The Coos Bay times. (Marshfield, Or.) 1906-1957, March 22, 1911, EVENING EDITION, Page 3, Image 3

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The Woolen
No one is safe from Appendicitis! Today you may
be .well and hearty to-morrow you may suffer the
awful pains of this disease.
ALDEKIIvA, the onlv known remedy for appen
dicitis. Aldcriha is the Prescription of' a successful
German physician, which saved many and many
For sale at the "BUSY CONNER."
Pit ICE PEIt BOTTLE $1.00.
Lockhart-Parsons Drug Co.
PTION'13 298.
Leading Drug Store In Coos County.
Homer Mnuzcy, one of tho drivers
and tho solicitor for us Is out for
Laundry. Wntch lilinl ho In llnblo
to stop you on tho street and explain
Lall details of Laundry and also to ho
at your homo any time. Ho knows
Laundry business from A to 55.
Marshfield Hand and
Steam Laundry; :e:o.j
FOUND On Front street, pnlr rim
less nose glasses. Ownor can get
same at Times office by paying for
this notice.
FOR RENT Sevcn-room modem
house near In. Phono 59-J, or In
quire Duncan's Undertaking Par
lors. S-V.U FOR 80MF. ONE 30-foot
i ,. ...... . . ..i
uucu, ib-iooi cabin. Inqutto
Btonecypher'a boat shop, Eastsldo.
FOR 8ALIJ New Cypher incubator
capacity 72 eggs. Regular prlco
20, will sell for $H,00. Bunk
er Rill Store, Phone 301-L.
FOR SAIJJ937.00 Bteel range for
U0.00 account going away. $11.00
ft,r tight heater nearly new for
M-50. Apply 161, Third street,
Phone 147-L.
0R SALE Few settings of White
Pekln duck eggs. Twelve for 75c.
Mrs. E. L. Bessey. Phone 3168
WANTED posujpn by bookkeeper
ad general office 'man, 10 years
"Perlence, address accountant,
Tmes office.
JYI1 t,t,..
" m'-i Baxter hotel at Co.
Wile, Oregon, after April 1.1
Wrlto n,
. oco personally uaxier
Dfos., Coquillo, Ore.
AXTElMVowan or girl to tnko
harge of houso and dq cooking.
jrashlng. See F. S. Dow.
H SALK nouseholtl fnralturo.
A' Dowp. 371 Broadway So.
VAVnn T!
J1-1 aian and wllo without
"lldren to tako position. Enquire
ulnco hotel.
Soft and Stiff
Mtllicoma . . . $3.00
Mallory Craven
ette $3.50
Mill Store
FOB good -woitic
Bring your clothes to us. Cleaning,
pressing and repairing a speclnity,
by experienced invn. Satisfaction
guaranteed IILANCHAUl) Ai 1)01).
SOX, Alliance Dldg. Front St.
Rates teducod to: Day 00c, 76c nnd
$1.00; week-$2.00 to $5.00. House
keeping apartments with gns rnnges
f 0.00 to $18.00 pet month. FREE
BATI18 r..tV. SULLIVAN, Prop.
Polks Oregon
and Washington
State Gazetteer mid I)us!ncu Direc
tory. Just Issued for. 1911-12 is tho most
complete work of tho kind published.
It contains an accurate buslnoss di
rectory of every city, town and vil
lage In Oregon and Washington, and
the names nnd addrosses of country
merchants, and professional men,
lumbermen, etc., who are located ad
jacent to villages; also lists of gov
ernment nnd county officers, commis
sioners of doeds, stato boards, statu
tory provisions, terms of courts,
names of the postmasters, postofflccs,
express, telephone and telegraph of
fices, justices of the peace, hotels,
dally and weekly newspapers; be
sides much otbor Information useful
to nil elasses of business and profes
sional men. A descriptive eketoh of
each place Is given, embracing vari
ous Items of Interest, such as tho lo
cation, population, distances to dif
ferent points, tho most convenient
shipping stations, the products that
are markoted, stage communication,
trade statistics, tho nearest bank lo
cation, mineral Interests, churches,
schools, libraries and societies. An
important feature is tho classified di
rectory, giving every business arran
ged under its special heading, thus
enabling subscribers to obtain nt a
glanco a list of all housi3 manufac
turing or dealing In any particular
lino of goods. Tho work generally
Is compll'od to desorvo their liberal
will help you. Phone 214-J.
Former Marshfield Man Writes
of the Splendid Booster j
A word nnd n lift for your fellow
Is bettor tlinn knocking his play, ,
And If you can't speak to Km kltully'
Uo sq tc ku 1 lu.e nothing to say. ,
A dollar or two to a cronturo
Knr down in the depths of despair
Is hotter than knocking on morals
Ami preaching a lot of hot air.
A hope for the glory of heaven
Is better than doubting the plan
Or knocking the plea of salvation
Established for God given man.
' LOS ANGELES, Cal., Mar
Editor Times: At home, on tho
'streota of Marshllold, you frequently
hear men growl about the town,
about the weather or about the city
administration. Many with a grouch
about something; n knocker, If you
please. In Los Angeles such a thing
would 'bo an unpardonable sin. I
meet former Coos Day men
have lived here only n few months
Every man of them Is n booster. Ho
Is imbued with the spirit, and that
Is one-half of tho groat success that
In rnnilnu in tills wonderful rltv nnd
tho surrounding valleys and townB.
i With thorn It Is boost and boost. It
seems they lie awake nights to boo3t
for their respective localities. Wlth frlonds.
I wish my homo town would got "Wlmt did you say?" naked n tall,
t tho snmo spirit ns thoroughly Impre-, i,nn Wonmn with n lenthory complex
gnntod. Tho people here nro cordlnl ' on amj ft raucous voice,
and generous. I hnvo yet failed to J ..j UM tho person," tho woman re
flnd a holdup or graft. But Cors Bay jcd. "there woro mnny things thnt
takos so mnny things for granted. Jt Would keep a man nt homo, but tho
hns so mnny fine nnturnl ndvnntage?, oltlof one- Is knowing how to propnroi points on tho const whoro ho spent
If It would only exploit them ns tho good mcnlB for tho mnn of tho Iioubo. tho past fow days. Mr. Barnnrd says
iCnllfornlnns do. i advised her nnd ndvlso cvory other (thnt tho roads nro In n fnlr condition
If Los Angeles had Coos River womnn with n husband to get n good at prcsont tlmo'nud ho bolloves thnt
jhoro It would bo blazoned In letters t rcllnblo cook book and study It. Men future delivery of tho mnllH will bo
of red nil over this country ns n mut be fed nnd fed well to hold mndo without unusunl delny. Rose
! wonderland. Scores of things that thorn, nloni: with tho llttlo wifely hum News.
jCoos Bay has that aro suporb they
seem to tnko ns granted, In fact, as
commonplace. They uo not call at
tention to them ns tlioy should.
Strangers pass along nnd fall to seo
thorn. Not so down hero. Nothing U
considered commonplace. Theso poo-'
jplo put a high valuo on everything
. they hnvo and they contlnunlly souna
tho praises of all tho show spots, oven
tho minor ones
.. ....... i ii
u winB. hub HPiniPrC(, A imines wnB prepnrlng to ro-
of boosting. And thoy nro all at It. I
I Big nnd llttlo. Tho nowihoy on the
street will stop nnd pilot you two
blocks around tho corner to show
you something of Intorost. Some
thing that Is a minor matter, per
haps, but ho will Impress you and seo
that you becomo Interested. It Is re
freshing, this spirit of boostlug In
this city which lies to tho farther
sldo of a groat dosort. It Coos Bay
with all Its wondorful resources,
could get tho same spirit the results
would bo astonishing. ,
!ln maple, beech, and oven fir,
Tho sluggish sap begins to stir.
Tho sap, allko a sleeping thing,
Awakens at tho touch of spring.
In all tho tlmbor on the map
Wo seo tho signs of running sap.
And Indications toll us that
Tls stirring In tho basoball bat,
If you have anything to soil, trade
rent or want help, try n want ad.
ntjrzstjng Gossip About
V ar tous Topics by
Wcl known
"There should bo nn ordinance
"irtilill;tin'fc the' distribution or hand
bills, cards nnd circulars on the
streets," observed n
Trout street man In
discussing the coming
"clean-up" dny. "At
tho present time wo
nre powerless to do anything, for
those handing out tho circulars stand
In tho street and wo have no auth
ority ovor them. The man or wo
man hurrying along takes the circu
lar, glances nt It, and In many cases
drops tho paper In the street. If a
thousand of these circulars blow up
or down the street, tho, march toward
a city clean or benutlful Is not so per
ceptible. I am informed that there
Is no ordinance which covers tho
matter of circular distribution."
"A woman whoso husband Is In
clined to forget he hns a homo for
WH0,nny further purpose than to give liltn
n resldonco nnd n vot
ing precinct, asked mo
tho other dny how I
mannged to keep my
' Hubby
husbnud In such a con
touted stnto of domesticity," said ,
jBood - naturod little housewife tho
otlior nftornoon while conversing
touches of dovotlon."
--. -
Cooi River Services. Rev. J. II.
Albright of North Bond will preach
in tho it. n. church on Cooa River
,-xt g,uiay nt both tho morning and
ovo,,i,. Horvlcos Instead -of tho re-
nr ,mtor.
ii.Miiirf I'liimo. A renort thnt.ivenuo west nenr Eleventh street.
-" -" - - '- I
!movo to Rosehurg to ronow tho sur
vey enst from thoro was In genonl
circulation around town. Mr. Haines
when nuked nbout tho mnttor said
that tho story was absolutely un
founded. Thoro nro no announce
ments yot to mnko concerning tbo
Coos Bny and Bolso project
Poultry Freaks. Goo. M, Sells, of
tho Baneor Poultry yards was In
Marshflold yostorday and reported
two unusunl productions at his place.
Ono Is a llttlo chick with four legs
that was born last Sunday. It Is still
living and promises to grow Into a
rlpo old ago of four logod chlckon
hood. It Is a Brown Leghorn. An
other Is nn egg moasurlng 0 lnchos
one way and 7 3-4 Inches tho othor
Curry County Events Ah Told By Tho
, Dame Rumor says that quadruple
wedding bells will bo ringing In Port
Qrford before many rroonB roll by.
A reward of twenty-flvo dollars
($25) will be paid to any person who
will furnish evidence that will lead
to the arrest and conviction of any
porson for tbo Illegal salo or disposal
of intoxicating liquors In Port Or
tord Precinct. Good Citizenship
Today Is the 8lBt birthday of Wm.
Nordberg, Port Orford's oldest citi
zen in point of residence, ho having
landed hqre In 1856. Mr. Nordberg
enjoys robust health for ono of his
years. He has seen Curry county
converted from a wlldomess Into a
prosperous commonwealth, and ho
says ho confidently expects to be In
the crowd that waves a welcome .o
tho first locomotive that thunders
nlang the coast country, and thus ho
will havo seen the span completed
from the' Indian trail to tho Iron
horse of commercialism, Hero's hop
ing that your expectations may bo
Read The Times' Want ada.
Try Times' Want Ads.T
(By Associated Press.)
OREGON, Mar. 22. Fair to
..nlght and Thursday. Frost In
For twenty-four hours ending
lug 1:13 p. in., Mnr. 21, by Mrs.
E. Mlngus, spocfnl government
meteorological observer:
Maximum G7
Minimum 4-1
At 4:-i3 p. in r.a
Precipitation nono
Wind, Northwest; clear.
Lenten Servlcex. Thero will bo a
Lenten service In Emmnnucl Episco
pal church tomorrow evening nt 7:30
Undergoes Operation. Mrs. Ira
Aw troy, who recently moved hero
from tho state of Washington, under
went nn operation at Mercy hospital
Dies nt Ten Mile. Mrs. Ordella
Vnnburger, nged 71, nn old resident
of Ten Mllo, dtod nt her homo there
n few days ngo. Burial was at Tom
plcton. Two sons survive her.
VIMIm Council. Mayor Jordan of
Enstsldo was a visitor nt the Marsh
Hold ct.v council meeting Inst night.
Enstsldo recently decided to Improvo
n number of streets there, but has
not lot tho contracts yot.
Bonds Fair. C. L. Barnard, the
local stago man, hns returned from
Will Move. E. F. Morrlssey nnd
wifo will movo from tho Wllllnms
flats April 1 to West Marshflold
whoro thoy will occupy tho Iioubo ro-
cently vacated by Win. Orlmes. J. C.
Kendnll nnd wlfo will nlso movo
from tho Tower npnrtmonts ovor tho
Cook grocery to n Iioubo on Central
SIiown Up J.L.Johnson, thoNorth
Bond mnn, who wns roportcd to hnvo
disappeared at tho samo ttmo that
John Aronqulst, tho harbor light
tondor disappeared, has put In np
pearanco again nt North Bond. Mar
tin says that ho saw Aronqulst leavo
on his tour of tho lights tho night
ho disappeared and thnt no ono wns
with hlu.
Agri-emcuf Filed. It was stated
today that tho copy of tho original
agreement botween Mujor L. D. Kin
ney and F. B. Walte, ovor which
thoro has been moro or less dobato,
has been filed with County Clerk
Wntson at Coquillo and will bo used
In the bankruptcy proceedings now
pending. Tho copy, It Is said, had
boon misplaced and thero was a dif
ference as to Its contonts.
Seeds ! Seeds !
A full lino for
The Bazar
PHONE til!
The Same
City Council There Considers
Calling Special Election
The North Bend city council at Its
noxt meeting, March 2S, will deter
mine whether or not a special city
election will be held there soon to de
cide whether the city shall float a
bond tisuu to tnko up tho outstand
ing general fund warrants. An or
dinance providing for It Is now being
drafted nnd tho dato will bo deter
mined nt the next meeting. It Is
understood that the majority of tho
couucllmeu thero favor tho Idea.
North Bend now hns about $40,000
In outstanding gonornl fund warrants,
that is Including tho Interest. It la
figured thnt If theso woro redeemed,
tho banks nnd others would tnko up
tho speclnl street Improvement war
rants nnd relieve tho financial situa
tion considerably.
Personal Notes
B. ARNOTT expects to leavo today
for California points.
GEO. E.. PEOPLES of Coquillo was
n Marshllold buslnoso visitor today
MRS. M. C. IIORTON Is ontortnlntag
nt u luncheon nud noodle work to
day. ROBERT DILLARD leaves today for
San Frnnclsco on business and
MRS. D. McDONALD of North Bond
was tho guest of Mrs. II. J. Mc
Keown yesterday.
ANDREW LANDLES' llttlo child,
who has been very 111 of pnoumo
nln, Is reported improving.
, I). SMITH of Coos River wns In
Marshflold today on routo homo
from n business trip to Coquillo.
RALPH DEAN of Grants Pass Is In
tho city visiting nt tho homo of
Tom Hnrvey. Mrs. Harvey Is Mr.
Doan's sister.
C. E. NORTON of Marshflold Is
spondlng tho day In Rosoburg
looking nfter buslnoss mnttors and
greeting old tlmo frlonds. Ross
burg Nows.
A. J. SHERWOOD of Coquillo, was a
buslnoss visitor In tho city today
and reports n busy and prosperous
season In prospoct In tho valley.
Preparations nro being mado to
cloar moro land for farming than
In sovoral seasons past.
SHERIFF W. W. OAGE'camo ovar
from Coquillo today to sorvo pa
pers In various litigation ponding.
No now criminal matters hayo do
Yolopod In tho last fow days al
though sovoral matters aro await
ing tho roturn of Doputy Prosecut
ing Attorney Llljoqvlst from 8au
Is Ixnvest Bidder On County Road
Grudlng to fihlnglo Houso Inlet.
Road SuporvUor F. P. Norton has
nwardod to Waltor Condron tho two
contracts for grading on tho now
county road to 8hInglo House Inlot.
Tho bids on tho work woro opened
yestorday and Mr. Condron was away
tho lowest bidder on the work. The
bids woro as follows:
On Contract No. 1 J. J. Burns,
29 conts per cubic yard; C. R.
Flanagan, 24 cents; E. O. Perham,
33 cents; D. W. Smnll, 42 cents. Wa.
tor Condron, 21 conts.
On Contract No. 2. J, J. Burns,
38 Vi conts; E. G. Perham, 32 cents
nnd $190 for clearing; Waltor Con
dron 26 conts.
ULSTER guaranteed pockot KNIVES
nt the GUNNERY.
Every Day