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' Author of "The Return of Sherlock Holmes"
(Continued from Monday.)
"Well, but even if wo could get out
Into tho courtyard where could wo
turn to then?"
"One thing nt a time, friend. Any-
I war, there Is more air In tho yard
I than In here, and when tho window Is
clear wo Bhall soon plan out the rest."
TUo two eomrnaes cna not uarc 10
I d any woric aunng we uny lor rear
1 sprang down at him in an instant
with his bar.
thoy should bo surprised by tho Jailer
or observed from without The Instant
j that night fell they were both up upon
the pegs, grinding away "at tho hard
' stone and tugging at the bars. It was
a rainy night, and there was a sharp
thunderstorm, but they could sco very
well, whlJo tho shadow of 'the arched
window prevented their being seen.
Boforo mldnleht tlrnv hnd Ionsnpr1 nun
f bar, and the other was Just beginning
fto givo when soma slight noise made
them turn their heads, and there was
r their Jailer standing, open mouthed. In
xuo iniuuio 01 xne cen, staring up at
It was Do Gatlnat who observed him
first and ho snranc down nt him In
fan Instant with his bar, but at his
movemont tbo man rushed for tho door
and drew it nfter him Just as tho
American's tool whizzed past his ear
nnd down tho passage
"It la Bcarco worth while to go on,"
Lr"Vfn may as well bo doing that bb
nnytmng eiso. If my picker had been
inn inch lower I'd have had him. Well,
maybe ho'll get a stroke or break his
neck down those stairs. I've nothing
to work with now, but a few rubs with
your bar will finish the Job. Ah, dear,
you are right, and we are fairly treed!"
A great bell had begun to ring in tho
chateau, and there was a loud buzz of
voices and a clatter of feet upon tho
stones. Hoarse orders were shouted,
and there wns the sound of turning
keys. Five minutes passed, however,
and yet another five minutes, without
, any one appearing.
"Well, III have that bar out, after
nil," said tho American at last rising
and stepping over to tho window.
' "Anyhow we'll see what all this cater-
Wauling is about" lie climbed up on
his pegs ns ho spoko and peeped out
"Come up!" ho cried excitedly to his
, comrade. "They've got somo other
. gamo going on here, and they are all
. a deal too busy to bother their heads
about us."
Do Catinat clambered up beside him,
and tho two stood staring down Into
the courtyard. A brazier had been lit
f at each corner, and the placo was
i thronged with men, many of whom
Varrlcd torches. Tho main gate was
Ojjen, and a carriage, which had appar
ently Just driven In, was standing at
a small door immediately In front of
their window. A man wearing a
plumed bat and enveloped in a riding
t coat stepped from tho carriage and
then, turning round, dragged a second
person out after him. Thero was a
scuffle, a cry, a push, and tho two fig
ures vanished through tho door. As It
closed tho carriage drovo away, tho
torches and braziers were extinguished,
. the main goto was closed once more,
and all was as quiet 'as beforo this
f sudden Interruption.
"Weill" gasped Do Catinat "Is this
another king's .messenger they've got?"
"Thero will bo lodgings for two moro
here In a short time," said Amos Green.
"Givo mo your bar again. This thing
vis giving. It won't take us long to
' have It out." Ho set to work furious
ly, trying to deepen the groove In tho
stone, through which ho hoped to drag
tho staple. Suddenly ho ceased and
trained bis ears.
'By thunderl" said be. "There's
some ono working on tho other side!"
They both stood listening. Thero
were tho thud of hammers, the rasping
of a saw and tho clatter of wood from
the other sldo of the wall.
"What can they bo doing? Can yon
IIBIIII I' 'feiBSfe&l
aft W N
see mem r
"They are too near the wall."
"I think I can manage," said Do Cati
nat "I am llghtcr than you." Ho
pushed his head and neck and half, of
ono shouldor through the gap between
tho bars, and there he remained until
his friend thought that perhaps he had
stuck and pulled his legs to extricate
him. He writhed back, however, with
out any difficulty.
"They aro building something," ho
"Yes. Thero are four of them, with
a lantern."
"What can they bo building, then?"
"It's a shed, I think. I can sec four
sockets In the ground, and they nro
fixing four uprights into them."
"Well, we can't get away as long as
there aro four men Just under our win
dow." "Impossible!"
"But we may as wall finish our work
for all that."
The gentle scrapings of his Iron wcro
drowned amid tho noise which swelled
ever louder from without. Tho bar
loosened at the end, and he drew It in.
The steady hammering and sawing
went forward. It was early morning,
and the first cold light was beginning
to steal over the courtyard boforo tho
work was at last finished nnd the, work
men had left Then at last the prison
ers dared to climb up and to see what
it was which hnd been constructed dur
ing the night. It gave them a catch of
the breath as they looked at It It
was n scaffold. It was buttressed up
against their wall, and in the center
stood a headsman's block.
"I think It Is time that we left" said
Amos Green. "The window is clear.
Let us make a rush for It."
"It Is useless. I can see a lino of
armed men along the farther side of
the yard. And hero come more. See,
at the center gate!"
As he spoke the door which faced
them opened, and a singular procession
Died out. First came two dozen foot
men, walking in pairs, all carrying
halberds and clad In the same maroon
colored liveries. After them a huge
bearded man, with his tunic off nnd
tho sleeves of his coarse shirt rolled
up over his elbows, strode along with
a groat ax over his left shoulder. Be
hind him, a priest with an open missal
pattered forth prayers, and in his
shadow was a woman, clad in black,
her neck bared, and a black shawl
cast over her head and drooping In
front of her bowed face. Within grip
of her walked a tall, fhln, fierce faced
man, with harsh red features and a
great Jutting nose. Ho wore a flat
velvet cap with a single eagle feather
fastened Into It by n diamond clasp,
which gleamed In tho morning light.
But bright as -was his gem his dark
eyes were brighter still and sparkled
from under his bushy brows with a
mad brilliancy which bore with It
something of menace and of terror.
Tho woman bad faltered nt the foot
of the scaffold, but tho man thrust her
on, and two of tho followers caught
her by either wrist and dragged her
"Oh, Maurice! Maurice!" sho
screamed. "I am not fit to dlel Oh,
forgivo me, Maurice, as you hope for
forgiveness yourself! Maurice! Mau
rlco!" Sho strove to get toward him,
to clutch at his wrist, at his sleeve,
but he stood with his hand on his
sword, gazing nt her with a faco wlilch
was all wreathed and contorted with
merriment Sho turned away and
threw back the mantle which had
shrouded her features.
"Ah, sire!" she cried. "Sire! If yon
could see mo now!"
And at the cry and at tho sight of
that fair palo face De Catinat, looking
down from tho window, wns stricken
ns though by a dagger, for thero, stand
ing besldo the headsman's block, was
she who had been tho most powerful,
as well as tho wittiest and the fairest,
of the womon of France none other
than Frnncolso do Montespan, so lately
the favorlto of tho king.
N tho night upon which such
strango chances hnd befallen
his messengers tho king sat In
his cabluot attended only by
Louvols, his minister. Thero was a tap
nt tho door, and Bontems peeped in.
"Tho archbishop has arrived, sire."
"Very well, Bontems. Ask madamo
to bo so good as to step this way. And
order tho witnesses to assemble in tho
As tho valet hastened away Louis
turned to his minister. "I wish you
to bo ono of the witnesses, Louvols."
"To what, slro?"
"To my marriage."
Tho mlnlstor started. "What, elrol
"Now, Louvols; within flvo minutes."
"Very good, slro."
Thero had meanwhile been busy go
ings on in tho small room where tho
red lamp burned in front of the Virgin.
Frnncolso do Malntenon stood in the
center, n Httlo flush of excitement on
her cheeks and an unwonted light in
her placid gray eyes. Sho was clad in
a dress of shining wblto brocade, trim
med and slashed with silver sorgo and
fringed ot the throat opd arms with
costly point lace. There camo a dis
creet tap at the door.
"It Is Bontems, madame," said Mile.
Nauou. "He says that tho king Is
"Then wo shall not keep him waiting.
Come, mademoiselle, and mav Hn
shed his blessing upon what we are
about to do!"
Tho little party assembled In tho
king's anteroom nnd started from there
to the private chapel. In front walked
the portly bishop, clad in a green vest
ment, puffed out with the importance
of the function, his missal In his hand
and his fingers between the page at
tho service de matrlmonlls. The king
and Mine, de Malntenon walked side
by side, sho quiet and composed, with
gentle bearing nud downcast eyes, ho
with a flush on his dark cheeks and
a nervous, furtive look In his eyes, like
a man who knows that ho Is In tho
midst of ono of tho great crises of h!3
life. Behind them In solemn silence
followed n little group of chosen wit
nesses, the lean, silent Tore la Chaise,
Louvols scowling heavily at the bride,
tho Marquis de Charinaranto, Bontems
and Mile. Nanon.
The torches shed a strong yellow
light upon this small band as they ad
vanced slowly through tho corridors
and salons which led to tho chapel. A
minute later thoy were beforo the al
tar, and the woi"ds were being read
which should bind thcin forever to
gether. As they turned away ngaln.
her new ring blazing upon her finger,
there wns n buzz of congratulation
around her. The king only said noth
ing, but he looked nt her, and she had
no wish that he should say more. Sho
was still calm nnd pale, but the blood
throbbed In her temples.
But a sudden shadow hnd fallen
across her, and a low voice was In
her car. "Remember your promise to
the church," It whispered. She start
ed nnd turned to see the pale, eager
face of the Jesuit beside her.
"Your hand has turned cold. Fran
colse," said Louis. "Lot us go, dear
est. Wo have boon too long In this
dismal church."
Mme. do Montespan hnd retired to
rest, easy in her mind, after receiving
tho message from her brother. She
know Louis as few others knew him.
and sho was well nwaro of that ob
stinacy in trifles which was one of h!s
characteristics. If he had said that
he would bo married by tho archbish
op, then tho archbishop It must be.
Tonight at least thero should bo no
Sho dressed herself with care In the
morning. No news had come to her of
the great event of the previous night,
although the court already rang with
It, for her haughtiness and her bitter
tongue had left her without a friend
or Intimate. She rose, therefore, In the
best of spirits.
Sho was still In her boudoir putting
tho last touches to her toilet when her
page announced to her that tho king
was waiting In her salon. Mme. de
Montespan could hardly believe in such
good fortune. Sho had racked her
brain all morning ns to how sho should
win her way to him, and hero he was
waiting for her.
Ho had como with every intention of
beginning the Interview by telling her
bluntly of his marriage, but now, as
ho looked upon her beauty and her
love, he felt that It would have been
less brutal to strike her down at his
feet. Let somo ono else tell her, then.
She would know soon enough. All this
ran swiftly through his mind, and she
as swiftly read it off In his brown eyes.
"You have something you came to
say, and now you have not the heart
to say It God bless tho kindly heart
which checks tho cruel tongue!"
"No, no, madame," said Louis. "I
would not be cruel. I cannot forget
that my life has been brightened nnd
my court made brilliant during all
these years by your wit and your beau
ty. But times change, madame, and
for every reason I think that It Is best
that wo should arrango In tho way
which we discussed tho other day and
that you should withdraw yourself
from tho court."
"Withdraw, sire! For how long?"
"It must bo a permanent withdraw
al, madame. I need not say that I
shall mnko your retirement n happy
ono as far as In mo lies. Your allow
ance shall bo fixed by yourself. A pal
aco shall bo erected for you In what
ever part of Franco you may prefer,
provided that It Is twenty miles from
Paris. An estate also"
"Oh, sire, how can you think that
such things as theso would compensato
mo for the loss of your lovo?" Her
heart had turned to lend within her
breast. Had he spoken hotly nnd an
grily she might have hoped to turn him
ns she had done beforo, but this gen
tle nnd yet firm bearing was new to
him, and she felt that all her arts were
vain against It
"Madame," said he, "I havo thought
well over this matter, and it must bo
ns I say. There is no other way at all.
I havo ordered your brother to havo
his carrlago at the postern at 0 o'clock,
for I thought that perhaps you would
wish to retire after nightfall."
"To hldo my shnmo from n laughing
courtl It was thoughtful of you, sire.
And yet perhaps this, too, was n duty,
since wo hear so much of duties now
adays, for who was It but you"
"I know, madamo, I know. I con
fess It. I have wronged you deeply.
Bellevo mo that every atonement which
Is in my power shall bo made. Nay, do
not look so angrily nt me, I beg. Let
our last sight of each other bo ono
which may leavo n pleasant memory
behind it"
"A pleasant memory!" All tho gen
tleness and humility had fallen from
her now, nnd her voice had tho hard
ring of contempt nnd of anger. "A
pleusant memory! It may well bo
pleasant to you, who aro released from
tho woman whom you ruined, who can
turn now to another without nny palp
faco to bo seen within tho salons
(To Bo Continued.)
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