The Coos Bay times. (Marshfield, Or.) 1906-1957, April 21, 1907, Sunday Edition, Page 4, Image 4

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The Coos Bay Timkh Podlisiiinq Co,
A. E. GUYTON, Editor and Manager.
The, policy of Tho Coos Bay Times
Till be Republican In politics, with the
independence! of which President Koose
velt is tho leading exponent.
Entered at tho postofllce at Mnrshfleld, Ore
gon, for IrRiismlMlon throiixh the malls as
sccouil class mnll'mattcr.
Single copy, daily, 5 cents
Por month, daily, 50 oentt-
Three months, daily, $1 25
Six months, daily f 2 50
One year, daily, - - - $5 00
Weekly, per year - - $1 00
Address nil communications to
Marshficld, Oregon.
Employed by Company to Test Cura
the Power of Medicine.
There is a man living In a Boston
BUburb who make himself sick In a
variety of ways In order that he may
test the healing powers of tho medi
cines manufactured by the company
which employes him.
Instead of being a shaky wreck
from constant Indulgence In foods
taken purposely to provoke disorders
this vindicator of infants soothing
sirups, headache cures, Indigestion
medicines and cold cures is hale and
hearty, a stout German, past middle
age, of a studious and phlegmatic
His office Is one of the best of all
at the headquarters of tho company
that employs him. There are oil
paintings, soft carpets and Turkish
'rugs; ho has a library of medical
volumes, windows filled with flowers
and a profusion of bottles, glasses
and crucibles distributed In the
Has Variety of Duties.
He has a variety of duties. Ac
cording to the Boston Herald he sits
In a draught or wanders about coat
less to entice a cold and then doses
Mnnlf with cold cures. He con
tra n. violent herdarlio In order to
try tho cfllcacy of a headache cure
which is to bo put on tho market.
He acquires the hcadacho by con
centrating his mind so closely upon
one subject that at the end of a few
hours the nervous strain produces
tho pains In the head he has set out
to obtain. Then lie takes a dose of
the ni"dlplne that Is being experi
mented with and watches results
carefully, noting every effect In a
book in order to make Ills report on
Often ho lias to contract aches
that aren't headaches. It may be
that a new medicine is to bo brought
out for Indigestion or tho scores of
disorders resulting from dyspepsia.
The manufacturers desire to make
a practical test of the formula of
their own satisfactlop. Tho German
tester goes to a restaurant late In the
ovening and gives an order thnt
makes tho waiter's eves bulge.
Meal of mi Ostrich.
"I eat a lobster salad, then drink
milk, which is usually prohibited
with such a salad," ho says cheer
fully in telling about it.
"To make It more certain I have
vinegar mixed with tho milk and '
fdllow It all with a Welsh rarebit.
After that that tho only thing I have
to do It wait for the resluts.
"They are usually not long in com
ing. Soon I have violent pains In the
chest, a fenllng as of a heavy weight
lying upon it, with sharp pains sjioot
Ing across my body every second; Of
course It is agony while it endures,
lint I tnke a dose of tho remedy to rc
liovo it.
"If It gives mo relief I note nil the
circumstances of inv sensations to tho
minutest detail and if it doesn't I do
tho same. You havo no conception of
what a delightful feeling It is to ex
perience tho contrast of intenso pain
and quick relief. I know that feeling
There are from sovonty-five to 100
drugs mentioned In materia medlca
for disorders of indigestion and the
Gorman tester has tried them all.
Some of the things he has to do
would mnko an ordinarily courageous
man look about for tho cyclono
He Is Skillful CheniM.
For an eyewash ho haR more than
once thrown sand Into his ojeg to
.produce Itidqmatton in order to test
the wnsh as to its relief-giving pro
perties. Tie oven imagines himself a
baby necaslonallv in order to try the
Infants' medicines. IIo drugs him
self bv compounding n sleeping po
tion of Infants' soothing sirup.
"You may say," he explains,
' in i n use a thing soothes mo It
does not necessarily follow that it
would soothe a baby. Nevertheless,
my results have Invariably proved
that what was good for me was good
for the Infant, but, of course, In
milder doses.
"You see, we can not get a baby
to experiment on, even If we desired
one, which we don't. A baby could
not tell Its sensations or Impressions
after it took the medicine, which is
necessary to the success of tho ex
periments." The man who voluntarily submits
to "trying it on the dog" is not at all
a dense animal, so robust that noth
ing can harm him, and willing from
Ignorance to sacrifice himself In this'
strange way. Ho Is himself a chem
ist, a skillful one."
Why He Accepted Job.
That makes him all the more valu
able, as he can record with accuracy U
the sensations before and after tak
ing a medicine and the results ob
tained. And, of course, he knows
quite well the properties of each
remedy he takes, what Its effect
should be, how great a dose Is re
quired and how violent his ailment is.
How came such a man to embrace
an occupation that carries with it bo
many disagreeable features? Htfwlll
tell you himself that before he got
his present berth he was a wreck, a
victim of chronic indigestion, a wast
ed shadow of the man he had been In
early youth. ,
"I have been In the manufacturing
drug business myself for twenty
seven years," he says. "But things
went wrong my health gave out, my
stomach was gone and soon I had not
even employment.
"It was then that I conceived the
plan of offerings myself as a subject
for experiment to the manufacturers t
of proprietary medicines. The first
to whom I applied said that he would ,
be glad to obtain such a man who
had a knowledge of chemistry and
that It was a great difficulty to find
him. i
"I at once offered myself and have
been with the firm ever since. That
was some years ago and you can see
for yourself what excellent health I '
am In now."
Liverpool, April 20. May wheat,
6b 5d.
New York, April 20. Lead, $6
$6,10; copper, $24.25 g ? 25. 25; sil
ver, 65 c.
Chicago, April 20. May wheal
opened 7878c, closed 784c
barley, 69?lc; flax, $l.'ll;
Northwestern, $1,18.
San Francisco, April 20. Wheat,
$1.30 $1.35.
Portland, April 20 Wheat Club,
?5o blue stem, 77c; red, 74c; val
ley, 72 c.
Tacoma, April 20. Wheat Blue
stem, 77 78c; club, 75 76c; red,
. El Paso, Texas, April 20. The
mercury" has dropped seventeen de
grees In three hours beforo 9 o'clock,
and at that hour registered 40 above.
It is still growing colder, and there
Is every indication of snow.
Handsome Clothing
iave the
Thaw Jury Dines and Talks of j
EicrytliiiiR but Tral. JK
New York, April 20 Eleven
members of the Thaw jury dined to
gether tonight In the Broadway Cen
tral hotel. Eve'ry topic except the
Thaw trial was discussed.
C Street.
Eymann's O!
ive Oil
Many people are ignorant of the many uses and purposes
for which pure Olive Oil is neceessary. Unlike the ordinary
quality of Olive Oil, Eymnnn's Oil has its puritj' protected,
its cleanliness as&ured, its goodnrss guaranteed by the
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vigoratim;, "and absolutely pure tho perfection of tho Art.
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properties of Eymnnn's Pure Olive Oil, of which Ave are sole
wacgiyT7iKyriy3JggPfpri:ggy?g?aatp?w3iPiB cwirm
stom Hall
Cut Coffee
This coffee is one of the greatest successes in tho coffee
business. It derives its name of ".Steel Cut" from the fact
that instead of being ground it is cut into fine particles with
steel knives.
By this process all tho chaff and injurious coffee dust is
eliminated. Tako tho oulinary coffee and if after it has been
boiled it is allowed to stand it will become bitter. This is
not true of this coffee on account of the above mentioned
pi ocess.
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