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f iWll EstnnilBncu in xatr.
L XaaVI. TIio Const Mnll.
Established In 1878
& Oonolldtlon of Times, Const Mull
and Coos liny Advertiser.
No. 309
for Albcc Announces mat
cet Speaking Will be Ab-
solutciy rrommiea.
jty Sheriffs and Police Act
Jnison Fear More Trou
ble This Evening.
(Special tii Tito TIniL'H.)
IIITI.ANR. Or. .Inly IC All la
In Portland today following the
t la t miJit of leu street orators
I v who woro taken Into
dy ii deputy HheiiffM nml the
hum reported loilny that more so-
troiible nilglll "0 expoeieii n-
ttheii other atteinnlH lit Hireel
Hiii- will In made.
iyer Mlice aiinminreH that hl
liptliu.t uticei speiiKiug win uu
OHHIV IlllOlcril mill 11 in i'i"i
tin I'lniihliied foree of policemen
iliputy MherlffH, augmented by
nl nfflii r.i Hint hnv been Hworn
II Ik- (iliK io batnlle Hie Hltnntlon
oiii in appeal being inam.' in
rum' i.;t for Mute troops.
ie uric tii laM ulglit followed a
c of uliiim "lion the American
liv lionii' of the Hired orutorH. i
will kup mi until wo fly the red
nf .ninliv over that while innr-l
minlliii: over there." ileelared
llnriiii, Hie leader of the. I. W.
In the cannery Hlrll(i) trouble.
nap box at the corner or .SIMh
iniill.itily the offlrorH Hwept
it ix ii him and took lilm Into
lib There was a groat throng
Int mid It was feared for a few
lit i thai a sulous riot might dn-
The omturH besldcH attacking
ll;i!t hud bitterly attaelted Gov.
mnl the tilth lain.
e uu uaueis were noi uiioweti
tii.t c vt ulniT.
( cl I'.- J la Coo liny TIniM.l
aSIIINOTO.N. I). ('., .Inly Hi.
kin Mulhall whh again n wltnosH
til St mite Inbbv cnnunlttoo 10-
lil It' r.i uu HiIh niciriiliitr. Lot-
torn .lanii , A Emory, ioiiuhoI for
Utlllllltl k 'ff liillfili if Mmiuriwi.
h 'o Muliiall, dated .lanunry Hi,
, run Doubt Ii ss you Know
ad u tui-el on the floor of tho
lo ln'l Kill urilii v wlioi-n nn nt-
t 1H limili. liv Mm n.inww.riitii
r i-ovir of uu nniendnieiit to tho
Nrtuy provision of tho revised
tea, to mint some of tho wornt
rci of (xtremu labor legislation
Ik fore tho Jiullelnry committee.
frllllll utooil firm nml tlin nt.
t to make campaign plundor wub
wicu in a mow auniiranio way
try nnppiiy a Democrat. Sher-
lunliiiky took tho chief part
ill fi ll"0 nf tlin fivlHtlmr Inw nml
it the proposed amendment."
letter from Miillinll wrltton
imhtiuiiHiliH tn imwi ions in
filtmnii nt St. I.ouls reported
Mr wuison Dad a largo mn-
ui uie matiiino ttiuior His con-
hio ronvcnllon of minora will
L-m line, Tho 2 1st. Thoy ccr
y cxiiPft Gomuora. niinenn nd
p. Tlireo or tho district presl-
P from tho llll'lnnrltn illalrlntR urn
Irleiiils. I ,cel i mlBht bo nblo
j kuoii work throiiRh theso Ron
En. nml It Is too bad wo arc
nr rupiiH when tho convention
Ulhall wroto to Sfdiwmltmnn In
(ary. 19U8, Baying: "Wntson
l)' tolj niO Hint If tlinrn wns nnv
er of any class legislation bolng
Mil. p wiuie no was absent from
JlllUtOIl tn hnvn Riniii... con Cnn-
Homenway. n0 also told mo to
P I" tnierV nml nnv Rtinnlrnn Pull.
Iwoulti receive him nt any time,
ri" u mat no would tnlk freo
F" fully to tho Sponkor nml that
ruling woillll uo an right."
e Cuts Sell for as Cents In
.... '"H'llRll AHIV.
CVGO, in,. jUy xc.Forty
" fiounti for choice cuts of
"u hoconio a renllty before
... "i'uu uiiviuil'u in ro-
,1 ,V'aR """ounced by Chicago
,...i """- niu uuuico euia
p ?i?,a,1'?.l,,u1' ,)lllfied tho plc-
11 V. Ul,e(l uaVi to 40 cents,
ni.l " "uiuii ill uu CUIUS,
"'dccalvs' Hver n delicacy at
ents a pound. Tho usual ex
fp,. of. courtesies followed. Tho
vi1ni?e,J u on e packers,
H..i. i ' ,,Bea Passing tho
"gin, back to the retailers.
te!(,:JLoseburg Auto Lino
Kn'll "AHA in twelve
Its nm, nt reB.c,rll)Uou Pharmacy,
l8' "PP. Chaudler Hotel,
Deported Banclon Man to Have
Been Met Near Gardiner
by I. W. W. Leader.
Dr. It. K. I.eueh, tho Uaiidou I. V.
W. Htipporler who was depoiled hint
Krlday, Is stippoHed lo he nt Salem,
where he and a leading I. W. W. am
htippoKed to huvu gone to appeal to
Oov. West. Tho 1. leader
cniilii In vln llrnlii nml met I.i'inli nml
aceompuuled lilm nut.
hrldny night, l.eaih stayed at tho
llnldeu ranch near Jurln l.audlug
mill utiii'tml In wntlr nn llm limwli In
eroHHliiK Ten .Mile ereek, he sllppod
when he attompted tn Jump and Ih
said to hnvn hurt his ankle. However,
he got along all right and spent the
night at tho llfo Having station and
proceeded from there until he met
Hie I. W. leader from outside,
who proceeded nn through with lilm.
Albert Seellg. who returned thin
morning from tiardluer. learned these
facts, confirming Inrnrmntluii that
I'lnnii linr. lwirnri.
yesterday I. V. V. HympathlzeiH
on tho liny circulated a seusutluual
Ktnry nbuitt Dr. I.ciicIi'h posHlhle mys
tnrlniiH tllHitppearauce and Intimating
that ho might have been lost, etc.,
and that great apprehuusluii was felt
by his friends. Tho stnry was evi
dently circulated fur tho purposo of
attempting to arnusu sympathy for
Leach ami tho 1. YV. W. movement In
this seetiuu and to appeal to some
Socialists who felt that us I.eueh had
been county chnlrniau of their organ
ization, ho wiih entitled to their support.
Decree of Wm. Guggenheim,
Denver Millionaire, Declared
.to be Invalid Because of
Fraud and Collusion.
CHICAGO, .Inly If.. Dcelnrlng the
invoice of Win. Guggenheim, million
aire mining man, from Grace Urown
Guggenheim Wnlil In l!J01 wns ob
tnlneii by fraud, collusion mid crimin
al conspiracy, Judges Wlndee. Ilnrd
end llaldwln, sitting en bniie, today
iiiHiructeii tne states attorney to pro
f.ecd In a criminal action against the
alleged parties to tho frnud. "Resi
dents of Illinois cannot he prosecut
ed ns the stntuto nf limitations pre
cludes nctlon" snid Assistant States
Attorney Itnber, "but wo enn proceed
ngnlnst the principals to the suit who
nre now residents and therefore can
not profit by the statute of limita
tion." Mrs. Guggenheim Wahl testi
fied in tho various milts to have the
divorce declared Invalid because In
tbtnlulng It fclie swore falsely that shu
was a resident of Illinois mid declared
that she acted on tho ndvlec of the
cnunsel for her husband
Eastern Railroads and Train
men Agree to Arbitrate Un
der Newlands' Law.
llr AmoiUIc! I'mi la Coo nX TlniM,
NHW VOUK, .Inly H!.- Hepieson
tatlves of Kasturn rallroadH and rail
road trainmen and cnutlucturs In a
joint mooting hero today, formally
ratified tho agreement tn settle
their differences under the Newlnnds
net and sent a telegram to President
Wilson rciiiestlug lilm to Inform
thorn whom ho would appoint as a
hoard of mediation mid conciliation.
Judge Coke Dissolves Injunc
tion Restraining Purchase
of $6000 Site. '
In tho Coqulllo school district liti
gation yesterday. Judgo Coko In
chambers horo dissolved tho injunc
tion restraining tho school board
from purchasing n slto for the now
school building. C. It. Peck appeared
In l.nluilf nt tlin fU'linnl llOnril mill
Judgo Sporry In behalf of tho pooplo
opposing mo siio.
Judgo Coko held that tho coin-
nfnlnt fnllnrl in nhnu- nnv invalidity
ol proceedings loading up to tho con
tract or tne uoaru or uireciors io pm
chaso. Tho court also hqld that It
was not necessary for one-third of
tho voters to petition for an election
but that tho board might of Its own
motion order nn election.
Tlin .nnrl fnrllior llfilll Hint the
only point was whether or not a legal
fraud was porpotratea in uuying ino
property for $6000 when plnlntlff
clalmod tho same wns .worth but
$3000. and on this point tho court
said that Inasmuch as tho majority
had voted to purchase at a price of
$0000, ho could not find a fraud
ivlMimil rliiiltiur Hint tlin mnlorltv was
n party to such fraud, which he was
unwilling to do; tlio notice ueiug uv
ular It was the duty of citizens to at
tend, nnd In case thoy failed so to do,
tho court would not euro tholr nogll
gtneo by Injunction.
OI-E.V AuTlUXC'E on M. W. A.
Pavilion platform nt NOItTII HUM),
chestra. ItLVESTEM FLOUlt $1.23 AT
Said to Hinge on Attitude of
Some of Creditors Bro-
nauflh in Portland.
There Ih n strong possibility of
tie deal for tho purchase or tho
.Major Kinney properties by the
English syndicate, being closed 'huoii,
possibly within u day or two.
It was learned today on good au
thority that Judge Mionniign Is ne
gotiating on tho now hnsls, as per
ills Instructions at the conrerencu
with the syndicate In London, and
expects to ho nblo to close thu deal.
Judgo llanimoud received a tele
phone messiigo the night In-rare Inst
stating that Judge Ilroiiaugh wiih
io reacn rortianil yesterday from
nls trip.
This does not conrorni with re
ports mat inn! been circulated hero
Ono Htury was Hint llronanu'li nrrlv.
ed nt Portlmid lust week hut did not
go to his offices In order that ho
might avoid other business mutters
nnd ho ahlo to devote nls tlnio to
tlio Klnuey ileal.
The deal Ih how said tn mul-o
on thu ability to clean up the claims
uguiusi Kinney wlilcii tlio inttor does
not admit nre fair. Ono of theso
Is tl.o Judgment for $20,000 obtain
ed against him on tho old steamer
liberty deal, Kinney having Issued
pool certificates for tho boat and
then doubled them ns was tho policy
pursued In tho dayH or Itapld Tran
sit operations. Tho Judgment wns
secured (uv the race valuo or the
pool certificates.
Another prbleiu H disposing or
settling or the claims or Kriink II.
Walto and John K. Kolloek. Kln
uey claims to have more than paid
all or Kollock'n claims and to have
paid part or tho Walto claims.
K Judgo Ilroiiaugh Is able to
adjust tho old Llborty Judgment with
the Portland attorneys, on n basis
which Is considered fnlr by Klnuey,
mid to get Walto and Kolloek to re
duce tholr claims so that Klnnoy
will have a fair amount left after
all his claims are settled.
If tho matter Is not closed nt
Portland with Walto mid Kolloek
nnd tho holdoi-H of tho Llhortv judg
ment today, It Is likely that Wllsoy.
Hrouniigh. Walto and othors may
como to tho Hay.
Most of tho local claims or Kln
noy nro said to huvo been arranged
for sottloniont as soon ns tho nimby
f'oni tho Hngllsh syndlcnte Is avail
able, tho claims hold by Judgo Ham
mond mid others having been agreed
upon by .Major Klnnoy, allowing
them to tnko Judgment for tlin
agreed Hums for tho various ones
that ho recognized ns valid.
Portland Detective Unable to
Get Proof Against Others
in Swindle.
(Special to Tho Times.)
PORTLAND. Or., July 10. So far
tho local authorities havo been uun
blu to get absolute proof or the Iden
tity or thu pals or J. C. LnFranco.
(tho liisurnnco swindler who wiih ar
I rested nt Conulllo a row montliH ago.
I Ln Pro lire tins been hold In tho county
jjall here since IiIh arrest and his
wife and children havo been detained
nt tho Dc.cutlnu homo awaiting the
action of the grand jury.
County Detective lleatty has con
tinued hit. Investigation of tho ense
up to date, hut without satisfactory
results. Lnl-'ruiieo has told several
conflicting stories of the manner In
which ho secured the body which was
"planted" on tho Clacknnins river,
hut tho mystery Is still unsolved. Ln
Frnucu has named a local undertaker
nnd two medical students as being ac
complices, but tlio proof of their
guilt Ih lucking.
Two IntllctmontH woro returned by
tho grand Jury ngnlnst LnFrance
nnd Emily LaKrance, IiIh wiro,
who are accused or having per
petrated a sensational Insurance
Dwindle n yonr ago, whereby they
profited to tho extent or about $i:t,
000. The Indictments charge them
with obtaining money under raise pre
tenses. One states that the accused
secured $11000 from tho Modern
Woodmen of America on n honeflcl
nry certificate Issued to LnKrunco,
May IS, I Oil', nml paid to Mrs. La
I'ranco October 21, following the
finding of the body at KstncaJa,
which wiih Hiipposed to bo tliitt of La-
Mnnco. The second liullctment
charges that thoy received $91127.00
December 1 0, 1 H 1 2, from the Postal
Llfo Insurance company, on n policy
or $10,000, Issued to LaFrance April
8, 11)12.
Mrs., F. A. Golden and Daugh
ters Have Narrow Escape in
Collision Last Night.
A narrow escapo from a sorlous
auto collision occurred last ovenlng
near tho Forndalo brewery. An auto
driven by Ilay Demerrit- ran Into
a carrlago driven by Mrs. P. A.
Goldou on tho turn and was stopped
nttor It had crushed In .the wheels
o tho buggy and broken tho thills.
Luckily Mrs. Golden and her two
daughters cscapod Injury.
"Tho accident occurred about 9
o'clock last ovonlng. Mrs. Golden
and her daughters were returning
homo from town. Thoy heard tho
auto coming and turning out to the.
right sldo or tlio road, stopped.
Thoro woro three othors, a boy and
two girls, with Demerrit and ho
did not notice tho rig standing on
tho turn. Ills car was running
slowly or he would havo upset tho
carrlugo or pushed It over Into tho
ditch adjoining the road.
Mrs. Golden's horso romnincd still
during tho collision, allowing nor
nnd tho girls to alight without In
Jury. At tho tlnio, Mrs. Golden wns un
able to ascertain tho Idontlty or tho
driver, but she recognized ono or
tho parties In the rig and Informed
Marshal Carter. Ho took Demerrit
to her today and tho latter will
probably arrange a settlement,
Southern Provinces Rebel to
Form Empire Chinese Say
Japs are to Blame.
tllr AmocIMciI IVii to Cooa nir 'nmej.
PICKING, July IC Tho province
of Klnugsl, LIuatigHU, Kwnngsl, Po-
klcn, Szcchttcn, Hunan, Nganhwel
and Kwaiigtung nre preparing to
declare their independence and to
form the Southern Chinese Confed
eracy, according to apparently an
tnorltntivu statements citrroiit here.
Fighting continues In the province
or Klnugsl mid largo numbers or
northern troops uru proceeding
The attitude or the Japaueso Ih
bitterly condemned hero. The Chi
nese liellevo they nro stirring up
striro every whore nnd the .lupuneso
officers urn snid to bo fighting on
tlio ldo of the rebels. t ho pres
ence of Jnpnncso gunboats In the
flgntlug zone lends color to this
heller. Tho southerners openly de
clare tl'oy have received assuraiices
or Japanese support.
Austrian Minister Confirms Re
ports of Sacking of Mace
donian Town.
Awful Massacre of Mussulmen
Said to be Certified to by
Bulgarian Priests.
I Mr AnoilatM i'r lo Coot Uu Tlmfn.1
SALONIKl, July 10. Pull conflr
mntlou or the reported sacking mid
burning or the .Macedonian town of
Sores by tho fleeing Hulgurlan troops
nnd the crm Iflxlou, hacking to death
or burning alive or ninny Inhabitants
has been sent to the Austrln-Hungar-Imi
government by Its consul at Sa
lonlkl. Throe-fourths of the formerly
flourishing town of about 110,000 In
habitants Ih a mass of smoking ruins.
Anothor horrifying Btory of tho
massacre reached hero today from
Dolrau, a town -10 miles northwest of
Snlonlkl. The Musselmen there hnvu
iniule a written declaration, counter
signed by three local llulgnrlnu
priests, Hint tho Ilulgarlans slaugh
tered .'10.(100 Musselmen who had
sought refuge in Dolrau from the sur
rounding districts.
Wi-coiisiu fiihcirlty Man Ambassador-
In Cliiuu.
Illy Ao.ltil I'mi to Coo H)r TlmM
WASHINGTON, D. C, July 10.
Dr. Paul S. Helnsch, professor of
political economy In tho University
or Wisconsin, has been selected tor
Minister to China. Secretnry ot
Statu Ilr.vnn, Helnsch mid President
Wilson had n long conforeuco at the
Whlto Houbo today, after which it
became known that- ItoliiHch's name
would bo sent to the Sonnto, prob
ably Friday.
Steamer Wilmington for Chas.
A. Nelson Lumber Company
Nearly Completed.
Tho Wilmington, tho big lumbor
carrier which Kruso & Banks aro
completing for tho Chns, A. Nelson
Lumbor Company of San Francisco,
will be launched next Saturday. Tho
launching will probably tnko nlaco
botween 2 and 3 o'clock.
Tho launching will bo unosten
tatious, Inspector M. Greenough be
ing tho only representative of the
owners present. It has not beeh do-
cided yet who will christen her, hut
Mrs. Greenough has been suggested
for the honor.
Tho Wilmington will bo one of tho
best stoamors that tho North Bend
yards have turned out. Sho Is 210
feet long, 42 foot boam nnd 15 feet
deep. She will not have any passon
ger accommodations but will handle
a cargo of about 1,000,000 feet of
lumber, Sho will bo towed to San
Francisco In nbout 30 days nnd her
machinery will bo Installed there.
Tlio bargo Frederick for Porter
Brothers has been practically com
pleted. It was named In honor of
a sou of tho Portor Brothors. Sho
will bo brought down soon and laden
with coal and taken to Floronco,
vhero sho will bo used to carry lum
ber from tho Porter Brothors' mill
President Wilson and Sec.
Bryan Call Ambassador Wil
son Home for Conference
(lljr AMoilaltl I'rwi to Coo liny TlniM.l
WASHINGTON. I). C, July 10.--Ambassador
Henry 1. ano Wilson In
Mexico City has been summoned to
Washington for Immediate conforeuco
with President Wilson on thu Mexi
can situation. Tho iiiiuouucomoiit
wiih mndo by Secretary Bryan.
Wilson Is expected hero about July
23. It Ih believed an Important an
nouncement of tlio attltuuilo of tlio
United Stutos will follow tho nm
bassador's conforeuco with tho Presi
dent nnd Secretnry Brynn.
Secretnry Brynn wns nskod If tho
coming or Ambassador Wilson to
Washington would change his pro
jected lecture tour. Ho replied:
"The nowspnporH might havo nssumed
Hint my lecture dutes would not In
t erf ore with IiuhIiiIchh, Instead of as
suming they would. All my lecture
dntes woro made subject to cancella
tion. '
Decides to Send Troops to Front to
Protect Her Interests,
(Mr Aho Utr.) I'riM to Com Day TlmM,
Tho TurklHh government Ih deter
mined to push forward Ottoman
troops so far ns the stronghold of
Adrlnnoplo. It Ih expected by this
moans tho position of the govern
ment will be strengthened and con
solidated, and Ih It felt Hint even If
the pnwct-H Insist on bringing pros
sure to bear to compel tho mainte
nance or the ruturo frontier llnu be
tween Turkey mid Bulgnrln from
Kiioh. on Aegenn sen, to M hid la on tho
Black sen, Turkey will yet be In n po
sition to enforce the autonomy of tlio
province of Thrnce.
.Mrs. C. P. Huntington mnl Henry
Huntington, Mai rled Today.
(Ily AmoiUiivI I'rm to Coo. Day Time,)
PARIS. July 10. Mrs. Arabolln
D. Huntington, widow of tho Into
Collin p. Huntington, the railroad
king, mid Henry E. Huntington, his
nophow and a railroad mnn, woro
married today, Mrs, Huntington nnd
Henry Huntington were two of tlio
four persons who Inherited tho vast
tortuno or Collls P. Huntington.
Conflict of Table Rock, Near Mcil
ford to be Reproduced by .Militia.
MEDFORD. Or., July IC Tho
Chief John Indian wars of Southern
Orogon aro to bo roproducod In
moving pictures, with tho climax
of the picture whore tho Indians
wero drlvon ovor tho porpondlculnr
side of Table Rock, near this city,
ns It occurred over CO years ago.
This is the plan of a fow Med ford
business men, and sovoral motion
picture men have declared tho plan
feasible. Tho two militia companies
or Modford and Ashland will volun
teer tholr services, and many Med
rord men will serve as extra men,
If a moving picture concern can ho
found to ninko the films.
A romance In which ono of tho
soldiers falls In love with a white
girl, captured In Infancy by tho rod
skins, will bo Interwovon, and a
pow wow of chloftalns will bo held
on the rim of Crater Lake. A vlow
of Rogue Rlvor Valley, CO years
aftorward, will bo shown nt tho ond
or tho war plcturo, according to
present plans. Sovoral survivors or
tho battlo or Table. Rock are nblo
to descrlbo the commnndors In do
tttll, ovon to tho color of tholr
norsos, so tho photo-play, besides
being spectacular and thrilling, will
bo of historic Interest.
The gns will bo shut off Thursday
night from 11 p. m. to 3 a, m on
account of Terminal Railroad con
Oriuiin A liny Mini Victim of Aero
plane Accident.
(Ily AmooIuM rr to Coo Hay Tlmi y
Stoll, a German nrmy aviator, died
today from the effectH or Injuries mir
rred yestorday In an noropliuie acci
dent, on n military acradomo hero.
While lnndlng with n passenger,
Stnll'H machine struck the top or n
tree, overturning nnd throwing the
oecupantH to tho ground, The pas
bonger wiih uninjured.
Charges Against Ohio Political Ross
Ai Dismissed,
iny AmoiUIoJ I'mi lo Coo. nay Tlmw.l
CINCINNATI, fluly 10. Judgo
Caldwell In tho common pious court
today grnntod the motion or tho do
fenso mid dismissal! the enso against
Georgo B, Cox. former political lead
or and flnnnclcr. Cox wns on trial
en the churgo or misapplying $11C,
000 or tho funds or tho Cincinnati
Trust company.
('leiiibile Hank Robber Sick In Rose
liui'g; .lull.
Tho Roseburg Rovlew says: "Ray
Diamond, the Glendnlo bank robber,
was sorlously til In tho county Jail
today, Dr. K. L. Miller bolng called
twlco to attend lilm. Whether It la nn
nttnek or grlppo or somo other mnlndy
is not yet fully determined. Ho has a
high fover nnd hns been delirious nt
times. Diamond has a weak lung
which ho previously said was Injured
from riding bucking horses, nnd inter
recolvod a kniro thrust during a right
which ho had. Diamond's mother is
still hero, having roturnnd last night
from Glendnlo, nnd Is nt his bodsldo.
Her frequent pnroxysmH of weeping
over her son's downfall doubtless add
to his nervousness nnd lucrenso his
fover. Ills pulso reached 110 today,
so It Is reported. His illness may de
lay tho disposition of his enso for
a fow days."
CENTRALIA, Wnsh., July 1G.
E. W. Ferris, stato Hro war
don, says that he hns Instructed
all deputy wardens to bury omp
ty beer and whisky bottles
wherever thoy nro found lying In
tho timber. It Is clnlmed by .Mr.
Forrls that Humorous fires havo
beon started by tho rays of the
sun bolng concentrated In an
empty bottlo. tho underbrush bo
lng thus ignited.
Thoro will be n boostor bnso
ball mooting nt tho lodgo rooms
tonight. Evory Elk Is
urged to bo present ns there 1$
much other Important business
to bo considered
1JAHLEY at $1.30 nt HAINES.