The Coos Bay times. (Marshfield, Or.) 1906-1957, March 23, 1911, EVENING EDITION, Page 2, Image 2

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Entered nt tho iio-.tul.lro at Marsh
field. Oregon, for trnnsmlsfti in
through tho innllH ns second elms
trial I mutter.
tt. C. MAI.ONKV Kiiltor nntl Pub.
An Independent Republican news
paper published every evening jx
ccpt Sunday, find Weekly by
Tho Cooi Itny Tlmrn IMiblMiliig Cm.
n ct of conditions to arise. II it I Hi Tho rat t n'cnrrler of ,i1hruo, thofhe was the father of twin evidently
Mit.-nilmi In turned to the fur rtrntor ntnlnrlnt mnidutto. the nV with its 'never belonged to ft Don't Worry
. j
! ..h of n struggle between Japan burden of dlienne, clt., ro condom-, club.
nnd the t'nlted States In the North ned. nnd (he sentence U Approved.
I'nelflP, n struggle which would In- but men tin of executing It nre not
i evltnbly spread Into the southern Renernlly known.
j ocenn, for It li In the southi-rn i The Times trill undertake to sup
! ocean thnl larger developments of ply Information as to method1. Soon
trndo, In tho opinion of Australia, er or Inter there Is bound to be n
nre to be looked for. J concerted attack on the files nnd the
The Sydney Herald Is of the opl- conditions which produce theiff. It
Testenlay's Ir-iffllng mystery was
unfwffled by Doc, Sirax. The full
phrrrte Is;
..ft...!.... I .. . ftf .. fl.W-11lltll It
'-IIIlilU 1 11 III,. ",1,1ft 1 ........ -
nlnn that Japan could not successful- will come enrllor with an nwakenfng ,... ., .,. -.i tmri- mmiI
r-ii ' r"( .... . r- n w
ly establish Itself upon the Pacific of Indlvldunl Interest,
slope without havlns nn army of at ' The fly Is nn unnecessary pest and
iloflst 200,000 men. With the Pnna-
Dodlcatod to tho horvlcc of tho J inn canal completed It would be pos
pcoplo, that no good emise Bhall Inckislble to shut In such nn army from
n clmmplon, nnd that evil shall not i the Pacific slope between the ocean
thrlvo unopposed. land the Itocklos by destroying: rail
way communications across the Roo
datiRer. It ean be exterminated, nrsf
now Is the time to begin.
si-ok.ixk'.h rxigun election.
Tho Coos Hay Tlmos roprcsents it
consolidation of the Dally Coast Mali
nnd Tho Coos Hay Advertiser. The
Coast Mall waB tho first dally ostno
llshod on Coos Hay nnd The Coos
Day Times Is Kb Immodlnto sue
POKANE'S first election undtr
the rommlsslon plan of govern
ment gave nn interesting1 test of
spring hoiiv't'ffimlntf.
Extra bnfllliiK mysWy tliN rve
"THE I.AXP OK Till-. .
axd mi: home or the
4 .-
" ' '
The Ten Comnmndmenfs, crai
wllcn broken, are ns good ni before.
One year JC.OO
Per month 50
When paid strictly In advance tli"
subscription price of tho Coos liny
""'uos Is $5.00 per year or $2.50 fn.
t year $1.50
Iftlclnl Paper of Cooi County.
Ides and by patrolling tho coast with
the American licet, It might be
ensy for the Japanese to enter but Its nnlqtie system of dispensing alto
it would be dllllmilt under such clr- gcthcr with n preliminary uom.'nnt
eumstnnces for n single one to mnko lug primary nnd selecting cnmitUs
his escape. slonure In n single election. Uinl'er
Hut the Pnnnma Canal Is not this system the voters express llrst,
i built nnd with GO, 000 Japanese In second" and third choices on their bnl-
Moxlco nnd n conllng station, the first lots. Tho Jive cnndldntes who re-
onset of war would bo distinctly In celve the highest majorities of the
fnvor of tho Japanese. Tho Herald' Hrst choices votes cnBt nro declared'
believes that America's possessions di elected", If there bo live who receive i '
tho Pacific, such ns Hawaii nnd the n nmJbrUy. If thero nro not, then j -
Philippines, will Inevitably fall Into tho second choice votes nre added' tlij The fellows who had' something
tho hands of tho Japanese, but winds tho first chofco nnd those who .iavoln-',frtW;,J' for n rnli,y dn" ve hvcn
up a carefully written editorial by a sufficient mnjorlty of both first nndjl"r Investing In ninu'rellrM and' rub'
saying: "Wo nro morally rertnln second' choice- votes nro declnred. if J bora today.
that In the long run America, by that does not mnko up tho entire list ' .
sheor weight of numbors, wealth nnd of live commissioners, then the third
brains, must win." It fervently do- choice votes nro added in. ' Mitny a lifelong light hnB '
? ' "''
TiiofoiiT roit 'nil-: day.
If liiiBlnes mid religion will
not mix, there mny fie some-
thfng wrong with tho mixer.
' ? '
Addross nil
MnrNhlleld ::
CITY" Biros that this country should win, I In the SpoKnne election, only one ' won nothing but tho mrme of
(not only from the point of view of man of tho scores of candidates re-l n irullhead.
: -1 blood brothershlp, but also from tho reived n majority of first choice votes I ' W V ' s",i '
communications to Lelllsh standpoint that If Japan wero nnd he rocolVwf nn ovorwhelmlng '
DAIliY' TIMKS. ,to loso, "wo Australlnns might feel majority. Not u single othor candl
ry not iho man who relics upon central Klntioa
olcclric acrviee for his power. The foar of Vnsle
nnd cxtravjigaiu'e in tho engine room tUsnppcari
when the Klcclric Drive is installed. Kxpoiusive
boilers and engines do not have to be limitituiiKsi.
repaired nnd replaced. ISlcetrie motors du nvav
with line shafting and losses in power trmisiiuj.
sioii. Tn nearly every possible power .'ipphVntiou
the Klcclric Drive shows a big saving oCr oth'.r
forms oC power. Klcclric power means encrnu
only when you iranf il, and then all yon Hmt
Every year shows improvement, economies ami (K
vclopments in electric power machinery. The e$.
timatc you had made last year is probably out of
date now, AVc employ competent experts to in.
vestigate your power needs and yon can depend
on (heir reports. Telephone ITS, Oregon Power
:: Oregon H certain reassurance that In years doto was olccteif even after tho seo-
, to como wo shall not bo loft alone to ond cholro votes hnd been added nnd
lltonr tho fnilt of Kastcrn invasion, It refiulred' the addition of third
a CCOItDING to dispatches
Allshed In Loudon, thero Hccms our task,
to ho sorlous mennco of war be
tween this country nnd Jnpnu, the
casus belli apparently being an nt :
present dtsnvowed attempt by Japan j
to establish n footing In Mexico. It
Booms thnt tho Toyo Klsen Knlshn
has been negotiating for n
Mrs. nolle Whltnoy, fashfon ex-
,port, tofu" n convention of Chlcngo
dressmakers tho other day tllat they
liftlt.lit 1tuf na U'nll tunlA I1 fliiilt
'but that both Kuropo and America choice votes to mnko tho necessary ni mt RS InHttll0 ,lIlVOni 8klrt
pub- In their sovernl colonies will shnro hi majority. ...
, It I. dbulltmr IT th.a system has nnt fo tho hue nr0
. any advantage over tho regular y,. , , , something to say about
HIIOOKLVf !t0,(r" l nmnr- non-partisan vlu,re lt KtnyB. This thing orglvlng
- iiuimiiiuiijH imiiihu nnu a suori oni
lot election tcr follow that
ONO regarded ns moral) n buzz- t eleutlon tcr follow thnt. The cx
Ing, Irritating nuisance, tho fly prosslon of second nnd third cholco
now Ib known to bo a dlscnso '8 Hkoly to bo confusing and voters
conllng carrier nntl n dangerous Invader of nro nut' likely to resort to It. Tho
utatlou at Manznulllo, which Is tho homes, spreading sickness nnd contn- rourilB ,,f tllir Spokane election sho
up our til's, nnd hnS'a, nnd coats, nnd'
clgnrcttei, and coin, nnd now our
trousers' (Here's' going-to-b'c a-lllnlf
reached' stftnetlmo you'll see-
It not only Is betrayed In Its bnd
j'neino coasi lormiuni m mo .lexicau i.fon
Central railway. Japan denies time
Its edvornment has been nttomntlng
to procuro this coaling atntlon, but works ,,,lt ll 'h' known to bo nn mi-
tho Toyo Klsen Is n government-own- necessary ovll. It Is a pest nnd n
cd steamship Hue. Jnpau'docH not danger in tho houso only becnuso pre-
deny thnt thin steamship company CIU,tons not only to prevent It enter
nas opened nogotlntlonB for this ond. , ,lllt ,g() , Iirovollt i 0xlBtcnco
Thoro nro already 00,000 Jnpnneso nrp neglected. Tho lly Is not one
Known to hnvo Bottled in Moxlco nnd nr !, itimvni.inM,. i.i.n.ii.ntu .r .......
" - . ....... ft..., ft.. B
Hint, ftir the second cholco tho vote
was so Hinuir thnt four candidate
wore chosen only uftor third cholco
votes hnd' been added. Tho third
cholco votes wero few only ono enn-dldlito-
receiving- moro thnn 1,000 nnd
tho nvoragv mtrcli less than f.00.
along Central American ports, Tho
mor. We lire not required to toler-
' . 4-
' Tinr rrACin:.OK f.'iiui,.sj:rss
" a womnn looks nt a
man in evening dress, she some-
tlinetr can't help wondorlng why
' Uo wants to lilnzon Ills nucestry
to tile world by wearing n coat
with ii long tall to It."
Flanagan & Bennett Bank
Established 1S89
Capital, SurpYs and. Undivided
Profits Over . . .
Assets Over
Interest Paid on Time Deposits
If yon do not wish for Ills
ICIngdom. don't pray for It; but
If yon do, you miiBt do moro
than pray for It; you must work
for It. Ruskln.
; mo ou(; It's too full'."
number Increases. On tho death of n,0 It nny ,ongor tIin, ,vo tolorn,0 tho
Diaz It Is bolloved that nn nttompt COtulltIonH which glvo It life,
will bo rondo by tho Japanese to es- A lrnvou,r returning from the
tnbllsh n government which will bo pnnmn canal strip was pestered by
favorablo to Japan; in othor words (1P8 h. Sow 0rlenns. Then for tho
a Jnpanoso-Moxicnu dynasty. Thla Is nr8t ni0 u rnino to ,,, nrocat0ir
something which tho Tutted States, tnnt t,ur,1K ,,,8 vat to tho 8thniUH
In tho opinion of tho London papers, t,,0 nHOCt )rct,,nnR tropics, ho hnd
cannot woll stand for. Tho Jnpnn- not 800l, ,-y, Thore mn). ,mvo bwn
eso, firmly entrenched In Mexico. r,,.V j)Ut tlwy wero 80 ncon1,,lcu.
would not only provo n dnngtirouB ,lat no ,,(l HOt notlco tholm ra.
cnomy to Amorlcn'H peaceful, posses- nunm ,, ,,, n (,ea(h Htrll)i Whites
eion or tno i-nnnma ciinni; not only Coutd not live and work there, nnd
would thoy Interfere with American natives wero carried off by contagi-l
lutoroHts In Moxlco nnd Central Am- ,, ,i8ense8 as tho Chinese now aro
orlcn, but would nlso tend toward perishing with tho plague. That Is
establishing a standard of Eastern changod. It had to be. Tho can.U
clvlllzntlon In the country of tho ,,, t0 , llllR nml ,,WnR comunon,,
white man. Londou papors do not m, to obtain beforo it could bo. i
hesltnto to Bay that If these clrcum- Tho government went nftor tho n
stances bo ns stated, tho United Sta- nml tho mosniilto nml .h, fnni ni,ooa
toB hna every right to Interfere In which bred tlinm nn.i rinnn.i k.. marshaled far nnd wldo.
tho settlement of Moxlco and to pro- cnna etrlp. It was n big Job .Epics 0wa tl0 nnrl,or traHlc. at the dfny's
.vent tho lodgmeut of tho Japaneso i,aVo been written of Bmnllerones.' '"''I.
at n point whoro they would hnvo n Probably nono will carry the story nonr,nB height and barter through
good place of attack upon tho Pnclllo f the Insect killing In Pannmn. butj an end,e8s fntrylnnd.
B0I,U tho canal Itself will servo as a im-!,
Curiously enough In this rogard. minder of tho slaughtor. Down In g0 and 8,00I, nnil nant,nR tug. car
tho Sydney Morning Herald, tho lead- tho Ironies, where. If nntnr.. ........ nnd 8tonm 8n".
stoic v ok Tin: i.r.
" n
A Ifttlo girl' was vlsltlhg- tho beacn
for the first time, nnd'hor rirthor took
Her to bntho lt tho occam Nothing
nione rxtonslvo than tllu lwthtub at
home had' l)ein her experience.
As silo wadl'd' outt. tigUtly holUtlw;
her father's hand, sho was pusently
up to her neck .ln the- water.
"Oh, papa." sho exclaimed, "tafci
U and down tho shining roads.
through tho silver hazei
Orer nil tho glories of tho Jeweled
waterways. ,
On tho shifting tracks or light.
whoro (ho long rays. sHdo,
Neath tho pageantry of.
(A. T. Hatiutr favorlto loom.)
It's soldont that I chase down
to tho wallitis place, r see so
many go to that sort of woo,
cloud, , fresh curses to Invent, to ronst
tho government, to boost the
grouch's cause, to clamour for
now laws, to have the old re-
pealed, that all mon may bo
heeled. And I nm baling hay,
the good old-fashfoned way. I
do my dally grind with calm,
contented mind? I'm uttorlng no
Ing paper of ono of tho two chief produce Insects, certainly would bo Vomv of 8tatQ," movomont, prldo of roars; I have nocorns or sores;
cities In Australia, In Ita Issue of tlm pimi,.,. i.nt.i...r.- !, .. ..' gllttorlng trail;
.......ft, ...,fty..ft. , .llftT.W l.lftl U ,. ,
January 2S, has been discussing this nies nnd thero nro no mosquitoes. r0"8H tne splondld onyx paths of
very question with regard to tho do- Thnt 8 ,, ol,Ject ,psg0 for t))0 nHt,j'l the lavish night.
inlnaucy of tho I-ncllic Blopo. especial- orltles up north. Ullnzlng with n thousand sparks, link-
ly of tho South Sea. Naturally Tho alarm ngiUnst the danger has' with chains bf light.
enough, tho Australian paper takoa i,Con sounded conslstentlv nnd loud- aCa tho nnrbor tranic. land-nud-sea-
183,10 llrst with those conditions y by authorities and Tho Times vo-' ward drawn.
which mllltato ngalnst Itself as u luuteors In tho war. This papor will WcRV,nK through the magic strands
weak whlto power In n land remote endeavor to give to persons Interest-1 f tho (,usk nnd dawK '
from nil othor whlto people. lt td In tho effort to oxtormluato tho .
points out that tho Buplneness of aiseaso carriers such InformnHnn AU nllko transfigured, sordid trado
Condensed Statement
3f Ull
First National Bank of Coos Bay
At thft! clos. of hutlnesti, Mavch 7tli, 1011.
Great Hrltaln has pormlttod Germany suggestions, and ammunition
as can
and toll,
me wuria seems pretty gay,
whllo I am baling hay. These
mon who rant nnd fret, o'er
perils they hnvo met, who
prance and chew tho rag about
tho country's flag and how It
(taunts and waves above a gang
or Knaves what fun do they
oxpect from this, their dally
act? What good do they pur
sio, with all their whoopsydo?
What comforts have thov
to obtain a lodgmeut not only In New bo obtained from health denartmonts WoarJ' crowds, and dingy freight, . bought with all their tommy
liiiinon, immeuinioiy to mo norm or and from tho government. I "vwr 8,,1" a"d sow, ,
Australia, but also In Samoa, nnd Puhllu perceptions In tho'so mnttovs lT,) nnd dow" tho RoUhm roads, whore
that Germany has today actually nn- nro becoming moro aouto and tho np-' tho w " nm fret.
dor Its control some six groups of proelntlon of tho dangers which un- Toucuod to ito a(l Kindness by the
the Islands of Ocoanlo. Conscious noVeasnrllv nro thrust Into imma. u ' B'eat breath of tho sea;
at presout of Its woukiiMg. for Aus- ,UOi lively, thanks to tho continued So tno ,,nruo' trntllc 'goes, nt th.j' InB wrong. I always get my
rot? nat bodies have they
Blnln with nil their toll nnd
pain? I earn my livelihood by
sawing piles of wood; I saw tho
whole year long, and I seo noth
otYo.'U of preachers ngalnst them,
tralln mid Now Zealand lmvu n popu
lntlan but botwoon live nnd six mil
lions, It Is evident that tho Amino
doiiiis would liko to proclaim for
thomiolroa a doctrine somewhat f.V.u'.'J'...Vl'IirHr,
similar In scopo to thnt of rroshlont
Monroo, but which would npply to
tho Islands of tho South Pacific.
Australia bolleves thnt in nny
struggle between Germany nnd Groat
Ilrltnln, tho formor would be a losor
nnd theroforo Is contldont of tho re
sult, although regretting tho policy
of lalssez falro which pormlttod such
TIht.' U more I'atHrrh In tliW .tvtloti of tliti
ruiifr. tiin Mil i lior ilUHM't nut iimothtT.
mi In I
v Xi'ti if iliu t r ti .1.
......... ..., i.i ,,. . ,.. .. ...
i,..-..mi, ,i - mii'hi I. Mrflw.ini itritn'riiHMi imkHI
iiufU'i. nml ly iiius'Hiitl) f 111 tivr id ruro
.. i.t. t ...i fomuuMii, irt.iftu il u liioiimblr.
vl n.v n iio,mi cttirrli to lk a ivutlllii
! ' I-f in,l Oioivforo ri'tuliv 1-oiiiitlUi-llmml
irvmini'iit llxU' Cilr h Tim., in nil
fKriU'iil I,) P J liriie) . 'o Tuliolo. Ulilu,
l I e nnlt .nl(ii,tnini' rnriin lhi inttrkol.
It 1 In' in iiili)ii I nnu 10.lro)u topnoii
ill II aruillrei'll) mi Hie liloo.l Hii'l iihunmik
itt'tft-ftSMidhOftO'"- TIikv offer una IiiiikUihI
lnlr for ny re It (lUiocuro. Scml (or
rlrriiUr iul i,ilinonUU.
A.I.IICM- r J CIICNKY A CO.. ToIihJo, Ohio
PoM br llriiKrUln. 7V
Take Lair. I'uniiU riU'a (or eontlI(ttion
hour's commnnd, pay when ended Is the day. nnd
Hearing all man's work nnd stress to my home repair, and find no
through God's wonderland.
' walling there.
Loans and ills-
counts ?1G0i33.!3
Overdrafts. ... .is
U. S. Honds nnd
promlums. . . .
Othor bonds and
warrants. . ..
Banking House..
Fiirnlturo nnd
fixtures ....
Cash nml duo
from banki . .
Capital stock. . .J100.000.OJ
Surplus and pro-
Circulation. . .
PeixxiltH. .
. . 24,500.04
. ..ftl0300.0
Cask HeM-rve ST Pr Ct of Deposits
Wo invito your attention to tho condition of this bank as sho"
by the above statement.
A general banking buslneis transacted.'
Accounts of Individuals, corporations nnd firms recelvod.
Intorest paid oa tlnio and Savings Deposits.
Safe deposit boxes for rent at" $3.00 and up per annum.
Your business solicited.
W. S. CHANDLER, Presldont,
M. C. HOHTON. Vice-President.
RAY T. KAUFMAN. Asst.-Cashler.'
Beaver Hill Coal
pi... rThe bMt DomMtlc '! Imported brands,
raster, Lime, Drlck and all kinds of builders material.
GENF.R A T rnMTD a r-r-T
I 0FF1Cn' y01' imOADWAV. MiONE 201.
Another cheering thought: Today !
Is twenty-four hours nearer sinnmor i SSLSSSiSZJZirIIirz.-'-T
than yesterday was. .,, ,. ,,,. ,., ..
" "" ,i.. iiuio wum t;ei n uo
tie of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.
I will soon flx you up all right and
will ward off any tendency toward
pneumonia. This remedy contains
I no onlum or other narcotio mj m...
Tho Chicago man who dropped 'be Given as confldontlv in n i,i, "
dead tho othor day when ho found to an adult. Sold by all dealers.
'. .Miirslifleld.
Tho subject of larjo families al
ways Booms 'to come up when thero
Is llttlo elso to talk nbout.
Agent, ROSEI1URG, Ore.
Bring your clothes to ms. cleaning
Pressing and repairing . 8peclaItj,;
by oxPlenced ,. SatlsfactIon
SON, Alliance Rldg. Front St,
Rates reduced to: Day 50c, 75
U.00; week 2.00 to 5'00,1,
keeping apartments with g8 ' '
J10.00 to $18.00 per month, r
HATHA T tv nvTlVAai1
--,.... ... ... -
RwEt!!!. . Z.L''-ir,'"7T. Vft.?iiBA-i."c . w;
,. : . . . ft