The Coos Bay times. (Marshfield, Or.) 1906-1957, June 05, 1907, Daily Edition, Image 5

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From That Team Benefit
Public Schoo! Library
ntt'iir AKgregntion snows nuiica-
lions of Putting Up Speedy
Article of Hull.
iTlio "Junior Independents" chal-
tge the- Marshfleld High School
ielmll team to a game tho time
Id grounds to bo arranged later.
he" Junior Independents are In the
j-ycar-old limit class and arc will-
to meet any teams in that clas3,
Iter the gamo Is arranged with the
nrslifiold High School team. They
Ish to let all money realized over
ie expenses go to the Public School
Ibrary. Such thoughtful action
111 be heartily commended by ovory-
The material thai is now trying
at for tho team shows promising
ndleatlons, and there is no qucs-
ou but that it will put up a stiff
ght for diamond honors. The lino-
ip of the team will probably bo
licked in the course of the next fow
a3 and the boys will then got down
hard routine practice.
'aptaiit jMcKcown Makes Arrange
ments for League Gaines for
Present Season.
Captain McKeown and B. Dlm-
mlck drove over to Coqullle yester
day for the purpose of arranging a
season schedule between tho baseball
teams of the valley and tho two at
North Bend and Marshfleld. The
plan is to have games with both Co
quille and Bandon.
"If a man can write a better book, preach a better sermon, or
make a better mouse-trap than his neighbor, though he build his- ...
house in the woods, the world will make a beaten path to his
Just now empire builders are building iron-shod paths to" the commercial door of North Bend
because its factories have the freight to ship, and their payroll talks
Like seeks like. Its an eternal law of nature. Although but imperfectly recognized, is
absolute. This same law holds good in building of factories. A factory is built always at
that point where there are fewest obstacles to be overcome, where tributary raw materials are unlim
ited and markets unrestricted. If this, holds good in one case it will hold good in severala dozen
or a hundred.
North Bend but a few years ago had one factory, soon it had several, now there are a dozen, and the raw materials are here
for a hundred more. Factories make payrolls, these in turn create business houses which invite banks, jobbers, traders and trans
portation facilities, and all go to the making of a city because "Its Payroll Talks," which creates a demand for real estate. There
is a beaten path to our door because we have the best bargains in North Bend real estate
Automobile Dealer's Association Of
Oregon Will Put Machines To
Severe Tests June 7
Unique Contest Has Excited Deep In.
terest mid Keen Competition
Is Promised.
Portland. Tho Automobllo Deal
ers' Association of Oregon will hold
its first annual hill climbing, contest
on Friday, June 7.
The contest will bo held on the
hill leading from the Shoals Valley
road up to tho Mount Zion Church.
Tho course will start at the bridge
just beyond the schoolhouso at the
foot of the hill and finish In front
of the church.
This is an ideal hill for &uch a
contest, as the road is hard, there
arc no dangerous turns, and very
nearly the entiro progress of tho cars
can bo watched from the south side
of Council Croat.
It is expected that there wJll be
about 30 cars in tho contest, 21 al
ready having been entered.
List of Cura Entered.
Following are tho cars entered,
and their respective classes:
Runabout, $1,500 and under: Roo,
Fred. A. Bennett; Buick, II. L.
Keats Auto Company; Auto Car,
Cook Motor Car Company; Ford,
Fred. A. Bennett.
Runabout, $2,S0O and under:
Stevens Duryea, Cook Motor Car
Company; White Steamer, Pullman
Auto Car Company; Thomas, 40, II.
L. ICeats Auto Company; Stoddard
Dayton, II. A. Burgess.
Touring Car, $2,000 and under:
Mitchell, Miners & Cohen; Cadillac,
H. M. Covoy; Buick, II. L. Keats
Auto Company.
Touring cars, $3,000 and under:
Cadillac, H. M. Covey; Ford, G-40,
Fred. A. Bennett; Stoddard Dayton,
II. A. Burgess; Pope-Hartford, H. L.
Keats Auto Company; Auto Car,
Cook Motor Car Company.
Touring cars, $3,001 and over:
Big Six Stevens, Cook Motor Car
Company; White Steamer, J. B.
Kelly; Little Six Stevens, Cook Mo
tor Car Company; Thomas CO, II. L.
Keats Auto Company; Royal Tourist,
Cook Motor Car Company.
On Friday Afternoon.
The dealers intended to hold their
contest on Saturday, June 8, but on
account of that being the date of
the Hunt Club races ttie dealers, at
the request of tho members of the
Hunt Club, agreed to hold their
contest Juno 7. There arc a num
ber of high-power cars entered, and
some very fast time should bo made
over tho two-mile course.
As this is the first contest of this
kind held by the dealers, thoy are all
entering their cars, and this guar
antees that, it will bo a successful
and exciting contest.
The climb will begin at 1 o'clock
in tho afternoon.
FOR RENT Throe or four rooms
for housekeeping, with wator,
near Band stand. Mrs.' Chas.
Murr, North Bond.
Mrs. W. 15. Ayer Is (lie Woman
Champion of Oregon.
Roderick, of Portland, 13
the golf champion of Oregon. Mrs.
W. B. Ayer is the woman champion
at the same fascinating game.
When tho finals In the annual
State tournament wore played on tho
Wavcrly links, Macleay - defeated
Gordon Voorhies and Mrs. Ayer beat
ing Miss Flanders. Tho men's
handicap was won by G. R. Andrews,
of Seattle, and tho women's handi
cap by Mrs. J. C. Alnsworth. Tho
men's long driving contest was won
by Voorhies, who knocked the little
round ball 2 IS feet. Mrs. Dewitt
Connell won the women's driving'
coiitest, making 1C2 feet. The
tournament ended with a dinner and
dance at the clubhouse last night, at
which more than 100 golf enthu
siasts were present.
Vancouvor, B. C. It was reported
hero tiday that the Vancouver fran
chise in tho Northwest league will
be given to Portland. Officials of
the local club deny 'the story, al
though it is hinted that negotiatlins
for a transfer of the franchise have
been going on for some time.
Reported That Former Lightweight
Will Be Matched In San
For several days past there have
been rumors to the effect that Bat
tling Nelson, who hasn't "turned a
wheel" in nearly two years, Is to be
brought to San Francisco in a hurry
from Hot Springs and signed up with
Jimmy Brltt so that the enemies of'
Promoter Coffroth, who has ar
ranged a Fourth of July contest be
tween Squires, the Australian cham
pion, and Tommy Burns, may bo able
to "stage" an opposition pugilistic
event on tho national holiday. The
report has been denied weakly, but
It crops up again.
Tho story goes that tho desire to
spoil the Colma attraction as far as
possiblo lias its well-spring animosi
ties engendered among the members
of that turbulent organization known
as the fight trust and, that Billy No
lan, who manages Nelson and de
tests Coffroth on account of a wran
gle over moving picture money, has
lined up with tho antl-Coffroth
forces in' the attempt to bring con
fusion to the plans of tho Colma
Portland, Juno 4. Portland,
1; San Francisco, 4.
Seattle, June 4. Seattle, 5; 4
O Aberdeen, 8.
Spokane, Juno 4. Spokane,
O 4; Tacoma, 5.
3 O
Cnsididntes for Team Practicing
Every Night Will Soon
Choose Line-Up.
The candidates for tho Independ
ent ball team are practicing dili
gently every evening this week and
hope to soon be able to meet tho
teams on the bay. Plans are being
mado to get a game with North
Bend, and it may be arranged for
next Sunday afternoon, though noth
ing definite Is known. Tho members
of the team have not all been picked,
but it is thought tho line-up will be
decided on in a few days. There is
a wealth of promising material from
which to select players, and it is
hoped to have one of the best or
ganized tennis on the bay.
Dr. Bancroft
Office opp. Central Hotel
Yoti Take t!
Cake or Pie
From the ovon with delight af
ter using
Sold only in sealrd 4-poun pa k
nges. Our dainty illustiated booklot
containing locipca, free for 'postal
giving the name of your grocer and
your own address.
The Portland Flouring
Mills Co.
Flanagan &. Bennett Bank
Capital Hubtcribeit J6O.000
Capital 1'alU Up ?10,000
Undrtldcd fronts 3d,U00
ocsn (jonornl bunking business nml draws
oil the Jlank ol California. Han b'nuiolsco
Calif., First National Ilimk Portland Or., Klrsl
National Bank, Roeburg, Or., Hanover Na
tional Hank, New 'York, N. JI. Itotbchlld &
Bon, London, England.
Also sell change on nearly all tho principal
cities of Europe.
Accounts kept subject to check, fciifc deposit
lock boxes for rent at 6 cents a month or
?5. a j ear. I
Olympic Cake
Oakley & Arnold
North Bend, Ore.
Phcnt 1021
Office in Meyeri BMj.
Sauk of vwjmt
uiatmai nwcuiMiy ptuiutp
Ernuiiiictu a nrucnil Bmihttiij
Nm-tit !lcu;, (Or
I will make a Gtand in Coos
county, Oregon, to breed my
bay Btalllon Dentist in Marsh
flld at tho fair grounds.
Fees for servlco ?10 the sea
son, money in advanco with re
turn privilege. Mnros kept at
reasonable rates. Foes Insured
with foal $20, at first servlco
Dentist Is out of Uma C.
Dentist, was sired by Dania
Vidua, 2:18, ho by Blue Sign,
2:07, ho by Bonnie Wilks,
2:14, ho by duy Wilks, 2:07; J
first dam, Uma C, 2:20; 2nd
dam, Genofia Johnson, 2:10;
sho by Quick Stop, 2:11; she
by Gasca, 2:05; she by Paul
ino 'Fletcher, 2:00.
Dentist, 2:20, Is a bright bay
stallion, star in face, black
mane and tall, foaled March
27th , 1902, at Columbus Stock
farm, San Antonio, Texas. Ho
stands 10 hands in height and
is a stylish trotter.
Also one horso for salo or
trade for a mare.
Marshfield, Coos Co., Oregon