Lincoln County leader. (Toledo, Lincoln County, Or.) 1893-1987, March 08, 1894, Image 3

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Highest of all in Leavening Power.
Cap and Coun In English 1'iilven.ltles.
By the regulations of both Oxford and
Cambridge universities, cap and gown are
to be worn after dark, and a proctor walks
about the streets in the evening, accom
panied by four "bulldogs," to see the regu
lation is carried out. If he meets a man
whom he thinks may be an undergraduate
without a gown, the bulldogs are nio
tionud to stop the wrongdoer, who is po
litely requested to give his name and col
lege and fined five shillings next morn
ing. At Cambridge it is the custom almost
invariably to wear cap and gown at night,
and a very sensible custom it is. At Ox
ford it is not so; usually every one but the
"Timid Freshman" despises the risk in
curred and goes without, though some
times for awhile the fashion turns, and it
becomes "the thing" to be seen in them.
Umbrellas, however, ore at Oxford always
permissible when in academical costume,
as caps and gowns are described by the au
thorities, we here being decidedly more
sensible than our sister Varsity, where
they are rigidly debarred. An Oxford
Man in London Tit-llits.
How He Fonuil Out.
There was quite a little crowd about a
young man as he stood looking with fixed
eye and deathly silence at the brick front
of Independence hall. At length the pre
occupied individual exclaimed, "I've got
it," and quickly getting some figuresdown
in his memorandum book was about start
ing off when an old man, who enrried an
umbrella that looked like a relic of the
French revolution, called out, "Say. young
in.tii, lio uir you, and what hev you bin
tryin to get through you."
The young man replied with a smile, "I
wanted to get the exact height of the state
house, and not finding any one about the
premises that could give it to me I have
secured it myself by counting every brick
and line of mortar ou the whole front of
the building, nnd having carefully nieas
hiired the thickness of a brick as well as a
space of mortar, the rest is only simple ad
dition nnd multiplication." ' "Well, du
tell!" exclaimed the man, as the crowd
laughed loud. Philadelphia Press.
Cycling Has Its Olsiidvuntiigies.
I will be honest, and confess that on
every cycle tour there are moments, or
indeed hours, and somet imes days of com
plete misery, when you would like to pitch
your machine in the nearest ditch or river
and never see it again; the road is atro
cious, the wind blows relentlessly in
your face, the raiu drenches you and
your luggage. And then comes the hour
of perfect pleasure, when between the firs
or chestnuts you coast down the moun
tain side, or in the cool of the late after
noon, as the sun sets, you follow the wind
ings of a little stream over a good road,
and you feel that lor another such interval
Ldehght you would again gladly put up
with rain and wind and mud. Elizabeth
R. Pennell in Gentlewoman.
A tjucen with a Hobby.
The queen of Italy has a peculiar hobby.
Bhe delighl in the collection of gloves,
boots and slices which have been worn by
royal ami imperial personages at different
times. Among her most cherished object
of this kind may be mentioned a pair of
white slippers and a fan that formerly be
longed to Mary Queen of Scots; also shoes
worn by Queen Anna and the Empress Jo
Kephinc. New York Herald.
Insanity in every country is more preva
lent among nnmarried than among married
lireaii made with
It makes a light, live, sweet loaf. Dealers roll
It on the manufacturers' guarantee. CLOSET
& DEVER3, Portland, Or.
FOR renovating the
entire system, eliminating
all Poisons from tieilood,
"whether of scrofulous or
malarial origin, this prep
aration has no equal. . .
uFor eighteen mcnths I had an
eating sore en my tongue. I was
treated by test local physicians,
but obtained no relief; the sore
gradually grew worse. I finally
toot S. S. S., and was entirely
cured after using a few bottles."
C. C McLemore,
Henderson, Test
TREATISE on Hleod and Skin
Diseases mailed free.
Thb Swift Sr-scme Co.,
Atlanta, Ga,
The Best
la tho
j.--.., . i .t. v i .... TVJ
f-t-Jl II 111 "F'lH UTS. mi " j . . u i m
DIRECT A hrje packet e.ich of r rf
FROM 25 ew
SunsetSeed&Plant Co.
(! H.ll Nunctf Co.) OOj: A '
Latest U. S. Gov't Report
Slog-alar Devotion of Wife and Daughter
to Chris Kvans, the Itandit.
That is plenty of romance left in
the mountains of California such as Bret
Harte found and utilized in his stories is
proved by the recent history of the efforts
made to imprison finally the notorious ban
dit, Chris Evans, for that history includes
fighting, lovemnk'mg, flights, searches, cap
tures, trials and escapes, in all of which
two women Evans' wife nnd 10-year-old
daughter have been conspicuous, says the
Xew York Sun. It was Mrs. Evans who
contrived the recent escape of her husband
from the Fresno county jail, the details of
which have Iwen widely published.
It was Mrs. Evans and her daughter who
aided in the first escape of Evans and Son
tag when the bandits were surrounded In
Evans' cottage soon after the famous Collis
train robbery in the San Joaquin valley.
Then, during the nine months in which the
two thieves defied all the efforts of the law
officers to capture them in their mountain
retreat, it was Eva Evans, the daughter,
who did the hard, fast riding over moun
tain trails when an emergency required a
swift messenger.
But at last the thieves became careless,
they were entrapped, Sontag was killed and
Evans captured, badly wounded. But in
that capture, and in every attempt made
before the successful one, Evans and Son
tag fought desperately, killing or wound
ing one or more officers in every encounter.
The crime for which they were wanted
included bloodshed. Ou the night of Aug.
8, 1S92, the express train between San Fran
cisco una Los Augeles was boarded by the
bvans-Bontag gang at Collis, a little sta
tion out on t tie plains nhout 20 miles from
Fresno. Tho invaders stopped the train,
fired a volley to intimidate the passengers.
and then, with the trainmen covered by
their guns, the robbers proceeded to blow
open the express car. Nine dynamite
bombs were used, one of them seriously in
juring the express messengers. The rob
bers secured three Clicks of gold coin and
rode away.
One of them, George Soutug, was speedily
captured, but it took nine months to cap
ture John Sontag and Chris Evans, during
which time railroad. United States, state
and county detectives, Pinkertou men,
Mohave Indians and many amateur man
hunters were actively engaged in the search,
for the rewards offered were large.
The first encounter was ou Aug. 6, four
days after the robbery. Sontag and Evans
met the posse at Chris Evans' house and
escaped to the mountain after killing Dep
uty Sheriff Heaver and wounding several
others, Ou Sept. i:t Evans and Sontag were
Burrounded in a cabin at Sampson's Flat.
In the encounter that followed Sontag was
wounded in the arm by a bullet. Deputy
United States Marshal Victor C. Wilson
and Richard Olsen, a volunteer man hunter,
were killed, and a deputy sheriff was seri
ously wounded. The thievesagaiu escaped.
There were several other minor encoun
ters, all of them occurring during the trips
of the reckless thieves into the valleys and
foothills, for the hunters gave up their at
empts to follow the robbers into themoun-
tains. One time a stage was stopped on o
mountain road, and Evans and Sontag or
dered the passengers to give accounts ol
themselves. They robbed none of them
and allowed the stage and Its passengers tc
proceed after being assured that none ol
them was a detective. Before theft final
capture they wounded four men badly and
killed three.
On Sunday, June 10, IKT'3, a deputy United
States marshal nnd posse once more stir
rounded the two men in a cabin near Vi
salia. The usual desperate battle followed,
and during it Sontag whs wounded so that
be cauld not move, anil Evans so badly that
he could only crawl. When darkness enmt
on, the bandits still held their position, nnd
Evans saw a chance to crawl aw ay. Somas
begged his companion to kill him hofort
leaving, but Evans refused. The posse then
captured Kor.tag, but Evuns escaped, lie
managed to reach the house of a woman h
believed to be a sympathizer, but wasthert
betrayed, but even when the ofiiwr caint
and Evans was lying in an upper room,
shot through both wrists and his right eye
shot out, he made terms for his surrendei
by which his wife received part of the largi
reward paid to his captors. What Mrs.
Evans received under I he terms of her
husband's surrender was spent lu caring
forthedesp 'rately wounded men.
Sontag died, but Evans recovered, and
more money was required for his defense.
Ordinary sonrces of supply failed, nud Mrs.
Evans and her daughter Evn finally went
on the snge in a lurid melodrama, depict
ing the lawless careers of Evans and Son'
tag. They made money, that mother and
daughter, and spent part of it in brans' tie
feuse, effectively, too, for he was not sen
tenced to le hanged for his various mur
ders. He was sentenced to life imprison
ment, and the women left their mimicry ol
this life to return to their real ml venture
and rescue the bandit from jail, as told in
the dispatches.
A duke timing the middle ages was Ml
independent sovereign. The first rulers
of Austria were dnkes. The titlelost Its
Idea of iudi'lielidi'lico during the reign of
l.onia XIII "f rrmic
and Distinct I jl
lor -
Thromrh Santa Clara Wheat
To a girl brought up with a belief in
the right of individual independence of
thought and action there was something
in Mrs. Randolph's practical ignoring of
that right which startled her in spite of
her new conservatism; while as the
daughter of a business man her instincts
revolted against Mrs. Randolph's un
businesslike action with the telegram,
however vulgar and unrefined she may
have begun to consider a life of business
and its connections. The result was a
certain constraint and embarrassment
in her manner which, however, had the
laudable effect of limiting Emile's at
tentions to significant glances, and was
no doubt variously interpreted by the
others. But she satisfied her conscience
by determining to make a confidence of
her sympathy to the major on the first
This she presently found when the
others were preoccupied, the major
greeting her with a somewhat careworn
face, but a voice whose habitual kind
ness was unchanged. When he had con
doled with her on the terrifying phe
nomenon that had marred her visit to the
rancho and Bhe could not help impa
tiently noticing that he, too, seemed to
have accepted his wife's theory that she
had been half deliriously frightened
he regretted that her father had not con
cluded to ctmie down to the rancho, as
his practical advice would have been
invaluable in this emergency. She was
about to eagerly explain why, when Tt
Occurred to her that Mrs. Randolph had
only given him a suppressed version of
the telegram, Bnd that she would be be
traying her or again taking sides in this
partisan divided home. With some
hesitation she at last alluded to the ac
cident to the artesian well.
Themajordidnot ask her how she had
heard of it; it was a bad business, he
thought, but it might not be a total loss.
. uo n aior may nave been only diverted I
by the shock, and might bo found again
at a lower level or in some lateral fis
sure. He had sent hurriedly for Tom
Bent that clever young engineer at the
wheat ranch who wa9 always studying
np these things with his inventions and
that was his opinion. No, Tom was not
a well digger, but it was generally known
that he had "located" one or two, and
had long ago advised the tapping of that
flow by a second boring in case of just
such an emergency. He was coming
again to-morrow. By the way, he had
asked how the young lady visitor was,
and hoped she had not been alarmed by
the earthquake.
Rose felt herself again blushing and
what was more singular, with an unex
pected and, it seemed to her, ridiculous
pleasure; although outwardly she ap
peared to ignore the civility completely.
And sue had no intention of being so
easily placated. If this young man
thought by mere perfunctory civilities to
her host to make up for his clownisliness
to her he was mistaken. Sho would let
him see it when he called to-morrow.
She quickly turned the subject by assur
ing the major of her sympathy and her
intention of sending for her futher. For
the rest of the afternoon and during their
al fresco dinner she solved the difficulty
of her strained relations with Mrs. Ran
dolph and Emile by conversing chiefly
with the major, tacitly avoiding, how
ever, any allusion to this Mr. Bent But
Mrs. Randolph was less careful.
"You don't really mean to say, major,"
she began in her dryest, grittiest man
ner, "that instead of sending to San
Francisco for some skilled master me
chanic you are going to listen to the va
garies of a conceited, half educated farm
laborer and nmploy him? You might as
well call in some of those wizards or
water witches at once." But the major,
like many other well managed husbands
who are good humoredly content to suf
fer in the sunshine of prosperity, had no
idea of doing so in adversity, and at the
prospect of being obliged to go back to
youthful struggle had recalled some of
the independence of that period. He
looked up quietly and said:
"If his conclusions are as clear and
satisfactory to-morrow as they were to
day I shall certainly try to secure his
"Then I can only say I would prefer
the water witch. He at least would not
represent a class of neighbors who have
made themselves systematically uncivil
and disagreeable to us."
"I am afraid, Josephine, we have not
tried to make ourselves particularly
agreeable to them," s.iid the major.
"If that can only be done by admit
ting their equality I prefer they should
remain uncivil. Only let it be under
stood, major, that if you choose to take
this Tom, the plowboy, to mend your
well you will at least keep him there
while he is on the property.
With what retort tho major would
have kept up this conjugal discussion,
already beginning to be awkward to the
discreet visitor, is not known, as it was
suddenly stopped by a bullet from the
rosebud lips of the ingenuous Adele,
"W hy, he s very handsome when his
face is clean, and his hands are small
and not at all hard. And he doesn't talk
the least bit queer or common."
There was a dead silence. "And pray
where did you see him, and what do you
know about his hands," asked Mrs. Ran
dolph in her most desiccated voice. "Or
has the major already presented you to
him? I shouldn t be surprised.
"No, hut," hesitated the young girl,
with a certain mouse like audacity.
"when you sent me to look after Miss
Mallory I came np to him just after he
had spoken to her, and he stopped to ask
me how we all were, and if Miss Mallory
were really frightened by the earth
quake, and he shook hands for good af
ternoon that's all."
"And who taught you to converse
with common strangers and shake bands
with them, continued Mrs. Randolph
with narrowing lips.
"Nobody, mamma, but I thought if
Miss Mallory, who is a young lady,
could speak to him so could I, who am
not out yet.
"We won't discuss this any further at
present," said Mrs. Randolph stiffly,
the major smiled grimly at Rose. "The
earthquake seems to have shaken down
in this house more than the chimneys.
It certainly had shaken all power of
sleep from the eyes of Rose when the
household at last dispersed to lie down
In their clothes on the mattresses which
had been arranged under the awnings.
She was continually starting np from
1 under her, or she seemed to be standing
on the brink ol some dreadful abyss, like
the great chasm on the grain field, when
it began to tremble and crnmbla tw
Death bar feet
endiiiW near rooming when, unable to
out distuim" longer, she managed With
occupied thesJfe? sleeping Adele, who
her, to slip oufaXScess witi
Wrapped in a thick iJSs. " rts
L 1 1-
seemed to imprison and suffocate h
the edge of the grain field, where she
could breathe the freer air beneath an
open starlit sky. There was no moon
and the darkness favored her; she had
no fears that weighed against the horror
of seclusion with hor own fancies. Be
sides, they were camping out of the house,
and if she chose to sit up or walk about
no one could think it strange.
She wished her father were here, that
she might have some of her own kin to
talk to, yet she knew not what to say to
him if he were here. She wanted some
body to sympathize with her feelings
or rather, perhaps, some one to combat
and even ridicule the uneasiness that had
lately come over her. She knew what
her father would say: "Do you want to
fro or do yon want to stay here? Do yon
ike these peoplo or do you not?" She re
membered the one or two glowing and
enthusiastic accounts she had written
him of her visit here, and felt herself
blushing again. What would he think
of Mrs. Randolph's opening and answer
ing the telegram? Wouldn't he find out
from the major if she had garbled the
sense of his dispatch?
Away to the right, in the midst of the
distant and invisible wheat field, there
was the same intermittent star, which
like a living.breathing thing seemed to di
late in glowing respiration.and which she
had seen the first night of her visit Mr.
Bent's forge. It must be nearly daylight
now. The poor fellow had been np all
night, or else was stealing this early
march on the day. She recalled Adele's
sudden enloginm of him. The first nat
ural sniilo that had como to her lips
since the earthqnako broko up her nerv
ous restraint and sent her back more like
her old elf trt CC'.tch.
But she had not proceeded far toward
the tent when she heard the sound of
low voices approaching her. It was the
major and his wife, who, like herself,
had evidently been unable to sleep and
were up betimes. A new instinct of bo
cretiveness, which sho felt was partly
the effect of her artificial surroundings,
checked her first natural instinct to call
to thorn, nnd sho drew back deeper in
the shadow to let them pass. But to her
great discomfiture tho major in a con
versational emphasis stopped directly
in front of her.
"You are wrong, I tell you, a thou
sand times wrong. Tho girl is simply
npset by this earthquake. It's a great
pity her father didn't como instead of
telegraphing. And, by Jove, rather than
hear nny more of this I'll send for hini
myself," said tho major, in an energotic
but suppressed voice.
And the girl won t thank you, and
you'll be a fool for your pains," returned
Mrs. Randolph with dry persistency.
But according to your own ideas of
propriety Mallory ought to be the first
one to bo consulted and by me too."
"Aotin this case. Of course, before
any actual engagement is on you can
speak of Emile's attentions."
"But suppose Mallory has other vieWB?
Suppose he declines the honor? The man
is no fool."
"Thank yon! But for that very rea
son ho must. Listen to ne, major; if
he doesn't care to pleaso his daughter
for her own sake ho will have to do so
for the sako of decency. Yes, I tell you,
Bhe has thoroughly compromised herself
quito enough, if it is ever known, to
spoil any other engagement hor father
may make. Why, ask Adelol The day
of the earthquake she absolutely had the
audacity to Beud him out of tho room
upstairs into yonr study for her fan.
and then follow him up there alonel
Tho servants know it, I know it, for 1
was in her room at the time with Father
Antonio. The earthquake made it plain
to everybody. Decline it nol Mr.
Mallory will think twice about it before
he does that What's that? who's
There was a sudden rustle in the
bushes like the passage of Bouie fright
ened animal and then all was still
Ito ooimKniDl
A Sailor Who lloba Up Serenely From All
Klnda of Accldente.
The Bucksport correspondent of the Ban
gor News tells of a sailor hailing from that
town whose thrilling adventure and hair
breadth escuH-s would fill a volume, lie Is
known to fame as George A. Jordan. lie
has fallen overlioanl, lcen thrown over
board anil jumped overboard. He lias fall
en from the mainmast head, foremast bead,
mizzenmast head and down the hatch times
innumerable. He has been caught in the
main sheet, knocked senseless hy thrashing
blocks and first mates and picked up for
dead on 27 different occasions. He has been
slashed up in fights ashore and jammed up
in the dock, has been wrecked a dozen
times and has flouted without food or water
for a week or more on several occasions.
When skipper of the banker J, J. Cowell,
on the (J rand Bunks, his cable was caught
by a whale, and the vessel was towed for
several hours at lightning speed, with the
bow almost under water.
In spite of all these little incidents Jor
dan is still tough and hearty and furnish
es interesting newspaper Items occasional
Jy. ljutt fall he was mate of the schooner
Waterloo, was knocked overboard by the
uoomunu was in ine water some lime witQ'
out support till the vessel could come about
and tuck luai up. His lust encape occurred
at I lock land on a recent Sunday. The
crew of the schooner I'earl had a drunken
carousal during the absence of the captain
and in some way set the vessel on fire, Jor
dan was one of the craw, and with bis
clothes on fire was ou the point of jumping
overboard when be was captured and the
Ore extinguished. He will be on deck
again soon, ready for more adventures.
Centers of Crlms.
The most notorious crooks at the present
writing are produced by the llalkau states,
and the police of all civilized countries,
pecially Germany and Austria, watch with
terror the influx of thieves, burglars and
crooks of all kind that are wending their
way westward from Servia, Bulgaria and
Bohemia. Bucharest is known today as
the greatest den of swindlers In the world
Kven the great American centers cannot
bold a cand'e to liutuareht. It is the exit.
so to speak, the initiative station, for the
crooks of the Balkan states from where
they travel westward to Vienna, Berlin,
I'arit, London, Borne and New York. The
international criminal profession is recruit
ed through a large contingent of ' :euii
civilized element of the Balkan peninsula.
which Is still further Increased by what '
comes from Kuasia and Galicia. The inter-
national pickDocket art lslnKurope at least, i
almost entirely carried ou by Roumanians, I
Servians, Bulgarlaus, Kuanians and Gali
ciana. They outrank in cleverness the onos
worid famous English and American pro
fessionals In that Una,
Is more to tw dretded thnn n open nd visible
one. Tht tubttle and lu'king toe, which under
.i ....i. nBm. r.i tn.l.rt. mRnlfciu Itself.
wheu II cmtche wi in Us tenacious rP. In the
vtioiu tormi ot chilli na rever, duiuu.
tent.duaibiiitueor ue cuke, oin only be enect-r
iihIIv (!Hrded aealiut by fortifying the sysief
ngcaiiist its in.iiiioiw attacks wt n Hoatet
Slimiach Bitlers, a thorough antidote Xl?
poison of miasma 111 the system andasi1
-.,Tr tn'nou auc aviv -
i. V'"m with quinine, and f
h.ltKw. W111y MLohJeetl
?.",'?.r. m",, Meaclous thai'
oie '"iers lor ajw,wia, bill'
tion, kidney coiiiiiUIhu and
PudeMy anccstaws ca
Dower, don t you know.
Publio men are cc
ger arising froi'r
perature ; son,'
sometimes thei
Henry Thorny
Y. SI. 0. A.. w:
Strand, London,
' I desire to beaiV:.
value of Allcoi'k'4 ',
have used them for
side arising from
causes never without.
their application. T
and verv comforting:
am in public work whiC
ure to sudden chamre1
will do well to keep a supl
Porops I'labtkbs in theirs
rH.N PRETll 8 1 ILLS act UPOll the v
When a friend turns out not to lie
a trump
then is Hie time to discard him.
For throat diseases and couurhs "Rram'i
Bronchial Trnrhrt." like all other renllu aim!
things, are Imitated, and purchasers should
ue careiui to otmitn me genuine artiole pre
pared by John I, Kkowk A Sons.
There Is more life In one Brain of wheat than
there Is lu a bushel of chad.
One Tuerk Water Motor, new. that will
develop from 10 to 15-horae power; can be
uwi at a saonnce ny addressing
1'almkii A Key,
i'uriiaiiu, wr.
Statu of Oh io, Citv or Toledo,
Kit ANK J. CIIKNKY makes oath that hi. Is 11...
senior partner of the Arm of K. J. I'uknkv A
( o., noma business In the eitv ol Toledo, eonii-
ty and Btsle aforesaid, and that aiiid firm will
pay the sum of OXK HI NIIKKD DOLLARS for
eiu h and every case of catarrh that cannot be
cured by the useol Hall's Catarrh (Tkk.
Hsrorn to iH'forc mo and subscribed in my
presence this tith day of December, A. I. Isstl.
lKAL.) A. W. Ul.KAMON,
, , ' .Vefurv f'nMfe.
Hall's Catarrh euro la taken internally, and
acta dlroctly ou the blood and mucous surfaces
of tua system. Send for testimonials, freo.
Toledo, O.
19" sold hy drugltisU; 7.' cents.
Sire, 33x48 Inside bearers; table distribu
tion; bed springs; will print nine-column
folio or Bix-column quarto; a splendid all
round press for country olllce; fur sale
cheap; guaranteed In order. Address
Falsi kh it ltsy,
Portland, Or.
Das InamellueStoT Polish; no dust, no smell.
Tbt Omni a for breakfast.
Only a Step
from Weak Lungs to Con
sumption, from Depleted
Blood to Anaemia, from Dis
eased Blood to Scrofula,from
Loss of Flesh to Illness.
MMiiimi mum in mi i wuumimm
the Cream of Cod-liver Oil,
prevents this step from being
taken and restores Health.
Physicians, the world over, en
dorse It.
Don't be deceived by Substitutes!
Pn.r, .1 hi Krntl a llnsne. N. V. A I Orunlats.
I used Auctist Flower for T-om of
vuaiuy ana general debility. Alter
taking two bottles I gained 69 lbs.
I have sold more of your August
Flower since I have hren In ritminesa
than any other medicine I ever kept.
wr. reier iinvuie says lie was made
a new man by the use of August
riower, rccommenaea by me. 1
have hundreds tell me that August
Flower has done them more good
than any other medicine they ever
.. .. sir . c i,
Mason Co., Ky. i
MRS. WINSLOWS sos7p.huVho
raraalakrall UsamtsU. a Uaata a kattla.
ff.n't t...e tvH
Klin FTDrt!3r4
Admiral Cigar
hPPy. '
Smoke the
ttea and be
was A
second b
before I whs tTxV,
now finished ltt tn'V
aud well. 1 slm 1 alw n j
parll'a." E. Ikkna H aiv
Hood's Pliis a-e prv
eay in aeiiotl SO'.l ny all
ll.OUpor Bottle?
On cant a dues.
Trm Gami rntmn
where all others fall, Couf hi, Croup, Sort
1 nroat, tloars.nssa, Wbaoplng Cough and
Asthma. For Consumption It has no rival:
has cured thousands, and will otisa Ton If
taken In time. Bold by Pnigglst on a g-uar
antse. For a Lame Rack or Chest, use
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teeUtocurojou. PriocfiOottv lujeoturfro.
Hclting, Pucking and Hose, Hoots and
SIioch, KiiMicr ond Oil Clothing,
Druggists' Rubber Goods,
Goodyear Rubber Co,
73 aud 7fl rirat 81., Portland, Or,
Write lor catalogue ntix.
I rl 1 1 dcvoioiM the whole hihii. hoiil.
i'hKt, U'Kfl, pro)Htrtlonululy,
VA-f rUMUt'Hl llHrrllttlUs
IHshop Scott Academy,
Portland, Or., Is a military school
tindi-r govi-rnmeiit com ml. Htrlctly
high-class In every particular. Willi
for c.atiilngiiu, Hpilug term begins
rnruury u.
Free by MaM
un receipt of oa
A Whole Garden.
Ij-t ns irail you our Illustrated Cstaliiaus w' li'li
will tvll you all alxnit It. Xmi.nt Maoil .i.ri I
). iHlmrwiMHt Hall Nursa y Co.i, 4'iJ i-siimiiu
r vi, nan r reiiciauo. runs u-u Heeds a specialty.
for Catarrh, Dwif nmw,?ol(tii, RoroThnrnt,
JitamniiMU, 1 1 fin I a? hr), fcj'M.i, Hlckunliiu
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thus making !!
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who can furnish a horse and travel thriuiah ilu.
viFumrj, ii-am,inouKii,is noi necessary; a few
TS...1H1US in lowns ana eitnsi; sistre hours inn)
be u-cd to good advantage. It. K. Jiiiiubon A
vu., nut suu nam siriwu, Kicninonu, Va.
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Ilust makes. Low prices. uu puy
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Klpou, California.
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Off JO SPrmasi.ulmir. Frli-S ftTw.
ff asaaiW et siaii ir. vossaao, i-iuiaieia, re
N. P. N. W, No. 634-H. K. N. IJ. No. 11
Chickens are easily and successfully
raueo. oy asing tne Petaluma In
pubatora and Brooders. Our li
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We ere fulflckut Headiiuarten for Bone end CloTerCuttere, Mark
re, bofke. Camlilug Toole, KoHiiUlne, Flood ' Roup Cure, Mnrrla
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article reoulreo by poHllrjr ralaere. ik the merhlnee in otN-ra
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oatrlcbee and ell klnda of ruv: CaUloff ue free; If yr,u want tt. writ
11 lias O BT TT A I 1 1 ALA AV Ismiink amX an
iw jas 7D 70S Halu street, f euiluma, Cel.
stiisr ssi ssskti narny urcnard, ilardeu and ln Mirseiy hiim-k.
Advantages for beginners: advancement; permanent. Otrrm
' Name tblspaiair. BROWN SR0S. G0..Orsgoiiia:i bldg, Portland.Dr.
- 1 , The AdmtrVV:f cite'
lifce best; -.'V;-'
Cures BrUrht'sJ
tun lion ol Urine,.
Hide. 1
wan s
Cure Intemperance, MajfTouaTU'.
uouiiuv, remaie nearness ana &xc
Curos Biliousness. Headache, Jaundice, Hour
Stomach, Dyspepsia, Constipation aud Piles. .
IV s N AT ONIIK oil the K Idnrvs
and Hawsls, restoring them to a lit
Hon, and 'l tlt.H when all othnr medicine)
fall. Hundreds hare been saved who have beat
I given ap to die by friends and physicians.
atH.II MV AM. Ill lit; I XI
v - ....
a Hi'goiriu iron-
I Scrofula, Rhsnmatism.
Silt Rheum, Neuralgia
tod All Other Blood and Skin Diseases.
t is a positive enre tor all those
eateooniplsluuanduuinplicauiil (rouhlaa and
weaknesses common among our wives, mothers
and daiightcrs
TheerTuot Is Immediate and lasting. Two or
three doses ot Da. Fsaiiag's Kan guv taken dally
seeps wis uiood cool, tne liver and kldncye act
ive, and will entlrelveradlcalji frnm Lh
all traces of Hcrnfula, Halt Uheum, or any olbw
no medicine ever Introduced In this country
aa met with auch reailv aaui. imr wivim .m h
naameiwun aucn ready sale, nor given aiic
aiiiveraal saiiataction wueuever used
ail as tual ol
UK. rsausss HEMIOT.
This remedy has been nsed In the hosplmlt -
throughout the old world for the past twenty.
nve rears ss a specido lor Uie sihiys diseases,
and It hsssnd will curs whan all other o-e. 11, d -
remedies fall.
Send lor pamphlet of testlmouUII from lUe-s - '
who have been cured by lu use. I'lugginu n 'I
It at 11.00 per bottle. Try It and be uiiivlneo.,.
tot sale by
B and II front St.. Ban Frnnrw -iV'Jr--
,. :.j
One celebrated timk Wale. Vletawf-nesv-j
Wlllrlevclrip Ifl'to Ib-hurae ismor. VNsterls ilia-
beat and cliespesl iKiwnr to use. and lha"Ti-a.r
Is the best and c-beapest motor In the lnii
mil ue sum ai a BHi'iiuee. Aildress t
f ALMKK at H.V, I'ortland.Ot
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-iTt'UliS rel- . TrBiJ
eUreuaat Bulldlna,
imm i is. ltt (;i;"
Ineerfwraiel Capiul snl Surplus, ll,000.0f'
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Heat How r lor Irrlgalle
I'aluier At Hey, e. K., Cat A l'-J'' -
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