The Coos Bay times. (Marshfield, Or.) 1906-1957, April 01, 1914, EVENING EDITION, Page TWO, Image 2

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M. C. MALONKV F.dltor ami Pub. '
HAX H. MALONHV News Kdltor
Official Paper of Coos Comity
WHAT Ib so raio as a day In
Etttored at tho P6stofflco at Marsh-PMo - f. i.-V. .i.- ' r ". '
SJ?I-f second-class - ot a ,)0n or k,dB ,u a flnt'; tho man
,, , y"""" , who novcr tolls a Ho and pays his bills
Dedicated to tho sorvlco of tho when thoy aro duo, who's Just as nlco
nftonlo. thnt. no cood cansn shall to his own folks as ho pretends to
lack a champion, and that evil shall J)IJU!!l&US!i22i5Jl
not thrive unopposed. i
Bnio uei sue nas roncueu mo age oi
for his friends when ho can not ttso
them nny more, tho man who takes
as well as plays a Joke and then will
not got pore; tho man who wants his
wlfo to have tho moral vlows ho holdB
htmsolf this mnn for raro' uncom
monncB3 line sunny Juno laid on tho
shelf. Anon.
simsciurrioN hates.
One year $6.00
Jfier month 50
Ono year ?1.50
When paid strictly In advance,
tho Subscription prico of tho Coos
Bny Times Is $5.00 por yoar or
93150 for six months.
Address all communications to
Wnrshflold :: :: :: :: Oregon
When a Coos Bay woman Is
nutting on dog sho can put a loaf
of lettuco botweon two thin slices
or bread and make tno guests
think It Is a sandwich.
LaziucBs Is tho mother of Invention.
THE Chaso National Dank, tho Or
ogon state depository In Now
York City, has sent out tho fol
owlng aB Its contribution towards re
fcforlng public confidence and tho re
trultnnt prosperity:
"Wo bollevo In our country tho
fJultcd Stntes of America. Wo be
llove In her constitution, htr laws,
her institutions, and tho principles
for which sho Btnnds. Wo bcllevo In
dter futUro tho past Ib secure. Wo
, Bellcvo' In hor vast resources, her
xrent ipoBslhllltles yea, ,iuoro, hor
wonderful certainties.
"Wo bcllevo In tho American poo-
,j)Io, their genius, their brain and tholr
Irnwn. Wo bollevo In their horesty,
tholr Integrity and dependability.
They've discovered a tolephono
shortage of $500. Somebody must
havo loft tho recolvcr down,
i -8-8-
Too often tho soul kiss breeds tho
germs of alimony.
young man courts danger when
tho girl's father objects.
during courtship de
velops Into tempor after marriage.
cool If you would bo In a
position to strike while the Iron la
lovo never dies, but It fre
quently gots stranded a long way
from home.
Thero Is always plonty of room nt
"Wo bollevo that nothing can stand In
the way of their commercial advance-: the top bocnuso many wno got tnoro
mont and prosperity. j becomo dizzy and fall off.
"Wo bollevo that what aVo termed i -8-8-
'rlmoa of business depression' aro but Tliero Ib n groat advnntngo In bo
jrerlods of preparation for greater Ing in love. Whllo It lasts your other
'trounies seem insigiwicnni.
why should tho spirit of mortal
bo proud,
Oh, why should It chCBtfulnesB bor
row; When tho men who nro with you to
day In a crowd
Aro humping your coco tomorrow?
uutl moro pronounced commercial
"And wo lioltevo tbnt In our coun
try aro being worked out groat prob
lems, tho solution of whMi will be
for" tho bonotlt of nil mankind."
THE Spokane grocers' as oclntlon .
has expressed an opinion on the
nrnpoRed public market; In
ihet In favor of It. Tho association
expresses Itgelf as heartily In favor
of a market that will bring consumer
anil nrntlnpnr tm-ntlinr. Iml nliRnlntnlv '
opposed to the renting of stalls to
non-produrors who compoto with rc-
tan omuoiiBiijiu'iuB anu noni in oinor
products than thoso of tho local
Tho Times h pleased to sco this
evidence of co-operation on tho part
of rotnll grocers and fnrmors and
JopeH to.jje.0 tho Hamo spirit of co-op-
t rntlon on Coos Uay. ,r
ffe ' ,
According to hoiiio general I
wo forgot who "married men
mako tho heat fighters." Hut i
I that'H to bo expected;' they get
moro practice. I
Thoro nro nbout 200 brands of ro
tlglou. Hut that Isn't so many when
you roincmbor that thoro are about
78,902,35-1 brands of cusfledncss.
llttlo flnttory now and then will
soften up tho toughest men.
Meredith to Ask Change of
Venue for Trial of Cooley
Next August
Judgo J. S. Coke hns returned
from Eugene, whero ho tons been
holding court for Judgo Harris for tho
I.i8t two weeks, He will leave next
week for tho regular April term of
Circuit Court In Cury county.
The principal matter to como up
thcro will bo the Cooloy murder cnBo.
District Attorney Meredith hns an
nounced that the caso will bo sub
mitted to tho grand Jury In April, al
though tho state will not bo rendy
for trial until August, If an. Indlct
mont Ib returned. Mr. Meredith also
nnnounced that ho would probably
seek a chango of venue. W. W. Card
well, of nosoburg, Cooloy's attornoy.
will not oppose postponing the trial
until August, tint will fight the
chango of venue from Curry county
to Coos or any othor county.
Work On Railroad.
Judgo Coko Bald that work, accord
ing to reports, was progressing rap
idly on tho Coosv liny-Eugene lino
nnd that It wos exjicctcd that trains
would bo In oporntlon as far as Maple
ton this fall. However. It Ib uncer
tain when tho road will bo oporcatlng
to Coos Day.
PoIIHch Aro Wnnti.
Politics aro getting decidedly warm
on tho outside. Judge Harris of
Eugene Is getting almost unanimous
support for tho Supremo Court and Is
proving evon a stronger candidate
than hlfl friends expected.
Thoro Ib considerable Interest In
the congrcsslnnnl fight In this dist
rict, some thinking that U. F Jones
will glvo Hnvloy n very close race.
In tho valley. Fred llolllstor of N'ort'i
Demi apuears to havo tho lead over
W. II. Meredith of Curry county for
the democratic nomination,
School Supervisor F. A. Golden
Awards Banner and Puts
It in Standard A Class
Purauant to plans for standardiz
ing tho rural schools of Coos county,
Professor Golden, county supervisor,
vnqfnninv irnv uni'li of tho th r co de
partments of tho Hunker Hill school
nlnoty-olght out of a possible 100
credits for a standard A, or first claB8
rating as a rural school, with nlnoty
flvo required.
Tlie scnooi inus wins a uauuui
which It Is entitled to koop so long
na It iiinnatirna nn In Mm ninndnrd
which Is high. Slight changes only
wero necessary to mnito tno requireu
Tho pupils aro highly qlatod and
the patrons nnd teachors are well
pleased at this attainment of 'oxcol-
lminn Tho Innnhni-B. nrn! Prlnclnnl.
J. E.Drllletto; lntermodlnto Depart
ment, .Mrs. a. m. simoiiBen, aim iti
mnry Department, Mrs. E, E. Kelley.
The school bonrd Is up to dato and
hollcvcs that tho best Ib nono too
good for Hunker Hill.
()()! EVENING.
. J.TA horso doesn't enro If ho.dlnca. thoy
I "A la cart," as suchfuiliigsgo,
Or "tnblo d'oat" so lng nB hB nay
IB BOrVOd "a InJrAnu-nil ." vnn Iranw.
Moro than wo ubo Ib moro than
f wo need nnd on
f bearer. Seneca
lyaburtoTtc tfcU-ja-kl.o!ilii,I gun, mayhap,
i a minion to iftft-T ,B worth wl,0( wo.,j nll0W
' "i. J. Yet the really qulto eBSontlal chap
Ib tho farmor boy who says; "Ged
dapl" To tho team that pulls tho plow,
state offices
Wed Hcuv Frank Lnnn and MIbb
Eva Jenltlnp woro married Inst night
bv Justlcn Pcnnock nt his homo In
Went Mnrslinold.
Rural Credit'
"Biil Is Done
JltyoH sit down nt sot of cun
And count tho things that you have
dono, i
And, counting, find
Oho solf-denylni; act, ono word
That onsod tho lioart of him who
One smllo moat kind '
Thnt fell llko anna) luo where It wont.
Then you may count that day well
Tint If, through all tho livelong dny,
Tou'vo eased no heart bv yen or nay;
If through It nil
Tou'vo nothing dono that you can
That brought the HitnBhlno to n face;
No art most nnU
Thnt helpad sumo moiiI nnd nothing
Thon count that day at woib than
Evon a perfectly good man who
3ovob his onomlofi ought to swat the
I A thin woman only grows
I thinner trying to get fat, and n
fat woman gets fatter worrying
T over how to get thin,
I Cnn you Imagine nny kind of I
f n banquet or evening feed with- I
j out salad? I
The Cooa Tiny urncera nro declar
ing war on tl'e dead bonta. Rlght
O! Wo "good but slow" customorH
Jiavo been paying for thorn long
Somo Cooa Hay peoplo take I
1 thoniBelvei so Borlously that I
j othora look upon thorn na a Joke. '
SALEM. Or.. April 1. Nominat
ing pettloiiB were filed ns follows:
13.- L. Van Droaar, Domocrat, for
Congrrsa from tho Third Dlatrlct,
Multnomah County. Ho wanta nftor
tils nnmo on tho ballot tho words:
"Moro Bottlora for Orogon; moro
railroads to put thorn on tho land."
It. Y. nialock, Domocrnt, of Til
lamook nnd Yamhill Counties, for
A8inus Adnlphaop, of Doumnrk,
wnnts tho Democratic nomination
for Itourosentatlvo from Coos nnd
Curry Counties.
P. n. Olda, Republican, for Rep
resentative from Ynmhlll County.
T, I). Ilnnl'y flics for ropreaenta
tlvo from Tlllnmook nnd Ynmhlll
Countloa, nnd Is a Republican.
J. II, Collins, Republican, flies for
tho nomination for Representative
from Columbia County.
W. R. Sargent, Ropubllcnn, wnnts
tho nomination for Represontntlvo
from Union County.
Samuel M, Garland, Domocrnt. la
aft'r tho nomination for Stnto Sen
ator from Linn County.
Joaoph W. Scott, Domocrnt, fllod
for tho nomination for State Sona
tor from Morrow, Umatilla and Un
ion Countloa.
(Dr AmkUU l'rnt to Coot Jitr Tlmn.J
WASHINGTON, D. C, April 1.
Senator Hollls nnd RenreBontntlve
Uulkley, tho chairmen of tho two sub
conuultteo In charge of rural credits
legislation, told tro President todny
that Republicans and Democrats alike
woro agreed unanimously on tho fuii
damontals nnd u bill will bo icidy
shortly embodying their views. Tho
President Impressed tils callora with
what aeomod to ho tho necessity for
prompt action.
ST. LOUIS. Mo April 1. Five
years ago a mother dlod here and
her throe sons shook hands nftor
tho funornl nnd parted. Yesterday
the brnthora all patients In tho c'tv
hoapltal wore brought together for
tho first tlmo since tho death of their
motlior. Thoy had not Been or heard
of each othor during thoso flvo yoors.
I Tho threo brothers nre Henry, John
, nnd Robort Griffin, 01, 5G and 11
yeara old, respoctlvoly. Thoy had
' boen nt tho hoapltnl for several weeks
but tholr relationship wna first dis
covered by newapnper reporters who
noticed tho similarity In unities. The
youngest had becomo blind during
tho yours of their separation, tho old
est waa suffering from a broken hip
nnd John wna a patient for Internal
Two Popular Mechanics Perfect-Arrangements
for Op
ening a Service Garage
Hmltli Sr Wniln. wlin Imvo for
roiiik tlmn lionn nnoriitlni' tlin lint
equipped automobile repair shop In
una pari or mo ainio, nave icubuii
ti.e Isaac It. Tower garago and will
iiim nn nn niilomnlilln
laundry nnd garage, whero thoy will
mm to i.T no euro ui every wain ui
the motorist In tho wny of prompt
unrvli'ii Pnru u'lll li. nllnd WflftTinil
and polished nnd dellvorcd to thu
ownor at nny tlmo of tho dny or
liignt. aw smnii repairs, mien as
niini'tliroR nnil tlrn cllltlM'na will tut
promptly .aUoudCil (o. " Tho motto
or tile new branch will bo "service,
Owners of cars who storo whii .tnem
ni lifiv.. tlinlr rnra flnllvnri.! nt
nny hour by simply calling up on
tno pnone. .Mr. smiwi, oi hub una
In discussing tho new project this
morning said: T" Whllo wo of course
will fimtrnti. HiIh mini mi In dlldct
conm ctlnn with our repair Bhop,
still It will bo run sepnruioiy ami
operated for the purposo of giving
tint inr nwnnr n rluilicu to HtorO ills
car In n plnco Burrounded by con-
voulonces for ins iieneiu. a mnii
v.lll bo on th Job nt all tlmea to
MtiMiil Htilrtlv tn bis wants. Wo
aro not going to handle automobile
accessories or sell automouiica. rue
only thing for snlo will bo service,
u'n liitnmi tn tako caru of auto-
niobll- owners by storing, washing
nnd oiling their enra promptly In a
rirst-ciafls manner. i-or ino con-
vnnlnnrn nt nwnora Hlnrlllir with US
wo havo arranged to deliver tholr
cars to thorn whorover and whonover
they wish."
This establishment, which win rill
Inmr.rall ll'nll. Ill Mil fttllf inlfl will
Ii. unt.'.u.v ....... ... ...... -, .....
bo open for bualneas by April G.
Curry County Man Will Oppose,
Loney for Joint Rep
resentative '
S. P. Polrco, Joint Representative
from Coos nnd Curry CountleB, has
announced his candidacy for ronomi-
I Inatlon, opposing Mr, Loney, of Port
Orford for tho Ropubllcnn nomtnn
' tlon, In n letter, Mr. Polrco Bnys:
I herewith announce my candidacy
for Republican nomination for Joint
Ropresontntlvo. I am lato coming
mif tint ntinnnltlnn tn Mr. T.ntiitv'n
t vlows on the Referendum cnuBod
many persons down this way to In
sist on my candidacy.
I am not ashamed of my legisla
tive record, and before tho day of
tho primary election I will furnish!
)v!donco that my acts as n legisla
tor mot the npprovnl of mnny of tho
progressive, (not politically) men
of tho' state. 1 wish to call your
attention to tho fact that I wUb
I tho only member of tho Inst Lcgls-
Mnfllrn tlin vntittl nivnltiat tlin
unjust nnd uupoplnr tax law. Also
that nB chairman .of the committee
on roads and highways, was Instru
mental In having that provision
drafted In the bonding net whoroby,
the voters, when voting n bond Is
sue, can see 'Whore the money to
bo raised Ib to bo expended.
Mr. Loney, my only opponent, Is a
reactionary and no amount of ex
plaining cnn provo otherwise Tils
nctloiiB and public record nro proof.
Ho was appointed Port Commission
er of tho Port of Port Orford nnd
within 2ft minutes nftor being
sw6rn In as said Commissioner nnd
the Port district being nlso only
thnt old, he, with two others, passed
a resolutlonlevyliig a tax, and declur
lug that an emergency cxlatcd, or
In other words, that Ii wna for tho
tnxpuytrs help, peace nnd prosper
ity that said lovy should be niniTe.
Mr. 13. 1). Thrift, another ot thu
Commissioners, moved that thu
omorgoney clnuso ! stricken out,
In order to give tho peoplo nn op
portunity to Invoke tho referendum
If they 'so desired, but thu motion
wns defeated by n II to 2 vote. Loney
voting ngalnst It. Hut Lonuy's uii
tngdnlBm to, or lack of faith In,
tho peoplo did not stop here, nB un
der the Oregon constitution, It re
quires n three-fourths veto In mu
nicipalities (Including ports), to de
clare un emergency,' flnd tho three
fifths vote tho rcBolntlon received not sufficient, and thu peoplo
of tho Port district circulated n. ref
erendum potltlon which received no
porcont of tho voters' signatures,
and when said potltlon was presented
to Mr. Loney (who whb soerolnry
of the Pfcrt) to file, he refused
to do so. and miimlnnius proceedings
had to bo Instituted. At both bob-,
sIoiib of which I was n lnoinbor, I
rought and voted ngalnst the dec
laration of nn omorgoney In nny
bill, for tho purpose of beating tho
referendum. ;
Very Blncoroly yours,
15. FBII
wtSV 22 . i J
County Anain i ?&
Mm. Win., t--. VUU, I
as teacher .'"n.'Wtw
mark. r .." Knol Mm
soquontlv cot i. .. "m
by a clash with the , 1
ont and school board '"M
anain In troublo as i, LS"ltcI
following ,ii...,.a,.l toM t tu
DccniiBo sho tr cd It? v5"1' .
Mm nniinni i... 'nca. l9 bretl tai
the now re II schoo ?T' 5
Jllschargod lw for .,,13
Ing of soclnllsiin n.i!", t
io ui juu nore. Mrs p.. """
fused to acknowledge th.CB.,a
Hy of the now ooard J LEfr
week to take th ,i.l
board which failed to ,L?
charges against hor, and hi
ed to open her school a, ' S
morning. Palling to caln ..V
by peaceful moans, C &
b nlledged to have "d fc
her way In. Sh0 wag ami. V
clallats from nil part, o"
try aro horo ami announce
nctlon unless M. Foreman 7
leased from custody. ' ""
Tho nowly elected school bow h.
chnrgodMrB Flora KormairiS:
pnl of the school, after her S
to accedo to tholr request thttiw
b..u.. uum un connne her tejctlv ,
to subjects which would Botcotfto'
itu iiiu vBiuuiiRiicu religious Ma
or tho peoplo of the district, to
Clark, of Nehalem, la to tatt t'
inutu u .tun, ronnan, and trocV-t
ui uuiii:iiiiii.-u wnen bho la IniUW'
nnd officers of tho law will b M "
hand to maintain order The Icpiit '
ui mo uiuciiuii oi una uoara attfrfii I
recall of Harry Urowa and Fnit
Dlxnn hns linnn nnniilnn.i i.. .v I
SocIallatB of tho district
To the voters of Coob nnd Curry
I havo doclded to run again for
tho Republican nomination for Joint
, Representative for the Sixth Dls
trlct (Coos and Curry) nnd nalt
Hint my cundldncy bo duly consider
ed. Very truly yours.
PuicliimciH or Timber Lund Will Tiy
To (Jet Hxrt-'hN Over 82.(
Per Arte,
mi i ii)
I Isn't It funny how n lot of I
I peoplo who nre not as amnrt ns I
1 you aro can mako a lot moro i
f money than you do? . I i
1 !
f When a Coob Hay woman lays I
j up cometlilng for n rainy day It '
f Is usually a ualr of hoso. I
--- j
Silence mav not be golden but you
3m or saw n man wourlng n couplo
or blnok oyos boonuso ho kopt his
sianth shut. i
If a woman heaps her face closed
Trhon sho has nothing to say, It's a
OAKLAND, Oil.. April 1. I
Four cents a pound will bo the I
rato for carrying passengers I
from Oakland to Snn Francisco I
on tho now aerial ferry planned I
by nn Onkland cnnipanv, which I
has nnnounced that the ferry i
will bo running within two
months. Tho faros, says "Weldon '
Cook, tho aviator who orlglnnted I
tho plan, wllU nverago about $C I
for oach trip and will bo strictly I
according to tho wolght of tho I
passengor. Cook nlso said that I
t)io landing would bo on floats I
and that tho hydroplanoa would J
not rlfio moro than thirty foot '
above tho wnter In tholr trnns- I
bay trip. I
Grand Jury Says Militia nt CoppiM
lleld Wns Unnecessary,
IUKKR. Or., April 1. After n six
days' session nnd tho returning of
thrity-ono Indictments made a final
report c o n t nlnl ng n n a r
ralgnment of Oovomor West for Ills
actions in tho Copporlleld affair. The
report glvea complete vindication to
District Attorney Godwin nnd Sheriff
Rand, chargod by Governor West
with pormlttlng disorderly houses and
gambling In tho city.
"Wo find," snya the report, "that
Sheriff Rand nnd District Attorney
Godwin have enforced the laws. It
Ib our opinion that the calling out of
tho mllltla at Copperflold was entire
ly unwarranted and uncalled for."
Dr AMOClited Vtta to Cooi Illy Tlmn,
JUAREZ, April I. At 1 p. m. Gen
eral Carranza gnvo out tho statemont
that tho Federals still hold the gen
eral barrnck8 and two smaller bar
racks In Torreon. This Indicates that
thero has been no material change
In tho military position in tho city
for sevoral days.
Hy A.JO.UIM l'rf Io (.) Uir Tin'"
CHIHUAHUA. April 1. An offi
cial statement glvon out nt rebel mil
itary hoadquahors todny 'said tho
rebels occupy Gomez Pnlaclo. Lordo
nnd Borne of tho out8klrrs of Torreon.
Tho Federals havo fortified them
selves In somo of the strongest build
lugs In Torreon.
Goodrum's Garafle Installs An
other Important Conven
ience for Auto Owners
Automobile owners mny now In
flate tholr tires and fill tho gnso
lluo tank by moroly drawing tholr
car to the curb In front of Good
roads Goodrum's garage on Cen
tral Avenue.
This great convenience 1ms Just
been Installed nnd Is already prov
ing vory populnr with tho auto ow
ners and drivers. Tho air attach
ment is particularly advantageous
aa It eaves tlmo and toll. The tank
Is kept supplied with nn automatic
pump nnd the air Is on tap at all
times, day and night.
Tho gasoline feature Is modeled
after metropolitan attachments
which they have In nil the largo
cities. It Is no longer neccessary
to drive Into Iho garage, but mere
ly pull to the curb and a tube
attachment carries the gasoline di
rect to tho auto tank. .
These improvements aro nil In line
with Mr. Goodrum's policy to make
the aorvlco feature of his garage
the very best In Southern Oregon.
ROSKRURO, Oro., April 1. An
Inter sting suit to timber claim buy-!
era has boon Btnrtod In Wnslilug
tou by Ringer Hermann and sev
eral Washington attorneys to reco
ver from tho govoenmout nil that
was paid for tho land In excess of
$2. GO per acre. It scorns thnt when
Gnrflohl wub secrotnry of tho Inter
ior department ho made n ruling
that tlmbor land should bo cruised
nnd appraised and that tho purchaa
and appraised and that the pur
chasers should pay tho apprais
ed price for tho land. This
order, It Is said, Is In direct
conflict with tho statutes of cpngrosa
providing for the aalo or this land
at not more than ?2. GO per aero.
The Chalmers Light Six New
Model for. Next Year Will
I Arriin Fnrlu
Geo, Goodrum nindo a moat H-,j
nnrlnnt nnnoiincoiucnt todar In m
! Mm. .i.lHiIti llin nftvt ttvA mi
ho will rccolvo one of the first Ulf i
automobiles soat to the PaeUIccoMt j
nnd Is tho now model wlln an w
inir. fnntni-oa Tlirn faturi !
brnco tho T-hend motor, 10-50 lint-
power non-stnllablo motor vim cw
mors Kntr electric starter, left drlte.
center control.
Tlilp rl,nlninra T.lcht Six a a util
ity enr nt nn unusually low price. It
is gcnorouaiy large, uo-inca in
bns,,, and roopiy enough for fJ
largo peoplo. It will sell for J1W
dellvorcd In Mnrahfleld
Tho now 191G Chalmers la W
first luxurious and dependable to
offered at a flguro leas than bta mm
..n.,n,.ol.. nolra.l Inr a Four Ttcrt
Is no othor car In tho market at aj- i
whero near its prico mui ui -
Iilgli grnuo leaiuruB. -,i
Watch for tho announcement oiw i
Will Shut Down. The M,.
attlo will shut down a couple oIWJ
within the next week to re m
pump. This shutdown w;l" Mm n
opportunity to overhaul the
Slough drnln box and further tref
then It. Pending this It is no lift
thnt tho Inst break can he repairs
.. . - nf ll Sa-
S. L. Curry, cnninm -,, .
clnllst County Central Couvm.
lias callea n convention oiio..r-j
to meet In this city on Aprl nv
put a tlckot In the fleW W w
eomlmr election -Cooutlle
tirt nmi nvnnr .1 am? nrra .t x'
11 ill -V J XJ- VVV3 U.MJ
We wish to ngnln call your atten
tion to tho fact that wo aro sole
igents In this city for Morltol Pile
Remedy. Our auccess with this rom-
edy has far exceeded our most Ban
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