The Madras pioneer. (Madras, Crook County, Or.) 1904-current, August 05, 1909, Image 8

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m Jt'!'K-ill'J,t:J"Ji
"jjiuu our1' Any
Not OohI LhihI
HOMEsTRAO. ..llce fnrPubllnn
tinti.' Department, of the Interior.
D. S. Lawl Olllfio t The PaUt-8, Ore
gon, July 1, lotto.
Notice Is hereby given that
of Mallras, OreLron, who, on February
24, 1005, tuwle UoineKU-ad Serial So
03487 No. Ui'20, for nw$ sec 21, l II
b, r 13 e, w in,
has filed not lee of intent ion to mnke
llnul liveyoar proof, lo establish
claim lo the land above ilesorlhetl, be
fore Howard W. Tumor, V. S. Commls
tdtfner, at bin Madras, Orefjou,
ou tltu 10th iluy of August, 1900.
Claimant names as witnesses:
A L Williams, WA KIHs, T A Tay
lor ?rtink Gnlloway, till of Madras,
. C. W. Moonu,
. ,. , ( Coal nd
HOME.STKAD. Notice for Hubllcn
(ton. Department of tbo Interior,
U.S. Liiinl Ollithi at The, Dulles, Oregon,
July 20, lUUU. Notice Is hereby
given thnt ,
f Mtilrap,.Oriron, wi o, on Murob 24.
1904, uihoV Homestead (Serial No.
03116) No. 13UtS. for Htc3t, tll
h, r 13 e, w ni, be
llied node- of iittentl-ui to make final
live-year irf, to olaim
10 the land, above desuribed. before
Howard W. Turner U. 8. C-mmii-Ioii.
erat hls iltuui( Mudrue, Or son, on
the 8th day of September, 1909.
Glaimntit names as vitnesse-;
(2 Wmvrlnoffky, B Dombrowo, Jo
seph Marnaoh, T iJartnagel, all ol
'Matlrns, Oregon.
c5-b2 i;. V. Mooiik. Reciter
Not Coal Land
H0MKSTKA1). Notice for Publication.
Department of the Interior, U. S. Land
Office at Tlio Dalles, Oregon, July !),
' V.W.
Notice Is her-by Riven that
of Lamonta, Oit-jjon, who. 0ti October 5,
1905, made Homestead, Serial No 03715
N0.11T23, for e'j'swtf, J,'eK sec , tp 13
K r 14 o, w tit,
Jias tiled not lee of intention to make four!
livq-yuir pin f, to establish claim t"
the land above described, before War
ren Brown. County Clerk, at his ollice at
Prinuville, Oregon, on the :28th day of Au
gust, 1909.
. Claimant names as witnesses:
Joseph F Weiand, Charles l'axton,
Walter 0 l.Mieow, Stephen Waite, all of
Latnoiita, Or.&un. '
22-al9 G. W. MOOKE, Register
Not Coal .aiitl
HOMESTEAD. Notice for Public,
lion. Depatt mentor the Interior.
0. ti. L-itui orjlco t The Dalles, Oto
non, July lOOtt.
Notice Ib hereby tflven that
of Madras, Oregon, who on August
t, 1004 anil September 28, 1005, made
Homestead, Serial No03276" No.18727
iiutl 14714, for Lota 1, 2, 3 anil ee)ne
-ec 3, tp U s, r 13 e, W
lias filed ii"tlcoof Intention totnako
lliial five-year proof to ustalilinb
clalui to the land above desorlbed; be
fore Howard YT, Tumor, U S. Comniis.
-loner, at his ofllco at Madras, Oregon,
ott the 17th day of AuKUBt, 1900.
Claimant names as witnesses:
J W Jones,' N S Jennings, James D
Mves, George S Mayes, nil of Mad
nB, Orecon. ,
jl5-al2 0- W. MoortK, Roglstor
1 80LATED TRACT. Notlue lor Pub
lioatlon. Public Land Sale, Serial
No 01848 The Dalles. Oregon, U S
1ind Ofllee, July 28, 1009 Nolloi? is
Hereby given (hat, as tlirected by the
Commissioner of the General La ml
Ollice, under provisions of A"t of Con
giess approved June 27, 1900, Public
No 303, we will otIVrat public, sale to
tin; hlKtiest bidder, at 0:45 o'clock h.
in., on the 8th day of September, 1009,
x' ,at this ollice, tlio following tract
it hind, lowlt: uesw sec 82, tp 12
r 15 e. w in.
Any persons olaiming adversely the
iliovt-iles-cribed lauds are advised to
die their claims, or objections, on or
tit-lore the day above ileiguated for
a5-s2 KeKin.i-r
"nt Coal liind ,
r TflMFSTIfAD. Niitit-H for Poblii!
- i Ihiu, Dfpitrtm'nt of the Interior,
U S Lund Ollice atThe p.IIes, Oregon
July 1, 1909.
Notice In l.fieby given that
of Madras, Oregon, who, on April 19
1904, inatii; Homesiea.l Serial i
031451 No. 133KS, for -i-wK, swi-
eei) 29 and u4 tM fcee 32, tp9s, r 14
e, w m,
Ems Hied notice of intention to make
final five-yeur proof, to establish
claim to the land above described hV
' fore Howard Turner. United Stat.
Commissioner, at his Illoe at MadraH
Oregon', on ti.o 17th day of August
Claimant names as s If nesses:
W W Brown, 11 A Brown, of Hels
,ler, Oregon; John Thomas, S D Perci
j vul, of Madiay, Oregon.
C. W. Moonu,
J16.al2 Register
Not Coal Laud
I I 0MESTEAD. Notice for Publlca
1 I tion. Department of the lute
)ior, U. S. Land Oflice at The Dulles,
Oregon, July 7, 1009.
Notice Is hen-hy given that
of Madras, Ott gon, who, on August
22, 1907, made llomes'ead Serial No
OllOv; No. 16081, for e6oK sen 1, tp 12
t, r 13 e, and Lots 6 aud 7, see 0, ip 12
h, r 14 e, w ni,
Has tiled notlie of Intention to make
fiual commutation proof, to establish
claim to the land abovo described, be
fore Howard W. Turner. U. S, Cominis-
Kioner, at his ollk'u at Madras, Ore
gon, on the 17ih day of August, 1900.
Claimant names as witnesses:
J P Sumner, C O Heaiy, II I Alex
underbill of Madras, Oregon, and J B
Brown, of Culver, Oregon.
O. -W. Moonu,
J15-U12 Register
Ipvepttrtment of the Interior. Office
of IndhHi Aflalis, Washington,
I). C. Heided proiio-als for letting
Crazing prlv leges on tltu Hurni
BpriugH Indian Reservation. Oregon,
untler the permit system, will be re
uelvedat the Otllco of the Commls
Kiouer of linll-nt All'tlrs, Washington,
1). C, until two o'oloolt, p. in., on
Monduy, August 80, lD'H). and will be
Immediately ilu reafier opened In the
presence of such bidders us may At
tend. Maps showing the looillon of
i he reservation suit ah ueeessary In
formation ma be olnalned on uppll
nation to the Biiperlnieiideut of the
Warm SprlnuH ludlan School, Warm
ttprlngs, OreKuli, R. u. Valentine,
CotuiulMlouvrS 1
Not Coal Luul
HOMESTEAD. Notlue lor Publica
tion Depurtment of the Inte
rior, U SLaud Otliceat The Dalles, Or
egon, June 29, 1909.
Notice is hereby given that
f Youngs, Oregon, who, on June 1,
1903 made Homestead Serial No.
02014 No. 12674, for wjse., esw
-ee 18, tp 0 s, r 14 e, W M,
Has tiled notice of intention to make
dual live-year proof, to establish
claim o the land above described, be
fore Howard W. Turner, U. S. Commis
sioner, at his ollice at Madras, Ore
gon on the 12th day of August, 1000.
Claimant names as- witnesses:
L T Larson, L B Larsou, W Bro-vn-hill,
of Youngs. Oregon; C 0 Fox, of
Madras, Oregon,
O, W. Moohk,
)8-al2 Register
Not Coal Laud
DF8KRT LAND. Notice for Publication.
Department f the Interior, U. S.
Land Oflice at The Dalies, Oiegou, July
23, 1!KW
Notice is hereby given that
if Prinevlllc, Oregon, who, on Stcmbcr
10J5, made Desert Land Application,
S nsl No. 01305, No. 581, for eni ic, swK
uej, nwJuseJj', se'nwi, e.wsicSl.
nwjnwi sec 32, tp Hi s, r 12 e, w in,
Has filed notice of intention to make
nnl Desert Laud proof, to establish cbiiin
o the hind above described, before. War
ren Urow n. County Clerk,' at his officii at
I'rlnevilh-. Oregon, on the 21th day of Svp:'i, 19 a
Claimant names as witnesses:
Q ha U Allingliam, Prank F Beihmin,
Nicholas .1 Lambert, of riisters, Oregon;
Guy A Allingliam, of Prlneviile, Oregon!
C. W. JIooitK.
J29-ulU Register
Not Coal Laud
lJ OMESTEAD. Notice for Publlca
lion. Department of the Interior,
U. S. Land Ollice at The Dalles, Ore
gon, July 10, 1909.
Notice is hereby given that
of Madras, Oregon, who, on August
12, 1904, made Homestead Serial No
03277 No 13728, for nwj sec 11, tp 12
s, r 13 e, w in,
hss filt d notion of intention to make
linal five-year proof, lo establish
claim to the land above deseilbed, be
fore Howard W. Turner, U. 8. Com
missioner, at his ofllee ut Madras, Oie
gou, on the 2oth day of August, 1909.
Claimant names as witnesses:
John F Corwin, II I Alexander, R
H Harnett, of Madras, Oregon, I L
Hale, of Culver, Oregon
O. W. Moo UK,
J22 alO Register
Not Coal Land
HOMESTEAD. Notice for Publication.
Department of the Interior, U.
S. Lun I OOlcc at The Dalles, Oregon,
July 10, 1909.
Notice is hereby given that
of Grizzly, Oregon, who, on Juno 8, 1908.
made Homestead, (Serial No. 01145 1 No.
KWtti, for EtfNEtf, EJtfSKJ sec 10, tp 12
S, R 15 E, W M,
Has filed notice of Intention to make final
commutation proof, to establish claim to
the hi nil abovo described, before Wurren
Drown. County Clerk, at his otllce nt
Prinuville, Oregon, on the 2tlth day of
August, nw.
Claimant names as witnesses:
I) O (lay, William Josllu, of Hayurceki
Oregon; Marlon Osborn, of Grizzly Ore
gon; Hattio Qulnu, of O'Nell, Oregon, '
jl5-alU KegUter
III map or ,"
j X( -i-J c J !n 4F - o ( k r-
hWuqr'T- IV L A M A T H ' .
U I I I I I I I V. A O I I
iei 4oii.i j " f- - w . I,-
1 .. I II II Ml . . I mm . . 1 1 .' ' ' ' . II' I , IP I IHWW J
and investment in Town Property
t-1 '-
For a short time we are selling
lots in Madras Townsite and
Residence Addition at very low
prices. You will want a lot in
MADRAS, and nbw the time to
invest to insure Big .Returns
rr "
i ovvriiLc
DON P. REA, Agent