The Coos Bay times. (Marshfield, Or.) 1906-1957, April 28, 1914, EVENING EDITION, Page SIX, Image 6

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The I
r "
X. L. Stock bought by us from Arthur McKeown
the assignee at, 5 1 c on &ne aoiwr
at, 55c on the dollar
'i! .
Hub Clothing and
Marshfield City Council Re
jects Two, Claiming Col
lusion in Raising Price.
After hcnrlng two bids for
Council Tables Application of
Lew Keyzer After Hear
1 ing Protests Read.
After hcnrlng protoBta from
tho it... tt.. ! flnnnrtmnnb MnrtiVlnlil Ministerial AflBOClntton,
100,000 foot of lumber read, tho City tho Marshriold W. G. T, U. und the
Council Inst evening uiianlmoiiBly re- Progress Club rend Inst ovonlng, tho
inctml both of them, tho momborfl de
claring thnp thoro had boon collusion
"on tho bids mid that "tniBt prices"
tvoro being named.
Tho Twin City IAimbor Compnny
bid $1303 for tho 100,000 feet nnu
.Varahfleld city council InHt ovonliiK
tabled Indefinitely tho application of
Lew Keyaor to construct nn open-air
bowery danco platform on Second
Strcot near Central.
.Mr. Keyzer was presont but nu
Councilmen Decide to Person
ally Inspect Donnelly Ave
nueCouncil Matters.
After n rathor spirited dobnto
over tho Question of reducing tho
proscnt grade at Sixth and Connolly
thre'o fcot, tho City Council last
ovonlng deferred action and ar
rnnged for a meeting of tho niom
Lors and city engineer there at 4
o'clock this afternoon to look tho
district over and aeo what would
bo tho best. Final action will nrob-
nbly bo takon ut tho next meeting
a. r k o... 1,1. l.iti i tun nnr iiihpiihh 11 nun iiiiur Lilt IjUiiiii:,!
mo vji j aiiiitu vu." '"j Tr - - ----- .; .: .. . .-.t iiw. rnii,ir.ii Knirlnonr nuckliiKham Bald had announced iib action, no nroso " " r...7.,M . ..
that ho rtco. named Were higher and loft merely remarking "Thank i 't no pom on , ro. ,,.. n . r
than tho city .has been Iyln far j You (1 nHojn." Uon" the" g ndo"f 'sTx' h 'Sidon-
troot ltimbor In Binnll iotB, having Tho matter was brouglit up n Jir, . ,nB ,icirtli lo bo dofectlvo
lald only $13 for tho last It secured. Keyzer who wanted to know wht 0" ' cHy IlMonl
Councllmnn Ferguson Immediately tl o council proposed to do with, his rorao ns " V,JJn,,
vt ftllVJl HVII Wi ( .!
. . . .. ... . . .a. T a ...... kilns. until t linl
moved mat not i UB no tnrowii om, roqueiu. ur mini " .., ..-.i .!... ti. rn.i n
raying that ho was not going to stand thero were "ZahTZ Sixth and Donnelly be loft tho miiio
for that kind of a Job. tho matter In tno nanus or mo re- . . '. of oxti. nn(j
Mayor Allen said that ho had boon canlor and requested then, rend 't 'bo ?njleA some, m ak Ing n
quoted a great deal lower prices on They wore all along tho nio 1 no ono-hnlf per rout grade
lnnihnr nh f'niillllliv Rmnnnnn nslcod mill In tlo effect tlint UlO 11111)110 .. ,,.. ... . ....... .. V.
why tho Coqulllo mill had not put danco hall I demoralizing to the xon'x ii0Bald that naturally
in a bid nnd ho said that )o guessed youth, ect. Tho lotter from tlio . nonnoy wn8 h,B,1Br tlmn nir0li and
thoy had not known thnt tho city !. T. U. was signed by Mrs. C. I. t)mt coBeauontly Donnelly nvonuo
-was going to recolvo bids on It. Marsh and "Mrs. Ora McCnrty, tho 8n0llld bo kopl tJl0 8unuut of tho
Councilman Copplo suggested thut one from the Progress Club by Mrs. B, ,Jo ga((, t)mt t0 re(juco tho
probably tho city could save somoJMIunlo Tledgon ns corresponding Kr,jo would rendor worthless nn
monoy by buying Its lumbor In Sun Becrotary and the Ministerial Asso- oxpongjvo concret0 retaining wall In
KranclBco nnd shipping It horo. iclntlon's wnB simply signed bb by tho r,.ont of MrBf Uow.g ,,rol,0rty nnd
Councilman Doll romarkod that i organization. nffoct a Inrgo number.
. . . ii iat w- k I mll I.. 1 . i,aii,Ih rW t tin li t '
tno D1U8 IOOKOU IIKO '-n tniBt." l-llini- ruuiiwuig uiu iliiuiuk " '"""."' llnvlil N'olsnn nrciioil for r.xliulntr
tip olsowhoro.
Perhnm, urgod tho Council to mnko
n threo-foot reduction In tho grndo
of Tenth streot at Codnr, bo that
proporty which adjoins on tho o.iBt
nnd west sides of tho point would
.not bo damaged. This matter was
.1. ..laa innllliif
discussed at tno pruviuus mwuh
and tho council decided that owing
to the proposed chango Increasing
tho grndo on Tenth Btrcot to twelvo
per cont, not to do It. Uowovor, It
wnn flL-iirofi nut last nluht thnt a
cut of about two feet could bo undo
t.iero without incrcnBing tno -ioiiih
streot grade, by sloping tho lnt,or-,
Mr. Held nlso urged tnnt wncr
ovor tho Btrcot wbb filled that It bo
filled to tho full width Instead of
forty-two foot, tho width It Is pro
posed to plank It. Mr. llucklnghnm
snld that thoro would not 1ms enough
dirt to do this as tho deep cuts
would havo to bo sloped to prevent
tho lots cnvlng In. It wna agreed
that all Uio dirt should bo used on
Tenth Btrcot IiiBtond of being UBOd
on aldo .Htroots.
Tho plnns for Improving Klghth
Btreot from Commorclnl to ISIghth
Torraco, part of tho Tenth Btrcot
Improvement, were approved. Tho
work will cost $1281.
J. ii. Koontz was given a porinlt
to put In a concroto nppronch to his
now garago on North Front street.
Hugh McLnln wns ordered paid
uny money thnt was duo him from
street Improvement funds.
C. It. Flanngnn was told that an
effort would bo mndo to hasten the
Southern Oregon company In paying
for I'B North Second street Im
provement assessment.
'.South Miiimhviiy Delay
Tho South nroudwey pnvlnp iibscbh
ment was again postpenod for two
weeks owing to tho Inability to get
tho Soiithorn Pacific to ngreo to the
proposed asseHsmont plan. City At
torney Goes said that lie hoped to get
tho -C. A. Smith Company to iledlcnto
tho stroots, which caitbetl tho delay,
wltMn n short tlmn or elso havo tho
Southern Pacific agree In writing to
tho plan.
Kugcno O'Conncll wus present and
protested ngaliiBt tho North Second
streot sowor. Ho snld that It was
dofectlvo and became clogged and
flooded the'basoment of tho O'Con
noll building at frequent Intervals.
Hollo said that thoro was nearly a foot
Coos County Democratic Cen-ew Series Opens in Coait
l.l nmmillnn (Tnrlrinent? . I n.i Twl.. .ntlU P i
II dl UUIIIIIIIllUU liiuuiouj i LUUULIU lUUdV Willi Odll
North Bend Man. Francisco at Portland.
(Or AmkUI1 rrt, to Cm. Stf Tlxil
PORTLAND. Or.. April 1L-1
now sorloH oooiib 111 tho Cosit iMm
today with tho tconu plijlui
8an Frnnclsco at Portland,
Sacramento at Onkland,
Venlco nt J.os Angclci.
Tho following solf-oxplanntory lot
tor Ib being sont out to tho Doiiio
cratlo voters of this district:
To tho Democratic Party of tho
First Congressional District of Oro
gon: Tho Democratic County Central
Commlttco of Coos County wish to
horowlth statorUat Mr. Frederick
Ilolllstvr Iibb received tho cndorBO-
ment at -ouv Tftninmtttfo "fur 'tiro un
flco of Roprosontntlvo In Congress
from this district.
Wo nro glad to Bay personally that
Mr. Uolllstor Is a clean, nggrosslvo
Domocrnt; thnt he has lived with ub
In Coos County for somo cloven
years, nnd that during that tlmo ho
has built up n roputntlon among Ills
associates and acquaintances for hon
esty, sobriety and nblllty.
Wo cordially recommend Mr. Hol
llster to you for your support nt tno
coming Prlmnry election, bellovlng
and knowing thnt If nomlnatod thnt
ho will bo In the fight, all tho tlmo.
Yours for succcks, Hugh McLnln,
Chairman Domocratlc Centrnl Com
mittee, Coos' County; W .J. Hust,
Secretary Domocrntlo Centrnl Com
mlttce, Coos County.
ly It wbb dropped with tho under-' council did not discuss tho matter. th , "'' 's " , J ?
. . -. ..... .. iiit iiudl iui aaiiT niuiiu out nun. nu nit biiiii iiia&i tnuin nun iitriaiiv 11 iiiiil
,0,, !"40""",Y1!."tlV. .VJI1!."" Bald that although tho petition had I of water In tho basement Sunday.
unnnrwiiui 11 hum i iiii fiiinii-ii viiitiii 1111 . ....... . .. . ... .. - -
uoon generally circulated, less man city Engineer uucklnnam explalnod
I one-halt tho proporty owners nf-' that the nower was an old one and
fected had Blgnod It. Ho said thnt ln order to ropnlr It, tho hard imvlng
Ma) or Robcrtft Proposes Seucli Or
(Iluaiirt'H to Stop Mqnor Truffle
Tho Myrtlo Point Kntorprlso Bays:
"Mayor Roberts Introduced for tho
consideration of tho Council a couplo
of ordinances coplod after somo now
In forco In Roseburg regulating tho
illegal traffic In liquor. Tho ono Is
aimed to prohibit Uio bringing of
Vlctorln-Vancouvcr; rain.
Portland 13: Tacoraa 3.
Seattle 4; Spokane i.
Plttsburg-ChlcaRo; rain.
St. Louis l; Cincinnati :.
nrooklyn-Uoston; rain.
Philadelphia 3; New lort .
Now York V. Philadelphia 5.
lloston 1; Washington t.
. nK.,iM,l jtlnnntrYi aaTI'
., ' ... w.ii.1 .mil for Com!
IIIU UIOOIl"""-' - ,.l, I
-. -..i. i n i-nmn ete fin11 '
""" .',' . v.l... Ark AMSH
roynmoiuu i' .-- i,-i,i
veoled that ono man bad a tm
six boys and oven gir wl
ago from twenty years tojlxwJJ
two cows, ono nuns?, "';
chickens, two cats in "lfT;u',
throo docs, ono of which JWP'
orboard as the vessel aurw
NOTICi: L. O. O. M.
sneonded it nnd tho council voted nn-
niiaiulously for It.
Thoro will bo n regulnr mooting '
of Mnrshflcld lodge No. C78
O. M. Tuesday night. All
) ki n 1 1 rl v I a 1 1 1 ti f r It ff Mm j
XUI 0 ItMKIMh UIWHIWIB - , !....,
quested to attend. Ily ordor of "n" ",S,J,
OHO. 13. COOK, I - ...
lee Times Want nds brine results.
Ab I have lived In 0w w
Intoxicants to tho city by any other Blnce i'-s. "-. itirei
nieans that express and fi eight roads In the county jna ,
train. .....1 l..o l, -I. .1.1 ( ., nt- !lnnB ImlllWlni.' tOBl ' a.
fleer to search suit cases nnd bag-1 vice to tho taxpayer! 01 v
gage nnd to conflscato any llquor',nB a Commissioner irowjJ
,00 Premoette
. L. O.' AU, lH ,,'. h,.L IVilr.l h Oeorgo aulovsen, owner of tho high-1 would hnvo to bo cut up. It wns
mom- '""N?J').rJlkln.-0rnav1In, eat ,ot nt Slxth nna 0'"'oll'. 'av- finally decided to havo It Investigated
aro ro- n:o ll0Il "t ! or" 1,ro,,t "' ored a alx-foot eut thero. Peraon- nnd arrangements mndo to flush it
any no inougiii innt iiueo jeui wouiu regularly.
bo n compromlso botwoon tho ox-, Mr, o'Connoll nlso requested thnt
troines and be for tho best. tho Noblo bouses near his proporty bo
Hugh McLaln. ropresontliig tho compelled to connect up with tho
Catholic church property, said that Howage system
thoy would agree to nny grudo. buti Xoi.tU Vwn( irtV
tnnt they wanted It pormnnently es- Tho City Council decided Inst
abllshed. Ho personnl y favored 1lBht t0 for ,he ,,,,, ',
keeping Ulrod avonue tho summit1 North ., Btre . navlnl .' VV
for the grades nnd reducing Don- ft. Vo"dito had been delav'e.i Vn
U0in rutiin.i biI,i thnt i. mnfcinirlro,n,UaMCO w,th a request from G.
tno tnreo'ioot cut at hixtn and uon- (o ., tilft wnpi, Rtnrtp,i nn.i ,i,.i.i..i
nelly, tho grade would bo reduced 0 SSlav no loiieor
only nbout ono-half or ono per cent . ,0 ?V "? '' nor:,,a. , ,
and that It would mnko all tho ',,""? ., MS? " '' r0'?"1?11 ,fip?,"n:
nronertv owners aimrv. Tho nues- ."". ."!V,.U,V".1 'ru'"" "u" ni ie'
tlon of what offect It would havo
which mny bo found. Tho other pro- I lioreby "nuncf,,!lVn
hlblts tho onoratlon of whnt Is com- dato on tho Rep""""0
monly knowr? ns n "blind pig" and primary May 10, ,' . e
nrovldes for tho punishment of of- good roads and ren,NK jiiV
I itaw
Times Want Ads Qot Results.
Takes a picture most as large as the camera itself
and it can be easily carried in the pocket.
Red Cross Braj
Kodaks and Supplies
Developing and Printing.
on tho other streots wns also brought
up, but tho sottllng of it wns loft
to tho personal Inspection trip to
day. Few Hid on Uoiitls,
Thero was only ono bid on tho Is
suo of special Improvement bonds
and thnt was by Small and Morris
sey for $2G36 worth to cover money
duo thorn for paving. Tho finance
committee of tho Council also or
dered $1100 worth bid In for tho
city, tho money ln the refunding
bond fund to bo Invested in them.
I South Fifth Klilcvwilk
' City Engineer llucklnghnm was
: Instructed to notify J. C. Iieatty of
Coos Rlvor that ho must' build n
good sidewalk In frout of his prop
erty on South Fifth street near In
igorsoll or the city would do it.
, Mr, Rucklnghnm was also instruct
led to Inspect tho other sidowalks
along tho east side of South Fifth
ami havo good walks put In wher
'over thoro aro dofectlvo ones. Ho
:vnB also Instructed to notify J. C.
.orchnnt to fix up tho sidewalk In
front of his property on South
Fourth street near Donnelly avenue.
To Change Grade.
W- A. Reh, in behalf of Ex G,
their schednlo of nrlces for mntnrini
with tho City Council as tboy nro
required. Mr. Datson said that the
delay was hl fault and that tho
schedule would bo on fllo soon.
Construction Outfit in Acldeut on
the AVIIInmetto-Pnclflc
rcUGBNK. Or.. April 28. Two
sleeping cars, a dining car' and n
cook car, part of n "Western Union
Telegraph Company construction out
fit, were demolished In a wreck on
the AVIIlamette - Pacific, 14 miles
west of here. Sevon cars loaded
with steel nnd ties, running down
sraao out or tno control of tho
trainmen, crashed into them as thoy
stood on tho siding.
A blacksmith standing In tho cars
jumped In time to savo himself. A.
II. Miller, n cook,-and his wife, stand
ing In cars at tV-o other end of the
train, were severely bruised. Twen
ty workmen had left- th cars before
tho accident occurred.
Have your Job printing done at
The Times office.
Piano Snaps
Have you taken advantage of our extra offer in us (
nianns at unusual prices?
If you are in need of a piano and 'don't : feel HSjgJ
iirpH marine Whilr. thov last we offer at tliese jim ,
ing a new one, it will pay you to look over our siwi
un old-style piano ,---- $93.0
One piano just overhauled and tuned , 5,100
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One piano, slightly used, high grade, only- .
new 1 hiv 1 ur incHouvt. j,
' In addition to the above, we have a dozen n
anos to offer you at this time and more aue 1
innrnn nn rn.onM niCP TA. KING MACHI
vioiun hivu tuiouiM uiou -.-
Pri am
". On.
I been
11 lw,...
'AK nit.
'Ji esft,n.
Lionel go
,, teen r