The Madras pioneer. (Madras, Crook County, Or.) 1904-current, July 15, 1909, Image 3

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Increasing Orp Outpul
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' . . .mnc. tho cultivation 0
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nnmOB Una mo HUiium mjj u.
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.ii!.;., influence mat nua conqucrcu
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.l. t.ina nnri nrnirio countries W1SI
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Th Fourth Ury farming congress
. j mm
..4i u ii tMAnttnry nr ifiitincrH. ninn
a. ww w- r
i will not oniy hwhww
minrr f&rmorfl and dry farming
i . -i - .mii r inn nurd nnr. il win in
exposition of dry lurming product
t .. .1.1.. n nn nihnr rnnntrif nn
jrwitnesfcd. Thero nro piedBco ai-
i -.(Lr- -Am UtvfAin Woof nrn
..t. rrt.n nrfrnn!9!Atlhn hv ntntna. to
ut.. t nnili (a rlAinrr nnrf rnnnhlft
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. . . . . t a i .1
doing; in the raising oi gram nnu
. M.nna nfifVtntlf iTTitTfltfn . 1A
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leaiurw ...
. m.l.mlt ..MM
rhd nrnn of tillBUlo Inncis in the
iinn in i-iihiiiuiuliiuit diiihiii hiiu m
r present condttiona oi aemana uy
. i l ...ill t.i. U..i-
DOOieaiL'uuur win iuot uuv iun
1 lt. I II . 4.
good business judgment that the
r firm nir districts bo lnvcBttcatea
if 1 A 1 . .-.III H
inose wno coiiwjniiuuio uliiiiik a
s under tho ireo nomcatcaa law.
I t s! a nnr) itn tkno f- 1 rn flnnd Tf til
mi ii i n in 1 1 a liiii uuau iul. a u a u ii a a a
be first taken. Each voar will ro-
) the Quality of lands to be disposed
u government nomcsioaas.
Dry Farming congress will bo
1 UJULU UJ VIDlla IIUAb Wft.bVUUa.1. Ill
II I t t . 1 (i
prictico. Tho Dry Farmine con-
u announces that thero are 200.-
(ttl nprna nf nrnhlA lnnn ntftTBlrlner
Appropriate Ilreed.
Tha lornnniit ultt lit itnlnit tt tiim
1 inner inctiir will tava ma nnr nrter
ItlMlb 1V1I1U U U UUlj ID lljj
Ml .1.... I I -. . ft T.lll
ra Amprirnn
fiiformiif ion llurcnu.
Caller I wlih you wonltl tell me II
I I I I At- -
tre nas Decn nnr ciinnco in iuo "
the S cent plcco wltbiu toe lost ten
fifteen Tcnri.
Mm at the DcskDeclclfdly there has.
n Hn ninrvn i n. luti'r mnrM inin
! ii large as It used to be.
Tho Ilenl Tli in ur.
viuiueii wemunBr wiiy, nos oniy
i Know, nut tuo brldo is worth a
-v,,uil A I UIlGVi t'V
lllililcn. '
Ilcr fatnl gift of benuty
N'l'HT rflllHnil thn ntr.n.nnf
Of anybody'u heart at nil
- v ) uiuuitt m ua v
V u i U 11 1 USE.
OR T a iricr
Xir a Leader la Pdlntou DenUi
Work In I'ortiandA
ut-of-Town People
,..AP. I'lATK WQIllf lis! A DAY l
UllNfl II1HH TJM tfAtAlA4UUU Mrit.-
'I. VVP iittVvXr!.'.''" pmt or brliiiroa ore or.
lli".')"" HO0T8 WITHOUT TilM I.WAST
' "WDIUUENTS. nmm..rllnv
Fr tho Next tmnnn nntra
.""I IDVni n mi.
fcjj "w '0" ----- iS-ISii
-. icih ..... iw
"."Bund nHlne..,:.,.,.M:',!'' tS
niKKi.- . i' . 1 "Mitiitiiiiill...uiii vV
Wise Dental Co.
(IMni 3
Blnim Wwhlaifton SU.
Fnrm Tclenliuucn.
In eorno pnrts "of' tho country tele
phones nro becoming very common. It
seems that once a telephone) Is estab
lished In tho family It 1b thero to stay.
Othor sections of the country are very
much behind tho times In this respect,
probably becauso Ho ono has gone
ahead with tho preliminary arrange
ments. A farm tolophono Is not only a great
luxury, but It (s fast becoming an ab
solute necessity. With tho addition of
moro business to tho farm every year
and tho scarcity of labor anything that
Haves steps Is worth money. When
you get accustomed to doing business
over tho telephono you realize Its
great value.
A short tlmo ago I heard a farmer
ordor 100. bushels of seed oats by
phono from another farmer about ten
miles away. Ho had seen a sample
at tho fair last fall and mado the ne
gotiations accordingly. Tho business
was transacted In about flvo minutes
whllo the farmer was sitting at his
desk after reading his morning mall
left at the box by the rural delivery
man. It would havo taken him all
day to get his mall and drivo to the
other farmer and buy his seed oats.
Dut thero Is a social aide to farm
llfo that Is fostered by the telephone.
It often happens that a woman Is left
nlono for tho day and .she can easily
mako arrangements to havo a neigh
bor call and spend the tlmo pleasant
ly, instead of feeling lonely. Then It
is bo easy to make social arrangements
for evenings or to meet friends as oc
casion requires.
Th,ero aro always people In a neigh
borhood who are publlc-aplritcd
enough to go ahead with the necessary
arrangements to establish a telephone
service. Others should encourage them
promptly by subscribing to the fund
required. Everybody Is benefited, be
causo tho arrangement is mutual in
tho neighborhood. Agricultural
A Trnp Neat,
The accompanying plan of trap ne3t
is quite almple and can bo ma'do from
a box of suitable size, 'it should be
12 or li inches square by 20 or 24
inches long. Tho slats should bo nailed
to a cros8plece about one-quarter the
distance from tho top. A couple of
nails are driven through tho box and
Into tho crossplece to swing on. Half
way back, on the InBlde. a narrow
ploco of board Is nailed, back of which
tho nest Is mado.
To set tho trap simply raise tho
slats Inward from tho bottom 8 or 9
inches high and placo a small stick
under ono of tho slats. As tho hen
enters the door Is raised off tho stick,
which falls to tho floor. There should
be about live slatB for a box 12 or 14
Inches In width, slats closo against
Inch atrip at bottom.
When Veuclnlilen ainture.
Tho following list will Bhow tho gar
denef how long after planting tho va
rious common vegetables will mature
tholr growth and bo ready for use:
MuhIi benna 40 to 05 days
Pole beans CO to 80 days
Hoots 00 to 80 days
Early cabbngo 10 to 130 days
Carrots 75 to 100 days
Cauliflowers 100 to ISO days
Celery ' 120 to 1C0 days
Sweet corn .......... CO to 100 days
Cucumbers M to 80 days
Euirplants 100 to 140 days
Onion seed, 180 if lr, dll'8
Onion ots 00 to 120 days
Parsley .....30 to- 120 days
Parsnips 125 to 100 days
Pens ,' 40 to 80 days
Peppers ...... 100 to 140 days
White potatoes SO to 140 days
Pumpkins 100 to 140 days 20 to 40 days
Spinach 30 to 00 dayt
Bush squashes 00 to 80 days
Lato aquaBhes .120 to 100 days
Tomatoes 100 to 140 days
Turnips 110 to 140 days
Study I'erlUUcr.
A few Bimplo fertilizer maxims are
so important that" thoy Bhould bo
fixed in the miud. Per cent is only
another way for Baying parts in 100.
Fortlllzora may bo dlroct or indirect
In action. Tho former contains need
ed plant food, tho latter enables the
plant to got food from soil or air.
Llmo 1b not plant food under common
conditions; it corrects a bad condition
of soil sourness and unlocks soil
material. Sulphato of Iron (coppor
aB), Bulphato of copper (blue atone),
sulphate of magnesia (Epsom Baits)
and sulphato of llmo (gypsum) aro
among thoso Indirect fertilizers.
To Sliurpeu a I.mvn Mower.
TiMrat romovo tho handle, to get It
out of the way. Take d flat lllo and
fllo tho edges of tho revolving ulados,
being careful to fllo each blade allko,
and evenly, bo all parts will strike
the horizontal or Btatlonary blade
evenly and allko at Its entlro length.
File also the horizontal blade, then
adjust tho rovolYlng blades bo thoy
will slightly rub on, tho horizontal
blade. 1 $ .
... . . Mi-rJloa;-. CoIerii.t ..,...'
In tho way of treatment tho United
elates Uureau of Animal fndustryhas
discovered a vaccino which saves
about 80-odd per cent after cholera np
.pears in a herd, and a larger per cent
if vaccinated before tho disease is ln
troduced. Tlmo will demonstrate tho
practicability of this mothod. The
bacteriology department of the Kansas
Stato Agricultural College 1ft also
working along these lines, but Is not
yet ready to announce anything but
When symptoms of cholera appear
In a herd, It is wise to dip the whole
herd, disinfect tholr quarters thor
oughly, give them a slight chango in
feed, and add to this about flvo drops
of tincture of prickly ash for each
hundred pounds of hog once or twice a
day. The old remedy of wood ashes
and salt Is good In many instances. A
little powdered sulphato of copper,
dried sulphate of Iron or charcoal
given dally when the animals are not
perfectly healthy frequently does much
good. After all, the old adage, an
ounco of prevention Is worth a pound
of cure, holds good hero.
SnvcA the FertllUcr.
Fertilizer Is expensive. By the old
method of distributing It there was
usually enough waBted to represent n
pretty penny. Then came
along a Virginia man and
Invented the hand fer
tilizer dropper. This de
vice consists of an odd
shaped bucket, running
to a point at the bottom
and having a small open
ing there, through which
tho content filters. A
hineed valve, operated by
n rod that leads to tho handlo of the
bucket, controls the flow, Tho top of
the rod Is connected to a crossbar,
which runs under tho handlo of the
buckot. This bar is in close reach,
and, when resting on the top of the
bucket the valve Is open. To close the
valve the operator merely extends a
flnger and lifts the bar, thus shutting
off the fertilizer. The valve flares at
the bottom, spreading tho fertilizer in
a broad, fine stream. For small farms,
gardens and lawns this device Is of
great convenience, and is a money
saver. Water for tho Clilcka.
Take an ordinary baking ,pan and
have tho tinsmith rivet on an "ear1
on ono "jlde for nailing to a tree.
Have him also make' a hole- in the
bottom In ono corner, that tho water
can be let out every day and tho pan
be kept clean. Nail tho pan to a tree
about twelve Inches from the ground,
bo the chicks can drink without get
ting Into it with their feet. The birds
will soon : discover that it is a flne
place from which to get a drink on
hot days. Sometimes they find, too,
that It Is a convenient place for a
bath, and this of course makes tho
water dirty. But It Is not much trou
ble to refill the pan with clean water,
and this Bhould be done two or three
times a day. Chickens and birds re
quire a grea't deal of water, and they
often suffer for lack of It Don't neg
lect them. Boston Herald.
Tlie Klntr Syntein of Ventilation.
Ventilation for stables and barns Is
now regarded as one of tho essentials
to be provided for in construction. The
King system as illustrated In the dla-
gram consists of two sets of flues, ono
BOt to admit the fresh air, the other to
furnish an escnpo for tho vitiated air.
The inlet or fresh air flues should be
placed not more than ten feet apart
and located In the exterior walls of
tho barn. The outlet may Include one
or moro flues.
An Uatinl.
He bought a hoe, a rake, a spade,
Some little seeds to sow,
At last he got tho garden ;made
Aud saw tlio green things grow.
He work'd tho rows and bed3 each day j
N Each little plant he knew,
And as ho smiled, and sweat away,
Oh, Joy,; how fast they grow.
No flooila came down to wrist, things' out,
Xo frosts to kill or blight; '
No neighbor's chlokans scratched about;
No kino strayed in at night.
Each seed he planted did its best
And not n one did rot
No other garden, East or West,
Such veg'tnbles begot.
But still this man did not enjoy
These Veg'tnbles so new,
For every night a neighbor's boy
Htalo what tho garden grow. . ,
Puck. ' " ' '
Sprnytute to Kill Wccdn.
Kill wqods by spraying.' To make
tho spraying solution, empty a hun
dred pound Back of sulphate of Iron
Into a llfty-gallou barrel; fill to tho
china with water and stir with a hoe
for a few minutes until dissolved.
Strain through several thicknesses of
cheesecloth tacked over the manhole
of the Bpraying machine. Apply with
a powerful Bpraylng machine, produc
ing a real mist, freo from drops. Use
about fifty gallons to tho aero, and
spray on, a bright, warm day, or on a
dark, damp day; It docs not matter,
bo long as rain, does not come within
eighteen or twenty hours. This spray
will not harm grain crops and will
kill wild mustard and Various other
W4Afa . .
"It was a runaway match, wasn't
It?" "Yettf but howcouldn't" run fast
enough. . She caughl rlim," '
"You ought to saVe mouey for your
family." "Yes but- " 'But what?"
"My family Won't lot' mo." Cleveland
Leader. '. '
Poetry Ib the art, of putting words
together in such a ,ay as to give
them their least-posBlblo commercial
value. Puclc "J
Martha Don't you think a 'cookery
book Is fascinating- reading? Maud
Yes', Indeed. It .contains so many stir
ring Incidents.
She How was your speech at tho
club received the other nlghb? He
When I sat down they said It was the
best thing I ever did.
Ashley Do you bavo much variety
In your hoarding house? Seymour
Well, we have three different names
for tho meals. London World.
"Nobody realizes the Immensity of
space." Except the man who haB to
fill a dally half column with alleged
humor." Louisville Courier-Journal.
"Tell mo frankly, sir, what do you
think of my daughter's voice?" "Well,
madam, I think she may' have a bril
liant future In water. color painting."
Poll Clerk Mary' Gladys Jarley
votes ballot number two hundred and
. M. G. J. Oh. 'wait a moment,
please I Give me that back! . I want
to add a postscript. Puck.
"You shouldn't treat your boy so
harshly; you'll break his spirit"
''Well, ho'll probably get married some
time, and ho might as well have It
broken now!" Stray Stories.
"Yes," said the, young wife, proudly,
"father always gives something expen
sive when he makes presents." "So I
discovered when he gave you away,"
rejoined the young husband. Chicago
Daily News.
Irate Diner (to waiter who persist
ently hovers about the table) What
on earth are you waiting for, man? I
don't want you. Walteir Excuse me,
sir., but I am .responsible for the sil
ver. Tit-Bits.
Biggs, '11 Why are the tugs on tho
Wisconsin river like the co-eds who
walk up and down State street?
Muggs, '12 And tho answer Is? Biggs,
'11 Some toe out, and some toe In.
Wisconsin Sphinx.
"What is your principal object any
how," asked the visiting foreigner. "In
building that Panama canal?" "Well,"
answered the native, "we have an Idea
It will limit the size of future battle
ships." Chicago Tribune.
"Foreign travel is very Improving,"
said the studious girl. "Yes," an
swered Miss Cayenne; "although you
caa't always tell where a person has
been by the pictures on the post cards
he sends homo." Washington Star.
Tommy went fishing the other day
without bis mother's permission. The
next morning one of his chums met
him and asked: "Did you catch any
thing yesterday. Tommy?" "Not till
I got home," was the rather sad re
sponse. "What!" exclaimed Mrs. Flatlelgh.
"You don't mean to tell me you pay a
girl $10 a week for cooking?" "Oh,
no." replied Mrs. Urbanvllle. "We
only pay "her 2 a week for cooking.
The other $8 is for staying." Chicago
Dally News.
Professor of Sociology If this
alarming Increase In the dlvorco rata
continues, twenty years from now tho
Institution of the homo will no longer
exl3t In America. Practical Student
How Is that, professor? They all
marry again, don't they? Puck.
y .
; "A blgh financier should bo some
thing of an economist, should ho not?"
"I don'i think so," answered Mr. Dus
tin Stax. "Tho object of the econ
omist Is to see what he can get along
with; that of the high financier Is to
see what ho can ,get away with."
Washington Star.
A boy opce Inquired why leaves of
tables woro so called, since they did
not resemble leaves In the least. Not
having received a satisfactory answer,
he thought for some time and then
Bald: ("I 'think I know now; they're
called 'leaves becauso you can loavo
them 'ufc or' leave them down." -
"Be 'sure and keep inside tho libel
laws." said the city editor to tho cub
reporter. ('The cuu'b first obituary no
tice read - as follows: "Tho alleged
corp30.,qf Mr. John Smith, asserted by
friends to havollved at No, 113 West
Jones, street, was Bald to have been
burled nt QreonhiU Cemetery yoster
day." Cleveland Leader. "
"Look at me!" exclaimed the stout,
florid man, "Never a day's sickness
In my llfo! ' And all duo to simple
food. Why, gents, from the tlmo I
was twonty to when I reached forty
years .1 lived a regular life. None of
thoso ojCtomlnatQ delicacies for mo!
No lato hoursl Every, day, Bummer
and winter, I went to bed at nine; got
up at five; lived principally on cornod
beet, and, corn bread, Worked hard
gents, worked hard, from eight to one;
then dinner, plain dinner; then an
hour's exorcise and then Ex
cuse me. Bill,'' interrupted, h stranger
who. had. up to this rof rained from
entering, tho dlscuBBlon: "hilt what
,Wert, you iu f0?j. (
oL It relieves aJbetlilnir Troubles, cures Constipation
S!l Flatulcncv. It T assimilates tlio Voad, regulates tho
LSmTJrcl,, Mng h mi aleep...
Tlio OhiUlreii'H Panacea Tlio Blotlier tf urieim.
The Kind You to Always Boupi
jLicars zao mguttnuio w
In Use For Over 30 Years.
Crushed Arfoin.
Mrs. Denham Do you think that I
shall be a good looking old woman7
Denham I don't know why you
Bhould expect any such radical change.
New York Press.
Mothers will And Mr. Winilow Boothia
Byrup tho'b. st retnedr to Mia for their cbOdrea
luring tho tee thins period.
K Literal Cbmiaainl.
Heat It! Beat it!" cried the mas
terful wife to her meek and .obedient
But ho did not go a step.
She did not mean, him to. She was
referring to the carpet hanging on tho
line. Baltimore American.
Better than gold Like it in color
Hamlins Wizard Oil the best of all
remedies for rheumatism, neuralgia,
and all pain, soreness and inflamma
tion. Tlio Cnnse of It.
"The writer you Introduced me to
the other day was not at all lmpo3lna
in his appearance. In fact I thought
he had a very poor carriage."
"That may be because he Is nothing
hut a hack." Baltimore American.
Shake Into Vour Shoes
Mien's Foot-Ease, a powder for the feet. It ctrrca
painful, swollen, smarting; nweatlnefect. Makea
new ghocs'casy. Sold by all Druggists and Shoe
3tores. Don't accept any substitute. Sample
FREE. Address A. S. Olmsted. Lo Hay, N. Y.
Man's Pergdjr.
Lawyer" You want to sue your hus
band for breach of promise? Why, mad
am, pardon me, but that's absurd.
Fair Client Not at all, sir; ho prom
ised ma a divorce, and he's gone back on
"I used Cascarets and feel like a new
nan. I have been a sufferer from dys
pepsia and sour stomach for the last two
rears. I have been taking medicine and
ther drugs, but could find nofelief only
br a short time. I will recommend
Cascarets to my friends as the only thing
For indigestion and sour stomach and to
keep the bowels in good condition,
rbey are very nice to eat."
Harry Stuckley, Mauch Chunk, Pa.
Pleasant. Palatable, Potent, Taste Good.
Do Good. Never Sicken, Weaken or Gripe.
10c. 25c. 50c. Never sold In bulk. The gen
uine tablet stamped C C C Guaranteed to
euro or your money back. 936
placed "y
vhtrr. attrBrtt
anilkllUU Sies
f.t. ttaui. orna
tnfuul, conTen
lent.f bear, l.n.t
lIxHMtL. Md'
or muJ, eAooot
tpill ir tip over,
will not soil ot
Jnjgra anytblnc
jmm n fn iwi himiii ihhiai ilairlltlMd tax-
tire. Of all dealers or rent prejjsJd for cents.
HAROLD SOMERS, 150 DcKalb Ate., 8refci7n,H.Y.
The Treatment Is to Accomplish
What Science Has Been Strug
gling: to Attain for Centuries
The Intense interest that has been manifested
throughout the country by the wonderful cures
that are being accomplished dally by epileptcide.
still continues. It is really surprising the Task
number of people who havo already been cured of
fits and nervousness. In order that everybody
may have a chance to test the medicine, large trial
bottles, valuable literature. History of Epllepey
and testimonials, will be Sent by mail absolutely
free to all who write to the Dr. May Laboratory.
US Pearl Street. New York City.
No, 28-09 .
UKH writing: to advertiser pleaao
iu mil i nil snis paper.
C. Gee Wo
Tfae Chinese Doctor
This wondef a! man has
made a life study of the
Eropertles ot Roots,
(erba and Barks, and
is giving the world the
benefit of his service.
No Mercury. Poisons
or Drugs Used. No
Operations or Cutting
Guarantees to cure Catarrh. Asthma. Lung,
Stomach and Kidney troubles, und all Private
DiseascaofM n and Women.
Just received from Pekin, China safe, sure
and reliable. Unfailing in its works.
If you cannot call write for symptom blank
and circular. Inclose 4 ccr.ta in stamps,
The C. Gee Wo Medicine Co.
162U Pint C.t. rar Mnr.nn D..l. I V. 1
will no ail
ponds niu
Get it from
your Grocer
Guaranteed under
all Pure Food
Laws v
Your Baking
K C Baking Powder wiA do it! Get
a can. Try it for vour FnvnrJf
it doesn't raise better, more evenlv v,io-w
if it isn't daintier, more delicate in flavor,
we return your money. Everybody
agrees K C has no equal.
Pure, Wholesome,