The Coos Bay times. (Marshfield, Or.) 1906-1957, September 08, 1907, SUNDAY EDITION, Image 5

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Can Win Men's Love as She Chooses Women ImpL
rier tor Information
Mile. Mario Baundot, a beautiful
Paraslan, has discovered a secret
which will bring millions of women
to her feet, bogging her to tell It to
them. Greater than tho lovo philt
ers of tho ancients, moro powerful
than tho receipts of witches and for
tuno tellers, Is her secret.
And, through tho perversity of her
kind, Mile. Daundet, having discov
ered the greatest secret In the world,
refuses to tell it, even to her best
.friends, though they beg and plead
with her to reveal it to them.
She has discovered tho secret of
winning men, Sho has found a
scientific, easy, and perfect receipt
for making any man sho chooses fall
desperately In lovo with her, and pro
pose marriage to her, oven at their
first meeting.
What her mysterious power is sho
absolutely refuses to toll. Sho says
any girl in the world, no matter how
plain, or even ugly, can by using her
simple receipt cause any man to pro
pose to her. She uses no "black
art,", so sho says; sho uses nothing
but her own system, and sho has
demonstrated In a wonderful test
what sho says is true.
Steals Her Friends' Lovers as a Test.
Mile. Baundot is young. Sho is
handsome, graceful and rich. Noth
ing was more natural than that doz
ens of men should fall in love with
her, almost at first sight, and seek
her hand in marriage. But when
' she stated that sho had discovered a
scientific way to win tho heart of any
man, her friends refused to believe it.
Several of her girl friends, asouug
and as handsome as hciself, laugh
ingly defied her to win away the love
of, their sweethearts and then were
heartbroken when, without the
slightest reason, seemingly, they
found themselves deserted and their
lovers at the feet of Mile. Baundet.
But Mile. Baundet was generous.
Having demonstrated her power bhe
returned the lovers to their rightful
places; gave them back to the doubt
el s, and the doubters were doubters
no longer, but firm believers.
But the greatest test was made re
cently. Mile. Baundet told many
persons of her receipt for making
men love her; and many of tho men
themselves, on hearing it, scoffed.
When they scoffed openly, and sho
heard their challenge, she promptly
convinced them, and when they were
on their knees before her, pleading
for even a smile, she reminded them
they had scoffed at her power and
that sho had punished them.
Even then her friends and ac
quantances refused to be convinced.
They admitted that hundreds of men
had proposed to her, and fallen in
lovo with her, and followed her, but
they said it was due to her beauty,
her vivacity, her grace, and her
cleverness. Sho admitted that her
beauty helped to attract victims, but
said her receipt was responsible, and
that, ever were she hideous, yet she
could make men desire wildly to
marry her.
Disguises Herself as a Ragged Street
The statement was challenged,
and in reply, Mile. Baundet proposed
the strangest and most startling test
of all. Sho stated that she would
disguise herself, attire herself as a
street beggar, and that, sitting on a
boulevard corner, wrapped in rags,
and squalor, and hideous in her
makeup, she would force men to stop
and propose marlage to her, Her
friends and her family laughed, and
told her she would see.
The challenge was made and ac
cepted at dinner at the home of Mile
Baundet in the Rue Vanvenargues, a
which six persons outside tho family
circle were present. It was agreed
that sho should, for five days dls
gu.'se herself as a beggar, and station
herself at a corner, apparently solic
iting alms, although a small staid
with fruits and nuts was to srvc rs
an oxcuso to the gens d'armes. The
property was owned by one of the
membres of the party who readl'y
agreed to secure tho necessary per
mit. Members of the party were to keep
tho arrangement nrlctly secret, and
were to watch tho rroceedlngs from a
cent by house, during the five houro
a day that Mile. Baundet agreed to
masquerade as a hag.
Her makeup was ono of the most
realistic ever donned. Sho smeared
her face with grease pant overlaid
' with grime, bowed her back, and
donned tho garments borrowed from
a beggar woman who called at tho
back door. Only to make them
worse, she soiled and tore them
more, and bound her feet in unsight
ly and worn men's shoes.
Gets Four Proposals tho First Day.
Tho watchers tho first day were
astounded to see a middle aged man,
well dressed, apparently a gentleman,
stop to do a little act of benevolence,
and remain for ten minutes at the
corner. His entire manner changed
after a moment, in which ho offered
the hag at his feet a franc. He was
differential, courteoui, and he raised
his hat when he passed on. Shortly
uiereaiter a careless, well dressed
youth, evidently a clerk, glanced at
tho crone, stopped, remained talking
with her for fully twenty minutes,
and finally made an effort to take her
hand. He evidently was beseeching
ner to mary him when the elderly
man returned, and ho and the young
muu uuuusi came 10 mows over
something. Tho elderly man drove
off the younger, and presented the
hag with a bunch of violets, after
which he hurried away. During tho
five hours two other men, both of
high class and apparently men pos
sessed of money, stopped and became
interested. Tho party watching from
the window of tho breakfast room
overlooking the corner was mysti
fied. Apparently the hag did nothing to
attract atentlon, yet four men had
grown vastly interested in her. At
4 o'clock the crono left the stand,
hobbled painfully to the gate in tho
wall, stepped Inside, and joined tho
Then came the greatest surprise of
the day. Two of the four men had
proposed to her In writing, at her re
quest, and one was a man of wealth
and standing. Four proposals she
had received in five hours, and from
the only men, so she said, that sho
had tried to make propose.
Nine Men Jjiiy Fortunes nt Her Feet.
The second day was even more as
tonishing. No less than nine men of
all classes stopped and proposed to
her. Some of them wrenchod them
selves away with looks of disgust,
but returned later as if compelled by
some great power, and proceeded to
lay their hearts and their fortunes
at tho feet of a grimy, hideous street
beggar. One of those that proposed
was a man of their own set. There
no longer was any doubt, and Mile.
Baundet begged her friends not to
require her to remain at the corner
They insisted, however, on another
day, all being wildly curious to dis
cover her secret. Although she
begged them to let her off she con
sented to one moro day.
That day, however, she Ignored
most of the passersby and did not
try her receipt except on three occa
sions, each time bring tho victim to
her. She forced all three to make
written proposals of marriage, and
brought them triumphantly to her
The girl was shivering from loath
ing when she tore off the beggar's
rags and donned her own gowns,
and she vowed that the test was cruel
to herself and her victims. Also she
vowed she never would reveal her
Will Not Use Power on Man She
Half of Paris now knows that Mile.
Baundet has discovered the secret of
compelling and man to fall in love
with her. What the secret is she
will not tell. She says it is based onl
exact scientific principles, and has
nothing whatever to do with hypno
tism or mesmerism, and that, if any
girl knew the secret, sho could bring
any man to her feet in a moment.
Tho oddest thing about it all is the
reason Mile. Baundet assigns for not
revealing the secret. She says she
is afraid to trust It to the hands of
her fellow women, because she Is cer
tain that It would result In cruel mis
use, and the breaking of hearts by
wanton women who would use it to
bring scores of men to their feet, and
then tramplo upon them.
And tho most pitiful thing about
It all, so Mile. Baundet's friends say,
Is that Bhe loves a man who does not
know it, and although she loves him
wildly and to distraction, sho re
fuses to use her strange system upon
him. She hopes ho will come to her
of his own accord, and cannot bear
to think of herself as being so un
maidenly as to force the, declaration
from tho man sho loves.
San Francisco, Sept. 7. "FIvo
years for Louis Glass" was the news
message that sped with Incredible
rapidity to all parts of the city this
morning from the Temple Shoirth
Israel, California and Webster streets
where was Imposed the sentence that
brought to a dramatic close tho "sec
ond trial of the vice-president and
former general manager of the Pa
cific Telephone & Telegraph Com
pany, convicted last week ot the"
crlmo of bribery; a crime for ,whlch
tho extreme punishment under tho
law of this state is 14 years. Only
a small crowd, made up for tho most
part of lawyers, witnessed the im
posing of sentence. When the usua
preliminary motions had been cleared
away the court said: "Has the de
fendant any other Iegan cause to
show why judgment should not be,
pronounced upon him?" and then
gave him five years at San Quentin.
Buy a Beautif
nor,, ?'H
Flexo Ready Roofing. Best
made. Send for samplo and prices.
Bayside Paint Co., North Bend, solo
agent, Coos county.
Dr. J. G. Goblo, tho well known
optician, of Medford, Ore., win visit
all Coos Bay towns duringgept.
For dates see this paper later.
Shoo repairing shop Just
on A street near Baptist
Prices reasonable.
Columbia Monthly Records Re
ceived the 27th of each month.
W. R. Haines Music Co.
San Francisco, Sept. 7. The
betting on the Gans-Britt fight
for Monday, is tonight 10 to G
JMn favor of Gans. Both are
practically at tho required
weight, 133 pounds.
Put In your order today for
your Sunday dinner. We havo fine
roast beef, pork, and veal. Sanitary
Meat Market. Corner A and 2d St.
Phono 1001.
Hydo Carbln Paint makes your
old s roof new, tight and fire proof.
Baysldo Paint Co.
nt Mrs.
Millinery Display
Aiken's Monday.
Mrs. A. G. Aiken wishes to call the
attention of the ladles of Marsh
field and vicinity to the choice selec
tion of Fall and Winter Millinery,
that will bo on display Monday, Sept.
9, and following days.
These goods were personally se
lected by Mrs. Aiken while in San
Francisco from tho very latest Paris
and New York models.
All aro invited to call and inspect
SAUSAGES Try some of tho
Sanitary Meat Market Sausage Jf
you want the best made. Phone
Bo Concisa if You Want Your Articles
Josh Billings said that ho did not
caro how much a man said if he
6aid it in a few words.
If you are wondering why your
articles como back from publishers
just try, tho experiment of rewrit
ing them in the shortest, sharpest,
clearest, simplest, most eixective waj
possible and send them again. The
chances are that you will get n
check instead of "Keturned with
thanks." You may find that the
sentences were loose jointed, sloven
ly or slipshod. You probably have
not learned the supreme art of con
densation. After you have written a page
study it carefully. See if you can
express the same tnought in half 6i
a quarter of the space. Compress il
into the fewest possible words by
writing the manuscript over and
over again.
Nothing pleases an editor sc
much aa a manuscript which is clear-1
eu oi an ruDDisn oi language, oi
verbiage, of every useless word.
Nothing exasperates him so much
as attenuated ideaB, long drawn out
and roundabout expressions and in
volved, ambiguous language.
Only ono in a thousand evei
learns the art of concentration. But
this is the whole Eecret coming tc
the point and sticking to it. In all
great compositions there is strength
through conciseness and compact
ness. Some magazines get $75 an inch
for advertising space. An editor re
cently said in an address that this
space was worth twice as much foi
editorial purposes as for advertis
ing. If young writers keep this in
mind and write articles as thej
would cablegrams at a quarter of
dollar a word their manuscript?
would not be returned 60 frequent
ly. Success Magazine.
NesU Which Weigh FlveToni.
The largest, heaviest and most
peculiar nests are to bo fpund,in
Australia. The jungle fowl of that
land build their nests in the form oi
great mounds, some having been
found 15 feet in height and 150
feet in circumference. They are
erected in sheltered spots and areJ
skillfully interwoven wjth leavsj
grass and twigs. The dusii turuey
adopts a similar system in construct
ing its nest, but it is more extensive,
and the shape is pyraraidical. They
build in colonies, and tho nests are
bo largo that it would require the
services of six or seven carts to re
move one. The material of a single
nest has been found to weigh up
ward of fivotpna.
Ernest Gabler (Sb Bros. Pia
. Established 1854, and obtain a Life Membership in the
Daily Benfits
In musical Delight the Gabler is recognized for its sweet singing
quality of tone and its responsive action.
Against dissatisfaction. The durability of a GABLER is
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Come, See and Hear it. Testimonial booklet
. mailed on request.
Hakes Musk
Phone 1441.
C Street between Front and .Broaitg
Last night at Masonic Op-n-a
House, which was again packed to
tho doors, tho Phenomenal Medical
Expert restored the hearing to sev
eral deaf people hy tho application of
some medical preparation.
M. Fahee, who had been deaf for
twenty years was made to hear in a
low whisper In a moment.
Joseph Archembau, deaf for twen
ty years a resident of Marshfleld, was
made to hear In three minutes In a
low tone of voice. i
Mrs. Ida Hathway, of North Bend,
who was very deaf for 20 years was
made to hear a low tone of voice. I
Myron McGulre, of Marshfleld, af
flicted for twenty years, was made to
hear In a low tone of voice.
Carl Sneedon, deaf 20 years, also
resident of Marshfleld, was made to
hear In a law tone of voice.
Tho doctor gave a short lecture
during the course of the evening
which brought forth hearty applauso.
Another tumor will he removed with
out knlfo, pain or blood on Monday
night. Many other cures will also
bo made In full view of the audience.
The opera house cannot hold half
the people desirous of attending these
wonderful demonstrations so the
doctor announces that a charge of
10 cents will bo made on Monday
night and a coupon ticket will be
given, good for Tuesday and Wednes
day nights. Those 'attending Mon
day night will thereforo get free ad
mission on Tuesday and Wednesday.
Tho entertainment last night was
"worth at least a dollar, and tho en
tertainments next week will bo better
than any yet given.
Those suffering form chronic and
nervous diseases can consult the doc
tor at Hotel Blanco, Hours 10 to 1JT
and 2 to 4 week days.
it t
F 4 itift -
tjiuv vr tormm t? r rv mi
It is choice inside residence property, lots 50xfl
with alleys, is well sheltered with a good bay view
prices of lots are reasonable. For particulars see
Henry Sengstacken, Manager.
mmmmtimmms m:mi:mmtm
A nice line of
Souvenir Postals of Marshfleld
The Steamer
F.S DOW Agent
Gasene sudB aro not poisonous;
vapors harmless to inhale.
nil m " -'---.-- . - -, .- w- w .- - - ... ... .. ,
2nd and C Streets
For Kood things to eat. Special va
riety in WIS CREAM, noston linked
Jeans ami llrown Breud, Rolled Hum,
Veal Pot Pio. A variety in Cukes
and Pies.
Phone 561
mf0tttimiVi um
r. ft-
MMM " 'v " -
, , ' r-
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rai n -.m ar m r - i ip ' - " ..h
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