The Coos Bay times. (Marshfield, Or.) 1906-1957, January 31, 1914, EVENING EDITION, Image 1

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Head The Times every day for tlio
Into it lieu. Kentl I tie nds for your
own benefit. It jiiijs (o mh In
Tlio Times.
. , .,, miilso cvriyono on Cos liny
l.inltt " .,.ili4.jirllwil
(0 Tl Oikih im.j
:ers go on
t,,i inn Pnnhln '.to
rrain m .., r z;a-
Escape o uhu-
arc Jmurcd
pLUUH HIML uouni
lljliUa Called .Out to Escort
Train to airiKu ouwie ui
Radiant, Colorado
. . i. . ... nnn Itdv Tltnnt.1
Hlf .aMKtilM "' '" " I
1 nPVVKU. Jon- al A Pc,'ml tram I
rr be forty strlkt-hicnkers from.
Chin to the Victor Aincricnn cue j
Bears Eiflhty-five Survivors of
Ill-fated Steamer Which
Sank "at Sea
Illy Arwrumt I'rrM to Coot liny Tlmw )
... fin. lint. I tl.nU 11111.1 .n.:n. . ..-. .. . . .
miianys mine in iii'i ""; .mjiu-uijiv. vn .11111. .11. Hearing
' 1... -mail of HtrlldtlK CO.H1 HUH- Mifliti-.rivn HiTrvlwiru nT tlin OM tin.
F" ...., .1.1. ...Mnimr 1 -.?".... :;". "..."......
1 at vniiai"n"'" " "' munion liner .Monruo, aim mo ucniii
Tho tmln wns Stopped Mid backed Hlnrv of fiirtv-lilnn. this McrehimlH ntnl
Charge Use of "Workers' Funds
to Disrupt .Mining Unions
of America
Mr AmwIatM Prrtu lo Com Hay Tlmn.l
INDIANAPOLIS. ..Inn. 31. Tho
convention of tho Uitlted Mlno Work
ers of Atnorlcii went -on record todny
against the lndtiBtrlnl Workers of tho
World by adopting n clauso in tho
institution prohibiting locnl unions
from donating to strikes not recog
nised by the American Federation of
Labor or Its afflllntod bodies.
Van Glttnor of tho constitution
commlttco explained that the purpose
of tho amendment wns to prevent
tho Industrial Workers of tho World
from draining tho treasury of tho
minors In building up nn organiza
tion that Is doing nil In Its power
to disrupt tho United Mlno Workers'
of America.
HAP xo chance.
U pueblo nftcr being hit by ninny Minors Bteamor Nantucket cunie
jullets. Tlio occupiiiiiH in uiu pott nt 1 o clock ycMerdny.
mmm the bullets. None wore In-
i Lle'iitennnt Oovcrnor Fitzgerald, In
L. .i..i.nMi nf flowrnor Amnions,
bjtructcJ (lenernl C'Ijuho to use Iho
illltla lo Rlvo tlie train siuo cunuuu
Its destination.
. TImim Drowned Hud O'My Time To
IT AMnrimH 1'r.fn l i'nn-i liar Tlmn '
NO 11 FOLK, Vn.. Jan. 31 TIioho
drowned in the wreck off here yestor
day scarcely had a chance to realise
death was on tliuiri before they wero
' struggling In tno sea. Tlio doomed
passengers were asleep In the cabins
nvhen tlio two vessels struck and
went down with vmly time Jfor ti
1 shriek of despair. Only thoso kept
nwnkn by the fog hlrons knew when
tho vessels struck.
Not ten minutes Intervened be
tween tho time tlio liow of the Xnn-
L.n,L miiin.1 frnm Hi11.l1 ores, worn tucket crr.shed Into the side of tho
Iroporoil totlni In an administration Dominion liner and the tlmo the Int
llll by Chairman Foster of tho Mfnes tor slipped benenth the waves. Tho
Committee I rescued were lifted out of tho Icy
their vessel hud dlKttp-
111M1 is pihwented.
Jivprncd to GIo Government Ex-
rimnc illinium "if "in"""
in; Sua mril I'lt-n 10 Com llay ThnM I
WAStHN'OTON. I). C, .Inn. .11.
ExrluslTc rlclits for the government '
In iinr nil radium ores found on pub-
i lands In private exploration, nnd
1 appropriation or ;r,uu,uuu ior ex-
Attempt to Gain Major Por
tion of $2,000,000 Left
"by Father Fails
njr AmocIXisI Vmt to Coo lliy Timet.)
CHICAOfJ. Jim. 31. Charles II.
Haker lost his suit to obtain tho niuj
01 nnrllnii tif (In. SL'.nnfWino estnte
of his fntliix William Hnkor. former ont from his employers, Sylvester
president of tho bonrd of trade, by "rou ors, wiioiosnio grocers, ncre,
the decision of Judge McKlnley In tho 'B,n8,lll(1 'V lll flnn t0 1,avo tnlton
superior court 1ioro today. ..9!:. - ,
Ilakor sued Die other heirs, assert- . Wllllnms enmo from Omaha nnd
lug ho was eiithle.1 to tho mnjor por- ' . 1,l' wii 1 syivester iirouicra
tlon of tho rortuno becnuso of tho ns. oK"t 'er8- ' forty- hrco years
HlHtiiiim lm l-iivo his father In nro- " ".. '"' ls wald to hay? spent
Harold Williams, Cashier of
Wholesale House, Charged
With Embezzlement
Ml AopIM I'rrM to Coot Ptr TlrnM.1
8I5ATTLK, Wash., Jan. 31. Har
old Williams, who was arrested In
iirooiciyn charged with embezzle-
By As-nlvtl Pn IoCikm liny TlniM.)
CHICAGO, Jnn 31 Twolvo Inchos
enow bml fnllcu at noon and tho
ioriii cantliuird uiinbnted, Tlio body 1
Ifnwcll-ilrcsscd man. who supposod-
dlfil of heart disease In tho storm,
las fijtuid lii n downtown drift. 1 0,-
lOO mvii were shoveling snow In tho
Bir today, but trnffle was seriously
pipedett, Tlio hiiowfull was general
ler toutluTii Mlclilwui. northern
PMo and 'tullatin.
water after
An tho Niintuckot ntngKored back
nftor the shock. Captain Horry swung
the search-light nnd dimly the sink
ing Monroe loomed through tho fog.
Uncertain of tho fnte of Hs own vos
sol, ho ordered out tho lifeboats.
Guided only by tho screams of tlio
drowning, the boats picked up tho
When the searchlight's faint glow
rovonlod no more struggling forms
and whon tho cries woro stilled the
tusk of rosctio wns given up.
and other cities In Washington.
niotlng the Snonmilmle Fulls Vntor tho Btolon money In household ox
Power coninnnv which fun Is.-ct! Ilt)",,c. llvlK 'oro expensively thnn
oworn ",B B,llr' " cashier would permit.
e mm
Bulk of Villa's Main
More Than Half Way
From Chihuahua
Storm in Indiana and Ohio
Army. Causes Delay Gives
Work to Jobless
Mir Ao Ull I'rrM In Coo, lUjr
JlTAltKZ. Mexico, .Inn.
lllif Ao lilr.1 I'itm In foo llr Tlmm
inira) ' CHICAGO, .Inn. 31. A snow storm
11 a over Illinois, Indiana and Oiilo todny
U. '... ....... , . , . . ...... .1..
Sl of Tlientilciil Conipiiny (!t Down Iinovoinent of robols towurd Torreon cansuu uiucu '' l"l"JcU, ," I,
In Old Steamer. ihas btgun on a largo scale. Tlio "" " "," i"
inrAi-.u.-.ifr.Mi...-.H.rTiMi bulk of tho main nmiy bus enenmpod npw turned to sloot. At 8 o clock
nt Kscnlon. nioro than nnir wny " iimi"i"K "" "" uki m
nrloT en rlcal ioni i.nnv Vlx of whoMiBoiitliwnnl from Clillninliun. on the of snow had fnllon horo, am, tlio
",k'lnirun.VT.,m".:H,,. ?.... V !,i1 Mnxiciiii N-iitioiiiil liNllrond nnd more storm contlniiod unnbntod.
Joining thorn from tlio " iinnurotis 01 ciuos 1110 iinempioy.
A1TOKS mii: imov.i-:i.
ipnuy (io D11
m Utr TlmM I
Ni:V YOHK. Jon. 31. Tho Mnc
lnemborB perished In the Monroe dl
President Gompers Declared
to Have Been "Gloriously
Drunk" at Seattle
(Oj AMoclatrd Pitm to rti tly Tlmw.)
IXDIANAPOUS, .Inn. 31. That
Sniuucl Gompers, iiresldout of the
American Federation of Labor, was
"gloriously drunk" nt tho Senttlo
convention of tho Federation, wns
tho ehtirge mndo by Duncnn Mc
Donald, of Illinois, nt tho convention
of tho Mlno Workers of America
todny. "Llnr nnd slanderer," wero
hurled at McDonald by Gompers,
who snt on tho platform.
"I nm glad Gompers is here so I
can Biy whnt I want," snld Mc
Donald. "I said there aro boozc
flghters In chnrgo of tho American
Federation of Labor, and will prove
It. At the Seattle convention I had
n room with my wife next to tho
room resorved by the resolutions
commlttco. I could not sleep for
the noise of tho bunch of drunks In
tho next room. Tin noise grow
flerco nnd I finally knocked on the
door. I wns asked to come In and
have n drink. When tho door op
ened thcro snt Gompers nt the bend
of the table, drunk, with n bottle
of boozo In his hand."
Tho Btotemont threw Iho conven
tion Into nu uproar. While tho con
fusion was nt Its height, Gompers
continued to mil t McDonald a liar
and a slnuduror.
Gompers denied nbsolutoly the
chnrgo of drunkenness. Ho dcclnrcd
the statement "libelous, untruthful,
vicious and slanderous, nnd without
any form of honor." Itoplylng to
the chnrgo thnt ho maintained u ma
chine to keep himself nt tho bend
of the American Federation of La
bor, lie dochrod that he had two
offers of positions from n Governor
of n great state, one paying $8000
ami tho othor $10,000 a year, but
refused both to continue In the
labor movement.
on North Front
! Join L. Koontz todnv closed n deal
'i1 taking over the Holland boat shhp
I Hi,uta u'trn Inlllllll- flinill rriltll TIKI 111 Illllllllllin 111 I'lllUIt LIIU lllieilllllll) -
mJnnC" MtUoi, T trr , t of burnnB nni Conhulln. "d were give,, work clearing tho
SiinvoiwZlS nt At the sumo tlmo rebels were ro- tracks of railroads, street car lino
Iho 'Oi'liniiJ op mi mm, 'Ai,,!; Pfirted drawing In from tho KnBt- and streets In tho down town soc-
Wr1 " nttnInK tloiw. Snow and sleet covered the
of 10 P'ny,""" ''V'0?"0"' ." tlllo and thus witting off Federal trolloy wires and third rails and do-
llalt nioro. who wns among those who 1 ''" '.",' :" ..... $1 -....... ..,,.n...i i, ,n..a..n..(i,.., nrinn
T I'llllllllllllirilllllll 1IUI1I illUlllVIVJ, IIIUl UIIAUU ...U il .11. Ol.l 'I 1,1. 1. 11 DVIIUV,
lakPR filnr Mr.rn Prnnnrtx
inA ti;n d..:i,i r .. met iionin. .Miss iiiiuu iiuviiuiiu, 1110
auu win Diniu UctraijU lending lady, nlso drowned, wnB a
New York girl. Georgo Lowls, an
other victim, was stage manager.
Another actor who porlshod wns II.
11. vnrnnn of N'ow York, formerly
i lot on Front street near Alder. t manager of tho Western Stock corn
et property nnjoins Mr. Koontz's pony.
oM ngs nnd will give him fifty foot
roniage on pront BtreQt nn(, oyer
0 eet depth, extending to tho hnr-
; Hue ins mst purchase wns from
. iiounmi nnd tho proporty
'""Is him about $10,000.
Mr. Koontz MU Inmiedlntoly ro-
-v mo uiu Duiitiings nnd erect a
Ily Am IMcl rm to Com ny Tlnim,
NOUFOLK, Jan. 31. Tho Investi
gation of tho sinking of tho Old Do
minion liner Monroo by tho stoamor
...!. 1. ...IH. il.n Intl., tt fftl'-mif
temoclpm ..,,, ".i" ;..":.-; Aanuicuui, whii u iu ". -'""?
f tfcA nrnV,or ,. . 1 11 . l , "" Hvos, wns completed touny oy umw
f lh nrminVi.. .1 1 iTii ' , I VCS, WHS rOIIipiUIUll m " "'
m Dry n"1 "MlWIns to bo s,at0'8 stenmbont Inspectors, who will
- JUT !! 11IMI1 II1IVM II III1I1 1. 11 il.l.. ! t i it iwa l'illlinS.
"f'lnl J. 7 ,, ,. , IllllKO pilllllC UlUir IIIHII'll," n..v,-
W fh 'Z a."n"c,L0"' ,.HtJ!"8 . " or Thursdny next.
'OillcOlltlll'ir. It us linfnrn '
i) .ricngo Property. Infll 1 11 1"
S 8'B-.
W9n'nU S,raw yesterday PuV-lP
ndfrsnn " u"uw tno en" "i
lopewen from th0 "WOW"
v oougnt It a-, nn Investment.
fen Senator's Remarks on
neoates Durinq Speech
Arouse Marshall
ifflSSW.?. C Jan.. 31.
Sentenced White Slaver Out
"on Bail Attacks Seventeen-Year-old
rny AotltJ Prei to Coot Dy TlmM
sak PRAXCISCO. Jan. 31. Tho
police are seeking Maury Dlggs, for
whom a warrant 1ms been Issued on
complnlut of Mrs. Elizabeth Pearring,
wlio accuses mm ot uiiucmuk "
seventeen-year-old daughter, Ida, in
a hotel room early New Year's morn-
niir,.a u nnir under sentence with
Drew CamlnnottI for violation of the
pttatorian .'A' " u" Jnn- 31. white slave act ana is ireo ou uu
lhe floor nf tofr,0reBOn was "'led off pending the outcome of their appeal.
I'rnensB ,..?,. nate In a parllamon- Tho girl Is said to bo very ill as a
Poday. ,.."'" president Marshall , result of Dlggs' attacK.
h,H ,uo leclded Hint T.n'n vn. ' ir TJonrrinL' rhvs her daughter
ho In- and Dlggs were members of a party
. T -.. V.n.' nirA GllA (ll.
a on hl . i . u""Hiiee s ac- ai a caie on inw itoi a o.. ...u -.
r-her .hi rTe,S(! l,t.,on to investigate i leges that Dlggs, after the girl be-
Fratlon hA "ue.u siates steel Cor- came Intoxicated, took her to a noiei
E'o the mii J . ,' vetl leEal rebates nnd attacked her and tnen weiu
.."" .allroarlo i,'am ..--.... .. 1 Tnlin rsilllinn
" me commit. "v' " reuecnon uownsimrs "" """t uun v.i...0..
eHtee:. I nnd John Doe Fisher to her room.
'Wrt had iI , Is c,mrBes that tho These two men, tho mother says,
--.w,vu uy mo com-; woto luusui, uu uj mu o" ...- -
umbrella. villa, coniinniuler In chlof
or tho robols, directed tho disposi
tion of the troops with tho Intention
of personally coiniiinudlng tho at
tack on th Federal garrison. It Is
llkolv that tho attacK on
IDy AhooIXcI rri to Cooa liar Tlmn,
NICE. Franco. Jan. 31. Pnul
Snltlllo Doroulodo. n Fronch nntrlotlc writ-
will precede Hint on Torreon nnd cr nnd politician, died today nt tho
that a general engagement nt Tor- ngo of sixty-eight, nftor n long III
reon will follow only nftor sovoral ness.
days of vigorous skirmishing. i
Old Structure Torn Away by
Hurricane Freight Ta
ken Overland
Dohyod Information rpcolved from
Charles Fellows, Jr., of Pom
eroy, Wash., Comes to
- Ukeport for Father
Tlin. venrs have elapsed rinco a , Port Orford Is to tho effect that he.
on Charles Wowsnt ! 'aXted stroyed the wharf during the night.
Pomeroy. Washington, and lc ', ,,,, ,,, , tno wavea ,,,
In glowing terms tho li nroenw for u o i mi dft.truetlon.
tuno tliat wka toliorealzi ( '" C0IT , B structure had been used for
estate, polM ut t "Y0. library over 28 years, having been built In
or) for the ham o0 "lT,.llta1: i i s 8C. and when It went 2000 white
tlionewctvhainndnianj i ""W 'm c ; rallroad ties and thirty cords
provements that were In order In tno , belonging to n Mr.
wonderful town oi wmuiiun. carried away with It.
Mr- r'nr'hirwonSfulSamrSl oVtte Tiber eio ashore
representative, or his wonaernu lanu saved,
of promise, "the Mecca for investors, nnuww .was owned U)o
bought thirty lots at .ou eacii - Weddorburn Trading Co., which
after somo tlmo decided that he wouia hn(J con,0mne(j lt last summor with
move down to uio uu u "" ""'' Mio intention of building a new ono.
acquired holdings. He moved own 1 Oonsequontly tho hurricane saved
to tho "cltj " of Lakeport. But where tJje conany the work of destroying
was the city hall, public library, com-, tno oh, wjinrf and a new ono will
monwealth cum aim hb ii,..w.- be 1)U)U as early as nossiuie.
ments ho had heard of? Nothing but . Untjj tno wnnrf ts completed, Port
a wide and barren expanse presented Qrford will bo compelled to havo
itself. , I merchandise hauled ovorland from
Tho old gentleman, who is now In . nandon.
his eighty fourth year, struggled on, - ""-J0nl-njxoi
his nrlde ureventlng him from writing water recently ho went to the "city'
to his sdn and telling him that he of Lakeport and found his senior llv
had been "stung," In correspon-. ing three miles from a residence in
dence. however, his son, Chas. Fel-1 an old hut. Rathor than admit his
lows Jr. noticed that three years failure tho old man had preferred to
of life In tho city hod affected the suffer In silence,
old manl mind. Ho decided to como Father and eon left on the Break
down an'd see the city, and bring his water today for tho old homo at Pom
father htme. Arriving on the Break- eroy.
Frederick VnndcrblltV Criifl Itelleved
To Be Total Mihs.
Illr AmotIiIH I'rrM lo l'n my TIiiim.1
NEW YOKIC. Jan. 31. Frodorlck
Vv Vanderbllt's mngnlflcout' yacht ,
Warrior, stranded off tho const of,
Colombia, probably has boon des-l
troyed. A wire loss mossngo irom
Colon snys: "It Is bolloved tho War
rior Is n total loss."
Government Ownership of
Telegraph and Telephones
Up Before Senate
' AT OVER $900,000,000
U. S. Only Leading Nation
Not Controlling Wire and
Telephone Service
lly AnaocUtrJ Prrn to Coot Ily Tlmcu.l
WASHINGTON, D. C, .Inn. 31
rostmnstcr General Burleson today
sent to the Senate the recommenda
tions of tho departmental commlttco
appointed by him to Investigate tho
practicability of government owner
ship of telephone and telegraph lines.
T'i.e report declares tho only wny
to afford to tho people completo nnd
modorn postal facilities thnt tho con
stitution makes It the duty of tho
government to provide Is by cnrrylng
out those suggestions:
One Thnt Congress declare a gov
ernment monopoly over all telegraph,
telephone nnd radio communication
and such other menus for tho trniifl
mlBston of Intelligence as may horo
nfter develop.
Two Thnt Congress ucqulro Ty
purchnso nt tho npprnlsed vnluo tho
commercial telephone network, ex
cept farmers' Hues.
Three -That Congress nuthorlzo
tho Postmaster General to Issuo, in
his discretion and under uch regula
tions nn he may prescribe, revocable
licenses for operation, by prlvnto In
dividuals, associations, companies and
corporations, of tho telegraph service
and such pints of the telephone nor
vlco as may not bo acquired by tho
Tho report snys the United States
Is alone of the lending nations which
baa left to prlvnto enterprise tho own
ership and operation of telegraph and
telophono facilities nnd that practical
ly all economists who havo treated
tho subject nro ngroed thnt the tele
graph ami telophono facilities should
be controlled by the government.
According to tho best avallnblo
data tho capltnllzatlou of the long
distance and toll lines ropreseuts ap
proximately $200,000,000, and the.
capitalization of tho entire commer
cial not-work approximately $900,
000,000. The cost to tho government -would
be less thnn the appraised value,
since It would bo undesirable for tho
government to purchnso tho ostnte
holdings of tho companies.
fl AuorUtnl Pmi Coot HtT Tlinm.
WASHINGTON. I). C. .Inn. 31.
Tho President todny nomlnnted Win-!
throp Moro Daniels of Prlncoton, nnd
Henry Clny Hall or Colorado Springs,
Interstnto Commerco Commissioners.
I (ny Au0"UII Pmi la Coor nay TlmM.)
WASHINGTON, D. C, .Inn. 31
Only n small forco of revolutionists
remains In Cnpo Ilnotinu, Ilnytl, and
tho town Is qultt. Most of tho robols
thero havo left for Port An Prince,
whore tho next disturbances nro expected.
-" , i ft
Circuit Judge Orders It Sold
Nothing Less Than $34,
000,000 Taken ....
ny Atio. HIM Trot to Coot llay Tlmei,
ST. LOUIS, Jan. 31. Tho salo of
tho Wabash Uallroud at Foreclosure
was authorized today by United
States Circuit Judgo Elmer Adams,
who directed thnt no bid for the
proporty lower thnn $31,000,000 be
nccopted, and that tho salo bo mado
without appraisement.
Chester Krum, of St. Louis, wns
appointed special master to execute
tho sale with bond fixed nt $100,
000. All bidders will bo required
to deposit $1,700,000, or $3,500,000
In Wabash first refunding or exten
sion mortgago bonds.
Tho decree of foreclosure was
handed down on motion of the
Equitable Trust Company of Now
York, which as trustee, holds $41.-
000,000 in bonds of tho Wabash.
Tho road has boon In the hands of
receivers since December, 1911.
Indictments Are Returned
Against Swift Company
and Several Lines
(lly AMorlatoJ I'rrM to Coot Day Tlmn.)
CHICAGO, Jan. 31. Indlctmonts
charging robntlng woro returned by
tho Feilornl Grand Jury horo todny
against Swift & Company, tho Penn
sylvania Itallionil, the Pnu-Hnudlo
Linos nnd tho Chicago & Northwest
ern ltullrond. Two bills woro found
.ngutust tho Panhandle,
Swift & Company face a posaiblo
flno of $1,200,000. Tho bill charges
sixty alleged violations of tho Inter
stnto Couunorco luws. It wns charged
that tho packing company obtained
coiicohsIoiis from the published car
load rates of the Chicago & North
western road and tho Ann Arbor road
on vnrlous shipments from Chicago
to points o tho Ann Arbor road.
Theso concessions woro obtained, It
Is snld, by obtaining carload rates on
less than carload shipments.
For prompt nnd efficient service
In plumbing repair work phono Pio
neer Ilnrthvnro Co., 101,
Blows Prescott Postoffice
Safe and Gets $300
Bloodhounds Follow
Dy Atioclatet Prraa to Cool nay Tlmea.J
WALLA WALLA, Wash., an. 31.
Tho Postoffico safo at Prescott,
twenty miles northwest of hero was
blown open yesterday morning and
$300 taken by a lono bnndlt, who
Is now bolng trailed by bloodhounds
from tho state ponltentlary.
Pioneer llanhvaio Co., Plumbing
ami Heating Specialists, Phone 101,
Times Want nds bring results.
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The Times office.