Lafayette courier. (Lafayette, Or.) 1866-1???, January 17, 1873, Image 1

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    Volume VII.
■ • I
anex- about Greek brigandage, very re­
freshing to honest people and sug­
Certainly the present gestive, of the question whether
two or three States in a woman ipight not govern Greece
better than its men. One. of the
condition approaching anar
Hellas, as every
curses of m
talk of “enlarging the area
body knows, is the unextirpated
donfflieemsa fine sarcasm
guild of brigands, who infest the
the lapse of a royal line in 1
^^TW1WT3>r¡ cm ¡
land, defying the government sup­
I Tuck, 1 7* 1 1 25 175 600 1 y oo 1 T51Ö
pressing commerce, demoralizing
flack«». 1 175 1 150 3 00 800 1 12 1 18 00
peasantry, and murdering stran­
S lachea, [Eíji 1 3 50 4 50 »00 1 18 1 22 00
gers or tich natives. One of these
ilBchei, 300 4 00 roo 11 1 20 1 30 00
unhanged * villains recently cap­
450 5 50 • 00 18 1 22 I • 32 00
4 Col.
tured the youthful son of a widow
500 7 00 »00 20 1 28 1 3S 00¡
woman ^f property, well known
30 I 50 1 90 00
upon thç border. The u?ual mes­
ping race,
irt li. sage was sent from the hills. The
track to.
on to
revenues nils ¡3 the
UM* pivuuvmu Bwvuuvo.
sort of plea which the advocates of
annexation are sure to make.
Faint echoes of their Opening cam­
paign already reach us from Wash­
ington. Now, we do not need any
mpre national territory; we
need to improve and govern be
ivhat we have. As a ^nation weu
are amply “ spread out” alres «dy;
nod our latest acquisition is ii
governed by militaryJaw-rr-if
governed at all. Th*e scheme i for
First Monday of eack Monti
the annexation of Santo Domi ingot
Itanain during Court Weak.
never met with popnlar favor, and 1
regarded to-day witty indifference
or active alarm
. i. Thé Sandwhich
Islands, in the middle of the Pa­
cific, three weeks sail from the
American coast, overwhelmed with
ere as smooth as the Del­
debt and peopled by an effeminate
WM7TLL PRACTICE IN THE COURTS race of men, would be a bigger el­
lo’s, and him she dressed
WT of Yamhill? Fulk and other counties
“ally a3 a Greek girl,
ephant on our hands than even icy
in Oregon.
appoitytqd to meet the
Alaska has proved.
lief at it certain spot, she
Just as the Tribune always pre­
two -hundred drachmas,
dicted, thé Alaska purchase is now
esent of cakes and fruit,
quoted ! as a g
jek girl ” going with her
tify f further
le. On reaching the place
bought the Aleutian
ower a H arris ,
id the scoundrel waiting,
Alaska^ ÿby these
captive bound hand and
Manifest Destiny; w
Will hold tbemeelven in readineM to i
le him.
j»w«r all call« upon them for anything in 1
oman first ascertained by
line of
questions that the man
to the market as a bidder for the
y alone, and then offered
Hebrides or the Indian Archipeb
iy;supplications, her mon-
Glazing, €
Wc hav0 ijdifiicultics enough al­
All work done according to contract or
ready in our way in, wmking out
charge will be made. Try ua.
the great problem of self-govern­
ment. Free institutions cannot iWf
dure without intlligence ancirelig-
ion. Have we such a surplus of1
these in the last four ptlt ^ve mib
metropolis hotel lions of addition to our citizenship
that we must needs be hunting for
PORTLAND .................
OREGON. new semi-tropical and semi-barbar­
the “ Greek
Thia Now aud elegant Hotel, with naw ous peoples to be added to our vob
ing population ? We ai® sml
Farnitur« th roof bout,
cientlv exposed already, in case of
foreign war. Must we needs 4>e
hunting for more exposed pointe on
which to plant our flag, io' that
Bath room forth« Accommodation of Guest« without a navy to defend it, it
could be humiliated at
the first aggressor ?
Come and see le.
territory now vaster
ernment in Hi
Ante of Cosmopolitan Hotel), Proprietor,
to hold togeth ¡er. Must we travel
■’s business of it,
two thousand i miles into the ocean
and sound at thoir
for more.—N. Y< . i nbune. ¿
- ------ ------ * : H
andon Telfçraph.
............. —«
d ill. L!j f-'fl
• i
. R*.
A“ blacksmith” in tbomysterions re-
giona known as the
the following over
°ri tn the
.i «low. the beautiful slow,
Setting leaa type than the rent. I know?
aa I-_
—. — — —
— — ’j
it . Sertier-^iboemaker
But setting it
No. MJFront Street,between Waahin
Mid Alder, over Hopkins* Hardware Si
I '
Waste of weald
rotreived ; waste of
hut the waste of ti
M . f . s p U ! ? i
dy in the country
;e of music “with
ds that almost li­
the depth of con-
»rrow revealing a sad
5ndere$t emotion in a tone
ild almost melt an iceberg,
nble 'adamant to dust,”
ei postcript informed them
“paughwould be up
pnd would pay for it
followed “Inno-
rith “Innocents at
propse8 to supple-
It ” with Smooth
who herself took a drink. The
woman then went into an adjoin-, from which she speedily
returned with a strong cord or
rope arranged in the form of a
noose. Smiling and talking pleas­
antly all the time, she stepped be­
hind her visitor, and dropping the
noose over her head and arms, with
a sudden jerk she soon bound the
young girl helpless to the chair.
“ Now ” said the woman, “ you shall
see how I will avenge myself, ”
whereupon from a table drawer
she took a pair of shears, a large
knife and a revolver, all of which
implements she spread upon the ta­
ble before her victim, by this time
ready to faint with terror.
The torritentor’s next step was
to cut off the girl’s hair as close as
possible to the skin, leaving only
a single handful on top of the head,
for the purpose, as she explained,
of facilitating the subsequent oper­
ation of scalping. The girl
screamed and called for help as
loudly as she could, but the house
stands in a lonely place and no
deliverer appemxcL After cutting
off the hair, Mrs. X. brought a
looking-glass that Ida might see
the change produced in her appear­
ance. As the girl fo gged for re­
leasesaying, that she was freezing,
she was told, with a plentiful ap­
plication of mocking epithets, that
she would be warm enough before
slie got away. Mrs. X. then put the
poker in the st^ve,and while calm­
ly waiting for it to become red-
hot, she told her yictim what she
intended to do with it. “ First, I
Will burn your eyes out,” etc., etc.
And she really began to execute
her threats, but when she was try­
ing to blind the girl, the latter, by
a super-human effort, succeeded in
releasing one of her hands, with
which she seized the gfowing poker
and for a while arrested the mon­
ster in the perpetration of her
crime. | This interruption made it
necessary to
... reheat
.n'r, .J th® P°ker,
the meantime the unlooked-for
return of ths husband was all that
saved the girl from prolonged tor­
ture and death at the hands of
Mrs. X.
• /T he B ottom of I t .—A young
drug clerk committed suckle in
Bristol, a few days ago. At the
inquest, the Corner asked a fellow
clerk of the deceased if he knew of
any cause for the sucide. ’’No,”
was the reply; ” he was getting
along very nicely, and was going
to bo married next mouth.” “Go­
ing to be married next month,
was he?” exclaimed the Coroner.
“That will do. We’ve got at the
bottom of this buisness.”
The local organ of the conspi­
racy for overthrowing the Estate
Government of Louisan a is tho
New Orleans Republican.
Mean. ft
n gloat-
ed over the
terminad failure
of the committee of citizens to
make any impression upon the
President by their visit to Wash­
ington, though it is compelled to
admit that the committee was*
made up of some of the oldest and
most respectable citizens of tho
State. The Republican sneers at
their efforts to change the opinion
of the President by any array
of facte, and assures the conspira­
tors that the persuasive efforts of
any number of delegates will not i
avail to shake his purposes, for,
says the Republican, “he has made
op his mind.”
That kind of talk may do for
the meridian qf New Orleans,.but
it is not adapted to the whole coun­
try. However it mayW^with.
the President himself, it is flainr
from a glance over the journals of
the Republican party, that a large
bod J of the very men who voted
for Grant at ^the recent election ,
condemn his course in this Louisi­
ana business, and regard it as the
greatest blunder of the admmistra-
Warmouth’s term as Governpr
expires with the present year.
As an individual, ho was of no
cdnscquence in this contest, while
Pinchback, who, at the point of
Emory’s bayonets, was temporarily
forced-mto his plaoe, is beneath
contempt But the great princi­
ples sacrificed in this quarrel are
of momentous importance Con­
gress Boon reassembles. Merely
because Wannouth and Pinchback
will have disappeared pre the two
Houses meet again, will they pass
over without notice one of the
most . flagrant and dangerous
stretches of power exercised by
any President of the United
States ? Is there manhood and
Courage enough left in the, old
Capitol to meet this supreme emer-
gency ?
We shall see!—N. Y. Sun
A Detroit man wants to sell a
patent pistol-cane or a promising
Newfoundland pup» he don’t!care
He went home the other
night and set his cane, hepyily
charged, behind the door, and
started in lot a little romp with
hia three bright little ones. They
got along well enough until the
pup spied the cane, andj going for
it, started upbn a promiscuous run
around the chairs and table-legs
with it between his^tbetlj. -'’The
dotingihtber remembered jthe ef­
fect of a slight pressure upon a
mind succeeded ip throwiagi the
children down the. eellar stairs
and placing himself on the top of
a side-board before the thing went
liar mirror, anaitne pup on-
a few acratehesiin jumping
h a plate-glass window,
jetor savs the children will
over. Ño instfrahce.
, ’ -
. ...... -
i ah
O rdained as al TRiraTK—The
New York Iler aid of December
25th contains a long account ot
the ordination to-the Catholic
Priesthood, Archbishops McClos­
key, Dr. James Stone, formerly a
distinguished clergyman of the
Hobart and Keriyon successively.
The reverend gentleman was re-
ceiveff"ihlo the Catholic faith
about three years’ ago .
n-»j vJnv .I’