The Coos Bay times. (Marshfield, Or.) 1906-1957, July 17, 1907, Daily Edition, Page 5, Image 5

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Of Practical Value To Fanners, Lumber
men and Owners of Forest Lands
Tho forest lands of tho United
Sattes are owned In ttareo separate
ways: First, by tho Government of
the United Statos, to which belongs
tho National Forosts; second, by
some of tho States; and third, by
private ownors Individuals, com
panies, or Institutions. Tho prlvato
forest lands exceed In area those of
the States and tho Federal Govern
ment combined, and their preserva
tion In a condition to produce tim
ber and to conserve tho wator supply
Is of vast Importance to tho nation.
Tho treatment which they, usually
rpcelvo tends to destroy their value
rather than to sustain or Increase It.
Tho reason Is evident. Like other
private property, these lands aro
held for the returns they yield; and
tho owners havo only begun to un
derstand that It pays better, as a
rule, to protect a forest, Irf harvest
ing the timber crop, tlinn to destroy
It. The Forest Service, therefore,
offer3 practical assistance to prlvato
owners In devising definite plans for
the proper care aifd management of
their forest lands, In order that tho
lands may be kept permanently and
increasingly productive.
Tho lands are mainly of two khulB
small holdings, for tho most part
farmers' woodlots, and large timber
tracts. '
Throughout H very largo poition
of the United States nearly every
farm has a certain part of its area
under wood, either planted, as In
regions otlicrwiso treeless, or of
natuial growth. The valuo of this
wooded portion, besides affording
protection from the wind, iq chioily
for fuel, fencing, and railroad ties,
with Eomo building material and the
wood needed fpr special uses about
the farm. Without tho woodiot the
farm very often would bo an un
piofltable investment, because tho
farmer could not affoid to buy tho
wood which now costs him very lit
tle except tho labor of cutting and
moving it. But in tho majority of
cases this part of the farm is far
less useful than It might easily bo
made. This is true because the
farmer does not study its productive
capacity as ho does that of his fields
and pastures, and henco does not
make it yield as fully as ho might, ' niade.
tion of forest land, an estimate of
tho merchantable timber, and a
study of tho young growth which Is
a basis for a socoffd crop; It offers
recommondntions for lumborlng and
for tho future caro of tho forest, and
uauauy mciuuos a forest map. Tho
Forest Service does not, howovor,
put tho plan Into execution oxcept In
special cases.
Tho examination of woodlots is
made by regions in which tho head
quarters of tho forest offlcors mak
ing tho examinations aro established
at contral points. Tho Forest Ser
vlco pays the salary and the travel
ing oxpenses of tho agent to tho re
gion; tho owner provides only for
ins traveling expenses from head
quarters or from a point on routo to
nnd from tho tract and for his main
tonanco while making the examina
tion. Timbeilumls.
(a) In making preliminary exam
inations of largo tracts tho Forest
Servlco pas the salary of the agent,
while tho owner pays his traveling
and living expenses from and to
Washington, if a special trip is neces
sary, or if there Is an officer in the
region, from tho nearest point on
his route nnd return.
(b) If, as a result of the prelim
inary examination, the owner decides
to have a working plan made, he
pays the total expenses of making
tho plan, Including salaries. Where,
however, the preparation of tho plan
will bo of unusual educational value,
or if no working plans havo been
made in tho region in quostlon, the
Forest Sorvlco moj share a portion
of the oxpenses.
Tho recommendations of tho ex
amining officer or the working plan
need not be put Into execution unlets
satisfactory; but when a plan has
been accepted tho owner will bo ex
pected to enter upon Its execution,
and to give such reports upon tho
work as tho Sorvlco may request of
him. If deemed advisable by tho
Sorvlco, and If desired by tho1 owner,
a personal Inspection of the work
carried out undor tho provisions of
the report submitted to him will be
Famous Coast Athletic Trainer
Succumbs To Cancer
Dies In Corvallis.
Was Speedy Man In Distances and
Sprints Ph steal Director
with little or no additional labor,
if ho went about It In tho right way.
Largo bodies of forest land, In al
most every wooded portion of this
tracts of any size, from 5 acres
up, will bo considered, and applica
tions will bo taken up at tho earliest
convonlonco of tho Service. No ap
plication will bo considered which
country, have come into tho hands I contomplates tho caro of trees plant
of prlvato ownors and aro hold for , eu- f0r decorative purposes, or any
their value as sources of timber. phaseyof the work which properly
Under the usual methods of lumber- belongs to landscape gardening,
Ing, tho harvesting of the present , Bnco suci, worc js entirely out of
crop of timber on these private lands ; tno province of tho Forest Service.
Is commonly accompanied by tho de
struction of tho trees now too small
to be profitably cut. Tho small
trees, If left unharmed, would form
the basis of a future crop, often of
more valuo than tho first. It also
frequently happens that the first cut
ting removes from tho forest the
more valuable species only, so that
the future growth Is not nearly so
valuable as It would be If tho species
of less value were taken and If se
lected trees of tho best varieties were
left to provide seed for a future
stand. Tho trained foresters of tho
Forest Service give advlco as to what
trees should bo cut and what left,
and also tell how tho cutting can
best bo carried on to protect tho
trees which It would not now bo ad
visable to cut. They are frequently
able to suggest markets for tho less
desirable kinds apd to make sugges
tions for preventing waste In largo
tops, high stumps, and partly de
fective trees.
Protection Against Fire.
Fire so frequently follows tho
lumberman, in spite of his precau
tions, that In many places it is
thought to be Inovltablo. Only too
often, also, flro burns over tho for
ests beforo they aro cut, killing
trees and reducing tho valuo of the
timber when cut. In every region
of tho United States adequate pro
tection against fires is urgontly
needed. Often a woll-planned and
woll-oxecuted system of flro protec
tion is all that Is required to enablo
a cut-ovor area to renew Itself or to
onablo a forest already growing to
increase greatly In valuo In a few
years, Tho Forest" Sorvlco Is pre
pared to dovlso definite, practical
plans that will aid In protecting prl
vato holdings from flro.
Nature of Assistance Given.
Tho assistance rendered Is nd
vlson, by means of correspondence
or publications, or Is ombodlod In a
report based on n personal examina
tion of tho tract. If desired, tho ro
port Is a practical working plan,
In which details aro given for proper
caro and management. Such a
working plan Includes a classlflca-
In all States whoro a trained for
ester is employed tho Service will
co-operate with him whenever possible
Rev. Ford, pastor of the Christian
church at Coquillo, and at Myrtle
Point, held tho usual services In
their church Sunday. A largo audi
ence was present In the evening.
A marriage license was granted on
Saturday, 13th Inst, to Warren R.
Littleflold and Miss Estelle Mauslet,
both of Bandon.
George Leach Is finishing a build
ing for a store room on Second street
which for location will bo ono of tho
best In town.
Our townsman and merchant, P.
E. Drain and family have gone to
tho mountains for an outing. His
clerk and bookkeeper, assisted by
his wife, aro attending tho business.
Rouben Mast Is building a flno
two story residence on Spurgon Hill.
Just now tho Moulton street
bridge is Condemned, and the Henry
I street bridgo torn up to bo repaired.
T: J. Thrift has just moved Into
his now eight-room, house, one block
oast of the court houso.
Located pleasantly in East Co
quillo, Dr. Klrshnor's now houso will
soon bo ready to occupy.
Mr. Pierce and Mr. Johnson, river
mill.mon, returned from San Fran
cisco today,
Tho sawmill horo was not running
Monday on account of scarcity of
Waltor Drain, together with
others, wont to Eden Valley for an
outing and to enjoy a hunt.
Tho city dads aro having consider
able trouble ovor tho long bridgo on
Moulton street. It needs ropalrlng
badly, and as It Is used as a county
road and by tho mall carriers, the1
city has tried to havo tho county
help to repair it. So far the county
has refused to havo anything to do
with It.
A special to tho Oregonlan says:
"W. O. (Dad) Trine, physical direct
or at tho State Agricultural College
and ono of the best known athletes
and athletic trainers In tho west, died
here at 8 o'clock tonight, after suf
fering for moro than two years with
cancer on the face. His chin was
affected, and moro than a year ago
his lower jaw was removed. For
two months the sufferer had been
confined to his room, whero ho lin
gered between life and death.
A committee of tho faculty of the
Agricultural College will accompany
the body to Eugene tomorrow, whoro
Interment will bo made.
Trine ran all the distance races
and the sprints. For tho 100-yard
dash he hold a record of 9 4-5, aiid
4:27 in the mile. He was about 3S
years old.
Tilno was made physical director
of tho O. A. C. four years ago.
WcII-knonn Coast Athlete.
W. O. Tilne, b6tter known in ath
letic circles as "Dad," was ono of
tho best-known trainers of amateur
athletes on tho Pacific Coast. Ho
first gained fame as a professional
foot racer in the early clays of the
sport on tho coast, and has per
formed on tho track In almost every
city of any promlnonco in sporting
circles on the coast.
In tho days whon Jack 'King, of
Portland, and Dad Moulton, the vet
eran coach of the University of Cali
fornia, wore tho spiked shoes and
running trunks W. O. Trine who at
his best, and frequently demonstrated
his speed when they wore either par
ticipants or officials of the meet.
Trino's greatest performance on the
track is said to havo been his defeat
of Pendergast, who at that time wa3
rated as tho champion of the country.
When footracing commenced to
declino in tho early '90s, Trine took
up coaching of amateurs, and was
associated with Moulton in Califor
nia for several years. About eight
years ago he came north and was
soon engaged as trainer for tho ath
letes at the University of Oregon.
Ho developed a team that became fa
mous, and ever since his taking up
tho work of training, this Institution
has been represented In all branches
of outdoor athletics by champion
ship or winning teams. Four years
ago Trine was made physical direc
tor at tho Oregon Agricultural Col
lego at Corvallis, which position ho
held when ho died. Ho Is tho man
who developed Forrest Sralthson,
Earl Greenhaw, Swann, Moores and
other famous athletes who have won
honor and glory for Oregon colleges.
During the games held under tho
auspices of the American Athletic
Union at tho Lewis and Clark Fair In
August, 1905, Dnd Tiino was present
with tho finest collective bunch of
athletes that he could muster at that
time of year, but owing to Injuries
suffered by Smlthson and two others,
and tho failure of Greenhaw to en
tor, tho Chicago Athletic Club cap
tured tho meet.
Shortly after these games Trlno
was attacked by a cancerous growth
on his lower jaw and was sont to St.
Vincent's HospltaJ In Portland to un
dergo an operation. His chin was
entirely removed and at that tlmo
It was thought that all of tho affect
ed portion of the jaw hnd beon re
moved. Two months ago he again
became a sufferer from tho malady,
and at that tlmo his Hfo was despair
ed of for tho reason that another
operation was. practically impossible.
Tho funeral of the dead trainer
will bo attended by a largo delega
tion of Portland athletes, who aro
endeavoring to arrango their busi
ness to permit of their journeying to
Eugene to pay final trlbilto to tho
man who has ably assisted tho ad
vancement of athletics In Oregon,
ns well as In tho entire Northwest.
music an opportunity to hear what
is known In other localities as tho
best musical talent In the west.
Notice as to the tune and progrnm
of the opening of the former skating
rink Into a vaudeville houso will bo
announced later.
references must accompany application.
WANTED A thoroughly competent
girl for general housework. Good
wages. Apply to Mrs. Song-stnekon.
FOR RENT Two Furnished House
keeping rooms, closo In, cheap.
Coos Bay Auction Co., Second
street, bet. B nnd C.
Opon day and night Serves
everything the market affords.
FOR BAU3 A tatiu of M noree on
.Daniels' Crook. Address B. R.
Joaea. Box 110, Marehfleld. 5-26-1
FOR SALE A small improved farm.
This la a bargain. Apply at Hall
& Hall'i office. 6-1-1
FURNISHED houso of six rooms for
rent; couple without children. In
quire at Times pfllce
JiOST A pun
North Bond
Box C7, N
Mtl Roiiil
betweenyLIbby and
Finder address P. O.
lin lessons TOr lessons in English.
Address Lo Bon Vivant restaurant,
between 2 and 4 o'clock.
WANTED Men ot work on roads at
Ton Milo. Apply to Oakley Ar
nold, North Bend.
WANTED A good man to woVk In
hay field. Wages 2.00 por day
and board. Phono, Farmors 208.
E. L. Bessey. x. '''
FOR SALE Storo doing good busi
ness Owner Blck. Small capital.
Apply Coos Bay Auction Co., 2nd
St., bet. B and C. Telephone 874.
somo capital to take charge of a
first class rooming houso. Big
money and east work. Snap. C009
Bay Auction Co., 2nd street, be
tween B nnd C. Telephone 874.
house, in another town. Big
money for right party. Snap
Coos Bay Auction Co., 2nd street,
but. B & C. Telephone 874.
FOR SALE The bBBt location, tho
best trade and the best stocked
millinery BtonB In .Coos county. It
you mean baslness, Kptao money
nnd wnntA snajapply to Coon
Bay Auct(meofr 2nd St., between
B. & C. Telephone 874.
LOST July 12, on Front street or
near Alert Landing, small, plain,
gold watch, no initials or engrav
ings; open faced. Suitable reward ,
offered. Leave at Tlmos office, or
address, Mrs. S. A. Yoakam,
Marshfleld, Oregon.
H Jm&VfiMm guarantee joenor wotk op
9 tsmammU ammw -v thnn can boifad elBOWhcj)dr
m i a hi iiiim monumental wotk unui
B nftlMiirr1 SEXN
1 3ir iiF 'V'i TWL-,
v, sy.''-,-. jr r i IJji.
loTfcr nricea.
Do not order
you linvo
SMt & Mitchell
Corner 3d & D Sis.
Phone, Main 1731
WANTED Men to work In sawmill,
wages $2 per day and upward.
Simpson Lumber Co. S-241tf.
WANTED. To buy, clean rags,
ply Times Office.
Application will bo received by
the clerk of school district No. G,
Empire City, Oregon, for the post
""' " ...-.. i -.sCTiigacMfliaBULauBC3W3rnufmmji
j4 iin -Mi
A nice
Souvenir Fo
tions of principal and assistant; S&im$SSt8!$8S$!$$$$$ t$$$t$$$$$$8$SS$Stl$S$t
Manager Hagar's well known piano
player and illustrated song singer,
Prof. Charles A. Condlff, arrived last
ovonlng on tho Breakwater. Ho will
give to tho Coos Bay lovors of good
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v Ji&i. .-- v