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THs Madras Pioneer
'I'ublfshcil every Thursday by
One.y.oa'r,-.; . fl.tO
six uioutrm e
I'hri'r montlis '
Entciea ns second class nmtter Angus'
IM, l0i, nt the Postoffice at Madras, Ore.
(miff the Act of Coneress of March 8. 187V
JAN. 4, 1912
According to the Thirteenth
Census Bulletin just issued by
the Department of Commerce and
Labor, Washington, D. C, the
population of the state of Ore
gon is 672, 765. Corr pared with
a population of 413,536 in 1900,
this represents an increase dur
ing the last decade of 62.7 per
cent. During the same period
the population of continental
United States increased 21 per
cent. The growth of the state
was a little more than twice as
rapid as during the preceding de
cade, 1890-1900, when the rate
of increase was 36.2 per cent.
Oregon has 34 counties, rang
ing in population from 2,044 in
Curry county to 226,261 in Mult
nomah county. Crook county
loads 14 other counties in popu
lation having 9,315.
The city of Madras is given a
population of 364, while Kutcher
precinct, which includes the city
of Madras," has a population of
879. This precinct with the ex
ception of Prineville, has a great
er population than any of the
others. Redmond is credited
with a population of 216, while
Redmond precinct, including the
town, has a population of 728.
Other precincts enumerated in
the Bulletin are: Ashwood, 241;
Bend precinct, co-extensive with
Bend city, 536; Cross Keys, 64;
Haycreek, 139; Haystack, 456;
L-imonta, 319; Lyle Gap, 818;
Montgomery, 137; Prineville,
1 )42; Warm Springs, 442.
In a new cou.itr-y Vrhere set
tlers are arriving every day, the
1 iSt census is very indefinite in
a correct population of any dis
trict or town. Some of the towns
in the above list have added at
bast a hundred since the 1910
census taker made up his list,
and in another couple of years
the prospective emigrant in the
east who refers to the census of
to.vns in Central Oregon taken
i;i 1910, for information, can
safely add 30 per cent to the
number and still keep within the
bounds of conservatism.
John F. Hill of Maine is the
new chairman of the Republican
National committee. Chicago
has been selected as the conven
tion city and the meeting will be
held June 18. Harry New,
President Taft's choice, was
chosen chairman of the powerful
committe of arrangements which
will have the naming of the tem
porary convention officers.
The Leap Year, ball is fast ap
proaching and it bids fair
to be the LUeat success in
Madras society during 1912.
What the result will be other than
a brilliant social function is a
matter of COniecture. but Dan
Cupid is a queer little fellow and
he wil: probably be hovering near
with his dangerous bow and
If someone asks you when the
water system will be installed
you can truthfully tell them that
work will commence this waek
and according to the "dope"
handed out by Mr. Jeffery, the
r-nntractor. who is now on the
ground, it will be
about two weeks.
finished in
If there are any who didn't,
get their names in the list of
nnhliqhM on another
ehgibles pubiisnea on anotner
page, it is an oversight and we
romise not to overlook anyone
10 ' en Leap
break oti.
Year rol's around
Wtite, o'aat Christmas and New
.four miles eaWi'Pa3sed ve can, beI
vr;e for the Fourth of (
Bridget Hooligan Pens Pathetic Let
tor to Her Nephew In Mndros
Deceased an Only Undo
Monaghan, Ireland,
Dec. 9, 1911.
Mr. Tommy McCormack,
Madras, Oregon.
My Dear Nephew: I havent sent
ye a letther since the last toime
I wrote to ve. bekase we have
moved from our former place ov
living, and I was afraid a letther
wouldn't foind ye. Annyway
now wid groat pleasure take up
me pin to inform ye ov the death
ov ver ownlv livincr uncle, Ned
Fitzpatrick. The poor fellow
died all ov a suddint afhter a lin
gering illness of three weeks. He
was lying in bed perfectly still
in violent convulsions an tne
toime, nivver spakin a wurd, be
ing perfectly quiet, crying out
for wather ivvery minnet. I am
at a loss to tell ye what his death
was occasioned by, but I fear it
was through his last sickness,
for which he nivver got well, for
he was nivver well ten days to
gether during the whole toime
ov his illness, but be that as it
may, when he breathed his last,
the dockther gave up all hope ov
his recovery.
I need not mention his age, for
ye know that in August next he
would have been 72 years, all but
11 months, and if he had lived
until that toime, he would have
been six months dead. His prop
erty, which ye know, is very
large, now goes to his next ov
kin, who are all dead, so I ex
pect it will be divided between
us. As ye know it was all sold
some toime back, and the re
mainder he lost on a horse race,
but it was the opinion of ivvery
one at the toime that he would
have won if the baste he run
against hadn't been too fast for
him. I nivver knew a man, and
the dockthers all said so, as took
medicine better than he did. He
said he would as soon drink bit
ter as sweet, if it only had the
same taste as whiskey punch,
and if it only put him in the same
humour for fighting, but, poor
soul, he will nivver drink, bite,
nor sup again, and ye haven't a
iving relation in the wurld, but
meself and yer two cousins who
was kilt in the last war. Yer
ould sweetheart sends her love
unknown to ye. I cannot write
annymore now, so I shall seal me
letther wid black sealing wax,
and stamp it wid yer uncle's coat
of arms, so when ye open the let
ther do not break the seal, and
do not open it for two or three
days, when ye will be well pre
pared for the sorrowful tidings.
Your affectionate aunt,
Feast of Fools.
The best authorities ugree that the
origin ot the ancient custom of cele
brating u feast of fooia is unknown.
Some Identify it with the Roman feast
, of fools on March ai. Cut why did the
Romans institute the feast of fools?
In India March 31 is "the hull festi
val." when all manner of pranks are
played upon the heedless. Rut, again,
where did the Hindus get It? The
French call the April fool "un pois
bou d'Avril" (April Qsh). To the
Scotch he la a "gawk" (a cuckoo),
London Graphic.
A Habit Stanley Had.
It was remarked of the late Sir n.
M. Stanley during his last visit to New
York that he stood all the time with
bis bactf to the wall during receptions
Instead of standing out where people
would pass behind him. Lady Stanley
laughingly explnlned that this was an
old habit contracted In Africa that 1
(Iliiiilno nlirnvu ulitrwl with hla hnplf .
u,,uin!Jt a tree or u barricade when
brought In contact with the savnges,
aIjd 11 tj,d Income such n habit with
jm tbnt Ue took UjfU xmMlm no mat
wUere lle WUH,
Wlrn lni uv a c ugli i Ilclno for eh II-
dien bear In iniiiil that Oliaiiiberfaln's
Ooiifjh Hcmoily Is most ifi'Ctual for co'iIh,
croup mid whooping cough ami Unit It con
tains no harmful drii
J'or sulo by M. K,
See lineof CHINA and GLASSWARE
at Mrs. Crosby's.
How to Make Cnnna Bed.
As the cannn Is n deep rooted plant
the bed should bo dug deep. It l
also important to provide plenty of
plant food. Three Inches of well rotted
manure spnded Into the soil Is not too
much. lo not qlevatc the center of
the bed, but lenvo It level so water
will not run off.
If the bed Is to contain several vari
eties of cn turns much care should bo
given to the selection of varieties. If
the bed Is to be viewed from all sides
put the taller varieties In the center
and use the shorter kinds for the bor
der rows. Your florist can give ad
vlco about varieties best suited for
your purpose.
Do not plant too mnny varieties. Un
less It Is an exceptionally large bed
two or three will be better than more.
For small beds of a dozen to eighteen
plants it is good taste to use sotno
other plant for a border. If tall grow
ing cnunns are used the fountain grass
Is unsurpassed, and for dwnrf kinds
such plants as coleus dwarf salvias
and Dusty Miller are serviceable.
As cumins are subtropical they thrive
only In the warm months and should
bo planted only when the senson Is
well advanced. May 1!0 to June IB is
best for the territory between latitudes
10 and 45. The plants should be set a
foot to a foot and n half apart ench
way, according to their size.
How to Remove Rusty Nuts.
Every man who has to work with
nuts n'nd bolts doubtless has his own
method of removing rusted, stubborn
nuts. There are many workmen who
apply a blow torch to the obstreperous
nut on the principle that It will expand
In the beat. The dltllculty about this
Is that the torch heats the bolt as well
and when It expands the nut Is as tight
as ever. Marine engineers have a way
of handling the nuts on pipe flanges
which work on the same principle,
but Is surer and at the same time aim
pier. Llent an open end wrench that
tits the nut and while almost red hot
apply it to the nut. After n sutllclent
time has elapsed for the nut to be heut
ed through It will be found an easy
matter to twist It off. for In tills fash
Ion a minimum of heat reaches the
bolt. It Is safe to say that any nut
which refuses to move when thus nt
tacked will have to be cut away with
a chisel.
When c ven as soon as the crnupy couch
appeals Lliatubei lain s I ough itcmcdy will
vviiul nlT an nlt-K'k of croup ntnl piewnt
all danger and enuce of anxiety. Thou-s:md-
of mothers ue it Mici-cs-ilully. ZuUl
by M. E. tjn ok.
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B wr w 1 a
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in Harness
We have Sintfl Do"l,lu Suta
made of the finest leathers and beau
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long arduous service. We shall be
pleased to show you samples of our
stock Harness, and also to make sets
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satisfaction with our work and the ma
terials that we put into it.
Larkin H
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Corrected uptodute, showing nameB
of entrymen, vacant land, rivers and
creeks, 50 cents each.
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For securing title to all kinds of Gov
ernment land without residence or im
provement, at lowest market prices.
Write us for particulars. All kinds of
Land ollice business a specialty. Twenty-five
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trench & Co., Hankers.
Hudson Land Company
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The First National Bank
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T It IUI.UHIS, Cimliler
rt'iLt. Wi'kzweii kk Vit'i- I'res
II 1Iai.ii.vim, AiHt Cmliler.
it la a NEW CREA
TION, coverinK ovcry
Hold of tho world's thoujtht,
action and culture. Tho only
now unubrldgod dictionary in
many years.
Because " doflncn over 400,000
- H'orris; moro thou over
' beforo appeared between two
covens. 3700 l'ugvs. 6000 Il
lustrations. '
Because ,fl the ony dictionary
.. with tho now divided
pago. A "Btrolco of Oenluit."
Because 'a an encyclopedia In
1 a alnglo volume
Because " ,a "ooopted by tho
. Courts, Bohools nnd
Ptcbh aa tho ouo uupromo au
thority. Because ho wno know wins
' Bucaetia. Lot us tell
you about this now work.
WHITE for apMlmaa of caw dlrldad paa.
Cft C. MERRIAM CO., PaUub.r.,SprUlfiaU,lW
alantlan tblj papar, rtulTt FSEE a at of peckat tup.
- - -
Are Now Making Three Brands of Flour
MADRAS FLOUR (straight)
All our FLOUR is of natural color
rix rv -flaxnr and ClUall
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H. F.
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pr 100 ft. brnd fo
net I'lirc Hit.
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DIETZEL, Proprietor'
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Lew'8 H. fYn
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w vun
" wan
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IMS, ladi&i
cUu Ccotiaif-
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lor item. Wtfctt
iit clutlaaduai
iit to A
n 1.
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