The Coos Bay times. (Marshfield, Or.) 1906-1957, July 14, 1907, Sunday Edition, Image 11

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Being Two Idyls In Prose Descriptive of the Magnificent
Scenery Around Coos Bay and up its
Tributary Streams
It Is a beautiful day In July, thoro
are no clouds In the smiling heavens,
the Biin shines brightly, and nature
looki io fair and tempting that it is
impossible for one to remain in
doors, Out in the gardens llio sum
mer air seems to thrill with tlio b'ong
of birds. Insects spread thtlr bright
wings and fly among fragrant blos
soms, and humming birds bury them
selves deep In the heart of the honey
suckle. Tho balmy sweetness of
spring is giving away to the glowing
radiance of summer. The tall,
graceful grasses wave In the fields.
Tho meadows aic covered with flow
ers, and fruit is beginning to ripen
In tho orchards. Nature wears her
brightest smile.
Coos Day Is certainly one of the
fairest spots In fair and tranquil
Oregon. It stands In the deep green
heart of tho land In tho midst of the
fcrtllo counties. It is surrounded
everywhere by rich resources. There
are large and park-like lands where
deer browso under stately trees;
there aro flowery dells and knoll3
that would charm an artist; there arc
wido Inlets nlmost broad and deep
enough to bo called rivers. Coos
Bay is noted for Its trees; tho grand
old cedars stand supreme; tho odor
ous myrtle; tho graceful alder; tho
tall straight pine all seem of the
greatest perfection here.
Tho towns themselves along tho
bay aro picturesque. There arc
some old buildings, then there aro
those of moro modern structure.
These contain cheerful modern apart
njenls, replete with modern comfort.
Art has not "done much, but na
ture everything. Charming pleasure
grounds seem to bo laid out with un
rivaled skill and at a convenient dis
tance from the numerous towns along
tho bay. When one gazes at the
water meditation begins. It seems
as though tho rippling water Is .sing
ing a now song, something of yout'j
and happiness, somothing of a new
and freer life, and with' the faint
ripple and fall of the water comes
tho desire always to remain whero
tho sound is ever present.
There is the large winding river of
Coos. Hero tho water washes along
among tall reecU and splashes with
a faint musical murmur on the
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stones. The thiol:, leafy branches
rustic In tho wind and tho birds sing
ovorywhoro. Its banks aro dotted
hero and there with pretty little
summer cottnges. Here in the eve
nings the night 13 still and clear.
Tho moon hangs over the dark tiecs,
floods of f,ilvcry light batlic the beau
tiful river, the sleeping flower3 and
the green grass.
There is, a' gentlo stir amid the
branches, the lcave3 rustle In tho
soft breeze, the bluo silent heavens
shine bright and calm. The silent
beauty of the star-lit sky and tho
hushed murmur appeals to one.
It la very pleasant; these soft
glowing evenings; tho picturesque
glades; the warmth and gladness of
all around you. To once see this
river is to remember it ever after.
The sun shining on the bluo water
sooms to add a touch of gold. The
waters ripple between the soft green
banks until it seoni3 as though each
wave were singing its own song. The
birds sing In the gieon shade of the
spreading trees, tho rich odor of
rarest perfume prevails and the air
is always balmy. To live and breathe
ill thl3 marvelous country whero
everything is the work of God's cre
atlvo genius and not of man, Is a
lears navo passed to many on
Coos Bay like a long tranquil dream.
Tho sun rose and set; tho tides ebbed
and flowed; tho spring flowers
bloomed and died; the summer skys
smiled; the autumn leaves of golden
hue withered on tho ground and the
winter rains fell, yet no change came
to the quiet towns along the penin
sula, until recently. Now great
changes have taken place.
Ambitious strivers have entered
and the future of Coos Bay Is -certain
to bo greater than any other section
on the Pacific coast.
It is morning; the whole burst of
golden sunlight, of singing birds, of
blossoming flowcr3 morning over
the rushing, humming bay of Coos;
ovor the distant shining trees; morn
ing -to bright, so glorious, that it
nnifit bring happiness to everyone.
Tho thin lines of blue smoke are
c iii ling through the trees. The
farm laborers aro out in the fields;
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the cows arc waiting to bo milked;
thq; Vie beautiful little town of
Hast Marshfleld Is in tho full activity
of Its country life.
How fair and goodly aro tho few
homes here, surrounded by exten
slvo woods; the wealth of rich pas
ture and nicndow land. The excel
lent land resembling a stately park
spreading out for miles with mag
nificent tree3 In abundance. Can
you picture a beautiful bay with Its
green banks, a blue sky over head, a
grand green hill rising In pictur
esque beauty, the spreading trees,
and there closo to the bay unbosomed
In rich green foliage, surrounded by
tastefully laid out grounds the town
of I3ast Marshflcld.
It is one of tho liveliest spots on
Coos Bay. Behind it the tall hills
raise their heights and 3holter iho
beautiful land from the winds, leav
ing it open to tho warmth of the
golden sun. From tho various
homes one can watch the sleepy
white tide come rolling in.
It is convenient to the cltio3
across the bay as launches and small
craft ply continually. East Marsh-
Held, all In all, Is one of the most In
teresting places on Coos Bay, and is
Commencing Sunday
f $5.00 FREE! iWirTOUTuCEiY?
If Come in early and get one of these bricks of Ice Creim and incidently make a dollar.
B This unique sale will -last until every brick is sold.
&8!&&&ai i-ftis iwwsfwteg&as wwbs
becoming moro and more beautiful
and attractive each year. A visitor
can enjoy scenes of Italy by taking a
abort jaunt Into the interior of the
land. The present number of Inhabi
tants Is conceded as 200. It is situ
ated just across tho bay from Marsh
flcld near the C. A. Smith lnnd.
Will Spend Some Dajs Hunting anil
Fishing Around Lakes.
Mr. and Mrs. Backensto, Mrs. Bol
ster, Mrs. Strickla.ul, M. 51. Buhl,
from North JJcnd, are going to visit
Mrs. Thomson, the popular school
teacher on North lake. They will
also enloy about 10 days hunting
and fishing.
New Miu-sliili'Itl Institute Will Occupy
Same Till Building Is
The First Trust and Savings Bank
of Coos Bay will open its doors to the
public In Marshfleld 011 Monday In
My 14, at 10 a. m.
the Wheeler building, opposite tho
Times office on First street. This Is
the institution that is having a build
ing constructed on tho corner of C
and Broadway, and tho opening of
Its doors at thh time shows an enter
prise that Is worthy of the west.
Their building will not bo com
pleted for some timo, and the con
cern thought it best to get into busi
ness right away and tints piepare for
tho present and future business
which Marshflcld offers for such an
Unptlst Church
Picnic On
Will Give
Tills AVook.
The annual picnic of the Baptist
Sunday school will take place at
popular Charleston Bay,, on Wednes
day of. this week. Tho boats will
leave Marshfleld promptly at 7:30
In the morning. Everybody is in
vited to join the Sunday school and
take lunches and bathing suits.
Fare, 50 cents for adults; children,
25 cents. Further notice will be
Five Out of Every 100 Bricks of Our Famous
Hni Between Mnrshfleld und Xorlli
Bend Made in Jli Minnies.
I'rhiite IiHii'li'irjs.
Fare: One hut, loc; rotux! trip, &,
J. A. O'KkLIA", Proprietor.
Bank of Oregon
Capital SMck fully paid up
$50,ooor y
Transact aJjJrfncral Denying
North Bend, Oregon
Pull the
Wet YouwbJtfffiien Blow
J. R.HlERRON, Prop.
Front Street, : : Marshfleld, Oregon