Lincoln County leader. (Toledo, Lincoln County, Or.) 1893-1987, April 06, 1893, Image 2

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    Lincoln County Leader.!
J. f.NIHHHT, fuhtlstie
T UU).
Ochre Discovered Near Pen
dleton, Oregon.
An Instructress at an Indian School
Receives Probably Fatal
Injuries Etc.
Arizon'a Legislature close its aession
on April 14.
lilocka aixty feet in length withoat
break are found in the onyx quarries in
Lower California.
The Arizona Council haa panned a hill
exempting Irom taxation for taemy
year all railroads that begin work in the
Territory within one year.
The last of the Comr d'Alene rioters
held in jail have been released 'n obedi
ence to a recent United States hjpreme
Court decision.
Railroad (hop employes at Sacramento
thrp?.n 0 Kowentt miTTitM.r4 of the
Hoard of Trade il the latter persists in
taking business from the lUt.
Ochre fonnd on Klijah Welch'a place
below Pendleton, Or., makea paint of
about the Fame body and color a? burnt
sienna, which it resombles greatly.
In the Arizona Legislature the Field
bill, which provided lor the division of
the Territory into irrigation districts,
haa been killed in the House by an over
whelming vote.
The misappropriation of fundi in
tended ior improving the rapitol
grounds at Pho-nix, A. T., hasted to the
Introduction of a resolution in the leg
islature to remove the capital.
The contest over the Kllzalde will at
Santa Barbara hag betin. About $50,-
000 are Involved, and the widow
her husband waa unduly inilienced in
bis bestowal ol the properties on other
Frank Lesnot, recolver of the Itoswell,
N. M., United States I.and Ofllne, dinap
pearud a few weeks since, and ivIvlcesHt
Santa Fe state that he was sh irt to the
government somewhere between !),(). 0
arid $20,000.
A few days ago Miss Llraie Thig'n, In
struct r at the Indian 10 oil, known as
the Htewart Institute, at Carton, iu at
tempting to separate two Indian (fir's
who were quuireling, was truck ovi r
the head and it is believed seriously in
jured. Hr the provision of a bill which has
pa4ed the Annua House no house of
ill fume can exist within 400 yards of a
public-school holding. Itwlllbrenk up
and clear nut the dives on Monroe street
In Plomiix, as all that portion ot the
town is within two blocks of the High
Hchool building.
Articles of incorporation of the Stock
ton Rower Transmission Couiiany bnve
len tiled by S.m Francisco man asso
ciate.! with local capitalists, with a cap
ital of 11,00 i,(KH). The company will
generate eleclrcity with water power
on the Mokeltiinne river, fortv-two miles
from Stockton, and transmit It for sal
to mauuiactnne.
Allen Rhodes of Salem has prepared a
display oi Oregon game birds that will
go to the Word's Fair. It consist ol
seventeen Mongolian pheasants, Includ
ing cock, lien ami lliteen chicks, four
pair for a group; two pair of Eastern
Oregon prairie ehlckeus, two pair ol
dusky grouse, Iwo pair milled grouse,
four pair valley quail, three pair moun
tain quail, a group ol jack stiipe and
aouie other single specimens
The Oregon and California Land Com
pany used to be assessed on 63,000 acres
01 land in l.ana rountv. A new owner
ship book revealed 250,000 acre. The
company fought an assessment on that
basis. The Supreme Court decided
moatly In fVor of the county of Une.
A compromise haa just beeu made on
130,000 acres. The principle has been
fully established that the railroad, oi
and company, must pay tales on the
laud they aie entitled to under the grant,
whether patented or not. As a result,
l ane county will receive thia ve.r nVei
10,000 from that eoonroe, where several
year formerly a few hundred dollar!
were paid auuually.
The rag for hidden-treasure hunting
till exists In the neighborhood of th
San Luis Key Mission, and the Restora
tion Society 1 taking steps to put a stop
... u.raj in mui around tin
walls. As an Illustration ol the elusions,
there lives In ,oe Angeles an old Indian
woman with the name of Trinidad. She
waa a young girl, a Unit twelve rear old,
at the mis. ion of San Juan Caplstrano
when that building was dietroved hv an
earthquake In IS1J, and thirty' eight In
diana were killed on that memorable
Sunday at high mas. Trin-dad. who
claims to tie a witch, av she knows
w here a large amount ol gold and silvet
Is buried in that building, and the
its tell that It is still there.
The .YiirfAN'itvrn Inmhtrmnn of Chi
cago, treating ol the growing scarcity ol
white pine lor shoo work, suggests sev
eral woods to HII ht pi, ,n,i 0,
thU tout's woods: The two Western
woods that now seem likelv to become
Important factom in the factory trade
re spruce and red cedar. The former is
a light, soft wood, easily worked but not
strong, with close, straight train. It
has been nsed to some extent by on ol
the local sash, door and b ind factories
with satis'aclory results. Th red cedar
I more brittle than spruce, rather
coarse-grained, but easily worked and
very durable. It meets with some favor
In thia market as a finishing wood, hut
I hardly sa deairaMe (or factory work as
prac. Yellow or IV.utlas fir l claimed
by amis l'selno Coast mill men to he sn
an excellent finishing wood, tnt it Is too
heavy to admit Ol shipment Fast in
Competition with spruce and cedar. Its
commercial value it grvateat, lor con
tiuctiou purpose.
The Del ga'es to the Recent International
Monetary Conference Resign
Ashland Reservation.
Secetary Carlisle hag signed vouchers
to the amount of $25o,U0 in favor of the
W...I.I'. Ci. ; I.;.. I,
payable in souvenir half-dollars. The
j commission np to this time haa received
!$1.K20,I26 ol the $2,50l.0')0 appropria
tion by congress, payable in souvenir
na i-aoiiars.
The de'egate to the recent Interna-
tionai Monetary uonlerence have ft.
signed. Among members of Congress
it is believed the President will send a
commission to Brussels to represent this
country when the conference reseni
bles. The Secretary of State is now en
deavoring to at certain how many conn
tries will be represented at the reaseem
bling ol the conference. There are some
officials who hold to the opinion that the
President will not send another delega
tion to Brussels, but will designate our
Minister to Belgium to attend the con
ference as the representative of the
United States.
Secretary Carlisle, it is stated on good i
authority, intends to give much of hid
time this summer to the consideration
of the tariff, with a view to so thorough I
. ... - . . ... ...
York Kelorm Cluo. Ihe general out-
of t!.H Soar York V.:-.ntm Cht,'-
tariff proposition corresponds closely to
the proposition submitted in 1HK", by
Kdward Atkinson of Boston to President
Cleveland and Secretary Manning.
Senator Do'ph called upon the Secre
tary of the Interior the other day re
garding the proposed timber reservation
at Ashland, Or. It was nnderstoo.l that
this reservation would be made during
the laat administration, but President
Harrison did not find time to reach it.
Secretary Smith told Senator I'otph
that at present he was unable to do any
thing regarding this reservation and was
too busy reorganizing the department to
give anv time or attention to ttie work
of the department except ttiat of mojt
firessing nature. The necessity for hav
ng the Ashland reservation is said to lie
that the water supply of that town ia
dependent upon Imvinit the timber reser
vation, a the denudation ol the lam's
where the water now cornea from wou'd
probably result in greatly impairing the
water supply.
The State Department has received of
ficial Information that Queen Vic'nria
has raised the rank of Sir Julian
Paancefote, her representative in Wash
ington, from that of KxtMordinary and
Minister Plenipotentiary to that of Am
bassador, and hie credentials as such are
on their way here. Under the provis
ions of the diplomatic and consular ap
propriation bill of March 1, 1M3, Presi
dent Cleveland Is anthnrzed t.i con' r
the ssmernk npon our represn'ativ-. at
London. Sir Julian Pauuce'ote wil In
mi lirsi. Minister to Washington to hold
the title of Amlmsodor, but it is highly
pro! ablo that France, (iernmny, liu-aia
and An-tria will lie prompt to follow the
example thus set bv Kngland and change
Ihe title of their Ministers to Amhaea
dors, thus necessitating by international
courtesy a corresonding change ou our
When the Senate ratified the treaty
for the ce'sion to the United States of
the Cherokee Strip, there was inserted
therein a clause which provides for the
compensation for the land to be made
in time payments in place of the re
quirement of the government to pay
jcash, as contemplated in the agreement
originally drawn np with the Indians.
This modification of the treaty was not
accepted hv the Indians, but will lie
considered hv their legislative body, the
i Cherokee Council, at a meeting to be
held B'Min. The early 0iening of the
Strip will lie entirely dependent upon
the action of the Council, for. should it
reject the modification ol the treaty
made by the Senate, then it will be nec
essary for the matter to heavain brought
liefore Congress, which would, of course,
Indefinitely delay the opening of the
lauds to settlement.
Litigation between the United States
ml the late corporation of the Chii-ch
of Jesus Christ of Utter-l)v Saints,
commonly known as the Mormon Church,
l not as yet ended. The Supreme Court
has liefore it an appeal respecting the
Z m: T Z.rl ZZ I !
ion at a previous term. W lien the oron- !
erty was declined forfeited the court d
reoted the Utah Supreme Court to fix
the charitable uses to which it should be
put. The court rejected the proposition j
of the government as to the use which I
should be made of the fund (mm the'
nrooertv. Kiimnntlniv alirmt ilifcinil !
iy witn we suoject b ,aw to j,,, t on the dat,
as to be abie to indicate In a general ? ig8r,e
way outline for the formation of a tariff ,.,'.,.. .. . ,
bill by the next Democratic House. ! i1' city ' Boston is making a hard
Nearly every mail that reaches the fi?ht tf1Iey iystem of elec-
Treasnry Department contains sug?es- , 'rlc CMi-
tions from statisticians and others as to j The Aransas Pass railroad has virtu
compilation ol a tariff bill. Home ally passed into the possession of the
thirty or forty of these communications Southern Pacific.
have already been received, prominent ) In the Lower Honar of the Pennyl
amongthem being that from the New , vania Legislature the anti-Pinkerton bill
and directed It should be applied to the. ooming ine trunk ol a number of Ital
support and aid of the poor member of ', 'n opera lingers under the belief that
the Church of Jesus Christ ol Utter-! the clothing in the trunks is not the
lay Saint and to building and repair- property ol individual member, but of
lag house of worship for mem! era of j Henry Abbey, who haa charge of the
the church. The tinted States has ap-
pealed Irom this decree, asserting it
would practically permit the pmpettv to
be devoted to the same purpose for
which it was formerly held.
The Secretary ol the Treasury has de
ridsd that the former action ol the de
partment Is Invalid which del ids from
the direct tax due the several States the
urn heretofore chsrge.1 for erins and
equipments drawn (or the Stita militia.
The sum rharg-nt to Oregon amounted
to $3,473. and this was deducted from
the $.V,iXX) direct Ui due the State.
ltpreentative Hermann, who wa the
author of tle law which gave the Oregon
militia a large quantity of arms and
equipments a few years ago, has made
various appeal to the Sevretarv to re
lease the charge made against the direct
tax due the State. Some other States
are interested a to similar charges ma !e
against their quotas nn.ler the law of
April, 1S0H, which provides for an an
nual appropriation ot $2n0,iV0 for pro
viding arms and equipment for the
whole body of the mi it la. The leprt
tnent now decide that in view of the
long-continued practice of a'lowng the
State to anticipa'e their qiiotas and to
honor the requ anion of tt 0 ivernor
on their representation of the existence
oi emergencies demand' n their Imme
diate na do chaigva should be mad.
Prof. Totten Predicts the Eni
of the World.
, The Case Involving the Mormon
Church Property Advanced
on the Calendar.
The Colorado Senate haa passed a bill
abolishing capital punishment.
Prof. Totten predicts the end of the
world some time In September next.
Fifty thousand hotel rooms will be
available near the World's Fair grounds.
The Okefinokee eramp In Georgia is
reported to be overran with wild hogs.
A big Boston syndicate Is trying to se
cure control of the Canadian steel indus
tries. V
Washington newsboys are forbidden
! has finally naesed.
A airauue aisvae ttuioo Catt. 8 is
Central Illinois is believed to be due to
the feeding of millet.
Estimates as to the cost of the hotels
in the World'B Fair district range from
13,500,000 to $1,000,000.
The heaviest immigration that ever
flowed into Northwest Iowa and South ,
Dakota ia in progress now.
A crinoline-mannfactnring concern haa
been established in Rhode Island, the
first of the kind in America.
It is thought that the coinage of
World's Fair souvenir half-dollars will
be completed In three months.
About 150 Chinamen living in Boston
have intimated that they intend regis
tering within the prescribed period.
South Carolina has Issued bonds cov
ering its new loan, amounting to $5,2ti0,
IX0, bearing 4'.;' per cent interest and to
run for forty years.
Some one has gone off with all the coin
and record of the noted Tenderloin
Club at New York, and it is now in the
throe of disaolntion.
By vote of 31 to 19 the Minnesota
Senate has pvsed the Senate bill ex
tending the full suffrage at all election
in Minnesota to women.
The case involving the Mormon Church
fropertv lis been advanced in the
Inited State Supreme Court to the sec
ond Monday of the next term.
The receiver of the Reading road
have definitely decide I on the issue of
receivers' certificate". The bondholder'
committee will probably fight It.
a cori o-aron with a capital of $15,-
0 0,0,ii) has been formed to cover Now
J-ri-ey in the ii-inbb irhood ol Jersey
Ci'y and Newark with eiectric railways.
It is propo'e l by tho organized tin
an I sheet-Iron jib worker and cornice"rs ol St. Louis to estabheti a train
ing school where apprentices will be
taught the trade.
The Cunadim Pacific and Grand Trunk
roads bBve agreed upon a rati of l1,'
fare for the round trp Irom Canadian
Points to Chicago during the World'
air. Ticket will lie good or one month.
The Kansas Legislature has pased a
bill making it illegal to require a gold
contract in notes, mortgages or otner ob
ligations and making silver, a well a
gold, a legal tender for all debts in Kan
sas. A committee appointed by the House
of the Tennessee Legislature to inves'i
gate the charges against Judge Duhoise
of the Shelby County Criminal Court
has reported that there are no ground
for impeachment.
Reports to the bureau of statistics of
the Treasury Department ehow a dec ded
increase in the number of Immigrants
entering the portof Sun Francisco, while
in the other rorts of the country there
bus been a faMing-off.
It Is thought probable that at the con
clusion ol the uaval review Secretary
1 lerbert will divide the ships into three
licet, nut new ollicera in command and
send the vessels away at once to the i'a-
' Atlantic and Europe.
1 'V. the America cup defender
ahw that smm radical change have
"n tninvtuce t over the former type of
ya-lit. The new boats are neirlyall
124 feet In length. 23 to 26 feet beam,
and have a mean draught of 12 to 14
The customs officers at New York are
Judge 1HI!m In the United States Cir
cuit Court at Philadelphia has denied a
m ition to require John F. Searlee, Jr.,
Tresaurer of ti.e American Sugar Retin
itis Compiny, to show cause why he
shonM not be compelled to answer im
portant questions In the suit of the gov
ernment against the sngar trust.
Bishop W gger ol the diocee of New
ark. N. J., hai issued a circular letter,
a Idressed M each priest in the diooeee,
rescinding his former order in which
priests were ordered In rfna .1,1..
In those meiuter of a pari-h who sent
iiicr cnuuren to ine puN'C school in
preference to the parochial school.
Ouchargesof having indied wealthy
Jews all over the country to the tune of
10.tX1 whi'e pretend ng to eillect
fund. fr the relief of needy Russian co
reliiion st. Pli neas llanncah, who
claims to he the son of a wealthy mano-t-ctnrer
ol Per an carpeu an.l rns nf
Salinas. Peri. and Ui of New York
nas been arret. at Chicago. '
Ttie government patronage hret i'ore
CM) ''dered the sacred PMpeitvof Sena
torn, f. r instance, as Msrsbals and Hi,
t-lct Attorney., I n w declared free for
l'. aid accord nc to the ruling of the
IV'.ident humble member of the M "
n l evn grcoo ol private riiisen mav
pre-nt the tim of ranl'dx.) with
cm Uo. oi tuixva In the appUcation.
Bottles are blown by machinery it
Yineland, N. J.
Uncle Sam's boy, have $30,000,000 of
capital invested in Hawaii.
The Angora goat supplies the hau adorns ordinary doiis.
Te ephone chat cost $2 for three min
utes between Pari and London.
There are now nearly 200 women prac
ticing dentistry in the United States.
Eighty-six ol the 355 towns in Massa
chusetts contain no resident physician.
There are in the United States more
than l,700distinctand separate railways.
The Litchfield Car Works in Indiana
are about to be moved to Birmingham,
Over 100 electric car are to be bnilt
at once at Pittabnrg for a Chicago com
New England capitalists have pnr-
chased $75j,000 wjrth of Tens timber
Several fleets of river boits are to be ; that the flesh ia extremely delicate ana
established this vear on the Western 1 paUtable; bat, if the profits were as
rivers. j large as claimed, surely more poultry
The Armour Packing Company has in-1 mynuUmJM.
cporated in New Jersey , capital. ,7, ,&&T
, , . . . , , I 22 cent per pound. The best price for
Wooden-soled shoes are being elowly yUpa thickens on the same date
Introduced in the cheap shops. Phila- lfl n cent8) thrlg Bn0wing 5 cents
dclph-.a Record. I Jn (gTor o caponB. Young broilers,
The novelty of the Columbian stamps ; however, bring all the way from 35 to 70
ia wearing off, and tUe old-timers are re-; cets per pound during March, April
turning to favor. ; BDIj May, when most in demand, and
Makers of maple sugar in Vermont my capon seldom reach np to 30 cents per
thut the euppiy this year will exceed pound. Whether they will pay as well
7,0.0 000 pounds. i ai broilers is doubtful, but they certmn
The Lingham gold mine in Belmont, 1 Py better than raising fowls,
Hastings county, Ontario, is proving cbickenB or turkeys,
highly profitable. ' There is nothing to prevent any care
5 c .u r- . v. u, u, fill farmer or farmer's son from learning
In some of the Eastern shoe-blacking !. ' ;( v, v,. ,ua r;ht. tin.i ni
cellar you can have your high hat pol-
ished by eieciricuy.
Ci nning factories, it is reported, are
being erected in large numbers in vari- ; j;ew Jersey making in the neighborhood
ons parts of Georgia. jf $15 a day by caponizing for farmers,
It is reported that Melbourne, An- it is evidently worth while to learn how
tralia, is overflowed with men who want to do it. The caponizing should be done
work, but are unable to secure it. on a bright day, but, if possible, out of
Chautauqua county, N. Y., has 14,000 the sun bo as to avoid any Bhadows fall
acres of bearing vines and 500 acres of in n the work table. For operatiajf
young vines not in bearing. j npon select large early-maturing cocker-
. 11 els, such as Plymouth Rocks and Wyan-
For fltty-t-vo consecu ive mile on the d cr0S8ed on Brahmasor Langobans.
Boston and Albany railroad, it is aid, I operated npon in September, October
there is not a grade crossing. and NovembeV, they ahould be ready for
An ounce of pure gold is worth $20.61 ; j market in March, April, Mav and June,
therefore, a ton of pure gold, which con- when they will bring the highest prices,
tains 24,0.0 ounces, is worth H95.360. ! je other fowls capons should be fasted
Last year there waB borrowed out ot twenty-four hour before killing. The
banks and trust companies in New York bead, which is the distinguishing mark
and Brooklyn on real estate $58,0C0,0O0. 1 of a capon, should always be left on.
It is said that 3,000 miles of electric They should be bled by cutting inside
road will be added this vear. One rond the mouth or throat. The neck and sad-
in Pennsylvania is to be eighty milei
A Clearfield (Pa.) lumberman, Simon
Flvnn, will run 3 V 0.1,00 leet of loa
dawn the Susquehanna river to the saw
The turpentine gatherers of
is estimated, have during the past five
year destroyed f200,OOJ,0JO worth ol
pine timber.
Millions npon millions of herring are
taken every year. It is said that there
are more herring eaten than any other
kind ot Dsn
It is estimated, tb Pittsburg Ditm'jA
eays, that 41,3'si,000 cottages could us
erected out. of the standing timber in the
Mate ot Washington.
Tnere came into New Orleans In two
days of last week nine s'eamers and one
schooner, bearing 102,101 bunches of
bananas and W,l 00 cocoa nuts.
The largest pumping plant in the
United Stn'eo was that placed in a nrne
at Iron Mountain, Mich. It pump
4,000,000 gallons in twenty-'our hours.
Now that the Pennsylvania miners
, . , , - .
nave an eignt-nour law, some people are
Inclined to thmk they will have to keep
well organized to get ur.y good out of it.
A strong en in is neing maue in .ew
Jersey to defeat the law which makes
8 ty-ave hour the limit ol a wsek's
work. It is claimed that the law ii un
constitutional. PERSONAL MENTION.
The fine laces owned by the Vandr
Vilt fa mi lies are said to be wjrth (500,
000. Divid II. Smith, the on of th Mor
mon prophet, Joseph Smith, hai been
an inmate of the asylum for the insane
at Elgin (or seventeen years.
Lady Henry Somerset Is about to start
a paper, to lie called the Womat'i Her-
aid, which will be the organ of the
Woman' Christian Temperance Union,
Lord Clref Justice Coleridge of Eng-
land will probably visit ih.a country
during the World's Fair. He was here
in 1SS ', and was then a tall, snare man
of 63 years.
Miss Emily Faithful of Londtn Is en-
nrbs a home for women who ar working
for their own living, the idea being to
provide each occupant with 1 pnvte
room at a low rent and the n of com-
mon dining and reception roons.
. " ,
The Lord Mayor of London ho is a
Roman Cathol c, went out of hs way the
r-yi - m. ine
Church ol Kngland Young Yen's Soci
ety in Lndgate Circus, and he not only
made an excellent speech, but left a sub
stantial gift in hi own and the Lady
Mayoress' name.
It is said Lord Kosebery's great desire
Is to see a new and rosgnificeit London
built up on the lines of the oil city. In
. . ,1.. i. - - - . -
.... uuyuow,. .4 .Prs. nis nree atntii-
t.onswere to marrv one of the richest
wenin win t'.ePerbv.nd
become Prime Minister of Kiyland. O
lih! u,b'UoM he h" ttttiD
none solar.
Secretary Gresham loves tc sit hours
and hour before the statuecf Ceneral
McPhe-eon in Wahingtoa The two
were int mMe rtll -ers in Sherman's
army. One day before Atlanta Uresham
was terribly wounded at U. Thron'
,''",',nv minntM ,nt,M Mcl'herson
..aa.ii .-ii. lucmi iwjiu nr iminj in
a rve like that.
Sir Al'rnl S ephen, the er-Chief Ju
t;ce 01 Nw South Wales, csa give poin s
even to Mr. tthdstoue In tl matter of
Invenility. He Is in hi td vear, tn 1
;eps two of h! daughter) busy for fix
hours daily tkin down hi remini-cep,-es
from dictation. S- A frei is the
Nesuir ol I.ln.viln's Inn. Me entered
thes a a tn 'nt 'o IRK. is,) wacallvi
to the bar In Novemb- r, H-J. fwi T..r,
a terwarl he emigrate,! toUi antipole
a Solicior Ten.rl for tie then penl
colony of Van Pieman's ao . now th
U-guvernujg colony of Tasmania,
Co-operation Among Farmers
Should be Successful.
There is Nothing to Prevent Any
Careful Farmer Learning
to Caponize.
fAmertcan Agriculturist.
a .t Hp.1 has been published con-
the enormous profiM to be made
. nroducing capon. There ia do doubt
JLi-Tbe work require nothing bat a
I quick, steady band, a correct ee ami a
iiiiB mactic.e. and as there are' men in
die feathers are large and fine, and dis
tinguish a capon from other fowls, there
fore are left on as well as the feathers on
the leg from the hock joint half way up
the thigh, also those on the outer joints
of the wing. The breast, back, wing
; next to the body and the upper part of
i the thighs are dry, picked clean. The
' mouth, shanks and feet should be
j washed, especially removing clotted
I blood from the mouth. The Rhode Isl
and station at Kingston has published in
Bulletin 20 the resultB of some very in
teresting experiments in caponizing, de-
i scribing the various kinds of tools that
CRn nsed an(1 B0,n! nnutely nto the
details of per'ormirg the opera; ion all
or wmcQ is auuitiuuauy eiuiuuieu vy
Co-nperatlon of Farmer.
John M. 8ti.hl, editor of the Furmrj'
Call, Quincy, III., and wboee utterances
have a great weight as tbo-e of any ag
ricultural writer, Bays in a recent isbup
sf h's paper:
" We can perceive of no gooa reason
why co-operation should not be success-
In I mmrtniw It la ominantlv ani.
IU. OUIUUK U. ki.U. U. .B ...II I 11.1. . . . 1
.g, amon other ci8B9t,8. Amo.ig
Jther peoples it has spread with great
rapidity during recent years, until now
(tie greater part ol urnan transactions
are accomplished through co-operation
in some form or other. A hundred ex
amples might be cited; we have space
for only one. Building and loan associa
tions now exist in every city and in
many towns, and through their aid thou
sands who otherwise would always re
main renter are proenring comfortable
homes. We take building and loan as
soc ations for our example because they
are not one of the older, accepted forms
of co-operation, bnt have but recently
emerged from the experimental state,
and because, while they have in some
cases been used by scoundrels to defraud
hard-working, honest people, they have
triumphantly demonstrated their utility,
safety and great benefit.
"To keep directly along this line, If
city people can so co-operate that the
money that would otherwise be paid as
rent is UBed to buy a home, why cannot
farmers so co-operate that the money
that otherwise would go as rent will r ay
for a farm? Whv cannot the building
and loan ass-ciations be transplanted to
the country? Why cannot farmer a
,, ' , . . . .
9,11 "i" Ci'y T"'6" t'"a 8 of
tUi 'orra f0, -P't'n?
f?n see full-fle.iged associations, like
now in existence in the cities,
orm, ,n thelatr? o enable renter
In Illinois and other of the older States
to secure a farm in those States. Un-
doubtedly all classes would be benefited
hT IUl,h assoc at on."
Of Interest to lUlrrmen.
There are three special lines of dairy
ing, and from these it will generally pay
the dairyman to choose some one and
follow It steadily rather than to combine
the different branches, savs W"
fi.- m. -1 1 ' -
j-iiiryin. iiie inree uivisions are:
The retail trade or shipment of mi k.the
manufacture of bntter and the roam"
facture of chee.e. The cow that h, the
beat for one of these is not the best for
th other two. and on-eonently the
stock .honld t selected in the first p'ace
with particular reference to the branch
of business that i lo be followed. The
man who has a specially good butter herd
cannot affird to furnish mi k to a cheese
factory nor to ship hi product t a cit
to be sold with low-grade m lk from all
onrce. Find out what you want to do
oe'O. e Ton oevin la nm il tm, h.,,1
, then lollow that purpose steadily, and
you will be apt to come out all right.
! It has been estimated that to collect a
ingle ponnd of honer the bees mut de
prive 62 00) clover blossoms ef their
nectar. To !o this the 62,000 flower
r-nu!i, ted by " rt of
8,, 50.000 bee.
Offie'a' figure give the sr-a planted to
ti In France 'or the 18 i2 cmn at 17,
4.Srt,0'0 cr and the cop at 3tK.477 0 0
buhels. Tn rve tbere were SO',,.)
acre pl-tJ, and th ciop was 72,076,
000 boihal.
Produce Frnt Etc
Wmur-Valley, L12$ ; Walla Walla,
11.05 per cental. . ' .
FLOCB-titandard. 13.30; Walla W . ia,
$3.5U; tiraham, f2.9J; Superfine, f2.50
per barrel. , , , .
Oats Choice, 43ig loc per bnsbei ; fair,
40c; rolled, in Dags, o.25'tt,6.&0; barrels,
o.dOj5.7d; cases, 3.75.
Hav Best, U'313.50 per ton; com
mon, 9.00(gl0.00.
Millstcffs Bran, U63.7; snorts, 19
20; ground bariev, $23 $ 4, cuon tee t,S
per ton; whole feed baney, SO'iS c per
cental; middlings, 23t24 per ton; orew- i
ing barley, WKgyjc per cental; chicken
wheat, ILlO per cental.
BrjTTEB Oregon fancy creamery, 27 ,
3oc; fancy dairy, 2242.c; fair 10 ;
good, 174(?20c; common, 12 vlftc per ,
pound; pickle roll butter, 3oi33c per '
roil j California, 4043c per roil. '
Chxksb Oregon, 1113c; Eastern ;
Twins, 15j; Young America, ltic per
pound. ;
Eqob Oregon, 16c per dozen.
PooLTET Cmciens, mixedcoopa, t4.00
4.50; old hens, 5.00i33.50; old roostera, ;
$1.0o(?4.50; dressed chickens, ltJ(iie
per pound; ducks, i6.o.'vi7.5o; geese,
$10.00(11.00 per dozen; turkeys, live,
16 17c ; dreeaed. I80J Vii per pound.
VaasT.iBi.83 Caboage, 1.5Jid-0 per ;
cental; oniona, t..7b&2 0 1 ; cut onions, i
75(i90c; potatoes, $1.00 for Garnet ,f
Chuia; $1.25 for Burbanks; Oregon 1
turnips, 75(g9Jc per sack ; young carrots, i
75cl per sack; Bweet potatoes, $2.5o '
: 4.00 per cental; cauiitiower, bOc per
per dozen, $2 75 per crate; celery, two
per dozen; artichokes, 85c per dozen;
lettuce, 40c per dozen; asparagus, 2oc
' ner pound ; parsnips, 80c per sack; beets,
; if 1.25 per Back; radishes, 25c per dozen;
green onions, 18c per pound; rhuoarb,
10c per pound; green peaa, 10llc per
pound ; spinach, 3c per pound.
! Fbcits Sicily lemons, $o.0j5.50 per
box; C'.'.H'O'o'a new croo. $4.50(35; ba
nanas, $2.504 0J per bunch; oranges,
1 seedlings, $2.O0n$2.75 per box ; navels,
i $3 00.d3 50; crtnberriea, $12.50 per bar
rel; apples, $1.6 k!2 25 per box.
Ktitpls Oraoertet.
Honey Choice comb, 1517c per
pound ; new Oregon, 10 320c.
Salt Liverpool, 200s, $15.50; 100s,
$16.50; 60s, $17.50; stoci, $10.50U.50.
Dbibd Fbdits Petite prunes, 10(gl2cj
silver, 11 14c; Italian,1214c; Uerman,
lOtgllc; plums, old, 56c; new, 79c;
apples, 6(3 He; evaporated apricots, '
15(316c; peacnes, 1216c; pears, 7(llo
per pound..
Rica Island, $4.755.0J; Japan, $4.75 '
per cental.
Coffee Costa Rica, 22c; Rio, 22c;
Salvador, 21sc; Mocha, 2oJ30c; Java,
24 (8 30c; Arbuckle's, Midland, Mo
kaska and Lion, 100-pound cases,
25 35-lOOc per pound; Columbia, same, ,
24 85-lOOc
Bbans Small white, 3ac; pink, 3c;
bayos, 3Wc; butter, 3c; limaa, 34'4c
per pound.
Sybop Eaatern, in barrels, 4055c; t
haif-barrels, 4257)c; ia cases, 3d(j ';i
80c per gallon ; $a.25 per keg. California '
in barrels, 208600 per gallon; $1.75 per.
Sugar Net prices : D, 4c ; Oolden 0, '
414c; extra O, 4c; Magnolia A, 4ec;
granulated, 5c; cube crushed and pow-
tiered. 6 J8c; 'yinfectiouers' A, 6c pet
pound; maple sugar, loigl-ic per pound,
Canned Ooodd Table fruits, assorted
quoted $1.752.00; peaches, $1.85(12.11);
Bart lettpears,$1.75tS2.00; plums, $1,374.
(1.50; strawberries, $2.25(32.45; cher
ries, $2.252.40; blackberries, $1.85(3
i; raspoernes, 2.40; pineapp es, 2.2o'J
2.80; apricots, $1.65(32.00. Pie fruits:
Assorted, $1.20; peaches, $1.25; pluma,
$1.10(31.20; blackberries, $1.25(41.40 per
dozen. Pie fruits, gallons Assorted,
$3.15(33.50; peaches, $3.50(34.00; apri
cote, $3.50(34.00; plums, $2 75(33.00;. 5
blackberries, $4.25(34.50. Vegetables:
corn, $1.50(1.75; tomatoes, $1.101.15:
sugar peas, $1.00; string beans.
95c per dozen. Meats : Corned beef. If,
$1.50; 2s, 2.40; chipped beef, $2,554
4X0; lunch tongue, la. $4.00; 2s, $6.75;
deviled ham, $l.751.8 par dozes,
Fish: Sardines, s, 75cffl$2.25j Ml
$2.15(34.60; lobsters, $2.303.50; Balm
on, tin 1-lb.talls, $1.25(31.60; flats, $L76;
2 lbs., $2.252.50; bbl., $5.50.
Th Meat Market.
Beep Primesteers,$ 1.83(34.25 ;choie
steers, $3.75(34 00; fair to good steen
$1.00(33.50; good to choice cows, $3.15'.
3.50; common to medium cows, $2.50;
z.,3; uresaei. fi.ou .c 7.(10.
MnTTOH Choice, $4.5034.75; fair t
good, $4.00(3 4 50; dressei $8.00; lamb
j $4.O04.50; dressed, $S 00.
Hoos Choice heavy. $7.00(37.25 ; tnt
, dium, $tt.50i30.75; lfght and feeder
$6.2i)(30.50; dresse-t, $7.0J.
VEAlr 4 00(37.00. 1
Smoked Meats Large ham, 17
174c; medium ham, 17,-23181-a'c; breai
last bacon, 17:3 18c ; abort clear aide
14'3l54cj dry Bait Bides, 13l
per pound. 1
Lad Compound, in tins, 14'
Eure, in tins, lrtgUJa'c; Oregon, liy4
2e per pound.
Nails Base quotations : Iron, 21!
irteel. 12.75 : wire, t ' M na, boo
Ibon Bar, 20 per pound; pig iro '
f.o'ao per ion.
Steel 10c per pound. !
Tin I. C. charcoal, 14x20, prime qui
Ity. $8.50(39.00 ner box: ior crosses.!
extra per box ; L C. coke plates, 14xf-,
prime quality, .OU(SS.ilO per DOX ; tr
plate I. 0., prime quality, $6.88(37.0,
I luu, 9 41. uv.
i Lead 4Vc per pound ; bar, '
I Shot $1.80 per sack.
I Horseshoes $5.
j Navai. 8tors Oakum, $4.50(35
bale; resin, $4.80(35 per 480 pounds ; 0
Stockholm, $13.00; Carolina, $9.00 f
barrel ; pitch, $6.00 per barrel ; turpi,,
I tine, 65c per gallon in carload lota.
j Bars nl uo;nc.
! Burlaps, 7-ox., 40-inch, net cash,
burlaps, 10-m., 4.Vinch, net cash,
burlaps," 12-oa., 44-inch, 7e; buritr
15-01., 6 Mnch, ll'c; burlaps, 20-o.,r
inch, 14c. Wheat bags, Calcutta, Soli
pui, oc; iwo-Dusaai oat bags, 7C.
Kcaiiomy In tlarsrahoet.
A hoiel)oe has Ixn-n patented in t
ada which is provided with remov
calka. Tliese calks nrv easily rcmovsii
and whi n they require sharpening W
may lie put in in about five tuinut
Two seu nre kept 011 hand, one si"
and the other dull: this effects ap
avinjr The flu has t.-iix'red dovcv
recesM.-. in which the tnix-rcd shank '
the calk fits. New York Telegram.
The fifty l:.r.'.-.t libraries in UerttU-'
poseena 1 -J. T' - o x vuluiue. against tt
of Englaud v. i;Li about 6,450,000. anJ
North America with abosrt g,100,