Lincoln County leader. (Toledo, Lincoln County, Or.) 1893-1987, February 15, 1894, Image 1

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    il T 1 .1 ...
jxoucuiutr mat tnis.paper
is the only one in Lincoln
or Benton county that has
the courage to stand for
The lkadkr should be
read by every tax-payer of
Lincoln County. It will
cost you but $1.50 a year.
tw ' $j & 2 2 h -1 Q v
i the common people.
wamva corvrr.
joint Senntor
(entity Judge
i Icrk
School bupermtendent
- C. B. Crosno
D. P. Blue
B. Y. Jones
George Lamlis
Henry Der.linirer
t'has. Booth
UB. Giileou
T. E. i'arker
Jas. Russell
J. O. Stearns
M. L. Trai-p
Justice of the Peace
J. A. Hall
A. E. Altree
services will be held under the ausi.lees of
iuu lueiuouisi npiseopai i nuron as follows
i lrst Sunday of each mouth at Elk lltr School
""S ' l "d ' 1- '". Second' Sundav
at Toledo, in Old School House, at 11 a. ni and
7 p. in., Song services begins at ti:Si 11 m
4 hird Sunday at the M. E. Church, Newivrt, at
n,'-.?n1 1 P- m- Fourth Sunday at Yamuna
school House, at 11 a. m.i at Mill Four at S p
in. All are cordially invited to attend.
A. L. HAW LEY, Pastor,
Address, Toledo, Oregon.
ipIRST BAPTISTS.-Meet everv first Sundav
f. in each month, a 11 a. m. and also on the
Idaturday preceding the above Sundav, at 2 u
ai., in the Toledo Public Hall. L. i. Butler
Resident Pastor. -"
ST. JOHN'S CHURCH JProtestent Episcopal.
Divine service the third Sundav of everv
pionth. at 11 a. m. All are invited to attend,
iteyt. C'Uas. Booth, Missionary. Residence,
I'Kertory," Newport, Or.
Io. O. I--. Toledo Lodge, No. ids,
every Friday evening at their hall 1
i this
iENos Arnold, Sec'y.
J. S. Oaither, x.g.
f O. G. T. Meets every Thursdav evening,
7::50 o'clock, in Orach 's hall, this' town, A
Hawley, c. T. R. E. Collins, Secretary.
v a. anu 1. u. loiedo I nion. .No. Meets
every pauirany evening. So'clock. in (iradv's
pall In this town. All members requestcd'tn
(.iiiiw. j. 1, nvciici, 1 iiuit;iii;j.j, lunuue,
to. O. F. Bay Lodge No. llii, of Yaiinina Citv,
meets everv Saturdav nveninw viuiti,iU
ijrqthersare always welcome.
t.. burrows, secretary.
. X. STAKK, X. G.
TO. O. F. Newport Lodse No. SI. meets every
. Saturday evening. vinitfnK brothers are cor-
ilially invited to attend, Cvttus Dixon,
I. L. Smith, Secretary. X. G.
4 r. Js A. M, Newport Loci ire Xo. .", rcuular
"-convocation oi Saturday on or before each
fun moon. visum? lirotners are cordially
poii-iiiuciu. ,,A3. II. UCJ1.L. 1 . Jl.
Jas. RoBKRTfsON, Secy. 1
11 a. n.-i'nii nerinan rust No. im, meets
" every second and fourth I hursday evening.
Geo. Syi.vestk'u, Com.
R. A. Bessei.i., Adjt. Vwjle,
Corvallls, Oregon
T.J Buforct, Prop.
Charges Reasonable.
Justice of the Peace
l oleclo, Oregont
Beeds, Mortiraires, and all kinds of legal papers
executed with correctness, careful attention
given to all business entrusted to niy care.
jr. c. sinjPAim,
Residence, Stanford, Oregon.
Business in any court in Lincoln
County promptly and carefully at
tended to.
Toledo, Lincoln County, Oregon.
Collection., Con veiimicing,
and Court Practice
Kefers tv permission to Ex-Gov. J. S. Pillsburv,
1". H. Senator W. D. Washbnrn, (ien. John I'.
rlea, Kx-Comniander-iu-( hief G. A. R., Min
neaiiolls. Minn., Hon. Martin F. Morris and J.
J. Iiarliugton. Es., Washlueton, r. C.. Schiiy.
lor liuryea, Chief (",erk I'atent office, Fairfax
County, Va., and Rev. chaa. Booth, Newport,
The Mi hi
Oregon Paoifio Railroad.
E. V
I.lue-0,ulck r)istch-L(.w
iieiween Willamette Vallajr points anfl San
Uavoa San Francisco November 5th, Hth and
iiPl, 1..
Leave. Va julna Norember 9th, l.'ih and ith.
And atmnt every ten clavs thereafter.
This ( ompanv reserves the right lo change
lung dates without notice.
'ily service between Portland and Sclera aDd
l'pr Willamette rive- points.
We are now Closing out at Cost our
In order to make room for
Which will arrive early in March.
This is no humbug; WE
Men's and Boys' Overcoats at Cost.
" Suits at Cost.
" " Boots and Slioes at Cost.
Mackintoshes and Gum Wear at Cost.
Ladies' Wraps and Jackets at and below
" Dress Goods at Cost.
" Hosiery and Underwear at Cost.
Ladies' and Children's Shoes at Cost.
Don't send away for your Goods and have other
people select them for
your own Goods and
Guarantee your Satisfaction.
ior I3rownsville "Woolen
Mills Goods.
and Fits Guaranteed.
C. B. CROSNO fc go.,
Heal Estate Agents and Matters,
Farm Lands, Tide Lands, Coal Lands, Town
Property in single Lots or Blocks
Abstrct of Title to any property in Lincoln County
The l'lace to get your
Knt nil kinds of
f flTTrice and Work Satisfactory
Toledo, Lincoln County, Oregon, Thursday,
you. Come and select
we will
Measures taken
on demand,
The Alsca House
11aitljorf, Lincoln Count if,
(treton .
Headquarters for politicians, tour
ists, hunters and the public.
Comfort, cleanliness and good grub
at low rales, our motto,
Feed stable and saddle ponies.
Wm. R. Wakei'iuld, Prop.
rKoPHirriK or
Toledo Meat Market,
Fresh and Cured Meat
Toledo, - - Oregon.
Will practice in Justice, County
and Circuit Courts of
Lincoln County.
Sollelt rorrcMrtiiidenca.
full" irred.
Nu chartrei anient
Furs Wicss d L::::r;.
Fresh beer on draft.
SORT. Toledo,
Notioe for Publication.
Land urhceat Oregon City, Oregon. r
January 1'.. i
!'ffi!R&iK3 toSSEIMR. KmTORjI find in the last!
: uonioniacetiimi prot In support oi his claim
I and that -aid pr.n.( will In- made twiore the
.'iin. ivi. hi i.iiiv.iii riuu ai ioumo. lire
goli. on Man'h 1. vM. vil
Marina Huut. H. K. No. Ittl
for the norths t '4 of jeetlon 14. town 11 south
ranee it et.
II.. nnn.tli. f.. II.. u-lt.....- ... vi
continuum rvs.ileiice uin am) enllivalion of, j that article, and 1 tiltllk that I Will
aul lantl. vi: J Zmnwalt, M. J. Allphln. ,
m. l.awremt, wm. nai.iu. all ot l ime Km. , nave to iiive a uescriiition of the
Oregon. I .
KOIIEKT A. Mil l KK. j 111311 ltl sllOl t CI SOCil l)V VOlir lllllll
Uegister. ! , . ..-'. .
j Me servant. In the first place he
j is a rather portly man with a florid
Administrator's Notice, complexion, hair silvered with
''ofX'-nr''0""0' Ll"coln ,'ol,1"-- s,",jRrttv, t'.at is what L loft of il since
lsPurStm the softcins of the brain set in, or
ISaShe'lJeoYVvler V clse republican lobbyist
PtlS '1'e poor old
e:)r the verKo of insanity nn.l
in six mouths iroin the dale of this notice: ami
all iiersons in.lebted to said estate are uotiiied
to settle the same iinniediatelv.
Hate.1 at Toledo. Oremm. Ihii -llih ,lv.f Iw.
Cllllier, ItSlt. A. II. I.I VSN.
Notice for Publication.
I.ainl (Mtlt'tf at Oiriron cttv. tlrotton.i
Fol'riiarv 1I."SM. (
X'OTIl'K Is tli'ipliy uivi'il that the tllo Inir
naii:o't !o:tlor lias liltnl luHire i his iuti'ii
ttnll to makrlinal iiroof hi 8l.M.rt oi hl t-latni,
ami thai sai l proi.f will lio niailo In loro t ho
t i.iinty Clprk of l.iniMln Tilo.ln. dto
(toll, on Mtin'h -.M. lsit, viz:
Klraurr llhna.lri, H. K. No. J.OAH,
for the S4HHh ot inNrlhvost i , sei'iion U' aiul
oulheast i, ut norlhcast 4 of soi'tlon 11. ion n
II tmnh Tnii"i II . pl
He naiiu's th' tollowlnir wltm ss s to iimvc
hiseontinuoii ri'sl.leiiiH' upon anil (MiltiMition
ot siii-i lim.i. vi: .1. . I'arrish. Alnnro Inui
ilen, lii'o. A. Ijiinlis ami A. .1. liailer, all of 1'ole
do, Orj(tim. l;ur.;UT A. Mil, ll.nisi.r
Type Writer.
t-5rtum b,l' ,ht1 "i' i- Tvrt: wiiiTKu
pSJ with 7H t'tiHrHflur, ami f .. fur lht si S.
til K CASK olHil.l.. wHrrnnti'il to do
InMtor work ihtm tutv maehim niuti
It cniiiliinoK stiiii'lieity will, (liuitllU(y,sootl
ene hi HiterHtinii, ut'iint loniror u ulum't imi of
n'imir-limn nv ..t h(r in-niiu. IIhh 110 Ink
riltWm to linthcr t h oKriit(.r. It In urn!, mili-
MHIlttHi. Ilii-kll-l U:tMl, jHTftM't, mill Hltltttl to
Hll kinds of lyjH' w iiiintr. Liken priming rv,
It producpH shHri, -U nu, li'irtMu inmuiMTiiitn.
Two or ten euH' "tin le made nt mo wrhhiK.
Any luU'lligoii' i ir'ii en 11 leeoiiu an oterahr
in two duvH. We 4.1V1T I.UKt to nuv oiHraUr
whocan vqunl thew.nii of Hie t'ASK
KeliaMe Audit' itmlSBKiiiep Majitt'd tw
inl imtticomt'iits t lt-ali rs. ;
r raiii)ihlet ifivliiK lidorMMiientit, oto., d
drt'f! I
Odell Type Writer Co.
&IK-3M Dearborn '. CIIICAOO. II. I,
Notary Public
Toledo, - Oregon.
Notice, is hereby given that the
apprqved plat of survey of Township
12 bourn ot Kauge 10 West lias
been received from the Surveyor
Oeneral ol Oregon and on
March 12, l!i,
at 9 o'clock a. ru. of said day said
plat will be filed in this office and
the land therein embraced will be
subject to entry on and after said
Rohi'.kt A., Register.
I'ETKR I'aqi kt, Receiver.
Notice is hereby given that for
the purpose of making an examina
tion of all persona w ho may offer
themselver as candidates foi teach
ers of the schools of Lincoln county,
the county school superintendent
thereof will hoi 1 a public examina
tion, at Newport, on Wednesday,
February 14, 1894, commencing at
one o'clock p. m.
Dated at Newport, this 30th, day
of January, 1X94. Cmas. IJootic.
County School Sujierintendent,
Lincoln county, Oregon. t-v,
Fiinns for Suit'.
I have several farms, both culti
vated and uncultivated, for sale in
tracts ol 40 acres and upwards.
These lands are adapted to fruit,
vegetable and shet p culture, Will
be sold very cheap and on reason
able terms. Air one desirine to
purchase such lai: !s will do well to
call on or address
M. J. Ai i.mii.v,
tf. Lilt'.- Klk, Oregon.
No More Mack Ache
i ..not
r 1 J
Feb. u, 1894.
Toledo, Ore-' on. Feb. 10. iSui.
. . , .
. Newport News ail article written
an article written
'(by a person signing himself " Amer-'
icus. I think that I know the
poor old deluded, person who wrote
lie has ttlllltH it out ill his rivitiixs
huii..i u ihh hi him T.1 llio,.
"Cllperv Pli irt.v " ill,.,l
Vlur. Harit , .SO-I..U1UI,
nevpr iv.m n l'ree.tri,l,.r nn.l u t
. '
lieinp; seedy I am not like the turtle,
carry all my wealth on my back.
Now if my memory is not gone
astray I think we told the Siamese
twin's, that is the deino-rcpiiblican
party, that the financial question of
more importance to the masses than
the tariff, and we believe that when
the people have to go dow n in their
pocKets mi uitMi laws ;inu pay on
their mortgages they will see where
the finance question comes in.
.now i see no w ay mji oi our pres
ent trouble than for the novernors
of every suite to issue scrip enough
to put every idle man to work, and
wtrk them on our roads, or any
other works where the public would
derive a benefit. If you have any
tiling belter to oiler dijj cheery
Now Mr. Asparagus, or whoever
you are, I will give ou an illustra
tiou of the tariff as seen by my eyes
today: My wile owns u sheep
ranch, and I have a line dog. I
have to have meat for my dog and
we will call that big bone of meat
the tariff bone. My wile takes it
into her head lo raise a litter of
cats, She says to me one morning,
'Charley, my cats are ypung, they
must be protected. We will give
them a part of the dog's meat whie
they are young," and from that day
to this Unit family has been gnaw
ing at that poor old dog's bone lui
til they have got it all consumed,
and the consequence is that the
poor old dog has got so thin anil
starved that he can hardly go after
sheep. So one morning I told him
there would be a change of cooks,
ami I thought that he would fare
better at night, So when night
came and he came home tired and
worn out, he beheld a big bone in
his dish, How he wagged his tail
and smiled with the thought of a
good supper. He went up to ut
bone and snielled of it. Nothing
there, went back with tears in his
eyes; so hungry ; went up again
and licked it, nothing there; set
down in dispair; went again, there
must be some gristle there; nary n
gristle, and the poor dog lay down
to die. My wife came out and see
ing the situation and says: "I
have protected him near'y to death
through feeding my cats, give him
some tlun soup which may help
him. See?
C. A. Dick,
Hl tllDU ItH'llltl
The ftillowing is a stiuunary of
the weathe r for the month of Janu
ary, ns taken at the observing sta
tion at Toledo, Oregon 1
Klevalion above sea level 40 feet;
mean temjieraturc 51; maximum
temperature 57, date 14th; mini
mum teinterattire 27, date 4th;
mean of maximum temperature,
50.5; mean of minimum tempera
ture 36; number of times minimum
temperatuer 32 degrees or llow,
8. Total precipitation 1 1.7 inches-
Total depth of unmelled snowfall,
I.I. Prevailing direction of wind
south; total movement of wind 30
miles. Number of cloudless days
4: number of partly cloudy days 5;
number of tluiidy days 4; numljcr
of dav on which .01 of rain orsnow
fell 19. Dates on which hail fell
16; days on which snow fell
dates of thunderstorms, 16th and
r L T,l hht fr"M 7' 8 9' '7
26, 28, ,V'th.
Dx. H
( )bserver.
. can't foot its own 1 ills.
Receiver Clark has paid all the:. ....
excuses of his receivership out of!
tne earnings of tfie road. This has ,
been done withous seriously reduc-
ing tne service -m tire road. It is ,
very commendable showing,
11 itt Crppk Items.
Cold weather 4ml snow.
Mr- John Arnold and George
llv"" "l i,lllm,S 111
i u,J,. ... ,(
"OflgtS " - ' WOTn.
S;UV n,i11 nt Hodges' place, on
1 1J,K
Miss. Hattic Hums, of Toledo, is
visiting with Mrs. Henshaw.
, On the second of this month, as
Albert Watkins was preparing sup
per, he heard a noise and looked
out and there stood about thirty of
the neighbors drawn up in line be
fore his door. He no doubt would
have run, but it was too late. They
all came in and took posessioti of
his house. Mr. Watkins, though
completely surpiised, soon re
covered himself. The house was
stripped of all unnecessary' furniture
and soon music and dancing was
heard. At eleven o'clock a de
licious fpflst was spread, which
every one enjoyed very much.
Hut the bachelors quite forgot them
selves and did not bring any free
wool gems. Alter all were re
freshed the dancing was resumed
and kept up until dav light,. All
are willing to admit that this is the
gltllllll-Xl all.tll IIUII 1111.1 UMI l,IK
place on Drift Creek.
We glory in the spunk of the
editor of the Lk wkk, and think
every citizen in Lincoln county
should read his, paper.
Dated Feb. 10, 18114.
(.'hit wood Chips.
There is not much news ut pies-;
Some are chewing tobacco uiul
spitting politics.
The people's party nil want of
fice, ami are sorry that there is not
n place for nil, I don't see why
we can't have twenty-five sheriffs,
clerks and county judges and fifty
poiumissioners so we could all have
a chance.
Well the weather has changed
and, oh, what a change, snow last
week three inches deep, but to:day
it is going fast aid vjll soon be
gone, then we will look for the
next change. If times get better
so it could cet the chancre we
might have better weather.
John Cooley, of Siding One, paid
our place a visit a short time ago,
the guest of Uncle Jimmy Chitwood.
Come again John.
A, L. McFadden was up lost
week, looking after his chances for
the county judgeship, We hope
he will have a fair trial and get
justice, but he might not be satis
fied at that, It don't look like the
lemocrats and republicans are go
ing to raise the color here for 1894.
Now Mr. editor can't you and
the other editor stop iiuarling? If
you don't believe what each other
say how do you think the county
folks con believe either of you, -
Ilnilan No) 'H.
are having some
weather now,
J. Harlan is talking about mov
ing out of I5ig Ivlk in the Spring.
Good luck for Jim.
Hen Young, son of Milton Young,
met with a sad accident last Fri
day. He went to take the gun out
of the wagon and it discharged and
shot his right hand and took a
piece of his car.
A little snow here last Friday,
Church at the Harlan school
house a week from Sunday,
The minister and his family will
move on Dig Klk some time in
March. Hurrah for lllg Ivlk.
Nevv scarce.
M.'SM Foktunk.
Pool Hon; h Pulls.
The oyster trade is broken up,
and the oyster com any bhut down.
White and Rodd still hold the
fresh oyster trade ct this place,
Jack Vigntw ha been doing con-
siiierubie miprovin;: on bu
preparing for card mlag, 'We will
all ha, to da like him, ami go to
work and not dept nd on the Ore
gon Pacific railroa-' to help us. It
1,lcre were ,K,,:l 35 men wait-
lnK or Jou wiien tne steamer got
in, but when she come she only
emrdoved four men to !
six to load, so there were 39 men
Number 50.
who did not get work.
Cap Maloney still keeps salting
his lead mine. He says ducks are
poor but good all the same.
T. Huntsucker says the deer otj
the Alsea are wild for he has made '
several trips and has not none yet.
He can see them but dare not
We had a nice little snow on the
Slough the first of the week. The
boys and girls exercised themselves,
throwing stipvbnlls.
John Towers says that he is,
afraid that there wont be candi
dates to fill the offices pf Lincoln
county by the way they stacked up,
in last week's Lkadkr.
A San Francisco dispatch of the,
nth says: Sheriff McDade was,
served with notice yesterday by
Page & Kells, representing the Ore,
gon Pacific Railroad Company and
the Willamette Valley Railroad
Company, to the effect that the
company would hold him responsi-.
ble for the detention of the steamer
Willamette Valley, The steamet
was attached by the sheriff about a
mouth ago for $14,000, on proceed-,
ings being instituted in the superior
court by W. O, Swiunerton, who,
held a number of assigned claims,
Keepers were placed in charge ol
thp stenmer and she has been de
tained in port ever since. Now.
comes the railroad company with
notice to nuke the sheriff responsi
ble for all resulting damages. The
notices states that the railroad
company, in consideration of the,
payment of the bonded indebtedness
of the road, executed to the Far:
niers' Loan & Trust Company a,
mortgage for$ 15, 000,000. The sher-t
iff was served with a certified copy
of this mortgage, together with a
notification that a receiver named
Charles Clark had been appointed.
The receiver was appointed before
the attachment proceedings were
brought in this city. Sheriff Mcr
Dade does npt like his position very
well, but under the law he had no
other course to pursue, as if he had
refused to have made the original
attachment of Swiunerton, he would
have been responsible for $14,000,
by allowing the steamer to depart.
1 here was nothing left for him to
do but to detain the steamer. The
question to be decided is whether
the admiralty laws in the United
States courts take precedence over
state law, and the sheriff said yes
terday he desired the courts to set
tle the question as quickly as possi
Tho Silver QinHtion.
An exchange aptly illustrates,
the silver question and coiifidencci
"See here, Dut,cliy, I think yon
have made a mistake. You. didnt
give me as much sugar for my
dollar as you did that hay-seed."
"Veil, Mr. editor, I yust told
you how dot vas, Dot hay-seed
say his dollar vas honest; you say
silver is von dishonest dollar, and
not vort more ash 57 cents, so I gij
you yust as much sugar ash. you,
dell me in your paper dot dollar vas;
vort. See?"
"Oh, come off. My silver dollar "
passes for 100 cente every-where,
Here, give me the rest of my
"Veil, vot you tell beople dot
dollar only vort 57 cents?"
"Oh, that is politics, you know, ,
The dollar Is all right."
"You yust pick up dot sugar and
gitl Ov you tolt me does lies "to
fool beople, does boliticks vas all
"See here, Dutchy, if 'you have
confidence in the silver dollar, it
will go all right."
"Veil, If you yust have gonfl.
deuce in dot sugar it go for you -dollar's
vort.., You get Sui o' here
or I vissel up my big )gj ntul be '
make you git home guick like yon-
say buack Komnson." Uutler
County Press,
A large ocean swell came in at
the mouth of the river Mondnv
that reached Florence, five miles
inland, and ulthough the tide was
ebbing, the river raised over four
leet and the rush of waters remind
ed one of a tidal wave. Florence