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nml Coo liny AihrrlUcr.
No. 59
imiiAT was a rather unusual condition oi
I citizen, nftor mnklng coniplnlnt with
J clnls ot criminal violation of u state
Boys Succumb In Great
former pal
Denver Results In Con-
rather unusual condition of city nffnlrs whon n prominent
1th nt lonst three nmnlcliml out
law nnil city ordinance, was
compelled to appear boforu the city council wliero It was suggested tint
lie confer with the district prosecuting attorney. Finally nftor much
discussion It was moved and adopted that Marshal Carter lie instructed to
enforce the law.
What have we ofllelals and n city council for If not to enforce laws
and look after the general welfare of the community and its citizens.
Mr. It. 1 Williams has erected .i large liutldltiK that Is a credit to the
city. He pnys taxes for the protection of his property and tho payment
of olltcinl salaries that It may bo guarded. Yet by vlolntlon of city and
statu InwB In an adjoining building the valuo and Income of Mr. WIUI-
mnn' lilillillntr In litilntr flnutrfiVf.fl. Itn la nfii11nfttti.fl tfi rnti lilllinr niifl
Murder Of Italian Journalist 111 thither to prod up olllclals to do only that -.vlilon Is their plain and
sworn duty.
Is It lack of civic pride, moral Htamlim or Just Indifference and care-
"fCSSiotl lMssncss that permits such n condition?
At the same meeting of the city council Contractor Morrlssey
(Ily Associated Press to Coos Hay brought up the matter of payment fer the Hall nvenue paving that was
Tliuus.) ho Bhnmolosaly slighted by ContrnetorS.Morilsgey& Whltmore when the
DENVER, Colo., Mnr. 23. Anto- Job wnB being done thnt Inspector Lnwhorno refused to continue his
ulo C. Puro, an Italian Journalist, was work. He coniplnlned time and again to the contractors that they were
shot nml killed on n crowded street not complying with the spoclllcatlona but they Ignored his protests and
In tho down-town district laHt nlgiit proceeded with the work. Now they have tho nervo to nppcnr mid nsk
by Phlllppo Dropolla. Dropolln said the council to compel proporty owners to pay for -such n Job.
ho and Puro cnrrled out n successful This Is so raw and course that taxpayers would be Justified In thlnk-
dlamond robbery at Vancouver, D.C., lug thero Is something rotten somewhere.
Agony After Eating Pur
chased Food.
Mrs. Cora Goodwin, the Moth
er, Says She Only Tasted
Soma Of It.
(By AHodntel Press to Coos liny
VANCOt-'VHK. Wnsh., Mar. 23.
The ni)tcrloiis deaths of William
Coodln, nged 7, and Clyde Ooodwln,
,ged 9, sons of Mrs. Cora Goodwin,
this morning has led to mi Invostlgu-
IIod vshlch will result this afternoon ,)Ut Umt ,,uro m, nMm M 8mn
In an autopsy by tlio coronor.
The children ate noodles purchas
ed from a Chinese- restaurant and
tome pastry purchased at a bakciy
Int night.
They were taken sick about two
nVlock this morning. A doctor wan
ailed nt seven o'clock but he could
not mvc the children who died In
tony. The mother claims she did
cot eat nny of tho noodles but that
the did partake of tho pastry. Sho
vis not taken sick.
Certain circumstances caused
coroner to perform tho autopsy
mediately mid tho stomachs of
toji s 111 be sent to tho state bncte
rlologlst at Seattle for his exnuiinn
to wu.iomi: hoosevelt.
Councilman Savage said that ho guessed It would be all right If the
mid betrayed him to tho police. Ho contractors deducted what they wero shy In material. Councilman
declared he oervet! nn eight-months Savngo Is too good a contractor and business man to mnko such n state
term." mont or defend It ns either good business or good morals. Tho con-
tractors should bo compelled to do what thtlr contract calls for nnd
wait foi their pay until they have compiled with a fairly mndo agree
ment. They cannot plead Ignorance for Inspector Lnwhorno's evidence
would be convincing and convicting anywhere.
The Times Is equally sun'rlced nt Councilman Powers' statement of
rompiomlHo and ruiiclllatlnu In saying that tho street would outlast tho
niitmhitrx of tho cinnrll en If It didn't hnvo us much paving on it ns
:i.-j llcutloiih letjuliod. Uooa Mr. Powers conduct his own buslncns thnt
way? If coutruqturn do not comply wth spcclllcntlons and require
ments iIoch Mr PoworH hid, "Oh, well, It's good enough. Hero's your
money." Well, 1 think not. NO In Inrgo Icttcm mid then somo.
Tho fact Is that rtubllc business is seldom given tho closo attention It"
should receive because of divided responsibility nnd lack of time. Goun-
Icllmen engaged in business of their own cannot afford to dovoto their
j entire time nnd attention to civic .tlfalrs. The result Is that much Is
' neglected. This Is 'the occasion of the domnnd for 'tho commission
enrly form of tlty government which is Liing established throughout tho coun
Lust tr'- Mar8hlleld will come to tho commission form of city government
Steamship Arrives In Early
This Morning From
rorllaml Plans SIiviiuoiin Heceptlon
Tor KtreiiiiniiH One.
PORTLAND, Ore., Mar. 23. Port
land proposes to give Col. Thoodoro
Roosevelt a strenuous day of it when
be nrrhes In tho Hose City on April
5. From tho minute ho reaches the
Union Depot until ho leaves by tho
time gate, ho will bo driven about,
dined, welcomed, grasped by tho
bind and mnde to talk. Thero Is no
let up In the program as now map
ped out. Lven such n strenuous
Tho Uronkwnter arrived In
this morning from Portland.
night, they encountered n little rough sooner or later and its coming will be hastened by a kuowlcdgo that It Is
weather with tho result thnf thero noccssnry.
.vns more seasickness among tho pns-,
sensors than usual. They had a
large list, of Incoming passengers.
Tho nrenkwntor will sail nt 7:30
Saturday morning for Portland.
Among thoso arriving en tho
uronkwnter wore tho following: Recruiting Stations Ordered to'
C. Q. Adams, Mrs. Adams, C. I).
Louis Breguet, French Aviator,
Breaks Record In Passen
ger Flight.
Wisconsin Legislator Would
Tax Unmarried Women Over
25 Years of Aga.
(Ily Associated Press to Coos Day
MADISON, Wis., Mar. 23. A
bill to put a tax of five dollars aniri-
nlly on every unmnrrled woman ovtr'1'0"18 "roguot o record por-
Of. v,,or ,.f nrrn n,,,l nrnnt., n "tun. . fOminUCC tOllay WllOll llO CnrHod
U llflV V VlltttU
Phenomenal Trip Made In
France This Morning By
Small Air Craft.
(Uy Associated Press to Coos Day
DOUAI, Franco, .Mnr. 23. Aviator
trlmonlnl commission" consisting of
tho governor, superintendent of pub
lic property nnd tho chief clerk of
tho nssembly, was Introduced In the
state assembly todny.
eleven passengers in his monoplane
for u distance of two miles.
The Might was mnde nt n height oi
Go to "ft feet. Tho wolght ofTIio
eleven persons wns 1,315 pounds nnd
the combined weight of tho machine
and Us occupants was 2,602 pounds.
Till KS TO UNI) I.ll-'K.
Miss Yniidci'bllt of New York Jumps
From llitlcoiiy.
(Dy Associated Press to Coos Day
NAPLKS, Maly. Mnr. 23. Miss
Concnl Vnndorbllt of Now York, ngad
27 years, throw herself from tho bal
cony of the Grand Hotel todny mid
wns crltlcnlly Injured. Sho wns re
moved to n hospital whore bIio Is
snld to bo rapidly sinking.
Aldermnn, Mrs. Alderman, Mm.
Nichols, L. D. Larson, Miss Holmes, j
Ilov, D. Anderson, N. Johnson, J. '
Enlist As Many Men As Pos- suvhuhhh
character may bo expected to have a 15o,,nor' Mr8' ,C- ,I;,8",U,,1' V' ",
imhe sign of relief when ho leaves le'' Wm' McNo"' ,' V"K or' P'1"8'
llndeavor Made to llnUst'
Alfll.. llMI.
Sible t0 Strengthen Armies In (Dy Associated Press to Coos Day
CHICAGO, 111., Mar. 23. Two
Associated Prc33 to Coos Day telegrams from tre Wnr Department
to q
Steamship Arrives In From
Portland and Will Sail For
Eureka Tomorrow.
Tho Alliance nrrivod In this fore
noon from Portland, bringing lnrgo
passenger list mid considerable
Sho is loading freight hero nnd
nt North Dend this afternoon nnd
will sail In the morning for Kurek.i.
Among those nrrlvlug on tho Alll
nnco woro tho following:
C. Newman, Francis II. Clarke.
t:z. iszzs&sz. amship sas Late """"
day Afternoon For San
. k nt T TAI 1
.. .. iintiiiiT v iTiiinn itiihmi i .
III' . coon. li. McPhelns. A. F.Dolden. K. , Tla,es-) ! at AVartlnKton wora received at tho
nmu amviiig ni :ao p. m loi. -j: . ,, I WASHINGTON, D. C, Mnr. 23. heudquartors of tho Chlcngo rocrult
wsevpli win i .vI.Imi,,i .,. i ,, " aru, i. koiuob, m. innui, i . .,.. , ., ,
calls (or six or seven luousunu re- nig siaiiou yusieniay urging ino oiu-
Roosevelt will bo whisked nwny In u
ltlng niitoinohllo for n rldo about
ton, giving him a chance to noto
tbe changes that have taken plnco
Ince he wns last hore, At 3:30 ho
ill lay the cornor-stono of tho now
son, K. M. Campbell, A. Mauchn, T.
L. Ford, i:. L. Goulnrd, K. P. Wnlto,
T. Dntes, J. Itubon, A. Nlckoll, II.
Watson, I). Watson, Mrs. I). Wntson,
J. O. Pcarco, O. J. Dlllnian, W. A.
Hubbard. W. Et Smith, F. Folk, .
Aubury, Mrs. Mauchn, J. B. Vree- ( carrying a big enrgo of lumber from
land, .Mrs. D. diking, 13. W. Trout, tho Smith mill mid n fair passongor
Tho Itedoudo sailed yesterday aft
ernoon at 4:30 for San Francisco,
Mnrgano, II. Hill, A. Thorn, J. Up-i-lousen,
A. S. Hammond, Mrs. Ham
mond, Geo. Sheridan, T. Meag
her, Mrs. Meagher, J. Hawkins,
J. Paulson. J. Lees, M. S. Kel-
Multnonmh Club homo nnd ho will ,0'' A' FnrIo)'' a0' IcCtc,;011'
mike ,!p,iin,.. ...i w Frank Moser, Mrs. McGeary, Mrs.
- ..,.. .,,r .iitn. ii i.iit
emits to bring the Infantry regiments cers to tnko Immediate stetis to en-
ot tho army mobilized in California list all posslhlo recruits and to keep
nnd Texas up to full strength have tho ofllco open dny and night It neces-
beon sent out by tho Wnr Dopnrtmont snry. 8lxty thousnnd hand bills
to all army recruiting stations in tho httndod MMen Wanted" nro being dlb-
country. tributod In Chicago for tho army.
IC A. Porter, Mrs. N. Koll.
Tho Advent and Hnndolph nrrivod
In nt Dandon yesterday nnd tho Aru
go sailed.
me colonel will then ho brought
hrtto tho West Sldo'at r.:30. when
he has an Invitation to" attend a ro
Ptlon to ho given by tho Now York
,wlty He may, however, decide to
live this hour up to resting, In enso
h U sufficiently fagged to requlro
fixation. J
Col, Roosevelt will attend n din-
-" in ins honor nt tho Commercial
"W at 6-30. which will Inst until 8
0cIck, when ho will be tnken to tho
aory for n public address. This
li expected to last for two Lours.
, lh the Preliminaries, so ho will be
Ammser. G. Hodobank, N. uaoian,
H. Clnyes, F. Jeamert, C. Maca.ll, M.
Goro, G. Dante, B. Mack, P. Dal'.asl,
J. Hages, E. D. Mooro, Mrs. Mooro,
M. Glendennlhg, J. C. Walkor, A.
ttenlMsKentorhoBnstSldowhero Stlllwoll. P. Cowherd, M. Armstro.,3, Uff Sfl fl niiTII Ifl
:rLr--?Jn?.s?i-RITF ON WOOL M. C. RM TH S
i I Mft IT i " -
to ckxhok imctuhics. .National Association Chargss Marshfield Man Advanced By
list. Among thoso sailing on hop
woro tho following:
Sid Polnck, T. 8. Drady, W. S. Tre
go, B. II. Kroenke, C. A. Ilurvoy,
Mr. Mulling, W. J. Hunt, J. T. Dar
nes, Geo. II. Varnoy, Irono Donnli-
'sou, Josco Donaldson, Gortrudo
Woods, Mrs. B. Donaldson, Ilobty
Dlllnrd, Jim Merchant, Iris Blrod,
Ilobt, Tinkler, Mrs. C. A. Hnrvoy,
Gebherd PrechtoI,C. II. Carpenter,
J, D, Arnott, A, Knsmusson.
Poitlitml Will Iteguliiti: Moving Pic
lure Shown nnd Play Houses
PORTLAND. Oro Mar. 23.
Portlnnd will have Its ploys censorod
In future so that city theaters will
Western Railways With
(Dy Associated Press to Coos uay
Associated Press
' Times.)
WASHINGTON, D. C, Mnr. 23.
Inequalities in freight charges on raw
present only mornl nnd helpful shows
'rw again nt in nVinM, ,.,i... .i, If a city ordlunnco now being consld-
Portland Press club has spoken for'ered Pn8ses' Local organizations are wooi from western and northwestern
u lamous ex-Preshlent during th'o'unck,nS the movemeiu siroiigiy uhu Wool states to mo eastern wuoi mm
Oregon and Washington
Railway and IMav. Co.
M. C. Smith, who has been master
mechanic nt the local railway shops
for the past four years, has been ad
vanced to n higher position In the
Oregou nnd Washington Railway and
binder of t thocUy Ho'urge tho need of a more wholesome kot8 especially Chicago. St. Louis and Navigation Company's largo shops at
1 80 to the PresTclub rooms and '" of plays in the city theatres. Do8ton are the subject of a complaint P" and. Ho will leave with his
BMt .k resa c,ub roomB ana . .. ' ... ii.ioa fnr n . ... ,. nnn,m.r nnmmB. family a week from next Saturday to
J1 ,he newspaper men until time
e the train at midnight on his
yJ north.
Opening Closing No.
Date. Date. Games.
April 12 Oct 8 154
April 12 Octl 168
April 12 Octl 1GS
Mnr 28 Oct 22 200
April 21 Oct 8 168
April 18 Spt-i 116
May 3 Spt 5 126
May 11 Spt 4 112
J0"' League
;atI- League
Atnr. As3o.
Jfc- Com I.e
t Lea....
,JrthMrn I.e.
""' Ao.
ftn. Bint
te Le
fi.o nriiinnnrn irovlilfts lor u r m Tntfirsfnlo nommerca uommis-
board of seven censors, to be named Bto by tho National Wool Growers assume his position,
by the mayor, who shall pass upon Association against tho Oregon Short Tho appointment Is a marked ad
all acts In tho vaudeville houses, Llne and many other western and vnncoment for Mr. Smith as he will
plays In tho other theatres and mo- northwestern railroads. It is averred havo charge of a mechanical depart
tlon picture films. Objectionable tnat the wool rates are unreasonable, nwnt of tho road which is tho suc
exhlbitlons may be stopped by order discriminatory and that particular cewor to the Oregon Short Lino Ho
of this board and not again present- preference Is glv3n by the roads to has been In the employ of the Har-
Paclflc coast terminals. The rates "'" '"- ! u l"1""' '
are asserted to be from seven and a now and (ho advancement comes as
oTnr.YiMX to itESIAIX. hnir tn ten cents too hlEh in comparl- a rowaru oi meru ..u w
f(Dy Associated Press to Coos Day san with tho rates from other wool his faithful services.
Times.) territory. It Is declared that tho do- Mr. Smith's many friends hero
ST. PETERSDURG. Russia. Mar. fendant railways are also violating while pleased with his promotion
o3Rmnnror Nicholas gave an au- the ion and short haul provisions of will regret the necessity of Ills leav
H. H. , - . .. Tl.
. . . .. ii . inp" i :ikik nuv. r
ed within tho city. yy
nt State Le May 20 Spt 20 120 dlence todny to M. Stolypln and it Is the law.
rnnnriPrt that as a result of It, the
ing Coos Day.
JJJOMOliiLKs, supplies at THE Premier has withdrawn his reslgna- Vl&tm guaranteed pocket
"-VNKUY. ttoD at the GUNNEItV.
"Inside of Thirty Days" Is
Portland Message Clarke
Returns Today.
Moro roports of railroads wore
afloat hero today. Ono was that a
man heavily interested in Coos Riy
property had sent word to frlonds
hore that "Inside of thirty dayH there
will bo big things doing on Coos
Day." Just what his tip is, no one
hore can protend to say.
President Francis II. Clnrko of tho
Coos Day and Dolse returned on the
Alliance today from Portlnnd where
he has been for several weeks. Ho
suffers fcoverely' from seasickness mil
went directly to his homo. He his
stated In the past that his compaiy
had no announcements to mako and
Intimated that they would not mako
any until they nctually bogan con
struction. Jacob M. Dlako, who is on the Day
has not made any public statonient of
his plans relative to his street car
franchise here although he Is quoted
by others as saying that he will know
by tho middle of next week whether
he will construct the line or not.
Attorney For Insurrectionists
Denies Americans Are
Furnishing Money.
(Dy Associated Press to Coos Day
NEW ORLEANS. La., Mar. 23.
"President Diaz must step down bo
fore peaco can como to Mexico," was
tho declaration of Captain Osbum
K. Hopkins, of Washington, nttornoy
for tho Mndero Insurrectionists who
sailed from New Orleans Into yosto?
day for Guatemala City for consul
tation with President Cabrera on
matters concerning thnt government
Hopkins emphatically denied tho re
port that American Interests are fi
nancing the Mexican revolution. Tho
Madeio family alona Is furnishing
money, he snld.
If you have anything to sell, trade,
rent or want help, try a want ad.