The Coos Bay times. (Marshfield, Or.) 1906-1957, May 05, 1907, Sunday Edition, Page 3, Image 3

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President and General Manager of
United Railways Before The
Grand Jury.
his position, Holbrook satisfied the
Jurors ho knew nothing of tho al
leged transactions. Calhoun said to
night that the company has bribed
no one, and that It is for tho prose
cution to prove bribery, and for that
reason Mullally and he had refused
to testify before the grand jury.
Prosecutors In tho Gruft Cases Tell
Their Theory of the
San Francisco, May 4. President
Patrick Calhoun and General Man
ager Thornwall Mullally of the
United Railways were called before
the grand jury yesterday In the case
of alleges bribery of municipal au
thorities In the matter of granting
overhead trolley franchises. Each
refused to testify and they were not
sworn. District Attorney Langdon
said: "Wo were very careful not to
put any questions to them." When
asked If this refralnment was for the
purpose of leaving the field free for
the lndlctmentkof the president and
general manager of the company,
Langdon said: "You may say it Is
very significant."
Tho proceedings are on the basis
of the confessions before the grand
jury of fourteen supervisors, which
became public as oRlcial records re
cently. It is announced that the the
ory of tho prosecution is that the
United Railroads spent $750,000 In
hrlbery, of which ?S5,000 went to the
supervisors in bonds of the United
Railways; to Abe Ruef and Mayor
Schmltz, $565,000; to a go-between
whose name is withheld, $100,000.
It is tho theory of the prosecution
that the bonds were not issued in the
names of Ruef and Schmltz, but In
the names of other persons and con
verted into cash by Ruef and Schmltz
through the house of Charles Sutro
& Company, and Fred Hllbert, a
friend of Schmltz, acting as messen
ger between Schmitz and Sutro.
Others examined today were Sutro
and Charles Holbrook, the chairman
of the board of directors of the
United Railways. Notwithstanding
Getting Ready for the Xew Road
Roller on the Street.
F. P. Norton had a force of men
and teams out yesterday grading the
section of Broadway from C street
to the slough. This part of Broad
way will be put In first class shape by
the new ton ton street roller, which
will probably bo tried out today.
Empire City
Now people are still coming in at
Empire and tho place is taking on
a more busy appearance than has
been seen for a long time. The va
cant houses in the town have all
been occupied.
John Peterson has opened the
Arago hotel at Empire, and is ready
for business. Tho place has been
entirely remodeled and furnished
Fish are scarce at Empire now.
The shipments to Marshfield are
much lighter than they have been.
The pupils of the Empire school
are planing for an entertainment
Form a Band and Rob Tnuelers of
Their Luggage.
Rome, May 4. For many years
travelers In Italy have complained
of thefts of their luggage. At last
both the railway and the government
authorities' seem to have succeeded
In laying hands on the culprits. They
have discovered a kind of thieves'
association among the railway men
traveling from Modane through Tur
in to Pisa, Including both French
and Italian members. The police
have even succeeded In recovering
many objects lately stolen. The
severest measures will be adopted
to purify the personnel of the rail
ways and to restore the confidence
of travelers.
Bnptist Rev. D. W. Thurston,
pastor. At 10 o'clock a. m. bible
school, Alva Doll superintendent. 11
a. m. sermon, subject, "The Mark of
Deliverance." 3 p. m. junior meet
ing, Mrs. F. E. Wheeler, superlnten
dent. At 7 p. m. young peoples
prayer service, Charles Smith, leader.
At 8 p. m. memorial services for
Fraternal Order of Eagles.
Tho program for the Eagles ser
vice will bo as follows:
Organ voluntary.
Hymn, "God Is the Refuge." Dr.
Scripture reading, third chapter of
Anthem, "Father In Heaven Hear
Us" R. A. Glenn.
Anthem, "Jerusalem." R. A.
Solo by Mrs. George Ayre.
Sermon, "Liberty, Truth Justice
and Equality, or God's Great Love
for Humanity."
Anthem, "Great Is the Lord. J.
F. KInsey.
Hymn, "He That Goeth Forth,"
Christian Science Services will be
held In the Rcdmen's hall Sunday at
11 a. m., subject, "Adam and Father
Man." A cordial welcome Is extend
ed to all.
Episcopal Rev. M. Horsfall, rect
or. Services will be held Sunday
morning and evening at the church.
St. Monica's Catholic Rev. Father
Edward Donnely, rector. Mass at
10:30 a. m. Sunday at the church
and at 8 a. m. at the Mercy hospital
at North Bend.
First Presbyterian. Corner A and
Fourth streets. Herbert H. Brown,
pastor. Announcements for Sunday:
At the morning service at 11 o'clock
the pastor will preach from the text,
"For wo may not see the man's face,
except our youngest brother be with
us." At the evening service nt 8
o'clock the subject of the sermon will
be, "Every Man a Weaver on the
Loom of Time." The Sunday school
convenes for bible study at 10 a. m.
New scholars may enter at any ses
sion. Visitors welcome. The Chris
tian Endeavor service Is hold at 7
o'clock, and the topic will be "The
Power of a Contented Life." The
music at all these services is attract
ive, but that rendered by the choir
at both preaching services Is espec
ially appreciated by tho public. A
warm welcome to all.
Methodist Rev. W. R. F. Browne,
pastor. At 10 a. m. Sabbath school;
11 a. m., sermon, subject. "Tho Ro
mance of Christianity;" 7 p. m Ep
worth League, Mrs. J. Carter, lead
er, subject, "Counting the Cost;" 8
p. m., sermon, subject, "What Is
Truth." A cordial welcome will be
given to all who attend these ser
vices. Como and get acquainted.
Mls3 Mary Brown will sing at tho Ep
worth League services. Miss Agnes
Gulovsen will sing at the evening ser
vices, "Just for Today."
If Certain Amount of Work Can Be
Secured Will Como to
Mayor Straw is communicating
with a large concrete and asphalt
contracting firm of Eureka which
wants to move a plant to this city
and state they will If it is possible to
get at least a $10,000 contract for
street work here. Tho firm will
probably send a representative here
in a few weeks.
EfcCynsanyT ' j . ... m . ' --
Coos Ba
Steam Laundry
All work Inow done at
the NorthlBend Plant
Edgar Mauzey
North Bend PhonH031
Marshfield Phone 1804
Banking Favors
And courteous treatment pre tho undisputed right
of overy depositor in this bank there are any
number of thorn willing! to testify to these facts.
Can you not add your narno to our list? Informa
tion cheerfully given by eyery officer and director
of tho bank. V
First NationaTBarijk of Coos Bay
JOHN S. COKE, r-rosldent
Q. D. HIN8DALE. Vico-Prcidnt
A nice line of
Postal Cards and Bound Books
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Ground Floor Offices; Corner Virginia and Sherman Avenues
"RFSTVCOKNHW ON CCMlft HAY77 north bend, Oregon
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