The Madras pioneer. (Madras, Crook County, Or.) 1904-current, June 24, 1909, Image 7

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, , , . . . - - - J i
i ii IlnmriilR Mkni
j. niiK'"" :
w ! ,,,,, Hko rTc'li'alUor
A '.Monnco of tlio mlddlo ngcs Is
rn,f,ils!icil by tho Jocfti press, rt
trflf TIIIICS MOSCOW icuui mijn.
C . . A. H rllUlllllllllUHAll
'i,ionfe in Moscow about eighteen
iifA Her ucnuty, uowevcr, in-
.Afi n i ii'ii v '
- tit ii r iKni ii'r.
A" " , I,.,.;. fin,
pre tOpelCfiSiy I"
" rnliwted ' nil nr.
..hMa mi n v i v- i - i - -
.1. niifnin nn uuruimcuuii tu
" nfimipii to live m perfect so-
yion, attcmlcil oniy uy nn eiucny KOIl O I1IU11U1B IIUU JUUHI4
iri liewui to visit, mo residence
. i...aiiiii nffnrlnir tho Rcrvniils
tno uu'";i'"'
... rtn p ror BMU. UI1CO BIIO
"t .nrnn 1)1(1 IC1IHKII1I1 POrCO llltl.
.... .. ..irnnxi inn imroncss. huuko-
HU . . , .
.w il.o linnilK'HM ttsotl to uuv uiner-
.. . . . ... Mia iinnllAttr rltl .hn
t flrtJCK'fl ItUlu " !.- iriiu
. i.iniiiifimt. Iirtil L'ood mnnhors ami
n...i.ia nuirnrfiiitlonni talents.
njiui'i"""- -" --'
...... i.nnMtKIIIlM nDlFflll HlA
Tog DSrOIlW I'lHIIIIIIII uoiviu itiv
. iii., aim ivmiui mirnr Iifi snrv.
. imiv'a tmi Id. Tlio nensnnt clrl
SB tt tt ' V '
reed and became tlio baroness' mnld.
1 Hi(l 11 III- lllll ll'H III lllirilll'l Iflll
. forlnlKlit. nnd then roveulcu "her-
r m a young uuhhImh iioblcninn
njcd MaximoiT, wno, mKiiiB iiuvnn
. - 1.1a tntf Imlt ntwl rntitninvlnn
.i. .u.xh tlm tin vtlnra ttH f t itti(rtl
I ! 4 It i rtw nrittl tlfl tf itAKonttAM.
1 till. 4FOIIII tlt1nvtn ! .1
eilca in coming moimi nrtor montii
a mnni wi, uicn working as a
. l.l,. . .4.1 1.
ge took iInco n vtek or so ago. Tlio
rr hg IuhI liccoiuo known In society
cici in Moscow,
Tho llrrnth.
f nrofiiii fir ri iii'iiitiiv norwnn nnn
odor, Tlilfl Is (Hiu)valcnt to enylnK
a disagreeable odor 1h In abHoluto
ii n Nnit nivnnrn f unrn iu r tii n m
presence or wnicn. nitliouun not ni
- .j r . -.
expired nlr.
nfimntl tfll li hnil linih 1u tint ni
rrifntli, oiul it In n kindness nnd a
Tne trouble can almost ahvnvH
hAMAHA.I IM i.1 i .
It Is the duty of one ho ninicted
ni rni nntA
VY ODD till- fllfrntntif ictulltlltiAfi
- tjati iiiii
n be determined. Locnl troubles
u ui i in nnnni nnaiinAu mm r Aim
iiiiimi ( i kLn. UL Ul U11U
' vuov u very iqui ureaui ;
can bo relieved In nmnv ensos h
Tiff tnmr. ..i(n...n. ......
. fiF Tt i .
tiuve through each nostril bov
i time? n dny. Tho nnsnl douche, ho
! recommended, should be used only
mo uirectlon nf i
' uuen ino innco or on
ot tno odor. Decayed teeth, or
-.uoHuoii of food nartlclea aU
- iiuuu iuiwoon tiirt inotn. nr
ii mwun iv i n Hiirirtii tn rmtt Htim
vt, .ijiT iiritiii. iTiiiir inn nn nil
-"vHI UlllfllTJINllIlI IV. "I 1 1 1 T
.-v . HUH HI Wn8ll W,I yy,,,, y
r thi. fti "
. "no, Xlltril, llinv Im nit nArn.tkti..
, iii uie uacK or iiiomniiMi.
"IU "0 ruJllOVed Willi nnnni. nr
. " ot xilO Hand oa of n nnir
llIM fill. ...
tli- ' " .---.- ...
u ill nnv lln, II...
11 Vnii in...... . . .
' imt-iy to (leclnro Hfllf n
von8inntio!i. fminolnllv In
fftA, 1 18 wo" Known that
thTi"' 1lon8' for wnpli will'
Amount nf .... . .
. v. mum will nrron irivn n
. "v uigntrrponhln mnii4. . n.
too. .ntrr :?.uw ,,,,vo u,u,r
- . u iuo m-tompored norson
"wtniT IB tlllla ni. I..
""ii tlmti M
.... Ulll.'. ; I
' CfllASM HHif 10,000 Klflfs;'
A BnClC Of lllnll U'li(r-li luff Ii
Jionllis kq 1ms Just landed In Ureinor
" wnwi., flyn the Now York Times.
miicu H JPrt NOW York it lin.
over 30,000 miles hi nn nnw
tn ko tho United titntes nrmored cruiser
MiiwauKco, ror tho ofllccrs nnd men or
which It wns Inlcnilod.
ly caught tip with tho big cruiser this
ui mail una ueon to Snn Frnnclsdo,
mcu 10 Honolulu, nnl Imnt unM
FrnnclSCO: JlOXt to lnwimn
iiouuiirns, duck to Snn Francisco acnlii.
urn, iiiiuny io jsremertou.
hen n shlti Is nt sen mwi iiw. i..'.,i
of Its stny lit any ono port Is uncer
tain tho nnvy dophrtinent directs tho
relatives nnd frlcndH nf ir
men of that ship to uddrcBrtnlt letters
ior ino snip in euro of tho postmaster
in mew xont. in tim pmmnit
- r" iiw iu
thliiffs tho .MIIwntikcc'H mall In the Now
iorK postomce nccuinulatcd until there
wus a well-fllled wick of lnt
parcels walling for shipment.
uno day in Inst July this sack of
man wns nlaccd niton r1 i. tnat tr,oii
train nnd hurried to Chlwi
wns rrnnsshlppcd to ono of tho trans
continental expresses for Snn Francis
co, wnero the Milwaukee wns In port.
Uut beforo tho mall arrived nnnimmi.
(Kir HOKCrft Of the Mllu'nnlrrm r.l,.,.,l
a hurry-up order from Wnniitniftn.. n
finll for Honolulu.
On tho day before tlln MllivnnlroA
wns uuo in Honolulu the sack of mnll
was started ou tho snmo loiimnv in
fust mnll steamer, but the Milwaukee
wnH j.uuu nines out, bound for Pnnn
mn, C.OOO miles nwny. when thn mull
steamer waB slchtcd off Honolulu. Tu-n
days later tho sack wns on Its way back
io oau uraucisco, where It arrived In
duo time, nnd its the Mllwnukon wnu
still between l,r00. and 2,000 miles out
of rnnamn then, tho Snn Frnnelseo
postmnster hustled tho hue on a Pnnn
mn-bound steamer. The cruiser, how
ever, reached Pnnnma first, only to be
ordered to Amnpnla. Honduras, a thou
sand miles to tho north, and was well
on her Journey when the mall steamer
The Pnnnma postmaster found thnt n
vessel was Jcnvine for Amnnnla within
iforty-clght hours, nnd ho transshipped
ino bock or mull to that steamer, but
tho Milwaukee was stcamlne full sheed
oncK to Han Francisco when tho sack
reached Amnnala. Tho nostinuster
tticro forwarded it to Snn Francisco
Axnln tlio sack missed connection, ns
tne jniwnukeo had sailed for Bremer
ton, Wash. Arrlvlnjr there, tho cruiser
was put In reserve, and tlio baa of mail
again forwarded from San FranclBco
this time by rnll flnnlly renched the
uont und wns delivered to tho men.
Wlnt 'nn Arlrcm I.t-nrim Aliout the
Art of IlldlvlilunlKv In T)roa.
Tho nctrcKs soon learns to approach
tho subject of dress In n way that rare
ly occurs to tho average woman upon
whom Its necessity Is not enforced
though that necessity oxistH In ordinary
life quite as much ns on the stace. and
overlooking It Is the secret of much ot
tho bud dressing wo boo. savs Julia
.Muriowe m women's Homo Companion.
mi... i. 1 . .. . ... it
xiiu uiu in uuuiiu iu wcur ciuuies
that will keen her In the picture, and
such favorablo attention as sho attracts
by her clothes Is duo to tho deslirn.
material or Btylo of the trown Itself
only so far ns theso nil molt Into tho
scene in which they nro worn.
I loW much tho nvcrncc woman could
learn In this ono particular from the
hard school of stage experience! How
few women know how to cIiooro oven
n houso gown thnt is In hnrmony with
tho surroundings of their own homes.
Of course, dressing for tho street Is
moro dllllcult. but even there ordinary
forethought would proyent many of tho
selections in dress which American
women allow themselves. Dressing for
tho social function Is tho most dlfilcult
of nil, on this very account, for there
each woman is nt tho mercy of other
women nrcscnt. most of whom linva
dressed with no thought of tho environ
ment, while on tho stage tho uclress
knows thut every other costume, like
her own, hns been cnlculntod for tho
And this principle nllows plenty of
lntltudo for Individual tasto and Judir-
mont In dress, Even wo stage women
dovolop Ideas of our own nnd hnvo our
fuvorlto kinds of costumes. I .don't
know of n part In which I tnko more
comfort than Parthenin in "Ingomnr,
and I bollOvo In the artistic lines, und
graceful freedom possioio in tlio loose,
llowmg styio or (tress in voguo uororo
tho days xtr stays aim princess gowns
Snake PnrinlnK Umttfrncllve - Bt
Thriven Jm Autrnll,
Snnke fnrrndtcr In not nn attractive
occupation, but It has moro than ono
rotnt-y In' tho Australian common
wealth and In the neighborhood of
Sydney tho Industry has been carried
on for sovcrnl years by nn Individual,
who, while disclaiming nil knowlcdgo
of tho snake charntltic nrr. appears to
hnyo nn extensive knowledge of tho
reptiles and thoir ways. In addition
to tlio snakes. largo numbers of frocs.
nnd eyen tonds, nro carefully reared,
partly ns food for tho reptiles and
partly for scientific purposes. .
Tho snakes arc caucht in the bush.
a work frequently necessitating many
miles of wandcrlmr and loner hours of
patient watching, for the snake Is a
suspicious creature, generally moro
alarmed at tho slclit at a man. than
tho man at It. Tho hunter omnlovs n
couple of forked sticks ns a raenns of
capture, with one tho reptllo is
Pinned by any part of Its bodv to tho
ground, after which It Is fixed by tho
neck with tho other. This done, tho
captor with finger nnd thumb grnBps
tho head at the side of tho laws, and
thus has tho reptile safe nnd hnrin-
less nnd drops It, tnll first, into n
sugnr bag.
The Sydney Board of Health Is reg
ularly supplied with venomous snakes
from which tho poison used In prepar
ing "snake antidotes'' Is obtained by
"milking." This Is described as a most
Interesting performance. "Before rallk
IiiK time the sunkes are well fed. after
ward becoming excited 'when n glass,
similar to a watch class, covered with
tho finest eutta nercha. Is nut into the
cngo. Tho Infuriated reptiles blto vic
iously through tho guttn perchn, leav
ing tiny drops of poison on the pre
pared glass. This "mllklUK" Is In
variably performed durlnc tlio summer
months, when the creatures are most
nctlvo and fierce, and the nolson most
virulent. Numerous vicious specimens
nro kept In cages at tho offices of the
Sydney Health Department to bo
"milked" and when somewhat worn
out nro returned to tho snake farm to
recuperate. After the snakes have, be
come usoless for "mllklnc" nnrnosM
they nro sold to taxidermists or zoo
logical gardens. There Is always n
good market for now or rare speci
Several hundred sunkes have been
collected nt ono time on the farm,
where they nro kept In bags or boxes,
tno intter being covered nt the ton with
small mesh wire netting. At the bot
tom of each receptacle Is a little bran
or straw, nnd bccaslonally a few old
rues. The venom obtained 'rom tho
snnkes Is understood to bo of creat
vnlue, the quantity being extremely
limited, nnd it rarely. If ever, loses nnv
of Its poisonous qualities and has to
bo handled with the greatest care.
in liniii in l.iJllMlllll,l,ll7uwLuJ
jVl.!Oirnf. .TUPii npvn
strnita ling iiacFoocfantlRcguta-
Promotes DigcsltonJCketM-j
nrceirvf1 .r Tnn t.itn witter
OpuM.Morphioe iwrlftttraLj
Jlcmha Stta"
TacSiirSe Sifatwe af
- . , . I -r 1. 4- t,A wmr'Utr-'h luLBi 1
Tlio jlna xou Jtxavo Aiwy jwuu ,
. m nr Imii luinia -tllA MmAtON AC.
nd hm been made ndr hi pr-
fS7j m)tial gapervislon mice itminey.
. , -V A. .1 ft n-. tttll-
All Counterfeits, Imitations anu"ons-Kut Z.
Experiments that trifle witti nntl endanger the health of
Infants and CliUdrcn Experience against JZxpQrljncHU , (
What is CASTOR I A
Catoria is harmless substitute for Castor Oil. Pare
goric, Drops and Southing- Syrups. It is Pleasant. It.
contains neither Opium, Morphine sor other JJarcotlo
substance. Its ago Is it guarantee. It destroys Worms
and allays Foverlshncss. It cures Diarrhoea and vYintt
Colic. It relieves Teothlngr Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates tho Food, j-cgrulates tho
Stomach and Bowels, giving: healthy and natural sleep.
Tho Children's Panacea The Mother's Friend.
Bears the Signature of
Guaranteed i
Exact Copy of V7rpper.
The KM You Haie Always BougM
in Use For Over 30 Years
Our woman suffragists Insist
They are not readr vet
To cast aside tho stately "gist,"
And substitute a "gette."
Mothers will find .Mrs, "Winslow's SootWsg
ou, tun urBtreuicuT w ubhi w memiii u aw
AlLlni. .tin taalhln.
AccordlRSf to CoHtract.
House Owner You failed, to pay
your rent last month. What are yoa
going to uo about it
Tcnnnt Ob I suppose I'll do as yoa
said when I rented It
Houso Owner What did' I say7
Tenant You said I must pay in ad
vance or not at all. ,
A Sinmiw wA lite rase as kxaoa or vaaflla.
Br dis$6lvMi&. Kiasalftted agr in vMer Bi
addinK Mapldne, s delicious yrtrp Is md and
a eyrap better thaa suple Mapleine Is sold br
grocers. IT not send 35c for 2 ou bottle and
recipe book. Crncat Mf. C., Smttit, Wn.
Sllsht Mlatake.
Harker I met Smythe a week ifter
he had faced tho parson and he de
clared that he had married his Ideal.
Parker Well?
Harkei" A year later he confessed
his mistake said It was his ordeal in-
std of his Ideal he had married.
CoafdeBea num..
Man "With the Buleinir Brow What
are yoa scowling about?
JVIan With the Balbous Nosei-rd like
to nunch vour hMrl far mil. Ynn tnA
me I ought to rad "Heferees of a Bache
lor.'' I POt It at thn nnhllc llhrnrv nnil
put In an hour or two trying: to read It,
ana mere ain't tne nrst blamed word In
the book, from first to last, about nrlze
uguuHjr i
Extensive beds of lobstora am tn Ko
planted soon In the waters of tlio Rrltfah
Columbia, and it is expected that In four
or nve years the lobster-taking industry
will be established on a large scaled
lfij. iit. r a. VsV m isr-v m
Kn,i I uauubc ior iMir-
,rentl1' for tho physician
Mriiya aiacovor tho cause.
"lefftUt at Il.ud.
. i aitenrifwi ...i
"una nirfnfmni,n
-"Maiii'ii iini an im
sooa ono.
oney any" Politician
Ono Thlnir He Could Not Hnvc
AlthouKh thero was no sort of tov
which could bo bousht nnd for which
Harold had expressed a.deslro that wns
not In his possession, ho still hnd his
unsfitlsflod longings, "i know whnt I
wish I wns, motnor," no saiu ono day,
when his own big brother had gono
nwny find tho llttlo boy ncross lio
stroot was 111. '
"Yes, donr," said his mother. "Perhaps
you can po it, iiarom mquior will hoip
you. Is It to piny soldier?''
"No, iudpedl" said Harold, scornful
ly." "I Just wish I wns tvd llttlo dogs,
so I could play 'together."
These Dreumy Fcllovra.
ttnnuA-lnnt "flncrAru nnA trnlrlnn halt If
Blghcdt'tho 'poet, as' ho thought,' of 'his
best girl. .
If ho'd only seen tho bills from her
manicuro and hair specialist MTho Bo
licMlah. , I' . - 1
You probably expect more of a f rtaud
"You seem to bo very fond of vnnr
dolly," remnrked tho visitor. "Yes." re
plied small Margie. "She's so different
from most people. Sho never interrupts
me when I'm talking."'
Ono Sunday morulns n minister's
wife saw her son chnsluir tho hens with
a stick. Sho went to tho door to in.
vcstlgata nnd heard hlra say,': "I'll teach
you to lay eggs In n minister's family
on Sunday morning I"
Ono duy nt BChool small Loin was
called upon to explain tho difference
between cllmnto nnd weather. "Cli
mate," answered tho llttlo miss, "is
whnt wo have with us all tho time, but
wenther only Insts n few days."
Llttlo Jo; Oh. mammal Look nt
tho poor, llttlo dog without a tnll 1 The
people who own him ought to nttend to
It. Mnmmn But what could thev do?
Llttlo Joe Why, they could tnko him
to a tailor and hnvo n now tnll made.
Mnster Waller, aged C, had eaten tho
soft portions of his toast a' breakfast,
ami plica tno crusts on lily plate.
"When I wns a llttlo boy." remarked
his father. "I always ato tlio crusts
of my toast." "Did you like them?"
nsked tho little fellow, cheerfully.
"Yes," replied tho parent. "You mnv
hnvo these," replied Mnster Walter,
pushing his plato ncross tho luble.
Little Wilbur was ontlrn? ,imiiiAi
with his mother, Presently buc noticed
iuiu po was eating nis jelly with his
spoon. "Wilbur, dear," 8hb .Baid to
him, "you must not eat your Jollr with
your spoon." "I bayo to, mother," ho
ropued., "No, dear, you don't hnvo to.
Put your Jelly on your bread." "I did
put it on my bread, mother," said Wll
bur, "but it wouldn't stay there; It's
oc nervous."
-! , '
A Gleam1 of Hope
Golf Is notably n Jong nnd dlfilcult
snmo.. Moreover, coif experts rn i.
wuys auspicious of tho' ultlmntp profit
cloncy of n now plnyer. A writer In tho
Skptch recounts tho following conver.
satlon between an. old 'Scotch
Blonnl and a would-bo golfor, Tho nuin-
ttftim 1a n fl tlAfin n l.l.ln ... 1 . 4 1
mw uu uvvu nuH U10 OtUOr
though of his gnmo.
f,Na, yo'll no mak a gwoffor," ho" saldi
"yo'vo begin owor Into. But lt'n ..Bf
possible if yo pr-raotlso hnrrd. "Vnrrn
hnrrd, 3 for, twa-three years, vo
mlcht-r" , ...
"Yos?" inquired thother.' cTnt.
anUy. ' . "
"Ye mlcht bogin to hao a cllmmnn
that yo'll nover koutho Mudlmonta n
,th game, ".'. i I
Tho girl who smackB Of fraahnaiui
tho full confidence of tho Weil-Informed
of tho World and the Commendation ol
tho most eminent physicians it was essen
tial that tho component parts of Syrup
of Figs and Elixir of Senna should be
known to and approved by them: there
fore, the California Fig Syrup Co. pub
lishes a full statement with every package.
Tho perfect purity and uniformity of pro
duct, which they demand in a laxative
remedy of an ethical character, aro assured
by the Company's original method of man
ufacturo known to tho Company only.
Tho figa of California aro used in the
production of Syrup of Figs and Elixir of
Senna to promote tho pleasant tasto, but
the medicinal principles aro obtained from
plants known to act most beneficially.
To get its beneficial effects always buy
ino genuine manufactured bv tho Cnli.
fornia Fig Syrup Co. only, and for sale
uy mi icacung druggists.
Bad Breath
,4For tnnntha T Karl m-mif ftnKUtl.
stomach and used all kinds of medicines.
My tongue has been actually as green as
crass, tnv b truth
weelcsago a f riend recommended Cascarets
and after using them I can willingly and
cheerfullv sav that tiv inn. 1
cured me. I therefor let wm VnnniiisiT
shall recommend them to any one suffer-
"'K euca Lrouoies. ' v.nas. II. ilal
pern, 114 E. 7th St., New York, N. Y.
HeasanU Palatable. Potent. Tasto Good.
PrS ??odA-NXer Sicken, Weaken or Gripe.
I0c.2Sc. 50c. Nover sold tn bulk. The Sen
nine tablet stamped CCG Guarateed to
euro or your money back. 923
Of persons stricken with Insanity aboat
one-third recover.
1ae4 any.
where, attract.
aillcHlH ftfc
Jitttt. eiea. on1
meiiMI, 000 Tea
!', cuean. LxH
H immii. Cu
aot a la r Ha
orer, wiU unt
oe taju any-
inilm, or ant vr3A for 0 otmuT
KWU SGME8S.IB0 UeK Am.. S'klju., H. T.
muuwa UftK. i
No. 25-09
HEW vrrltlnjc to advertise ra
monoiiB tBii paper.
A FULL POUND 25c .5e.ViUrom
juui uiuwr
These Farmers are Buildint
Telephone Line
DR. W. A nnar
Years Leader In ratnleaa Dental
' Portland.
Ai. V r i
vm-ui-iown reopie
necessary. POSITI VRr.v t. . t tv4, A "AY If
Va Vt.A v
. iMSJxr, Day
gkbrww o
Molar crownV.T.. .... .M
Gold or enamel fllu " ' .W
GooaJrofcUrptas .:,M: "J
ThpWtr rubW pit;'. 5-M
PIrJaeitraeWi... T" 7.90
DJT- W- A. wi
wivwrmwm ana
It is the most valuable ihfncr
o W VWU1
munity to possess. It puts the doctor,
merchant, broker, depot, post office, rela
Uvea and friends all within Immediate reach.
It protecta the home and dqes away with
the isolation of farm llfo that drives the
boya and gkla to the big cities.
Htve You a Rural Telephone?
aayo not, cut out this Miivtr-
your address we will send you at onTA7t Z tfXlu
ttTr , . --"U.IHUIHU.llJ Oft
"How to Build Knral Xeleplione Iies MfJ ieir fjn
W hBV haIiI Ir... ..
Tha coat is very low where each tnh
"H'lP' build the line. Get y" rfa"i;
doctor and merchant interested, it hall. th.m
ad the whole community aa well iw yw.
The Wise DeiUl CoJ pP rSSSSsSSS S,
Saa iaa;hse
' ,1 I . t
j, ' .
4 ' -. I
- a ?Jfe; I
; 4Jp
v ft
i Ja
. " 'V
it j.'j
if V
thaa you ar willing to give.
wis a gooa many saiaolca. v
Unlittd St(t t-y.
MI..po1I. Mar,) T.WUhmw, . lka Mk .