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United States Treasury Receives
Evidence In Trial That Employe Was
"Caught With the Goods" and
Would "Squal."
New York, Dec. 1C. Arbucklo Bros.,
Generally croditcd with being tho larg-
-est indopondont rivals of tho American
Sugar Refilling company, have acknowl
edged that from 1898 to 1907 they
havo failed to pay to tho government
all tho monoy duo as customs charges
on imported sugar.
In sottlomont of all civil claims
against thorn tho Arbucklcs havo of
fored, and tho treasury department
with tho concurrence of tho attorney-
gonoral, has accepted payment of
$095,573. But criminal prosecution of
thoso responsible will in no wiso bo
Lamporod or conditioned by this ac
Tho government has now received
tho following voluntary restitutions
and fines frdm importers of raw
Tho American Sugar Refining com
pany (voluntary), $2,000,000; the Amor
ican Sugar Refining company (fine im
posed by tho court), $135,000; Arbucklo
Bros, (voluntary), $695,573. Total re
covered, $2,830,573.
Today's announcement of new irreg
ularities in tho sugar industry, rami
fying into quarters never suspected by
tho public, was mado in a recess of
tho criminal trial of six employes of
tho American Sugar Refining company.
Messrs. Stimson and Dennison, special
counsel for tho government, then gave
out a statement in part as follows:
"In Juno last an investigation was
begun as to duties paid on sugar
landed on tho docks of the Arbucklo
Bros.' New York refinery. Tho firm
voluntarily gave us access to its books
and a thorough comparison was made
between tho books and tho custom
house records. As a result a shortage
was reported to the members of the
firm. As soon as they had verified the
government's figures they voluntarily
offered to pay this sum into the treas
ury of the United States."
The statement admits reference to
methods by which the frauds were ef
"The matter is?now pending before
the grand jury," is the only reply Mr.
Stimson would vouchsafe.
Says Fato Was Against Him Successor
Not Ghoson.
Managua, Dec. 17. Joso Santos Zo
laya has rosignod from tho presidency
of Nicaragua. Ho placed his rosigna
tion in tho hands of congress yestor
Apparently thoro was no other courso
to tako. Tho pcoplo wore aroused at
last. Tho guns of tho revolutionists
threatened. Tho warships of tho United
States lay in Nicaraguan ports.
Managua has boon soothing for days,
Tho spirit of revolt has spread ovon to
tho gates of tho palaco. Zclaya has
surrounded himsolf with an armed
guard. Unchecked tho populaco has
marched through tho strcots, crying for
tho end of tho old and proclaiming tho
now regime.
Who will tako up tho roins no oho
knows or cares. It is sufficient that
Zolaya as dictator will bo known no
more. Thcro is no doubt that congress
will act quickly on his resignation, for
tho peoplo havo demanded it.
Dr. Joso Madriz, judge of tho Con
tral American court of justico at Car
tago, who has been closo to Zolaya, and
is now his choico for president, is on
his way hero. Ho will arrive on Sat
urday. Madriz has his following,
strong ana lniiuential, oven among the
revolutionists, but uoncral Estrada, un
der whoso command tho body of fight
ing insurgonts now faces Yasquez'
troops at Kama, will havo nono of him.
Estrada's word will boar weight in
tho choice of president.
Selaya has known, too, that Madriz
is not acceptablo to tho United States,
and ho has sought to learn who would
De Jookcd upon with favor by that
government as his successor, but tho
American government, so far as can bo
loarned, has named no man, and tho
choico probably will lio with thoso who
havo gained tho upper hand.
Rail Sends Passenger
Over Trestle.
Greensboro, N. C, Dec. 16. Local
passenger train No. 11, on tho Southern
railway, known as tho Richmond and
Atlanta tram, due in ureensboro
C:40 o'clock, was wrecked this morn
ing at 6:32 o'clock at Reedy Fork
trestle, 10 miles north oi here, ana ai
6 o'clock tonight 12 dead bodies had
been removed from the wreckage. It
is reported that 14 aredead and 24
miured are bomir " carea ior ai at,
Leo's hospital.
Georce J. Gould, who, with his son,
Jay, was in one of the Pullmans when
tho train jumped tho track, and who
was reported dead, escaped uninjured
He. his son, Jay, and a friend, H. R
Russell, of New York, ex-editor of the
Metropolitan magazine, had just got
out of their berths when the wreck oc
curred. Mr. Russell was badly hurt by
coming in contact with a car stove,
and is at the hospital.
Mr. Gould and his son came in on the
special bearing the dead and injured,
Ho left this afternoon for his hunting
trip, 15 miles frjom here, stating that
the wreck had not disarranged his plans
for a week's outing.
The derailment was caused'by a brok
en rail about 200 feet from the treBtle
that spans a small stream. The train
was compose'd of two baggage, express
and mailycars, three day coaches and
two Pullmans. Tho engine, baggage,
mail ana express cars passed over in
safety.while the day coaches and un
manswere thrown from the trestle into
thfr creek and along the banks 20 to 30
viet below.
y At the point where tho first coach
left tho track, tho right rail was brok
en into fragments for several feet and
torn entirely from the ties.
Big Railway Union, Plan.
San Francisco, Doc. 16. The Order
of Railway Employes with an an
nouncod membership of more than 30,
000 on tho Pacific Coast, has been ro
organized and hereafter will be in
charge of railroad men in 'actual serv
ice. At a meeting hero tho resignation
of F. W. Voogt as supreme superinten
dent was accopted and new supremo
oflicors were chosen. Louis H. Ledger,
of the Santa Fe system, was mado su
premo conductor; Samuel P. Veatch, of
the Southern I'acinc, supremo treasurer;
and A. Lindsloy, of San Francisco, su
premo secretary.
Butto Switchmen Return to Places.
Butto, Mont., Dec. 16. As a result
of a conforonco between representatives
of tho striking switchmen employed in
tho Butte yards, W. AI. UJark of in
dianapblis, vico-prcsidont of tho Order
of Railway Conductors, and Robert Ale
Intyro, of Los Angeles, vico-president
of the iirothcriiood or jtauway Tram
mon, 40 strikors returned to work to
day. Tho Amalgamated Copper com
pany's local mines also resumed oper
ations this morning with a full force
of 3,000 men.
Oklahoma Bank Law Wins.
Koifor, Okla., Dec. 16. Every depos
itor of tho First Stato bank of Koifer,
which closod yesterday as a result of
tho failure of tho Farmers National
bank of Tulsa who demanded his money
today was paid in full. The bank is
protected by the state guaranty fund.
Passed Suddenly After Making Bravo
Bally From Operation.
Brussels, Dec. 17. King Leopold
died at 2:35 o'clock this morning, his
aged and wasted body unablo to stand
tho strain put upon it. Tho collapso
occurred suddenly and at a moment
when tho doctors seemingly had tho
greatest hopes for his recovery.
Throughout yesterdlrv bulletins issued
from the sickroom indicated progres
sive improvement. Tho bulletin posted
at 6:30 o'clock gave tho king's tem
perature, pulse and respiration as prac
tically normal. Apparently the drain
age of tho wound was perfect, as no
fever was present all day. The king
had been able to take nourishment.
Tho public at large was satisfied that
tho king would recover, but within tho
pavilion where tho king lay, anxiety
was lelt, chielly because of Leopold';
great age. After a restful day tho
patient was able to sleep for a brief
period early in tho evening and the
night passed quietly.
The king's coolness and courage in
tho heroic struggle won tho admira
tion of all, for at no time did he seem
to fear tho result. Now that he
dead it is considered remarkablo he
was able to survivo so long by the
lorco ot his mentality.
When Goffinet emerged from tho high
walls of .tho royal garden, bis pal
face startled the newspaper correspond
ents outside. He paused for a moment
and said solmnly, "Tho king is dead.'
Two Dynamiters Are Dynamited.
Tulsa, Okla., Dec. 17. That the in
tervention of death frustrated a well
arranged plot to dynamito tho safe of
a Tulsa bank is the belief of the local
authorities, following the discovery of
tho bodies of two men terribly man
gled by the explosion of nitroglycerine
two miles from this city early today,
near tho torn bodies were found com
plcte kits of cracksmen's tools.
battered receptacle that had contained
the explosive was found on tho river
bank several rods away. The police
beliovo tho men wero making their
way toward Tulsa.
Quake Shakes Mexico.
.tuexico uity. .uec. xi. Mexico was
shaken by a slight earthquake this
morning. Report at tho central meter
ological department show that a mild
oscillatory movement was felt at San
Juan Beautisto at 6:30 o'clock and at
Tehauntepec, state of Oaxaca, a vibra
tion was felt at 6:20 o'clock, lasting
nve seconds, uoiima reported an os
cillatory vibration lasting two seconds
at 10:20 o'clock this morning. Tho
quake was not reported at any other
Wind Blows Oars Eight Miles.
Sheridan, Wyo., Dec. 17. Burlington
passenger train No. 41 ran into five
cars which had been blown by tha
snow storm from a switch at Wyola,
Wyo,, tonight, demolishing tho cars and
wrecking the engine. No one was in
jured. Tho runaway cars bad been
blown eight miles before tho passenger
struck them. Other cars started by tho
wind havo not been found.
Wheels Grind Up $250,000.
Pittsburg, Dec. 17. Moro than $250,
000 worth of internal revenue tax paid
whiBky stamps, tho property of tho gov
ernment, wero mutilated or blown away
today when tho iron arm attached to
a mail car on a fast train failed to
connect properly with a registered mail
bag and throw it under the wheels. Tho
accident occurred at Gibsonton, near
Longer Oar Grant Loses.
Kansas Citv. Dec. 17. Tho proposi
tion to extend ibo franchiso of tho Met
ropolitan Streetcar company whioh
now holds tho traction rights of tho
city up to 1925 20 years, or 42 years
from the present, was defeated at a
special election today by a majority of
7,001. This was tho first election held
under the referendum law.
Contract Slgnod for $600,000' Worth of
Work on Dos Chutes Lino.
Tho Dalles Twohy Bros., contract
ors, aro putting an army of 700 mon
to work on tho trackage of tho O. R.
& N. Co. botwoon Tho Dalles and Dos
Chutes for tho purposo of removing
curves and reducing tho grado to a
maximum of 15 per cent. Tho contract
was signed just prior to Vico-Prcsidont
J. P. O'Brien's doparturo for Now
York a few days ago.
Tho project is ono of tho largest put
under way for a long timo, outsido of
now construction, and will Involvo tho
oxpondituro of at least $000,000.
Whllo not admittod by tho railroad
officials at this timo, it is understood
that tho work means tho preliminary
and essential step towards doublo track
ing tho company's lino from Portland
to Dos Chutes, which distanco will bo
subjoctod to unusually heavy traffic
with tho completion of a branch into
contral Oregon by way of tho Dcs
Chutes canyon.
Umatilla Project Nears Completion.
Pondloton Tho Umatilla irrigation
project is now S0-4 per cent complotod,
according to an announcement from tho
reclamation oflico in Washington, D. U,
This announcement is based on reports
furnishod by tho onglneors in cbargo of
the project.
It is said that the project ropresonts
an investment to dato on tho part of tho
govornmont of $1,138,425. Tho final
cost will bo closo to $1,500,000.
Tho canal system is complotcd suffi-
J A 1 - A 2a - P . i
uiuutijr iv jiurinii, ut mu irrigation ai
tho present timo of approximately 15,
000 acres. Tho total number of acres
included in tho projoct as it will stand
wnon complotcd is 23,171.
waor right applications have been
mado to dato for G.300 acres, and set
tiers have begun to mako payment of
project charges for tho roturh to the
government of tho latter 's investment,
As fast as this money is renaid it will
bo available for uso in tho undertaking
or otner projects.
Two Cars of Paper for New Code.
Salem It will require two carloads of
papor to print Oregon's now code. The
code will consist of two volumes and
there will bo printed 5.000 sets, or n
total of 10,000 volumes, a rcspoctab'ly
large library. Stato Printer Duniway
estimates that tho printing will take
u,uuu pounds of book paper.
The first volumo has nlrandv hnnn
compiled and tho copy is being placed
in tho hands of tho printer rapidly.
William P. Lord, James B. Montatnio.
James Godfrey and William P. Lord Jr.
compose tho commission created by tho
last legislature for compiling a now
code. It will bo ready for distribution
in November, 1910.
Linn Schools Show Gain.
Albany Tho report of County School
Superintendent Jackson of this city
shows that Albany schools this year
have an attendance of 1,378. Last year
tho attendance was 1,210. Lebanon
this year has 111 scholars moro than
tho provious year. North Brownsville
shows a gain of 12, South Brownsville
55, Halsey five, Shedds two, Tangent
one and Oakvillo two. Harrisburg and
Scio aro tho only towns showing a loss
in. attendance.
Zolaya Said to Havo COO Political Pris
oners in Chains,
Uluoflolds, Nicaragua, Dec 14.It
it learned from nu nuthofltntlvo sourco
that a reign of terror is being main
tained in Managua, and that not less
Throe Hundred Mon Pushin Klamath thnn 0 'persons identified with poll-
m .u.Mi,n "cs " onnins in mo prisons. A
uamouo socioiy nan oeen oruorod to
Dissolution Silt Will Be
To Finish,
Bonding supplies to tho prisoners, DEFENSE ALLEGES 65 EllOI'
nay starv6 to death, ns thoy arc maUR.
Doos Exist.
Ontario Scholars Chosen.
Ontario Tho faculty of tho Ontario
High school has chosen two debating
teams, ono of which will debate with
tho Baker City High school January
7, and tho other with a team frpm the
uovo nigh school on tho same date
The six students chosen to reprcsont
untano aro ilerbert Williams, Eddie
Draper, MiBS Margaret Dunbar, George
Hardman, Howard Mallett, and Miss
Ethel Millikin.
Gooch Gets Postoflice.
Shelburn A postoffico has been es
tablishod in tho now town of Gooch
located on tho Corvnllis & Eastern
about 20 miles east of this place, and
will bo supplied with mail by tho C,
& js. trains daily except Sunday. The
inhabitants of tho town aro. chiefly en
gaged in logging and lumbering. Tho
largo sawmill of tho Fred Gooch Lum
ber company is located at Gooch.
Big Orchards for Douglas.
Roseburg Fivo thousand acres of
land havo been planted to orchard in
this section this year. Tho general
success of fruit growing in Oregon has
stimulated tho industry near Roseburg,
XNext year the orchard area will bo near
ly doubled.
New Theater at Medford.
Medford Excavation has bemin for
Ai Tt 1 '1 1- . 1 , , -
mo riiKu uuuuini', ino worK to do nn-
ished by February 1. Tho basement is
88x150 feet. Tho plans for tho build
ing includo an up-to-now theater and
also storerooms and offices.
Klamath Falls Androw Erickson,
rnUrnnfl i-nnfrnAtor. lifia tnknn n null.
contract to build tho last 12 miles of who my 8tnrvo to (loath' ns thoy
tho 25 miles of track to bo built from allowed only 2 conts a day for food
Klamath Falls to Spraguo rtvor by Corporal punishment is moled nut ilnllv I . i -
Erickson & Fottoraon. Sub-Contractor (o varloa a offondor, - u,a,m" rm.n;AntNTruit Law W.
.riCKSon iias niroaay ostaoiiBiioa nis . . . . , wot v o atsd-Onmn.tin
. T...itn . . n,i Zolaya, to crcato an impression that ,0,aa uompetUlon
UltiliLf Ull tllU lillllUll 1UDUI VltklUII V -
. . - - . Ill . i I .. 1. -A i. . 1 . -
has about 100 mon employed, and in i bohuiiiui. oi mo pcopio or .Managua
tends to start a stoam shovol in tho Is liostilo towards America and Ainorl-
npnr IUtUre. cans, nrdnrml Atnnlln Vtrnln
Thoro aro now ovor 300 mon em- ini im..i ...i.u.n ai ' St. Louis, Doc ifl a
ployod in tiio railroad camps from hero 11 Pnt nont liberal and a brother of the lll0 8lftwlnr(J on compn of NB? 1
to Spraguo river, and this end of tho revolutionist chief, to orgaplso a doin- 0y, its subsidiaries ah tha 1, V?
worK is Doing rusnou ns lost as pos- uiiiurnwon aginnm me uniieu states, viuunis against whom tho uovom
nils no roiusod to do. recently won its dissolution suit
it is unuorstoon mat ur. .lulian Irias. mod an appeal from the advem i. T
inistor-genoral, has boon making at- i" of tho fodoral circuit court
Tho track is laid on tho main lino a
distanco of about throo miles. Tho in
uustrini spur irom mo mam nno 10 mo imuiun vu omri uu uiriauig m ma lavor ni.-iivo instances in whtal. r
lako is complotod and tho railroad can as zolaya 's successor, but whether with trial court Is allocCd to havo or. '
now tako tho matorial to bo used in Zolnyn's consent is not known. It is dtod ns reasons for iippoallne in fi
construction work to tho lako and thon roportod also that Irias' homo has been federal siipronio court. '
by water to tho difforont points along surroundod by soldiers. Further ail- Colioctlvoly, tho awtlgnmonls of 1
tho lako shoro whoro tho mon aro work thorltattvo dlspatchos stato that COO of aro that tho oviilonco did nnt
g. oloya's forces havo bcoa entrenched to violation of tho Sherman anti-truat t
At tho waterfront tho Soiithorn Pa- prevent American marines from passing Tho findings in resnoct tn ,V,.L:?!
cific is building a largo wharf ami ovor tjio bridges into Corlnto. tion botwoon corporations omudvIb'
warehouse Thcso waterfront improvo- Sinco Thursday, when Gonoral contiguous territory aro assailed ,
monts will bo used in connoction with Estrndn bocamo certain that Gonoral also conclusions of tho court roMrrtlJ
tho railroad construction, and when tho Vnsquoz, in command of n portion of tho pnrt 'that John D. llockofclior n
work is complotcd will bo used ns Zolaya s troops, was attempting to mako II. Bogori, John J). Arch bold and otho
freight houses, etc., in connection with dotour of Itamn to soizc an unguardod Individual defendants took In tho nJ
shipping on tho
Southern Pacific
upper lako by
Farmers Plan Irrigation System in In
torior Country.
north nnd
tarms aro
-In tho Wild Ilorso valloy,
th0 rivor point and descond upon Bluofiolds,
torcos ot tho provisional government
havo boon acting with groat energy,
uama has boon occupied, and less im
portnnt river landings havo been strong
ly guarded. All availablo boats havo
been hold in rosorvo to rush roinforco
monts to any point that may be throat
Gonoral Chamorro and 250. men ar
V !""t,,on a!i' con,!uct of tho various Zl
i uiiiiir iruiiiinrr r ia . .
I - a 1 tilt) UI1TIH4
r i ivjin Hiirnnii utr ti nt it- t.. i ii
south of Andrews, many T"'rr " ar-
successfully irritmtml bV "YU l"""-..l u-83'?1 K"nB .
moans of flowing wells. A. IT. Hollis', fcl 0 ?!,M S? " tlIl
torn Kama to JMucflcIds. General
Chamorro loft 300 men guarding Che
land passaga between Blucfields and
Grey town.
and Adams
Error Is also alleged in the rulin
ri nr. ii nniiiiti ... .
-...... "vihiuu vuimmny owning IV
usa1 . m . . t " r u
III I in Anl....tlil t . ----
"V UUIIIIIULlLlVn. 1H fl fA -
trust prohibited by tho Sherman set.
Tho document then turn
a court's roforeucn to Mm !,.' i..... o
. ' -.- fciitii, rrrn
wumiHinuu in dccidim? thnt u
n i mi ........ I 1 1 it .
,v .a,. T1 "J 1,10 OIUor decision.
J'ho nttitudo of thn mil
tho tindinirs as to their i-ln inn K..4
tho Standard 'of Now Jersey.
I rltiCISm Of llm lifprnn lii..I. -
south of Andrews, has six or seven of
thorn on his placo, and thoro are many
omors having similar and lessor num-
bors. All tho way south to Dcnio,
through tho Pueblo and Trout creek
valloys, these wells aro fouud, and m
a short timo there will bo a groat many
of thorn drilled nml tint to irnn.l nsn In Throe Rescued Aftnr All.Nlpht fUnttnrln v nucism or UK
i .:a! " - " Hicumeni no. 4H. T in n.t
at r ... ... iffiinm- I if linn I t, m iiu iiliii'.a 111 i in, hii iiai.i I n . u
Lilt, il vurn il in ! i iin'i r in nnn I T nn a run ........v., w... .wv. wt uui i uiiuu ,..ii. v i:iiiipi.rn
possibilities for fruit and v
under a ?eneroiifl
. . j - w w i iiiii n rriiTi pnniintnnf i. . - t .
Iw I' '-I- " V W V J WM 'WUMf VUlUMIIablUlil 1 1 . . . l. T u 2 1 1 I 1 T . fl M . "
rvntl r tnll llmlnw muth I. fill . I a ..
TV . . I ' ""H v" mut vi ouvcu iiuu iuo icy rhnno (irtlnrH urn ,1o,.l,..l ... . .
riTirnitv pminrv in un m t r mniro ri r i ! i wwm.u a. u hit 111
- - uuxu wiiiiT. turco ot ino puny wcreiror.
- i
rescued after hanging to grim death
jLsuuuio ixuiion ojikiii -iani. lur suvun noun, wuicu ro inom fniniiii -- uuva vauj a wtiAi.Tt
Milton After a shutdown of 50 days, Hko centuries.
during which tho rapacity for gonorat- The doad aro: Miss Solma llandrick-
ing electric current was moro than dou- ".n aRod .j Anna Hcndrickson, aged
bind hv tlm instnllntinn of nnw mn. . ' Jco vauu, uguu 10, nnu XjQQ lar-
chincry and tho erection of a stoel TVnn nrn
Will TjlilVna 1 AAA nnrt A- m-
I jwww irv AJV AAV1IA
Among Three Daughters.
IsrusftolN, Dec. 18. Thn fill nf vi.
nnnt i 1 1 1 n. i a .
ninnt icf nnntn in 'I'K nlnnl I ' o -------- n. . . ' .
! nnilinnn1 uritli Utn Tntnot mwlnl f I e I mi. I.. ii.i ii . .
wheel and other machinery, and rep- from fafon 10 mlcB Wf t otlittL children signalizes tho beginning of
resents a otal expense of $50,000. A cam0 say to 8pod the ovon. '"'llc battle to obtain tt
water head of between 50 and 00 feet lng at tho skating rink. After tho clos- Wn' wcn1 IIIar to that whic
i infr rr r n ii rin n r in m ! .r i n'i,.i ui liiu tiiTit l ie in i iiinr iniunp
W. U. at Klamath Falls.
Klamath Falls Tho Western Union
Telegraph company hns boon granted
iermission to enter tho city of Klam
ath Falls. It is the intention of tho
company to open an office at once so as
to handle tho business. tho city.
Oregon Wants Wood.
Salem Tho largest wood contract
ovor offered by tho stato is to bo 'lot
uecoraDor iio. Tho boards of the bov-
eral stato institutions want 10,000 cords
of greon cut wood delivered early next
New Depot at Milton.
Milton Milton is to have a now
depot, Tho present freight houBO has
bocomo ontiroly inadoquato to accom-
modato tho business, and arrangements
are being mado to erect a largo brick
Big Crop Alfalfa Seed.
Lakeviow George Gerald, of tho
Honey Lako valloy, threshed 40,000
pounds of alfalfa soed this season,
which at tho selling price of 13 cents
brought him a nico income of $5,200.
"h w Ilk v 4. Alt., u llllll Y Ul I tr , 7.
Hnvnn Wf T?nlr,inr in thn l..nn. VUCOI1 JlolirioUl!
Increase in School Population. Hcndrickson for Mnygcrs. "I0 oxuct ainoiint of Leopold's to
Lebanon Tho school consus of tho Tho sovon clung desperately to the .V" Vimuiy never will ho reveale
Lebanon district has been complotod, overturned boat. Ji .'l.' 1110 ,KinK 8 fr,ona ao
nml if c inn.! flmf n n r.rr . 1.11,1. I I On Knrhnr .lm hiinx . fnm I lunilUUUMII UllVlHUr. 1(11(1 lao A
of school ntro in thn district, nf which an hour and a hnlf. was flrnt to lot tin sociatod Press today that Leono!
nno nr t mi I(T1M. n i i ! . ..i . fi i. ..ii tttt I LUrnnil nvnr n inrtrn tinrtinn nf it 1
AaLF II1U i: II 1.1 llllll 1 1 f I 11 1 IT II IVH. A fl 1 H II A .1 UUI.IJIh: BIVUIM . All, B1AII1 I III I . - - T m I
nn infrojiHn nf 111 ninr tin. omminn. (rolilir to slnnn." nnd hn allnnml mn1r I l"" i'UroilCSS
va. w . . vuuiuvi I n n I I i l
tion of 100a, tho total numbor Jast year into mo wator and did not rise. Tho
being 4-14. next to drop off was Miss Selma Hon-
(incKson, who held on perhaps a half
PORTLAND MARKETS. "our wngor, oon after Anna Hon-
Wheat Bluestcm, $1.101.20; club, " ' "r WCUl 10 a VMCr
fiiifriinn nml nnr fli
.1 . i- ii .
uruu iwm creniou a biock coninany
ins wuuiua to lorcHiaji a possime rai
otophanio or their creditors.
L.I I Ull lillll'llllll. A Xi II A 1 1 11 1-1-
Corn Whole, $35; cracked, $30 per
Oats No. 1 white, $33 per ton,
Tl"nv Tlmotliv. Willnmnttn vnllnv
$1820 per ton; eastern Oregon, $18(5) t!ansI,ort
21.50; n.lfn.f.1. AiiiffJim ko. ..inwnr aboard, v
(n1- nhnat. 1fir,1rtf crrnln hnv MKfZ DeCOmbor
, , j a ji '"" I
10, I.HV.....IIJ,,
n, Dec. 14. Tho United 8tntes
ifixl .with 700. marines tontion. It Is pointed out
iruicn sailed from J'hllade oh in ivi... it A. ...
n t 1 Art 1 l "it t I Hli! Ji 1TVU U
i uiirj uiiiuu v. iii.Yn ui
9tWy HU i.UOOIUUt DXtJJi vuuujr. Ol.Vli mi. -..! .. t A 11 1 i ii
40-fold. 1.08. L. 'uK i mo wainnii ,..- T.'"..... ,
ft , , . . A-- O A. maKint? lust snvnn hniirn in nil I noiuw iimiii uvi.uvata
i - vYiiou uiu lUKuuat juurion enmo aiont? . . . 1 ' " r--- -j - -r
and answoring thoir crios rescued them. c r ,nco'no ro,n Congo preporty.
huccosbIou to tho throno of tho chll
r1- T- 1A mi.. ,rt-3 r,A-A. u "K AjUUIHIIU UY UIU uiuuc
the kincdo
iu trwuanurt uiq mon. nrovifl tons ant A..AH iut t
if m . " in hi mnninnn tmrnnri ntn ijh i r .. v.
avcrnco i'jc per pouna unaor rcnular - v" .w.i,v w If it iM Hbi sijod that tno iaro
htittnr nr ono I I ir.. l .. a .on lilvth tn
Vrrtra TVaoIi Cinrw AK- I afllll HITtOn. JJOC. Ji. A llUrfV Cflll ...til l. rtm Uf
oioti. ' - ior mnrinofl rn nrnrnnri with tiin rnUnri . .t, .. . , t u
i am rt i t mm -ri I f lin thrnn Naw Knrlmil n n -,1a I I . . . . '
geeo, lufvitz; turKoys, nve, znjjizzcj , w ""vv"1"" tho King's doatn,
dressed, 25c. j ,,oy
iprkhancy, wmoVjc jict pountU M v..i . Tamily of Elovon Marooned.
! resn r riniH Ann nu i;in ..-. i uiovoianu. i.. uec. ii a irv nr
. - - JZ "!' I f-ii" "" ... .. . ' ' - w- I
Butter City creamery extras, 30c; n Tho. ?ixlo Preceded to dock 11, chi,(, 0'f uch
fancy outsido creamery, 3430c per prwtobol, where cars wore in waiting however, does
lb.; store, 2224c. (Butter fat prices to transport tho mon, provisions and oven a ;ojKi0
r.n V ' .TtJr" JT, l (.. n Ai.-A .i-A.., ...i .... Frank. Ii wifo mid n no Chliaron wc
nttn n atf.-ri f-n I iinutnato irn wn thn imImmh.- ii. r iiiuuiiiii jii it it
()1.50 por box;
por barrel
'111 LIIU Uill-UIlV Dl inn Mn I 7 - r,-; - - . ia aai
joatlc thoator tonlcht cauHod a nanfc in Ji? " yeniormyiiom ,
PntfirAna r.r.rt nn7r t. . A.i.i ..2L oral niilofl un tho AiisHiaaipni
- - v-wVV "K"i Wilis i uu iui naun: iwu viwnuuu nuuau -iiva biiu uuul.ii ui .. . ... in... rtnr
sweet potatoes, 14(3)20 por pound. threo womon.
vegowiDjcs ArticnoKos, 70c per Airs, wiiuam Jticnter, miss Alary Cor
rowuoais. in wincu uwy --o,
(In70n. innna 10k -.. 1 . l.t '. I tri "XT . 1 r.n IT a . I tllOlr WBV IOT 4UU
l',c per pound; 'cauliflower, $2 per crushed in' tho crowd and died In am- fftthc.r ?f WV"' w" 1 "Vlvt
dozen; celery, $2.753,B0 per crate; bulanccs, Many othor womon and a ?,nnd ln mid8At,""'"i' flr j?o endurf
??J2K fi-.0"00; VW. hor of children sustained minor in- fe crush of the Ivor kee
.. . i. . i . - ' i -v. i . . . . . 4 . iiiniiMiinii in v n 1 1 1 aua umtm ...
. - . . . . i . .... . . . . - - a i 1 1 . n . . i. ik. nt.ii AiirrnnrN 1 1 1 aaiu -
u7a,aiv, iiuioiiiiio. ffii.iiu: nninnR. i irnrrnn i nLriiLfiiiiiir or Liin muii. i i i '
, c , , . ,. ,.
, I'UIDUll'D,
$1.00 per sack.
LattlO liest Steers, $4.50(fD4.75! fair RnMto Arfvlrn nhvA
nXZ2r') moaiu"i "nd feeders, London, Doc, 14. A sensation hns
r'lL.? cow8' $3'503.7C; boon caused iq socloty by tho mystori-
",mwi"" vvivwtiu, cuuuiiuu io mod urn. ous
dfiii-A rinntTMtn Traffic.
a 11 .i aAnrllfini I 111
v. - - - i -w......w. iiiuuiuiii, i uun iiibu inuuruncu cji. v inciiiiiii iihn i - - - - - . n.nt nvv
z.OVlBa.40t DUJJ8. HtarT. AO I rhM1il11 olofn, iff-l nf T, 1- proVOCI. U WHS i" uin' ,'MA
r v.-T . lUTfiiinn wirii mr unn n ni txxrn nn irrnrnra i vw ih-n
oi t- . i i a . I . ' - i un m .a nADirnnr nuiu w
in nnnA AOKrt.AKt. l' i ' . ' 1'"-"" . ...n1fA . ofTnrf rt DrlDC l a
$5.500. ' 8uroa uor ,t WM hor duty to leave her Prt ,HhA0W th"L?u '
Jiops iuuu cron, l8(ffl22,(. inoa huii.nn.i vi..n..nt ntmrohin
crop, 8c,
Mine Burns. Six Entombed.
Woathorport, Ky., Doc. lo. A rescue
enough to warrant it, t Found.
v.ln lrt linn, in.-mw 11--- ... -
-. -n.iiiiimei
Eastern Orotmn inmon-
Pn.nrn 1 u, P"y ontorod tho Manor mine or tho car rerry wnra - at tW
nldoDhldlaf iRrtio0!!?f a. " ""t. Kontuoky Coal company to,lay in hvhlohf
lift. hHa,1 nol.1,n r.' 'vuI( f IID Hi IW miw mwi T -"T,, " -1A.. n no I 111 "
CTflon ic loss ' lu00 P"nd ing steadily, and it is hardly ppMltyi Jfeea or uu " r'
greon, 1c Jess. Jtht ro7CU0 win p0netrAto far. I from Conuoaut, Ohio.