The Coos Bay times. (Marshfield, Or.) 1906-1957, July 19, 1907, Daily Edition, Page 6, Image 6

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f .EVrA
feditorial Rooms - - - - 1 33 1
Business Office. - - - - 1331
fr ! &' t-4
4 Drain stage leaves Marsh-
Held at 6:30 a. m., returning,
arrives at Marshfleld at 2:30 $
-?, p. m. 4.
j,IHnnco. E. T. and E. H. Perry,
Honent, Calif.; E. E. Slocum; J. O.
jJaskcy; W. S. Qreenough and wife,
Bandon; Chas. Rednall, San Fran
cisco; George J. Altken; Dr. Tatora
and wife, Coquillo; F. G. Kelly and
son, Eureka; Loyd Kelly, Kelly; G.
B. Howard, N. Y.; M. C. Winters,
Portland; Jas. P. Hamilton, Sarita
Rosa, Calif.; Watt Short; Mollle
Belleu, Myrtle Pont; Lillian Peter
son, Boaver Hill; D. A. Utter: R. B.
IMsland and family; Chas. A. Boyer;
jL S. Wagner; E. Galena; Mrs. Rout.
Bedilllon, Bandon; Mrs. F. Crosby
and children, Gardiner; Jesse Hite,
Central. Thomas Guffey; W. W.
Gage; A. B. Stoodard, Iola, Kan.; J.
D, Wilson, Drain; -Wess Brown; E.
Ullttnn! Hnrrv fVittoll
;l ;";:::. v
civ Jiuiiio ocwing .uucmncs ai
Doctor Receives Requests. Dr.
Ingram had numerous requests yes
terday before the Breakwater's saj
lng for antidotes calculated to cure
seasickness. He explained that he
knew of nothing that would correct
such a difficulty, but the Importuni
ties were so strenuous he was obliged
to hand out some old maid remedies.
Fishing Tackle at Mllnera. V
Gets Pension Increase. R. S. Star
key, of Bay City, received an Increase
In pension by an act of Congress
passed on the Cth of last February.
Mr. Starkoy was a soldier in the
Mexican war. The increase came
through a now provision, designated
as "Honorable service."
Jjcuvcs On Business Trip. W. H.
Kennedy left yesterday on the Break
water. Ho will spend a few days
In Portland and then go to Idaho,
Tvhore ho has business Intorests. Ho
expects to remain thore for about
threo weeks. 1.
Stiletto Pocket Knhes at Mil-
yvill be
you have
A big line of camp
s JuW
folding chairs, 'hammocks, camp stoves, tin dishe knives.
A special effort will
1 ' - ' ' i gr jp
H .4
B.v? i
BnjsIu llnllcchid. AdclitWCi-tiertt
Lockhart has purchased thirty-nine
lofs )nRallrpadA'rd(tIon froiu the
Merchant estate. The deal was madD
through I. S. Kaufman & Co.' and
Claude Nasburg. The property libs
In the vicinity of the Odd Fellows'
lilcjch'H at Milnors. u
Lent es For Pom Won . Dell Cath
cart left yesterday for Vaqulna Bay,
where the big pow wow of tho Red
Men will take place 1not week. He
will spend several das In Portland
attending to business matters.
Window Sttieens at Milncrs.
Brings Fine Strawberries. Mr.
Bowron, of Isthmus Inlet, was In this
city yesterday, bringing with him
some excellent strawberries from his
Automatic Rifles at Mllners. r
Building New Home. R. B. Wool
ey is building a new home in South
Marshfleld. The specifications call
for a flve-room structure.
f7fitflfi Ifncn fit Tllnnic l
All kinds of ninniunltiou at Mll
Dean Building Repainting. The
old Dean store building on Front
street, now occupied by tho Ekblad
Hardware Company, Is being re
Thomas Dimmick's house at the
stave mill was found afire in three
places Wednesday. Brush burning
on Sherman avenue is supposed to
be accountable for the Ignition. The
family was absent and returned just
In time to quench the flames and
save the house from destruction. Tho
fire originated from sparks falling
on the roof.
Asks Marquis Ito to Evtrivnte Little
- Country.
Toklo, July 18. The conference
held at Seoul today between Marquis
Ito and the Emperor, at which It Is
said the Emperor besought Ito to
help save Korea from the present
complication In a manner satisfac
tory to Japan, and at tho same time
without compelling anything deroga
tory to tho Korean court. Ito, it is
said, avoided making a definite re
ply and retired without committing
the Alliance next week
standard goods, selected
been looking for. This
room and, in order to clean up
then consult your wallet anpee if you
furnishings just arrived
be made on above date
Us Face
WT1 PZ$iS mm
Oregon Immigration this Sum
mer Is the Heaviest Ever
Men Came As Result of Free
Offered By Hill Rnll
roads. Fare
Portland, July 18. What is be
lieved to have been the greatest Im
migration of Its kind into tho Pa
cific Northwest has been accomplish
ed by James J. Hill In bringing in
workmen on tho Portland & Seattle
railway construction from St. Paul
and the eastern centers. Employ
ment agents estimate on a conser
vative basis that 40,000 workmen
have been Imported to this territory
since work on the North Bank road
was commenced.
This great movement has been ac
complished by offering free faro to
the Pacific coast. The object of
course was to fill the construction
camps along tho Columbia, and tho
only reason that the Hill lines have
kept the invitation standing and so
many have been brought west is that
the men desert after working a time,
changing to some other line of in
dustry. However, many drift back
to tho railroad work from timfc to
time, and it is estimated that be
tween 4,000 and 6,000 are now at
work throwing dirt on the North
Bank railroad.
Before the close of the season the
management of tho Portland & Seat-
Ulo expects to be doing much better
and to double practically tho con
struction forces, for President El
liott of tho Northern Pacific Is quot
ed as saying that he expects to hae
12,000 men employed on tho woik
before longf'when as much earth will
we will receive a great
to suit all tastes and purses, and the selection
stock will crowd
a space for thei( reception, we will close out
the regularly marked price. Consult Q-ffr stock
andioing Ifa ice in the
cuns. nails.
to transfer!
these goods
to Face
beT moved on the wqrkjis isl)elng
dug by the forces engaged on tho
Panamrt canal. ' '
Pacific" coast 'industries miVn felt
tho effect of this great army 'tit men
moved westward by the Hill forces
for construction purposes. Probabl
there Is not one of tho great manu
facturing Intel esta in the Pacific
Northwest that has not Leon helped
by finding tho labor market easier as
tho direct result of this great Immi
gration. These men arc largely
Greeks, Austrians and Bulgarians
from Pittsburg, Cincinnati, Chicago,
St. Paul and other eastern centers.
They are all available for the heavier
work of Pacific coast Industries.
Sawmills aro better supplied than
last j ear at this time, the railroad
camps of all the companies have a
large quota of men, and the harvest
fields, which are now sending forth
the annual Macedonian cry, are not
likely to face tho serious shortage (Times Special Service.)
of labor that has been the case in Coqum Ju,y 18Tho Co(luI1Io
former seasons. In addition the
wider use of combined harvesters,!- -amors are to be handled
with which three or fourmen only aro ' under different management. C. J.
required to do tho work that for- McLean and H. G. Stratton, of Port
merly required a hundred, promises Innd- and F- A- Sm,th' -f st- Johns'
to save the crops of the Interior with- are 8omQ f thoso interested In tho
out using so many harvesting hands n management. There Is to be a
as heretofore. ' J corporation, with a capital stock of
However, there is work in all lines
for all who want to work, and wages
were never so good. Railroad con
struction pays from ?2.50 up for
common labor; railroad maintenance
work pays from $1.75 up; harvest
hands get from $2 to $4 a day be
tween Portland and Pendleton, while
loKKlnc Jobs are to be had right now
at $2.75 to $3.50.
t i
Farewell Ceremonies Will He Held
This Morning at 10 O'clock.
Toklo, July 19. A dispatch from
Seoul says the emperor convened tho
elder statesmen at 1 o'clock this
morning and after two hours of con
ference Anally made up his mind to
abdicate. It was decided to hold
the. abdication, ceremony, at. 10
o'clock this morning. Much Interest
prevails about the palace and at an
other place a ciowd of 2,000 Is as
sembled. Portion of this crowd as
saulted the office of the Daily Ko
kumln, but the mob was dispersed
before much damage had been inflicted.
m.i4'iriXamwTAi-i- r:
line of rockers of ail sizes, grades and prices. These
us---crowd us beyond he capacity of our large show
A rpj9
donppfeiate the "value received."
sunT ThWe are just a
om our hands to yours
if Thje
?fl Dot let this opportunity get by
anfl be sdrry in a few minutes
plete House Furnishers
We'll Save You Money
Outside Parties Interested
$50,000 Coquille Corpora
tion Lately Organized.
News Items In General From
Busy County Seat
Fire Scare.
?&u,uuu. xne Liberty ana uispatcn
aro to havt new boilors, and the An-
talope will be overhauled. Tho Co-
quille River steamers, five in num
ber, will bo much speedier and safer
when the Improvements are com
pleted. Abo Wilson, who has been working
at Yoakim's camp near town waB
(badly hurt on July 11. Tho stroke
of a maul sent a stool snlintor Into
his arm three or four inches, making
a painful and serious wound.
Some time since It was announced
that two saloons had opened at Co
qullle. The Information was some
what misleading, as Mr. Tupper
opened his doors yesterday. He had
been dolnyed In securing fixtures.
Tho Ladles Aid, of the Methodist
Episcopal church, will give a Rain
bow picnic at the farm house of Mr.
and Mrs. E. L. Lozier on Wednesday
afternoon, July 24. The traditional
pot of gold will be in evidence, and
a milking, batting and rope-skipping
contest will bo hold for prizes. The
steamer Echo will carry the people
up, and they will be returned by a
moonlight strawrlde.
A little blaze In the back room of
Dean & Hollenbcck's butcher
will contain just the chair
those now in stock at
few of these articles left -
by the inducement of
paused, excitement -yesterday
but by tho time tho flro bell sum'.
inoncd the flro 'ddpaftinent boys tno
flames lmd' b'oon extinguished.
II. A. King and family hao gono
to Bandon to reside.
Mrs. D. F. Dean, Frnnkle, wjfe nn(1
daughter of the editor of the Herald
have gone to Idaho. Tho former la
search of health.
Mrs. Leona Teiitsch, of' Pendleton
Oregon, arrived hero last week, nnd'
Is visiting a cousin, R. H. Mast, and
Mrs. Dr. Culin and daughters Irnirt
nnd Alice returned from San Fran
cisco Sunday, where they visited tho
former's paronts,
A marrlago license was Issued yes
tordty to Mr. Eugene Thomas and
Miss Maud Hanson.
Marlon Clinton is In town today
proving up on his timber claim. Wal
lace Hammach and Frank Miller aro
his witnesses. '
The members of the firm of the
Pacific Real Estate Company have
gone to Bridge on a hunting snd fish
ing trip.
A. S. Taylor and family, of Port
land, aro here looking for a home.
D. C. Rogers, a real estate man,
and wife, of St. Johns, came In on
the labt Breakwater to look after the
formers tlm(bor ilntorests in Coos
Wm. ,Goodwin, Mike Supple, and
J. S. Cob aro hero from Troutdalo,
Ore. They like Coquillo, and will
probably locate.
V. C. Armstrong, of California, is
here visiting his friend, Mr. Quar
tormass. G. W. Harry purchased a homo
near tho Presbyterian church last
Mr. Price, whose shipyard was
burned on the lower river, Is going to
Tho city council has ordered a now
hose cart and 400 feet of hose for tho
fire department.
PlttsDurg, July 18. Conservative
reports to the Associated Press to
night from interior points of West
Virginia indicate that the floors
caused by tho storms and cloudbursts
during tho past forjy-elght hours
are receding and the damage will
leach half a million dollais. Four
deaths aio thus far reported.
tents foldine cots
ll I IT II w