The Coos Bay times. (Marshfield, Or.) 1906-1957, July 17, 1907, Daily Edition, Page 6, Image 6

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Editorial Rooms - - - - 1331
Business Office - - - - 1331
fr 4,4.4.4.
Drain stage loaves Marsh
field at C a. m.; returning, ar
rlve3 at 2 p. m.
Ulnnco. E. M. Van Patten, Fort
Dodge, la.; A. H. Powers, city; J. E.
Mnglnnis, Roseburg; B. M. Watson,
Grants Pass; W. H. Kennedy; J. L.
Golstel, Portland; A. L. Anderson,
Portland; E. Galena, Portland; D.
Bogart; Mrs. M. Stemmler, Myrtle
Point; Mrs. W. J. Peterson, San
Francisco; S. I. Towers, Seattle; S.
ft. Mann, Salem; E. J. Larsin, Co
'aullle; S. B. Lelghton, Portland;
Charles Slocum; W. Llttlcfleld and
'wife, Bandon; It. B. Symington, San
Francisco; L. A. Crlnkshank, Port
land; A. Goldberg; J. W. Billings;
Paul Mclthke.
Central. Foy Cox; J. F. Tanner;
I. McDonald, San Francisco; George
W. Peoples, Coquille; Leo Montgom
ery; O. R. Barrow, Coquille; Charles
Aponz; E. Ilutton; Andrew Thomp
son; J. E. Maginnis, Redding; J.
Johnson, Snohomis, Wash.; Burt
Wilson, Minneapolis.
Steam Roller Shod. The steam
roller, purchased by the city some
time ago and used on the streets for
a time, was introduced to its now
homo on Broadway yesterday. The
shed recently erected for this pur
pose stands well into the street and
Is an unsightly arrangement.
Hold Adopt ion Ceremonies. De
gree of Pocahontas, Sacajawea Coun
cil No. 0, hold adoption ceremonies
at its regular meeting on Monday
night. After the ceremonies, re
freshments were served and a gen
eral social time was enjoyed by the
Hold Special Mectmj?. Koos
Trlbo No. 33, Improved Order of
Red Men, will hold a special meeting
at their hall on Front street tonight.
Business of Importance will come be
fore the meeting.
Fish Is Overhauled. The gasoline
boat Fish has been jeceiving a tlior
ough overhauling and has been re-I
I are Contemplating the Purchase of a Talking Machine.
painted. The work was done on the
beach at Charleston bay.
Prove Up On Claims. Mrs. D.
Cathcart and Mrs. E. A. Anderson
were at Coquille yesterday to prove
up to thelf timber claims. Mr. Cath
cart, Mrs. Nellie Owens and Watt
Short were present as witnesses.
W. J. Rust's' Claim. W. J. Rust
visited Coquille yesterday to prove
up on a timber claim. Dr. W. Hay
don accompanied htm and witnessed
the papers.
Curious About Bridge. Residents
in the vicinity of the north bridge
are wondering when the structure
will again be ready for traffic. It
has been torn out for several weeks
and there Is no indication of Its be
ing repaired.
To Build Residence. A. H. Stuts
man is preparing to build a ten-room
residence in Bay Park, south of
Marshfleld. in the vicinity of Bunker
Go To Coos River. Mrs. WIckman
and family, of Empire, arrived In
Marshfleld yesterday noon on their
way to Coos River, where they w.Jl
camp at Enogren's Grove for a week
or ten days.
AVII1 Bo Bookkeeper. Mr. Geo.
Lulig has accepted a position as book
keeper in the employ of Davis &
Schtitz, wholesale dealers, of North
In the Hospital. Mrs. Frank Rog
ers, of Coos River, is receiving treat
ment at tlio Goneral Hospital.
Departs for East. Frank Boutan,
Jr., departed Sunday afternoon for
Bayfield, Wis., where ho will remain
for a short time, and then make a
tour of the States farther east
North Bend Attorneys Here. At-1
tornoys Guerrey, Hollister and Der-!
byshire, and H. Beliuko came over
from North Bend yesterday on busi
ness matters. x
I'nintiii" Interior. Painters arc
touching up the Interior of tho Rog
ers building on Front stieet.
Gow Why's Gow
Why gave orders yesterday for a
warehouse on Fourth street, 20x80.
It will bo used as a store room for
Hatchery Improvements. Lumber
has been ordered for Improvements
of the Coos River hatchery.
Ready For Excavating. Tho Flanagan-Bennett
bank site on tho corner
of A and Front streets Is cleared and
ready for excavating.
Central Oillce Upstairs. The Cen
tral Hotel ofilce Is quartered in the
second story of the old hotel build-
lng for tho present, awaiting tho fin
Edison Gem, complete with latest improved wood fibre horn and one dozen records, (your own selection)
Eastern catalogue house prices , ' """"
Saved by buying of W. R. Haines Music Company ZZZL?" " """ " "
Edison Standard Machine, complete with latest improved woodtibre hfin and one dozen records (your own
We deliver
(Easy Payments.)
Edison Home Machine, 24-inch metal horn, including horn stand, one dozen records (your own selection) $37 nn
Eastern catalogue house price (wait six weeks for your records) ?q7Rn
Saved by buying of W. R. Haines Music Company i ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ 50
(Easy Payments.)
We carry in stock all styles of Victor and Edison Talking Machines; deliver the goods to your door, at the same prices and less than you can
get the same goods for by sending away. Call and we will be pleased to show you ourstock of Pianos and Players, Baby Grand Pianos and
Upright Pianos of all the latest styles and finish, including Chapel and Parlor Organs, Violins, Guitars, Mandolins, Sheet Music and Musical Mer- '
chandise and complete stock of FRANK H0LT0N BAND INSTRUMENTS.
Comer C. Street Lforee
ishlng touches on the downstairs
ofilce on A street.
Plant Leaves. The Plant left
North Bend yesterday at 3 o'clock.
Begin Work On Mill. Structural
work on the C. A. Smith mill will
commence today, since the last pilo
was driven yesterday. Tho beams
are mostly ready for tho work
Will Build Home. Mr. Chas. Ol
son received lumber at East Marsh
field today and will begin Imme
diately to build a home In that town.
New Traveling Man. W. H. Wood,
a San Franclscd man who lately re
ceived tho Coos Bay and Coquille as
signment for his firm, is here, hav
ing arrived on tho Plant.
If. E. Murray Gets In Mivup 'In
Aberdeen While Visiting
Aberdeen, Wash., Bullteln: H. E.
Murray is tho traveling representa
tive for a magazine publication at
Marshfleld, Oregon, exploiting the
advantages of tho Coos Bay country,
visited tho Midway on the carnival
grounds last Saturday evening.
While engaged in perambulating up
and down the enchanted space he
was hit in the eye with a rubber
ball In tho hands of ono M. T.
Murray says ho hold his peace for
tho time being, but later attempted
to remonstrate with Thorpe when,
he says, a whole army of fellows
pitched on to him and proceeded to
" uu" "" BO,llu- luo rcalm ,s
that Thorpe ,s charged by Murray
with assault and battery, and tho
case will probably be heard tomor
row in police court.
Thorpe and his friends assert that
ho was merely doing his best to pre
serve order and was In fact acting
as peacemaker when the trouble oc
T. J. Lewis will go to his ranch
on Ten Mile today, accompanied by
Olin Arnspiger, who will survey the
forty acres owned by Mr. Lewis, and
which lies on both sides of Black
Creek. Mr. Lewis will arrange for
lumber from the Muetzol mill for a
summer bungalow while there. The
building will be erected immediately.
Thoy will bo absent about three days.
(Easy Payments.)
this machine and lavoyou a
Arrives On Coos Bay From
Portland In One Hour
Less Time.
Cites Tramp Vessel Near Cascade
Head In Trouble Good
What few people who were left
in town after the Coos River hegira
of yesterday were at the Breakw.itcr
dock last night to see tho boat lie
up on her second trip to Coos Bay,
rtitur having beaten her previous
good record of 22 hours steaming by
an hour. It seemed tho whole city
was out to welcome tho boat and
meet friends they wero expecting.
The crowd which stood about was
brimming over with good nature,
and several wags got busy as the
passengers came off tho ship. Among
the quips wero: "The only seven
story brick hotel in the city," "Free
bus to the Blanco," "Trains every
half hour to Plat B." "Boware of
Tho Breakwater left Portland
Monday night at 8:10, and tied at
her Marshfleld dock last night at
9:30, 25 hours and 20 minutes out.
The time from Portland to Astoria
was considered something of a rec
ord, it being made in G hours and
10 minutes.
There was a smooth sea and clear
weather on tho trip, and tho only
delays were at Astoria for loading
freight and at sea about ten miles
west southwest of Cascade Head,
where tho Henrlk Ibsen, of Bergen,
a tramp ship, was sighted and found
to be in trouble. She was spoken
and it was learned the difficulty was
only a hot bearing, and she had that
cooled In about an hour and proceed
ed on her way.
Tho officers and crow were as
highly pleased over this trip as they
were over the maiden effort, and tho
six-weeks' delav.
chief engineer said the machinery
worked oven bettor than bofore.
Tho pcoplo of Coos Bay aro com
ing to appreciate tho fact that this
section Is now receiving good trans
portation service, tho host tn tho
history of tho country. When, with
out rnilroads, passengers can roach
horo from Portland In 24 hours, peo
plo will not mls3 tho coming of tho
railroad as they would Without tho
Breakwater on tho run. Following
aro the passengers:
Mrs. Larsen, Miss Larson, H. Or
niandy, W. J. Tillly, S. Marsden, J.
Wilbor, Mrs. T. Crewe, Mrs. E John,
J A Bank, C. A. Kraft, Mrs. Mont
gomery, George Montgomery, I. R.
Malono, J. H. Bolton, G. Fitter, O. E.
Baxter, Boyno (2 children), 13. R.
Loyne, Mrs. Boyne, Wm. Duncalfe,
S. W. Shilling, Thos. Hipp, J. W.
Wilson, Mrs. Wilson, Miss B. WlUon,
Mrs. Wilson, H. D. Grokon, Mrs. Gro
ken, Miss Martin, O. E. Woods, A.
Lalng, Thos. Noble, A. Smith, Miss
Hashberger, Mrs. Dole, A. A. Pen-
land, Mrs. Penlnnd, Mrs. Ingram,
Mr. Ingram, Miss Miller, Mrs. Mau
zoy, S. Gabrlello, A. II. Allen, Mrs.
Osteger, John Hill, W. C. Walling,
R. Gibson, W. Tenpew, R. Wild, W.
F. Gronnon, E. L. Pelles, Gus Wader
son, G. Doll, L. H. Gadsby, C. A.
Caudiff, H. D. Larske, D. Alslog, J.
Nols, Mrs. Nels, II. Nols and Otto
Ncls, II. C. Burnett, C. R. Everson,
and 20 steerago.
Mui-shfleld Hotel Proposition AVill Be
- Held Up Until They Arc
There aro yet $12,000 worth of
seven per cent first mortgage bonds
awaiting purchasers at tho Chamber
of Commeice headquartos, and until
these are disposed of the hotel propo
sition in Marshfleld will bo held up.
It wrs thought the bonJs would bo
purchased Immediately after tho an
nouncement was made that Mr. Gib
son 'ntended to go ahead with the
building of tho hotel. As tlie differ
ent parties interested in the venture
have put up a liberal share thoy do
not feel Inclined to go any farther
until Marshfleld pcoplo show their
faith by taking tho lomaining por
tion of tho bonds.
Dan Keating returned from tho
Coquille country yesterday.
selection) '
Some Pertinent Facts
About Coos Bay-
As Set Forth On the Marsh
field Chamber of Commerce
Letter Head
Tho Chamber of Commerce has
now letterheads which nro calculated
to provo advantageous to this com
munity. A low salient items of in
terest nro rolated on tho shoot and
tho officers of tho Institution are
named, the matter reading as fol
lows; Coos Bay Is tho only harbor In tho
United States that has its own coal
Tributary to Coos Bay aro lm
monso bodies of the finest tlfnber left
standing in tho United States.
Coos Bay has the most equable cli
mate known to the temperato zone.
Coos Bay is an Ideal dairy country
a veritable cow heaven.
Grass grows green the year round,
and stock keeps in good order with
out feed.
Largo sawmills and factories in
oporation, and others going up.
One railioad building; two others
Factories havo tho advantage of
coal and wood cheap and closo at
Gamo in tho mountains, fish in the
streams for sportsmen; surf bathing
and yachting for pleasuro-soekers.
Fruit of finest varieties thrives,
strawberries ripen until December;
oxcollent opportunity for truck gar
dening. Good schools, churches and frater
nal societies.
No cyclones or thunder storms.
Olllccrs. Dr. J. T. McCormac,
president; I. S. Smith, vice-president;
Walter Lyon, secretary; J. II. Flana-
gan, treasurei.
E.vccuthc Committee. Dr. C. W.
Tower, J. D. McNeil, I. S. Kaufman,
F. S. Dow, II. Sengstacken, Claudo
Nasburg, Dr. J. T. McCormac, I. S.
Smith, J. II. Flanagan.
Dr. W. Haydon mado a business
trip to Coquille yesterday.
$15 70
""" $ -'qq
aP'Ifl H
! i
t I
Doors West of Front Street. I
- - - Marshfleld, Oregon
Phone Main 1 44 1
I "" '