The Madras pioneer. (Madras, Crook County, Or.) 1904-current, July 18, 1912, Image 1

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    The Madras Pioneer
NO. 42
! I.
Cntrs Into
tract with uoast
e Company
Across Crooked and I)cs
at Cove
Ida Rlvs
Accepted Other Court
meeting of the County
. i.. i..
. II ' Ju mlllfl (I .III V
u' i cornea ntivisaoie
i ft.... n nn in, . ntn si con
k n ill 1. 1 1 l v t
. 'it iUn Pnnol Tll'lfkro (,Om
wiui uiv; vj"""" -
to construct a steel bridge
lb Crooked River at
tllf w-
r-fPmfT IIP f 1 1 1 1 1 Lf IT. Ill
a fill i-
f nvnr SM'Jo. i ne mat-
v - T
ns taken up after hearing
report of G. E. Woodward, a
expert to the eilect that
cresent structure is unsafe,
Iflat It WUUIU ilVK, MM -.v
'..I X. 4 i va i r vn"M V if
were required of the
1 1
Coji, guaruuiwiK liiu uuii-
. l l n l L . . : . . .
'Hiilvnr worn nfliniji lv nn-
by the court after the
i t i
new spans, and having
the detailed report of G.
Dwlivn rfl enrinrm) rmlnnf
M 'A uimf i I r I in 11 I n
Lid one in ttond. flip lnl
Jgbeen offered to the county
tte Oregon Trunk, for the
' a s - . r i l i .1
murage oi ioois ana other
irt of the county clerk
iib POVftrO HP'llnu nml .i OO
.pvvw UVUIId (Will Uil
-1-1 N
..will, uil, milUllIlLIIlir
w $393; said scalns and
feet were reduced to ashes
n gnnn titi.L. 41... 1
,wl vllu myy.
nr.- i , .
ninuom et a . for ;i nnnntv
COminC nn vn.nil.iv!,.
.on remonstrance to the
nn nf nn ,i 1 11 .
" oa'u lu.iu, me peti-
i'j'vi"K y tneir at-
W. H. Wirlz. and tho
WtotfWn 1... ll
"-'via uv 1 ' !1 rT iiln nip
Who t, the mattor- hnintr
Tu iiurty uays unon mo-
attorney for netitionnrs.
rvuuun oi (JCOrim Mnn.
rto 0
lur county road wns
im it: 1
CommlaalonorB Aik for Suggestions
from all persons Intorostod In
Such Mottors
The State Board of Fish and
Game Commissioners have un
dertaken a thorough revision of
the present system of the game
laws. The idea is to present a
code for adoption at the next Leg
isiature, wnien win give more
complete protection to fish and
game, ana correct numerous er
rors in the present system erf
ine commission uesires in
'making up this new game code
to get a thorough expression of
public opinion before the code
is presented to the Legislature.
For this reason the members of
the Commission ask that resi
dents in different parts of the
State, especially farmers, fruit
growers, rts well as sportsmen
send in any suggestions so that
the Commission may act upon
them. Suggestions are also
sought from the granges, com
mercial bodies, rod and gun clubs
and other organizations, in order
to get a game code suitablo for
different parts of the state.
All communications and sug
gestions should be sent to J. F
Hughes, secretary of the Fish
and. Game Commission, Salem,
At present there arc a number
of questions under discussion,
that will be of interest to sports
men in different parts of the
state, such as the questions of
bounties on predatory animals.
The commission is in favor of
a more rigid effort to exterminate
cougar and wolves. The ques
tion has been agitated in certain
ar s of the state to reduce the
non-resident hunting and fish
ing license to the same price as
the resident license. Many
snortsmen are aiso in favor of
reducing the limits on deer and
other game.
W. S. Burnett Victim of Peculiar
Accident Taken to Portland for
Operation '
Williams In Indianapolis News.
Matter of Dues and Other Important Questions
Be Discussed Large Attendance Desired
Meeting .to be Held in City Hall
The annual meeting of
Madras Commercial Club was
held Friday evening at the City
Hall. Owing to a misunder
standing as to the meeting night,
there were 'fewer members pre
sent than had been expected.
Many important matters were
discussed, and committees ap
pointed to look after them, the
principal one being the financial
committee, composed of R. T.
Olson, D. W. Barnett and Lewis
H. Irving, they being authorized
to make such changes in the mat-
A . ,
J '
of dues as, may' be deemed.
The following officers for the
ensuing year were elected: H
F. Deitzel, president: Chester
E. Roush. Vice-president: and
Lewis H. Irving, Secretary.
The next regular meeting will
held Friday, July 19th., and it
is desired that every one in
town be present, as there are
several matters to be brought up
that will need attention, involv
ing the interests of the entire
surrounding community, as well
as the town of Madras.
W. S. Burnett, a brakesman
on the Oregon Trunk Railway,
wjiile alighting from his train in
the yards at Opal City Monday
morning about five oclock, twist
ed his foot on a rock, throwing
him to the track beside the mov
ing train, he suffering three
fractures of the skull. He was
brought to Metolius and Madras
for treatment, and later carried
to Portland on the regular Ore-
m is
gon irunk train, ana piacea in
the hospital. Dr. Arthur Gale
accompanied the injured man to
Portand, and said when he re
turned home that Burnett had
survived the operations, and had
an even chance to recover.
When Burnett alighted from
the train, which was going about
7 miles an hour, he stepped on
aloose stone, twisting his foot,
causing him to lo;e his balance
and fall. His forehead struck
on the corner of a tie. Evident
ly before losing consciousness he
attempted to lyse, when he was
struck on th side"v6f the head
by the boxing on "the car, and
knocked down a second time,
fracturing his skull on either side
of his head. He was unconscious
when picked up -by the train
crew.. '
I n .Buretwhcj-.yap formerly
hotel ..clerk in Portland, had
been in the employ of the rai
way but a month, having taken
the position by way of an outing
to get away from his confining
indoor work in Portland. His
mother lives in Portland,
In Alphonse and Gaston
Comedy Metolius Drinks
the Bitter Dregs
SCORE 22 TO 21
Could be Done In Detailing
Game only by Master of
the Pen Eleven Innings of
ive to posting
DPflftA IT
f'VtWUI I III Anu.i II' i
iir nn iki..
"uuuw acnnrmiio
""wacount.v w. i ti
tad a Wils Laiten
l i mm vrv i mm nrn-
U iirifl i... 1 1 a
f...;"14 "Wt uacic to
y Court.
B h.ll.l
Umatilla Maiden Steals
Locked Up
The Dalles. Ore., July 12.
Residents who happened to be in
Second street at noon today saw
en, following up her advantage
by getting a good hold on the
hair of the girl who submitted
to hair-pulling for a moment
Then they clinched It was a
hard tussel and finally the squaw,
the aggressor, got a strangle
hold on the maiden and the
went down. By this time the
fighting blood of the girl had
been aroused and she managed
to throw oil her antagonist, dui
they clinched again and did some
.lnvnt' in-ficrhtintr. The buck
oecon siau u UU1J watched proceedings and
a pugilistic exhibition that made ja miy wa the
bill WVrf illWIl ... 4
of Albert Moore
cunty road was con-
Julv 1 r.
jinf.ii v;iilj i.i i i. iii i nn
C5 W opinion
vu inn .1 m'
I w k :as requost-
"I road work.
the battle of Johnson and Flynn
on the Fourth of July look like
the work of novices in the roped
arena Besides it was free and
absolutely on the square, being
decidedly unique, for the two
combatants were an Indian
squaw and a copper-colored
The Indian and the maiden
were walking along the street
when they were confronted by
the squaw who wife of the buck,
came here from the Warm-
Springs reservation, in the
southern part of this county,
I i i ii
scrappers, alter a naru pun,.
'She steal my husband," said
the squaw, as she was assistea
to her feet She grabbed her hus
band and started him down the
street, but he broke away and re
turned to his maiden, this being
the cause of another fight. As a
result of the second round, the
woman was badly bruised and
battered, her face being covered
with blood. The family wrecker
was not scratched, though con
siderably smaller than her op
ponent. The three were arrested
and placed in the City Jail, later
Leaves Madras Thursday Morning
ru.i n:.i r Miior uvor Tears nesiaence
ine iamuies oi ueorge Mays
and N. S. Jennings, former well
known residents of the section
east of Madras, returned from Arthur Gale and family, left
near Holbrook, in the Willamette Thursday morning for Portland,
Valley, where thev have resided where they will live for a time,
during the past year. We are unl the doctor finds a permanent
all pleased to have them return, location. They have been in
and many others who have sold Madras about eighteen months,
out and gone, will wish they Dr- Gale having been in charge
were back in Central Oregon 01 tne hospital service on the con
many times again.
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Torgoraon
are visiting at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Gillis Dizney, Mrs.
Torgorson being a sister of Mr.
Dizney. They expect to spend
some time visiting-friends' and
relatives before returning to their
home at Chehalis, Washington.
struction work of the Oregon
Trunk line, and during the past
year has been an active pract -ioner
here, as. well as being the
regular railroad doctor for this
with the hope of finding her err- b(j. released upon their prom
ing mate, he having arrived in .go tQ be g00(i -Oregonian.
The Danes a iew uuya ku w
fllni't.v. who
am ere from the Umatilla L. C. Falkenhagen and Phillip
t.ihn .nn, Pnndlfiton. - Merrill well known young people
mi' t,u ,'mn hnflnmo who were employed at the Cent
n ,fn. n, moflilncr of ral Oregon Mercantile store hero,
til 11 IV OUUll UibVl W ssww.-.0 . -
tho throa, nd then tho uaw havo d ; ffiSfT
onnnei the first lOUnd With a spenuu.K u,w v
stiff jab to the jaw of tho maid- California.
Mrs. G. V. Stanton returned
Thursday afternoon from Grass
Valley, where she lias been visit
ing Mr. Stanton's parents. She
was accompanied home by Floyd old Revolutionary soldier.
ouiuiuii, wiiu uus uuun visiting
his grandparents for several
Birthday Party
Sunday afternoon a party of
friends gave S. S. Clover a
birthday surprise party, all
spending a pleasant afternoon
and evening. Mr. Clover is
now 75 years of age, and is a
grandson of Phillip Clover, an
Sunday School Organized
A Union Sunday School
Socialist candidate for County
Judge J. H. Barkley and wife
were in town Saturday. Mr.
Barkley seemed to be very busy..
endeavoring to find out how we
organized at the Lylo Gap school a11 stood on tlie proposition down
house last Sunday. All are nere as far as h& was concern-
cordiallv invited to ntfonrl. ed.
T 1 l a .1
un duly rencrious services .Tnm T muia nf ni:n,i n.M.
will be held after the Sunday was a busi
O 1 1 I a, . vwi, illUUlUO
bcn0:1' " Tuesday afternoon.
Twenty-two to twenty-one in
favor of Madras, Metolius drink-
in? the bitter dregs of defeat
after eleven innings, are the
brief facts covering the ball game
last Sunday, ft would take an
artist, with the gift of gab de
veloped in the superlative degree
to detail the game as it hap
pened. More replete than any
game we have seen with conspic
uous examples of how base bal 1
should not be played, it sure
furnished fun and amusement
for all who braved the heat to
be among those present.
If Christy Matewson, Mr.
Dooley or Dean Collins had wit
nessed the exhiiti n, their fer
tile dome of thought would have
dictated manuscript by the vol
Umn that would make Casey at
the Bat and those other athletic
classics appear as but the A B
,C's 6f immortal literature.
The happy climax came way
late in the evening when the lo
cal boys began to take part in the
game. A lead of sixteen to two
in the second inning is hard to
overtake, sometimes, but it was
different Sunday. It was just a
question of all things coming to
those who wait. Meuolius de
cided that twenty-one runs were
enough to win, and secured that,
number early in the game, just
as a matter of precaution.
Meanwhile Madras playing the
Alphonse and Gaston act, said
You first, my dear Metolius."
When Metolius had gotten ap
parently all the runs wanted.
Madras proceeded to show the
population her abiilty to promote
ancensions, for from about the
fourth innincr until th. final
round it was just a modern
version of Pussy Wants a Cor
ner, with the Metolius athletes
vainly striving to head off the
black women of defeat that was
slowly but surely creeping closer
as each lnnmor was rnmnlprpH
With all due respect to the in
ventive genius of those who
evolved the game and prepared
the rules and regulations, we
believe the game has suffered at
their hands, for they omitted to
make provision for the comedv
part, and we believe their omis
sion" should be corrected, for
without that feature, last Sun
day's game would have been
cruelty to animals, and that is
prihibited. However it was a
great game, properly and improperly-played,
filled with joys
and thrills, but alas, filled also
with regrets and misgivings.
1 Tom McCormack returned
wecinesaay night after a months
trip in California. Tom' says
Frisco is sure some foine large
town, but would be better still if
it were not so cold. Patrick
McCormack who has been
spanding a week in Portlan 1, re
turned at the Name tirr.e.