The Madras pioneer. (Madras, Crook County, Or.) 1904-current, July 29, 1909, Image 3

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P4t (A inn Discards Candy Catliar
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uiBL medicine I have ever seen."
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Oiborn Mill No. 3, l'ou Kivcr, was.
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iOc.UeiK..!...i r r. n. Guaranteed to
Ahskn-Yukon-Paafic Exposition
A'aSK7. . to the Pnlri you'll like It.
BU Anl onolher of the cliy of
SMI '"A ' Klne, for $1-05. postpaid
DUIr htitlnir mint: , .
Bfc lUmfcWSB. Uckfc.1912
Qnnknne. Kalisnel or
Missoula and Coeur cl'Atene
If otl Menu Koine m V'.","' "
frWrnrvatlons. It will Ui to your
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tin kips RRKERS CLUB
M Central llulldlng, Seattle. Washington
hieh priced tinhlng
fiowderswilldoand ugci
I better. It raliea the
dough and makes Millit
er, sweeter and better
rlnen foods. Sold by ro
cers 26c per pound. j
you will lend us your
.Mm. Mn.1 n 1 it , .. a a u a
rflltrnd you 0 ',nn' nn I'caltli and baklnu powder.
CPESCENT Mro. uu. ocume, wn.
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pill or tip over,
will not null or
Injurs Mirlliinir.
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Bti. Of slidealcra or Mat prepaid for tu cants.
tUIOLD SOMEns. 160 DeKalb Ate., Brooklrn, N. Y.
Up, lafT.r from Pits. Ktllinf Wena. BPm. or
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Dr. Blurs i.iiiit7jwc.u viw
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iloirwvloJ brae Aet. Jan.Mth. lM4.
ut; K. 1S77I. l'U.-a nl AOK ana full ddrM
1)11. W. II. iiiAii
SIS I'cnrl Stroot, New York City.
C. Gee Wo
The Chinese Doctor
This wondeful man haa
mado n llfoatudy of tho
propertied of ItooU.
llerba and Iiarkn. and
in Klvlnar tho world tho
bonefltof hla aervlcea.
4 or Orucs Used. No
Operations or Cutting:
Comntees to euro Cntnrrh, Aatlima. Luntr.
woraach anil Kidney trouble, und all Private
of M n und Women.
'oit received from I'ckln. Clunn-eufo. aura
and reiubic. u. fnlnK n IU worka.
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M Circular. Incloso X conta In liiinnii.
The C. Gee Wo Medicine Co.
1624 flrtt St.. Cor. Mnrrlinn. Pnrllanil. hr.
Opinions of Great Papers on Important Subjects.
HE country could not regard bankruptcy lit
Cuba moro favorably than insurrection.
PrcclHuly what Its lawful authority In the
cauo 1b undor tho Piatt amendment to tho
Cuban constitution rcmalnB to bo conoid
erod, an It doubtloss will bp, with much
care. That amondtnent binds the Cuban
government not to "assumn or contract any .public debt,
to pay tho Interest upon which and to make reasonable
sinking fund provision for the ultimate discharge of
which tho ordinary revenues of tho Island, after defray
ing tho current expenses of the government, Bhall bo
Inadequate." 8urcly In that there Is Implied our right
to restrain Cuba from nulling Into bankruptcy or from
Incurring embarrassing Indobtednoss. Whether tho pro
ceeds from a lottery are properly to be reckoned among
"tho ordinary revenues of tho Island" Is also an inter
esting question. Certainly they are a form of revenue
which tho United States cannot afford to encourage.
Indeed, It will bo tho duty of this country to seek to
limit nuch revenue to tho lowest possible figure; for
tho promoters of the Cuban lottery probably look for
their chlot patronage In tho United States, and It Is
certain that our government will employ all legitimate
means to prevent such patronage. On the whole, Cuban
ntutesmen would do well to consider whether It would
not bo best to abandon tho lottery scheme, to seek such
legitimate and businesslike increase of revenue as may
bo practicable, and then to adapt their expenditures to
their Income. New York Tribune.
UK addrcBa of Mrs. Ellen M. Henrotln at
tho Illinois Congress of Mothers contains
common-sense, practical advice that should
appeal to every eenslblo woman. Tho
waste of money by spendthrift housewives,
and this appllos with even moro force to
tho wageworkcr's wifo than to tho wife of
tho lawyer, doctor or merchant, 1b a large cause of
marital misery. This waste Is most prevalent In the de
partment of provsndcr, and there 1b crying need for
general distribution of knowledge concerning foods and
how to cook them. The tenement-house cooking class Is
a greater step toward social progress than almost aJiy
other ono sign of the tlmos. The dangers which beset
tho country girl who seeks to earn her living m the
metropolis Mrs. Henrotln rightly considers an impera
tive demand upon that section of womankind which by
concerted effort can mitigate them.
A suffragotte reader of the Journal tako3 us to tasl.
for lukowarmncss on tho proposition to enfranchise
women. Thcro is not one useful accomplishment which
can honestly be claimed as the eoIo work of women in
tho four Statos In which they enjoy full privileges ol
the ballot, Tho Journal la not opposed to suffrage for
womon. It believes that whenever the majority of wom
en desiro to vote, voting privileges will bo accorded with
out dolay. But as long as tho demand for the ballot
comes from such a very small percentage of the sex,
the auffragette missionary work should bo dono among
women, Instead of interfering with public nitftirs. Tho
lines of work suggested by Mrs. Henrotln offer -far more
opportunity for Immediate results than tho sollod and
unsoxlng game of politics. Chicago Journal.
E ask in all soberness, la a "revival wave"
tAf such bb that which swept over Uoston
fV I some months ago a good thing for the
1 nt rnllt-lrtn? are the tiltl-
vh v -'a--j(w w
mate results of a movement which, from
its very nature, must appeal moro to the
fenllnsrs than to the reason? During the
height of this tide of religious enthusiasm we are told
that thousands have been converted, but, unless one
took part, can ho say that ho ever met a revival con
vert? We are informed that revivals purge the com
munities In which they have been held is Boston to
day a purged city? Does that peculiar form of religious
fervor have a lasting effect upon many of those who
como under Its influence, or la its effect but a transitory
one upon tho few7 As Brooklyn ib promised in the
near future a revival upon a huge scale, these questions
aro timely, and If thcro be statistics bearing upon the
ultimate results of revivals wo should be grateful to
anyone who can put them within our reach. Brooklyn
HE immeasurable dancer which so many
M engineers see Impending in the scheme of
I -1 lockB in the flight at Gatun on the Panama
1 Annnl lM nnli fn'ntt.r 41 1 tiaf .! rt In V. ,!la.
aster to one of the locks of tho Soo eaiml.
Such an accident at tho top of the ladder
of locks at Gatun could ending
short of the obliteration of the Panama canal and the
transformation of tho isthmus. Tho thunderbolt of
shipping, water, steel, masonry and other wreckage
launched from the first lock down upon tho next would
sweep It away like paper. Here the awful power would
bo multiplied infinitely by the new forces released, and
hurled along with the first great battering ram. There
would be no earthly power to stop tho gigantic instru
ment of destruction, swelling as It swept along, until
it had leaped Into the ocean's vast mass, after brushing
the Isthmus of Panama off the map in a destruction by
uncontrollable waters that has never been known since
the flood of Noah's day. New York Press.
a ! a Lemlor In Palnloew DenUl
Work In PorUand.
ut-of-Town Peoole
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EBTH ANn 'iTAV.X,1'' t,,e "03T SENSITIVE
"wutuuBNili. no uncertainty.
r tho Noxt Fiftenn Tlnvs
rJ! 22k gold or porco.
;.-" tee h ...
"''crown """" . -;
MA. i -1 .'................... ULUU
Ti. -"' ujiinn 1.00
ni : r wuuer Diaici 7 i u
suoru,.. M
wult GUARANTrpn ikvpapb
W. A. Wise
auu Manniir
lt III r n
iiu i-iia a. a a "
"ibc ireniai to.
-"ttl Third and Wa.hlnton HU.
No. 30-09
When Wllllmn Do IT a Gold I.ncc and
Appcnra na 1'rlmto Ocrttlonmn.
When the German Emperor quits his
Imperial palace at Potsdam, in Berlin,
ho clothes himself In democratic attire
and goes about much the same as any
gentleman In private life. Gold bul
lion, heavy, formidable uniforms and
great eaglo-topped helmets belong to
tho army maneuvers In Berlin and
other centers of the Gorman empire,
but when (ho Emperor Is released
"Women on tho Bench.
Hyman Lazarus, for many years re
corder of Bayonne, N. J., know the
people 'who came before him. When
a woman appeared to accuse a hus
band who had beaten her he said: "If
I send him to Jail you'll como back
here to-morrow In tears and ask mo
to let him out." "No," she said, "I
will not. I'd like to have him pun
ished." "How much Bhall I give him,
then," asked Lazarus, "two months,
one month, six months?" The worn-
from attendance upon formal functions
ho droBaes plainly. Ho recently was
seen at hla ease when at his homo on
tlie Island of Corfu, to which he -web
accompanied by tho Empress, their
son, Prlnco Oscar; MIbs von Velthotm,
CounteaB Keller, Chief Marshal Count
cu Eulenburg and othora high In royal
au, who had begun to relent, wan
speechless. "I'll tell you what I'll do,"
ho said. "You come up here and take
my chair, and whatever Bentenco you
pronounco will go." The woman hes
itated, but the recorder Insisted. Tho
huaband waa arraigned before her,
and the recorder In a gruff voice or
dered her to pronounc sentence.
Six months, three months, two
months, a month, quick,!' he said,
"let us have it" The woman burst
Into tears, Bhe and her husband em
braced, and went out of court re
joicing. "There," said Lazarus,;'
you como back I'll give you b
months each."
The Glrla of Lonff Ago.
Where are the girls that we used to
Tbe plnk-frpcked girls of the long ago?
'Xhe little lass with the eyes of blue.
And wind-tossed hair of a golden hue?
Have the fates been kind to her, tell me,
That maid I loved In tho bygone day?
Where Is the maiden that stammered so,
Thp Hrtle lndv rnllpil "nlnnn-tftA"?
Tho plain little miss with the pigtail
The Bhv little clrl who wnn lmlf-nfmlil
To sneak to -tho bov that alio illiln't tr
Where are the sweethearts of long ago?
I can see thera all In my dreams to-day,
Jennie and Marlon, Ituth and May,
And I wonder often as I look back,
Has the world been kind to that merry
Como, toll me, seer, for I want to know,
Where are tho sweethearts of long ago?
Detroit Free Tress.
"Wifely Pride.
There Is no telling what quaint
turns wifely prldo nnd devotion may
take. Sir Melvill Beachcroft, says a
writer In M. A. P., while waiting in
a tenement house for the occupant of
tho first floor to admit him, chanced
to ovorhear two women conversing on
tho stairs.
Ono remarked that her husband al
ways wore a clean shirt every Sunrtav
"Woll, now," responded the other.
"I never cares about Sundays, but I
allays do see that 'o 'as a clean shirt
Saturday afternoons, 'cos that'B tho
time 'o is generally drinking, and
when 'o does take 'Is coat off to fight
I ao like to know 'e looks nice and
It Didn't Work.
In tho outer room of a Wall stroot
offlco this sign was posted a fow days
ago: "Pleaso do not whistle: wa !
all that ourselves." The messenger
uoya on service in tno building evi
dently saw a funny Bido to the notico
m in. .
tor wimin an nour more than twenty
of them aBked: "When do von whin.
tlo?" "When does the concert be
gin r - mow mucn ror a ticket?" und
similar queries. Tho Bign came down
after two days, and the manager of
tho office haa had It replaced by ono
bearing In aggressively bold letters
Buaiy me -woraB, "Don't whistle."
A church woman's lrlnn nt k.i
uroaa minded Is to keen h
closed when ohe hoars, a .member of
numo tuner aenominatlon boaat.
Don't argue. That'll Mn...
triok than drinking too much 1m
Bjnii I
arr-ri i v i
Promolcs DigcsltonLTteerfU-nfssnndResirontaliisnrillw
OpiuTitorphlnc norltoLj
. ,mmm man n a.
Jhripkia Sua"
OsrStut Sujcr
Worms jConvulstoiisaevEnsB-
rtess and LOSS OFsnxp.
racSiirak Stnarare of
For Infants and Children,
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
For Over
Thirty Yfiars
Tut cearrafK ooataawr. wear o omr.
A rienannt Snrprlae.
"She taarried the old fellow for his
money and he hasn't got any."
"Wasn't Bhe dreadfully disappoint
d?" "Not a bit She's got it." Baltl-
moro American.
It is a mother's duty -to keep con
stantly on hsjid some reliable remedy
for use in case of sudden accident or
mishap to tho children. Hamlins Wiz
ard Oil can be depended upon for just
men emergencies.
Clienp Rldlna;.
Uncle Zeke (buck from the city)
You talk about cheap rldin'l I rode
twenty miles on a street k'yar, an' all
It cost me was a nickel.
Uncle Jed Gosh! That ain't noth
ing When I was thar last year I rode
to the top of the tallest buildln in
town an' it didn't cost mo a blamed
cent! Chicago Tribune.
Solvlnn thm Mill Problem.
"We're thinking of keeping a cow,"
taid Mm. Lapsling. "A neighbor of onr
has a big vacant lot where we can pa
tenrize her."
Mothers will find Mm. Wlntlow Boo thm 8
Byru the bst remedy to use for their chlldraa
during the teething period.
Jlevrnrd of Duplicity.
"Tommy, do you know whera Httl
boys go that tell lies?"
"You bet I do ! That's tbe way moat ot
'em get to go to the ball games."
tt Cures While You Walk.
Allen'i Foot-Ease is n. certain core for hot,
sweating. callus, and swollen, aching feet. Sold
by all DrugKists. Price 25c. Don't-accept any
substitute. Trial nncksea PKEE. Address
Allen 8. Olmsted. teltoy.N. Y..
TJleas Ileri
When Iovel woman buys a bonnet
Constructed of some shredded bay
She piles a lot of fruit upon it'
And walks along the Gay White Way.
New York Evening Mail. .
Gaaraateed Ruder-
all Pure Foo4
Friends Every Year
We'll soon count vou amoner them.
1 1' s iust a matter of time. More and
more housewives are eriviner uo the old-
style, hierh-oriced. Trust-made Bakincr
kPowders. Thousands are turniner to
One trial does it You'll never go back.
opeaKtoyourgrocer. J-ignter, sweeter
uoiuug muneo rejunaea. rar Det-
ter. Costs much less. You won't
believe it till you try for your-
23 Oancca for 23 Centa
Jaques Mfe. Co.
Chicago 1
ffl r
1 lll iKnnmW
I PlVl III irniiimiiiinilllH ll
v C
Just think what a Telephone System would
save vou all VOIir nfinliKnro 1 1 ...... ll
- - . ..-buuw .i jruui your,
doctoryour veterinarian postoffice depot
V. AAA 1 1 k
No matter how far from the nearest
l elennnrn tVmr...,. ..
nave us own local service at a very low cost
ot maintenance.
Western fhctric
Rural Telephones
and economical service! oppara,us- Thl ni most lellabl,
our ncarct hou. & &31&t&Jl&
BSHt. - iiwr cer,
wvm. uiiacHip&la. Pltubiu. !...
uNertbcrBEltcaadMaBufaeturUCo. t,d . ,