The Coos Bay times. (Marshfield, Or.) 1906-1957, May 16, 1907, Daily Edition, Page 6, Image 6

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Governor Chamberlain Will
Have Welcome He Will
Lower Buy Will Hold Fleet
Launches Leave Marshfleld
nt 7:30 O'clock.
Today will mark an epoch In the
history of Coos Bay, when Governor
George E. Chamberlain, Tom Rich
ardson, secretary of the Oregon De
velopment League; and State Treas
urer Steel, will spend a day and night
on Coos Bay as our guests. Every
.effort has been put forth by the
Itedmen's lodge to make the occa
sion one that the governor will re
member In after years with the deep
est pleasure.
Proclaims Holiday.
Mayor E. E. Straw has proclaimed
a half holiday, and practically every
business house In Marshfleld has sig
nified its Intention of closing at
12:30 o'clock, out of respect to the
distinguished guests. To give proper
emphasis to the reception at Emplr
when the governor will step aboard
the Flyer from the Alliance, the full
Acme band will render music. It Is
thought that full 700 people will be
In the lower bay. To provide for all
that might wish to go, the Redmen
had a committee out all day Wednes
day, and every owner of a launch
was seen. With hardly an exception
all were enthusiastically in favor of
joining the Coos Bay fleet which will
wend Its way to Empire today.
Iionts Lenvo at 7:30.
The start from Marshfleld will be
made by the boats at 7:30 o'clock.
This will give all citizens wishing to
go an opportunity to get a boat. Al
though the Alliance is due to cross
the bar at 5 o'clock this morning, a
special arrangement has been made
with Captain Olsen, and he will lay
at Empire until the special reception
boat, the Flyer, comes, which will bo
about 7 o'clock, as It will leave
Marshfleld early.
That North Bend people may have
an opportunity to witness the arrival
of the governor, the boats leaving
Marshfleld and arriving there about
8 o'clock will stop for passengers,
provided the accommodations are not
already filled. Many Marshfleld and
North Bend people have chartered
boats, and there will bo many pri
vate parties at the arrival. Last
night many of the boats were being
decorated, and it was expected that
many more would bo fitted up appro
priately before the start was made
this morning.
Stays nt Hlanco.
Apartments havo been secured
at the Blanco hotel for the governor's
party, and hither they will be es
corted aftor tho landing Is made at
Marshflold. As tho party Is expected
to be fatigued after tho boat trip, it
Program of reception tendered Governor George E. Chamberlain
by Koos Tribe No. 33 Improved Order of Redmen nt tho Mntmnln
A nnarn lintion Hfn.liflnj St-..
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Address of Welcome Mayor E. Straw.
Response Governor Geo. E.Chamberlain
Tho Development of Oregon Tim Richardson
Oregon, Its Place in History Hon. Geo. E. Stooio.
Coos Bay, Oregon's Greatest Harbor Hon. L. J. Simpson
Tho Electric Road Major L. D. Kinney.
Coqulllo jU(Jg0 Ai s Hammond.
. Forty Feot on the Bar j. w. Bennett.
.Redmanship Geo. N. Farrin.
Bandon by the Sea Col. R. H. Rosa. "
When tho Railroad Comes E. L. C. Farrin
. Our Governor a Goc-d Indian c. F. McKnlght.
Myrtle Point G0. H QuerIni 4
Coos County a Health Resort ..... Dr. E. Mingus
Our Resources j. H Flanagan.
The Need of Better Transportation Between Coos Bay and Portland.
' f J. M. Unton
f Now City Greater Coon Bay
is the intention to let them rest dur
ing the afternoon, In order to be in
readiness for the evening program.
As Governor Chamberlain has a host
of personal friends on Coos Bay, It
is thought his time will be well
taken up during the afternoon with
a sort of Informal reception.
Prominent Men.
The program at the Masonic opera
house In the evening has been ar
ranged to the most minute detail,
and those attending will be given a
rare treat that will be remembered
for years to come. The most promi
nent men of the Coos Bay country
are on the program which will be
given at the governor's reception.
Mayor E. E. Straw will give tho ad
dress of welcome, and the response
will of course be made by the chief
executive. Tom Richardson will
speak, as only ho can, on "The De
velopment of Oregon."
George E. Steele will speak on
"Oregon; Its Place In History."
Mayor L. J. Simpson will dwell on
the subject nearer to the hearts of
Coos Bay people Mian anything else,
"Coos Bay, Oregon's Greatest Har
bor." Major L. D. Kinney will talk
on "The Electric Itoad," and Judge
A. S. Hammond of Coqullle will
speak on the resources and advan
tages of Coos' county seat. Attorney
J. W. Bennett will speak on "Forty
Feet on the Bar." "Redmanship"
will be explained by George N. Farrin
and Colonel R. H. Rosa of Bandon
will toast "Bandon by the Sea."
"When the Railroad comes" will be
the subject of E. L. C. Farrln's toast,
followed by C. F. McKnlght, who
will speak on "Our Governor a Good
Indian." Myrtle Point will be rep
resented by George H. Guerln, and
Dr. E. MIngus will talk on "Coos
County, a Health Resort." J. H.
Flanagan's subject will be "Our Re
sources." J. M. Upton will speak
on one of the most vital matters af
fecting Coos Bay, "The Need of Bet
ter Transportation Between Coos Bay
and Portland." Last on the pro
gram and no doubt for the reason
that Governor Chamberlain will have
more cause to remember the occa
sion, Judge Guerry will toast to the
"New City, Greater Coos Bay."
Fully 500 people are expected to
come up on the specially chartered
train which will bring the Redmen
from Myrtle Point, Coqullle and Ban
don to Marshfleld. The Redmen will
have bands and the march to the Ma
sonic opera house impressive.
The full regalia of tho I. O. R. M.
will be worn, and this win add much
to the occasion. After tho governor
has been taken in as a member of
ICoos Tribe No. 33 and the cere
monies completed, tho public recep
tion will come off.
This will start at 9 o'clock and will
last until 10.
Adoption Degree.
The special train from Myrtle
Point, Bandon and Coqullle with the
degree tenm of Coqullle Tribe No. 46
and invited guests from those cities
aboard, will arrive at C o'clock.
Promptly at 7 o'clock the Co
qullle degree, team, n full costume,
will bo rendy to confer tho adoption
.1.- . (... . -.. .
Judge J. H. Gerry
Coos Bay People Feel Indebted To
Secretary Of Oregon Devel-
opement League.
Marshfleld Chamber of Commerce
Will Kndeavor to Show Him
Around the City.
Tom Richardson, who has achieved
national fame as an exponent of the
limitless resources and advantages of
Oregon, will be the recipient of many
honors while on Coos Bay. The feel
ing prevails that too much cannot be
done to show the secretary of the
Oregon Development League that the
people of Coos Bay and surrounding
country deeply appreciate the earnest
efforts which he is exerting to for
ward the 'Interests or the state.
His toast at the banquet to be
given after the public reception at
the Masonic temple opera house will
be listened to with more than usual
Interest, for all realize the exhaustive
research which he has made into the
developing of Oregon. It is the de
sire of the Marshfleld Chamber of
Redmen's Committee Hugh McLain, A. J. Matson, Mayor E.
Straw, A. J. Savage, A. B. Campbell, Dr. B. M. Richardson,
A. Swectman, George N, Farrin, J. E. Oren, C. F. McKnlght.
Marshfleld Chamber of Commerce Committee Claude Nas
burg, J. M. Blake, James H. Flanagan, I. S. Kaufman, I. S. Smith.
Commerce to take Mr. Richardson
on a trip through the Coos Bay
country, and he will be approached
regarding the matter on his arrival.
It is realized that Tom Richardson
has a warm feeling for the Coos Bay
country, and believes Implicitly in
the future It is destined to achieve.
He has co-operated in many different
ways with the different Chamber of
Commerce bodies onjthe bay, and for
this and many other reasons a deep
feeling of personal friendship is felt
for him. The Marshfleld Chamber of
Commerce will ask Mr. Richardson's
assistance In establishing that body
on a solid footing, as it is felt he will
be glad to assist.
degree on the governor. The work
will take place In tho Masonic lodge
room. Following the conferring of
this degree the warriors and chiefs'
degrees will be conferred by Koos
Tribe No. 33.
The committee of the local Red
men wish to state regarding the In
vited guests that It will be practic
ally impossible for them to see all of
the ones whose names appear In the
list of the Invited. It is their earnest
wish that anyono whom they are un
able to see will understand clearly
that their company Is desired just
tbe same.
It Is hoped that everybody on Coos
Bay will attend tho reception and
shako hands with tho execntlve. The
function will take place at the Ma
sonic opera house", and there will be
ample room and accommodations for
all wishing to shake hands with
Governor Chamberlain. During the
recoptlon the Irish orchestra will
render tho following selections under
tho directorship of Professor Mc
Derby: March, Gridiron Pryor
Reverie, Apple Blossoms
Kate Roberts
Concert Waltz, Lo Flor Me
Ita"a Stefano
March Constellation Clark
Select, A Garden Matinee Friml
Wnlt. 1 0-...41 . . . I
.,., . ouuiucru uream,, Lincoln
Governor George E. Chamberlain, accompanied by a number
of distinguished friends, is due to arrive on the steamer Alliance.
That proper respect may be shown to tho state's chief execu
tive, and the citizens may have an opportunity to meet him, I
hereby declare a public holiday for the afternoon of Thursday,
May 16, 1907. E. E. STRAW,
Mayor, Marshflold, Ore.
Mayor Straw Mas, Business Section
Thoroghly Cleaned Residence
Portion In Fine Condition.
Indications Are That Everyone Will
Turn Out to Receive Dis
tinguished Guests.
In anticipation of the visit of Gov
ernor Chamberlain and party today,
Mayor Straw last night had the prin
cipal streets of the city thoroughly
cleaned. The work which the resi
dents of Marshfleld have been doing
toward the improvement of the city
will also be appreciated today.
Last night many people and busl-
ness firms purchased flags and bunt
ing, and this morning a good many
of -the houses along the principal
part of the city will display marks of
respect for the governor of Oregon.
The steamship warehouse along tho
North Bend water front was decor
ated with American flags yesterday
The C. A. Smith Lumber and Man
ufacturing company will show its
patriotism by sending the Mabel H
the company's boat, to the lower bay
to greet the Alliance on its arrival.
The boat has been decorated with
red, white and blue, and presents a
striking appearance.
Wednesday evening all the par
ties operating boats between Marsh
fleld and North Bend, and those hav
ing one or more, declared their In
tention to partlclpato in the water
reception to be held at Empire this
Invited Guests.
List of Invited guests to attend the
banquet to be tendered Governor
Chamberlain tonight:
F. P. Norton, W. U. Douglas, Ivy
Condron, H. Lockhart, Dr. E. Min
gus, J. M. Blako, I. S. Kaufman, W.
S. McFarland, J. S. Coke, J.M. Upton,
AV. S,. Chandler, J. W. Bennett, J. H.
Flanagan, j. 'i. McCormac, Father
Donnelly, F. B. Walte.'L. D. Kinney,
G, Flanagan, A. E. Guyton, I. S
Smith, Edgar Wheeler, F. S. Dow, H.
Sengstacken, L. R. Robertson, C. W.
Tower, Dr. J. W. Ingram, P. A. Dev
ers, W. Ford, A. P. Owen, I. Lando,
Anson Rogers, P. A. Sandberg, A. B,
Prentiss, A. Williams, Carl Albrecht,
Father Curley, F, Boutin, A. E.
Morton, Libby; Alex. Campbell, J. E.
Oren, J. F. Polley, John Morgan, Em
plro; Major Tower, Empire; James
Magee, Dr. Horsfall, E. K. Jones,
Claude Nasburg, W. B. Curtis, E. A.
Anderson, Chas. Stauff, R. Walter;
F. A. Golden, Dr. W, A. Toye, John
Merchant. T. M. Dimmicv. t a t.,i
. .. ' -
rat Hennesy, W. F. Squires. G. A
Governor Chamberlain Was Then
Taken To a Clam bake on the
Appreciates Efforts of Coos Bay
People Urief Sketch of the
State Executive.
Governor Chamberlain's last visit
to Coos Bay was two years ago, at
which time he was the guest of tho
Democratic club. He was also en
tertained on the beach at a clam
bake. It Is said the governor always
looks forward with keen anticipation
to his visits here, as the people spare
no pains to make his stay one of en
joyment. That Governor Chamberlain is uni
versally popular over tho entire state
was fully attested last June, when he
was re-elected to serve his second
term as chief executive of Oregon.
Up to a few years ago George E.
Chamberlain was practically un
known. He was engaged In practic
ing law in Albany, and also served
as district attorney. He left that
city to go to Portland, and two years
prior to his first election to tho gov
ernor's chair he was elected district
attorney for Multnomah county. His
rise into popularity since that time
Is too well known to need recording.
Few men run the gamut of public
life and succeed In keeping as popu
lar with the people as has Chamber
lain. Ed. RIggs, C. E. Drews, A. B. Daley,
J. H. Mllner, D. W. Small, R. Mars
den, Sr., E. O'Connell, Mitchell, F.
Painter, H. W. Painter, C. Masters,
R. E. Shine, Col. Brlgham, F. H.
Clarke, H. J. Kreltzer, Jno. Snyder,
.las, Ferry, Sr., W. J. Butler, Jno.
Preuss, J. T. Hall, Geo. Bolt, L. H.
Llljeqvlst, H. Tower, Jas. Flanagan,
C. J. Brushke, C. E. Going, T. S.
Mlnot, Jas Balnes, Geo. Baines, W. J.
Rust, C. A. Schelbrede, Cal. Wright,
N. Rasmussen, E. D. McArthur, L. D.
Smith, S. Rogers, Anson Rogers, Sr.,
L. W. SJiaw, Thomas Nichols, W.
R. F. Browne, Robert Mc
Cann, A. A. Courtney, Jr., D. A.
au Cavalr
Coos Bay Clam Chowder
1,ves Salted Almonds
Fillet of Chinook Salmon Tartare
Latlce Potatoes
uucumber Pickles Radishes
Chicken Ham
Mushroom Patties
Deef Pork
Cranberry Sauce Mashed Potatoes June Peas
Coos River Cauliflower au Baaurro
Old Private Stock
Empire Crab Salad Toasted Crackers' au Parmesan
National Beer . c
Marshfleld Strawberry Ice Cream Angel Cake
Fruits in Season . Mixed Nuts' and Raisins '
Roquefort Edam Camembert Cheese
Bent's Water
Cafe Noir
Itinerary Will Not Permit Of Gov-
ernor Chamberlain Being
In Both Cities.
Will Spend Several Days on Rogue
River Visiting With R.
D. Hume.
Though North Bend will not havo
a formal program on this occasion,
the citizens will have ample oppor
tunity to show their kindly feeling
for him in the near future. Gover
nor Chamberlain, In company with
George Steele, state treasurer, and
the state fish warden, who is accom
panying him, will probably leave for
the Rogue river on Saturday morn
ing. R. D. Hume will entertain tbe
governor for several days, and show
him the workings of the fisheries..
R. D. Hume wired that he would
make arrangements for taking care
of the governor, and the party Is
expected to leave here early Satur
day morning. The round trip to
Gold Beach will consume about six
or seven days, and the party will
probably make a ihree days' visit.
This will place the date of the gov
ernor's return to Coos Bay about
May 28. On that occasion he will be
the guest of the city of North Bend.
Mayor Simpson stated Wednesday
night that a half holiday would be
declared In North Bend on tho day
of the chief executive's reception.
Plans will be formulated Immediate
ly, and everything will be In readi
ness for the event. It Is now thought
that among the features of the day's
program will be a reception at the
commercial club. Nothing definite
has been decided upon.
Utter, C. A. Johnson, D. Stafford,
P. M. Wilbur, J. M. Snover, E. 0.
S. Gllroy, F. M. Rummel, Sr., F. M.
Rummel, Jr., O. C. Rice, J. S. Greene,
W. R. Haines, L. H. Hazard, A. J.
Sherwood, Geo. Peoples, J. J. Stan
ley, 'J. M. Nye, Ed. Sperry, Alfred
Johnson, Sr., W. Culln, W. Sinclair,
W. C. Chase, L. A. Roberts, K. A
Leep, Geo. A. Gerrin, F. M. McClean,
R. E. Berdillon, A. Dyer, Ed. Galller,
O. A. Trowbridge, C. R. Wade, Col.
Couch, Mr. Cody, Geo. Topping, R. H.
Ross, D. A. Hilling, L. J. Simpson,
Judge J. H. Guerry, Fred McCulIom,
C. H. Maybee, J. W. Plxley, F. H.
Derbyshire, C. S, Wlnsor, C. M.
Byler, T. W. Rennie, J. R. Robertson,
James Lyons, John Curren, W. H.
Wlstnat, H. C. Dlers, George Tem
ple, Thomas Vlgars, B. J. How
land, Col. Brlgham, Ralph Williams,
Geo. Winchester H. E. HImbaugh,
F. D. Pasley, O. L. Hopson, Bennett
Swanton, Arthur McKeown.
Naw Vnrlr f!mints
Young Onions
Oregon Mutton
Humboldt Cigars
'i"i a
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