The Coos Bay times. (Marshfield, Or.) 1906-1957, June 08, 1907, Daily Edition, Image 2

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SATUllDAY, .TUNE 8, 3007.
(dona llai xmw
The Coos Bay Times runusmvo Co.
REX LARGE, Bcsink'.s M vvahkk.
The policy of The Cons Bay Times
vvill bo Republican in politics, w lth the
independence of iiich l'leaiclent Koose
volt ia the leading exonent.
Hnteretl at the potofflce nt MnnliflcM. Ore
gon, for traiimIMoii through tlie malls as
second clues mRlI'matti r.
Single copy, daily, - - 5 cents
Por month, daily, - - CO cents
rineo months, daily, - H 25
Six months, daily - - $2 50
Ono year, daily, - - - 5 00
Weekly, per year - - ?1 00
Address nil communications to
Marshfield, Oregon.
wish to attain the rank of Golden
Gate, Puget Sound, and oven the
Columbia river the first and most
vital matter Is to expend our efforts
along the lines of co-operation with
the future Improving of our harbor.
'The Times In opposing the bridg
ing of Coos Bay, is lnteiested only
from the standpoint of being the In
strument which to a certain extent
Is regarded as a factor In the de
velopment of Coos Bay and Its un
limited area of resources. A news
paper should stand as a guardian to
the rights and interest of the com
munities It represents, and it Is a
sacred duty of the press to conserve
zealously those Interests. Its chief
aim should bo to stand above indi
vidual feeling and to consider all
questions that arise in a dispassion
ate manner.
There is no question but that a
bridge can be placed over Coos Bay
which will allow of ocean craft pass
ing. But when this bay is bridged
it will then lose its position now
maintained as a Pacific coast seaport
and descend to a level with inland
The majority of the men who have
settled on Coos Bay aie here because
of a Arm conviction that this place
has a future. The future Is based
on the harbor. Magazines and news
papers have given so many 'columns
to the ultimate destiny of the Pacific
coast that It would be superfluous
at this time to dwell upon the time
when the demand for seaports will
necessitate the making of one by the
Government. Wo believe Coos Bay
will bo chosen a3 that seaport. It Is
the Imperative duty of every citizen
on this peninsula to work toward
those ends that will tend to expand
the possibilities of Coos Bay. If we
place a bridge across the bay at the
northern point of the peninsula we
havo bottled up the key to the situa
tion. New York was once In a rela
tive position to Coos Bay. Before
that harbor attained the value which
it now possesses millions were spent
upon dredge work. But an outlet
was demanded and the government
madelt. The same will be true of
Coos Bay.
With a futuro the breadth of which
we can scarcely realize, before us,
woiild bo deliberately do something
that would act as an almost insur
mountable obstacle to the consumma
tion of that work which means so
much not only for Coos Bay, but the
dependent country. For many years
the Pennsylvania Railroad expended
every effort to placo a bridge across
tho Hudson river to connect Jersey
City with New York. Tho city of
Now York fought tho plan, and now
tho Pennsylvania Railroad Is tunnel
ing under tho Hudson river. Tho
load was further compelled to tun
nel under Long Island Sound to get
Into Long Island to placo tho ter
minal of Its system on tho extreme
lioint at Montauk. Tho point nt
which tho river was tunneled Is al
most two miles wido. Now York
has no bridges over its ogress to tho
sea. Ocean crnlt land at the docks
without obstruction. Tho Brooklyn
brldgo which connects New York
with Brooklyn over tho East River
moasuros 7.GS0 feet In length, and
Is high enough to penult vessols of
tho deopest draft and loftiest top-;
vmaBt to pass under safely. Tho mid-1
dlo span of tho brldgo stands 135 .
'foot abovo tho rivor at high water.
But tho East river In Now York Is
but a subsidiary to tho Hudson river
and tho bay proper.
I It tho city of Now York deemed
it wUo not to placo bridges over its
egress to tho ocean why should not
'Coos Bay? It has boon argued that
rivors havo boon bridged whoro tho
rnlTlo Is much groator than nt tho
Yiiosent time on Cooa Bay. Truo, in
land waterways havo beon bridged,
but an inland wntorway la not a sea
port. We bellove that dredging will
make Coos Bay far superior to tho
Columbia river as a deop sea harbor
Yet not one bridge obstructs the
Columbia between Portland and the
lHultic Ocean. Tho Times believes a
lnidno oir Cooa Bay will work an
nui enn only bo remedied bv
The best advertising results are
not obtained througe tho classified
advertising mediums, it is those
unique Ideas which catcli the public
fancy and hold it because o! some
novel feature that attain for com
munities as well as merchants wide
spread publicity. Oregon, a3 a state,
Is securing the tiqtial of possibly
thousands of dollars In straight ad
vertising, through tho tour which
Philip Bates Is now making of the
eastern 'states with his carload of
flJteen Oregon young ladles. Tho
article which appeared In the Wash
ington Hearld relativo to tho two
days' sojourn of the young ladies in
the capital city, is worth pages of
magazine advertising. It will draw
and fasten attention to the state,
where, as the writer said, "trees
grow a mile high and the pulp Is cut
out of pumpkins ana people live in
them; where men play billiards with
green peas and wheat stalks." At
every place where the Oregon dam
sols have stopped they have been
feted and press chronicled, and thus
tho story of Oregon on the Pacific Is
becoming familiar to the sister states
on the Atlantic.
The navy department has experi
enced so much difficulty in securing
the enlistment of desirable men for
tho navy that schemes to show the
service In its most attractive forms
have been resorted to.
During the winter months a re
cruiting ship touched the south At
lantic ports and even went to nonsea
coast towns which could bo reached
with the vessel, to Illustrate the life
of the sailor aboard. A more recent
Idea as an incentive is about to be in
troduced and consists of an exhibi
tion of naval scenes by means of mov
ing pictures.
As many as 10,000 feet of bio
graph films have been made from a
large number of pictures, taken on
board the ships of the Atlantic fleet
while at Guantanamo, Cuba, and
some fifty subjects dealing with tho
life of the bluejacket will be illus
trated. It Is planned to send tho bio
graphs with traveling recruiting par
ties, accompanied by electricians to
operate the machines, throughout tho
interior middle west and give exhibi
tions in connection with lectures to
be delivered ns a means of advertis
ing the advantages of enlistment.
A Kansas girl graduate who had
been given the theme "Beyond the
Alps Lies Italy" promulgated tho fol
"I don't caro a cent whether Italy
lies beyond tho Alps or In Missouri.
I do not expect to set tho river on fire
with my future career. I am glad
that I have a good education, but I
am not going to misuse it by writing
poetry or essays on the futuro wo
man. "It will enable me to correct the
grammar of any lover I may have,
should ho speak of 'dorgs' in my
presence or 'seen a man.' It will
also come handy when I want to fig
ure out how many pounds of soap a
woman can get for three dozen eggs
at tho grocery. So I do not be
grudgo tho timo I spent in acquiring
It. But my ambitions do not fly so
"In view of all this I do not caro If
I get a little rusty on the rule of
threo and kindred things as the years
go by."
uuuO Dm ID
Dr. J. W. Ingram In His Travels
Eastward Finds Many People
Familiar Willi It
And Believes Jf Tlint Railroad Mug-
nale Would Build Here Benefits
Would Result.
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FRfc. , Uiulauar y v mW. Jliiuiruiljfciui&-iL.
! Pub tshero, SprlncflcM, Mnos.
Coos Bay Times: I have, at least,
traveled in safety half my journey to
the Atlantic Coast, and I fancy tho
least interesting half at that.
I arrived in St. Paul this afternoon
at 2:15 over the Great Northern,
somewhat the worse for my trip.
Expect to leave for Chicago over the
Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific to
night at 8:05 and barring mishaps
and delays will reach tlie "Windy
City" on Sunday morning at 10:45.
My train and time from there east I
will tell you of tomorrow. To those
of you who have never had the pleas
ure, perhaps it Is better said to say
unpleasant privilege, of testing tho
roads from tho Pacific coast east, I
would advise, from my knowledge of
thorn all. either the "North Coast
Limited" of the Northern Pacific, or
tlie Denver & Rio Grande, over the
Union Pacific lines.
iTho Great Northern is truly a
great northern belt of steel stretch
ing across a vast plain of waste land
and its promoter deserves tho more
praise for running, undaunted, thru
such a country to reach the Pacific.
After leaving Spokane, Wash., the
points of interest can be counted on
the fingers of one hand. The time
drags wearily by, until the state of
Minnesota is reached; then small
Uowns full of prosperty loom up
every few miles and each such town
Is blessed with a beautiful brick and
stone depot, no matter how small tho
place. One cannot help but wish for
a few men of Hill's persistence and
push to enter his own little town. I
llwmWili 'I II nl l'l ll'rtl HIi'i'i li'iiHWITTT i lli ir
fancy Marshfield wouldn't long bo n
small town If such could bo brought
to pass.
I have spent lots of timo enroute
talking "Coos Bay" and I find our
little "Indenture on tho Pacific
Coast," tho Americana puts it, well
advertised all along the way. There
is one thing to be remedied and that
is the confusion that one often finds
to exist regarding tho Bay, for in
bi.itip.p. vou montlon Marshfield,
North Bend or Empire and niuo out jgj MARSHFIELD,
of ten know knothlng of tliem, out
mention them in connection with the
Bay and see the difference.
Why wouldn't it bo well to have It
Coos Bay always and use the station
method for mall distribution; for in
stance Marshfield would be Coos Bay
station N. 1, etc. This always brings
Coos Bay into tho letter, then allow
the individual placo to rely on 'the re
sources, advantages, Inducements,
etc., they can offer to hold tho new'
arrivals as they come to Invest. This
seems to me to bo a good plan sooner
or later to be adopted If we grow as
we hope to.
Wishing my friends of tho "Times"
a newsy time until you hear from mo
again I must close. Yours
J. W. Ingram.
utliM)W n Mi i in iii uiitm iTianrrgnn'i
V InKs
The Steamer
for San Francisco Tuesday June 4
F. S DOW Agent
California and Oregon Coast Steamship Company,
earner Alliance
B. I). OLSON, Master.
COOS BAY to Portland and Return
GEO. 1). GIIAY a CO., General agents,
121 Market St.. San Francisco.
L. W. SHAW, Agent,
Marshfield. Phone 4
tHttnaw.gaKiKMyga3syifrSw.i-t hl333
Contractors and Builders
June 9th, 1007: 10 a. m., Bible
School, Alva Doll, Supt.; 11 a. m.,
Sermon, "The Man"; 3 p. m., Junior
Union, Mrs. T. E. Wheeler, Supt.;
7 p. m., Young Peoples Service; S p.
m., Children's Day Services, by tho
Sunday School. Program in tomor
row morning's paper.
Strangers especially invited to wor
ship with us.
D. W. Thurston, Pastor.
The tug Robarts, of the Sinslaw
river, is on the ways receiving a
thorough overhauling, and after be
ing fully repaired and put in the best
of condition she will be repainted,
which will put her in almost per
fect condition. The Robarts will ar
rive at this port for a cargo of gen
eral merchandise soon after being
taken off the ways.
will run an excursion up South Coos
River tomorrow. Will leavo Old
North Bend 7:30 Sunday morning.
Fare, 50c. round trip. Children ac
companied by their parents free.
Strawberries furnished at reasonable
liMeWMjCTBgMijttiirarjnrtiiiMiiMiiwiiggi TLrMggjllgm1 1
I rl? rj? rjr J? 4
Every man knows the advantage of neatly pressed
clothes. We do the best work of this character in
Marshfield and at reasonable prices. Will call for
and deliver all work.
Over Walker's Art Store
Coos Bay Real Estate
Residence and Farming Property
A snap 40 acres on Catching Inlet 4 miles from
city 15 acres bottom land under dyke,
40 acres on County Road 4 miles from city $18
per acre.
For further particulars call on
F. M. Rummell Jr. & Co.
Nasburg bldg.
"'," l,Ti"' ' I
We guarnnteo better work nt loer piiccs,
thau can be had elsewheio. Do not order
monumental work until you havo
Stewart & Mitchell
Corner 3d & D Sts.
Phone, Main 1731
I Oflico fixtures a specialty. Store Fronts,
a Shelving. Let us work out your plans. Seo us lie- 1
H fore building. IE
1 Shop opposite Bear's Livery Stable, North front Street 1
uhihjiu l.JliJ.7lr'rTTlTgfTrmtTT'l'lll " "L,JP i-jj
Bottled in
Quarts, Pints and One Half Pints.
Phone Orders promptly attended to. Phone 481.
m. H
It is the policy of this bunk to confine its busi
ness to this immediate .vicinity. In following this
course the bank not only inhances its own stability
but promotes tho highest interests of the commun
ity. We limit our investments to securities of tho
most substantial kind; such securities as are easily
converted into cash and free from speculative in
fluences. We issue drafts payablo in all tho im
portant cities and towns in Europe.
JOHN S. COKE, President O. B. HINSDALE, Vice Pres.
W.S. McFAKLAND, Cashier. R. T. KAUFMAN, Asst. Cas.
Front Street
Front Street Business Property
We Have Something That Will
Interest You
Sengstackens Addition offers the
best Values for the money.
Title Guarantee & Abstract Co.,
Kenry Sengstacken, Manager
Level bench land, all cleared, for business blocks
Gentel sloping, Aldercovered land, for residence
Reasonable Prices Easy Terms
Also 550 acres Dairy Farm on Kentuck Inlet.
Free Launch from Marshfield
Call at our office opposite Central Hotel,
Marshfield, Ore. or call us upjonj phone.
Coos Bay Townsite Company
O. C. SETHER, Pres, and Gen. Manager
N. F. THRONE, Secretary
mc icnoal of the bridge. It wo
1 n ICTf T-T-.-j.t-.-fr-jr-.,
llWf'f'"ll"1,i,'il''-'1 i"" yfnwwg' i wBPwiuw