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On tho current events of the
world's progress by rending Tim j
Dally Times.
niiuouncciflkiU placed in The Daily
No- 137
Rapid Construction Work
olley Railway Frlm Port
land lo Rosebuj
FinuiicljStriiigry Will IijlNo Way
Iiwi-fcrc WitifCompany's
SALEM, Ore., Doc. ll.-E'rom W.
S. Barstow, of the firm Mt W. S.
Barstow & Co., the New jjjR'k engin
eers in ehargo of tho capJtructlon of
the Oregon litoUvkwWnilway, coiik'3
the positive anUowffcement that delln
ito 'plans havo been made by the firm
of Moffat & White, New York capi
talists, who are financing tho project
for the continuation and the con
struction of the electric line fro;
Knlnm nq fur F,mitli nq nnf.nlnirir n
ulMtnntnlv tn Aslilnnil. As sannJEas
the lino between Salem and PorUsud
is finished and in operation afcXivo
stops will bo taken to begin Work
upon the second stretch to Eugene
and then to Roseburg.
Mr. Barstow says the stringency in
tho financial market will not inter
fere with the company's plans In the
least. Furthermore, Mr. Barstow
says that Moffat & White havo no
connection whatever with tho survey
of the line from Salem south to Eu
gene, projected by A. Welch, of Port
land, the original and successful pro
moter of the present lino from Salem
to Portland, and that if this lino is
built tho Oregon Electric will par
allel it with another.
Tho line of the Oregon Electric
passes three miles west of Woodburn,
and a station has been established
under the name of West Woodburn.
Mr. Barstow said to a newspaper
correspondent recently that the Arm
of W. S. Barstow & Co. had already
perfected arrangements for construc
tion of a spur line to connect Wood
burn and West Woodburn, and that
a regular motor car service would be
maintained and operated upon it to
bo affiliated with, but not owned or
controlled by tho Oregon Electric
Hallway. Prank Robertson, of Port
land, will take charge of this spur
line. He said also it was his inten
tion to establish spur lines from the
main line of the Oregon Electric
throuEhout its extent to tap every
community and rich farming section
not served by the mala line.
Work is to begin Immediately upon
the line from Portland to Hiilsboro
by Moffat & White, and Barstow &
Co. are to build another spur line
from Nasburg to a junction with the
Oregon Electric at the west end of
the Wllsonvllle bridge. Other spur
lines are to be built on tho east and
west side of the Willamette River,
and thus the entire length of the Wll
lametto Valley is to ultimately be
served by a network of electric rail
ways that will not only afford cheap
but very rapid transportation for the
porducts of Western Oregon.
If present plans do not miscarry,
Mr. Barstow says tho trial run on the
lino between Portland and Salem will
be made on or about Christmas with
tho new standard motor car equip
ment. Tho regular through service
will begin about January i. On ac
count of tho freshness and doubtful
security of the heavy fills that have
been made, extremo caution will be
taken to avoid accident, and the
schedulo will consume about an hour
and three-quarters between Salem
and Portland, which is from one-half
to three-quarters of an hour faster
than the present Southern Pacific
train service. This tirao will bo re
duced to an hour and a half as soon
as safety will permit.
Tho first delivery of eight cars of
tho Oregon Electric's order of stand
ard motor coaches for uso on tho
Portland-Salem lino has left the Pull
man Car Works, and Is expected to
arrive within a few days, and two of
tho electric freight locomotives will
depart from tho Schenectady Loco
motive Works very soon. Tho
motor coaches are of the very latest
pattern of Pullman palace motor
Jommerce on
ArrangemPs were made by the
chamber ofjlPbmmerco yesterday to
havo a bijdKeeting in tho rooms of
that orgawFatlon to arrive at some
means tjecuring Improvements in
tho niMrservice between Marsh
ucld uW Roseburg. Tho meeting
will lWield next Friday night and
PostrtWter Curtis, tho county court,
wenjatrs of tho local news agency,
andjBlayor Straw havo been ln
vitiWto sneak at the meetlnK.
e postmaster will give his side
owlio story regarding tho delay in
mail and make suggestions for
ovement. Tho county court
bors will ke asked to explain
e condition of the roads which are
l.iimed to be in a bad condition.
All those who arc interested in re
ceiving their mail regularly are
asked to attend tho meeting and
givo their views on tho best method
of Improving the service. It is al
together probablo that resolutions
will be drawn up and sent to Wash
ington making a general kick
against tho condition" of affairs.
At this meeting an endeavor will
bo made to find out who is to blame
in the matter. It is figured out that
when the contract was let to carry
tho mail, it was secured by the stage
owners at the present low figures
with the idea that they would have to
carry only the, samo size mail as
over a year ago. It is presumed that
the growth of tho mall to this point
lias about swamped the stage people,
vho are endeavoring to make up tho
difference by carrying passengers
and thereby delaying the arrival of
bncle Sam's sacks.
Secretary Lyons, of tho chamber
of commerce, said last night that he
had written Congressman Hawley of
this district regarding tho service
and had informed him of its execr
able condition in detail, and had
suggested for improvement that the
stage decline to carry passengers
and attend strictly to the mall ser
vice, or that four relays of horses
bo put on the route instead of three,
as at present.
The meeting will bo in tho nature
of a protest against the service by
tho citizens of this city. Tho sub
ject will bo thoroughly discussed and
threshed out and efforts will be made
to havo a largo attendance so thaw
tho meeting will carry full weight.
Mayor E. E. Straw will be present
to give a lively talk on what is be
fore Marshfield In 1008, what It Is
tho duty of the city to do and what
is going to be done to make her the
leading city on tho coast.
Southern Oregon Electric Lino Ex
tension to Ilogtio River Valley
Arouses Enthusiasm.
GRANTS PASS, Or., Dec. 12.
Tho announcement through tho press
that Moffat & White aro about to
extend the Oregon Electric lino
through Rogue river valley has been
received hero with tho greatest sat
isfaction. It has been the dream of
tho citizens that some day another
transportation company would find
its way into the valley.
cars, and aro upholstered, equipped
and finished insldo and out elegantly.
Each car will carry four motors of an
aggregato capacity of 300-horso pow
er, and be capable of attaining a
speed of 70 miles per hour and an
averago of 48 miles per hour In
actual service.
Tho cars will also bo equipped wltlf
high-pressure automatic air brakes,
and tho motorman will havo com
plete control of a train of eight cars.
They will also bo provided with pow
erful arc headlights, th power of
which can be controlled so they can
be turned on full strength In tho
country and subdued In tbo cities.
Cnsh Prize Masquerade.
At Eckbotf Hall, North Bend,
Saturday night, December 21.
Sirvice tc
tljai Au (Haas
The Times Requests All Residents of This Section to Tell What
They Think It Most Pressing Reuirement S'bme Views
Tho Times wants tho representa
tive business men of Marshfield to
say what, in their opinion, is Coos
Bay's greatest need. Coos Bay has
many needs but The Times wants to
know which is the most pressing o
them all and it is taken for grant
ed that a railroad and a better mail
service are the greatest needs at
present. What Is the next most
pressing need of all? Drop a line to
Tho Times telling what you think.
Hero are some of the views ex
pressed: 1IOX. .TOIIX S. COKE "My opin
ion of Coos Bay's first greatest need
is the improvement of tho harbor to
facilitate shipping by tho construc
tion of proper jetties at tho bar and
tho dredging of tho inner harbor.
Secondly, the completion of the Coos
Bay and Drain railroad to furnish
communication with the Southern
Pacific .railroad. I have faith that
this railroad will bo built in a shorter
time than is generally expected, and
that tho real construction of tho lino
will commence next spring. Regard
ing Marshfield's local requirements
we need a new and modern system of
streets. The city has now grown and
developed to such an extent that we
should improve the business streets
of Marshfield with bitullthlc, or wood
blocks treated with creosoto or as
phaltum. My preference would bo
the bitulithlc pavement in view, of
the fact that we have an even climate
and a great deal of moisture. Ap
plying to Coos County I believe the
dairy and fruit business should be
developed to the extent of their great
resources, as the local market is
growingi to such proportions that it
is extremely desirable."
MAYOR E. E. STRAW "I do not
bollovo It is my place to make any
suggestions outside the city of Marsh
field. The most important needs of
Marshfield in my opinion aro that
the city charter should bo thorough
ly revised to meet conditions at pres
ent and for any that may arise in the
future meaning a modern city
charter. Prospects of future devel
opment should bo taken into consid
eration and many of the provisions
of tho present charter altered for
their betterment. A board of com
missioners should be appointed to
revise tho charter and all ordinances
bo based upon that charter, in order
to have tho citizens of the city pro
vided with the best municipal com
forts and protection. This is within
our reach and can bo attained if
properly carried out. Our greatest
PORTLAND, Dec. 12. Governor
Chamberlain played a clever little
Joko on tho people of Portland and
Oregon, last week.with tho result
that they enjoyed a two-day respite
from tho legal holiday season, and
didn't know a thing about It. Tho
Governor did it just to see what
would happen and nothing did hap
pen, and ho Is chuckling in his
Catholic Priests Indorse tbo Xew
Movement Recently Started.
ALBANY, Ore., Dec. 12. Rev.
Father Arthur Lano and Rev. Fath
er McGheo, rector and assistant re
spectively, of tho local Roman Catho
lic church, Indorsed tho antl-treatlng
movement recontly Inaugurated in
tho Cathedral Parish at Portland.
Father Lane spoko at tho LeBanon
church and Father McGheo at Al
bany, and both heartily Indorsed tho
idea. Though it might bo Imprac
ticable to form the Antl-Treating
League In a "dry" county, tho speak
ers said they wished to indorse the
spirit of tho movement.
Dinner sets in Haviland, Ger
man China, and semi-porcelain at
lair's Mw?ns?
need is permanently improved
streets. There are many other
things needed which are too num
erous to mention in detail."
TIS "One thing we need on Coos
Bay at present more than anything
else is a better mail service. I do not
see exactly how we are going to get
it, but if the Chamber of Commerco
takes tho matter up I believe it could
assist greatly toward an improve
ment. People who havo traveled
over the Roseburg road say that con
ditions aro no diiferent from former
years when the mall was delayed but
seldom. There is no excuse for tho
delay of the malls which has been so
bad during the past month, except
that we are getting bad service on
the stage route."
"My opinion is that Coqs Bay's great
est need is tho deepening of tho harb
or, which I consider one of our
chief factors; the encouraging of our
lumber Industries; tho development
of our coal mines and advancement
of our dairy and fruit Interests. A
decided improvement in our mall
service Is a crying need. With
a deepened harbor we will have the
means of handling our enormous
lumber output which Is now in sight,
and we will surely have In tho near
future, railroad transportation which
is Imperatively needed for both pas
senger and freight traffic. We need
also an Intelligent manifestation of
public confidence and civic pride
among our people. All these things
occurring will, I am sure, produce
on Coos Bay a city of 40,000 people
within fivo years."
the harbor Improved so that Coos
Bay should attain her real position
as one of tho finest deep water har
bors on the west coast. We need a
railroad connecting with other rail
roads, either at Drain or connecting
with the Northern Pacific at Seaside.
Wo need a better mail service and
moro maili. Wo need all tho manu
facturing plants wo can get, in order
to increaso the population of tho city
and its business growth. Wo need
moro people in Marshfield and in the
county, moro dairy cows to furnish
food for tho increasing population,
and moro poultry for tho same pur
pose. In fact we need tho people
and the manufacturing plants to put
to uso the immense resources of Coos
sleeve today, and thoso who havo al
ready "tumbled" to tho merry Jest
aro trying to figure out how the little
gamo escaped their notice.
Neither last Friday nor last Satur
day was a legal holiday. No pro
clamation was mado by tho governor
covering them and tho world moved
on in tho samo old groovo, never
wabbling from tho straight and nar
row path ono bit.
Oregon Schools Whcro Tliero Arc Xo
Mixing of Sexes.
ALBANY, Or., Dec. 12. Linn
county has ono school without a
single boy pupil and another which
no girls attend. Of courso both aro
In small remote districts. District
84, in Fox Valley, near Lyons, has
eight pupils, all of whom aro boys,
and district 119, near Sweet Homo,
has only fivo students and all aro
girls. Miss Vlda Nanney, a graduato
of the normal department of Albany
college last year, is the teacher in
the former district while tho fivo
girls in tho latter district aro In
structed by Miss Besslo Parsons.
Gillette Safety Razors, Coos Bay
Cash Store.
Portland Papers Advertise Fast
Line From That City to
San Francisco.
Aerial navigation Is going to solve
the transportation problems which
face ,Coos Bay and all sections look
ing forlornly for railroad connec
tions in vain may glow with hope.
The National Airship company has
been formed and on the back page
of Monday's Portland Telegram Is
a cut of tho new ship. It represents
a hugo pencil shaped machlno and
tho wording of tho advertisement,
which is seeking stockholders, seems
to prove to tho satisfaction of tho
concern that its airships aro tho best
and fastest made.
A small airship carrying merely
a matter of ono hundred passengers
and thirty tons of freight is sched
uled to start on tho, run between
Portland and San Fiancisco on
April 21 next. Incidentally the ship
will skid through tho air at tho rate
of 80 miles an hour with tho greatest
of ease.
It is up to tho citizens of the city
to interest this ship in stopping at
Marshfield on Its run, In order that
pasengers and mall may be handled
with dispatch. If it cannot be per
suaded to stop there will bo some
satisfaction in seeing It go by at any
rate, and tho mall bags from Port
land might bo dropped as It passes
Xew Social Organization Chooses
Men AVlio Are to Direct Its Des
tinies. At a meeting of the board of direc
tors of tho Millicoma Club hold after
noon the following officers and com
mittees wero elected for tho ensuing
W. S. McFarland, president.
J. II. Flanagan, vice-president.
J. W. Flanagan, secretary and
treasurer. (
House committee E. K. Jones,
chairman; Dr. Haydon and William
Auditing committee R. T. Kauf
man, chairman; G. W. Carleton and
Herbert Lockhart.
It is intended to have part of the
club rooms open Christmas Evo, and
tho entire set of rooms "will bo open
not later than January 1st.
Violent AVind Scheduled to Arrive
From Southwest To
night. Fred S. Dow received word today
from tho weather man at Portlnnd
that a severe storm Is duo on tho
Oregon coast today. Tho wind Is
scheduled to blow strongly from tho
southeast and then switch around to
tho southwest this evening or to
night. It is probablo that tho worst
part of tho storm will striko the
coast about Blanco.
Tho conditions this afternoon boro
out tho warning, as tho wind blow
strongly and tho sky looked wild.
Thero Is every Indication of a severe
storm on tho west coast tonight.
Felony Chnrgo Against J. I). Ttroivn
of Sau Francisco Great Misman
agement Is Alleged.
Dalzoll Brown, a prominont finan
cier of this city and gonoral man
ager of tho California Safo Doposlt
& Trust company, which closed its
doors early in Novombor, has boon
arrested on tno ehargo of felony om
bezzloment. A warrant has also
been issued for tho arrest of W. J.
Bartnett, a leading lawyor and di
rector of tho banking company. Of
ficers havo gone to Bartnott's sub'
urban homo to servo tho warrant.
Brown Is In custody pending tho so-
curing of a cash bail of $100,000,
or a bond of twice that amount.
run PnlZES
Coos Bay Pupils Will Partfci
pate in First Annual Oratica!
L. A. Frey Offers Gold and SiXvcs
Medals to Develop Art of
Tho first annual oratorical contest
of school pupils of Coos Bav fr tha
Frey trophies will tako plaeo In
Eckhoff hall, North Bond, Friday
evening, December 20, at S o'clock..
To stimulato oratory Mr. Frey, tho
well known and populai clothier,
has decided to offer prizes for an
annual oratorical contest to bo given.
at Nortli Bend on tho Friday eve
ning preceding Christmas at which
tlmo the prizes will bo awarded tho
successful contestants.
The contest is open to 'any pupH
of certain ages in Coos county and a.
great deal of interest has been
manifested In tho competition. Mr.
Frey deserves credit for bringing so
important and so much neglected an
art as oratory to tho attention oC
tho public schools of this county.
Tho following are tho rules gov
erning tho contest and under wbicU
the initial efforts of tho young; De
mosthenes will bo made.
1. Tho contestant must bo between
the ages of 14 and 19 years andl
must bo a regular attendant at go mo
public school on Coos Bay.
2. Tho cotestant must present In
person to Mr. Frey not later than
October 15, a written application to
contestant's teacher and said appli
cation to contain a 1st, 2nd and 3n5
choico of subjects for tho oration
and the name of school teacher, etc
3. Oration to contain not fewer
than 1400 word nor moro than 180O
4. Threo copies of said oration to
bo furnished Mr. Frey not later than
December 10 th observing tho fol
lowing conditions.
(a) To bo written on 8'xlS
paper writing on ono side only.
(b) To contain subjects as head
ing; but nowhero shall anything;
occur that would lead Judge to knnw
(c) To bo signed by a mnnDcr
given by Mr. Frey.
(d) Each copy to bo placed, in 3
soparato sealed envelope; tho throt
copies to bo placed in a fonrth,.
onvoiopo, and given to Mr. Frey..
5. Each oration to bo tho prodiirdt
of tho person presenting tho samo
anything quoted and not inclosed in
parenthesis will bo counted against
tho writer.
Threo prizes, ono gold motal, val
ho $25;; ono sliver medal, value
$15; and ono cash prize, valuo ?5
Tho grading shall bo on tho scales
of 100, 1-3 for thought, 1-3 for
composition and 1-3 for dellvory anS
the pupil having tho highest average
will bo declared tho wlnnor of 1st
prize, second highest 2nd prizo
third highest 3rd prizo.
C. No winner of tho contest ahaU
bo eligiblo to enter a second con
test. Thon thero will bo threo Judges
In thought and composition aud threo
In delivery. Mr. Frey retains tha
privllogo to select ono of each of tha
principals of Marshflold, Empire ancS
Nortli Bond schools to select tha
Thero havo boon four entries for
this year's prizes, tho names of tho
contostants tyo as follows
Miss Edith Coko, Marshfield
Marlon Reynolds, North Bend".
Miss Harriott Truman, North BoncL
Ilary Russell, North Bend.
Tho Ladles of tho Aid Society
of tho M. E. church will servo a Now
England supper from G to 7 p. m.
in tho building next to tho Lockhart
Grocery. All aro invited.
Coal and wood heatera at EUSj
Wad's. You can buy a first class oewibs
machine for $20 at Minor's.