The Coos Bay times. (Marshfield, Or.) 1906-1957, July 11, 1907, Daily Edition, Page 6, Image 6

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Editorial Rooms - - - - 1 33 1
Business Office - - - - 1331
Drain stage leaves Marsh-
Aeld at 3:00 a. m., returning
arrives at Marshfleld, 10:4b.
Blanco. W. E. Nelson, Sheridan;
F. D. Hawks, Mr. and Mrs. Kelly,
Goo. Sawyer, Oakland; C. T. Glczen
tanner, Pasco; E. J. Wheeler, Syra
cuse; W. A. Mlllls, Portland; S. M.
Cobb, Black Rock, Ore.; Fred. C.
Johnson, San Francisco; E. M. Pet
erson, C. A. Peterson, RIverton; L.
V. Chesley, Myrtle Point; N. P. Wal
ker, Bandon; A. Bingham, Portland;
David Roberts, Empire; A. Jacdbs,
Bandon; Georgo E. Cook and wife,
Empire; Fred. Brltton, Grand Rap
Ids; G. Brltton, Grand Rapids; Mr.
and Mrs. McCurdy.
Central. U. S. Booth, Portland;
John Hlles, Frank March, Ohio; G.
Gllbortson, E. J Foss, George Stough,
Mrs. E. W. Gregfa', Wyatt Coffelt,
Chas. Long, Port Orford; Chester
Langlols, Port Orford; T. H. Kenkle,
Frank Snyder, Green River; J. Mil
ler, Jack Lougheed, John Kombos, S.
D. Bidwell, E. B. Williamson.
Good Fishing Luck. Frank Gran
ger, manager of the store on Ten
Mile lako, was In Marshflold yester
day to look after some business mat
tors. He reports that the Long
Beach, California, party in camp
there Is making some record catches
of trout, and that Itfrs. Harrlman
carries the palm with a fish which
weighed four pounds. People post
ed on the history of fishing on these
lakes claim tho largest llsh over
caught weight but three ounces more
than Mrs. Harrlman's captive. There
have been stories of five and six
pound trout, but none have over been
shown or produced for evidence.
Assuulti'd Man Known Locally.
Georgo Magulre, tho San Francisco
Bradstreot reporter, who was mur
dered recently In San Francisco by
a crowd of strlko sympathizers, was
a friend of Tom Bennett and Claude
Nasburg. Ho was an acquaintance
as well of Miss Annlo Flanagan.
Tho assault committed on Magulre
was of a cowardly and unreasonable
nature. Ho was accosted and charged
with riding on tho street cars. Ho
owned ho had dojie so, whereupon
tho crowd set upon him and beat him
and knocked him down. In falling,
his skull was fractured by tho pave
ment nnd he died at tho hospital to
which ho was taken at C o'clock tho
next morning.
Make Record Hnul. Messrs. James
Ellerby and Robert Domoiit, who
camp each summer at Charleston
and fish outside tho bar for deep sea
fish, mado a record haul on Mon
day. Thoy took twenty-two halibut,
which Is said to bo the largest catch
ovor taken by one Coos Bay boat In
a day. They brought tho fish in to
markot, but had old tho groator
part of them beforo reaching Marsh
flold, as tho North Bend pcoplo wero
eager purchasers.
New Coos UuiUlhiK. Contractor
Condon Is removing the buildings on
tho plot of ground to be occupied by
tho new Coos Building, and will have
tho surfaco ready for grading by
noxt Monday. Messrs. Prentiss and
Wasson, who have bustnoss establish
ments in the buildings which are to
bo removed, will occupy tho present
Contral Hotel office and a room on A
stroet, respectively.
Fulls From Bicycle. Mr. Dean, of
Pratt & Dean, photographors. mot
with an accident Monday which" do
faced his physiognomy badly. Ho
was riding a blcyclo whon tho front
fork broko and dasned him to tho
ground. Ho found ho had sustained
two black eyes, besides other busi
ness of less consequenco, after ho had
slept over tho matter nnd allowed
tho Injuries to dovolop.
Receive Football Emblems. Will
Chandler nnd Olon Arnsplgor hnvo
received from the Unlvorsity of Ore
gon football emblems which thoy will
prlzo vory highly. Tho momentoes
como in tho shnpo of a gold-platod
football, mado Into a watch charm.
On tho ombloms are Inscriptions
giving tho roclplonts' names, tho re
sults of tho Multnomah and Washing
ton nines and "Champions of tho
Pacific Northwest, 1D0G."
Complete 31111 Foundation. Tho
concroto foundntlou for tho C. A.
Smith Lumber ana Manufacturing
Company's olllco at Bunker Hill Is
comploted and the suporstructuro will
bo commenced this morning. Tho
oxcollonco of tho foundation, which
Is demonstrated beyond dispute,
proves that tho Coos Bay rock and
sand nro ndequato to any domands
for concroto work.
Idaho Man Gets Quilt, Mrs. J. T.
Archamboau's quilt rafflo this week
Tesulted In a victory ror Mr. Towner,
who recently camo to Marshflold
from Twin Falls, Idaho. Mrs. Arch
ambeau will leave today on the
Breakwater for a two week's visit
to her daughter, Miss Ethel Jennsen,
In Portland.
To Begin Jetty Work. Mr. Wake
field, of tho firm of Jacobson &
Wakefield, has arrived at Bandon,
and operations have been started for
the jetty work this firm has under
contract. Twenty-five men have
been employed and set at work.
See Palm ad on page 6 for easy
Repair Telephone Line. Superin
tendent Robertson informs tho Times
that the Coos River telephone cable
Is out of commission and will likely
not bo repaired before tho expiration
of two days. He has linemen out
searching for the trouble, and hopes
the difficulty will bo remedied
- On Hunting Trip. HUlis Short
departed yesterday for Curry county
in company with two Portland men
for a hunting expedition. The sea
son for buck In Coos and Curry
counties opens on the 15th Inst.,
fifteen days earlier than in any other
county In Oregon.
NEW Second-Hand Range .for sale
cheap. McNeil & Ferguson.
Deceit c AVortliiiigton Pump.
The duplex 12xlSA and 12x10
Worthington pump which tho Marsh
fleld Water Company will use in its
improved system, arrived on the
Plant, and is now on the dock, await
ing removal.
Repair Launch. Tho gasoline
launch North Star was lately over
hauled and received a new coat of
paint, besides having its engine re
placed by a 4-cyllnder gasolene en
gine. The cabin was rearranged and
tho boat Is doing better work on tho
North Inlet run than ever beforo.
I. S. Smith Returns. Mr. I. S.
Smith" returned from his hurried trip
to Latah, Washington, yesterday over
tho Drain stage route. The sister
who was spoken of in last week's
Times as being seriously 111 suc
cumbed to tho aliment which afflict
ed her, and Mr. Smith left for home
shortly after tho burial.
Lodge Lecturer Here S. M. Yo
ran, of Eugene, Grand Masonic Lec
turer for the State, will be in Marsh
flold today to visit Blanco Lodge.
In the afternoon Mr. Yoran will In
struct tho lodge, and In tho evening
there will be a social meeting of
Sncchi's N'ent Sign. F. A. Sacchl
has one of tho neatest signs in tho
city on his new store on B and Sec
ond streets. Tho letters in carmine
against a whito background show off
well and they are of sufficient height
to bo read at a considerable distance.
Building Contractor Locates. J.
T. Post, a building contractor from
Blackl'oot, Idaho, is located i,a one
of the cottages recently erected by
D. L. Rood on Washington avenue.
Mrs. Faulkner Improves. Mr3.
Faulkner, who was recently operated
on at tho Mercy Hospital, was re
moved to her homo in North Bend,
and is rapidly improving.
Dislocates Arm. Miss Flora Payno
foil and dislocntod her arm Tuesday
Dr. llorsfall attended her.
Dies In Hospital. Mr. Saunders.
died at tho Mercy Hospital yester
day. Ho was affllctod with typhoid
N .- -T i
. .J
Sunday's defeat at Coquillo infused
now ginger Into tho Marshfleld base
ball toam, and ovcry night sees
countless numbors out practicing on
tho local diamond. Now players
hnvo been Invited to got out nnd
prance with tho other colts, and Cap
tain McKeown hopes to gather n
combination for Sunday that will bo
cortaln to drub tho Beachltes from
tho rock coast.
Tho Marshflold bunch realizo thoy
must hunt out some batting ma
terial If they aro to realize thoir foud
dream of swiping tho pennant from
tho seeming grasp of tho Coquillo
team, which Is coining so fast. A
good supply of rosin lias been ordorod
for Sunday's game and every player
with a tendency towards slippery
plays will bo provided with a geuer
ous amount from the comiulbsary de
partment beforo tho gnmo begins.
Marshflold In third plneo Is not
cheering to tho fans, nud thoy havo
decided thero must bo something
doing othor than losing games. A
rootors' club has beeu organized
with Frank Haguo us Rootor-lu-Chlef,
and should Bandon show a disposi
tion towards winning, tho club will
turn loose its choicest lnvostlves. If
this falls to stay tho tldo, the small
boys will bo turned looso on them.
Secretary of Chamber of Com
merce Acquaints Himself
With Local Conditions.
Will Endeavor to Adjust Boat Rates
During Period of Colonist
Mr. Walter Lyon, who arrived
here Tuesday night to assume his
dutks with the Marshfleld Chamber
of Commerce, is posting himself as
rapidly a3 possible on the Coos Bay
country and its resources and will
soon be equipped o enter into the
work with prospects of obtaining
good results. He 13 not unacquaint
ed with the Oregon country, for he
has studied it in various ways, from
the editorial chair, and from the leg
islative halls. To say that he un
derstands Coos Bay would probably
require qualification, yet, with his
knowledge of other parts of the state
his work should soon outline itself
to him here. In stating that Mr.
Lyons has made observations from
the state house the fact of his being
secretary to a former governor was
in mind.
The matter of looking up the col
onist travel and soliciting a change
in tho rates to Coos Bay has been
brought before him and he will learn
what can be done about the ques
tion, or at do something
toward directing tourists from
Portland toward Coos Bay, the
mecca of opportunity seekers.
Under tho present arrangement,
tourists or settlers who return must
pay twenty dollars extra for reach
ing Coos Bay. They can come to
Portland or Ashland for cerraln
prices, but when they wish to reach
this clime, there 13 more expense.
While this matter will bo investi
gated and adjusted, if possible, it is
tho opinion of most people that Mr.
Lyons will havo an all summer's job
if he chases such a rainbow. But It
Is unanimously agreed that thero
is nothing like trying, and the extra
ordinary discrimination which now
exists against Coos Bay may, per
advonture, be corrected.
Thero i3 one thing which Mr.
Lyoua advise3, and this Is. understood
by those who havo given tho matter
attontlon. The impression Is out
that Marshfleld is antagonizing tho
Southern Pacific railway. In at
empting to correct this imprecision,
n Mr. Lyons belloves In doing, no
one need feel thero Is any apology to
offer, but simply a statement of reel
facts, in contravention of word tlia:
has beeu disseminated by several
uowspapers in Oregon.
Mr. Lyons is well impressed with
tho situation In Marshfleld and .the
Coos Bay country and believes with
tho residents that thero 13 a great
future In store for this territory.
Ralph Edmunds, of Idaho Falls,
Idaho, nrrlvod on the last Alliance
from Portland with his family and
tho body of his father, who died In a
Portland hospital. Ills brother
John, of North Bend, came over with
him, and they had tho remains of
their mother romoved from tho
Bandon cemetery and brought up to
Flshtrap Landing, where they wero
reintorred. Tho father and mother
and a son, Arthur, who died in early
manhood, now res: sido by sido in
tho Flshtrap cemetery.
Covered wagons, or "prairie
schooners," aro much in evidence
theso days on tho main roads. In
many a sheltered nook they aro
found In camp, with tent pitched,
tho stout wagon standing by, and tho
patient horses, tied near, munching
their hay.
Tho small steamer Antolopo has
been condemned, not oven being al
lowed to tow scows aud barges. Sho
is 22 years old.
Haying is occupying tho nttontlon
of tho river tanners. The crop Is
good, and with good weather like
tho present It will bo harvested In
prime condition.
Thero aro a great many wild black
berries this year, ana children and
others are making nu honest penny
solllug nt 50 cents per gallon.
San Francisco, July 10. President
Small of tho Commercial Telegraph
ers' Union, has determined to remain
in this city and go over tho San
Francisco situation with Labor Com
missioner Nolll, who is expected here
Pleasant Valley Experiences Sudden
Change From Mild Summer
What Is claimed by tho older citi
zens to bo tho worst storm In the
history of Pleasant valley, visited
that section day beforo yesterday at
about tho noon hour, say the Salem
Journal. People were partaking of
the noonday meal, and many prob
ably were contemplating the cele
bration of tho Fourth for tho fol
lowing day, when suddenly the
heavens grew gray and the wind be
gan to blow. Tho day had been
rather warm and sultry but that at
mosphere was lifted as if by magic
and in its place came a cold air a3 if
blowing tiom an Iceberg. Showers
of rain fell at short intervals for
some time, then camo tho uailstorm
In all Its fury. The rattle of tho ' the opening feature wncn two can
frozen missiles was deafening, stock didates were initiated Into tho order.
ran for shelter and man yhead suf
fered from the stone3 which beat
mercilessly upon them. Window
glass crashed and shattered In every
house and for a time even the peo
ple with steady nerves did not know
what to think of tho general appear-
anco of things.
John Troy, who is farming several
hundred acres of land In Pleasant
Valley this year, was In town yester
day, and in speaking of the storm,
ho said: "I havo lived in that section '
of the country for a quarter of a cen
tury, and I never have seen a storm
equal It. I measured some of the
hailstones as soon as I dared leave
shelter and they measured two Inches
through, many were large as hens
eggs yhen they fell. The damage
cannot be estimated that has been
dono to crops and fruit by this storm.
The rye and alfalfx were very flue
but for a space of two miles, the
distance the storm traveled, it is all
laid flat to tho ground. Fruit In
that same district is torn from the
. ...i tl. i i.
trees and even the sago brush was
stripped of its leaves. A lime kiln
down the gulch was set on fire by
the storm. Every window glass in
my house was broken. It is hard to
estimato the loss I will suffer, but
I could say it will be at least $1,500."
Mrs. A. B. Fleming, who Hve3 near
Pleasant Valley, Is In town today,
and in speaking of the storm there
day before yesterday said that it was
very bad. She described it as a
waterspout, and stated that one ranch
which is operated by a man named
Johnson is almost a total wreck. At
the Whitehead ranch a lady and her
baby wero rescued just in time to
savo them from the terrible flood.
Management Wishes to De,:icrsr.ite
Its Faith ii Present Tva of
To givo away silver dr''ar to,
patrons seems tho height of biisln n
folly, yet that Is the unique inno a-
tion wnicn tne 1'alm lee Cream Frr-
lor, of Marshfleld, will promulgate
on Coos Bay people Sunday next.
Dr. Stafford says tho management of
the Palm wishes to demonstrate con
clusively its faith in the era of pros
perity which Coos Bay has 'entered.
Ono hundred bricks of vari-col-ored
ico croam are to bo made and
In five of the bricks thero will be
enclosed a silver dollar. The bricks
will bo placed on sale about 10
o'clock Sunday morning.
Commencing Sunday, July 14, at 10 a. m., five out of
will contain
Como in early and got ono of these bricks of Ico Cream-and incidently make
a dollar. Put the Ice .Cream is worth more than tho money. This unique sale
o will last until every brick
I Phone 861
ra r Q
Given In Honor of Mrs. Unrgelt
Recently Elected AVorthy
Grand Matron.
Doric Chapter No. 53, O. E. S.,
gave a reception Tuesday night In
honor of Mrs. Florence Bargelt at
the Masonic temple. Mention of the
item was omitted, by error, in tho
Times. Tho ladles of the Star proved
excellent hostesses and all had an en
joyable evening.
Mrs. Bargelt was elected worthy
grand matron for tho state of Ore
gon nt the June convention held In
Portland and tho event was given as
a testimonial to her and to celebrate
the honor conferred on her and the
chapter to which sho belongs.
Principal among the features of
tho occasion was a program, followed
by a banquet; and tho evening closed
with a general social time.
The Satr work was exemplified for
Artistic and Comfortable
of 51,8GO.
Copyright. 1807. by E. A. Payne, Cirthatfc, III.
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m.-Mt?.- i .; rt I l UU1 C MV .JK.T . W!V.
.-? -. j? iM E m bfflI-B?j : vr ??wnjw
!illf lip i 11 mmmmmm IBS
n t
Porch -
n .l
II .DininaRi-n 8- ,iCa I
1 m
. i.i u
Tills handsome frame house was
111., nt a cost of $1,800. Tha foundation
J D si
H 23 Rjjj
By. TUMg; r ct Cg Ef
k . ,n
the whole house. The outside walls arc finished with siding. Tho interior la
trimmed with yellow pine, filled and varnished. E. A. PAYNE.
-. -
$1.00 IN SILVER.
is sold
Wholesale and Retail Ice Cream
f tr
Will Institute Suit Against Oregon
nnd California Railroad Com-
pnny "00 Applicants.
Attorney E. L. C. Farrln has loft
for Portland to Institute suit in tho
Federal Circuit Court against tho
Oregon nnd California Railroad Com
pany on behalf of two hundred Coos
county cllonts who desire to purchase
lands owned by this company, and
which was given to It by tho govern
ment under a provision that It would
bo sold to actual settlers at $2.50
per aero.
Theso clients havo mado tenders to
Mr. Eberlin, of San Francisco, chief
of the Southern Pacific land depart
ment, nnd wero refused, consequently
tho suit. Messrs. Woodcock & Pot
ter, of Eugene, will bo associated
with Mr. Farrln in prosecution of tho
suit. All tho land In question Is lo
cated In Coos county.
Built In Illinois at a Cost
r 5g-' KoarJi
i Be;! Rocn & T J
y, 3sjf 3 jj
lhi13 ' B&ffcmS
jrf 3. I
built for Miss Ollie Burner at Carth
is of stone, and there is a cellar umfoi
.. ..-,,-,.,---,
100 bricks of our famous