The Coos Bay times. (Marshfield, Or.) 1906-1957, August 05, 1913, EVENING EDITION, Page 6, Image 6

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- 1
'Special Committee Reports in
Favor of Plan. Other Coun
cil Proceedings.
Recommending tlint tlio city make
on endeavor to have nn auto lire
truck of Its own built, the speclnl
committee composed of Chief D. I).
Keating, Councilman I- 1-2. Allen
and City Attorney (Joss made Its
final report to the Council Inst eve
ning. The report stated that the city
should huvo some kind of auto
driven apparatus but that the pres
ent ones are too expensive. It was
pointed .out that too many extras
were put on the machines and It
was pointed out that local ngentH
Rot twenty nor cent commission for
selling the machines In addition to
,the general agent's commission. The
machines cost between ffiOOO and
$7000. The committee believed that
n good auto truck could be built
over to carry 1000 feet of hose and
chemical apparatus for much less.
It was pointed out that the wooden
otrects hero would not permit ex
tenslvo use of heavy and speedy
The lire and water committee was
Instructed to ask for bids for the
reconstruction of such u machine.
Open Sixth Street.
. than pay the expense of a lawsuit.
Mr. Albrecht said that ho would
like to see the city own Its prop
erty without any strings being at
tached to It. He Maid thnt' lie was
In favor of having Alder street
graded and have city prisoners put
to work and fill the low part of
the park and convert It Into n chil
dren's playground.
City Engineer Uuckiugham said
1 1 til (In. wnter wna not helm? used
and that the old tower was In the
street. He thought thnt failure
to use the wator abrogated the wat
er right.
Finally the matter was dropped.
I'! Contract.
Tlu Cltv Council Inst ovoninir let
the contracts for several pieces of
work which were awarded the War
ren Construction Company a month
ago, and which they failed to mako
good on.
.Moon & Barclay were awarded
the contract for tho grading on
South Fourth street nt 13 cents per
cubic yard and the estimated cost
is Jin ii. win, I'eart bid 46 14
cents and I'erham & Gldley 1 1 ft
The Coos Day Paving and Con
struction Coninanv was awarded two
stretches of concrete curl) of John
son & Fourth at 13 cents per foot.
Win. I'eart bid lli cents on tho
work. The Fourth street curb will
cost $1115 1,78, and the Johnson
nvenuo curb 31 110.72.
Johnson & Larson wcro awarded
the wooden curb on Johnson avenue
at 'ft cents. It will total $271.05.
l-'oiiilccntli Stivel.
No action wns taken on the Im
provement of Fourteenth street, ow
ing to tho property ownoni not hav
ing signed up to pay about $t0
Railroad Commission Has Not
Called for Arguments Yet
Clear Lake Filing.
City Attorney (loss reported last
evening thnt the Oregon Ilallroad
Commission has not yet fixed the
date for receiving the arguments
on the Coos Hay water cases. lie
will take the matter up with them
at once and see about It.
The Commission was expected to
ask for the iiriMiiucntH In the i-nsc In
about a month when they finished
the hcnrlng In June, but they have
not done so. They Intimated then
that they would delay their decision
until after they heard some other
water rates.
The Council Inst evening Instruct
ed Mr. (loss to pay tho additional
$." for tho filing of tho city s entry
on the Clear I.nko watershed. The
filing was delayed by lack of a spe
cial map and the additional feo and
tills will lie sent nt once. Mr.
Ooss wanted to know whether the
city still wanted tho Clear I.ako
supply nml the Council decided It
did, as the city will not be required
to do nny work on It until they I
need It. As to whether Murshfleld
will have tho first rights on tho '
Clear I.ako supply will probably ,
have to bo determined later. I
Tho Clly Coimril lant ovonlnir
adopted a resolution nsklng C. A. wl.iih It will cost to chnugo the
Smith to remove tho fence and va- approach on Commercial to ron
cato South Sixth street near Central.' cct wt, tho Fourteenth street
This wns tho street that W. T. Stoll work Ir wa 8ta(m, mt c s
protested against being fenced. Mr. Huffman wns tho only property own
Smith will be aske.l 'to dedicate tho 0r who refused to sign ho fnr as
property for the street, so as to they had been seen. Some ono biik
clear tho title to It for all time. !g(.8.(1 lnnt l0 oly ,my ,,.' , np.
MiiiMlen Winer ltlghtx. j proaeh out of the general fund, but
Cnrl Albrecht brought up tho old the Council objected to doing this.
question about the claim of Hubert The Hemlock street- replanklng
Mnrsden, Sr., to wnter rights on from Front to Sixth wns ordered
tho city park. He said that Mr. accepted and rerlinm & Oldley paid
Marsden had agreed to accept $1500, $7 IS, with $0.75 for extras,
which n conimitteo of the Council Warrants woro ordored Issued
onco agreed to offer htm for tho for tho collection of tho street ns-
rBta. sessiuentH on Eleventh, Fourth,
Councilman Allen said that tho Johnson and Hemlock,
last committee of tho Council hnd John Johnson wns ordered paid
decided not tn iinv Mr. Mnrsitun nnv- Ilin nmtwiv Mm(. l,n.i i... ..n..-....i
. " " - J .....v mill iiltii I'UIIUIUUU
thing for the water right, but to on tho Second mid Johnson street
Just lot It go. Ho said thnt Mr. work and Moon & Ilarelay what
Marsden claimed that E. v. WriHu hail boon rnilwimi ... m.m.. .,...!..
nil. I ntllnn.1 ...I.m I ... ... . .. m ........
...mi umni nu UdiiKIU mo OKI liroW-
ery property had offered $.1000 or
so for It and that Mr. Wriuiit i.n.i
written tho Council stating that he
nan never offered a cent for tho
of Tenth street.
Koiitlue Itiislnesi.
The usual grist of bills waB al
lowed. Tl.. n ii ... . .
water riL.i,r , " ''..' "'"I .. ""'" uourue,i to meet
... ,. mlll ,n IIPNt joniny nght, August 11
a long as the city had no Inline- Mayor Straw was le,t on a
not s 1 an!'" 2 Vim,ty " m hnMn ""' "'"l Councilman Aden
not seo nny necessity for paying presided.
Mnrsden nnythlnir.
Councilman Ferguson said that
oiuo time ngo n conimitteo hnd re
ported In favor of paying Mr. Mnrs
den $1000 to get tho matter cleared,
hut thnt lntor Councilman A. H
Powers snld that ho thougnt they
should not pay more than $C00.
City Attorney Goss snld It might
ue eueaper ir .Mnrsden would sell
"""" - -"rkzzJTii
Tho ordlunnco nmendlng tho
building ordlnanco to ponnlt tho
ropnlr of buildings along the wnter
front wns adopted, tho waterfront
committee, through Messrs. Winkler
mm Albrecht npprovlng It.
Tho license of tho Nutwood sa
loon was ordored transferred from
auiiin nml Itohrer to Hohrer mid
Horreo, Mr. norreo hnvlng bought
I'm- 1'iillri. liiiilii,.ll,.n
. . V ' j
A peiition signet liv a hum red
or so wns presented to tho 'Coined
Inst evening by J. M. Upton, nsk
lng for additional pollen protection
In the residence districts. Mr. Fu
ton said thnt John Hour had circu
lated tho potltlon. it asked that
tho rcsldenro sections of West
Mnrshrielil be patrolled during the
Councilman Ferguson snld he
thought the clly hnd sufflclont of
ficers now to patrol thnt district
If tho police forco was hotter organ
ized. Ho said tho men ought to ho
better distributed. Coiincllninn Al-
'!!!!!!..!S..T,r. Ji0; Government Will Prosecute Lo
i .nn.- minikin Willi.
there ought to bo moro nollce. no
said they are working too hnrd now.
llo said thnt some of thorn hnd been
working twelvo hours or so ovory
night In tho week for several years
mid ho thought Hint each mnn ought
to hnvo n night off nt least onco In
two weeks. Allen snld Wlnklor wnH
loo sympathetic.
Mnrshal Carter said that ho
thought ono of tho nlcht men with
n blcyclo could mako tho rounds. 1 1!0"8'
Itn nnlil ilmm ... r.. . . I MlSO
Th Greatest Snap 2fJk S
No Matter What the Former
Price You Can Now Choose
Any Suit in the House
This includes our $25,00, $30,00 and
$35,00 Suits, in this group are the season's
most desirable styles in domestic and imported
We have had a big Suit season, selling hun
dreds of Suits to the women of Marshfield and
vicinity, We have made our profit for the
season and are now ready to take our loss on
these remaining Suits, We simply will not
carry garments over from one season to an
Hub Dry Goods Co.
(Vcoxxem. nnunxii.
Heed. One of IiIh Hist nlllcliil netii
wns to Inform tho Government offi
cials nt Washington of these frniuls.
Now he tins been Instructed to be
gin prosecutions.
"Thero Is no legltlinuto reason
for nnyono selling locations on nny
of theso luiiils," said .Mr. Kennies
last night. "In the llrst pluco the
property still Is In lltlgutlon, ns the
railroad has uppenled tho case. Su
no locations cun ho ninilo until tho
(lovernment flnnlly gots tltlo to tin
Kvcn then locutions ennnot bo
AitJilii- Coach and I
Clmige.s Agnlmt U
The Ilnudoii Surdo
wns tnken off the w
ski: ont windows.
Bromide Enlargements
Oregon Firs
Taken by e. M. Weister. ,e Souther,, Pacific Photographer
..o u,,,,. Ieu, 1(lKUI, Coos Itar tor ihe ;
lUlhvny, are now on exhlbltfoi, l our wlndota-i,.
n-sources are wed v,or, s,,Jng. Tlley , x
Illustrated write-up of ,,e Ch.s Hay section.
One picture shos a P lrw rKIng ft QQ .
nrt limb ami lllPP ,8 fce, n ,amcter
Red Cross Drug Store
k6daks and supplies.
Motorccle Delivery
Phone 122-J.
up North Front street. He succest.
oil thnt If thero was going to bo a
pairoi established, that thero ought
to bo somo sort of nlarm system or
pollco Call boxes.. Ho Snlll thnt nnl.
nt tho (Into of the last flro thero had
been n flvo-nilnuto dolnv In inmin
In tho nlnrm owing to Inability to
Bet the nlghr man at tho Smith
mill. Ho said ho was working on
n now plnn so that tho flro whistle
could bo sounded moro promptly.
Albrecht favored n now alarm sys
tern with boxes In various parts of
tho town, so thnt alarms nt Urn
or troublo could bo turned In by
Luizeiis ns wen as orflcors. Finally
the flro and wator commiiinn -
Instructed to tako tho matter up.
Nlghtwatclunan Shoiino wns ni.
lowed n week's vacation, beginning
'Lot 'Assessment.
Harry G. Hoy make a long pro
test against an assessment of JG40
against some property at the cor
ner of Fourth and Johnson, which
A. B. Manly owns. It -seems that
wr. .Mnnloy bought the front of
four lots and the assessment falls
heavy on him. Mr. Hoy Intimated
that they might begin suit to pre
vent paying the assessment, but he
uiu; mat tney would pay what they
cators Who Are Entering
Men on Bin Grants.
M'ASli ivnrnv .... r . . .
............. ,uo, .uk. .. .uvices " - "" "ui "wns tnken off the w
to the Department of Justice or nt- n,l',. " It will require nn net VBt Coilch fnroaRlh
tompts to perpetrnlo wholesale Innd r c,"'Kl!H mien the property for laUHt ,.l!llltcr ,dWfc.
fniuds. especially In Oreuon. brontTlii- ontr'' !..i..i.. i 1.1 i.
forMl .........I .. . CollL'rOHU .. l.r..u,...ll... ' '" """'"' ui wu'
n.i. .xiiuiiiK in inn pui). - " . riv.uiiiu 1111.V uuu COIUCS 111 tllO form Oil'
j He by Assistant Attorney (lenernl "r u ll"ll,t- f inolhodH for opening Allro Conch for the w
iiiiinei. mo i njiioriv. ii in n v inu...t ... n...
noBlgnlng nnd unscrupulous nor- Iolu"'' ytoiw. It Is prohnblo that ?i?.""i T.nZ r V!!I
sons, doclnroil ivimiini .i...... much of tho nninorK- uin i (....,n.i ... '. .
-- - io uiitniiiK - I.....UU nctitiouer nllcccs ton
ropreson.ntlons , pepl fnr J hor "rean, us many ,hrIft ,, lntommt
of Ml (ft
proximately to 6
rather wordy
iet 1 1 loner rot
Idleness nml debilKK
dlsslpntlug tills cstatftV
ily occupy a position
wnnt mid suffering. $
nlloges that tlio defend
competent that be W
victim .if ileslcnlne wJ
persons who ia-o soldt:
horbltnnt nrlces tM11'
Inlna IiicIiiiIItil' an 1
.nolnll.niil n lifltOOO. II
I. wni...., ...... .1 ".--iilnnn
nml various l'J-
Arthur T. Coacn, twj
tornoy, has prepared
l. i,. ..Miinii n'hlrh. Ill
"'in iviiiiw - ,
rnthor more sensatloti
nniiiinii iisnlf. In tu1
sots forth tho claim tW1
n.. , nfffllrs Tl"'
tnct that he Is not ii
fortune, but, on i" "
nnr.ii.,....n.. n .1 rl I n tr to "-1
nnrchaso ' of automol
nloUiKAfi ntn n'Al Ittjsi
nnd constitute a pro
In the successrui i
business, nnd that v
Is entitled to purct'
without being coniW"!
charges against his '
frill' TVPO 1$M
J. It 14 - -
As tho coiiuiniiv win mu.nni .,. recognlzoil.
Issiio will not ho settled until It "So "' w protondlng to sell
reaches tho Supremo Court, nnd ,0,,t,a to tho public Is guilty of
oven if tho Government- ultlnmtelv frn,,d "Gainst tho United Stntcs nnd
la made successful, no disposition mi,,Juct to prosecution."
can bo mndo f tho lands until rw I
gross nasses niMni !,!.... I wc .. ,...
!.., .. -- i UKIBIIIllOll. wwiv iHIUI',,
Hopresontlng thnt tho ln,iH ,. I
Procured, thnan ..., .. .. . TllO ntlinn ilnv 1'l.n T-i...... i..
. ., v. hiiKuu ,u tn0 n. - -. . ny .iiiiua rucuiv-
ege,i frauds aro snld to be obtain- '1 nn lto,n from Xorth IJe"l wl'cl
lug location fees. , wns signed by Jay I.lndcn. As n
Tho pbie j8 nl80 1)0,nK lna . result of Mr. I.lndon's nnmo being
Knnbol said, to mako application to B,Bnod' Tho TI,1,C8 dltl not question
Piirchnso lnnd from the railroad tno ftlltl,0"clty of tho Item nnd
company nnd to acquire preference I,r,n,e,l U'
rights. TllA Rnnl,... --.. .-.C0 I A. M f!r.n,... I .. .... .
. luciiio nns is- . ""'""s" " "mo iookcii
sueu n wnrnliii: that nn .,, Into tho matter nn,i .bin. u i.
be accented in- ih .. . . has nRpnrininn.i ...i. .. .. ..
., ... ' "" -iniiii)- ana that . """ v'" mo iiom
110 liroiernnrn will i. . . nml Mi-,i . i.. .....
,. uo Krantea pond- ' ,"'nu "" wiaions'namo to
t the end of tho litigation. Tho lt " w"8 '"tondod ns n joko, hut
prosecution of those guilty of fraud tho nuthor hls discovered that It,0lr,. f ,n tho h of "" a vory P0" one and probably
coderal D str ct AUnm,,,.. tw- will not n.m .u... . ..
PnrHnn-.i ' "eiinies nt , . " i'v "'ij-imiig oi tno
ortlnnd. .Ttlnd acah. Thn in, .. .
- "" ! luioiiuu lO 11
iriy wnich was said to have been
Goveriiineiit uVTroceed Against
I .a ml Tu.iiir...
Slvon nt tho Smith homo In North
Dond as a farewell for Mrs. Greon
ough, and no such party over took
Mnn " " 'rosecu-i . .
sal practice of "locating" settlers L NUMI1BIW." '
""bU" wmtrornla land grant ' "'""""""'clans of tho University
b will ,)e started at. onco iv ?h. te8a.n, Introduce to
Aiti i lit i' w mi r inn.. -... iiiu iiiiiii mn - - uotiin in iiii imri o irv
thought was a fair amount If th l.1'"8 w ,,e Parted at. once hv ?L f,?.n8YBn,B now Introduce to
o balance out of Reame8. nlted States la nufiert The , dUonVwl. VXt
fuiv a u'BtrIct Attornoy'lj, pnr(in;i ed an iin, ,n,i " iTic""ary ,s l"?1'
Citv wnnld nn.. h
--, . ,,, i.,u uaiuiiL'u OUt Of r..-. ""' ""UUU States a IllimOOr? Thn 1lnilnnn V ".
the general fund. Cltv Attornnv "'imct Attorney n Portland. . as UodislnV thT n;?if. uo.V
...,,, Wrt-Al . Bn.l ..:" "w vuimilUl UII1 11V
Goss opposed this change and after
some 'discussion It was referred to
the City Attorney. The matter was
discussed at length and there was
a rather spirited delink i,a,
Messrs. Hoy and Goss as to the legal
icaiures or it.
The Presbyterian Sunday School
will have its Annual Picnic on Thurs
day, AUKU8t 7th. nt PI...I..IA. v,..
Steamer Alert will leave at 8 a.'rn.'
All members and their frionn. ,1 i '
..11. i . --4 13 UB
ueu. uound trip for adults' 60c.
Secret service u' ... Wing hatb'",.co,nuum...b'
working on these cases for weeks vSeofnwCh!IehCt,0n of Pura"ty by
The nistrlct Attorney's office Is in ua?B cSatYtuMnB "u0" tho ,ndlv,d-
Possesslon of an abundance o In" 1 cin'Sf1'
format on regarding ,. opera Ions thai ,8ther cortaCrnta,nnunelrnatl7
of these nretendert innn. -. . , ,? therefore, the PnnviVOniJo
probable that several arrests will 1 the Amazon6 in VPpor waters 0
made Within th .' W" ho aborSf0n,,A .r,n.d out. what the
tratl'H ,tan,e8' attenUo was nowsVNumhoVT that WeW
traeted to thn nmnn- .. ,. sunnnnnii I.. ' .... in.Bt which is
Sho hold her sweet vtMM
. . ...... .rVpd.t,B
An.i iimn remarked
"You may print a W
dear Jim.
ns.i .nn must not P
attracte'dto the practices' of the" iCmirj
noSr' e,Tfn bef0ro he - "J o t0nVTn"dnB n Ma?sVe d '
pointed to his present office. t,Vo SovpI l.l '?. ?hm-M Is Is never
for adults' 60c. former home Is in Mefnf ' -J1'8 . B6Ver dl8covable after
COMMITTEE. mudhrdf -iki0 ., i dford' whero ' tr ' -
(jmuchf tHls fraud has 'been prac ThaJUr A?h PUnttag
been prac ThJ'BdS"", pr,at,nB one at
... . 11... mllBfJl'
uut in anuuiui " jm
TTnlowH ve mlsS OUr VM
Had gathered her tor'
him ,,
Aim runuvu no i
And nfter that.
Jim took a strong : r
tio.i.. no they shot
An extra late cai" TJH