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    NQ. 22.
given, T aa
as waa
was af-
at- the Iroqouis, 6 guns.
Witch, which, while serving on the the order should be giv©D
The African squadron for the year
home squadron, bad taken the yellow terwards done. The brig Bainbridge,
No one can have forgotten the thou-' fever on board, put into Philadelphia, of 6 guns, was at Boston, and the brig 1861 consisted of eight vessels, carry­
ing 95 guns viz: the Constellation,
sand charges made by the Abolition been disinfected, and on the 14th of Perry, of 6 guns, was at New York,
San Jacinto, 13 ; Portsmouth, 22;
press, and Abolition orators, and Abo­ February hod been ordered by me to and both of them could have been Mohican, 6; Saratoga, 20; Sumter,
be prepared for sea service with dis­ ready for sea in eleven days from the
5 ; Mystic, 5; Relief, 2—half of them
lition clergy, and Abolition laity, ever
patch, that she might resume her place time the order should be given, as af­
The squadron consisted of
since the war was inaugurated, tending again in the squadron. The flagship terward was^ done. The sloop-of-war
....—. JMf..... ..
to convict Buchanan) and through him, Cumberland, the Powhattan and the Plymouth, of 22 guns, was at Norfolk the same number of vessels and guns
in 186Q, the Vincennes having been
J. fl. (JP TO IV, -
the whole Democratic party, of having Pocahontas were coming up the coast in good condition, and the steamer An- ordered home at the beginning of the
from Vera Cruz to New York and Nor- acosta, of 1 or 2 guns, was at Wash­
so arranged and disposed of and distrib-^ JUk. The Powhattan arrived at New ington, already in commission. Here year. This squadron was required to
- 7
uted the war vessels of the Govern­ York on Tuesday, March 12th, the were thirteen ships, with 368 guns, at be kept on the coast of Africa by our
One Copy One Year, . ... $2 50. ment during the forepart of 1861, as week after Lincoln’s inauguration, and home, in the Atlantic navy yards, that treaty with Great Britain for the sup»
One Copy Six Months, . . . .—150.
pression of the slave trade ; and in- the
to so parlyse that arm of the service on the same day the Pocahontas arrived, could have been put to sea in good or­ year 1860, with the aid of a small
at Hampton Roads. The Cumberland der for service before the bombard­
Ono Square, 12 Lincs or less, one In­ t as to render the Government powerless arrived at Hampton Roads the week ment of Fort Sumter. Thus we had portion of the hotne squadron qn the
to reinforce Sumter at the proper time. following. The Brooklyn, with a com­ on the Atlantic coast at the inaugura­ American side,, bad eaptured twelve
sertion, , , , , , , , $3,00
For each subsequent insertion, $1,00.
So persistently, and with such brazen pany of troops on board from Fortress tion of Lincoln a naval force of 26 slavers and rescued 3,119 victims of
A liberal deduction will be made on
Monroe, the Sabine, the St. Louis and vessels, carrying an armament of 554 that trade.
With this reduction of the other
Quarterly, Yearly and half Yearly Adver­ audacity, were these charges made, that the Wyandotte were before Fort Pick­ gnns, which oould be put to sea in
rnaoy Democrats, not having the data
squadrons and this force at
ens (PensacolaY, defending it against good order before the war commenced,
the Atlantic and Pacific sides,
Hotel, Medical and Law Cards, $10,00 at hand to. confute them, tacitly ac­ the troops of Florida and Alabama.— against an enemy which had no naval
knowledged their correctness by mak- The Mohawk, Crakader and Supply force whatever, for such had been the I was not willing to reduce the squad­
were already at New York. The Wa­ coarse of’the Department in promptly ron on the coast of Africa, nor was
COUNTY OFFICIAL DIRECTORY. no'effort to disprove them. This is ter Witch was at Philadelphia, and the removing all seeds of disaffection, that there any neccaiity for it.
another evidence of the facility
This, sir, was the “ scattering of our -
Judge, J. W.
n Ivo
V'U Ill ill I D d IUII V ID)
Pawnee at Washington, where the De­ the secession of eleven States from the
all over the world/’ of which
' ■
—whicb de'"s?°«“c3 a"d
partment had stationed a force of ma- Union lost not a single vessel to the
This was the “ oommand
pled knaves and tricksters in high ftft- rrries, organized in four-companies, as pervice
• - .v-J«
-T~ sor, Charles Handley; Treasurer, John '
consisting of one „
Beside these there were aTthe New
W. WattS;
Watts; School Superintendent, Rev. can, under peculiar circumstances, im­ artillery, numbering 200 men, one mile
vessel,- with*“rfhf gift
John Spencer; Coroner, W. W. Brown ; pose upon the credulity of the Ameri­ from the Capital, ready to defend it at York, Boston and Portsmouth navy
which, according-to your speecfi~a
Surveyor, A. S. Watt.
a moment’s warning, or to be trans yards the frigate Potomac, of 50 guns,
can people. Mr. Buchanan has been, ported by the steamers Pawnee and and the sloops-of-war Savannah, 24 Bridgeport, the present Secretary of
for the time being, consigned to poliW Anacosta to any points where necessa­ guns; Vincennes, 20 guns; Marion, the navy suceeded.
D E NT I S T R Y •
I am, bir, with due consideration,
ical oblivion, by and through the infa­ ry. The Macedonian was at Vera 16 guns; Dale, 19 guns, and Preble,
obedient servant,
~ - À
mous falsehoods and misrepresentations Cruz, much nearer and more conveni­ 16 guns, which could be repaired and
ent for operatioos on the Gulf coast made ready for sea in from 61 to 94
than if it had been at any of the ports days, as was afterwards done. The
popular car, and who/Laving obtained or navy yards. This was Uie condi­ old frigate Constitulion,of~50 guns,
position as a reward of their treachery tion of the home squadron at the com­ was thoroughly repaired and anchored Five Daya Imprisonment in a Rail
__- - read Car. <
lenders his Prfessional Services to the
mencement of Lincoln's administra­ a£ Annapolis. I have not included in
Citizns of Lafayette and Surrounding and mendacity, at a time when the tion; three of them, including the this notice the eightline-of-battle ships
Rontixuont war
all turKwlAnnA
L/ftrutu: CUUvtltiuuu
xg-The-Pittsburg Qt g m i^j g a l says: a
~ no. 13 tf.
nagsnip 01 uit‘
rotntug up
and commdtiob/lost no opportunity to th© coast toward Hampton Roads and board of naval officers to be converted
New York, one at Philadelphia, one into steam frigates, as I had also rec­ Chicago. Railroad, laden with dreiseu
ATTORIVEY AT LAW, ply their vocations—that of poisoning, ' at
hogs, which left Chicago on Friday
Washington, one at Vera Cruz and ommended in my annual report, com­
morning of last week, arrived in this
Lafayette, Yamhill County, Oregon.
four at Fort Pickens, then in a state municated by President Bnohanan to
Will practice in the Suprein«, Circuit mind. Thank»4o an overruling Prov-1
•city on Tuesday even ing. Upon open -
. . .
- .
. » of ‘kiego; in al! 186 guns and thirteen Congress, but Congress had not seen
and all of tlie Courts of this State.
idence, the tide is being turned, and vesseis;*of which eight wure steamdrs.’ fit to authorize it or make the neces­ ing bfitf of the ears a man wntrftratfd
lying among the dead animals, lie
'OT. H. J. BOUGHTON. "%■ -ere many years shall Jiave elapsed, the This squadron and that of the previ­ sary appropriations for that purpose. was in a filthy condition, and was al­
whole truth will be known, when hon- ; ous year, 1860, were by far the largest There were also the new steamship most dead, having eaten nothing for
s .
Phi/sieian & Surgeon,
cst people will view the retrospect with and most efficient squadron ever before Pensacola, waiting for some of her ma- five days. One of his feet was frozen, •
rorganised for the protection of our in-
iH' IIospiial Depariinciii. amazement and disgust, and
when the
0Q the AtkEnti<}
and lie was unable to walk or even
lurnhia, the brig Dolphin and some
stand. ’.He was. taken out of the ¿ar
<rOTThe Army of the POTOMAC.
party, conceived in iniquity and false­
At the same time there was a still others. The steam frigate Niagara and properly cared for. When be had
Office in Dayton, Oregon.
hood, and nurtured into proportions on more powerful ‘Toroe at the Atlantic had not returned from her visit , to Ja­
recovered sufficiently he stated that he
ah idea, shall have taken its place in Navy Yards, which] could have been pan with the Japanese Commissioners, •was a discharged soldier, and finding
The Bureau of Construction', charged
history, men will be ‘scarce who will put to sea, ready for service, in forty
himself in Chicago, without moans,
days. It was forty days from the in» with repairs, had pushed them forward and being anxious to reach New York, • .
J.T. HEMBREE, : : : PRO. acknowledge that they ever had any auguration of Lincoln to the bombard­ as far and as fast as could be done with
HIS HOTEL Is still kept for the ac­ connection with so vile an institution. ment of Fort Sumter. It was forty- the means which Congress had fur­ ha visited, th© freight depot for the
pVppose of discovering what chance
commodation of boarders and the
But We are wandering from the point two days from his inauguration to his nished. The appropriations for the there was for a passage to New York.
travelling public. Good
proclamation for 75,000 volunteers, navy for the fiscal years were
•we set out to make.
He was told that the car containing
1857 to 1858, - - - $14,240,247 27 the hogs would go directly through in
Hon. Isaac Toucey, Buchanan's Sec­ when the war on our part began. The 1858
to 1859, - s • 13,508,850 22
five most powerful ships of the navy,
and attentive hostlers. —
retary of the Navy, has lately prepared the forty gun steam frigates Wabash, 1859 to 2860, - • -
10,464,769 55 the shortest.possible time, and seizing
an opportunity tralip into the car un­
a statement for the N. Y. Times, which Minnesota, Colorado, Roanoke and 1860 to 1861, - - -, 10,400,129 90 seen, lie did so, and had not waited *
The reduction fell very largely up­ long until he heard the door shoved
was published in that paper, and copie I Merrimac, built daring the administra­
navy yards and navy repairs.
without comment into the Sacramento
forward and the lock fastened. Here
the Pacific side, for the protec­ he remained for five days and nights,
the heavy Dahlgren guns, were at
Union, showing that, instead of there
home, three of them thoroughly re­ tion of our interests on the coast, we without water or provisions. He s\ys
COUNSELOR AT LAW, AND SO­ being no war vessels at the oommand paired and secured against the weather had an efficient squadron, consisting, that he did not cat any of the raw
of the Government when Mr. Lincoln in the usual manner, to await orders, at tho inauguration of Lincoln, of the pork, as he became quite sick, and had
Lafayette, Oregon.
took his seat, there were, in good or­ one Th dock repairing, and the other, steamer Lancaster, 22 guns ; the steam no stomach for it. The employee» of
W ill practice in the District and Supreme der and ready for service, 13 .vessels recently brought home from the Pa­ cr JSaranac, 9 guns ; the sloop of-war the Pennsylvania Railroad Company
cific, could be prepared for transport St. Marys, 22 guns; the steamer Wyo­ raised a handsome purse for him, and
Coarts of Oregon.
service in a few days. The Colorado ming, 6 guns; steamer Narragansett, he was sent free Svcr the road to Phil-'
g^Taxcs Paid, Collections made, and
cey Bays, was an unusually large homo and Minnesota were at Boston, thus 5 guns, and the sloop of-war Cyanc,
Proceeds Promptly remitted.
squadron. This statement was called repaired and secured, and could be 20 guns. This squadron was no grea­
In the Circuit Court of the State of Or­ forth from Mr. Toucey by a speech ready for sea in two weeks; the Wa­ ter than the defense of the coast and
S calds , B urns .—The best, most
egon, for the county of Yamhill,
bash was at New York, thus repaired the magnitude of our interests in that
instantaneous, and most accessible
made by Senator Sherman, of Ohiq, and secured, and could be ready for quarter imperatively demanded.
Isophen» Fleming, plff. 1 Bn, for D-
remedy in the world is .to thrust tho
at Bridgeport, Connecticut, during the sea in two and a half woeks; the Ro­
The East India squadron, which,
part into cold water, send for
George W. Fleming, deft.}
late political campaign in that State, anoke in dock at New York, and could in 1858, consisted of 7 ships, carrying the physician, and while he is coming
To George W. Fleming, said defendant:
in which Mr. Sherman alleged that, be ready for sea in six weeks, and the 139 guns, bad been reduoed so that eover the part an inch or more deep
THE NAME OF THE STATE OF when Lincoln was inaugurated, there, Merrimac at Norfolk, and could be in 1861 it consisted of 4. vessels, car­ with flour. The water gives instanta­
ready for temporary duty in three rying 45 guns, viz : the steamer Hart­
OREGON, You are hereby summoned
neous relief by excluding the oxygen
to be and appear in the Circuit Court of was “but one vessel with five guns— weeks, according to tho report made to ford, 29 guns; steamer Saginaw, 3 of the air; tho flour docs the same
tho State of Oregon for the county of spiked.”
me by a most experienced and valuable gnns; steamer Dacota, 6 guns, and thing, but is preferable, because ft cdh
Yamhill, and answer the complaint of said
then and still the head of the iloop-of-war John Adams, 20 guns.
Speaking of the strength of our
be more continuously applied, with
plaintiff in this cause filed against you,
The Brazil squadron, which in 1850,
of Construction and Repairs.
' witbin ten daya from the date of the ser­ home squadron, Mr. Toucey says :
leas ineonvenienoe, than by kueping
The steamship Mississippi,' eleven consisted of 3 vessels, carrying 108
vice of this writ upon you, if served ip this
the part under water. As they get
They were the frigate Sabine, carry- Dahlgren guns, was also at Boston, funs, had been reduced so that in well, the flour scaled off and is easily
county, and within twenty days if served
withip any other county, and if you fail ing 50 gnns; the steamer Brooklyn, thoroughly repaired, and secured in 861 it consisted of three vessels, car­ moistened and removed, if the injury
to answer, the plain tiff will apply to said 25; the sloop-of-war St. Louis, 20; the samo way, and could be ready for rying 56 guns, vis: the Congress, 40
court for the relief in said action deman- tho steamer Wyandotte, 5; the steamer sea in three weeks according to the guns;. the steamer Seminole, 5 guns, is at all severe, the patientxbould hve,
mainly on tea si nd toast, or gruels, ana
Powhattaff, 11; steamer Mohawk, 5; same report. The frigate Santee, of and the steamer Pulaski, 1 gun.
u. s. i. R.
The Mediterranean squadron con­ keep tho bowels acting freely every
steamer Crusader, 8 ; ship Supply, 4; fifty guns, was at Portsmouth, New
t Plffs- Atty.
day, by eating raw apples and stewed
Published by order of R. P. Boise. sloop-of-war Cumberland, 24; steamer Hampshire, the frigate St. Lawrence, sisted of 8 ships, carrying 87 guns, fruits and the like. No better and
Pocahontas, 5; steamer Pawnee, 4; of 50 guns, was at Philadelphia, and when I entered upon the duties of'tho
District Judge 8d Judicial District
motocertain cure for svaM-i and’burns
When I left it the
Witness my band, and the seal of sale sloop-of-war- Macedonian, 22, and tho the sloop-of-war Jamestown, of 22 Department
has ever been proposudi—-Dv. HaU.
Court, affixed at Lafayette, in sai steamer Water Witch, 3 guns. All guns, was also at Philadelphia, and squadron consisted of 3 ships, carry­ •
u ' county, this 8th day of June, A these ships were in commission, ac­ these three ships could have been ready ing 38 guns, viz: the steamer Rich-,
tively employed, except the Water for sea in forty days from the moment mond, 16; the Susquehanna, !5, and* Watt’s nervous antidote curu Smsnv
S. C. ADAMS, Clerk.
T he courier