The Coos Bay times. (Marshfield, Or.) 1906-1957, August 18, 1914, EVENING EDITION, Page TWO, Image 2

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10 ifiSHLD
i. C. MALONEY Editor and Publisher
DAN E. MALONEY News Editor
Investigation of Affair will Be
you i nin in Gnlri Rnanh This Wfifik
An Unusual Case.
Editor Tho Coos Buy Times:
In your Issue of August 1
have two urtlcles, one headed "Lot's
Tnlk It Over," nud the other "Humor
of Recall of Mnyor Alleh." In both
tlinad nrtlnlna ()m ntiftrn ilof annnia
to be an effort to roast and besmirch, Witnesses and nttorneya In the case
tho whole police force In connection of Illley Cooley, charged with tho
with the Kuby Morrison case. I murder of Thomas Van Iolt In the
0W;1' fcLSLIi' Li " w." chect0 ,,Iatrlct ot Curl,y county on
come any investigation, as I nave ' , . , .
done nothing I am ashamed of and ! ! ebrimry 1 .. 18DS, have been sum-
nothing I would not do ngnln under ""- io uo.u "men, wnere cviucut-c
the same conditions. I did nil that
could bo expected of me as an offi
cial In my present capacity ns mer
chants' patrolman nothing more.
As to pitying or sympathizing with
or caressing them, that is nil bosh
and there Is not a word of truth In
it. But I am too much of a gentle
man to strike or kick or slap or
abuse a woman, even though she be
of the bad class nf womcnklnd and
goes beyond the limit.
I do not want to Hide behind any
In the case wilt be taken by tho
grand Jury this week.
Tho Cooley case Is somewhat re
markable for the reason that the de
fendant's arrest did not occur for 15
years after tho alleged crlmo was
committed. At tho tlmo Van Pelt
was killed Cooley lived on nn adjoin
ing ranch in the extreme southwest
ern part of Curry county. The Cool
ey and Van Pelt families had been on
unfriendly terms for a long time,
and suspicion naturally pointed to
HY must we always bo meddling with somebody? Why Is It always
someone else mist be made good?
Whv do wo think we have constantly to regulate people, to
jrench at them, to "reach them," to convert them, to civilize them, to
"uplift" them?
Peoplo are always asking, "What are you going to do with tlrls or that
ort of person?" As though the universe would go to pieces If we did not
Jo something to someone.
I rogret to see already n tendency to become acrimonious, personal and
Jitter over the coming discussion of the "wet" and "dry" question.
Why Is this necessary?
Marshfleld Is the home of all of us. We are all neighbors and most of
tB friends. Marshfleld will continue to be our home after tho election.
Why, then, should we fly Into n rage, niBli nt each others' throats like
fowling wolves, and act In general like barbarians Instead of like civilized,
Christian peoplo?
Cnlllng names or throwing stones will not aid In settling this question.
It will do no goad nud tuny do much harm. It will arouse hatred and
Tcnom that will only ndd to our mutual unhnpplncss.
To say that Rev. Dnssford Is in the Obtuse Angle of n Parallelogram
Till not help In convincing him that he Is wrong In tho position he tnkes.
And calling Frank Denning or Peter Mlrrasoul zeolitlzcd Wykehamists will
itot put them In the prohibition ranks.
Why not go about this discussion with some sort of sweet reasonable
ness? Give tho other follow credit for being ns honest, sincere and earnest
In his opinion ns you are In yours. Try and show him the error of his way;
but you cannot do it by hitting him over the head with n club. That's going
backward Instead of forward.
K'e modest. Intolerance which Insists that all tho world must he ntid
dress up and think and act exactly like yourself Is the most outrageous
im modesty.
Ot course, we have to have law and order nud decency and government
and conventions and social organization to harmonize peoples' rotation
with ono nnothor Just ai we must have a fixed language in order to
oxpress our thoughts and needs to our fellowmcn. Anarchism would turn
Ian world Into a moral Babel and confusion of tongues.
But we ought not to be so provincial as to Insist that our language Is
ti'fl only tongue In which decent peoplo may express themselves.
Likewise, lot us not ninko our own ideals and conventions too exclusive.
Da not make these things end In themselves. Do not use them to pry In
btwccn man and his conscience. Let him settle his own account with his
Maker. Do not make tho form moro valuable than life. Do not throw
away nnd destroy all life that cannot be reduced to your little system.
That Is the modern kind of human sacrifice. And there Is a lot of that
sort of thing going on In the world, too many Idols claiming their victims
every day. ,
Bo tolerant. Respect other people's personality and nnlnlnnn. un
irnvtirnmnnf nn.l nnrn nln H,.. , .-,., .,l ..!... li..,i . ..'rOUntl. WllCU I WnS ODPOsltO tllO
:""::.: .7. ..?. """" ..."....:. ' "" "?.' . V - tuVKU " """ oli house of the woman who hull nsked douce to show that Cooley received
the arrest I went over to see what $500 from the cnshler of a Spokane
Arrive Next Monday.
Secretary Motley, of the Marsh
fleld Chamber of Commerce, this
i ltd ty of tho southern I'ncine n, 7 "'7",', "'"' 'yexnnuer Kin
s in Oregon, at Portland, that SK'I t tS S
ut twenty-five business men from far nH possible costume d
Portlnnd Chamber of Commerce jir Martin B n . . .
tM ntirkthllt ITllIk .lift riU.'AI lf annfs,t tn nnnniMnllal. ftnl... . I. .. . . - ' ..v.w. wuj fc.iw fw"v v owl, mij IU UHUIII,IIDI1 UIBnB Willi UrU 100 Dig
for Individuals to undertake. But remember that the other fellow has his
rcmnal right?, also.
Follow your own conscience, believe your own. faith, speak your own
truth. Do this bwause It Is your Cod-given right as a frco spiritual being.
Aud bo enroful that tho liberty you take for yourself you also give to others.
Be tolornnt, Bu Just, Bo fair.
cloak. I am willing nnd ready to'lie f.'oinwr. Although tno (grand
defend my actions In this case as) Jury .of Curry county twice Investlgat
well as In any other. ed the affair, they refused each tlmo
In the first plnce, I am hired by 'to return nn Indictment charging
the merchants as patrolman. My ; Cooley with the offense,
duties nro to look out for fires, nnd I About n year ago Van Pelt s son,
for anyone breaking Into or destroy- who still lives In Curry county, ap
ing any property belonging to the pealed to Governor West for nssist
merchnnts who belong to the Mer-'ance In finding the slayer of his
chants' Patrol: also for burglnrles father. Through n speclnl npproprla
nnd thieving, and setting of fires, i tl. the Governor procured tho eer
and looking nfter the safety of boats. ; vices of Stephen Doyle, n Spoknno
1 do not belong to the regular police ' .e'ectlve. Doyle visited Curry coun
force, neither do I belong to the ' ty several times and Interviewed n
Moral Squad." and I am not sup- number of persons who were living
posed to be out trying to clean up there at tve time of the murder. Tho
the town or to prosecute disorderly ! detective later went to Snn Francisco,
houses or persons who run disorder- where he subsequently arrested Itlley
ly houses, nnd I nm not supposed to Cooley. Cooley was brought here
mix up with the general police work and Inter taken to Curry county,
unless cnlled upon for assistance, where he was placed under bnll In tho
In this case I was called upon by 'sum of $50,000. This ninount of
this woman to make an arrest of bnll ho furnished without difficulty,
Jack Bumpf, which I did, and lodged n number of Coos county people go
him In Jnll, holding him there wlth-lng on his bond,
out filing a charge against him from I Cooley left Currv county a ptiort
2 until 4:45 o'clock a. m. I had time after Van Pelt was found dead,
nsked Officer Shoupe to call and see .and for several years prior to nln
If tho woman was going to appear 'arrest had been employed In n Snn
ngalnBt Itumpf, but Shoupe did not ' Francisco brewery. Ho has n wife
romo back. So when on my Inst and grown daughter.
Detective Doyie says no lias evi
Party of Twenty-five Will Visit Local Girl, Miss Mario r
Coo Bay. Country-Will I an, and Alexander M ; w'
Appear in Recital,
The entertainment at ih v.
n.. ii ... ,ne MaioiL
"i"-' "umc mm evftiini. ... .-
morning recolvcd n tolegrnm from; to attract a large crowd nf i
Mark Woodruff, superintendent of the drnmntlc art, to hear Ml.Vu0'
publicity of tho Southern Pacific iy'DCowwi and Alexander!
Hi., ii
v!,1.nrrivo..'"?,"",:!!!."??.t. M?x wc A!' $?&? '
im uu uiui "i xiivi.iiuH "" university of Urccon .j "'
trade til Rrlmniio ovor tlio const conn- nnwnn i n ..,.i... 'I ":. and ifk
try. The party will travel by train
to the end of tho rails on the Wlll
nmotto Pacific, then by stngc to Map
leton, whero they will tnke the boit
for Florence. From therq they will
travel to the Buy.
No official notification ns to wheth
er the party would be guests of tho
Southern Pacific or of tho Commer
cial Club was received, but the Club's
entertainment committee, consisting
of Messrs. Sengstackon, Straw and
Tom Bennett, will nrronge n program
f tin ilultrtiii tirtaal lit i n hftft if
which will be nn excursion to the r, "The Schoolgirl That I ll.i..
bench. vlti,
.Mr. Motley also received word thnt "Bill Smith" " w"jt
next Sunday's Issue of the Oregonlnn C "Peer Gynt" n"
would contnln four full pngea of 7 "Huck Finn ci,
write-ups ii nil lllustratloiiK of the- Admission: 2fic nnd'rio'r tm?
coast country and that no doubt n for sale at tho Busy Corner
great demand would be created local- , .. .. '
Cowan Is a student In tho iL?
purtment, tnklng a course V?
Professor Ueddy, who a"t $
Si Kr '" MBh z
wllT'o Sven' CXrCl,Cnl
1 "The Hunchback" ... l'..,
S "On the Bank o' Deer CwP
"A WHteVcoior" ' .'.'" S'
"A Liz-Town Humorist'5." S ?
' " uute ,
ly Tor tho Issue.
t llr AiofllM rri lo Coot Ilir Tlmn.) j
A merry party, composed of Mlw
Elizabeth Tellefson, lllanche TH('.
Hon, Esther Byerly, Thorn Lund, At1
mi Lund, Ste In Peterson, Mrt r
mer Vlneynrd nnd two chlldrei
Frances nnd Roderick, left tolijd,
tTtwo weeks' camping trip to Ciit!j.
ion nay.
Miss Dellla Pratt, who has bnQ
War Is Already Causing Tre
mendous Advance in All
"Tho cause of tho advanco of food
stuffs Is not cnused by any combine
nj Aii-Uti TrtM lo Coot nr Tlmfi.J
1'Aithii.iln .
, ..vo,, ,.u tluo,., j, wiuunce mni force,
I :".rI'" .." "' "" . f '"nK'. P-i Someono has said that I should
lm Zd back on Z "na incB,hvo arreted both those women that
uiul.m uaCK 0110 COlll. morn nc. I unr nn Thorn ivn. n
aim ii'nt irnlni- tn ,ln In Mm mnllnr T liiink n ffw ilnvu nttor tlin niiirilor
was there about ten minutes nnd I occurred. This m.oney, Doyle wilt
was on official business or I would charge, wns paid to Cooley to commit I
not have been there. I refused to the crime. It Is understood tho man
tnke any part In the proceedings, who was acting cashlor of tho Spok-
I refused to drink with thorn or to.nnc bank nt tho time tho money wan
dnnco or wnltz with them or share paid, will bo an Important witness
In any of their fun or frolic. for tho state. In the event Cooley Is
I simply attended to the business Indicted he will be tried somo tlmo
I went there for; that was to find this month.
out If the woman was going to ap
pear as a prosecutrix against this
man Itumpf. Then I enme away.
I do not want to try to put any
one In bad. Yet I am not going to
suffer for the wrongdoing of some
one else when I know I hnve dono
no wrong myself. I have dono my
work honestly, faithfully and con
scientiously every since I have been
on tho police force, with mallco
toward none and Justice toward ill",
COLON. Aug. IS. The first wnr- for tho pnBt week. Is slowly mora
Mp to pass through the Panama lug.
Canal was the Peruvian -destroyer
Tonlente Bodrlguez. which made tho NOTICE OF SCHOOL DISTRICT
trip today when tho steamship Ad- hukii i;i,i:rnox.
mlrnl Dewev also went through. i
Stato' of Oregon, County of Ct
School District No. 9, ss.
Notice Is hereby given that it a
MT&r Mil I "v&
-? ""VT . T-ti School District Bond Election bctrif
MILITARY ACADEMY called to be held at the tola!
Ciltrwt 11iil1ttfi In nrt.l tm CaImI
Xr &J!'n2Z& a thrt ju.t Ve' war" I expc t to
laSioa'iidZe9 that ff""1"" ,0"K 8 ' n' "
I morning.
(0 Am?UIJ fmi la Ct Dy TlmM.1
BltOWNSVILLE. Tex.. Aug. 18.
G. DubolHe, chief of tho United
or trust, but Is n direct of the 'XZl Oreg,,,:farb,p3o.n.?e8work,,hwi;,
stoppage of steamer trnffle, high,
rates of Insurance nnd freight and
tho demands of tho armies," says F.
G. Horton, local manager of the AI-.
icn & mswih company. I
"England, which has been Kettlms
most of hor sugar from Germany, has
, What will Amorlcan children do
f next Christmas when the usiiat sup
ply of Gorman toys will bo absent
been ocmpolled to buy from Culm fro tholr ChrlstmaH trees nnd stocks
and tho United States. England con- lugs? The "Mado In Germany"
'"?? n17??? ,0"8.0f ,m,Bnr ,,or trlle'nrk wa" not " "oax- for yo start roasting the entire pollco
month and tlili country has a sweet merchants are finding difficulty In force as I am readv nnd lw lC n
too h which demands 300,000 tons, getting their holiday orders filled. fSce all the salnU and sinners on
It is figured that there will be a "They are already cutting orders, unvthh g I have dmie
shortage of r.GO.OOO tons before tho remarked F. E. Westerberg, and Tl a king -yon tor the s.mre for
new crop comes on Sugar Is selling am afraid our Import orders will this comnunlcn on. I beg to romaln
and win . 1 .h :.."". I .T" ."", ..v "r"..,',y..j:"' respecuuuy yours
--- o- ...r,..w. .... t.n.. ....n,.0,i ,,,u ,....n l.l,ll,. III IIIIJ IIUIIIllllL'llirillg
buying in nil niarl'tn, Tho present business and In the Importing. Whllo
price In this city Is 'i. lots of the goods are now In this
Addod to this situation Is tho country, there Is no ono that has
nigh freight rates on ocoun traffic, been forehanded and prophotlc
whlc linro double ordinary rntui, and onough to bring over tho completo
tho Insurnnco of 7'j per cout dej line. The Germans havo almost n
iunndod by the liisurancu companies corner on the toy busluoss nud the
because of stray German warships In war will be distinctly felt ns It af
Ih Atlantic. I foots toys."
"Added to thoso onuses Is tho price I
f foivlan exchange, whlijt about i IHll'tiS SUYItOCKI-n'IXC.
equals a discount on nil exports of
IM.- por cent. It Is usually but h few Druggists In tho city are In receipt
cents on a pound sterling, of notice of ndvnuco In drugs nnd
mure wiib 11. o.... . , , ,- ,
regular police officer there, nnd It' ?l" '8 V "Lr," .." 8. r,,""u,
ngent of Alice, Tex., are dead as n
result of a shooting affray nt n hotel
here, tho causo for which has not
been ascertained. E. M. Ditbolse, a I
customs Inspector and brother ot tho
'dean man, participated In tho shoot
ing. He surrendered but refused to
havo to give up tho clock and tho
merchants' patrol work, as I have
all I can do now, and I havo been
told by the Chief of Police many
times not to mix up with the regu
lar police work unless It waB abso
lutely necessary. Then there nro
threo other officers to perform that
So please Just leave mo out when
Tho advance III cnnnml unmix tlin iA nmlonlvi nt frnm r.n tr. !nn .... ...,
-wholesale men explain, is duo lo the. Opium has been advanced from
demands of tho belligerent armies' 17.50 to lit per pound, oxalic acid
for meats and vegetables. Beans fiom 15 cents to 10 cents a pound;
havo gone up becnuso of the shoit , citric acid from 50 to $1.35 pbr
crop in Laiirorulu aud Michigan and .pound; milk sugar from J1 cents to
tho stoppage of the Austrian sup- 35 cents; hydrogen peroxide has ad-
vanced 50 por cent.
Marshfleld nutomobllo tiro dealers
announce that there has boon nn In
crease of from 1.1 to 20 per cent In ,, o f, vo be
tho price of lire since the Euiopean o,- con
troublo Btartod. This is not all. Thovi
.l HOO.K, TOO.
II. J. McKeown of tho Chnndlor
U'inived a telegram stating that
champagnes, gins, nnd all foreign
on advanced 50 to 75
Mnrshfleld. Or., August IS, 1914.
. . .i
Mr. and Mrs. E. It. Hodsnn nn.l lit
tlo daughter Irene, who have been
Take a Glass of Salts Before Brenlc
flint if Your Buck Hurts or Blad
der Bothers You,
Tho American men nnd womon
must guard constantly against Kid
ney trouble, becnuso wo eat too much
predict that If tho Germans continue
m fttttrntrn lll.i lliil.vfn.i.-. fn
moro wooks, the price of motor tiros Tho Tlmos has received notice of
will bo out of sight. Just what tho an advance of '2 cents per pound In
price will bo then could not bo learn- linotype motnl and that print paper
cd, but tho motor tire dealers said wilt bo advanced,
they would be so precious that very ' Local denlors report an ndvanco In
lew could buy. I price In tho following commodities ns
The result of this boost In tho a direct result of the European wnr:
price of tires is causing much Joy In Advanco
tho hearts of govern! tiro men in tho Coffee, per 100 lbs $1,00
city who happonod to bo woll stock- Lemons, por box 3.00
ed In tires before the war bouan. Mlchluan sninll white lio.ins. nor
Others, who woro not so fortunato, ' sack
are doing nil In tholr powor now to Enstorn small whltq beans, per
scuro tires, ns thoy feol It will bo a sack
Tory safo investment in viow of tho Corn men), por bale
itlll lifccnr lnrrmisiv I Dlnn un inn ii.j
"This Is tho best selling season for Candy, all varieties, per lb 025
tires, too." said ono tiro dealer after Tons por lb 025 to .05
commenting on tho advancement In Hams, per lb 01 to .015
imiiiiii, nir somo nine in snn Fran- an,i ii 0ur food U rich. Our blood
Cisco, returned on the Uedondo today ,,,,, P , , , , .,
nnd left for their homo on South"8 fllleU wlth urlc acUl wh,ch tho
Coos Hlvor. I kidneys atrlvo to filter out, they
Mr. aud Mrs. J. Glendon of , weaken from ovorwork. Iiecome slue.
ni0'1; ?nd Mr8, ?nd l'88 Sn',,,r'Blsh, the etlmluatlvo tissues clog nnd
of Glondnle, enme hero by nuto on i ... .. . ,.. .... , , , ,
nil' icauii is niuiiv.- iiuuuiv, uiuuuer
weakness and a general decline In
When your kidneys feel tike lumps
of lead; your back hurts or the urine
Is cloudy, full of sediment or you
are obllgod to seek relief two or
threo times during the night; If you
suffer with sick headache or dizzy,
Mrs. W. E. Slmnson and dauch- nervous spells, acid stomach, or you
ters, Edith nnd Bernlco, were the .have rheumatism when tho weather
guests Sunday of Mp. V. N. Ekblad. its bad, get from your pharmacist
the kue-rof taVTuVMd Zaho". ounce.8 f Ja" ' "
Hazor. tauiespoonrui in a glass of water
before breakfast for a few days and
your kidneys will then act fine. This
famous salts is made from the acid
of grapes and lemon Juice, combined
with llthla, and has been used for
Thursday and will visit for a whllo
ai mo nomo or Mrs. .1. A. Jacobson.
Chas. Van Zlle, who has been visit
ing friends In Portland, returned to
day. Mrs. Marion Clark and tittle
daughter, Helen, of Sand Point, visit
ed relatives hero Saturday.
Mrs. M. H. Gurnsey will leave this
week for a visit with her daughter;
in L'aiuornin.
Tho Yellowstone Is due tomorrow
from Portlnnd.
The Gleaner left today for
diner with a carso of frelcht.
Tho Pnraiso comes In tomorrow , generations to flush and stimulate
with passengers nnd freight from i clogged kidneys; to neutralize the
Portlnnd. She leaves Friday. i ,., , , ,., . u i
MVI..O WIU U....V OV M. MU lUUgUr i
a sourco of Irritation, thus ending
bladder disorders.
Leave MarMificld nt 8 A. M.
Jad Salts Is Inexpensive; cannot In
jure, makes a delightful effervescent
llthla-wnter beverage, nnd belongs In
every home, because nobody can
mako a mistake by taking a good
tho price of motor car tires. j Bacon, por lb 01 to .015 Makes connection with auto for Sun. kidney Hushing any time.
Hnlrfts nil varlnttiMi in nnt - II. n ... t- eu l.- r.. t
According to anuouueemonta seat Splcos, all varieties
t t
10 pet.
sot Uajt aai Shore Acreu
For Sale by Brown Drug Company.
.,, ., c . n i- jn ..!.. i school Binding, in and for tkm
AScleelNeH.ScctuiuBouduig.Ddp.7 School I)Hlrlct N hnf c CountJ, 0
JorBoyi. Md1t.,yDutIplwe:Sm.llCIKt:M u ,0th ,, ,)f SoplcrabH)i
Te.ct.ei!. CueMiupnraioniMuictmhilhil , j0H bctwcon tho nourl of ,
W?JL T.d i " ioVr Z7- o'clock p. m. nnd seven o'clock p. ,
PORTLAND, ORECON1 thfiro w,u ho BUi,mltted to the ln!
.. voters thereof the question of tci-
" I traetinir a bonded Indebtcdnesi a
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that LARS, for tho purpose of conitre
the City of Enstslde, In Coos County, '!" a building and Gymnasium la
Oregon, will receive sealed bids un-l School purposes In and for M
til tho hour of 8 o'clock In tho after-1 School District, said Ilulldlng ast
noon of tho 25th day of AugUBt. Gymnnslum to be constructed ei
10H. for the Improvement of all School grounds now owned Ij M
n,oi nn.i!.. r Mni.-n.. c. ,..., i ..i i Sflinnl 1) utr rt No. fl. COOS C003T
iit.v i.w.i.wu ut ., ii ..iii-in in wiim."- " w , , ,, tll.l. Q.tA
urcgon, aujuiiiuiK iu is
Building and between South IW
Street and South 7th Street, m
betwoon Golden Avenue Weit ui
Ingorsol Avenue West, tn the 0
of Marshftold, Coos County, Orrja
Tho vote to bo by ballot, m
which shall bo the words "Bond
Yes" and "Bonds No," and tj
voter shall ptaco n (X) beteentli
word "Bonds" and tho word Tet
or between tho word "Bonds w
the word "No," which louicmn "
All I fc
Tho polls for the reception of t
ballots cast for or against the at
traction of said Indebtedness will, ei
said day and date and at the w
aforesaid (tho Central School W
lng tn said District, oe vj:
the hour of two o'clock p. n.
remain open until tho hour of m
o'clock p. m. of tho same day,
tho samo shall bo closed. ,
By order of tho District so
Board of School HUtrlct No- "J
Coos County, Orecon. made , this m
day ot August, a. ." "'WerS.
Chairman of DIstHa School rl
bonooi uisiriti "" -
ty. Oregon.
Attest: JOHN F. HALL,
city from n lino eight foot west of
tho rentor lino of Second Street to
the west line of .Eighth Street, a dis
tance of 1582 feet.
All such Improvements must be
mado agreeable to and In accord
ance with tho plans and specifica
tions thoreof now on file with tho
City Recorder, which nre open to tho
Inspection of nil portions.
Each bidder will bo required to
accompany his bid with a certified
check equal In amount to flvo por
cont of tho amount bid, for tho
performance of the contract, should
It be awarded him.
Every porson awarded a contract
wilt be required to enter Into n wrlt
ton agreement concerning such Im
provements, and at tho samo tlmo
give a sufficient, good nnd approved
bond for tho faithful performance
of the agreement.
Tho City reserves tho right to re
ject nny nnd all bids.
Bids must be filed with tho City
This notice Is given by order of
the Common Council of the City of
Enstslde, Coos County, Oregon.
Dated this 6th day of August, 1914.
Recorder of the City of Eastslde,
Coos County. Oregon.
An Important List of Economies
for Wednesday,' Thursday .Jfrijjjg
Offerings that should prompt you to supply both present
and future needs. '
150 Bolts Rlckonck Braid.-, All widths, G yards In bolt, values Jj,
to 20c, on sale nt, a bolt fl
Boys' Xnvy Blue Serge Cups All sizes, the 75c quality, fljjji
now ,
Children's Fine Silk Hose In white, black, blue or tan, sites flJJ
to 6, values to 40c, now only, a pair
Suubonnots ror ladles and Children Beautiful patterns, Igji
tho 25c kinds, only .j,
Ladles' Bountiful White WnMs One hundred and twenty
lot. Somo are slightly mussed. Thoy formerly soA at jjHfj
11.50 to 12.50, now on salo at T3c ,0
Children Ferris Waists Best quality "inn'cfl
Children's Coats Made of gold cloth nnd pongee, neatly v9jU
trimmed with Inco collars, special '. lust tke
Divss Good' In Plntds and Checks, beautoful colors, Ju
thing for children's dresses. Values to C5c, speclay prleed jim
at, a yard " ' -a
Children's Hoinpei-s In Tan and Blue Chambrn, ncati) MQ
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