The Madras pioneer. (Madras, Crook County, Or.) 1904-current, January 13, 1910, Image 5

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Iras Country
. Hess hm said his. driving jenm
I. Clark,
' o the wihi of Gii LovBland Sat
January 8, 1910, a son.
Lulu Osborn of Culver U visiting
home of Mr. and Mrs. R Sharp.
limn Farrell was n visitor in town
fay from his ranch near Sagebrush
h McTngjjjut ,lgft, F.riday evening
jrtland, expecting to lie gone about
scki. , ,
Joslin an'd wife of Grimly Visited
l (lays this week with D, W Har-
fid his mother.
contest case of Koy Newell vs. the
Stead entry of flint! ha M. Allen was
fin Madras yestetday.
F. Carter, Undent engineer for the
hutes Railroad in I'orter Spring can
vas n visitor in town last Friday.
W. Woolcy, traveling salesman for
mil Wells Hardwaie Co, was in
ITUesday calling oil the merchants.
(n H Hammond, who has been
Snir several weeks in Madras with
It Ren, left this morning tor an ex-
visit at Cline Falls.
Jburn McPherson was in town this
Efrom Haycrcek. He bad an acci
he other day cauied by a wagon
arr.ikini' and fell out on the frozen
id, bruising his face very painfully.
ineville Journal.
Q. Ruddock, who has been resident
iter for tile Deschutes Railroad at
las for several months was called to
ind this week and will be transferred
Bother station. Mr. Ruddock and
Emily left this morning for Shaniko.
1 . .. ..... ....
9c announcement is incite mai wic
Jrqss drugstore conducted by A,
I, will open, for business in the Tur-
iuilding about February!, with a
inri complete line,, of drugs, pitent
bines, toilet articles, etc. Dr. G. S.
Bom o,f Portland, who has recently
ed in Madras, will have his otyce in
ew drugstore.
Howard and Z. M. Urowh, who
lite contract for supplying beef for
Bros , were in town the latter part
week, and are making arrangements
Kid a large slaughter yard near Mad-
They have leased a piece of land
Keast of town and will begin the con-
lion of the buildings as soon as mate-
in be placed on the ground,
mass meeting of citirens will be held
Inow (Friday) evening for the pur-
fof nominating men to fill the vari
ety ofilccs which will be voted on at
ection to be hHd Monday, Januaiy
I All legal voters should make it a
to be present, rjsilistof the utmosj
stance. lp tljefwelfare pi the city th-jf
ucntative citizens take an interest in
ill. Ediriondson, a rancher of the
Iras neighborhood, stopped over iri
fDitlles th first of the week while on
tiy tu 1'ortland. While in town Mr,
tbndson renewed his subscription to
)ptimist. He says the railroad work
fie iJeschutos is a great boon to the
lie in his section of the state, as the
lad camps hnve created a market at
for the farm product a. The Dalles
Brier A Conley, who have a sub-con-
under Porter Dros., arrived In town
Thursday with 10 or Id wagonloads
piping outfit rind equipment, Yes-
kyjiiorillng the party stdrted fdr the
Shutcs canyop, where camps vjlW be
edi sftort disjance, beloVt, thfr JEd
Ipbell, place., , Pprter $ Coptfiyjs con-
reaches fronj tlte (Campbell place to
the mouth of TroUt Creek,
sterol nCw tawnsltes, or additions to
is already established, are tasv btfore
botinty court. Don SteflU has platted
fown of Keriwb'od, jiist opposite Uend,
It has beeri rtccepted by the cdanty
It, ThH Madras addition td Palmain
a shb division of PalHtaW tVefc both
by Robert Uea. The JVlrfyW nddi-
to he town of Palitialn, filed by
Ims'on, Maclcod & Neill, was also ne
ed with the other plnts.sPrlneille
quiet wedding wds is61efhnled Moh-
U)ccember iS, itjotj, at 2130 p. in., at
bnt of the bride's parcntsj Mr, and
r-s..i.. i'oi tr r' ...i.
nijjbtM, ..pialcM A, Conro'y, wns
ed in marrinjfe il(V. ErrVest ty. Dftn-
llo. Key,. U. n, .West officiated.
he btkic! and . bridfecrcp'mitQPk llifcir
les a very fir&tjf .wetfdpg hiarch' Ms
fed by Miss Ruth" Cdnfry., Mff, Alert-
er Lang deled as best, man ,nd MfsiJ
Mia Conmy was brfdtsrrfn'id, t ffjfi fe
Walt Mendenhall was tn town Monday
from the Yamhill Flat country.
.IJorn to Mr. and Mrs. S. D, Perbival
Friday 1 January 7, 1910, a son.
Ralph Sfiarp and wile have been speiid
Ing sbveral days tit 1 fib home of Mr. and
Mrs. George H. Osborn of Culver.
Sntntcl.'ilrfc Thomas, formerly of Port
land, has bren uppointrd resident engi
neer for the Deschutes Railroad, residing
at Madras. He will have charge of a part
of the work recently tinder the' direction
of Engineer Rudduck. Mr. Thomas ar
rived in Madras the first of the week to
assume h'.s duties.
At Lnoh Lake, Washington, Thursday,
December 33, 1909, occur cdhp dealhof
George W. Conard, a former resident and
homesteader of the Agency Plains.
Mr Conard served h both the Mexican
and Civil, wars, and, was one of , J.h5 early
pioneers to Ihe gold fields in California,
and later, was among the early settlers of
He is survived by n wife and four
children. Interment took place on Christ,
mas day at the Loon Lake Cemetery,
Spokane County, Wash.
y pair nf (erwnrtfs left. on tbe 4Q)p:k
1 for Seattle and Pqrlfopd, hejiiy
Lspend their JioneyMfan Vancouver,
They ArS
for farms, ranches, home
steads, timber lands and
cjly property faster than
wc can list them.
Buyers Are Here
Really Development Go,
P. O, Box 10 Room lb AJfimwn Block
h? in km see
harp & Powell
Soft Drink:
Importecl And Domestic
Loucks Building
Not Coal Lu II
HOMESTEAD. Notice for Pnblloa
tlou. Department of tho fntorlor,
U,S. LmikI Offloo atah(J Dullesj Oregon,
Junuary 6, 1010.
Notice Ib hereby gIVon that
of Madnifl, Oregon, vht, on October
1, 1004, inndp IlomefUeail (orlat tfo,
083U) No. 18A28, for ciinvj and totv
1 and 2, neo 1, tp 1$ r iA e, w tn, liaH
tiled notice of Intention to uulto final
five-year proof, to oetablluli claim
to tli.o, laud above described, before
Howard if, Htlxutst, Hi 8, Commission,
er, at lilts ouloo at Madras, Orpfjoii, on
the 10th day of February, 1010".
Olalmant namoS ns xvltnepao:
Johu I'ook, jolin (jTlioker Ieol'eok,
Theodore llurtntlgul all of Mudray
Jld-fllJ O. 1V. MrjtfhfJ. H9Klster
TATE kELECTiON. Notl'co for
1 1..MI,.nll.i RlnloH Tidtili
Onice, Tho Dalleft) Oregon, DeBotli'
ber i&, IDOO.
Notice ib lierebV ulven that fllatb
of Orogolt hue filed In HiIh ofllce Its up-
nllcatidn. dorlnl No 05776, to nelect un
der the provlbloim of the Act of Con-
Krena of Minim 14, 1818, and the Acts
bUpplelnontary and amendatory there
to, tnouw4n4 see ti, lp 13 , r!2o,
V. M.
Anv and all norflona rilRlralntf ad-
veraely thb lands described; or deBlrlm?
to object becaueo of the mlriorol cliar
aoter o tho land, or for uny other rea-
boii, td the illnpoBttl to ttppncanr,
Bhotilil (lib their ulII'lavlKi df protent in
tn ih omue) 011 or ueiore him aui uj
of February, 1010.
JO-flO 0. w. MoOKR, Register
i if rut
fNot Coal Landj
HOMESTlsAli. Notice for Publica
tion, Department of the Interior,
H 3 iAiidOmcoatThoDalleui OretjOu
January 0,4110.
Notice Ih horeby given that
AimiM IlAUTNAtlfct;
of Mndrae, Oregon fho, on May ii,
loos', njado iton'iostead, Rurlal N9.
0S808 No. iSQll. for flwi.Hwl bco 1, nel
bp! Bee 2, neinei sio 11, nvjuw Boo
12, tpl2fl, 1 12 e, ih, 4, ,
Has filed notice of Intentlhn (0 tnitke
fltiHl flVeyear pfoof to t-ililbllqli-clultii
to tho laiil ,lmve t dea'crfbUifoi. before
HoVafa U. ti. (JomtrilSBlWir
er, ut hla oflluo tttafyuraftQiTegcm, on
OlalrifalnatnoARaUvltatoanQi 1
LT UMjet Ird. t'auf(nri Depufir,
Fred Himn)iUi noedore iluriuuKel, all
of Madras, Oregon - v
c ( f 0. W. Mofou:, ,.
)13.fl2 KuiiUter
Not Coal Land
HOMESTEAD. Noilco for Publl
. cation. Department of the Inte
rior, V. 8. Lund Olllise at Tll'o ballen.
Oregon, Decoulber 28, 1000.
Notlcd.lfl hereby given that .;
qnpiof the hejrfl, And for 'the heirs of
Heury Baohr)rittn(p, deceaeed,
of MadraH, Oregin'n, wbo oi; January
20, 1005, made Homestead, Serial No
01780 No. I414d, for Bjguwi, uwi)wi
Heo26, and Beiui'i oec 20, tpllfl,.rl2
e, W M,
Hub filed notice of Intentlonto make
tliml live-year proof, t'rj establleh claim
to tho land above described, before
Howard Turner, U. 8. CommlBsIon'
er, at lilfl ofllce at Madras, Oregon, on
tho 81b day of February, 1010,
6lulmant names.HB wltnensest
Fred Henakie, D F AreluBiiluier) M
V Bennett, Theodore Ilartnugel, all
of Madras, Oregon.
J6 f3 Regiflter
Edward G. Pease Co. Inc.
publication, Uuited States 'Land
Olllco, The Dallcw, Oregon, December
14, iodo.
Notice Is hereby given that tbe State
of Oregon hits filed In this office It ap
plication, Serial No 05000, to Bolect
under the provisions of tho Act of
Congress of Atlgtiet 14, 1848, and tbe
Acta supplementary and amendatory
thereto, the nwlut'i sec 18, Bejsei Bee
16, urlHeJ, tiwim-1 sec 22 and wjuvi
of Bee 23, tp 11 b, r 18 e, w m.
Any and all persons claiming ad
versely tbe lands described, or desir
ing to oblect because of tbe mineral
character of the laud, dr for any other
reason, to the disposal to applicant,
Mliould file their aflldavita or protest
In this office 011 or before the 1st day
of February, 1010.
d23 27 C, V. Moore, Register.
biiring the moriili of JANUARY, ifeiO, Iri dFder to tbdiiee our1
fetbfek before the; taking of our Annual Inventory, the
In the history of tni st&re Cvill 6e Hdl'd.
Pricifes are ldWer than the aetual dofetdf
the gbdds. Suieh bargains are fare hd
you cannot affSftl to mls thefts Just
note e&refully the following items i
3 DOZEN Ladies' CorseU, assorted sizes .
and qualities. Regular values, $2; pnep 30i
10 PIECES Wool Df ess Goods, (rem
nants from 1 Jo 2 yafds popular colors,
your choice for one-half price.
10 dOEN Men's Woolen Shirts afivj
Draweh, assorted grades, aisdrted sides', -a ?
worth $1j50 pergarraeKt, Sale price; 75(
Dozen bair mm h$r
ooois; spienaia wearing quanues, tpj.w
grarJIes1, assorted sizes Sale price, - $2.00
Three feet high and Wide in proportion, ancl life-like, to fed
given avay FREE--January 15, 1910 to irirchaserS of
BTHAYED Saddle horac, color ebrrel,
roach fflane; weig'jt abpqt 800 IbsJ
branded on blp. Rewarll when re
turned. SfcDouald ANelsdu, month
of Trout Creek. d2
DltlVBilS WANTED For allp, wheel
and Fresno scrapers at bead ofor
ter Sprlug Canyon. Waives 35 and
$40 per' moiithi Dwyer & Co.
Madras Fmployment , Agency
! Pool And Billiard Hall
..t....ll.l.t.,...l..I. I-.xit
Cigars, Tobaccos Smokers Arlicles
All die Litest Magazines Ai Penoicals ...
' ii . it and ee
Madras, Oregon
i r imr ii
& Bye
ht Pi
4 kirrA
k - Send. In "STouur Orders - - -
Edison's Phonograps
M recordSiboth two.arid four miri
ie, Kepi
e new ano latesi
each moWH
; records received
CONTEST NOT fCE. Department of
tbe Interior. tk S. land .Oltlce,
The Dalles, Oregon, December it, 19(3flt
A 8ufIloient Contest affidavit having
been tiled In this otilce by k
contestant, against homestead entry,
No. 01603, made Nivember 14, 1&08,
for nej seo 32, tp 18 s, r 13 e, w m, by
Albert A. iledriUk, contestee, in which
It la alleged that snKJ Albert Ai. Iled
rlok haa wholly abaub'iined aald UoirJe
etead and has fulled to improve or oul
tlVate tho flatile as required by law fdr
tbe past sli nvjuthj that said alleged
abseuCe vas not dpe d hs employ
ment in tbe army, -iiaviy. b'r rrlaHnfe
corps of tbe United States In time of
war; h "
Buld,partJ?a ore.. hereby notified Jo
appear'resliond abd oiler evidence
toucblng.Hald alletlon it lQp'cIocli
a. mj'ew Jau. 23, 1910V tfre ilowftrd
Y. j'JftrMNotary Rlb'ilaiaUhU oriicjo
ut MtJras, Oregon, atul'thiu final hear
Uig lllie held. at 10 o'clock a. m. on
Feb. 5, 1910, befdre tho Register and
Uecelvrof theUnltedjatates Lind Of
llce In The Dalles, Oregon.
ho suhl contestant havlngi Jin a
proper,. airtldttvlf-. .filed- Dec,. 8. 1009,
ae.t furfcli facta whloli i oliq y,i that after
due (HUteilOe personal service- of itlilB
uotlte cuil)d,t beiiiiade(lIt Is lietfily
ofderptUud lir.eceii that eiidh notice
bb given by due dndi proper publica-'
tlbmt O. W. MOOUB,
n4d3 Register
JtAT)IASt-Seconct 6uJ.dajr tn crach month at
fl' a. -mi and 7:do p. th. in Fret! Mfctnodlst
' Olmreh,
OVAh rUAlRlB-HverySundoj- dt 11a. m. nml
7!30 p. J. ih Opal PraUlii ChurqU. Unlou
JSaiiJiiy school dTCfy Sunday at 10 a. m.
JCfiit'ER fiUTtB School fiousd-Evbry Sun
doy nt S p. in. Udldn Sunddy school every
Stimlay at 2 p. ra. '
JlOUtfTAlrJ VIEW School ltaus(j-Flrit and
3d Sunhy ot edeh raoiltti at 4:30 p. m. Uu
, loit SUiifay school Cvfcfy Sunday d:S0 p. in.
Ail are cordially invited to these" services,
AUTiltm arid sflNA CltEASEt, Pastors. .
,r.,r i , , - i ' ...ii t. m-i.T, ,i
FOR 8ALE.r-SmllhPremier Type,
writer, with tiietal cover, at reason
able price. tnqUlr'e at Tbe Pioneer
Urt?l '.'V f
Iv , 5 r
Pdblibatlou, U. S. Landi jOnice,
Tlp Dallefl, Oregpn. December 1,909,
Nkitlce Is hereby giveu that H19 Stut
of Oregon has flled.Vluiitlile ofllce il
HpHlltiaHou, .Serial , No. 0SQ7, toiselect
undenthepivviuiusf)tbe Act of Coo
grt'sa of August H, 1048, and the Acte
supplemeu;tarUaud amendatory tberer
to, tbfo nwjnwj, (Lot 1)' of seo 18, tp li
fl', r 10 e, W M.
Any and nil persons claiming ad
vefsely latids described, or desir
ing to object because of the mluera)
c'baracW-of tbe luiuU or for any other
reu8on,'to the dlspdsal to applicant,
should fUu their affidavits Of protest
In tils office outidr before tbe 1st day
of, February, IQIO',
d23-J27 . C. W. Moore, Register.
S ' '
I .. .. L
MMHl fJitilllOii.. Imtm U Hi.. i-91mff
We -yyl fox f
1., newspaper.