The Coos Bay times. (Marshfield, Or.) 1906-1957, December 03, 1913, EVENING EDITION, Image 1

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- " ' I . ' 1
ny thing yu w,,nt ,n T,, Times
ttniit columiiH. ' 11 ,sn't there nd
TPrtlo for It. Tho cost In Hiuall nnd
the results will surprise yon.
Kstnbl foiled 1H7H
iin Tho Const Mull.
Landslide in Marshfield City j
Election Tesieiuuy iii&ujcui
of Close Race.
Total Vote Cast Was 1002
Many Sworn in Many
Women Voted.
I'or Mayor.
Ceu. Ho.
Albrocht ! SO
27:! 1S2
No. Ttl.
!) :i:i8
Allen's majority
For Cotiiiclliiiiui.
Three-year term. Two
Copple -7(i
Ftrgnsoii .
HIMeiiliraiid ..107
liitlln l!0
I 5!l
No. Ttl.
ir2 oio
Savage !'7 :!
Wright -12 22
I'or ('oiini'iltiuin.
One year. One to bo elected.
COM. HO. iSO. Til.
Farley .
. :i" i :i2 sr.
,.177 (i!) i:t7 :is:t
,.212 HiS 110
Wilson's majority over McKeown
Is 113.
I'or Recorder.
Ceu. So. No. Ttl.
Duller :I85 2 11! 251 S 7 1)
F. T2. Allen was elected Mayor
over Carl Albrocht by a innjorlty
of 30!) in yesterday's annual city
election in Murtfliflold.
J. Wright Wilson defeated Ar
thur McKeown for tho one-year
term on tho City Council by n ma
jority or a 1:1.
n. A. Copple and Duncan Korgu
10a were elected for tho throe-year
terms on the City Council by a vote
of more than two to one over their
Was (irent Victory.
Interest In the election centered
hrsely In tho content ovor tho one
year term on tho Council, many
thinking that tho only contest would
te over that place, owing to tho
fict that .1. Wright Wilson wns not
o well known throughout the city
M his opponent.
Many thought that the Mayoralty
contest would bo closo, but those
In touch with the situation regard
ed Alien as a cortnln winner.
However, tho most Hiuigulno did
not nntlclpato that either Allen or
Wilson would win by such largo
Vote Was Kiilr.'
The totnl vote In tho city wns
1002. Tho vote by precincts wns:
North Marshfield 20C
Central Mnrshfleld -112
South Mnrshfleld 201
In South Mnrshfleld thero wns
"ot a Blnglo spoiled ballot. Thoro
e fifty votes sworn In In that
In Central Mnrshfleld 122 votes
ere sworn In.
In Xortli Mnrshflold. tho officials
,Ea'ed ur, the rotums boforo tho
tiimler of women voters or sworn
In votes wag given.
Many Women Voted,
hi South Mnrshflold. nlnoty-flve
omen voted nnd In Central Marsh
eld i3c women voted. In North
M'rshflehi It Is bolloved that ovor
'00 women voted, (although tho
inmber wns not kept by tho offl
" of tho election.
Socialist Vote.
The Socialist Vnia urna llrrYit "f ta
"We Wright leading with an even
"ae hundred votes. Jack Farley,
"e other Socialist candidate, had
Jl$t 85 votes.
Led From 8tart.
Allen flml Wltonn 1J l ,nt,t
L ..null IQl) HI tiiO UUIIIIb
"o the start, in South Marshfield
( "son took such an overwhelming
, that his election was conceded
. "y In tho evening. In Central
Jjwhfleid Wilson led from tho
hut once McKeown was wlth
10 'our votes of him I
ID KftrHi 1krH.t.jl.ij r -rr
hait n ""mullein nicneown
jortt . onl' Iead' but the BmaU mn"
tn u Kot there was a surprise
"'' supporters, who had counted
8 a Wb vote for him.
'Tribute to CoBBcllmen.
f. -i:iion or uouncumen
)uu.u.a and cPPle hy such large
ro-electlon of Councllmen
100 :
T , i u u viiy council snouKi see that a new charter providing for the rom-
kav F&am mission form of government nnd n city manager is provided. It is the
lH V flCtlOlfS ,,1(,,cr" moilol form of city government. It provides for an economical
management or city affairs under capable- and competent men and removes
t entirely from the greed and graft of politics and the domination and self
ishness of personnl interest.
pMpMpjBMpM - "e nmcs unpen anil conriilcntly believes that the men elected yestor-
lOnilSii 'day will prove faithful to their trust and loyal to the best Interests of their
KI&KWnfiylSvMT 1 y' ' 'ley Rll0ld feel proud of tho honor that was bestowed upon tlieni
MIKwiSS" JSWiiJtratCW ,nml l"'ovo their grntltudo by honest service and Vlevotlon to the duties
I PETMW J50iR?'"h I devolving upon them as custodians of the welfare of tho city. Messrs. Allen,
mm&fwm SnrFutV l Jrr "erguson, Copple and llutler have previously served the clrv and their
' HM 'Wfi&xm&ii i " ' "early endorsement Is cause for congratulation. Mr. wiIsdh h' vlctorv was
W'Xff)Wtr .iii '""'"'"y rught and honestly won. Notwithstanding, n cunipalgn or nils-
WMiWt $W&$JPi& ri'pre.ientntlon tlmt nt times amounted almost to villirication Mr. Wilson
W' WIJW W0" liy n llumlKolno "laJnrlty. lto deserves and will receive hearty con-
001 IvMHinilH
-!io uSHS&HI
2:: i
Xeu ly-Hlei led Mayor of the
ni' .Marsh Held
lt. A COPPIiK.
Ite-IIIei'ted Ciiiiiiclluiau for u Per
iod Tlirci" Years.
Ho-Klei'tod CiMinclhiiaii fur a Per-
ind of Tluve Years.
to their services on tho Council in
tlio past. It was generally con
ceded that they would be elected,
but no one anticipated such largo
Hauled Voted In.
Tho voting generally was pretty
good natural, but thero were a Tow
clashes at somo of tho polling places
owing to somo of tho ardent tones
forgetting tho law and Insisting on
campaigning In and near tho polling
places and showing voters how to
mark their ballots.
'There was talk of Invoking tho
corrtint nractlce law 'and put a stop
to hauling voters to tho polls. It
Is likely that steps will be taken
before another election to guard
this more closely nnd onforce this
law, especially in view of the fact
that the first efforts to vote the re
cent Influx of foreigners wero re
ported yesterday.
Mayor Kxtcnds Thanks.
To my many friends who gave
mo their votes and assistance In
olectlng me to tho office of Mayor
I desire to extend my thanks nnd
appreciation and shall endeavor to
merit your confidence. I keenTy
fool tho high responsibilities that
It Is my duty to meet and dlschnrgo
and to tho accomplishment of this
purpose I promise my best efforts
and will endeavor to )thf "' e;
(Continued on Page Six.)
mm OK Tllli
CON O It AT ULAT I ONS nnd compliments for the people of Marshfield. They
won nnothcr decided victory for themselves In yesterday's municipal
... .i ,." !. rho rel"r"8 l,rove that they can do their own thinking with
out tho dictation of either politicians, press or preachers. Tliev voted for
tllC IIICU Wlln Stlltl'rl ffir llpr'lillnv mwl irnnA ....v.,,-., ., I.. ..I... . ..
" declaration that the people cannot he either fooled or befuddled if
tho Issues are presented to them honestly ami fairly.
" units nopes miu mis election will lie the last that will bo held un
; I tlcr.,tllL' 'T0811' 8'tum' Tho citizens of city and the present members
oit aioici-: srsi'KCTS may iu:
i;i:v.i:is oi-i i:iti:n.
(Special to Tho Times.)
COQUIM.K, Or., ec. I!. It be
canu! known here this afternoon that
rrrests nro expected within a few
hours In the Myrtle Point bunk rob
bery case. Kour or five clues, one
of which Is especially strong, nro
being followed, anil as soon ns tho
suspecteir parties are located, ar
rests will follow.
Tho caBO is being bandied by
two detectives who were on tho
ground Immediately after tho rob-
bory. Tho two detectives were,
brought In, It In said, to aid County
Attorney LllJcuvlst In getting evl
donee In tho crusade ho hns launch
ed to clean up Coos County. Im
mediately on hearing of tho bank
robbery, Mr. Llljeuvlst Is said to
have put the two detectives on that
enso and It Is expected that tho
! matter will bo probed by tho present
I grand Jury
Arrives With Arno Mereen oni
Adeline Today Terminal
Deal Not Closed.
C. A. Smith and Arno Moreen, of
tho C. A. Smith Company, arrived
hero today on tho Adollno Smith.
They had a rather rough trip up
tho coast. ' .
Mr. Smith wns rather reticent
whon nsked about the Terminal
Railway negotiations nnd snld that
ho had nothing to say beyond that
tho deal had not been closed yet.
Ho stated that others wero prob
ably in a better position than ho to
glvo out tho developments In tho
Mr. Smith snld that thero wns
nothing new In tho lumber mnrkot
or In tho plans of tho local plants.
Ho expects to spend a weok or ton
days on the Day nnd came up es
pecially to Bee tho now pulp mill.
Ho snld that tho first pulp wouiu
have to bo made over again, owing
to tho lack of room. However, ho
snld it was not expected to make
anything tho first month and that
the second month would show about
two-thirds outnut. He said that
Manager Nerdrum was pleased with
the prospects of turning out a fine
quality of pulp.
He wanted to have Mrs. hmiin
come up this trip, but owing to it
holne so near Christmas time, sne
decided to postpone her visit. On
her last trip to the Ray about six
years ago, they wero seventy-two
hours coming up and she hasn't a
very pleasnnt recollection of that
hard voyage.
f- smith sa hi that they wero
going ahead with the Improvements
on the Nann Smith.
MORROW. .Toffy 15c; Peanut, 20c.
ISunk of Myrtle I'olnt Directors Will
Safeguard Institution.
(Speclnl to The Times.)
At a nieotlng of the directors of
the Dank of Myrtle Point yesterday '
afternoon u reward of $1000 was
offered for the arrest and convlc-
tlon of tho robbers who looted the
Institution. It was also voted to
given an nddltlonnl reward of twciity-
ty per cent of nil tho money rccov-
ered when the bandits nro arrested
The directors voted to order n
now Mnngnneso burglar-proof snfo at
once and also to have the bank
vault rebuilt with a steel lining and
made ns nearly fireproof and bur
glar proof as It ran be made.
Strong Clue l'oimil.
A strong clue hs to tho Identity
of one of the robbers wns found
yesterday and It was stated that
I It wns hoped to land tho gnng soon.
I 1 1 t l.,ul.t
one arresi was cxiiuuieu biiuhd.
llr Auorlateil !'r to Coo nr Times.)
110STON. Dec. :!. Twentv-fivo
men wero killed In a rlro which
swept tho uppor floors of thu Ar
cadin Hotel, n lodging house In tho
south end. early today. Scores were
taken to tho hospitals. Many are
missing. Nearly nil the bodies wero
terribly burned, making identifica
tion impossible.
The victims wero men in poor clr
cumstnnces. They wero caught In
the crowded bunks on tho top floors
of a five story brick building. They
were helpless. When they were
aroused tho stairs wero iu names,
Many wero rescued by tho firemen
nnd pollco. Somo escaped by walk
ing u narrow plank stretched across
to nn adjoining building or by Jump
ing ncross a flvo foot alloy.
Tho proporty loss Is $25,000, ac
cording to the night clerk thoro wero
178 lodgers in tho building when a
passing newsboy turned In tho alarm.
The top floor was one large room
filled with bunks.
On tho fourth floor, whore the loss
of life was tho heaviest thero wero
thirty tiny rooms with two cots in
The mon In the rear rooms opening
on the fire escapes had locked their
doors and those In front wero unablo
to reach tho fire escapes. A number
Judge Morrow Here. Judgo Mor
row, who Is to hold a torm of circuit
court at Coquillo, arrived today from
Gardiner, where he was detained by,
Illness. Ho Is far from well but on
arriving went to bis room at tho
Chandler and will try to go to Co
Qiiille tomorrow to convene court. Ho
was welcomed here by a numbor of
attorneys toduy. Ho is considered
one of the best circuit Judges In the
state and will be a candidate for the
supreme court next fall.
A Consolidation
ami Coos
English Officials Prepare to
Arrest Militant Leader on
Return From America.
HU AuoclalrJ frcn to Com llav TIiiim.I 1 Ullted Clllllliallllll City with tile troops
PLYMOUTH, Knglaiid, Dec. 3. Intend to seek refuge In the United
Preparations nro said to have been States nnd thus be beyond diuigor of
niiulo for the arrest of Mrs. Kinniellne being tnken prisoners by the robots,
Pankhurst, the militant suffragette, ' C.euernl Villa sent more Constltutlon
011 her arlvel from the United States allsts today to Intercept them. The.
on board tho .Majestic tonight. A 1 generals, headed by Salvador Mor
force of surrragettes under "Oeneral" cado, whoso desertion of Chlhuuhua
Mrs. Flora nruininond will bo on the and whose statement that ho had no
spot ready to fight for their lender's money to pay tho troops, is regardod
, 1 .... I ...-. .
Woinhhpin Pifu'c PlorHnn
'tj""""i "J - ,wu"""
Bringing Out New Candi-
ates and Withdrawals.
,,.,,., ,. ... ..,....
t,wi i.. Mw, ,m.,.n,ini.... i.. n it?,
niuuu in lwu iiiiiiiutkit-n ill i in: i ii
election in North Hond to bo hold ltnbngo, military governor, who ws
on December U. with some with-; forced to abandon Cludnd Victoria,
drawing and new ones running i.,... ,, , m,,.i, i
on the Independent ticket. J. F.'m K 10 ,to, nniplro under ordora
Orubbs, whoso term as Councilman fronl Ulo federal government to es
expires In January, has withdrawn tubllsh his governorship. Tho wnr
as n candidate for re-election, as ' iiUipartniont annonnceil that (lonoral
Ao&JS. S1'""-: Ar.H.nei.,1. and other officers who flftd
J. V.. Mullen, who was beaten at10"1 cl,"lml Vlclorln to Corrltos, In
. ..... . ulltilt ..I On.. I .. In llnn..l 1...
1110 caucus as a cauiiiuuto lor uuy i ami i uiun, nmu
Itecorder. has filed ,i petition ns n been ordered to reorganize th'olr forc
candldato on tho Independent tic c . nm, lna,.ch IlK(,1Ht victoria. On
ket. nnd Mullen's nctldn derided nccount of tll0 nntliro ot tho organiza-
Shunter in. withdraw In hnlii elnl'lfvl .. ..
a political situation which lie con-
slilers Is becoming somewhat or n.
,.i,n i
While (he Socialist ticket bus not
filed Its list of camllilntes, It li
.........I .....I .,,.11. .,..11.. !,! Ilw.i-j
mtlll'll IJU fMUll tltllllWI tj lit, Ik IMVtU
will be eight on the ballot for tho
tlit'im nfl'li-eu tit f minelliiinii to be
tlltm! Hi li. n for t 111) offlll" of He
colder, nnd two candidates for tho
office of Treasurer.
Criililn w tliilrew III favor
IV'ni.! xmtliiL' that iir Iohl' it k the
HmiMii' miction of North I ton il was
represented suitably, no was wining
to w t in rnw in rnvor or uio now
A. K. Sinister KxplaitiH.
To tlm Kditor of Tho Times: Con
trary to custom and precedent, Mr.
Tfilm (! Mullen has decided tlia't he
will not abide by tho result of tho
cniicus lioiil jsovomnor -i, in wiriu
llnml l.ii t will linvn IiIh nllllio lllnced
on tho bnllot as a candidnto for Ite
corder bv potltlon. I Ills win mini'
illit tlw. nolltlciil situation somewTint
nn,i ulll m ii lie tliu result of tll4
election ns to that particular offlcs
a bit problematical.
It Is mv desire to do tho llttlo
I can to 'clarify this niuddlo, and
thus promoto tho best Interests of
tho community. Ann, wnuo i Keen-
lv niiiiiceliite the lovnl Slllilinrt of
so many of tlio goon peopio oi
North Rend, both borore, at tne
time of. and since the caucus, I hnvti
ffiniiiiiimi t int. an tliinuK consider
ed, It Is my duty to withdraw from
tlio race ror ucenruer, ny mi unm
I bollovo that tho good peopio of
111 Im benefitted, and tlint
tho contest will bo much simplified.
Inasmuch as Mr. .Maynco reiunuu
mntijk vntfta 111 tli ffiiimiH than nny
IMUIU wwti ( ...u - - -
..tiw... miiwiiilntn for Recorder. It 1H
fitting that I, Instend of ho, with
draw, and, accordingly, i " BU
his favor .
In thus withdrawing rrom inn
contest, I desire to tliatiK mosi
heartily those frlondB who, both by
word and deed, liayo expressed n do
tormlnntlon to support mo through
thick and thin for Recorder.
Rofore closing, lot mo say a word
in a somewhat difforont strain. A
. ..,.l,ll, xm-unnu imiieiir to llllVn
beon much amused, nmnzod! dazed
bv mv candidacy inoy imvu loium
ontortaliimont In misspelling my
.,.,, nn.i iii nrnflxlnc a strnngo
given name and initials. They seem
to have r.uu conHinruiu v
ml. whlio It would ap-
pear that I am finite unknown to
them, yot i am giuu umi i '
tnr known to tlio respectable peopio
of tho comiii nlty.
Very respecwmiy,
Unless you have. . some grocery
man that you want to give it to,
savo a auurter by getting your
flour of Haines.
no.VT ;r.T kxcithr
If you've lot something " three or
lour line want mlv. hi Tho Times
will bring It back. Tin; Times want
mN get result.
of Times, Const Mall
Hay Advertiser.
No. 115
Evacuation of Chihuahua Re
garded as Admission of In
ability toControL
Inability to Pay Troops and
Cost of Campaign Given as
Cause of Evacuation.
Mir An, Intel to Com llr Tlmrt J
.ll'AHHX, Dec. y. -Confident that
the seven federal generals who evne-
n a Yiiiiuii nieai.iiiiwu oi me iiueria
dlctntorslilp in North .Mexico, nro
headed for OJInnga, on tho border.
With the generals nro many subor
dinate orricers, about 2000 rodoral
troops and more than loot)
the wealthier class. Villa had little
hope of overtaking tho federals who
left Chihuahua several days boforo
their flight became gnown.
tnr AmocUIiM 1'rtM In Cont Hit Tlmri,)
MICXICO CITY. Dec. I!. Tho son-
port city of Tnmplco wns officially do
clnred the temporary capital of tho
Htnto of Tnuinlna h. Cionornl Antontn
Uo n,"l ciiulpmonf, as well as the
long instances nnu mu nroKen topo-
. ... . . .
grnpny oi mo couuiry, mo leucrai
government will find It difficult to
0 hiiudlo tho mllltury expeditions with-
out trains, now that tho railroads
luive been virtually deprived of fuol
by the oil producing companies.
(Special to Tlio Times,)
COQUII.I.l), Or., Dec. a. At the
meeting of tho Coos County Good
Roads Association hero Inst night, a
resolution was adopted favoring tho
calling of n special election to vote
$1 10,000 bonds ror permanent road
building, providing It would bo ap
portioned ns follows:
$70,000 for u road from North
Rend via Coostou ami adjoining sec
tions to Ten .Mile.
$70,000 for improving tho road
from Coos Ray via Coquillo and Myr
tlo Point to Rrldgo nnd vicinity,
$100,000 for Improving tlio rond
from Rnudnn to tho Curry county
The action was taken after rather
n spirited discussion and a commit
too wns Instructed to confer with
tho Coos county commissioners today
nbout tho calling of tho special elec
tion. Thoro wos a good attendance at tho
The good roads meeting wns one
of tho most largely attended ever
hold In tho county and tho session
was most animated, tho dobato being
very spirited hot ween representatives
of tho different parts of the coun
ty. Tho North Rend and Ton Mile
delegation wanted $150,000 for that
road and finally tho compromise wns
mado to recommend $70,000 for It.
It was agreed that aftor allowing
Ten Milo $70,000 and Rnndon $100,-
000 that tho bnlanco should bo used
between Marshflold and Rrldgo, the
work to bo started simultaneously
at MarBhflold, Coquillo, Myrtlo Point
and Rrldge.
'V'IUCR WBH a IllnJiiim. IK,i
- M W V. U ... U V t W L. , W