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Coos Bay Times
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The Coos By Times PuiiLisiriMi Co.
llsh a number of factories In con-1 their boundaries are drawn. Next,
junction with it3 giant mill, the their direct use and value are shown
chance for a new hotel which from the point of view of the home
will bo equal to the needs of a grow- seeker, the prospector and minor,
ing and ambitious c:.y, and a thous-1 the user of timber, the user of the
and other things mentioned, prove j range, the user of water, and other
that the day of Old Things has passed ' users of forest resources. Third, It
REX LA HUE, Manaoku.
The policy of The Coos Bay Times
will bo Republican in politics, with the
independence of which Vi evident lloose
volt is the leading exponent.
Entered at Hip I'o'tofflrc ut Mimlifleld, Ore
gon, for trauiinlsiinii tliroURh the mails i
eccnnd clikvs mail. mutter.
Sinclo copy, daily,
Per month, daily,
Throw months, daily,
Sixjnonths, daily
Ono year, daily,
Weekly, por year
5 cents
50 cents
?1 23
?U 50
$5 00
?1 00
Address all communications to
filarsMield. Oregon.
away for Marshfleld and that the day
of its greatness ha3 been ushered in.
NO better recommendation can bo
given any town as a town than '
to say that It has a good hotel. In j
fact, its reputation rs largely based
on tho ontertainment it affords it3
visitors and the people who come for
business or pleasure. Tor years, in
the early part of the last century ,N"ew
York City was famous for its Astor
House and whenever any body of
famous or learned men met at tho As
tor Houso they were sure to sing the
praises of the city. Chicago re3ts
her reputation largely on the Audi
torium and tho Plainer House. Mod
ern New York has .irobably received
more advertising on account of the
Waldorf-Astoria and the St. Kegis
than In any other way. Boston Is ,
glorified in large mj-asure by its J
is shown how tho forests are intend
ed for use, for the production of
usable products, and for the estab
lishment and maintenance of homes;
how on all of them tho timber is pro
tected from fire, the water flow is
kept steady, tho forago on tho range
is increased and guarded from
abuse; and how, In addition, they
servo a3 great public playgrounds
and as breeding places and refuges
for game. Finally, the management
of the national forests i3 described.
Hero it is that the great useful
ness of the forests Is brought out
most clearly and strikingly for the
forests are managed by the people in
their own interests, and every means
is used to meet the desires and wants
of all forest users half way by deal
ing with them in tho main directly
on the ground and in all cases with
the utmost practicable dispatch and
freedom from red tape.
In a word, tho special interest of
SO THE time is here when tho old
things of Marshfleld aro passing
away and new and better things are
taking their placo3. It is certainly
refreshing to note tho improvements
which aro going on in this city, of
Coos Bay at this writing and it causes
the old ,resident to atop and ponder
on tho mutability of what ho had al
most come to believe wa3 immuta
ble. Some people have been hoping
so many years that tho time would
come when Marshfleld would begin to
move up to Its' propor place as a com
mercial metropolis, and havo beou so
constantly disappointed that they
were enthused with difficulty and
woro inclined to bo croakers. Cut
the Coos Bay croaker is really a
patriot at heart, and beneath hiB
croaking is a feeling that thing3 aro
wrong because the city ought to bo
great and isn't. Even the croakers
aro beginning to get the spirit now.
Tho Chamber of Commerce meeting'
last Tuesday came dangerously near
making tho moro btolld old foggies in
tho county feel like getting up and
singing "Glory" to Coos Bay.
But tho old disappointed Reeling Is
passing as tho old rookeries which
have marked tho low stage of Marsh
fleld progress disappear. Ono has
only to look over tho level district
from C street on tho south in tho di
rection' of Bunker Hill addition to
realize that some building is being
dono. Now houses are springing up
ovorywlioro and yet in spito of this
it Is not pretended that all tho now
houses will bo sufllclent to houso tho
people. Tho business streets are un
dergoing a completo change. Tho
old houspa on tho corner of Broadway
and C street which have stood thcro
for many years, aro being hauled
away to give placo to a modern up-to-dato
bank building, threo stories
high. Broadway seems to suddenly
Btnrt Into great business Hfo and to
glvo promise of being a rotail and
promenade nvonuo of no mean im
portance. C Btreot is taking on tho
samo conditions, and changes nro go
ing on which' mean big things for
that thorouglifaro of commerce.
Further up Broadway tho old build
ings aro about to bo removed and a
ilno brick block will bo erected,
which will bo a credit to Mnrahileld,
and vio with nnything In Oregon out
side of Portland, it looks as if
Broadwny and First streets would
soon become a rival of Front street
for business. But Front street will
not bo left behind in tho raco for
prominence. Tho Flaiuiagan and
Donnett Bank building will soon be
gin to rlso on tho cornor of A and
Front, and tho old building on tho
corner has been torn down to make
room for it. Two other buildings on
A streot west of tho cornor will havo
to pass also to let ilio Now Bank
building tliero havo their room. Tho
old Central hotel does not Intond to
puss yet, but in order to bo pormltted
to stay alio has been obliged to paint
up and put on smiling modem win
dows and a fashionable dross. Be
sides all this the Now Is bolug pushed
into extended fluids. Now business
blocks on Broadway nvo desired in
many places.
Tho bet tiling Marshftold over
did was to extend Front streot
toward North Bond. Tho plunk rou.l
which is being built over toward
plat B will bring North Bend wl'liln
easy walking distance of its siBtor
MaiBhllold and will do moro to pro
duce a consolidation of tho two
cities than anything Hint was over
In fact, Marshfleld, with Its present
building boom, Is Betting dangerously
noar the point w.iere everybody,
croakers and all, will go wild at tho
prospect. Tho resumption of work n
tho Drain lino, tho probabilities that
tho olectrlc botweon tho two places
will bp built by local capital, tho cor
talnty thut people will help them
eolvos to dredgo the bny, tho promlso
of tho C, A. Smith company to estau-
Ynmirr's lintel. ThrOUKllOUt the
least Minneapolis has been spoken of this manual lies In Its showing that
with much satisfaction as the "West " wrest l-y guo..m.u.u,
Hotel City " San Francisco drew "oth in principle and In practice, is
oooplo to it from all over the world for the benefit of the ordinary man,
because It had the great and famous ' for the benefit of every citizen
Palace Hotel. Tho first thing a equally. There is still a tendency
Rtrnneer asks about a city is, "Where " " ol " imuuiiui luiubib u
mn i atnii when I set there?" What "preserves
arc tho hotel accommodations? I
Evon ho who can't afford to 3top at
tho best will slug tho praises of the
city which supports a first class ho-,
tel If only ho i3 permitted to pick j
his teoth thero without molestation.
Tho Chamber of Commerce has ,
now taken up tho question of a good (
hotel for Marshfleld. How much in
need the city is of 3tich a hotel every (
person who conies and goes can tes-
tlfy. It Is no reflection on any hotel
now hero to say that no ono of thorn
bo considered as oven second .
closed to use, and to
leave the public land3 exposed to un
regulated individual exploitation.
Where those misapprehensions still
prevail "The Use of the National
Forests" will go far to correct them.
The book is written by Mr. Fred
crick E. Olmsted, whoso intimate
knowledge of conditions in the west
and tho policy under which tho na
tional forests aro managed especially
fits him to deal with tho subject.
c'.ass, for there is no hotel building
THE Chamber of Commerce
mooting Tuesday evening Mr.
in tho city at this timo In which a C. A. Smith stated that ho had or
good hotel can be run. If tho build- dered and was having built a ship do
ing is third class you will not be signed for his business on Coos Bay,
able to furnish a fust class meal and j which would draw eighteen feet of
"charge a first class price for it. water and would bo two hundred and
That'3 tho situation in Marshfleld. ninety feet in longth. He also stated
The best advertising scheme which that sea captains here had told him
Marshfleld can inaugurate is a good
hotel which sends Its guests away
that lie could not use such a craft In
tho waters adjacent to Marshfleld
tho experiment believing that tho
people of Marshfleld would aid in
having the necessary work done. Ho
stated further that tho new ship
would arrive in Coos Bay by January
l3t. 1S0S ready for busines.
The channel of the bay opposite
Marshfleld and along the so-called
inner bay can be very easily and
cheaply dredged because thcro is
nothing to be encountered but a mud
bottom, and what the dredge dis
turbs and does not bring up will be
carried out to sea uy tho tide. To
say nothing of the greater work
which contemplates the deepening
of the channel along the entire
length, tho removal of tho mud flats
in tho entire tidal area, the construc
tion of a south jetty at tho bar and
an extension of tho north jetty, tlti3
small work proposed by Mr. Smith
will make this harbor the best prac
tical one along the coast anywhere
between San Francisco and Pugot
Sound. It is refreshing to note the
readiness with whicn tho Chamber of
Commerce responded to tho proposal
of Mr. Smith and appointed a com
mittee to solicit aid and to prepare
plans. Mr. Smith does not speak
with his mouth altogether on theso
Important matters as somo men do,
but talks through his acts, and
"makes good." IIo not only made
the proposal to have the dredging
done, but ho has arranged for an ex
port dredger to come July 15, and
he declared that he would do hi3 part
of the work and stand his part of the
expense. It seems certain that Coos
Bay will thus have a dredger of its
own and that dredging can bo done
at a reasonable rate anywhoro in
tho bay. This is a decided move
ment forward, and all the committee
will have to do is to got busy.
Fri., 12 .
Sat., 13 .
Sun., M
Mon., 15
Tue3., 1G
Thurs., 11
Fri., 12 ..
High Water.
, . 0:48 8.7
. . 1:5G
.. 2:33
, . 3:15
, . 4:02
Low Water.
. 7:51 "o.r
. S:19 0.1
2:00 G.9
2:12 7.0
3:14 7.2
3:45 7.5
4:22 7.7
5:02 7.0
Sat., 13 .
Sun., 14
Mon., 15
Tucs., 1G
ThltrS., 11
Fri., 12 .
Sat.. 13 .
.. S:4S
.. 9:18
.. 9:52
Sun Calendar.
iMHmjiim tiaoraitwrTrmwTErmMitVsumjumiJziiMiiiiatuau.'iMimimmti i.fc . m- an.
pEVEItAL complaints havo reached
' this office respecting the dump
ing of garbage in tho cut-off road
between Shorman nvonuo and the
county road in Plat B. A Marshfleld
physician who travels that road fre
quently says tho matter Is a nui
sance and should be abated. Since
the location of tho stench which
arises from tho flsh, eggs, and other
garbage blows from the precincts of
the city of North Bend, perhaps this
notice will engage tho attention of
some councilman of that city who
will hustle the disturbing offense
farther away where the public will
not be discomfltted further.
We have a complete stock of
Winchester and Savage rifles.
Oiw stock of ammuni
tion is fresh m& reliable.
We also carry a large assort
ment of the celebrated line of
Marble hunting knives and
hatchets. In fact every thing
needed on your hunting trip
can be furnished at the
Front street Central Hotel
with a longing to conic back, and jand Bay City unless tho channel was
makes them feel that tho p-.oplo arc j dredged and widened. In spite of
warm-hearted and frlond'.y. But this ho, Mr. Smith, concluded to try
many of the visitors on Coos Bay do
not. fool very kindly toward the cities
because they do not get that enter- jSO'OO . $'''
I P'WkiHFl7y.Ti:B'"1 "F1'lSlr'.KIHlWJfUirT3Kfili
tainment here. That ha3 counter
acted and negated much of tho ad
vertising which ha3 been dono. Now
it Is to bo hoped that the Committee
of tho Chamber of Commtrce will
tako hold of this matter with earnest
ness. A hotel is needed. The peo
ple do not caro to be merely prom
ised one. They want tho real ar
tlclo. Thero are several ways to
procoed to get one. Tho first way
is to form a joint stock company
and ask every owner of real estate
to subscribe for a number of shares
and then lot tho gentleman who pro
poses to put a hotel in hero get other
subscribers elsewhere. Tho control
can remain In the nands of tho hotel
man, and thus give him every incen
tive to make a big success of it. Wo
do not think that Mr. Smith would
introduco any but a good hotel man
as such to the Chamber. Tho next
way is for the owners of real estato
to give a bonus outright to enablo
tho hotel promoter to got a site.
Ileal estato in Marshlleld would bo
worth many time-, moro than tho
amount of such a bonus with a hotel
than without one. Tho third way Is
for a Joint stock company of homo
capitalists to build t themselves and
lease It to a first class hotel man for
a nominal prlco say ono hundred
dollars for llvo years on condition
that ho would optrato a first class
hotel during that timo. At tho end'
of llvo j oars tho stock would bring
par and tho chances aro that tho in
creased valuo of real ostato at tho
end of that timo would mako a hand
some profit for tho stockholder. It
is to bo hoped that no jealousios and
narrow conflicts as to location will
defeat this plan of tho committee
If wo mistake not tho men on tho
committee nro big enough to push
this enterprise without allowing any
thing potty to obstruct it.
HE Uso of tho National For
ests," a publication just
printed by the Department of Agri
culture Is n brief, clear manual for
public information as to the forest
policy of tho national govornmont.
It Is too truo, ns tho short preface
to the public says, that "many peo
ple do not know what national for
osts are. Others may havo heard
much about them, but have no Idea
of their truo purposo and uso." It
Is tho object of this publication to
explain just what tho national for
ests mean, what they are for, nnd
how to uso them.
In tho first placo, it is explained
how tho forests aro created nnd how
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