The Coos Bay times. (Marshfield, Or.) 1906-1957, April 21, 1907, Sunday Edition, Page 3, Image 3

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Land Is Given To Extend the Public
Road on East Side of
the Bay.
Ami Sow Heroines a Public Thor
oughfare Where Ferry
Will Land.
The East Marshfleld Land com
pany deeded several lots to the
county yesterday for the purpose of
liaving a right of way for this end of
the public road between here and
Roseburg. The Hennessy and Seng
stacken deed to the county of the
long wharf on the east side was also
accepted by the court.
This makes the establishment of a
ferry from the foot of Third street to
the eastIdo almost a certainty, and
It is entirely probable that the ferry
proposition will go through in time
to have It in operation by the first
of July.
The question of a public ferry will
probably not be decided at the pres
ent time, but the rate for ferrying
across will be so regulated that this
will not work much of a hardship
upon those wanting to use It.
Kirst Presbyterian. H. H. Brown,
pastor. Announcements for Sunday:
The Rev. George H. Roach of Ban
don will preach at the morning ser
vice at 11 a. m. His theme will be
vice at 11 o'clock a. m. His
theme will be "The Divine Sovereign
ty of God. At 7 p. m. the Young
People's Society hold their devotion
al service at the church. The service
will bo conducted by the pastor.
The topic, "Wise Ways to Read Wiso
Books." Prov. 4:1-9. The evening
service is held at 8 p. m., with
preaching by the pastor. The sub
ject Sunday evening will be, "Hide
and Seek." The special musical fea
tures at tho preaching services makes
them attractive as well as helpful.
Strangers And a hearty welcome
hero, and so does everybody. Mrs.
Ingram at the morning service will
i sing "Rock of Ages," by Shepperd.
I The ladles quartette will render
"Jesus Savior Pilot Me" at the even
ing service.
First Haptlst. D. W. Thurston,
pastor. At 10 a. m., Bible school,
Alva Doll, superintendent; 11 a. m.(
sermon, "A Doubter;" 3 p. m.,
Junior Union, Mrs. F. E. Wheeler,
superintendent; 7 p. m., Young Peo
ple's service, Miss" Bronte Jennings,
leader; 8 p. m., special services. The
following program will be rendered
by the choir, Professor Ayre, musical
director: t
Scripture reading, Psalm 23.
Anthem, "Bo Joyful In God," J. F.
Responslvo reading.
Anthem, "Beautiful Gates," Spen
cer. Offertory.
Duet, "Longing for Rest," Misses
Mabel and Alpha Mauzey.
Sermon, "Happy Convert."
Duet "Angel," Misses Lottie Long
staff and Bessie Ayre.
Recitation, "The Free Seat," Mrs.
Anthem, "Save Me, O Lord, S. S.
Everybody, especially strangers,
are invited to all services.
St. Monica's Catholic Rev. Father
Donnelly, rector. Mass at 10:30 a.
m. at Marshfleld, and mass at Mercy
hospital at North Bend at 8 a. m.
Christian Science. Services will
be held in the Redmen's hall Sunday
at 11 a. m. Subject, "Probation After
Death." A cordial Invitation Is ex
tended to all.
Salvation Army. At 10:30 a. m.,
open air meeting; 11 a. m., holiness
meeting; 2 p. m., Sunday Bchool;
3:30 p. m., song and praise service;
7:30 p. m open air meeting; 8 p. m.,
salvation meeting. All welcome.
Come and get acquainted with tho
new ensign.
Cost of Extra Knot nml a Half.
The extra one and one-half knots
that the big Cunard liners are to
make over the Kaiser Wllhelm II,
Germany fastest Bhlp, require the
Installation of sixty-eight additional
furnaces, six more boilers, over 52,
000 additional squaro feet of heating
surface and the development of an
additional 30,000 horse power. To
provide for the Increased weight the
ship has to be lengthened seventy
and a half feet, broadened sixteen
feet and deepened four feet and the
displacement enlarged by 12,000
The Crawford Point Land company
filed a plat yesterday of Its holdings.
The plat was accepted. The property
Is located just across the bay from
Plat B. The company will put the
place on the market at once.
The plat of the Hennessey Addi
tion to East Marshfleld was filed yes
terday In Coqullle and also accepted.
Commencing May 1st the subscription
price of
The Coos Bay Monthly
will be advancee to
$1.50 A YEAR
15c. A COPY
This is made necessary bv the increas-
ing cost of nearly everything used in
the production of the magazine : : : :
Subscriptions received before the end of
this month will be accepted at the old
rate of $1.00 a year, but none will be
taken at that rate after April 30 : : : :
Coos Bay Publishing Co.
Contractors and Builders
Oflico fixtures a specialty. Store Fronts, Counters,
Shelving. Let us work out your plans. See us be
fore building.
Shop opposite Bear's Livery Stable, North Front Street
Why should you be bothered with the
old fashioned pen when you can buy
one of tho Dr. Faber self filling pens
here? We have tho largest stock of
fountain pens ever seen on the Bay.
Front Street
Front Street
Front Street Business Property
We Have Something That Will
Interest You
Title Guarantee & Abstract Co.,
Henry Sengstdpn, Manager
77k (rW i
For the Coming Week
The items below represent regular goods
priced especially low, or special goods at a
special price. Look the items over, and if
there is anything among them you can use,
it will be advantageous to buy this week.
Five pieces, 250 yards, domestic pongee. 32
inclics wide. Especially desirable for spring mill
81111111101' dresses. Colors blue, light and dark tan
and two similes of si'1'1'11' Worth 05c. Price,
yard 52c
Five pieces, 200 yards, fancy silk and cotton em
broidered waistings. Colors blue, grey, green,
cream and white, checked. Very desirable cloth,
and is a big value at, yard 45c
The WORTH waist for boys and girls. A
skeleton waist adapted especially for the warm
weather. Just the waist to give to the little folks
n lot of comfort. A trial will prove its worth.
Only 35c
Children's fleeced cotton knit underwear No.
030. Former price ranged from 25c garment to
55c. We want to close out the line, and this week
you may have your choice, garment 21c
Long silk gloves, 10-hutton length. Regular
price is $1.75 pair. Muck and white only. Tills
week only, pair $1.00
Children's line grade black cotton ribbed hose
Xo. 52. Regular price is 18c pair. All sizes.
To close out tills number, we will oiTcr them the
coming week at, pair ...,11c
Ulen's Halbriggan Underwear. 10 dozen to be
disposed of tills week. AVere 70c suit.. . All sizes.
Garment 27c
Men's sofryl still' hats. Former prices were
$2.50 to $3.50. Your choice, tills week, only $1.08
New Laces
The recent steamers have brought us direct
from Xew York some new, evquisite things in
laces. Novelty laces, silk edgings, A'nlancennes
and German A'nls, and many others, in the
daintiest designs, comprise the lot. It will be
worth your time to look them over.
New Dress Trimmings
Dressmakers nnd others will be interested to
know that our new line of dress trimmings lias
arrived, llraids, hands and lace effects are all
here, and no matter whether it Is a new dress,
or an old one you want to make over, the right
shades and designs to match every conceivable
pattern are among the assortment. Please bear
in mind that practically ever) thing this season
Is trimmed witli bands, braids, or the medallion
American Lcray Corset
Dressmakers Endorse Them
Our Corset Salon has grown with leaps and bounds. Business has tribbled
since that of six months ago, and it is all because of the immensely popularity of the
American Lady Corset. It is the only corset we sell, but we do more business on
this one corset than could be done on a half
dozen other brands. Not only do women
come to the store-for them, but mail orders are
flooding in upon us for them from homes in the
counties of Coos, Curry and Douglas. But why
shouldn't we have such a sale for them. They
are the most comfortable and serviceable corset
on the market today, and they come in a much
wider range of shapes. All popular dressmakers
endorse them, and insist that women wear an
American Lady in having their new garments
The illustration on the right shows model
No. 470 and on the left model No 4,54. The price is $ J. 00. It comes in grey and
white, and sizes 18 to 30. Outsizes 31 to 36 cost $1.25. Did you ever see a more
handsome corset for the money? Other prices of the American Lady are $1.50, $2,
$2.25, $3, $3.50, $4, $4.50, $5, $6.50 and $10. The first order on any of these cor
sets will be mailed postpaid on receipt of price.
Women's Fine Oxfords
Yrs-ijf I
Mr ''fljfm
w 1 1 r VV
Stpk5 jtS
Another shipment of oxfords have been added
yesteiday, after looking through our big stock of
wear nothing but oxfoids this season, to look at
ofords may not be worn universally, He are con
worn by women this season than was ever known
stock comprises every width from AA to Eli, and
our shoe department completeness. And it is
making it the leading trading center of Southern
to make it as near perfection as human ingenuity
to our already handsome stock. A lady told us
oxfords "One would imagine women are going to
the wonderful stock you have on hand." While
fldent of this fact, that more low shoes will be
heretofore, and we stocked up accordingly. Our
every size from 2 to 8. Tills is what is making
completeness all over this popular store that is
Oregon. No, our store is not perfect, but ho aim
can make it.
Prices of AVomen's oxfords are $2 to $1, and Men's oxfords $3.50 to $5.
Men's Fancy Hosiery
The Hay our fancy hosiery have been selling, demonstrates how well the lino is thought of.
AVlien we bought our fancy hosiery, only the snappiest and the best numbers were accepted. AVe
thought He had the right patterns and qualities, hut now we are absolutely certain. Instead of
buying u pair at a time, men come hi and buy three to six pairs at a clip. That's faith in them,
isn't it? And that's just what, you will want to do, after looking them out, if you are interested
in fancy hosiery at ail. Prices are 15c to 05c pair.
Important Saving
In Men's Clothing
That is just what it means if you buy your suit
of us tills spring. We have bought our spring
line especially advantageously, we shaved our mar
gin of profit a little, and He are absolutely certain
we can save you money. AVe would like to have
you look over the different suits and see for your
self whether the price is not right. Tills will bo
more satisfactory.
Then too our Men's clothing is made up right,
nnd doesn't have that ordinary "ready- made" ap
pearance. The materials are guaranteed all
worsted, the linings are of a good quality mohair,
the garments are silk-sewed throughout, and every
imrt subjected to special wear Is hand-sewed and
Last neck we did the Men's clothing business of
tho Hay, simply because we have the right stuff at
the right prices. For this week we have replen
ished the stocks and are In better shape than ever
to handle a big clothing business. Let us fit you
out too.
Prices range from $10 to .$27.50.
It Is comparatively an easy matter to do THE
business in Men's hats when you have tho right
tilings. Tills spring we haven't turned away one
customer who wanfed to buy a hat. Tills is say
ing good deal, considering the large number of
hats ho sell. Hut it is explained from the fact
that men usually have their minds made up before
they go into a store as to just what kind of a hat
they want, and nlien they come here they always
get what they want, or.urcgn little hit better satis
fied. Let us have your hat trade, too, and see if
you won't he better pleased.
Whether it is a still' hat, or a felt hat or a straw
hat, we have it in the right shape and shade and at
the right price.
Men's and Boys' Befits
Leather belts are going to be worn more this
season than ever. Every fashion paper you pick
up intimates this, besides the fact that practically
every pair of trousers fills spring Is innilo up with
(he belt straps. AVe have a snappy line in now,
the newest things in tan, lirown, lilack and grey, at
prices ranging from .'i5c to $1.25.
The New Fancy Vests
Nothing can put that final touch to your
diess more than a handsome fancy vest. AVe
have some of the snappiest things hi fancy vests
in now that were ever shown, patterns that are
tasty, attractive, and will set you oil' right.
AVhether you are interested in buying a fancy
vest just now or not, drop in and look the Hue
over. Wo won't charge you anything, and when
yon are leady lo buy, you will know we have
lust Hliat you want. Prices nio $2.5(1, $81, $8,150,
$ I ami $5.
raaasHSHFWBxaajaHsra itzzsz?. ysrrxxr-.
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