I I.I.Kit, Heglsl -r.
Democratic Count i Conven
tion. The County Ci p volition of the lieinocrntlc
party of l.incoi:; ". ounty, Oregon, la herchy
calleil to meet in a rielcitute conveutloii tu the
Court house In Ti lilo, Oregon, on Tim inlay,
April 1J, Ism, at o'clock p. in., tu nominate
camllilar a for the various county oIIIcch to lie
voted for on .Mine I, ls'.H, anil tooled tlclegaten
to the ctnlo wmv, ami for auch other
bimliiesn ns inay properly come beforo the con
vention. gatcs, apportluueil as folloivs
u,-, mi . t-iniiiii minn no romposeii or l ueio-
neaver i reeg
Hrl(t Creek.
Klk city
1 Nashville .
4 Tidewater..
!l Yahats
Yaitilna . . .
l.tttle Klk..
Ixiwer Alaca
Primaries will be hulil In the v-irloua lire
ducts on Saturday, April 7, 1 o'clock n
II. V. JONKS, ChalriiiaiiTS,
J. .GAITIIKH, Secretary.
Type Writer.
tf-rtWill buy tho (MK1.I. TYI'K WKITKlt
pU with "Hrhftractun., and ir. fur tho KIN
il.K CASK warrnnted In dn
neTior work tnnu ' iiiHchlue ihh1.
It rnililllllfH MiltllillAftv U-ith ilnrl.lilv ytinArl
Cftm f oiieratlun, wimrii limvi-r wilhntit ottt of
rfpairs man anv ntner ina.-niiuv IIhm no ink
riMion to hothnr Ihuuirtrn(or. It mtit. Hiilt.
HianliAl, nlckle-platcil, HTfoct, and adaitcl to
It irodufcn Bharp, clean, lt-Kll'le inaitiiM-rltt
Any Intelligent K!rKHieiin iH-coine an.ijtrHtor
'A hVO dllVK. Wo olfiT II IMHI lit niiv
i mini it: ni nt'H i'hii e ii Hiit Ht i it i it u r 1 1 1 1 1 v
m no i an ciiBi me worK ol uie Jmii jii.h CAnK
HeliatOe AtrentKand Hnlenn'en m tuitd. Hix"
IrI J'i'Im-lv I. Ik'iil. .
Kor l'aiiit.hlut ifivinir liilnrMHin oim. Pti . r1
Odell Type Writer Co.
H.r :n nearlairii w, cillc'Atio, IIX.
Notice is hereby given that the
approved plat of survey of township
13 sou tn, range 10 west, ha been
received from the Surveyor Gener
al of Oregon and on
Ai'Kii, 25, 1894.
at 9 o'clock a. 111. of said day .said
plat will be filed in this office and
the land therein embraced will be
subject to entry on and after that
Robkkt A., Register
I'ktkk Paqiet, Receiver.
Notary Public.
Toledo, Oregon.
RoUses A Torpid
iiAwrc A u
II "V -
March 22, 1894.
Kdilvviilo ltt'ins.
. Mr. Cookrt'll & Coiuiinv are nut -
111? nil 9 mi tin lknn r-twt nf-
ICddyville, tliey raised the frame follows: Oats 35 cents per bushel,
on the 1 6th. It is to a brom potatoes 25 to 35 cents per bushel,
handle factory, 4iul auy other fur-, onions $1.00 per bushel, butter 20
niture that may be called for in the j to 25 cets per lb., eggs 10 to 15
line of wooden ware. cents per doz., hay $8 to $10 per the 16th on ! ton- Cattle ore selling ns follows:
the other side of Jordan, at a famous I Calves $3 to $5 per head, cows $10
place known as Little Rlk, inN01 steers so,ne liule hiller-
Derrick's hall. There wore ouitc
a minit-e.- Ih Mlt..l..i,.- h:.,l
; - - - ...
wiK.iti V- vtriiw J,,n,l Tt .,
ery wel
r.itit the chin mvic band
usurped tlie place .of the string
j baud and ;he string band couldn't
j make theiv ;nusic heard and they
i left, thiiik;ur tliev were on the
1 , -, , , ,
wrong si.le ot Jordan and the soon-
r tliev K'it the belter it would be.
lliere was no damage done only
., .
I Uie escape OI gas,
:nd the most of
them riiiher disatislied with the
periininauce and lelt in good time
to get home and have a nap before
The O. P. seems to be doing the
freight .business now bclt,or than
when they run a freight. Now we
can send freigi'V every day and then
it w as only hall" as often or every
other day.
There was a dance at Wakefield's
schoolhouse at the time the sun
crossed the equator and it went off
very quiet, with about a (I07.111
couple. The weather seems a great
deal better. Nice and peasant
this morning. If it holds out the
stock will appreciate the change.
Mrs. Margarette McCaue is visit
ing her brother, C. C. Mcliride, on
Little 1.1k.
There seems to be a little more
stir among the settlers than usual,
they are stiriiig to hunt up some
money to pay taxes. Hut it seems
to be hard to find any.
Mr. Zink is visiting his relatives
on Hewitt creek; Mis, Hewitt be
ing neice of his. They made Kddy
ville a visit today, and seemed to
appreciate the nice warm weather
that has just begun.
There has been more trade of
late than usual,
Mr, Cross sold three cows for
$25 to Mr. K. D. Young. It seems
like a small price, but it is a good
price when you take into consider
ation that the money is all goiieltliose that mean to make ft home
into bonds and hid away
Nashville Notes.
Geo. Derrick, of Rock creek, is
visiting friends and relatives on the
J. W, Bryant spent several days
on Rock creek, catching salmon.
The dance at Derrick's hall the
17th of Ireland wni fine, fp whnt
there was oi It. jiul it djd not last
long, as there was so much noise
that the fiddlers fainted, After
they had been brought to life the
crowd adjourned.
Everyone has begun to get im
patient as it seems that the weather
is never going to let them sow their
Hay is getting scarce and cattle
arc beginning to look like they had
seen some winter.
There was a brush cutting given
at Mrs. Sarah Miller's Monday the
lyth, and a dance at night, good
time was bud,
There is a young man here who
is very popular in society. East
fall he began going with the ladies
of this place. But is at present
associating in the kindergarten de
partment. '
James Fowler, of Hoskins, was
in our midst the fiont of the week,
swapping yarns with the boys.
Lome again,
V. M. Owen is at this place look
ing after his cattle. Mr. Owen is
the loser of severat head.
Fred Waggoner made the remark
the of tr lay that he thought it
would rain. Fre I n a great prophet,
and we don't believe we can find
anyoiu a! will contradict his
wor-.' .
R. C. Chambeis, our tate super
visor, has been greatly annoyed by
various letters asking iiiiii to fix
certain places in the roa Is It is a
long road that has no turn, so boys
you had just as well shoulder your
j shovel aud grubbing-hoc and go to
: work.
, ...
1 Our produce market might inter-
. i- .
iesl SOlllc OI OUT readers. It IS as
i W,WP Irmu 10 .oopcr iieatl.
!llogs live
3 10 4 ccms ixr lb.
w '"CKeilS to 4..50 per dozen
Ducks $5 to $6 per dozen. Geese
$6. per dozen.
Dated March 19, 1894.
(ilon Items
Snow on the ground, prety
for this time of the year.
Jessie Holland came in from the
valley Friday and returned today.
His brother Charlie accompanied
In m as far as Big Klk.
WiJILmh Arnold Jr. went to Sa
lado today.
The Glen P. O. is almost ready to
begin business.
Quite a number of the Drift Creek
eis ivere out to the county seat last
week filing on their homesteads.
S. J. Wilhoit Jr. came over from
Salado Saturday where lie has been
employed 011 Hodges and -'Arnolds
sawmill. They are progressing very
sjowjy with it on account of the bad
The populists held a meeting at
the school house on Saturday last,
Lost, strayed, stolen, or visiting,
a young man of populistic tenden?
cies, was last seen at his koine on
Gopher Creek on last Friday evetir
ing, late; any one seeing him will
please send him home as his moth
er would like to see him.
Mr. Curler, Jr. intends taking a
claim on Drift creek. He is a son
of H. A. Curler, an old settler here.
He is lately from Wisconsin. In
behalf of the settlers ou4 resl
dents of Drift creek and vicinity,
we extend to hira a most hearty
greeting and welcome, Several
claims have been taken in this
country lately and still there is
room. Come, come one and all
that want to obtain a home without
mpjiey and without price, we want
here. Married men nreferrad.
You are most heartily welcome,
MARRIED Kiffer Arnold, at
the residence of the bride's(?)father
on Nettle creek, on Sunday, March
4, 1894, Mr. Fred 11. Kiffer to Mr.
William D. Arnold, the Rev, II.
H. Curler officiating, TUft young
couple spent their honeymoon on
Big Elk attending a dance. They
are well known in this place and
their many friends wish them
prosperous and hnppy journey over
the tempestuous sea of life.
Frank Mulvany spent last week
on the creek, leaving on Friday for
Toledo aiming to go from tlienceto
Eddyville and from there to his
former home on Big Ellc where he
is to meet his father, bti Sunday,
March 18th.
Win. Mulkey, of Big Klk, passed
through this place on Monday last,
on his way home from Toledo
where he attended the the peoples
party county convention as dvlet
gale. H. F Wilhoit, delegate from
tins place also returned Monday.
The peoples part;- is not quite dead
yet, as Coll Van C leve will be aware
in the course ol time. He calls
them anarchists 1 nd all that sort ol
thing, but we tre serene in the
belief that right ill win, regardless
of the enemies of truth.
Dated Mart! 19, 1894.
We are in rece ot of a letter from
some nieasley chump from San
Francisco who wtiuts to write us a
weekly letter, in return for which
we are to permit him to parade as
our Kjiecial correspondent, thus bc
'ng enabled to work himself into
ti c fair 011 a pass, We udmire the
fellows gall, and i,' we wasn't broke
ourselves we wo ild send him four
When our ge lial friend Capt.
Robertson writes an article for the
Newiort News he had just as well
sign his own na ne to it, as his
stylp of criss-cros'i talk is so well
known on the Bay that it is utterly
impossible for hiiu to disguise it.
11 j
rpjuilists Xominations.
1'wUowing are the state officers
nominated on the populist ticket at
Oregon City, Thursday March, 15:
For governor, Nathan Pierce.
State treasurer, R. Caldwell.
Secretary of state, Ira Wakefield.
Superintendent of public instruction
T. C. Jory, .of Salem.
Attorney general, M. J. Olmstead.
State printer, Geo. M. Orton.
Congressman, first district, Chai.
Miller; second district, Joseph
Judge first judicial district, A. B.
Prosecuting attorney, Samuel Dix:
Members of board of equalization,
second district, J. F. Amis; at
torney, J. F. Weekly. Third
district, S. R. Stott; prosecuting
attorney, C. II. Dalrymple; board
of equalization, John P. Robert
son. judge fourth district, II. N. Mc
Guire and A. S. Chute, attorney.
T. A. Wood; board of equaliza:
tion, J. C. Miller. .
Fifth district, attorney, Silas B.
L, Lacey.
Judge sixth district, Nat Hudson j
attorney, Cal. Patterson; board
or equalization, O. P. Goodall.
Seventh district, attorney, E. Pf
Stiue; board of equalization, I5f
K. Searoy.
Joint representative for Yamhill amj
Tillamook, J. F. Dyer.
Joint senator Baker and Malheur,
Will R. HiKf Morrow, Grant
and Hariwy, Geo. Gilbert.
Supreme judge, R. V. Boise.
At la o'clock the convention wa.1
wrangling over the appointment of
the executive committee.
The Senate Again.
The bringing of that sturdy old
seaman and navigator, Capt. Nate
Mevens, forward as a candidate for
joint senator has greatly rattled. -N
granny Matthews," crowd of "non N"
de pjunip". writers. They want
Capt. Winant for that place, but
they well know that, although Capt,
Winant is a royal good fellow, and,
has scores of good qualities, he will
stand no ghost of a show when
pitted against Captain Nate. A
would be smart Alec who sign$
himself "AnothorM. M.," (another
Matthews' monkey) presumes x
criticise the candidacy of Captain
Stevens. Among the other things
he criticises Capt. Stevens seaman
ship. The ideal Capt. Stevens
navigated the sea for years (ind
never anchored his ship on the high,
seas to be picked up as salvage,
He always brought his vessel into
port. And when he is nominated
and elected to the state senate, as
all signs indicate he will be, hewilj
navigate the ship of state with such
ability and integrity as will bring
here safely to port, with colors fly.
ing and anchor her in the harbor
of peace and piosperity.
The queslionsof ratifying the con
tract made by the Modoc and Kla
math Indian tribes and the Yahoo
band of Snake Indians, of Oregon,
and their agents, is pending action
by the interior department, The
contraut stipulates for services to be
rendered by latter in prosecuting the
claims of the Indian against the
United States, arising from an alleg
ed error in the survey of the out
boundaries of the Klamath reserva
tion in Oregon. It is provided that
one agent be given a commission
of 13 jer cent of lands which are
valued at $200,000 to $400,000.
Commissioner of Indian Affairs
Browning recently- recommended
a reduction of the. commission to 3
per cent. The out boundaries were
established by a survey made in
1 89 1, and, as a result oftheconten.
tion which once threatened to end
in a serious conflict between the In
dians and settlers, the land com
missioner recommended a resurvey.
The case will be decided in a few
Senator Hermann has secured in
creased appropriations for Yaquina
and Tillamook bays, and the Col
umbia and Willamette rivers.-
Newport News. How many sen.
ators does Oregon have? We had
an idea that it had but two Dolpb.
and Mitchell.
- p.
' vj
, 1
' '
i 1