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Volu me I.
Toledo, Lincoln County, Oregon, Thursday, July 20, 1893.
Cfff rn in
t'ountv Jmiic
. lerk
WfhiMtl Suieriutemleut
C. It. Cmsmi
I. 1. Itlue ;
It. K. Jones
tieorjje Ijiiuli
Henry Pentiner
(ha. lt.Hith
- T. K. IVrker ,
Jtta. Kussell
J. O. Stearns j
M. L. Trapp
Justice of the l'eat'e
.1. A. Hall
A. K. Altree
IIRST H.U'TISTS.-Meet everv tirst Similar
in eai'h month, a 11 a. in. and aim on the
Saturday .irei-eilin)? the above Similar, at p
.. In the Toledo Public Hall. I.. M". Hut ler
Ketiiileut I'astor.
ST. Joiis-s CHTUC1I Jl'mtestent Kiitupoiial.
Pivine service the third Snnilav of everv
month, nt 11 a. in. All are invited to attend
liev. ( has. Booth. Missionary. Residence,
"liei'tory." XcuKrt, (Jr.
t). F. Hay I-odijc No. llii. of Yaitiina City,
meets every Satunlay evening Visititin
brothers are alwavs welcome.
K. iiCkkows, Secretary. j. X. Stahk. X. li.
T . t). P. Toledo Loilne, Xo. His. Meet
A every Friday evening at their hull In this
W O. d. T. Meets every Thursdav evening,
":: o'clock, in lirady's hall, this town, ('.
a. Crosno, C. T. (i. Hethers, secretary.
vd I. I'. Jr.I-.dn I'nion. Xo. l.'nl U,.
everv Saturilav pveiitiitr K,i',lb t i:...,..'..
hall In this town. All members rcuested'to
attend. T, T. Keeder, President: J. J. Turnidire
decretal v.
Corviillis, Orewron
Men's All Wool Brownsville Suits,
Men's All Wool Brownsville Suits,
Men's All Wool Brownsville Suits,
Men's All Wool Brownsville Suits,
Youth's Suits,
Youth's Suits,
Youth's Suits,
Youth's Suits,
Boys' Suits Knee Pants,
Boys' Suits Knee Pants,
JoysJ' Suite-Knee Petite, -v.
$i r.50
1 3. OO
Sheriff s Sale.
OTU'K IS HKKi-liV A K. Ill T VA t
tue tit a ieirve. evet'titioii an, nnler m' su'e
isMie i.t t ilu1 'irMiti t otirt of tho -wi'o
Oregon i"r the "ti.ii, Uv,' itnv j
the "A'lh tin., ot .h.i.o !"m : ,.iit,- -.ho . i i
(trtitl t'oiirl. i.ptm .'o.-'ih to: 1 i.f.!tVoi' It' j
rvmlerv.l tuM vuuvt'.i i.i i;irt. .u ihe IV, h ;
'iiy it Ma W-l, in a Miii iheroi i eu.ii w ht'-e-
ui A. T. I'tuerson whs j litintirt aint M . f. or i
nW.. S, N ohln'r woro tiiiVni1rtiif?i. in favr nt i
the sanl planiitffanii M.ihi". iho tie t it -
ants for the sum of f.iu.; , :ii,tl Mates i
' t'oiii tth interest fro-n the l"th ilav ni , .
It! at Ihe rate of ei-ht i-er v o iff a:;'nti:!.
niitl for the titrther mi. a of liui iik atti rue
fees aiut ir the sui.t J t..isi nvt a,- ' tti'mtvo
I moms, a-ui for the s.i'.t i the hereumiU-r 'les
erilnM re;ti prolan y to hUm ,- the several
anuoints aliove sia'e.1: uhi h ee iili.'.i i! in
me ilire tOi! atM iie'iervtl. au fmntmritlx me
to make the sail s ' n ni tii. iiey ith iv sis a;l
: toMTuinw: sst by s.-i o .m the real iri1e-t here
inafter liesi'illuM: ami in ursunTU'e ihere'H I
as heritf i l.iMv!n fnun;' i 'rt'u'.'ii i.l i-n w ei
iit'StiMy the '2wi 'lay uf . iivt ivi:i;n the
uf tne ti'.-Iofk in the :i;teri!n,i' ttf siii-i tin.-, ui
the Ctiur; House i i iho city m I'n'e-I i.i
: saitl tVinit . . 'ell at pnMif !un';iim to The hii'h
est MtltU-r fur .;ish in hum. nil n: :he 'nllnw i i
! desiTtUe-i itmi-eu. in wit: 1 ii numUote i
! one (1) mul tu . .') i.i liloi nuninenM twe''t -'
live in cse navle ' Ili:i.n to the i-itv
; of New oort in I.i.U'i.ii1 t'ountv itrejfnii. as (-Ijtt-:
tel i:u leeodteii in ihe i ohm . t'.erks nilii-e
toniualiyl nf i't)nt'ii uiurv t ':i:,.u (tint nn
; n:i tei'.-r t in the 01!! v .!' ;ho t'.i.vitv Ki;nr
1 tier of saitl t'n tuly.t'i-t Jurih the te n-mvits
, henuliTiitaent anl ai'purieinou'es thirei':tle-
litn-jinu ni' in iinytvisy rtpt'ertiusiM as as
all the rifcht title imeivs: anl es'iiu nf the set I
iJei'einlants and till pe;s i! i.iu" "itnler them
stine the :!Oth uiu ni oatvh lv :!. nt i ; ami to
the same, to satisfy ho aiit ileree. e -.iM'titli :t
Hito onier oisa'e 'i ul ihe se0'a n im bi's di;o i:s almve so' rth, 1 li r-wi a-ni in--euinjr
Il4fy June
!u Hank Failure.
County Court.
Fire nt West
Monroe Tulv S iSo In the mutter 01 money asked foT Last Satunlay morning West Ya-
Mr l.Mit.vr- More than a month , M""'" w.-,.lCv.
has elajiscil siiu-e Joh'" Hank tail
ed, and the depositors like the tra
ditional turkey, are getting thinner
everv da v. There is a large flock
of Road Dist. No. 5, to be used in destroyed two houses and came
making a diU'li al .1 ; the road near ne r miming two children The
li. B. l'anno's house in See. y, T. lire orginated in a house owned by
'15, s. R.i 1, v; iVtition granted ' Mrs. Thompson, a widow lady, and
Toledo Meat Market,
Fresh and Cured Meats
Toledo, - - Oregon.
Watches Cleaned and Repaired.
All work Guaranteed.
tedq, - Oregon.
T.J Buforcl, Prop.
Clm re Reasonable.
Boys' SuiS Knee taat
Ladies' and Men's Furnishings!
sheritf of I.i iavlittviiitV ordirnu
TV, 0;! :.;uN.
V'IH'I-: lu'io'n v:iiM that the uiukviviu' t
1 x.
Notions, Dress Goods, (Sateens
Ginghams, Prints Etc.
i.s ,i 11 1 , ii'iiioiiiie i ii,' llio i , mi ut v
!1 r , t,.. . i-
01' Mm S. H', o:;s. iuio : .ilil count:-. U',-oi.m I.
All shnvi.:, 1', ill us Hvtii s.ii,l o.?n',i'
tire luM-t'1!,- nnttlii' to i.r.'sciit tlu;:i ilnl-1 M"l
flcl tn the mulc-i ,.i"l i.t hfs It'iii',' l:i I..:.
Orivoii. , hhiii NtM iniintliM 1.01,1 tlit'iUlc
this uo!t.-n.
Inte.l ni Ti.ieil.i. oro,;.. ihlsc.hilii. l .lr.i I-.
II. .1. nr.VlNs.
-ill 1" :c -uUii .
of Job's turkeys ro.isting around
waiting for something to "turn up." j
They remember that when the bank j
first closed its doors there was a ;
notice posted thereon that the bank ,
hail suspended for want of cash, but
as soon as the assets could be re
alized upon, the depositors would
be paid in full. This notice acted
as a soothing lia'.in to the lacerated
feeling of those ,vho had deposited
their moijey (many of them the last
dollar they hatf..,)
The next thing On the program
was the statement of ' the. receiver
whom Jol) ii:Ki selected, that the
cr-v T5.
'-4iiti-tia the 4dlac;,ihat he imjs.
1 111 tho I' Tour' 1
! rtitfo(
1 Xntit'O is hordi..' il'ivo 1 'hat tin
i has luitMl npiiolnUiii hi thci 'i'.r I
. aj.u I.. 1 1 ... coin iMMimv, Oromnii. n.inii,!i;:n
JT. jJLiZ3J W JST JklJLJ,X.A!h4 ,,'.-asc.. Ml h-
I.l.l.'olll (' Hit , S
tl si '
I ' i
hi' r
.'iiinst sal,! estaU' are huri' i.
liiel I .
.1 .
l '
. . . j sent tllfin ilulv ve;i::e;l to thv i.n-'crsi e ' n
Clothing Made to Order and fit SBBBBZ:
O ilinteH .
Ilaleil at Tn'.nlo
.nine, lsti:;.
.hi, ihi '1
.1. II. .l M
Ail 11: 1
h 'la
is: ti. .
i)i:i.i:u ix
Repairing Neatly Done.
Yaquina, - - Oregon.
Justice of the Peace,
Toledo Oregon,
leeK MortHtreH. anl nil kiinl of leirnl ittcrK
e.eMiiei wud iorreuie. t areiu nttentiuti
Klveu ti nil butfinets entrtiKteu to my care.
Preserves Fruit, Cider, Milk, Butter, Es,
Tomatoes, Catsup, Pickles, Etc.
What is it: It is a simple, harmless preparation, free from taste,
smell and color, that has the properties of slopping and preventing fer
mentation in all vegetable and animal foods.
What it (Iocs: It is especially useful for preserving fruits of all
kinds without cooking, retaining their natural fresh appearance and
Its Use does away with l.tbor, and makes what has been a hot,
disagreeable task, a delight and a pleasure. It substitutes for the Sum
mer heat of the kitchen the cool shade of a lawn or piazza.
Its Results are never doubtful when used according to directions,
and Plum Puddings, Peach and Berry Pies can be had in Winter as well
as in Summer.
Its Use is profitable and economical, for it saves one-half of the
sugar, saves the jars broken by heat, saves the fruit cooked away, and
saves the time and labor lost by the old methods.
For Cider it unsurpassed.. It stops fermentation at any point
desired, and produces a sparkling beverage like Champagne.
The ouestion is sometimes asked, "Is it injurious?" To allay all
doubts on that score, we would say that we have consulted many of our
most eminent Chemists and Physicians, "and all unite in pronouncing the
use of AXTIFERMEXTIN'K as a preservative, a perfectly safe and
harmless preparation.
Resilience, Stanford, Oregon.
Business in any court in Lincoln
County promptly and carefully at
tended to.
The WeHoot Route.
Oregon Pacific Railroad.
aii Has
Fresh beer on draft.
a ornrr and okderi.y Ri;-
Toledo, - - Oregon.
lot. c. i'(tn 1:1.1.,
Civil Engineer and
Lines t,f Original .Surveys accurate
ly locale'. Terms Reasonable.
Add: es nil communications to
Ona, ! ' .icm.N C., Okhcon.
Sole Agents for Ynquina Bay,
Yaquina, - - : Oregon.
W. HADLEY, Receiver.
I.lne-Wutok IHtteh-Ii'
Hem cn Willamette VlUy ilnt ami son -
Uttei n July II, i, II. twt j
!,(, Va-inlna July Mh. li th ami .liih
tnl atMint ever' ten day. thereafter.
Thin ( i.minv rtpene, tbe rlkht to i banire
Mliinic latet oithout notli-e.
liaily aervW ttee:i Tortlan-l anl i-Nti, atl'l
I .nr Wiiiamcite river -.ut..
Doa't Fool With Fakes ! !
If yourself or friends wish to be cured of
Liquor, Opium, Morphine, Chloral, Cocaine
or Tobacco habits, seek only the Genuine
Keeley Treatment, which is the only safe,
reliable and permanent cure in existance.
Genuine Keeley Institutes, with most favorable
surroundings, at . '
Write for Particulars. Correspondence
ing reJrti:"thwt it- Jep'xjpli na(J
tolil hun the truth alioiil the con
dition of the affairs of the bank he
would have had noiiiiug'u do with
The next thing was the meeting
of the creditors, the resignation of
the receiver ami the acceptance by
the same of the appoint
ment of assignee of Job, after he
knew that Job ha.l not told him the
truth about the condition of the
business, pince then there has
been considerable talk among those
interested about employing an ex
pert to examine the books, but
nothing has been done as yet.
There is not much doubt but that
a large amount of the assets of the
bank will lie used up by offsets, so
that it is doubtful whether the bank
will pay titty cents on the dollar or
it is now apparent why the Job
ink was so active and exceedingly
. ... , ,
inxious to net tue waier nouns
marketed and the 50,000 turned
over to them
The papers in Corvallis have not
much to say about the failuie, their
ympathy "seems" to be entirely
witli the bank, and one of them
soon after the failure stated in effect
that a man that failed was often
more liberal and a better man
than the one that did not fail, but
this thing of being liberal with
other peoples money islike Artenms
Ward's patriotism, when he an
noun-ed during the war, "that the
rebellion must be put down if it
took all the able bodied cousins his
wife had to do it."
Probably the worst features of
the failure was the receiving of a
large amount of money on deposit
the evening before the bank closed
their doors, when they must have
known that they could not return
it, and did not intend to.
Such performances are sometimes
known by another name.
and warrant ordered drawn for said
amount, when ditch is completed
in a manner satisfactory to the
county court.
Ordered: That the county court
commissioners prepare stipulations'
for submission to the county court'
of Kenton county, Oregon, to gov
ern the settlement of any and all
difference- or difficulties which may
arise here; Iter between the said
county of Lincoln in relation to the
collection of taxes on such property
as may have been omitted by the
county clerk of Kenton county from
a cei '.tKO.l transcript of an assess
ment roll furnished by the county
clerk of Kenton conty tothecouuty
rclrkof Lincoln county in pursu-
anccSrjtuc W'l alu' lo provide for
H lientoil countv to
r.r oihferswl Lincoln county
Tbe abore I. n oorrmt iilFturixif THHO '.K
eornur of .-lAt i niii Al flrstrvi.t4 or in o,y
yean THK ''Ul; i t I V.N .1 .(.11 tho n.-.-.l o(
a iiaw ami Rouim-ilio 11 tmll'li u i-oihrnrtiia-all
t!. inoilftr ' 1 r,r t ,-m .i. 1 1 w ' h ttii lnti.t
Imiiroved mn" 111 -r, (or ii-n u out 11 mi,.
trotxjlilan 1 . .j t r. It i, iw Iihv I . ui, I omt thut
tim whole rn.'iflp Co :-t 1111 ;utly ft"! proud
or a it it i.- -ii, ul, n 1 t ' n . ciimt.
Sow Unit . M li J 1 1 1 1 In
I. In ui".- h-i It I 1. 1. I It. iiiituy
frlfi, .1 hr.,'H-. 1 -ink till .tirrlal offrr
to t),o ' vh 1 re-i -w t mlr iil,,riit.o-i, or t
ho.u w-.ioiil,fecrllie prior to September l.t.
tsaeud the
Sneaking of bank failures the
Salem Statesman says: "The fail
ure at Corvallis was due to the
"rotten" condition of the bank
It was a good thing that it failed
as soon as it did, and a pity it did
not fail earlier. The longer the
collapse was delayed the more dis
astrous and flat it would have been
It was a hopeless and rotten case
and well it is that the tiling run
ning under the name of a bank is
out of the wav, and its sinuous
business being wound up."
UeekJy Oregoijiaty
1 1
in n 1
its mm
l'M bel'if th -lui of Iher-ar. Til :-:
1 I"-. I v ah tHii.jUto title kl,i
ii:- fipf ;. J eii'l I
l 1 'o 1 it 1 ,, 1 'l,, ,,-.
- .1 .01 .it if. Uy Imit
i -a.i an 1 ...1' 'i i.i, Inn . li our ,1
-.owe. atiro.
occupied by Mr. Earl and family.
Mr. Earl had work on the north side
of the Uav and had just gone to
work, and his wife accompanied him
down to the end of the wharf on the
south side. The fire originated
during their absence, but in what
manner is not known. Mr. Earl's
children were left in bed in the up
per room. When the children
awoke the stairway was on fire and
the children leaped from the Upper
window, which happened to be
raised, into the arms of Mr. Dcvine,
who caught them below, and for
tunately both were saved. Mr.
Earl saw the fire soon after it start
ed but did not get there in time to
save any of his goods and the only
thing they saved were the clothes
he and his wife had on, the children
escaping with only their night
clothes on. The other house was
occupied by the owner, Mrs.
Thompson, and her son-in-law, J.
R. Short. They saved most of their
goods except their stove. We un-
(.krstaud that there was no insur
aucevAk either house. The two
, ...
'fh)iupei(ti,had,'l'ftiil'Th-v Earl lost
all hL P'mtf-1 sriptlon
for'thS uflfeifr. vsdvich
ii-o viiWitv
Hiuii '11 ' if
win siari mem c.-1
again on a small scale.
Hiar Elk Items.
t -a VirtUX
tol by' others' 'rf K.eutoii
ctni-.nv as taxes on' stiV" Piij .
lid s'.iimlations were iJLwp aiid
icccple,! as binding upon '.H"1
co'liity, by the county judge;
ere 1 that tiie same be sii'red VN
coinniisMouers ot Lincoln county inv"?- ,'- "',' r-v'i'
upUcale and forvv ar.'ed to the conn.
y court of Kenton for acceptance ami
igiMlurc by the members thereof.
Ordered that a warrant be drawn
ni tlie countv treasurer tor me sum
to pay for books that the
o inty court ordered him to buy at
the June term of said court, as per
voucher No. 105, presented by said
11 hie, 1). P. Blue.
The following bills were allowed
ind ordered paid:
li. 1'. Jones, comparing and
certifying to books 8,
0 and 10, records of
Lincoln county, 5JH7.60
V. E. Watters, transcrib
ing records, 720.00
A. II. Crosno, hauling brick
for vault, 8.510
O. lf. liar ton, carpenter work
on vault, 4.80
L. McCulloch, two clocks
' for county, 16.00
R. V. Arnold, work on court
Geo. A. Lnudis, expenses,
Josiah Gideon, surveying,
M. L. Trapp, freight on
bridge lumber,
Thos. Gorman, court house,
Meslon & Dygert, books
and stationery, 1 75-75
T. P. Fish, stationery, .75
Coll. Van Cleve, for advertise
ment, school supt., 2.00
G. T. Smith, work on court
house, 23.25
R. lf. Collamore, work on
court house, 40.1 xj
J. E. Stewart, stationery, 12.00
It is ordered that the cash finan
cial condition be spread at large on
the journal of this court. .
K. V. Jon us,
County Clerk.
A iood Idea.
;e'ieral Miirinteti'lent.
t orv.lln. iroD.
For a long time it has been mani
fested that there was a gigantic
ring o smugglers at work on the
Pacific coast, and ii has been a mat
ter of public shame that their oper
ations have been so long allowed to
go uninterrupted. The treasury
department has made a strong ef
fort to punish the offenders and the
result of their labors so far is that
tbe United States grand jury has
returned indictments against sever
al j-ersoiiH, some of whom are among
; the leading politicians of the state.
The list etnlnaces,' among others
the name of Jas. Lotan, ex-collector
at Portland; Nat. Mum, a promi-
' Receiver E. W. Iladlcy, of the j ,lt:,;t democratic politician, and
! Oregon Pacific, has Pled l is May wwr:l1 l(-",ier ''K1'1,1- Theprosecu
I statement which shows earnings for ' i determined and there seems
the month, of $.'4.00; txpcliscs, j to be no partisanship in the matter,
i f n i)W a K" "f ! as n,c" of M 5"irticS alC '"'l'1'1 a1-'1'-
A correspondent from Monroe in
this issue of the Li'.ahkk suggests
that an cxjiert lie appointed to in
vestigate the books of Hamilton,
Job it Co. The idea would be a
good one. A thoroughly honest
expert should be hired by the de
frauded depositors to make a
thorough investigation of the hooks
for at least three years back. The
Very fine weather.
News rather scarce in this part
of the country.
Mrs. Mulkey is still quite low,
though she is some better than she
was some time ago. Mrs. Ballard
from the Valley has been staying
with her for some time. Dick and
Dave Ballard, brothers of Mrs.
Mulkey, who has been visiting her
for the past week', returned home
Geo. Mulkey made a trip out to
the Vulley last week and returned,
and Sunday again went out' to the
Valley with his uncle.
A party of young people from
Big Elk and Shotpouch made a
trip to the falls on the west side of
Mary's peak Saturday. The party
consisted of eleven of the young
ladies and gentlemen of the above
named places. Both schools were
represented in the party, the teach
ers of both schools were also present.
Mqst of the party seemed to enjoy
themselves, though some did not
seem to enjoy the falls they received
while climbing the rjeks under the
falls, Frank Mulvany fell about
fifteen feet alighting on one knee.
He could not walk for about half
an hour, and then oirty with diffi
culty he managed to get home, but
he has not entirely recovered yet.
George Mulkey sprained his ankle.
Some of the young ladies fell over
some rocks in returning down the
side of the mountain, and were in
jured somewhat though not serious
ly. Most of the party were so
tired they expressed themselves as
never desiring to make another trip
to the fall on a pleasure excursion
alone. Foot sore and weary they
early sought the arms of Morpheus,
there to lorget their toil and sorrows
until the light of another day.
What is the matter with our Sab
bath School and prayer meeting?
Come out one and all especially
. . 1 1 . , ,
depositors wonK like to know what I mose who neiong cnurcn
has become of tl.e deoosits. urofits. I and show to the world that you are
etc., for that time. Non of the!
PJ- " Ui,
V i.. ll.M).
not dead. Preaching in the even
ing of the fourth Sunday by Rev.
Yost. All come out.
July 17, 1M93.
Jonathan Dooijttlk.
properties turned over to the As
signee were of very recent purchase.
There can be dcixisits amount
ing to nearly, if not quite $40,000
, -cKone.i which me name recenei, Zq,h J()b who WM arrested (or
vithin about a noi,th before clos-, nl.lilUllillj)ll, a ,nill (!am at Niagarai
ing. It was ass.-rted that the lt-wl,idl 0i)Slructed the passage of
posits bail fallen off f 30,0.x. since j flsh up the streanl was tried at A.
tl.e first of the year. If so how j bst week nm, WIW . Bcqujtled.
much money ha ! they 0.1 hand " T!ie justice before whom the case
tl.e first of the y .ar? By all means i ... . ... . . , cor,)(,rat;()n
e (iepo,nors s.tou.o tu.c atlll not Tob was restoniM
expert, and g.-t some idea of , nuilltainace of t,K. :
how the thing hid been running,. . .
and that should !e d'vic o'n. v '"'-. Trc.v.urrv
- - .. , . reived a war'inl from r , '
A. R. Shipley, u pioneer of Ore- of .-.'.ate for 36H2.85;; v" pr
gon, died at his home in Corvallis, the Ive pev C 'it.
last Friday, of bcirt failure. 1 i- ' 1 c 11;