The Coos Bay times. (Marshfield, Or.) 1906-1957, December 13, 1907, Image 1

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Advertisers get good returns from
announcements placed In Tho Dally
Through tho delicate tendrils
of a rosebush bearer of frag-
ranee and beauty to the world
John Josephson nearly lost his
llfo last night. A series of In-
cldents resulting from tho
storm made tho accident one
most unusual and remarka-
ble. An electric light wire
crossing a telephone wire bring-
lng the deadly electric current
to tho home of Mr. Josephson
and through tho medium of a
rosebush communicating to a
clothes line In tho yard was tho
cause of an accident that nearly
resulted In a tragedy.
Nemlsls. In the form of fire
and disaster visted tho home of
John Josephson in West Marsh-
field just beyond Lincoln street
last night. Mr. Josephson was
laid out by a violent shock of
electricity for about ten minutes
but was finally restored to life
by a neighbor. The rest of tho
family was considerably scared
and tho homo caught Are, but
no harm was done to either the
family or the homo after several
exciting hours.
It all happened by tho tele-
phono wlro running Into the
Josephson home becoming
crossed by electric wires from
tho power plant. The telephone
wires set flro to the building
about eight o'clock Immediately
bendath the telephone box. The
Mrs. Cora Slmonton Turns Shotgun
on Herself at Union.
Dies Instantly.
UNION, Ore., Dec. 14. Mrs. Cora
Slmonton committed suicide by
shooting herself with a shotgun.
Death was Instantanious. No one
was present but the husband. He
Is prostrated and gives no coherent
explanation. The charge of shot en
tered tho lower side of Mrs. Simon
ton's face, and ranging upward, blew
her brains out.
Mr. and Mrs. Slmonton were new
comers from Ashland, Ohio.
WASHINGTON, Dec. 14. The de
partment of justice announces that
the nomination of William C. Bristol
United States Attorney for the dis
trict of Oregon, which has been sent
to the senate, will be withdrawn, in
accordance with the' department's
recommendations to tho president,
because Bristol's course with refer
ence to tho land fraud speculations in
California Safe Branch Manager Ends
Ills Trouble No Charges
Against Him.
bloody tragedy has developed from
the crash of the California Safe De
posit & Trust company. T. Otway
Sadleir, manager of tho west end
branch of the defunct institution at
1531 Devisadero street, blow out his
brains while locked In his office.
No examination has yet been made
of Sadlelr's acounts, but it Is known
ho was heavily involved personally
in tho failure. Ever since it was
known that the bank could not sur
vive ho has been greatly depressed,
though ho mentioned to none his
intention of taking his life.
flro department was called and
Chief Tom Nichols and about
forty men turned out in the
heavy storm and rain and pulled
Hose Cart No. 2 to tho scene of
the blaze.
Mr. Josephson, however, as-
slsted by members of his family
and Gordon Smith, put out tho
flames before tho firemen ar-
rived, and after every-
thing had been straightened out
tho family prepared for a peace-
ful night.
Mr. Smith, who is a neighbor
of the Josephson's, advised tho
latter to cut tho telephone wire
to prevent further trouble, but
ho decided to send to tho tele-
phone company for a man to to
tho wires so that there might be
no misunderstanding.
Meanwhile the telephone wire
from tho house, across the yard,
and as far as could bo seen run-
nlng toward town, was a thin
line of blue flame. Everything
that tho wire touched was
charged with a heavy voltage of
About 11 o'clock Manager L.
R. Robertson arrived at the
Josephson home prepared to cut
the wires. He placed ropes
around them and says he
warned Mr. Josephson of dan-
ger In contact with the clothes
line, which In no way touched
the other wires, but tho branch-
es of a rosebush swayed against
the clothes lino.
Mr. Josephson put up his
hand to provo that It was all
Committee Appointed To Secure tho
Privilego By Cliambcr of
Secretary Lyons made a motion at
tho Chamber of Commerce meeting
last night that efforts be put forth to
secure the district fair for Marshleld
In 1909. Ho asked that the member
of the district board of this section,
P. P. Norton, be requested to make
application to secure the exhibition
for this city. Tho motion was en
thusiastically carried and Mr. Norton
was appointed a committee to make
overtures in this connection.
Oregon has been unsatisfactory.
Tho withdrawal of Bristol's name
means the appointment of a new
United States district attorney for
Oregon. Mr. Bristol has declared re
peatedly that ho was ready to pro
ceed at any time with the land-fraud
trials, as soon as the cases were
turned over to him by Heney. This
Heney has not done.
Gaps in Holidays May Cnuso Extra
Sesion of tho Legisla
ture. PORTLAND, Dec. 14. Governor
Chamberlain's plaesant little lapsus
memoriae about the holiday situation
brings the state face to face with a
special session of tho legislature.
The only other possible alternative Is
for every county to caH special ses
sions of courts, If they expect to
transact any judicial business within
the next several months. Multnomah
county, where there Is a term each
month In tho year except In tho sum
mer, may not be forced to resort to
this expedient should It be deemed
Inadvisable to call the legislature together.
right, and according to Manager
Robertson, received a tremend-
ous shock. Robertson threw
himself on the ropes Immediate-
ly and pulling down tho wires
grounded the current, releasing
.the injured man.
Medlcan assistance was imme-
dlately summoned and in the in-
terlm Gordon Smith and Mr.
Robertson worked on tho in-
jured man for some time by
throwing damp earth over him
and working his arms up and
down to restore circulation.
Mr.i Josephson finally gave signs
of life and felt little the worse
for his experience except a se-
vere nervous shock. Dr. Mlngus
and Dr. Straw arrived and ad-
ministered restoratives.
Mrs. Josephson and children
were moving around inside tho
house and dodging shocks from
the walls of tho home. Even
the bushes in the garden were
charged with the current where
the wires touched them, and
O from all accounts most of tho
electricity in town had centered
itself In and around tho Joseph-
son home.
Word of the trouble was sent
to the power plant which shut
down shortly afterward, leav-
ing the city In darkness for the
rest of the night, and until tho
crossed wires could be located
and separated before further
damage was done. Most of tho
current was closed down during
the morning until tho condition
of the wires were remedied.
Irrigation Engineer Grceno Picks
This Section as Gardcii Spot
of West.
J. S. Greene, the Irrigation en
gineer who has made his homo on
his ranch at Flagstaff for tho past
year, is expected to take tho steam
er Plant for San Francisco on her
next trip. Ho will bo accompanied
by Mrs. Greene, who will" spend a
few months visiting relatives at Pas
adena. Mr. Greene will go to Colo
rado by way of Texas, where he has
business Interests, and he will not
return before two months.
Mr. Greene Is ono of tho best
boosters In the county and asset
that opportunities for Investment
and progress In Coos county cannot
be surpassed. He believes that this
locality is especially good for young
men who want to start out in life
in a new country with great pros
pects for future development and
growth.. He is a firm believer In a
great future for Coos Bay and is
satisfied that there will bo a big
city and seaport hero In tho near
Mr. Greene has been engaged In
Irrigation work for the government
for a number of years and Is well
versed in tho best sections of the
country for agricultural and horti
tultural purposes. Consequently
his opinion of this section carries
considerable weight.
Ten Falls Victims to Black Damp
WliHo Helping Save Other
550 Dead.
FAIRMONT, December. 11. That
at least ten members of tho heroic
band of rescuers will die of gas
poisoning, is admitted tonight by
physicians who aro attending them,
as they aro drawn out of the mines
Of the 300 or more widows of the
victims, at least 50 are prostrated
and a dozen temporarily insane. That
many of them will die from the shock
Is probable.
Twenty-nlno bodies have been
brought to the surface up to 12:30
o'clock, and word comes from tho
rescuing party that many others are
ready to be brought out.
nmmmmjSimji i nil j.iiiiiwawwegwppiiMii Jjjjjjr jiL ICjU'lAlia
J. F. Thomasson, of Empire,
who brought the mall for that
place last night stated to
Postmaster Curtis that ho
had been held up by a O
masked man at a point near
Ferndale. He whipped up his
horses and escaped according to
h's story and tho would-be rob-
ber fired a shot at him which
went wild In the darkness.
He was driving tho stage
along at a smart trot lne a
thickly wooded portion of tho
road when the figure of a man
of medium size appeared In
the roadway just ahead of him
and with the command of
"Hands up," ho whipped up
his horses. The highwayman
stepped aside to keep from be-
lng run over while Thomasson
stooped ovjfc in his seat as ho
went by. Just as the stage
passed the man, he asserts, the
report of a gun rang out. He
Makes Rope of Bed Clothing and
Falls Forty Feet to
Ground. i
SALEM, Dec. 11. At an early
hour Friday morning Stephen Lane,
a patient at tho state in sane asylum,
was found at the side of tho main
building where ho had fallen and
been badly Injured In an attempt to
escape from tho asylum.
Lane Is an Inmato of ward 9, on
the top floor and tried to escape by
tearing the linen on his bed into
strips, which ho tied to his bedtsead.
Ho clambered out of tho window in
safety but When tho linen came in
oontact with the tinning on the side
of tho building the improvised rope
was severed and Lane fell to tho
ground, a distance of about forty
feet. Lane was picked up with a
bad fracture of the left leg, a brok
en collar bone and brobable Internal
injuries. It is thought that he will
recover, but will not bo on his feet
for some time.
This Is tho second time that Lano
has tried to get away. On a former
occasion ho got away from the city
and was at liberty for about ton
days before being recaptured.
Xocal Men Believe Climate and Soil
Is Correct for Them.
Walnut growing In Coos county Is
the latest feature of tho resources of
this section being exploited by Walt
er Lyon of tho chamber of commerce.
J. D. Fitzgerald, a rancher from up
tho Coos river brought a basket of
black walnuts to tho city yesterday
and they are on exhibition In tho
chamber of commerce.
Mr. Fltzgeral claims that they can
bo grown successfully In this section
and ho Intends to plan more trees.
Tho walnuts are of a very fine qual
ity, and In view of tho fact that wal
nut growing has aroused tho ranchers
of tho Willamette valley because of
tho profit, it Is a satisfaction to tho
ranchers here to know that they are
able to produce them If they wish.
J. W. Watt, formerly of tho Wil
lamette valley, and for tho past two
years a resident of Marshfleld, Is con
fident that English walnuts can bo
grown successfully and with great
nroflt in Coos county. Ho operated
a ranch In tho famous Oregon valley
some years ago and gave consider
able attention to tho raising of En
glish walnuts. Mr. Watt stated yes
terday that ho was certain that tho
climate and soil In tho valleys of
Coos were Ideal for the production
of tho famous nut In hugo quantities,
and that it would prove a profitable
Investment for tho ranchers to plant
plenty of tho walnut trees as early
as possible.
Somo of tho Icefields of Green
land aro believed to be a mile and
a half In thickness.
kept right on, however, and saw
nothing further of the bad man.
It Is thought to be tho samo
man who attempted to hold up
Mrs. Stutsman In Mnrshfield
Wednesday evening.
Marshfleld is rapidly acquiring all
the modern accompaniments of ai
up-to-date metropolis, Including th(
hold up man.
Mrs. E. J. Stutsman was tho first
victim of a bold highwayman who
has commenced his operations on
Coos Bay. Wednesday evening about
C:20 while returning homo and
when between the Dr. McCormac and
and Hazard residences she was sud
denly seized by tho arm from the
rear. Without a thought other than
It was the playful attention of ono of
her own sons she turned only to be
confronted with a real robber who
made a second effort to seize her
Secretary Walter Lyons, of the
chamber of commerce, has received
a personal letter from Congressman
W. C. Hawley, who Is now at Wash
ington, stating that ho will give the
bill for me appropriation o". funds
for tho improvement of Coos Bay
and the bar his earnest attention
and present it as early as possible.
The letter was read at tho meeting
of the chamber last night and arous
ed considerable interest. It Is as
My Dear Sir: I havo the bill for
the Improvement of Coos Bay harb
or and bar, with tho continuing con
tract proviso, ready for Introduction
as soon as the report of the en
gineers Is received. The committee
of congress will not be announced,
In all probability, for some time,
and nothing will b'o done In tho
matter of such work until they are
appointed. I have an excellent seat.
My colleague, Mr. Ellis, sits just be
hind me. Of tho leaders of tho
house, Mr. Payne, of New York; Mr,
Dalzell, of Pennsylvania; Mr. Wat
son, of Indiana, and others aro In
my Immedlato vicinity. I shall In
troduce tho bills for tho Improve
ment of tho Coos Bay bar and har
bor, and for tho construction of tho
locks at Oregon City, at tho samo
time, unless somo unforseen con
tingency arises. I shall give them
my earnest attention. With best
i wishes, I am truly yours.
Quito a spirited contest ensued
nfter this was read in tho chamber
by a suggestion that it would bo bet
ter that the bills bo presented sep
arately, so that tho Oregon City bill
which Is regarded as hardly feasible,
would not havo a dampening effect
on tho Coos Bay bill for an appro
priation. A motion was finally car
ried to Instruct Mr. Lyon to write
tho congressman asking that tho
bills bo separately presented, and
that tho North Bond chamber of
commerco bo advised on the matter
and asked to co-operate in this sen
timent before tho bill Is presented
by Congressman Hawley.
Hero's a Record for Coos County
That Will Bo Hard to Beat.
E. Arneson has on his place north
east of tho city, an applo treo that
has produced its socond fully ma
tured crop of fruit. It Is of tho
Early Strawberry variety. Tho first
crop was gathered early and tho
second Is now matured. Mr. Arneson
also has an apple treo of another
variety that Is now in blossom for
the second time this season, with a
chanco of producing another crop If
December continues as mild as No
vomber. Myrtle Point Enterprise.
On tiro current events of tho
world's progress by reading Tba
Dally Times.
No. 23
handbag, containing a sum of money,
and which sho carried on her right
arm. The thug which was in posi
tion that sho could only struggle, but
throwing her whole weight ln3 an.
elbow blow sho staggered tho man
him Into a hasty departure by her
momentarily and then frightened
screams for help. He did not suc
ceed In getting tho pursef but In tho
strugglo the hand bag flew open and
scatered some legal papers whicli
were recovered yesterday morning.
Wednesday, Mrs. Stutsman vUUcd
tho bank and cashed some checks
and It Is thought tho would-be hold
up man had knowledge of thia fact.
Whilo ho was hastening away tho
robber passed between Mrs. Stutsman
and an elcctricllght giving her a good
view of him and she furnishes an ex
cellent description of tho man. Ho
was about five feet four Inches high,
stocklly built, weighing about 135
pounds. Dressed in a khaki colored
suit, a heavy outside shirt, no coat
and a small black hat. Ho should
bo readily recognized if seen.
Taking Actlro Measures to Secure.
Inspector of Trees Tn
Messrs. Coffelt, Kllnkenbeard, Hodg
son, Beale and Seaman, fruit grow
ors of Coos county, were appointed a
committee to consult with tho fruit
growers of this district regarding the
county Inspector, at tho Chanvber of
Commerce jmeotlng last night.
All these men, were present attho
meeting and as early as possible
they will Interview tho fruit grow
ers of the district toward securing;
tho much needed fruit inspector. A
letter was read at the meeting from
Fruit Commissioner Carson, ot
Grant's Pass, who asserted that C003--county
could produce fruit along:
with any other section of Oregon, an
that it was advisable to securo an in
spector ns early as posslblo so that
thero might bo no injury to fruit
trees, as Is the case In tho Willamette
Valley. Ho gave instructions how to
go about to securo an Inspector and:
stated his willingness to assist the
fruit growers all ho could in ilia
ir utter.
Mrs. Flanlgan Takes Her Shotgun
and Completes Slaughter
JUNCTION CITY, Dec. 11. There
was fun at tho farm homo of Joel
Pitney, northeast of Junction, at an
early hour Monday morning. A dis
turbance was heard In tho chicken
roost and on Investigation four coons
w,oro discovered In the top of a
plum tree. His daughter Inez (Mrs.
J. A. Flanlgan, who Is ai uomo on
a visit), shouldered a No. 10 shot
gun and her father with a No. 1C,.
hurried to tho rescue Inez shot Into,
tho bunch, wounding all four oE
thorn at ono shot, bringing ono of
them to tho ground. It required one
shot each for tho otters. They wero
brought to town and proved quite
an Interesting sight. Ono of them
weighed 19 pounds, two 14 and tho
other 12. Part of them was ov
changed at Ballard's for shells to
kill moro coons, and tho remainder
wore taken homo to render out to.
grease tho clock and grandpa's
Roseburg Slated for a Xciv 8100,00
Public Building If Senutor's
Plans Carry.
WASHINGTON, Dec. 14. Sen
ator Fulton today Introduced bulBi
appropriating ?1 00,000 for publfe
buildings at La Grande, Pendleton,
Oregon City, Albany and Rosouurg.
and $2,500,000 at Portland.