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Sunday Edition
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VOL 1.
No. 313
Marshfield Feels Confident
North Bend May Spring
Surprise at Bandon.
Locals Have Fighting Chance For
First Place Diamond Dope
PI. W. L. P.ct.
North Bond... 4 3 1 .750
Coquille 4 3 1 .750
Marshfield .... 4 2 2 .500
Bandon 4 0 4 .000
Games To-Day. i
Marshfield at Coquille.
North Bend at Bandon.
Independents vs. Smith Team.
Marshfield will Journey over to tho
county seat today and make a bis
bluff at winning from the Coquille
team. The Marshfield aggregation
feel a sense of strength, though they
aro crippled by the absence of two
regular players, McKeown and Lam
berton. There Is a belief among the
nlno that Marshfield is certain to win
from Coquille, since the Coquille
team in the past has been as badly
hoodooed when she meets this team
as Marshfield is when she butts up
against North Bend- This is good.,
argument, for it has been proven
times without number in more than
one section of the country.
, For exampje, w,o need not make
the rule applicable to the smaller and
less experienced teams. Last fall
tho Chicago Nationals were beaten so
badly they scarcely knew thoy had
been engaged In playing ball when
the Chicago Americans galloped away
with the world's championship. It
was conceded on all sides that the
Nationals were superior In nearly
every position, yet the Americans
took the series with ease. Marsh
field's team is not making excuses
because they are short regular play
ers, and Bert Dimmck, who will offi
ciate as captain today, is confident he
has a team that can bring home a
Marshfield Is anxious to win this
game, as they are now third in the
pennant race. Should this occur,
IVr percentage will be .600, while
I quillo will bo pushed down the
iale to .500 and third place. It
Itay be Idle to figure what will hap
pen at Bandon, where tho North
Bend team will play, yet strange
things happen in Coos Bay baseball;
so Captain Lyons, of tho North Bend
team, informs tho Times. It may be
a surprise will bo sprung on tho un
suspecting bunch from the manufac
turing city. This Bandon town Is
said to bo pretty wise when It comes
to the national game, and hai been
known to lay for a big clean-up all
season. For this reason, Captain
Lyons is throwing no bouquets at
.htfailf over tho prospects of wln
Ifws today's game.
Should tho unlooked-for happen,
ihea Marshfield would occupy first
place. But it is a far cry, and would
take a vivid imagination to lead one
to such a hope. Marshfield will bo
doing well If sho takes Coquille Into
camp, and will be satisfied to see
North Bend skin tho Beachltes. for
Marshfield will havo tho next seanco
with them and will trounco them,
while Coqulllo Is chasing North Bead
towards the pit.
Marshfleld's line-up: Tower, s s.;
Cowan, c; Ferrey, r. f.; Snyder, c. f ;
Wells or Pohlemus, 1. f.;-Wright, p.;
Dlmmlck, lb.; McLain, 2b.; Ltlje
qvlst,, 3b.
North Bend's Hno-up: Wickman,
c. f.; Galo, 2b.; Felter, lb.; Keano
3b.; Graham, p.; Lyons, c; Gaffney,
s. s.; Gaffney, s. s.; Paul, 1. f.; Foote,
r. f.
The Marshfield Independent ball
team will meet tho C. A Smhh ti"im
this afternoon on the local ground?.
The game will bo called .it 2;. "10, and
tho contest is certain to he one worth
witnessing, Tho Independents dia-
Writ of Habeas Corpus Served
On Sheriff Pomeroy Re
fuses to Honor.
Judge Fixes Hall at $2,500 and Gives
Until Tuesday to
liaise It.
(Special to tho Times.")
Astoria, July 0.- -Howard BroWn
cll, nttornej for J. H. Bowlsby, to
day served a writ of habeas corpus
on Sheriff Pomeroy directing him to
produce tho prisoner in the Circuit
Court at 4 o'clock this afternoon.
According to the Sheriff, Brownell
simply walked into the office and
I placed the paper on tho desk in front
I of the SherlfT and then walked out.
1 This the Sheriff felt confident was
not good service, and he decided to
make no return on the writ. When
the matter came before Judge Mc
Brldo at 4 o'clock the Sheriff and
Brownell appeared with the prisoner.
The Sherlf explained his opinion as
to tho service of the writ and why ho
had made no return, and was upheld
by JJudgo McBrldo, who ruled that
only the Coroner could serve papers
on, the Sheriff. The judge asked on
what authority the Sheriff was de
taining tlQ prisoner and the Sheriff
(old him Jt was on Information charg
ing murder in tho first degree, filed
on Juno 3, and sworn o by Deputy
District Attorney John McCue. The
prisoner's attorney asked that ar
rangement be made to hoar the caso
today. Judge McBrlde said "it was
impossible that it could be done be
fore the first day of the next term.
Tho four patients at the Marsh
field General Hospital are improving
rapidly and will soon be able to de
part to their respective homes.
Georgo Martin, a patient at tho
Mercy Hospital is convalescing and
will soon return home.
Henry Saunders, who has been ill
with typhoid fever at the Mercy Hos
pital, Is getting along nicely.
AI Nicolls, after having been
operated upon is still a patient at
tho Mercy Hospiatl.
Allen Blucl, a surgical patient at
tho Mercy Hospital, is improving.
Mrs. John Lawson is still a pa
tient at the Mercy.
Mrs. Wickman has been taken to
the Mercy Hospital and will havo an
operation performed on Monday.
Among the other patients at tho
Mercy Hospital are:
Mesdames J. Faulkner, M. G. Cole
man, Earle Andrews and Tywltz.
posed of thcBay City team last Sun
day by a score of 10 o 4, and the
mill boys havo been rustling nmtPi'al
for Improving their nine sin:e then.
They have a combination villi tvntuh
they hope to turn tho tables on he
Independents today and evoral posi
tions show new players. Tho Inde
pendents have not been hllp tn tho
way of strengthening their lino up
and havo added two strong players
for the game.
The dope Is out that this f.nme
will bo a surprise to those who havo
been watching the Leaguj games.
Following Is tho list of players and
their positions:
Wallmark, catcher.
Morrill, pitcher.
Ross, first base.
Cota, second base.. ,
Nickels, short stop.
Booth, third base. . ,
Green, loft field. i .
Parker, right field.
LaPalme, center field.
C. A. Smith.
Carl' Johnson, catcher.
Merchant, pitcher.
Doylefirst base.
Holland.second base.'
J. Bernltt, short stop.
Jones, third base.
Bennett, left field.
John Holmes, right field,
S, Bernltt, center field. . '
Miss Lydla Johnson, of San Fran
cisco, has come to Coos Bay on a
visit to her parents.
Geo. Bloodsaw, of Coquille, Is a
city visitor.
' ,
Mrs. D. S. Be&sey was In town yes
terday. Grace Kruse has returned to her
home, where she will remain until
school reopens In the Fall.
Mrs. Jacobson, of North Bend, was
shopping In Marshfield yesterday.
Miss Reynolds, of North Bend, was
a Marshfield visitor yesterday.
Thomas Rice will return to Long'
Beach, leaving Monday on the Plant.
Helen Simpson came home Friday
after having spent n week visiting
with parents on Larsen Inlet.
Seymour Bell and family have
moved into the Barnes residence on
Sheridan street.
Mrs. Frank Rogers was a business
visitor in town yesterday.
Mrs. Eva Hodson. was down from
Coos River yesterday.
Miss. Sadie Kruse has returned to,
her home, after a few days' visit
Iwlth Miss Laura Escott.
Miss Judd, of North Inlet, was in
town yesterday.
The residence that Mrs. C. W
Tower is having .built on tho corner
of Queen avenue and Sheridan street
is nearing completion, and will soon
be ready for tenants.
P. A.
Fleisburg, a -nephew1 of' Mrs,
Sandberg, Is visiting in this
Ben Wllley and wife left yester
day on a berrying expedition to Alle
gany. They will remain for a few
Will Kronholm Is taking a few
days' vacation, after which he will
resume his work.
Bud Holland and family leave for
Coquille today.
Mrs. M. Davis and Mrs. Johnson,
of North Bend, were Marshfield visit
ors yesterday.
Mr. Iris Elrod, who left the Bay
about a year ago, Is now ejmployed in
Kluff Bros.' whose grocery estab
lishment in San Francisco.
Mr. Robert Dlllard, one of Marsh
field's popular young men, Is in the
employ of Welnstock and Lubin, a
large dry goods firm in San Fran
cisco. '
Mr. Oren has rented Dr. McCor
mac's residence in Marshfield for the
Dr. McCormac was in town yes
terday. Mrs. Fred Nelson Is at Coaledo
visiting with friends and relatives.
Geo. Schlegel of Plat B was In
town yesterday.
Mr. Frank Wickman of Chicago
arrived on tho Plant to spend a few
months with relatives on the bay.
Mrs. Fields of San Francisco ar
rived on the Plant, sho will visit for
the summer on tho bay as the guest
of Mrs. Jay Montgomery.
Mr. Nowhall arrived on the' Plant
from tho south and will remain for
a few weeks visiting with friends on
tho bay.
' Mr. and Mrs. Chas. McCullough
loft town .yesterday for Coos River,
where they will spend a few days.
Mrs. Bentz, of'Mlllington.'was in
Marshfield yesterday.
Jim Balnes leaves for Frisco on
the Plant, whero ho will remain for
about threo weeks.
Mr, ana Mrs. C. F. McCullom, of
North Bend, left yesterday for their
summer homo on Coos River, where
thoy will remain, for the summer,
1). W. Small Giadlng Near Summit
Making Cut About 1,000
Feet Lout;.
Contractor D. W. Small was In
Marshfield yesterday from Summit,
where he is engaged In grading for
the Southern Pacific Railroad Com
pany. Mr. Small completed a threo
years' contract at Summit last Sep
tember. Tho work was executed to
reduce the grade over the elevation
and tho cuts were deep. Two cuts
were finished and the tracks laid last
Fall, but before a train had passed
through one of the excavations, the
rains began and landslides covered
the tracks so deep that trafilc could
not be sent through.
The other cut was used, but the
grading which Mr. Small Is now en
gaged in will improve the grade and
aid traffic considerably. The cut
will be about 1,000 feet In length.
Mr. Small has ten scrapers employed
in the work which ho commenced on
Thursday of last week.
Before moving his outfit to Sum
mit, he had graded three blocks on
l-Exchange street, Plat B, property
he purchased last season of Major L.
D. Kinney.
W. Jacobson, Accompanied by His
Wife, Visits Marshfield Friends
En Itoutc to Bandon.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Jacobson, of Port
land, were in Marshfield July 6 on
their way to Bandon. Mr. Jacobson
is well known on Coos Bay, having
been here in former times while en
gaged in superintending government
Jetty work. His friends were
'pleased to see the genial contractor
and he spent a very pleasant day,
Mr. Jacobson Is a mombor of the
firm of WIckfield & Jacobson, of
Portland, Bridge and Building Com
pany. This firm has the contract for
constructing the jetty at Bandon and
Mr. Jacobson goes there to superin
tend the work. The contract pro
vides for the expenditure of $60,000,
and the work outlined for the firm
iwiu uuuupy tut; ul pai l ui u. jrctii.
Rock for the iettv will be taken from
the Tupper quarry.
Misses Delia and Ada Chapman ar
rived home yesterday.
Mr. Frank Rummell, Jr., and fam
ily returned from a trip to Portland,
where they have been visiting rela
tives. I Mr. W. Seymore returned iby Rose-
burg yesterday, after having trav
eled through Alaska.
Miss D. Skeels, of Coquille, Is vis
iting Miss Eunice Nlchoils, of this
Miss Rose Ferry left yesterday for
Miss Boyd, of Coquille, Is visiting
with her sister, Mrs. Boone, of West
Mr. W. Knight and family aro here
from the East on their way to Bea
ver Hill, where they will make their
Mrs. W. R. Haines has returned
from a two months visit with rela
tives in Chicago.
Mrs. T. Dolan, a well-known resi
dent of Eureka, Cal., arrived on tho
Bay Wednesday via Roseburg. Ho
Is tho guest of Captain and Mrs.
Weeks, of Centervillo.
A. E. Seaman and family havo
gone to their summer home, "Tho
Orchard," on Coos River.
Mr. W. II. Kennedy and Geo. Flan
agan left last night on 'a business
trip to Ten Mile.
Victor Wickman, of tho Life Sav
ing Station crew, spent Saturday in
Henry Wells and wife yesterday
moved into a suite of five rooms In
tho Rogers building.
Rev. H. II. Brown loft on tho Al
liance for Seattle, going as a dolo
gate to tho International Christian
Endeavor convention. Ho will re
main until July 15.
T. J. Little to B. Folsom, lots 3 and
14, block 6, Coquille; $10.
Brings Forty-One Passengers
From San Francisco 215
Tons Freight.
Impatient Sailors Walt For Sclioon-
Salvator and Northwest to
Leave Hay.
Tho plan arrived up from San
Francisco yesterday afternoon with
a list of thirty-three flrst;class and
eght second-class passengers. She
brought a largo consignment of fruit
and vegetables, and her freight
amounted to two hundred and fif
teen tons. The longshoremen were
busy unloading the vessel last night
and she will lay over until Monday,
sailing from North Bend at 11
The following were the passengers
who arrived on tho Plant yesterday:
Captain Reed, E. F. Nlehaus, Mrs.
E. F. Nlehaus, Chas. JJ. Hedwall,
Miss Enegrln, MrB. W. Furman, Mrs.
Cochran, Mrs. J. Diamond, Mrs. E.
Diamond, Mrs. L. F. O'Kelly, Miss
B. Hyde, Miss Theda Hyde, Miss G.
H. Easton, W. E. Ireland O. T.
Knapp, Mr. Hayes, Margaret Hayes,
Miss Lena Kruse, Miss Fre(da Dalss,
Miss Bertha Kruse, .Mrs. ,D, Hasklns,
Mrs. Lucy Gould, F. A. Wickman,
F. W. Newhall, Mrs. J. E. Field,
Captain Robert Bressner, D. Pon
dlne, J. C. Astrado, Mrs. Astrado,
P. W. Smith, Mrs. Tulte and family,
C. A. Smith, and eight second class
There is a bunch of Impatient sail
ors at the Southern Pacific, docks.
The sailors are aboard the schooners
Salvator and Northwest, which have
been waiting' here, the former for 45
days, and the latter, about a month,
for cargoes of lumber. Capt. Charles
Peterson is skipper of tho Salvator
and he is rather disgusted at the in
activity he Is undergoing. The
Northwest was chartered by the
Riverton Lumber Co. to take a cargo
of spruce lumber and piling to San
Francisco. In a charter contract
demurrage commences after ten days
and the captain is sending a notice
to the Riverton Lumber Co. every
day. The forfeiture Is ?50 per day
when the ship is lying Idle.
The Northwest is without a cap
tain, as Captain Anderson of that
ship loft a week ago for San Fran
cisco to accept a position with a line
which is operating between San
Francisco and Alaska. The men on
the Northwest have not been paid
off for some time and they are be'
coming anxious to receive their re
Guards Expected Next AVeelc From
Salem to Remove Him
to Asylum.
(Special to the Times.)
Coquille, July G. Georgo Wallace
Williams, the man who was taken
into custody at Bandon yesterday on
account of his peculiar actions', was
brought to Coquille today by E. M.
Brackerby and Ralph Holman. His
hearing took placo this afternTJoliTijo
foro tho County Court, and ho was
committed to tho Insane asylum at
Mr. Williams understands that ho
Is charged with Insanity, and says ho
Is not Insane, but abnormally sano.
Tho authorities at Salem havo been
advised of the court's action and
guards aro expected hero early In tho
week to tako him to tho asylum.
J. j j. .j. j j .j. $ $ .$ ,j .j. j $ $
Tho Hnotypo to which an acci
dent happened a fow nights ago,
ngaln broke down yesterday
evening, and possibly two days
will bo required to repair it.
Tho notice Is given because this S
most unfortunate accldont ron $
dored It Impossible to carry out
tho plans for tho Initial appear-
anco of a twelvo-pago Sunday
.4,..4.4. j. ....... ..4. .j.
County Court Gives Decision In
Accordance With Election
East Precinct Dry.
Uoth-Do Good Business Back Door
Trade Is Especially
(Special to tho Times.)
Coquille, July G. Tho County
Court yesterday decided tho question
respecting the granting of license in
Coquille city. Tho matter has
caused great interest throughout the
county as well as among those locally
concerned. The decsion leaves tho
election as it was carried on Mon
day, June 3, when the west precinct
voted wet and the east precinct dry.
The effect, however, is that tho city
is wet, for it is no particularly stren-
uous effort for a man to get out of
the east precinct into the wet side
and enjoy his libations to his heart's
Two saloons were opened to the
thirsty public today, one In the Tup
per hotel and tho other by Baxter
Brothers. Business was fair, though
the long drought had partially
weaned some from the burning deslro
for drink. v It was noticeable that
back doors were doing a good share
of. the business, probably owing to
the sudden novelty thrust upon tho
city so unexpectedly, and that some
have not yet workeu up their cour
age to a front door bravery.
Additional Equipment Will Do Added
In Order to Increase
W. L. Whaley, proprietor of tho
Coos Bay Mattress Company, is pre
paring to move Into new and larger
quarters on July 15. Buildings aro
being constructed on lots south of
Mrs. Sarah Wilson's residenco on
Broadway by S. L. Gilroy. Thero
are two portions, each 24x49 feet,
one standing directly back of tho
other, with a' connecting runway
8x42 feet. In front is a 24x28 foot
plank dock, the approach to the
building. The front building is an
eighteen foot story and tho rear 14
Mr. Whaley purchased the busi
ness on the first of tho present ,year,
and since then has increased it so
largely that more room was neces
sary to care for tho trade. In his
now quarters, Mr. Whaley will add
from time, to time lines which tho
business will demand. Now equip
ment will be necessary in the new
location and will consist of the fol
lowing accessories: pneumatic filler
and felt machine, feather renovator
and mixer, mattress stuffing machino
with a capacity of 150 beds per day,
an Invention of Mr. Whaley.
Mr. Whaley has not yet decided
whether he will employ steam or
electricity as power, but inclines to
steam, since It can bo used for heat
and renovating. Ho will carry a
?3,000 stock of raw materials, and
will do all kinds of upholstering. Ho
expects to employ from fifteen to
twenty bunds, whereas, ho now has
room for but six, and when tho busi
ness .was purchased by him, two
hands could tako rare of tho work
Ho will manufacture a full lino of
upholstered goods, bedding, canvas
goods, including tents, besides dra
peries, comforts, spreads, carpet and
rug work.
It is Interesting to know how tho
largo varloty of mattresses which
Mr. Whaley Is now manufacturing.
Ono who sees a mattress considers
little tho possibilities there aro In
tholr manufacture. Mr. Whaley Is
making at present nlno varieties
cotton-folt, floss-felt, moss combina
tion, hair of all grades, wool and
excelsior combination, cotton tind'ex
colslor combination, all oxcelslor, all
wool, all grades of box mattresses.
It is a favorablo Indication of tho
progress of tho Coos Bay country to
witness tho growth of manufacturing
Institutions, and Mr. Whaley is to bo
congratulated upon his success,