The Coos Bay times. (Marshfield, Or.) 1906-1957, September 19, 1907, THURSDAY EDITION, Image 3

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Mrs. Mary Noah 1b seriously 111 at
her homo In this city.
Mrs. H. Holcorab of Ten Mile was
41 city visitor yesterday.
Mrs. H. C. Dlers of North Bend
was a city visitor yesterday.
Mr. Frank Korher of Ten MIlo
-was a city visitor yesterday.
Miss Sadie Kruse returned to her
home at Pleasant Valley yesterday.
Mrs. Frank Bowron and children
left yesterday for her homestead at
Ten MIlo.
Mr. nnd Mrs. C. M. Volkram of
San Francisco are sojourning on
Coos Bay.
It. M. Itau of the Rothschild com
pany of Portland, Is here to visit
the company's customers.
W. E. Wilson, a Cleveland, Ohio,
resident, Is on Coos Bay for recrea
tion with a view of locating here.
It. S. Wagner, a confectionery rep
resentative from the Bay City, Is
calling on his Coos County trade.
Mr. and Mrs. Morgan of Empire
left on the Plant for California
where they will remain for the win
ter. Mrs. Bowen, Miss Mamie' Bowen
and Miss Mattle Bowen leave this
morning overland for their home in
San Francisco.
Mr. MInert loft this city yesterday
for San Francisco after having
spent a few weeks as the guest of
Mr. Earl Savage.
Miss Mabel WIckman left yester
day for San Francisco where she will
enter a business school and take a
course of stenography.
Mrs. Gerret left on the Plant for
Berkeley, Cal., after a few weeks
visit with her parents, -t!aptaln and
Mrs. Magee of Empire.
At a meeting of the Degree of
Honor held Tuesday evening, Mrs.
McKnight was elected Lady of
Honor for the ensuing office term.
It. B. Henry, who Is traveling for
a Portland firm which handles heavy
machinery, Is here to make his rgeu
lar calls on Coos County customers.
James Murray, who represents
Holbrook, Merrill & Stetson of San
Francisco, arrived In yesterday and
went to Coquille on the morning
Frank Boutin, Jr., arrived yester
day from Wisconsin and will spend
a few wetfks in looking over the
business of tho company which he
Mrs. A. Cochran of Coquille, and
Miss Nell Falrman left on the Plant
for San Jose, Calif. Mrs Cochran
goes to make a short visit in the
Garden City.
Holland Anderson is ill with ton
silitis and his friends think of
taking him to the Mercy Hospital
where it may be necessary to have
an operation.
Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Felter of Ban
don are visiting Mr. and Mrs. F. E.
- Allan of this city until the Break
water sails. They leave on It for a
visit to Portland and various sound
J. H. Thorpe of Greenfield, Ills.,
is one of the strangers who is look
ing over Coos county. Mr. Thorpe
hails from the city which was at one
time the abiding place of the head
officer of the Modern Woodmen of
It. P. Caldwell of Everett, Wash
ington, arrived on the Bay lately and
is spending a few days In Inspecting
tho conditions which are prevalent.
Mr. Caldwell comes from a city
which has seen wonderful growth
and knows what it is to see a boom.
Mrs. George Murray arrived here
on the Breakwater yesterday, after
having spent some time with friends
In the Willamette valley. She will
be here for some time, visiting
friends and finishing her vactylon
before returning to her home in
San Francisco.
Tuesday evening a surprise party
was tendered Mr. Earl Minert of
San Francisco at the home of his
friend, Mr. Earl Savage, of this
city. Cards were played and excel
lent music enjoyed. Afterwards re
freshments were served, then the
party dispersed. Those attending
were Mrs. Payne, Misses Elckwortb,
Llchtworth, Bernett and Savage
Messrs. Quist, Doyle, Minert and
To our patrons, commencing
the first of October, 1907, all laun
dry work will be placed on a cash
basis. Thanking you for past busi
ness and soliciting continuance of
tho same. Signed.
Coos Bay Steam Laundry.
Order Is Issued.
Washington, Sept. 18. The prom
ised appeal of President Small of tho
commercial Telegraphers and Presi
dent Gorapers of tho American Fed
eration of labor for financial assls
ance for the striking Telegraphers
was issued today from the Federa
tion headquarters direct. The appeal
la signed by Small, and Gompers
gives a general endorsement.
Compressed yeast at Corthell'8
j. 4
Bandon, Sept. 18.
Mrs. C. E. Hollopeter returned to-'
day from a short visit In Coquille. I
Mn. William like has returned
troia visiting relatives in Myrtle
Point and Coquille.
George G. Schlegel, formerly of
rial H. la a himlnocQ laltr,.. in
Bandon today in the interest of the i X 0f appIe8 came ln one oId resI
Pennsylvania Mutual dent who liad not Probably seen his
Mrs. Ben Schmyier. who has been nch 'n a year sa's: "Why l can
visiting on the Bay, returned to reat those easy-" ut ne Boes and
Bandon yesterday. gets a launch, examines his compass
Attorney J. M. Upton returned to 'and takes a ma alons wUh hlm to
Coquille yesterday from a short call ' find hls orchard- with hls compass
on old associates In Tinnrtnn ine Anally locates his ranch about six
Mrs. Montgomery and her son,
mi. ueorge .Montgomery, wno are
largely interested in real estate here,
left for Portland today.
George H. Dunning left yesterday
for Marshfleld after a short visit i
Mrs. Frank Frame, who has been
visiting her sister, Mrs. Robert
Walker of this place, returned to her
home In North Bend yesterday.
The Oregon and the Bowdoln are
loading lumber at the Aberdeen
Tbe Commercial Club has gotten
out a letter of protest to the Portland
Journal for the Injustice done the
Coquille river in reporting 6 to 9
feet of water on the bar, when gov
ernment figures are lO1. feet at
mean low tide the steamer Eliza
beth left recently drawing 14 feet.
E. Lewln and wife returned today
from Cottage Grove with their little
daughter who has been seriously ill.
She is much better and improving
Dr. J. G. Goble, the well known
optician, of Medford, Ore., will visit
all Coos Bay towns during Sept.
For dates see this paper Jater.
Read the Want Aas on page 7.
rrom Portland Journal
(Continued from page 2.)
scrlbers, the shares being ?100 each:
W. S. Chandler J15.100
John S. Coke 15,000
M. C. Horton
William Grimes
5. ,C. Rogers
"Henry Sengstacken . . . .
W. S. McFarland
W. R. Haines
S. R. Beloate ,
J. A. Johnson .
Matthew Yoney
William Noble ,
Edward Donnelly
J. T. McCor.-jac
McPherson-Gisner Co
A. J. Savage
Carl F. Johnson
Gow Why
G. W. Carleton
F. W. Rehfield
1.000 j
Total ?G
"Astonished the Natives."
This is an old saying, the origin
of which is probably unknown, and
it is doubtful If anybody particularly
wants to claim credit for It. In this
case It is so absolutely true nothing
else will so adequately describe the
situation. The "natives" were the
only ones who were astonished, and
many were heard to remark, "You
don't mean to tell me that fruit was
raised around here?" When told
that It was, and given the name c
the grower, he went to hunt him up
to verify the statement. The new-
comer that is If he has been here long '
enough to look around, does nothing
but admire and declare It beats any
thing he has ever seen, no matter
what part of the wide world he came
A short time ago Attorney Snover
delivered an address before a large
crowd at the" Marshfleld Chamber
of Commerce on the wonderful ad
vantages of raising the GravensteJn
apple, giving- logical reasons why it
was the best kind for this section, set
ting forth the fact that on account
of Its ripening early enough to get
into the Alaska market; also that It
was the most prouuc ana mat no
section of the country could beat
Coos county In flavor, size and
That started an argument, and one
that has not been stopped as yet to
be truthful about it, no one Is trying
to stop It. Those who favored the
"Baldwin commenced hunting for
the finest to be had. The Northern
Spy champion got busy ln fact,
every variety of fruit grown in this
county began to pile up ln the Cham
ber of Commerce rooms. If they
didn't have big apples they brought
In huge potatoes, monster cabbage
and cauliflower; one man brought a
fine tobacco stock, and the ladles,
not to be outdone, brought in beau
tiful flowers, till the hall is a veri
table bower. Were the natives as
tonished? Yea, they were duni
founded, squelched all broken op.
JT7hen one of them saw peaches raised
within three miles of Marshfleld that
measured 11 Inches In circumference
he came near having a stroke of
apoplexy. A. W. Myers of Lee, Coos
county, has exhibited some red Belt
lngheimers (some call them the Glo
ria Monday) Chat weigh two pounds
To show the utter carelessness of
some of the people here( and you
might say criminal neglect), It will
be well to Illustrate: When tho first
miles up Coos river and one mile
back. The place where the orchard
should be was found and the owner
began reaching up in the brush and
picking off apples. His companion
called out: "Hold on, those are not
apple trees; they are alder." The
fact Is, that the alders had grown
to more than twice the size of the
apple trees, and so thick It was next
to Impossible to find the apples. The
'fruit was there ln plenty and large
and luscious and without a blemish.
He said he would go back the next
day and shake the apples all off on
the ground to keep the bears from
climbing the trees and breaking them
down. Think of it! And those same
apples would bring him ?1 per box
in Marshfleld. Is it any wonder
(that is, till of late), and that she
has no railroad? But watch us from
now on! This fruit contest has
demonstrated that the bench and
upland, which can be had from $5 to
$10 per acre, is the best for fruit.
A worm in a Coos county apple is an
Prizes for Fruit.
The prizes for this fruit exhibit
will be given on September J. 6. Dr.
Withycombe and Professors Kerr and
Lewis of the Agricultural college of
Corvallis will be the Judges.
The C. A. Smith mill, with a ca
pacity of 250,000 feet per day, is
nv under rf and raDid" rearing
The Courtney Lumber company's
'mill, with a capacitj of 75,000 feet
per day, will also soon be In opera
' tion.
C. J. Hcdwnll II. C. Rorhus
We have just opened our office in
Marshfleld and respectfully solicit
your patronage.
We will draw your policies cor-1
rectly and guarantee prompt and fair j
'settlement of losses.
We represent the following old ana
reliable companies:
Sun Insurance Office of London,
Norwich Vnlon Fire Insurance Soci
ety of England,
'National Union Insurance Company,
j of Philadelphia.
Adams Building. Marshfield, Ore.
Over Telephone Office.
" " "
Is receiving pupils in
A'oice Culture
Home Studio, Broadway.
Phone 1735.
Rates He line first time, 3c line
eacn succeeding insertion
Try a TJme3 wanfc ad
FOR SALE 26 feet new power
fishing boat. Apply Max Timmer
man. FOR SALE Pure bred Brown Leg
horn cockrels. $2.50 each. See
Jack Flanagan.
FOR RENT Half a store with nice
large windows. Call at Taylor
Piano House.
RENT Elegantly furnished
housekeeping and bed rooms close
ln. Reasonable. Coos Bay Auction
FOR SALE Fine business block,
good Income, cheap. Furnished
rooming and boarding bouses
cheap; will rent. Coos Bay Auc
tion Co.
FOR SALE A nice residence prop
erty in a county seat in eastern
Washington; beautifully located,
to exchange for Coos Bay prop
erty. I. S. Kaufman & Co.
FOR SALE Household goods, com
plete outfit. Call Times office.
LADIES wishing sewing done call on
Mrs. T. Nussel and Mrs. Jack
Rice, Fine street.
Within one year tho daily output
of lumber will be 600,000 feet. Add
to this the proper adjuncts that will
be added to tho new mills ln the way
of planing mills, shingle mills, door
and sash factories, etc., and It will
be easy to Imagine a very busy place.
Four large concrete, cut stone and
brick buildings are now under con
struction, all to be completed within
the year, to say nothing of the hun
dreds of private residences going up
all over the bay, together with the
hundreds contemplated, easily veri-
I f Bank of Oregon
I ' Last Chance to Get a 1 capital stock yiy paid uP
J J $50,000
I mru rPAnu piamu I est
I nlUll llKAUtl rlAftlU j North Bend, Oregon
f at Such Extraordinary Low Prices f flr wmmms
I II McPherson Ginser Co.
This will be the last week of our cut price $ 1 Wholesale liquor dealers
J sale on pianos. 1 I Cigars nnd saloon aup-
2T Every piano on our floor after this week will B .
jp be marked back to the original prices. Six more ft , ,
days. Means a saving of from ?50 to ?i5o on m California Winex a Specialty
Jt every piano in our stock. Chickerlng & Son, Front St., Marshfield
K Weber, Kimball, Hobert M. Cable, Clarendon, b aB-H- MBHHiB
m Bailey, Storey & Clark, and a number of other jf , , ,
S good makes. K
W B& m. jnm.
IK We also also have a few slightly damaged, W flJJ CQIl vGIV1C&
and unused pianos, which will be closed out this jt
V week for less than the original cost. Notwlth- W PiX AkIV HOUF
at standing our close figures on these instru- JP
ments. We will sell on very easy payments. M GOOD HEARSE and VEHICLES.
Headquarters for Victor and Columbia Talk- HcISnCT (VHIfCr & CO.
4 ing Machines. ' tt
9 at Livery, Feed nnd Sale Stablo
J A full catalog of the very latest records for
5 both Columbia and Victor just arrived. J Third and A Sts. Phone, 1201
W Call andhear the latest Red Seal. 16
re jfc Marshfleld.
I Taylor ?s Piano Hoiise J 4R&-
The Coos ;Bay Bedding & Upholstering Co. wishes to notify the pub
lic that they are now prepared to take orders, directly from their
factory for all kinds of custom work. With their force of competent
and skilled workmen they can, and will, give better work and for
lower prices than any other place ln Coos County or than can be
shipped in. If you cannot buy they invite you to be a visitor.
PHONE 1993.
Cook with Gas
- - use - -,
Electric Power
The Coos Bay Gas
(h Electric Co.
Portland & Coos Bay S. S. tLine
Sails for Portland and Astoria every Thursday
C. F. McColIum, Agt.
Phone Main 34
Cures Coughs, Colds,
, and Lung Troubles. Prevents Pneumonia and Consumption yELLOW packao
fles the first line of this article,
"Something doing every minute."
Every boat and every stage coming
ln is loaded to the guards, and about
the only time you hear anything
about a railroad Is when some visitor
complains about how long It took
him to get here. Everybody else 1b
busy with his business and gives it
no thought, confident ln his own
mind that the railroad will come,
and in the meantime he is anchoring
himself to the ground floor, happy
and contented and too busy to grum
ble. AvAvvwvww
and Flatironsi
A. St. Dock
tmwvim iiiumpwumciw miuajpnnni .
Croup, La Grippe, Asthma,
I All Parts of the World
We use the necessary
facilities for sending
money to all parts of
the world, and without
danger or loss. .. .
COOS BAY, Marshfleld, Ore. g
Eyes tested Free,
Broken Lens Replaced.
Work Guaranteed.
North Front Street.
You my lUrt an account in iKii bant with
any amount you with over $1.00. Stndrfietk.
money order, ciprcss order or by registered ler er
and by rrtura nuil you will receive your bank
book. We pay 47a interest and cotnpoacd it
tvneeayean on June 30 and DecexziLcr 3 1
Capital and SurpTua
Over $3,000,000.00
Tctal AieU
Over 512,000,000.00
Send for our Booklet on Banking by Mail
Ceos Bay
Steam Laundry
All work now done at
ths North Bend Plant ,
Edgar Mauzcy
Agent, Marshfield
North Bend Phone 1031
Marshfield Phone 180
Throat ty oenuino u to &